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The BBC is to launch a major new unionist propaganda channel in time for the next Independence referendum. There will be 80 new unionists employed as journalists. Close relatives of senior Labour party figures are particularly welcome to apply, and in a new broadening of BBC Scotland employment policy, a larger percentage of Ruth Davidson fans will also be recruited. The news of the new job opportunities is especially welcome to the large number of Labour Party hacks who will be unemployed following the Scottish council elections in May.

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271 thoughts on “BBC Announces New Anti-Scottish Channel

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  • ron

    The work of the Glasgow Media Group has been reporting on such discriminatory practices of the BBC and British media since the mid 1970s – nothing here is new – it is not about editorial practices or timings – it is undoubtedly about the culture of organisations like the BBC and other media and their position in the political and social hierarchy. I remember going to a demonstration many years ago outside a tv channel building. The demonstration was in the days before disabled people enjoyed the access they enjoy today (sic) – one very famous (in his own head) celebrity by the name of Chris Tiswas heard the chanting from outside, opened the window and told us all to fuck off. This is the guy who readily gives to charity to promote a better world.
    The most astonishing thing in all of this is that millions of people still sign up for a licence for the BBC every year – if ever there needed to be a revolution this is where it could start – ban the tv licence

    • ron

      As an adjunct to my previous comments, I’m not sure if anybody died during the Scottish Independence debacle but they sure have died during the assault on disabled people in Britain over the last ten years.It was the labour party who introduced ‘americana’ style welfare changes to ‘assist’ disabled people back to work. What in effect this was was a move from patronising sympathy to heinous murder under the cover of ‘directing’ resources more appropriatetly to ‘service users’. The disappeared of South America are now the disappeared from the British landscape. The deaths of disabled people in Britain over the last ten years is numerous. The BBC and the media displayed great courage in labelling disabled people as cheats and scroungers. the media acted totally irresponsible in human terms but deliberately praiseworthy in political terms in support of a regime entirely based on social cleansing.- it was about the engineering of ‘hate speech’ as a means to an end – disabled people today largely live in fear and great poverty as a result of the most vicious campaign directly mounted aagainst a particular grouping in the UK. Nobody fucking cares. Politicians of all hues and the media are directly responsible the the ‘disappeared’ in Britain today.

    • Sharp Ears

      Aide memoire. See mine on the previous thread. The Labour vote in Stoke has been declining over years.

      February 24, 2017 at 06:59
      Stoke Central
      By-election results in full: Labour hold seat

      • Gareth Snell, Labour: 7,853
      • Paul Nuttall, UKIP: 5,233
      • Jack Brereton, Conservatives: 5,154
      • Zulfiqar Ali, Lib Dems: 2,083
      • Adam Colclough, Greens: 294
      • Barbara Fielding, Independent: 137

      Last we hear from UKIP?

      February 24, 2017 at 07:03

      It was nuclear that dunnit for Trudy. We wish her a ‘glowing’ future.
      Trudy Harrison, Conservatives, 13,748
      Gillian Troughton, Labour, 11,601
      Rebecca Hanson, Lib Dems, 2,252
      Fiona Mills, UKIP, 2,025
      Michael Guest, Independent, 811
      Jack Lenox, Greens, 515
      Roy Ivinson, Independent, 116

  • michael norton

    The spending returns of the Stronger In and Vote Leave campaigns in last year’s EU referendum are under investigation, the Electoral Commission has announced.

    A total of more than £32m was spent on the campaign – with the Leave side funded by donations totalling £16.4m, outgunning the Remain side’s £15.1m.

    The spending returns show that the Brexit battle was the most expensive referendum ever fought in British political history, said the watchdog.

    Lib Dem spending is also under review.

    Ministry of Truth

    While they are at it, they need to understand why The Royal Bank of Scotland,
    once the biggest bank in the world, is now, such a basket case?

    • michael norton

      It is making a dog’s breakfast at recovery

      It is the ninth year in a row that The Royal Bank of Scotland has failed to make a profit.

      What is wrong with the Banksters, we used to be better at ripping people off, thany anywhere else in the world, Britain is losing its touch as a scamster nation.

  • New Worldview

    This is concerning. Yet Nicola Sturgeon says she welcomes the Beeb to Scotland, as it creates jobs for eighty journalists. Is she just playing them along? Not clear.

    Craig is probably right though – the state broadcaster opens up a channel in Scotland just in time for the next referendum, so they can provide round-the-click biased reporting that’s favouring the unionist agenda. Are the other mainstream media channels in Scotland any better, any more balanced in their reporting?

