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That should not need to be said, but given the antics of Clinton and Trump it is as well to say it anyway to remind ourselves. Here is Green Party candidate Jill Stein explaining that you do not have to vote for either a “proto-fascist or a warmonger”.

The journalists of course attempt to say that to vote for Stein is to let Trump in. Stein sticks strongly to the argument that the “Queen of Corruption” and “Warmonger” Clinton is not in fact a real choice from Trump. This is of course absolutely true, Clinton is a dangerous extremist – she just happens to support the extremism of the right wing establishment and its poodle media.

I have been fascinated by the apoplexy generated in the pretend left by the notion that people ought not to vote for Clinton. The go-to argument is that not to vote for her is in itself an act of misogyny. I wonder if they will argue the same for Marine Le Pen. The second argument is that a corrupt warmonger is better than the racist bigot Trump. The interesting thing is, close examination reveals an almost 100% correlation between those apoplectic at any lack of support for Clinton, and those who supported Tony Blair. The idea that being an ultra-corrupt warmonger is not a big problem is obviously a fixed principle with these people.

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640 thoughts on “Not all Americans are Barking Nutters

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  • Republicofscotland

    Theresa May and Liam Fox, are in New Delhi, trying to impress and persuade, prime minister Modi, that Britain is open for business.

    However, I’m sure Modi, and most Indians who read the press, will know that although Britain is open for business, it’s not open to immigration, and Modi, will recall Theresa May’s antics as Home secretary.

    May sent vans around areas of London, where Indian citizens predominantly lived, on the sides of those vans, in large lettering the words “GO HOME” were aimed at Indians living in London.

    Modi, will know that May is tough on immigration, which will surely affect his fellow countrymen, so why would the PM of India, give out lucrative trade deals with a country, that actively discourages immigrants (including Indians) from entering it.

    It would appear, that May again has her work cut out.

    • michael norton

      Frau Nicola Sturgeon loses £10BILLION trade deal with China dubbed ‘Scottish shambles’

    • Old Mark

      ‘so why would the PM of India, give out lucrative trade deals with a country, that actively discourages immigrants (including Indians) from entering it.’

      Even by your countrymen’s standards RoS, you are utterly clueless about immigration.

      Does Japan encourage or discourage Indian immigration ? Does Japan’s refusal to be browbeaten on this subject by an Indian leader who himself, as a Hindu nationalist, is not exactly lacking in racist instincts, stymie thriving economic relationships between these two Asian superpowers? I think not-

      The only thing you are correct in writing in the comment above is that May undoubtedly has her work cut out here; if anything the FO have led her, a relative novice in both trade and foreign relations, completely up the garden path about the prospects for success re this visit.

  • Republicofscotland

    Back to Brexit, and the utter debacle, that it is becoming. If Theresa May wanted to invoke the “Royal perogative” she should’ve made the Brexit vote binding and not advisory.

    Ironically it was the responsibility of Theresa May, as Home secretary, to make sure the legalities of Brexit were in place before the vote.

    Reading between the lines, I’m of the opinion, that the Tories, including May, didn’t think that the out vote would win.

    The weeks of shambolic lethargy, no coherent plan, and semi-controlled panic by the Tory government, over the Brexit vote, seem to validate my opinion.

    • Republicofscotland

      Re my above comment, even if May, made the Brexit vote binding, the British citizens, have rights, in the European Communities act of 1972. Of which subsequent legislation, cannot be taken away, by the use of the Royal Perogative, which Article 50, would do.

      The Tory government, may well lose their appeal, but we may also be surprised by how many Westminster politicians, and from which parties, back Theresa May, and her Article 50 invoking process, next year.

      • giyane

        Not unlike a shipwrecked passenger clinging to a log which turns out to be an alligator, but the alligator, noticing the lack of weight of its passenger compared to the thirsty buffalo, ferries her to safety anyway.

        She should have put a multiple choice questionnaire on the ballot paper to indicate the voters’ reasons for Leaving. She can’t just choose her own reasons out of thin air. That’s what MPs are for, to represent our views, so that our leaders don’t have to guess them.

