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The BBC is to launch a major new unionist propaganda channel in time for the next Independence referendum. There will be 80 new unionists employed as journalists. Close relatives of senior Labour party figures are particularly welcome to apply, and in a new broadening of BBC Scotland employment policy, a larger percentage of Ruth Davidson fans will also be recruited. The news of the new job opportunities is especially welcome to the large number of Labour Party hacks who will be unemployed following the Scottish council elections in May.

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271 thoughts on “BBC Announces New Anti-Scottish Channel

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    • ayewillsurvive

      Obviously irony isn’t one of your strong points Jason.

      However, I suspect you have not bothered to find out who Craig Murray is or his background.

      Of all those who campaign actively for Scottish Independence he is as well qualified as anyone to comment.

      For one he is English and as importantly he worked at the heart of the Westminster machine for 20 years within the FCO and held the rank of Ambassador – a position that offered him inside knowledge and understanding of the workings of the Westminster system!

      And the most important point you either miss or just don’t understand – Those seeking the rights of sovereignty through independence for Scotland did not, do not and will never hate the English. We look to protect the future of our country and it is through fighting the broken system that is British government in Westminster that we can achieve it. May I leave you with an explanation from our national bard:

      Then let us pray that come it may,
      (As come it will for a’ that,)
      That Sense and Worth, o’er a’ the earth,
      Shall bear the gree, an’ a’ that.
      For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
      It’s coming yet for a’ that,
      That Man to Man, the world o’er,
      Shall brothers be for a’ that.

    • craig Post author

      For the record, I was born in England of an English mum and a Scottish father. I have lived slightly longer in England than in Scotland in my life. I am not remotely “anti-English”.

      • Anon1

        Erm, you spend a good deal of time telling us how racist and thick the English are, about what a low opinion you had of your fellow English in Kent, and how much more enlightened and intelligent the Scots are. In fact, your entire blog routine these days seems to pivot on variations of the “bigoted little Englander” theme.

        • Robert Peffers

          Perhaps, Anon1, you hold that view because you identify with, “your fellow English in Kent”, or the difference between them and the rest of England. It seems strange that you fail to realise there are good and bad in all nations and by referring to the bad ones in any particular nation is in no way casting aspersions upon that whole nation.

        • Greg

          Calling someone a “little Englander” is not the same as hating them because they’re English.

        • Brianfujisan

          Grow Up.. .Craig its well entitled to support independence for Scotland, I certainly would do the same if it were my Blog.. But i might be Slightly Biased for Japan 😉

      • Dave Price

        It is great to hear that you are not remotely “anti-English”. What description would you prefer for someone who uses phrases like the following?

        ”…riding a tide of racist populism in England and Wales.”

        “The racist majority in England and Wales are trying to force us out of the EU.”

        “Mistaken”…? “Thoughtless”…? “Imprecise”…? “Bigoted”…?

        • narbonne

          Dave Price

          Why does Craig, or anyone else, genuinely believing England has a problem with foreigners nowadays justify a charge of being anti-English?

          Wouldn’t you be better arguing that there isn’t a significant problem with attitudes to foreigners in England?

          • Dave Price


            Let me first say that I agree with Craig on very many subjects, including Scottish Independence. Secondly let me say that I have not accused him of being anti-English. I also agree with you that there is a significant problem with attitudes to foreigners in England, as there is in many countries and societies in the rest of the world. What I have difficulty with is understanding why he uses the phrases I quoted, which at best I believe are counter-productive to his main argument. Do you, narbonne, believe that the majority of English and Welsh people are racist?

          • Anon1

            It’s no more of a problem than it is anywhere else. Substantially less so. The whole thing was whipped up before and after the EU referendum by whining remainiacs intent on characterising a vote for freedom and sovereignty as racist and anti-foreigner. It’s since been latched onto by the Scots Nats who believe that portraying England as backward and racist will further the cause of Scottish independence.

          • narbonne


            No, I don’t believe a majority of English and Welsh people are racist. Nor do I believe Scotland is free of racism.

            But shouldn’t your ire and invective be directed at the racists and ultra-xenophobes and not against an internationalist human rights activist such as Craig, just because he may have been a bit unfair in his writings?