    Again I note the antipathy towards Scotland and independence of some of the contributors to this blog. Some of these people sound very angry at the prospect of independence. It must be threatening to their worldview, their taken-for-granted beliefs. If they feel that way about Scots, independence, why on earth are they on this site at all? If you don’t like Scots (and “how dare they have the temerity to want independence”), then the solution is easy – go to blogs catering to your odious and outmoded views instead. If you don’t like Scots, Scottish independence, and it angers you so much – there’s an easy solution – just let Scotland go.

    Are there any ways to surmount this broadcasting development? What would it take to e.g. sponsor / buy media time offering equally biased reporting / or at least balanced reporting – just to even it up a bit? Just screen this documentary for people – they can decide for themselves. Wealthy pro-SNP individuals might be asked to help, crowdfunding, whatever is required to fund it. Just a thought.

    • fred

      Personally I’m one of the majority of people in Scotland who voted No to Independence so I’m here representing the wishes of the people of Scotland.

      Why are you here?

      • New Worldview

        Fred – you ask why am I here – because I believe the people of Scotland have been lied to, exploited and oppressed by the Westminster parliament for too long. Maybe you’ve done comfortably out of it, but I and many like me certainly have not.

        • fred

          You have a right to your own delusions same as anyone else.

          You seemed to think that people who don’t share your delusions shouldn’t be posting here though.

          • New Worldview

            Fred – you are equally entitled to your “delusions”. Seems you swallow anything mainstream media wants you to believe. Lots of us prefer to do some critical thinking of our own, view multiple news sources and get more of the picture. You seem to view the belief of vote rigging as absurd. There is nothing fantastical or unbelievable about the view that the independence referendum was rigged – the best part of a million postal votes, votes counted in England, and many other dubious practices. Any future referendum definitely needs to have international supervision from start to finish.

            We’ll have to agree to differ.

          • fred

            No votes were counted in England. The ballot was organised by the Scottish government and conducted by the Scottish councils. The very same people who conduct the government elections in Scotland the SNP did so well in.

      • New Worldview

        In any case – “one of the majority of people in Scotland who voted No” – that only appears to be true as far as we are told. Many people believe the vote was rigged.

          • michael norton

            The pertinent point should be
            it was a once in a lifetime referendum.
            The voters of Scotland, voted overwhelming to remain within the United Kingdom.

          • maple leaf

            Michael Norton

            A once in lifetime referendum?

            I suppose like a dictator who gets himself elected president for life by a single election.

          • michael norton

            maple leaf
            nothing like dictatorship, it is called democracy, look it up, u might learn stuff.

          • maple leaf


            So you see no contradiction whatsoever in your concept of once in a lifetime democracy?

      • JOML

        ” I’m here representing the wishes of the people of Scotland.” Fred, I know you are currently self-appointed, but will you become our King, if Scotland becomes independent?

      • Republicofscotland

        “I’m here representing the wishes of the people of Scotland.”


        Says the person who claims he moved from England to Scotland, but doesn’t have a good word to say about the place.

        • fred

          It’s the Nationalists I haven’t a good word for, not the country.

          I keep telling you they aren’t the same thing but you seem to be having problems understanding.

          • JOML

            Who are you representing now? You seem to have a problem distinguishing between people who want self-determination and nationalists. Your attack on “nationalists” appears to be used to hide your undying loyalty to the establishment and the status quo. Change is difficult but worth it in the longer term, if it results in a fairer and better life – an outcome anyone should want for everyone on this planet.

          • Republicofscotland

            The nationalists were here long before you, and will be here long after you’re gone. Remember unionism in Scotland, has only been around for 300 odd years, and it’s looking increasingly shaky.

            Even then it took a parcel of rogues, to sell the nationalists out for gold.

          • fred

            You are Nationalists, just lie the BNP and the EDL, you even behave just like them and share the same Nationalist delusions.

            When I complement distinguished Scots who have done well, like Neil Oliver, it’s the Nationalists who put him down, it’s they who are anti Scotland.

          • Republicofscotland

            “When I complement distinguished Scots who have done well, like Neil Oliver, it’s the Nationalists who put him down, it’s they who are anti Scotland.”


            Or when you slagged of as you put it, pish stained Scots sleeping rough in London’s doorways.

            You’re a two-faced weasel.