        Talk about make it up as you go along. A referendum is an ON/OFF switch. Many other selectors are wired in after the ON button is pushed.

        It’s so obvious that Trump is going to win that we have digressed.

  • kief

    Funny how Hillary is condemned without a hitch, but the FBI and all it’s machinations, get a Royal Pass.

        • Trowbridge H. Ford

          Think people don’t realize the difficulties of being an intelligent First Lady in an age of alleged female equality.

          When I finally determined that the American covert government under Bill Clinton was trying to kill me, I just assumed that Hillary was involved, but upon reflection, I decided she wasn’t. It was just Bubba cooking plots up with loonies like Nixon. Al ‘Deep Throat’ Haig and Helms.

          It is easy to engage in guilt by association in such complicated cases. Hillary has always been a dutiful wife about all his cockups.

          May explain why Michelle Obama didn’t start speaking out until after Barack’s term was essentially over, and just doing so to protect his legacy.

  • Anon1

    Funny moment on tonight’s C4 News as correspondent Alex Thompson accused Russian media of giving Trump 90% favourable coverage.

    Can anyone spot the problem here?

  • michael norton

    UK Business Secretary Greg Clark has said Nissan was told that the government would seek tariff-free access to EU markets for the car industry.

    However, the agreement has raised fears that the government might have breached EU rules preventing unfair state aid to companies.

    The Commission spokesman said: “The UK authorities have not notified any support to Nissan for assessment under our state aid rules and we’ve therefore not taken any formal view of this matter.”

    Depending on the terms of the UK’s exit from the EU, Britain may well no longer be bound by EU state aid rules following Brexit.

    But as long as it remains a member, the UK would not be able to favour particular companies. Mr Clark has insisted that that there was “no cheque book” involved in the assurances given to Nissan.

    The sooner we leave the filthy scum of the E.U. the better.

    • kief


      Then what?

      You are appreciably shy of logic and common-sense. Do you work at a government job?

        • kief

          What I despise is those who have little in the game finding fault with those who have made a commitment. What is your investment in progress?

          Are you a bureaucrat who feeds off the teat while biting?

          • Herbie

            There is no progress for the vast majority of people.

            That’s obvious to all but the most stupid of superficialists.

            So, what’s the difference between the progress that was made after WWII and today.

            That’s right.

            The Bankers are back in charge, and that means regression for the vast majority of people.

            Hillary is the Banker’s candidate to continue the regression.

            But yeah, she gives you a nice warm feeling with her kind words, as she fleeces the wealth out from under your nose.

          • kief

            Oh so Banks are your obsession.

            You will love a Trump POTUS.

            Are you paying attention? No, it’s just more of the same/same anti-colonial bigotry.

            Jealousy/coveting one of the seven deadly sins you aren’t guilty of.

            If only we all had 100% genetic purity of the UK haplogroup.

          • Herbie

            It’s obvious you haven’t the faintest clue what Banking is all about.

            And yet we see its vile works all around us.


            The Bankers were kept on a reasonably tight leash post Bretton Woods, and the peeps did well.

            That leash was loosened by Nixon/Kissinger in the early 70s, and they were finally set free in the 80s.

            Every time they get off the leash they fuck the economy, and steal the wealth from the people.

            And so they did again.

            Hillary wants that to continue. Makes her rich as well.

            Funny, isn’t it, that little Chelsea Clinton not only has crooks for parents, she married a bloke with a crooked dad.

            They just can’t help themselves.

            Bernie Madoffs all round.

          • Herbie

            Christ, but you’re fuckin thick.

            The key to everything is the economy, and the distribution of wealth within it.

            It’s that which determines whether people have well-being or not.

            If the economy is being sucked dry by Bankers then the vast mjority of people suffer.

            It’s that simple.

            Everything else, including the choices people make in life derive from that.

            So, it’s a first cause which detemines everything else.

          • Herbie

            “It’s the economy, stoopid”

            Everything derives from that.

            You’d have to be a major fool to accept fine words in exchange.

            But it seems you are.