          • Dave Price


            I pointed out the second quote (which was the earlier) in a much gentler fashion at the time. But there was no explanation or amendment forthcoming. The first quote, together with the second, has disappointed and annoyed me. No matter what good work Craig has done and continues to do, he should be held to account for his statements. And if Anon1 is right that this is political bluster and cynical calculation, Craig should also be discouraged from going down that path.

        • Anon1


          I can’t view these quotes you have posted. They read “XXXXXXX” etc. Can you post them in normal text? Thanks.

          • Dave Price

            Sorry, trying to be too clever with bold italics:

            “…riding a tide of racist populism in England and Wales”

            “The racist majority in England and Wales are trying to force us out of the EU”

      • Old Mark

        Unfortunately Craig’s antecedents fit perfectly into Orwell’s digression on (not that he used this term)-‘mischlings’, in his ‘Notes on Nationalism’ , where he enumerates the number of notable nationalists who are only partially by descent members of the nation they glorify. Examples given by Orwell include-
        Hitler (Austrian)
        Stalin (Georgian)
        Napolean (Corsican)
        Churchill (half American)
        De Valera (American born, half Spanish)

    • Robert Peffers

      Yawn! Same old propaganda from the same old numpties. There is quite a difference from hate for the abusive Westminster Establishment and hate for the normally decent and friendly people of England, Jason.

      One can only conclude you are not representative of that description.

      BTW: Please note I described them as, “The People of England”, and that includes those originally from any country, of any colour, of any religious belief, (or none), who are mainly resident in England and who pay they tax to the UNITED KINGDOM Treasury.

      That’s the same UK Treasury we Scots pay our tax to that such as you claim as, “England subsidising Scotland”. Note that in the majority of years the Scottish per capita GDP is higher than either the UK average or that of any other UK country.

      I.e. Scotland is subsidising England. Unless, of course, you can show otherwise.

    • Republicofscotland

      How is stating that the BBC, who played a major role in blackening the 2014 independence referendum, anti-English.

      Craig’s only pointjng out what most if us already know, that this new channel will be broadly speaking a British propaganda machine. A field in which the BBC excels.

      • Sharp Ears

        RoS And who pushed for the Iraq war for which they (including Marr) will NEVER be forgiven.

    • Andrew Murdoch

      How on earth can this be construed as anti-English? The originator is correct this channel will be pushing a unionist agenda.

  • TH

    Why is Nicola Sturgeon (in the BBC link) saying this is a good thing?! How naive could she be? As Craig say, its propaganda and this channel will make sure Scotland will never become independent and killing off the idea altogether.

  • nevermind

    First, who will give these little England pirates in the propaganda ministry the right to broadcast in Scotland?
    Secondly, will they also deal with the likelihood of Ireland reunifying under EU rules?

  • Bugger le Panda

    I wonder if this new news source “edited in Scotland” will have to pay BBC for access to raw footage?

    • Republicofscotland

      I heard it will use existing BBC coverage, so in essence you could see the same clip three times on the BBC between 6pm and 10pm, if they keep the 6.30pm news that is.

      Maybe that’s the plan keep it looped,and bore us to death. ?

  • fred

    I heard John Nicholson on the Today program this morning saying people in Scotland are not interested in what happens in England. Another case of a Nationalist who thinks they are Scotland and speaks for everyone in Scotland. I am certainly interested in what happens in the world, in England and in the other regions of the UK.

    A Scottish BBC TV channel is a good thing, people can watch it if they want to and not if they don’t.

    • Ian Gibson

      That’s not quite what he said: his clear meaning was that hearing English news to the exclusion of Scottish news is not something that’s attractive to a large number of Scots.

      • fred

        Have the BBC excluded Scottish news? I understood that after the main news at six covering the main news in all of Britain each region of the UK had news exclusively for them.

        • Ian Gibson

          “Have the BBC excluded Scottish news?” No, and no-one is saying that. Keep this up and you’ll be giving Jason a good run for his money…

  • Tom

    Isn’t everyone in Scotland a unionist of some kind or other? Can Scotland only exist within a union like the UK or the EU?

  • BrianPowell

    An interconnectivity chart of who is related to who and who worked for which organisation would be essential, then put it all over the internet.

    • nevermind

      Yes Enid, we do, in every vehicle, commercial or private, to put an end to useless death and to prosecutions for using it. If mobiles are blocked in vehicles famous taxi drivers would have to broadcast their oh so jolly messages by standing in the diesel fumes of their own making…..