          • JOML

            Now, RoS, pay a bit of respect to our self-appointed King. Long live King Fred, and his good (k)night Ollie.
            Remember, never argue with a fool, bystanders can’t tell the difference.

          • fred

            “Or when you slagged of as you put it, pish stained Scots sleeping rough in London’s doorways.”

            I didn’t slag them off, I said that Westminster was closer to them than Holyrood.

            How was I to know you would take it personally, you’ve never told us you are a jakey.

          • Republicofscotland

            “I didn’t slag them off, I said that Westminster was closer to them than Holyrood”


            So calling them pished stained wasn’t slagging them off?

            I’ve come to the conclusion Fred that you’re a bitter old man.

            I have a go at Westminster and the British establishment in general, but I’d never slag of the good people of England.

            However it seems the less fortunate are fair game to you as well.

    • AnonScot

      Sadly they’ve been knobbled by the DailyMail and the BBC and even post links to them 🙂

  • michael norton

    Blind man Tasered as cane mistaken for gun in Levenshulme
    Ministry of Truth

    awful, bloody incompetent young police persons,
    I detest tasers, it is torturing people, police / state brutality.

    • maple leaf

      In that case why are you not sympathetic to Scottish residents who want Scotland to secede from this, by your description, brutal police state?

      So this state is so wonderful we have to stay.

      Yet at the same time you judge it to be a brutal police state.

  • michael norton

    The United Kingdom to pump money into defence in SCOTLAND ( bet the S. N. P. will not be grateful, they would rather eat puke)
    Ministry of Truth
    Sir Michael said: “Scotland is on the frontline of defending the United Kingdom from growing threats at sea, in the air and on land.

    “Our commitment to the future of defence in Scotland is underlined by increasing investment in better infrastructure for the Armed Forces, helping to keep us safe.”

    He announced £1.3bn for upgrades to HM Naval Base Clyde’s waterfront, engineering support, accommodation and security in advance of the Dreadnought class of submarines arriving in Scotland from the early 2030s.

    Lossiemouth is to receive £400m as one of the RAF’s three fast jet bases, with work to upgrade its runways, taxiways and accommodation for nine new Poseidon P-8 maritime patrol aircraft and an additional Typhoon squadron.

    • Republicofscotland

      Eight military sites in Scotland will close in the next 16 years, cutting the defence estate by 20%, the UK defence secretary has announced.

      Sir Michael Fallon said major Army bases at Fort George in the Highlands, Glencorse Barracks, near Penicuik, and Redford Cavalry and Infantry Barracks in Edinburgh would shut.

      Stirling’s Meadowforth Barracks and three other bases will also close.

      • Republicofscotland


        I recall in 2014 a Russian fleet of fishermen taking shelter in Moray from a bad storm, it took the Royal navy nearly two days to reach the fleet, as there were no other vessels available.

        Scotland contributes billions to defence spending, but receives a very poor service in return.

        Incidently the folk of Moray allegedly claimed that the Russian fishermen were very nice.

      • michael norton

        I just knew you would not be grateful, if they gave you golden elephants, you would still not think it enough.

        • JOML

          Even less “grateful” for the white elephants at Faslane. Michael, are you grateful that these elephants are not in your back yard?

        • Republicofscotland

          Grateful for what? The upgrade of a naval base for (unsafe polluting) nukes and subs that we don’t want.

          Keep your cash and build a updated nuke base on the Thames, where it will be appreciated.

          • michael norton

            I would have thought they could build the New Trident Base in Cornwall / Devonshire, at least the Cornish / Devonshire
            locals would be grateful for the work / money.
            Vote S. N. P. get bullshit

          • Republicofscotland

            Well Faslane (once the dangerous polluting WMD’s are gone) will support thousands of jobs as a conventional naval base.

            It will be the base of the Scottish navy, so dumping Trident will be good in the long run. For jobs and the area in general.

      • D-Majestic

        The UK will be reduced to flicking the enemy with wet towels (Monty Python refers) if Fallon & Co. continue at this rate.

  • michael norton

    “It will be golden elephants next!” Clair Short
    The lava-stricken south of the island presents a Pompeii-like spectacle of devastation, and remains out of bounds to visitors owing to mudslides. Even 15 years on, evacuees still live in sheds and abandoned cars.

    Sound familiar?

    • JOML

      Yes, Michael, very familiar – you posted the link in your previous post. Running out of relevant things to say that you have to repeat yourself?