          • kief

            Norton? This is your doing. I expect you to stick around for the next discussion ‘twixt fools of another shade of grey. herbie has blown his wad on pussy and beer. He has no ammo left so you have to step up, young man.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Certainly everyone almost is becoming a nutter these days.

    Just look at The Guardian’s obituary for former US Attorney General Janet Reno which leaves out her most difficult tasks, like Vince Forster’s suicide which the Clintons hoped could be settled as a murder, Travel Gate where the Clintons took over to prevent its employees from determining that Foster had been reduced to being a bagman for Iran-Contra, and the last-minute pardons to Marc Rich and Al Schwimmer when she was away sick, and Eric Holder approved them for the POTUS.

    She was one of the very few non-nutters.

    Must look up what her office replied when I sent my complaint about Bill’s treatment of arch criminals Dick Nixon. Al Haig, and Richard Helms at the White House to her too – what got them involved in trying yo kill me.

    • kief

      Don’t forget the Davidian massacre of women and children by ATF and FBI assholes without any remorse or rectitude. She trusted her dept heads as professionals and they fucked her. I’ve always felt compassion for her impossible position compounded by her Parkinson’s.

      But don’t expect our local Bobbies to give any respect to a Colonial.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    Let’s hope Julian Assange will be out soon.

    “Swedish prosecutors to interview Assange next week” (Mon 14/11/16) – actually the interview will be conducted by an Ecuadorian prosecutor.

    I suppose there is no certainty as to the result, but I would be surprised if the Swedes didn’t pack it in after this, given that the only allegation outstanding is by SW and she has consistently appeared markedly unenthusiastic with the way the allegation has been pursued.

    • kief

      Good for him but I’m afraid his days of wine and roses is past. We can no longer be drunk with the elixir of Assange’s love. He has no more credibility than a useful idiot.

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        Right, Assange became totally damaged goods after the unredacted Afghan File was published, and the murders if Gareth Williams et al. occurred

        The pursuit of him is little more than a diversion now.

        • kief

          They will pursue for show-and-tell…nothing else of import. he signed his own ’cause of death’

          • nevermind

            kief, our judge juror and exce3utioner general, oh, and he promises to stop sucking his thumb and start his own blog soon, aren’t you sunny?

            How come America is flummoxed by an electoral college of owl worshippers who just can’t contemplate that one wo/man one vote means exactly that.
            A bunch of mugs that are fed fractions and machine voting, addicted to elephants and donkeys, nowt else. Phil was right , the fact that nobody can see any other choices, because the electoral college would make mince meat of them, is tragic and genetic by the sound of it.
            you poor sobs. Well at least Hitlary does not want to fight a war in America. problem with that is, she’s gonna get what she does not want. The rich poor divide is now so stark that civil war is as likely as her ability to start a war with Putin.

            Oh look the US is already making noises around Raqqa, soon we will see the first superpower engagement at the fringes of Europe.

  • kief

    Norton’s silence on his bureaucratic affiliation convicts him in absentia.

    The essence of motivation in Progressivism is Civic employment opportunities with all the perks, including in some cases, 80-100% of ‘working’ income equating to retirement income.

    Cui Bono? You can see the motivation.

      • Laguerre

        Personally, I don’t like it when an obvious shill is allotted to a blog to pester it. No doubt kief will disappear once the election is over.

          • Laguerre

            “You obviously are an infrequent visitor”. Says someone who is himself a recent arrival, and doesn’t know the history of the blog.

          • kief

            But you are infrequent…maybe two to four visits per month. I believe I have your name on file as a fool.

          • kief

            Of course I say this with the assumption that there is someone hereabouts who has a Monty Python sense of humor (or really..any kind)….


          • Laguerre

            re kief

            “I believe I have your name on file as a fool.” So you have my name on file, do you? Very professional. I always thought that professional shills would have files available, Now you prove it.

          • kief

            Yeah Laggard; Some folks actually come to a gunfight with a gun, rather than a wooden sword. Hopefully your braincase has files too, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

          • kief

            No debating skills whatsoever. It’s as though they’ve been taught to take their mere words very seriously…as though they had a life of their own…without any physical effort toward their reputed goals of integrity and jaded innocence.

            That’s where positive thinking and delusion part their ways.