  • Manda

    UK Column news have been following BBCs stepping up of getting the ‘British values’ message out around the EU, Commonwealth. and world. Soft power BBC calls it. I call it subversion.

  • narbonne

    This move is a sign of weakness by the unionist establishment.

    They would have been happy to continue with the current setup at BBC Scotland. However ratings for current affairs and news in Scotland have long since gone done the pan. They knew they had to do something other than just knock back the Scottish Six idea again.

    It should work to the independence side’s advantage. Either it will be a glaring travesty of unionist propaganda or if it isn’t it will make BBC unionist bias a good bit harder.

  • Robert Hogg

    If the yes movement is to win we will have to deal with all possible onslaught of unionists , is it an unfair field of play ? Yes , as it was in all fights of this magnitude , from apartheid to overthrowing dictatorships . We do what we need to in response to whatever the tactics of our nemesis !

  • Dave Oh What

    Sorry if I’m repeating myself but all we require here in Scotland from the BBC is a weekly digest of Scottish news, a photocopied handout, for public places like libraries, signed by Jackie Burd to assure accuracy.

  • Bill

    So people in Scotland must stop paying for this biased media institution. Would they create a channel for anti-London?

  • Sharp Ears

    Craig is on a roll. Good.

    Auntie in the form of Ms Jane Hill, one of the Beeb’s very highly paid presenters, on the One O’clock News just now, announced the new £30m service starting next year. It sounded patronising. Be good children and you will get your own TV channel.

    ‘Inform. Educate. Entertain.’ LOL.

    Who is Stuart Cosgrave broadcaster btw? He is in favour.

    • michael norton

      Brilliant narbonne.
      They could get Alexander James “Jim” Naughtie
      to run it, he could interview Jeremy Hunt

  • Robert Peffers

    Exactly what I thought on hearing the news. Then it was confirmed by Hall on Radio Jockland when he said, ” … like we do on Radio Scotland … “.

    Just another Westminster Establishment propaganda programme with, “new improved video”, added.

    It’s bad enough listening to the tired old presenters on radio without having to see their thrawn faces as well.

  • Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh

    Get your BBC Unionist tanks off our lawn! Devolution of broadcasting must be our absolute ‘sine qua non’. Any expansion without that is just occupation reinforced. Craig is correct.

  • Fraser MacIver

    Listening to so called “Baroness Young” on BBC radio 4 this morning in the usual patronizing tone of those on “Jam today”… re-iterates it all. 34 Broadsheet dailies in Scotland and only ONE?!!? of them sympathetic to the cause of SELF DETERMINATION AND INDEPENDENCE FOR THE SCOTS? Very one sided coverage all the way down the line…How are things…”Better Together” since the “NObetter together” side GOT THE RESULT THEY WANTED???

    Even aliens from another galaxy far away will see the duplicitous licence fee payed- liars at BBC UK wide will ultimately not escape the crumbling of their long entrenched …”grace and favour” gravy train…even now , coming off the rails.

  • Bhante

    It’s disgusting. It is an act of war. Scotland has a right to a free and fair referendum, which is incompatible with this. Scotland should respond in kind by evicting the BBC from Scotland lock stock and barrel. The only alternative would be to take over BBC Scotland and impose Scottish editorship on it.

    • Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh

      A technically tricky manoeuvre one would think. And perhaps just a tad counter-productive?

  • Soothmoother

    Why can’t the Scottish Government form their our own station independent of the BBC. Show us how fair Scots can be. Equal time for all political parties to put forward their opinions. A demonstration of how great we really are. Current affairs, culture, arts, sport etc. Instead of complaining that we’re getting spoon fed the wrong medicine. I’m willing to contribute to this, maybe through a Scottish TV Licence.

    • Republicofscotland

      Broadcasting isn’t devolved, London wouldn’t want Scots to get properly informed now would they? oh no.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Glad I looked at the link provided. Which wasn’t the one you meant to include, presumably. The one detailing the political makeup of the new channel and providing evidence that sinister forces were at work to provide job opportunities to the opposition party. Please remedy this.

    BTW, what’s your opinion of the thoroughly discreditable Guardian’s (CM passim, ad infinitum) anti-Brexit campaign, occupying the front page – big banner – and a majority of the op-eds all this week? Wholly impartial and full of good sense, I’m guessing.

