Stunning Admission from Obama on Wikileaks 203

In his final press conference, beginning around 8 minutes 30 seconds in, Obama admits that they have no evidence of how WikiLeaks got the DNC material. This undermines the stream of completely evidence-free nonsense that has been emerging from the US intelligence services this last two months, in which a series of suppositions have been strung together to make unfounded assertions that have been repeated again and again in the mainstream media.

Most crucially of all Obama refers to “The DNC emails that were leaked”. Note “leaked” and not “hacked”. I have been repeating that this was a leak, not a hack, until I am blue in the face. William Binney, former Technical Director of the NSA, has asserted that were it a hack the NSA would be able to give the precise details down to the second it occurred, and it is plain from the reports released they have no such information. Yet the media has persisted with this nonsense “Russian hacking” story.

Obama’s reference to the “the DNC emails that were leaked” appears very natural, fluent and unforced. It is good to have the truth finally told.

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203 thoughts on “Stunning Admission from Obama on Wikileaks

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  • Drew

    DNC emails were leaks, Podesta emails were claimed to be hacked (with no evidence). You’re confusing the two leak and stories.

  • michael norton

    Scotland welcomes Donald Trump

    Speaking for the “Edinburgh Bridges Not Walls” group, Alys Mumford said the protestors were taking action to “reject the rise of a dangerous and divisive far-right politics”.

    She said: “The new normal that the far right is seeking will roll back decades of progress on civil rights, gender equality and the environment. It is up to all of us to take responsibility for actively rejecting this.”

  • Sharp Ears

    This hasn’t taken long. Bodes well.

    Donald Trump reveals plan for missile defence system
    The President’s team says it will protect the US against attacks from Iran and North Korea with a “state of the art” system.
    20:44, UK,
    Friday 20 January 2017

    Donald Trump has announced plans to develop a missile defence system to protect the US against attacks from Iran and North Korea.

    Within minutes of his inauguration as US President, Mr Trump’s administration said it would develop a “state of the art” system.

    It did not provide details on whether the missile defence system would differ from those already under development, how much it would cost or how it would be paid for.

    In a policy statement on the White House website, Mr Trump’s administration said the move was part of its strategy to “rebuild our military”.

    On the President’s campaign website, Mr Trump’s team said it would invest in the system to “meet growing threats” and “counter the ballistic missile threat from Iran and North Korea”.

    The policy announcement comes just a day after reports that Pyongyang was readying a test of a new, upgraded intercontinental ballistic missile prototype.

    According to South Korean news agency Yonhap, news of the test appeared to have been intentionally leaked by North Korea to send a “strategic message” to Mr Trump.

    A US intelligence official told Reuters the exercise “would more likely be a test of Trump than a test of a delivery system”, adding: “If they really want to poke him, they’ll do it right away.”

    In further measures, Mr Trump’s administration said it would reverse cutbacks to the defence budget and “submit a new budget to Congress outlining a plan to rebuild our military”.

    It added: “We will provide our military leaders with the means to plan for our future defence needs.”

    As Mr Trump’s pledges were published on the White House website, references to climate change were deleted and replaced with the President’s “America First Energy Plan”.

    The policy outlines intentions to scrap the “harmful and unnecessary” Climate Action Plan and Waters of the US rule brought in by Barack Obama.

    It adds that the US has been “held back by burdensome regulations on our energy industry”.

    Also detailed are plans to cut tax rates for workers and businesses, as well as a withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

    • Clark

      Apart from possibly the Trans Pacific Partnership, I think it bodes badly.

      It’s very bad news for the environment and climate. It means the US will burn more coal, and fracking will become profitable again.

      Trump supports Likud, Netanyahu, and the illegal “settlements”. He hates Iran and the deal which removed the sanctions against Iran. “Missile defense system” can mean a lot of things, including anti-missile missiles launched from near the source of the “enemy” missiles, and Iran was never going to target the US in the first place. This “missile defense system” is more likely about “protecting” Israel against Iranian missiles ie. giving Israel carte blanche against Iran.

      • J

        Trump doesn’t hate anything apart from experiencing poverty. Wherever his bread is buttered, there he will be. If you want to identify an ideology for Trump, just look at what the one ‘percenters’ above him have and are doing and that’s it. Everything else is bluster and snake oil. Simply think opportunist, and you have the heart and soul of Trump. Everything else is messaging of one kind or another.

  • RobG

    lysias, I’d be interested in your view on this: the thing that stood out for me about Trump’s inaugural speech today was that at the start of it a number of the military came down the steps and stood behind him. Then an officer seemed to order them back. I’ve never seen anything like this before at an inaugural speech?

    • lysias

      I was listening to the speech on the radio, so I did not see this. Interesting. I would not be surprised if support for Trump was stronger among enlisted soldiers (in Britspeak, “other ranks”) than in the officer corps, which worries more about being politically correct, for career advancement reasons — it’s much less required that enlisted soldiers be politically correct, it’s sort of expected that they will not be.

      As a former enlisted man in the U.S. Air Force (staff sergeant) and Navy (Petty Officer First Class) who became an officer, I can understand the mentality of both.

  • michael norton

    Is this the end of TTIP? The Scottish Donald REMOVES deal with European Union from White House website
    THE future of the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the US and EU has been thrown into doubt, hours after Donald Trump was sworn in as President.

    i get the feeling that Donald does not care for the European Union.
    I am really warming to the new president of America.