          • Macky

            I could be wrong, but it’s not only the timing coincidence beween of the disapearance of our transatlantic commentator “Ben”, and the arrival of “Kief”, that causes to me link the two, but there’s also the common strained use of language. 😀

          • kief

            So Macky has a sense of humor, though limited.

            Any other progs want to take a shot understanding they may themselves be shot?

          • Sharp Ears

            Will the splutterings of the eponymous ‘Kief’ cease after today? They have occupied a third of the comments on this page alone.

            Appearing with Springsteen last night were the gruesome threesome of Hill, Bill and Chel. Bill looked a little lost as if he had been let out of the care home for the evening. Oh and Mezvinsky was there too. His father was convicted of 31 charges of felony fraud in 2001 and served 5 years in federal prison. Oops.

            Also there were Obomber + wife who sees herself as presidential material next time round I reckon. Last time when Hill and Obomber were competitors, he called her a ‘relic of the establishment’. Last night he referred to her as ‘this fighter, this stateswoman, this mother, this grandmother, this patriot, our next President of the United States of Amerika, Hillary Clinton’. Ha!

            All the kissing, hugging, accompanied by patting each other backs, is so sickly.

            Streamed live 9 hours ago
            WATCH LIVE: Hillary Clinton, President Obama, Michelle Obama Rally in Philadelphia, PA (11/7/2016) – Hillary Clinton, President Obama, Michelle Obama, President Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi FINAL RALLY in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (11/7/2016)

            GOTV Rally on Independence Mall 520 Chestnut St Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106

          • Alcyone

            ^ He’s perhaps a bit lonely and self-righteous like you, Mary. He also competes with your erstwhile volumes, does he not? Maybe you have more in common and should be a little kinder, good practice anyway.

            Anyhow, he’s paying his way by buying Craig’s book plus he’s new and Craig would like an atmosphere where more, especially new, people join in the conversation. Can you not support that, and what about the book?

          • kief

            Sharp eers; I may stick around just to give your scribblings meaning and context.

            And there’s no fee for my servces.

    • Sharp Ears

      He was also speaking on RT today. He’s salient on this.

      ‘People angry, anarchic levels of violence possible after vote

      The end to the dirtiest presidential race in American history is just around the corner. Candidates marred by scandals and allegations of corruption are running neck and neck. The nation is divided and tensions are running high, as both Trump and Hillary head into the vote with historically low approval ratings. With both candidates loathed by the public, who is going to be the real loser in this race? And with the price tag for the campaign set to exceed a record $6.6 billion dollars, why does the cost of the American elections amount to the budget of a small country? ‘

      We ask American journalist, Pulitzer prize-winning author – Chris Hedges.

  • michael norton

    Golly Gosh,

    UK public finances to be ‘£25bn worse off’ by 2020

    The prospects for the UK’s public finances have deteriorated by £25bn since the March Budget, an influential think tank has warned.

    The Institute for Fiscal Studies said weak growth would lead to lower-than-expected tax receipts, increasing borrowing by £25bn by 2019-20.

    The weaker prospects for the economy would result in a “significant increase in the deficit”, it said.

    Its forecasts come ahead of the Autumn Statement on 23 November.

    The event will mark Philip Hammond’s first significant test since he became chancellor.

    “The new chancellor’s first fiscal event will not be easy,” said IFS research economist Thomas Pope.

    “Growth forecasts are almost sure to be cut, leading to a significant increase in the deficit even if all the very challenging spending cuts currently planned are in fact delivered.”

    I think we had better forget about Amerika and start worrying about poor old Blighty.

    • michael norton

      where is the money for

      London Airport Three
      Hinkley Point Three
      Re-Newal of Trident ( 1/3 trillion over its expected working life)
      Two full-sized Aircraft Carriers & the Jump-Jets
      8 new battle ships

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Will our media, once the expensive, vapid. policy-free ballyhoo has died down until the next allocation of undue influence US election, rediscover the world beyond our former colony? Clue: no. And I doubt there’ll be quite so much attention paid to the equally contentious French*, Dutch or German elections next year. Or the Italian constitutional referendum next month. Different languages, d’ye see? Can’t read the PR handouts…And too likely to be conducted with dignity.