      • Ba'al Zevul

        I think “the state broadcaster” would probably reply that its remit does not include encouraging the breakup of “the state”, but why not take a look at the link and tell me what is partial about the story? Reporting that Sturgeon is cautiously in favour of the channel, perhaps?

        • narbonne

          In a real democracy the state broadcaster should be unimpeachably neutral on the question of constitutional change.

          • nevermind

            It should but it isn’t, narbonne, last week the BBC went on full MSM loving alert, amplifying the message Labour activists have been discussing for a while, but which was uttered by the wrong kind of ex Labour leader, ‘because’, and here I’m quoting the response by one of their hot shot presenters on Radio Norfolk, ‘it was printed in the Mirror’.

            A state broadcaster does not have to put the knife into Corbyns back just because the majority of right wing press does so, no obligation whatsoever, what they could have done is to go to the elected Labour leader and his administration and ask him a few questions to the issue of opposing Brexit.

            State broadcaster has been rumbled by the war monger and his press release, do they not get that the man is toxic?

          • Ba'al Zevul

            I asked what was partial about that story. Perhaps when you’ve answered that you would tell me what a real democracy is, and how anyone can hope to achieve it. I imagine a referendum will figure in your account – with priority to the losing side?

            Marks will be awarded for practicality and costing.

  • Tony Conlin

    The NO MARKS will disagree with this but the fact is that BBC Scotland WERE BIASED towards the No Campaign this is FACT. Seeking and wanting independence is not because of hating England it is because Scotland is a Sovereign country in its own right, that has to accept what ever the English people vote for. Ask any Englishman/woman if they would be happy to be governed from Holyrood by a government they didnt vote for, the answer would be emphatically no, so why should the Scottish people accept this, its not democracy, its dictatorship. They claim that Britain is a partnership of four equal nations, if thats the case Brexit would not be happening, but it is happening because the English voted for it, Scotland voted to remain, the same media scaremongers used leaving Europe as a tool to scare people to vote no, because an independent Scotland could not be part of the EU, Brexit voted for by the English has dictaited this anyway, and Scotland has no say on the matter despite emphatically voting to remain. An independent Scotland on the other hand would not be affected by this and would negotiate its membership and it would be approved, forget the Westminster controlled media telling you otherwise, its pure story telling. The only people who refuse to accept BBC biased are the loyalists who pay deference to England & the Crown through misguided religious fervour rather than rationalisation and those who dont want change because they are scared of it. The important thing to remember is this an independent Scotland returns the government that the Scottish people voted for, a unionist Scotland is governed by those that Scotland didnt vote for, there is no middle ground its either or its that simple

  • Republicofscotland

    So Lord Hall arrived in Scotland to promote the new unionist 9pm slot channel. As you said Craig the propaganda machine, will be up and running in time to broadcast its drivel for the indyref.

    Smirking Donalda MacKinnon, could hardly contain herself, as she lauded London’s vision of Scottish BBC broadcasting. Expect so see unionist die-hards on screen, along with the usual suspects, Rennie, Davidson, Dugdale and Fluffy Mundell.

    Of course as everyone knows there’s no such thing as BBC Scotland, only the BBC in Scotland. Meanwhile the unionsts will spout, ah Scotland the most powerful devolved nation on the planet, now has its own TV station. They’ll be no mention of Catalonia and its umpteen devolved tv stations that, they also have control the contents of.

    • narbonne

      On that subject RoS, I hope the SNP fight like mad to get at least partial Holyrood control of the new station.

      • Republicofscotland

        Broadcasting isn’t devolved, the new BBC propaganda programme will be a unionist vipers nest. It mostly will include a platform, to attack the SNP and Scottish independence, subtly of course.

        • narbonne

          I know broadcasting isn’t devolved but this move by the BBC, a distinct Scottish news channel, has to weaken the stance of keeping broadcasting a reserved matter.

          • Republicofscotland

            How so? BBC Alba, has been on the go for a few years, yet I’ve seen no move from the BBC to even attempt, to devolve broadcasting.

            What makes you think this one hour slot programme, will change the bigwigs at the BBC’s minds?

          • narbonne


            I didn’t mean that the BBC and Westminster would easily concede devolution of broadcasting. I just meant it slightly strengthens Holyrood’s hand in seeking it. Probably not enough to actually secure it, yes I agree with you.

            A Scottish Broadcasting Service set up on independence is the real goal.

  • Loony

    Who cares what the BBC, or any of the legacy media says or does. Their day is over.