    • michael norton

      As well as deleting TTIP,
      references to Obamacare have also been scrapped alongside references to the LGBTI movement and climate change.

      Yes, really warming to The Donald

        • glenn_uk

          Of course he is. Norton is an unreconstructed fascist, hates foreigners, women, non-whites… anyone but straight, anglo-saxon white ultra-conservative Christian males, basically. Naturally he rejects science too.

          If it didn’t gain positive approval in the opinion columns of the newspaper of choice for reactionary racist dullards, aimed at the reading level of a not too bright 10-year old – The Express – then Norton won’t agree with it.

          • bevin

            On the other hand he is remarkably good on the Syria question, on Yemen and so far as I know, on Blairite(Clintonite) adventurism abroad. That might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it would go down well among the victims of ‘humanitarian’ bombing missions, drone strikes to save under age girls from marriages ( I presume that is the logic behind the wedding party massacres) and those of whom the wahhabis that our governments employ disapprove
            I also sympathise with his insistence on the need for democratic institutions in, for example Europe.
            I think that he would be on the right side in a civil war.

          • Phil the ex-frog

            “he is remarkably good on the Syria question”

            So what? Analysis is shared across many opposing spectrum. For example, many communists acknowledge that one of the great take downs of liberal representative democracy is by jurist philosopher Carl Schmitt, a nazi. The divergence is in the solutions.

            “he would be on the right side in a civil war”

            The right side? He is surely proto neo freicorps. LOL. And such verbosity. If read he could bore a peoples militia to death.

          • J

            All of which begs the question what on earth is he doing here? Is he just confused? Who does he imagine is listening?

  • Matt

    To all the Nay sayers against PRESIDENT TRUMP I say this. Are you seriously suggesting that the establishment has been working in favor of “We the People”, and that the information that they have be propagating is truthful dissemination of the facts! Cause they are all about what you are fear mongering about President Trump. His speach to America and the world was pretty clear! And in a rational world you give someone the time to implement their plan, just like we gave Obissmilfail the opportunity to show us “Hope and Change” (his HOPE was we would not find out who he was and his true motives to fundamentally CHANGE America) and that is now proven by actions and facts!

    You people really need to get off the TIT of propaganda fed to you by the establishment and their instigators MSM! If you choose to jump up and down and scream at the top of your lungs, thats your right and so be it, I will defend your right to do that till my Death! However if you choose violence and Anarchy you will find out what our enemies have faced from 1775 till today, and that is the American Patriot is one lean mean killing machine and I will lay your rotting corpses at my feet next to my enemies, for I am the shadow that walks the Valley of the shadow of Death for I fear no evil. Cause in all my compassion I have learned to be the most evil vile motherfucker on this planet.

    So you go and pray to your God to grant you serenity and I too will pary to my GOD that he grants you the wisdom and fortitude to enjoy the FREEDOMS and opportunities the my Brothers and I have provided for you in this great Constitutional Republic. For I want peace and harmony for the rest of my days between Thee and I, but the choice is Yours for I am the EXECUTIONER!


    Semper Fidelis
    Molon Labè

  • Anon1

    Norwich rejects Donald Trump:

    Just look at the state of them.

    Green Party councillor Lesley Grahame, who spoke at the event, said: “We accept Trump is the president but only up to a point – he won with less votes than Hilary Clinton which just shows how flawed democracy is.” – No, he is the president whether you like it or not you fucking imbecile.

    “A wall built of cardboard boxes was ‘broken down’ and protesters formed a line to build a bridge with the broken pieces, which organisers said “symbolises the strength of solidarity.”

  • Christoph Archer

    Obama: “First of all, I haven’t commented on WikiLeaks generally. The conclusions of the intelligence community with respect to the Russian hacking were not conclusive as to whether WikiLeaks was witting or not in being the conduit through which we heard about the DNC emails that were leaked.” Craig Murray misinterprets the statement. It’s not whether the DNC was hacked by the Russians to support Trump – they did (, but if Wikileaks knowingly or unknowingly supported the Russian hack. Full context here:

  • michael norton

    Former Labour leader Ed Miliband tweeted: “Feared the reality of today would be worse than the anticipation and it is”.

    Miliband is yesterdays man.
    The future is with Jeremy.
    I expect Jeremy would agree with binging back the coal mines and the steel industry in the United Kingdom?

      • michael norton

        One of the worse actions of Heath / Thatcher was the deliberate degrading of the coal mining industry and the destabilizing of those communities.

  • Bob Bollen

    Hello Craig
    [firstly it seems like a lot of the comments here belong to a different post]
    On Obama’s “Stunning Admission”, I think you’ve got it wrong. What Obama was most likely saying is “the Russians hacked and Wikileaks leaked”, so continuing the line that he and others have consistently taken. Of course, your interpretation might be correct, too. Hence it is – I suggest – rather sensational to use the headline you did.
    I’ve been reading your comments for over a year now and have come to trust your information and opinions. This trust has taken a dent as a result of this post.

    Secondly, as my friend, who challenged my re-post pointed out: Surely Wikileaks must go to great extents to demonstrably not know the source of its information, mustn’t it?

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