    Go, Trump. Start a nuclear war and spare us any more US elections.


  • michael norton

    Goldman Sachs, the bank which paid both Clintons six-figure sums for speeches, was among the biggest gainers on the stock markets as prices soared over belief Donald Trump will lose.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      Or it could just be constant exposure to Wikileaks sensitising our immune systems. They’ve been crying ‘wolf’ for months, but what they’ve actually released is a mass of routine traffic, much of it private, tending to show one party in a bad light. I have absolutely no doubt that if Trump’s electoral communications (and those of his aides) were known, equally dubious activities would be revealed. Well, dubious if you didn’t already know that people without extensive contact lists, and the ability to trade influence for donations without ever being quite caught at it, do not get to the White House – and never did.

      What Wikileaks has shed very little light on is the Clinton Foundation. This deserves, and is now getting, specific attention from the FBI: Assange and Wikileaks have never shown the slightest inclination to do more than release material, and (neglecting the incessantly-threatened bombshell which will cause Hillary to selfcombust within the next five minutes) have zero aptitude for collation and analysis. Which are essential with wily old birds like the Clintons.

      • Edward

        Did you follow up on the email trail lately? Aversion therapy, wrap it up in Tinfoil and no one will touch it.

        In brief, member of Hillarys inner sanctum John Podesta caught up in a paedophile ring, threatening to encompass Hillary, Bill and Trump as well via mutual friend Jeffrey Epstein. It’s been reasonably fairly characterised as ‘right wing conspiracy’ by everyone, but that doesn’t mean truth isn’t often bizarre. The circumstantial evidence is growing toward overwhelming, particularly in the last 24 hours. Watch the three minute video above for a quick synopsis.

        • Ba'al Zevul

          In brief, a very dubious article tenuously linking the Podestas to something nasty, on a site you unquestioningly believe because it is called ‘truthfeed’. Yeah, sure. Incidentally, the style of the site is not unlike one of Trump’s tabloid-style sites, but I would not be practising as I preached if I suggested a possible link…

          Have you followed the email trail? Badly needs some litter-picking, and bins.

          • Edward

            That’s my point. Wrap them in enough tinfoil and nobody with any sense of inclusion will ever go near them, The Emails simply go away.

            Except, there they are. Available for anyone to read.

          • Ba'al Zevul

            How to get this across to you? There is virtually nothing in the Clinton and Podesta emails which is capable of standing up as the basis for charges. Sure, it can be made to look bad for Clinton, and good for that champion of truth, Trump, who is at least as much of a cunt as Hillary in any area other than the genitals, and whose complex, vindictive and not visbly honest career, Wikileaks has ignored completely. If Wikileaks had filtered out the crap instead of tipping the lot out for the muckrakers to rake, and better yet had made a coherent case, if it had got it into the MSM as it did with earlier releases*

            I’ll bet you believe that Trump is the champion of the working masses, while somehow at the same time being John Wayne (supersize) and planning to retrieve Mark Twain’s America from the grasp of the evil bankers. If he wins, you’ve got a nasty surprise coming. His first call will be to Goldman Sachs, and the rest is the history from which we learn nothing.

            *It didn’t because (a) the MSM are the tools of the Rothschilds/Illuminati/space lizards from Quarg, (b) the MSM are too bloody lazy to process a pile of near-celebrity gossip which hasn’t been properly formatted ready to send straight to the printers or (c) there was nothing very interesting there.

          • Ba'al Zevul

            Hanging sentence, sorry. Should read
            ” If Wikileaks had filtered out the crap instead of tipping the lot out for the muckrakers to rake, and better yet had made a coherent case, if it had got it into the MSM as it did with earlier releases…” it would have gone some way to restoring my early respect for it. As it is, its obvious hope is that if it throws enough shit around some of it will stick. Which is true for any target.