    They were ruthlessly anti Brexit and anti Trump and the people ignored them. They are anti Wilders and anti Le Pen and the public will ignore them. No-one cares about them.

    They are anti Scottish independence and so are the people – everyone must be right once in a while. The Scottish Independence referendum was not lost because of the BBC it was lost because of a core failure in the proposal. Oh we are going are going to be independent by using sterling, or maybe we will be independent with the euro.

    Absent your own currency you cannot be independent. People are not stupid and they understand this. Is Greece independent? – No. Is New Zealand independent? – Yes.

    It is not hard – except when you refuse to see.

    • Republicofscotland


      Yes I imagine that’s why the BBC is affectionately referred (by whom I wonder) as (Auntie) Anti. Because they are anti anything, that doesn’t fit the agenda. ?

    • nevermind

      Is that why they are showing Marie le pen in full flow engaging the masses, the whole hall singing the Marseillaise, whilst Macron is shown talking in French?
      you must be watching the BBC childrens channel.

      • nevermind

        I’m surprised that the bbc has not milked this interview with the Shahs wife, living in exile in Paris, but what can you expect from the Tory mouthpiece. Have the FoI not given any orders how to benefit from this interview with some regular smears?

        I don’t think there are too many interviews with the Pahlavi’s, the only reason I linked to this story.

        An interview with Mrs. Pahlavi who would have liked to have seized Irans art, ( my emphasis as the Shah seized anything he wanted). It was to be displayed in Berlin. sadly it did not happen and very likely led to this interview

        “Pahlavi: Yes. The exhibition was interesting for me for two reasons. First, it would have shown the positive things that were done before the revolution, during our time. Second, all of a sudden people, the media, were speaking about me again, about what we did and not so much about what the current regime is doing today.”

      • Loony

        I don’t watch the BBC which is probably why I have some idea as to what is going on. Consider this:

        On February 16th the French Tribune carried a story headlined “Emmanuel Macron Campaign Gains Strength as per Latest Poll” This is just a rerun of the fake polls that so were so popular in the US.

        Here are some random headlines for Marine Le Pen:

        “Marine Le Pen’s Bodyguard and a Top Aide Questioned in EU “fake jobs” Investigation” – Daily Telegraph

        “French Police Question Marine Le Pen Aides” –

        “Will a New Film Scupper Marine Le Pen’s Election Hopes” – The Local France

        “French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen Refuses to Wear Headscarf on Lebanon Trip” – The Wall Street Journal

        “French Police Search Marine Le Pen’s Office” – The Wall Street Journal

        You know they are lying because they are running a separate set of lies about Russian interference in French Elections

        “France Condemns Alleged Russian Cyber attacks” – France 24

        “Back Off – France warns Russia not to interfere In the upcoming election” – Vice News

        “French Foreign Minister Condemns Russia Over Interference In Election (pro EU Presidential Hopeful Macron has been targeted, while pro Russian Le Pen has not” – Newsweek

    • Republicofscotland

      Looney, this may have escaped your attention, but New Zealand initially pegged its New Zealand dollar to the US dollar. Infact New Zealand doesn’t even have independence day to celebrate.

      The New Zealand authorities considered calling the country’s currency the Kiwi, or the Zeal, before opting for the NZ dollar.

      • Loony

        There is a world of difference between having a currency peg and not having a currency.

        Maybe you should check out what happened in Ecuador when they abolished the Sucre and replaced it with the US$. 10’s (perhaps 100’s) of thousands of people fled to Spain. Even today most Ecuadorians who can afford household appliances buy them in Columbia.

        How does Scottish Independence work out if the entire population drives to England every time they fancy a new washing machine or TV or hoover

        • narbonne

          Ecuador was one of the most underdeveloped countries in Latin America. A moderate and by no means anti-Western government headed by Jose Maria Velasco was elected in 1960 and set about much needed reforms in a perfectly measured way.

          The McCarthyites in Washington quickly disapproved of the Velasco government simply because it refused to break off diplomatic relations with Cuba and refused to persecute Ecuadorian communists. The CIA then set about destabilising Ecuador with the usual false flag operations etc. Resulting in a US backed military junta taking power in a coup in 1963 and the country being ruined.

        • Republicofscotland


          The truth of matter is that when Scotland becomes independent, the Westminster government will fall over themselves to allow Scotland to use Sterling.