            It’s not tinfoil it needs. It’s a bin liner and thick gloves…

          • Hieroglyph

            With respect, it’s much more than that. Bill and Hillary have been heavily linked to Epstein’s Island, which should trouble anyone. Epstein’s laughable ‘sentence’ should also raise an eyebrow – recall this was a man found guilty of several offences. And, whilst WL hasn’t come out and said so, the accusation is that Podesta and ‘friends’ have been using well-known (well known to investigators, that is) code words. So, the emails may not say, ‘I Podesta am a massive nonce’, but nobody would expect them to.

            I’m reluctant to wade into the ‘paedo ring’ stuff, because I agree, in part, that the WL don’t prove anything. They allude and suggest, but the cops have to follow that up, not mere BTL wafflers. Maybe there’s nothing to it, I’ve no idea.

            As to charges, there is easily enough in the WL to indict for corruption and racketeering. The other stuff may prove far fetched, but the Clinton Foundation alone should get Clinton indicted. I mean, the whole foundation is a joke, and they basically admit to using ‘charity’ money for political purposes; bang to rights really. They might argue that everyone does it – probably correctly, in this instance – but that’s the Hedge Fund argument really.

            Btw, WL says Trump doesn’t do email, and they don’t have any leaks. This may be nonsense, but that’s what Assange says. If they genuinely don’t have leaks, it’s not their fault, they don’t hack.

  • michael norton

    Not all Amerikans are barking
    but someone in the Amerikan Establishment seem determined not to let Russia take control of the whole of Syria.
    The Amerikans at least “need” to secure a northern slice linking Iraq with the Mediterranean
    for future pipelines/communication routes / separate from the unreliable Turkish Regime / change?

    Support by the United States, France and other Western nations

    On 12 October 2015, the Pentagon confirmed U.S. C-17 transport aircraft having dropped 100 pallets with 45 tons of arms and ammunition over SDF-controlled territory in Rojava. Polat Can, spokesman of the SDF component militia People’s Protection Units (YPG), identified the freight as being “assault rifles, mortars and ammunition, but no TOW anti-tank missiles nor anti-aircraft weapons”.The airdrop came only days after the Pentagon had officially abandoned its failed $500 million train-and-equip program of “moderate rebels” fighting ISIL.

    During the SDF’s February 2016 al-Shaddadi offensive, there were US special forces embedded with the SDF forces who coordinated airstrikes against ISIL with the SDF.

    On 17 March 2016, the day after the declaration of the Federation of Northern Syria – Rojava, U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter praised the SDF component militia People’s Protection Units (YPG) as having “proven to be excellent partners of ours on the ground in fighting ISIL/IS. We are grateful for that, and we intend to continue to do that, recognizing the complexities of their regional role.”
    US-backed fighters advance on ISIS ‘capital’ Raqqa

    And YES, although we hear next to nothing these days Syria is RAMPING up for a major confrontation between NATO and RUSSIA

    If the Amerikan Election had been more modest and quieter we may have learnt more, instead we have been kept in the shade for the last month or so.
    There is still the phoney period between the election and the crowning to get through yet.

  • Alcyone

    Amongst the Barking Nutters, there are even some Singing Nutters too. Yes, America, as a Nation is neurotic and high on Alcohol, Drugs, Anger, Delusory Religion, Corruption, Conflict, Violence and War. And not enough Rock ‘n Roll. Yet for a loveless country, it astounds me how much good music does originate out of America. Or, perhaps it is because of it.

    But then there are Bruce Springsteens, patriotic as Hell and The Devil, who are very far indeed from figuring things out.

    Then there’s The Master ‘B’:

    “Thunder on the mountain heavy as can be
    Mean old twister bearing down on me
    All the ladies of Washington scrambling to get out of town
    Looks like something bad gonna happen, better roll your airplane down ”

    What a space this guy lives in. Stay plugged in! If you think there are only 4 dimensions, you are a fool. If you think the elections will bring ‘change’, you’re lost, bring yourself back home, within. Americans lead the way, stay at home, please.

  • michael norton

    The United Kingdom will be the global repair shop for the new and highly controversial F-35 fighter jet program, it has been announced.

    Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said on Monday that the move, which will see The United Kingdom
    service all European F-35s at a facility in North Wales, will have positive economic and defense implications.

    Airstrip One

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