          It makes complete economic sense, Scotland exports £50 billion pounds worth of good etc to England and in return England export £62 billion pounds worth of similar goods etc to Scotland.

          Why would Westminster politicians block revenue to the Treasury coffers? Why would Westminster incur the wrath of SME’s or the CBI?

          Then again the Westminster government are intent on damaging the British economy through Brexit.

          Back to Sterling, of course after a period (similar to what Ireland done) Scotland would float its own currency after setting up a central bank, probably because it would be at the mercy of fluctuating Bank of England interest rates.

          • fred

            Wasn’t it you telling us yesterday how Europe was going to ignore economic sense to make an example of Britain and out of spite because we are leaving?

          • Republicofscotland

            The difference is the biggest trading bloc on the planet doesn’t need Britain, and will probably make a example of them to deter the other 27 from a easy exit. Of course Westminster could say no to Scotland over Sterling.

            That’s why a currency will be ready to launch on independence, indeed a currency will still be needed as Better Together 2 will use the old pound chestnut again in the run up to the vote.

          • fred

            Germany alone sells 800,000 cars in Britain every year, we buy a lot of cars from France and Italy as well. WE buy a lot more from Europe than they buy off us.

            You seemed to think they would sacrifice that to make an example of us.

          • Republicofscotland

            No free movement of people no access to the Single Market. That’s the noises coming from the EU.

            Of course I suppose the EU could let Britain trade but who knows what type of tariffs would be applied.

          • fred

            We buy a lot more from the EU than they buy off us.

            But you think they would turn us away out of spite.

            Then you say rUK would allow Scotland currency union when an independent Scotland would be an economic basket case.

            What if they don’t?

          • Loony

            Anyone can use sterling – there is no UK government veto.

            The question is why would anyone want to use a currency over which it has no control. Sterling is issued by the UK authorities – and UK monetary policy is set by reference to the economic conditions prevailing in the UK – not the economic conditions that may prevail in any country that merely elects to use sterling.

            In reality I am sure the UK government would be delighted if foreigners started to use sterling – as that is a very fast way to financial colonization which is, in effect, a form of slavery.

            It seems a strange form of independence that has at its heart a desire to make the citizens of that country slaves to a foreign power. Maybe most people don’t fancy being slaves and that is why people are not voting for it

          • Old Mark


            In Irelands case that ‘period’ lasted from 1921 to 1978- applying the same timeframe to Scotland would imply a continuation of the Sterling tie, and thus being ‘at the mercy’ of the BoE, until well into the 2070s.

        • michael norton

          The ENTIRE population of Scotland could drive to Ulster to buy their new vacuum cleans, get pissed up or have a punch up,
          who cares.

  • Jada Whannel

    They can air all the Unionist channels they want but they can’t make us watch them. After Indyref ’14 people are now more clued up to the machiavellian machinations of the BBC and their cohorts. Fool us once, shame on you, fool us twice, shame on us.

    • Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh

      All very true and a real basis for hope. As more and more Scots appreciate how they have been cynically hoodwinked they will surely swell the support for independence. Yet on a more sombre note, it seems increasingly clear that a significant Unionist demographic is not naive in the slightest about what is going on. On the contrary. Who do we think is nurturing and perpetrating the deceit?

      • Loony

        The only people that are being cynically hoodwinked are the people being coaxed and cajoled into supporting independence. Nothing positive is ever said about Scottish Independence the entire argument is based around exploitation by Westminster and nasty racist English people.

        Try coming forward with a positive proposal regarding currency. No-one can be independent without their own currency. Every example of a country that loses control of its currency is an example of failure. This includes all countries that have destroyed their currency through hyper inflation and all countries that have surrendered their currency issuing powers to an economically stronger entity.

        Isn’t it funny how people seem so keen to opine on the “English stealing Scottish oil” – but no-one ever mentions that Scotland has up to 2 trillion tonnes of coal reserves. Coal reserves that are unexploited and have never been stolen by anyone.

        Around the world education is in the process of being destroyed and its remnants monetized – why can’t Scotland pioneer its own non monetized education system? Answer because proponents of independence are in fact fully paid up members of globalist cabal.

        Nobody cares whether Scotland is independent or not. But this is not acceptable to the insecure attention seeking nationalists. Therefore all eyes must be directed to the BBC and their washed up acolytes. The world is changing – the BBC is irrelevant. Although they must love Scottish Nationalists who seemingly strive with every breath to invest in the BBC a power it no longer has.

        • Anon1

          “Nothing positive is ever said about Scottish Independence the entire argument is based around exploitation by Westminster and nasty racist English people.”

          That’s why I can’t stand the fuckers. Weak, pathetic people always blaming others for their inability to do anything for themselves.

          • Republicofscotland

            “That’s why I can’t stand the fuckers. Weak, pathetic people always blaming others for their inability to do anything for themselves.”


            Of course the weakest of all, are those who cower behind the American armed forces, whilst stealing billions of US taxpayers monies, and other peoples lands. Despicable poncing cowards.

          • Ba'al Zevul

            Looking forward to seeing your independent defence force, RoS, contributing 2% of its GDP to gloriously free of wicked NATO and based on the Scottish arms industry. To die for.

          • Republicofscotland


            If may have escape your attention, but very few meet the 2% spend. Last I recall only 5 made the spend, but then again, others don’t want to swan around the globe, pretending to be a force to be reckoned with again.

            Add to that as it stands under Westminster Scotland just isn’t getting a good deal on defence.

            “In the past 5 years Scotland was charged £15.813 billion in defence costs. ”


            Scotland wouldn’t need a murdering invading imperial force, that the MoD and Whitehall want to expand on.

            So your point is irrelevant.

          • Ba'al Zevul

            The UK contributes its 2%, RoS. And who can say you’re not getting a good deal? No-one’s invaded you since the unpleasantness with the Stuart succession 🙂

        • Republicofscotland

          “Isn’t it funny how people seem so keen to opine on the “English stealing Scottish oil” – but no-one ever mentions that Scotland has up to 2 trillion tonnes of coal reserves. Coal reserves that are unexploited and have never been stolen by anyone.”


          Looney, you just keep putting your foot in it, Thatcher a British PM, all but destroyed the coal mining industry. In the process she destroyed whole communities, and began importing coal from Poland because it was cheaper to do so.

          Some parts of Britain are still trying to recover from Thatcher’s destruction of heavy industries.

          Scotland is trying to move into the renewable energy market, wind water etc. However oil and gas are a bonus to a independent Scotland.

    • Anon1

      Either the Scots are too weak to vote for their independence or they don’t want it. Media bias is not a factor unless you are suggesting that the Scots are so lacking in courage as to be swayed by it.

      We were told that the world would fall in on us if we voted to leave the EU, but our thirst for independence was simply too great. We were told that our house prices and pensions would collapse and that there would be WW3. We still voted for our independence.

      It’s time to grow up and stop whining about the BBC. You either want your independence or you do not.

      • Anon1

        [Not to mention that the ‘independence’ you want is actually a joke form of independence in which you are entirely dependent on Brussels, but we’ll put that aside for the time being.]

      • JOML

        You seem to get very annoyed when the topic of independence comes up e.g. last week you were telling Scots to “fuck off”. Perhaps you should do something else with your time when the subject matter of Craig’s blog upsets you. This would benefit you and others. Just a suggestion.

    • bevin

      Unless I am mistaken, they do make you pay for them.
      This would seem to be a perfect opportunity for nationalists to start a License Fee boycott.
      Or is there one already?

      • narbonne

        There’s been plenty of talk about in recent years. I agree Bevin. Now’s the time to do it.

  • Richard montgomery

    Brilliant summary as usual Craig. Sooner we get this westminster led propoganda channel replaced the better

    • Anon1

      And replace it with one of your own? Weak. You need to have a groundswell of popular support against your adversaries to have a chance of independence. 55/45 isn’t good enough. Blaming it on the BBC isn’t good enough. You are weak and you lack the support required for independence. You won’t gain it by crying over the fact that the state broadcaster is opposed to breaking up the state. You have to overcome that. You have to take it as a given that the media will be against you. You lost the economic argument which you never made and you simply do not have the support.

      • Sharp Ears

        Do leave off Anon1. That is your fifteenth comment…so far. ‘The lady doth protest too much’ or similar.

      • richard montgomery

        And the BBC isnt one of your own? Cry me a river state propganda supporting troll.

      • Ba'al Zevul

        Might be too brutal for comfort, but you’re not wrong. And trying to put it politely doesn’t get much traction.

        Still waiting for an economic plan that looks as if it might be persuaded to stand up, even with the aid of duct tape and garden canes.

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