  • RobG

    In my local bar this evening I was trying to explain to Claude and Jean-Marc that what’s known as the ‘alt right’ is a total fabrication of the security services, because people are leaving the lying/criminal mainstream media in droves and are to turning to the alternate media for news. Thus, the security service psychos (all of whom should be in jail) are doing a take-over job of the alternate media, and they are doing it all on tax payer’s money. Part of this take-over is the ‘alt-right’ meme, which is absolute rubbish. Sure, there are a lot of right wing racists around (just look at this board), but it in no way reflects what’s actually occurring on the streets.

    The psychopaths who we allow to rule us keep pushing in a right wing direction, as psychopaths do. Poll after poll after poll show that the people want an opposite direction. This highlights the presstitutes as the complete joke that they are.

    Can the trolls please give me any links which show that people want all their public services cut, that they want a privatised/for profit healthcare system, and that they want endless war?

    You trolls don’t have a leg to stand on, and you know it. All you can do is lie and deceive.

    I could get on to the ‘Great Deceiver’ here, but I’ve never been particularly religious.

    Feck religion. I’d rather see all these total scum put up against a wall and shot.

    • michael norton

      Keep up Rob, Mrs May is on a roll

      May’s Conservatives gain parliament seat as rivals suffer setbacks

      Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservatives secured a landmark victory in a parliamentary by-election on Friday, strengthening her hand ahead of Brexit negotiations as her rivals suffered damaging setbacks.

      The Conservatives captured the northwestern seat of Copeland that Labour have held since 1935, the first by-election gain for a governing party for 35 years and a result that piles pressure on the opposition’s under-fire socialist leader Jeremy Corbyn.

      • michael norton

        French extreme-far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen refused Friday,
        to attend questioning by investigating magistrates over claims she broke the rules on the use of European Parliament funds.

        Marine Le Pen, who is the frontrunner in the race, told AFP she refused to be questioned by anti-corruption investigators during the presidential campaign.

        “I will not respond (to the summons) during the election campaign,” she said.

        “During this period, there cannot be the neutrality or calm necessary for the justice system to function properly.”

        The candidate’s lawyer Rodolphe Bosselut said he was surprised by the “sudden rush” in the investigation.

      • RobG

        Michael, you might not believe me, but I do understand where you’re coming from. You and I probably share the same sort of working class background, and I’ve never forgotten my roots.

        And as a Londoner born and bred I’m well aware of immigration. I suppose all that I can say to the likes of you is that these immigrants don’t just magically appear. They are here because big business wants cheap labour. You are blaming the wrong people for your ills, which is exactly what the Establishment and the barrage of media propaganda want you to believe.

        Theresa May & Co are turning Britain into a Dickensian theme park, and all public monies are being stolen blind.

        If only people like you could realise this, and turn all your energies into fighting it. Then you and I could be proud of our country again.

      • D_Majestic

        Let’s just wait for the brown stuff to hit the multitudinous fans as a result of LemmingExit, shall we? I reckon there will be a game-changer within 5 years. And it won’t be a British economic miracle.

      • RobG

        Republicofscotland, I’m sure you don’t expect me to take any time rubbishing the total McˈCarthyite nonsense that is ‘propornot’.

        You’ve probably heard that a well-visited web site called ‘Natural News’ has been taken-out this week; ie, Google have completely removed it from their search results because alternative medicine goes against the interests of big pharma. It’s called fascism, and loads of other alternate news sites have also been attacked and taken down in the last few months.

        Free speech? Freedom and democracy? when will people finally wake-up to what’s going on here?!

        Stop them making you hate the fecking immigrants.

        And start fighting for your freedom and your country.

      • fred

        “I personally don’t believe a word it says.”


        How’s your pal Chis Spivey doing? Did he win his appeal?

        You were happy enough to believe every word he said.

  • RobG

    And again for Michael, here’s Billy Bragg’s rendition of ‘Jerusalem’, from many years ago now…

    I should stress that this song has absolutely nothing to do with the modern state of Israel, and all of that. The song comes from an adaptation of a William Blake poem called ‘And did those feet in ancient time’, written in the early 1800s. Blake’s poem was an angry repost against the horrors of the Industrial Revolution and the enslavement of the working class.

    Nothing changes.

  • RobG

    They put forward endless ‘austerity’ and endless war.

    And you people vote for them.

    What fecking planet are you on?!

  • Cynicus

    “in a new broadening of BBC Scotland employment policy, a larger percentage of Ruth Davidson fans will also be recruited.”
    I wonder if friends of Richard Cook, former Tory candidate when Eastwood was captured by Jim Murphy will be among them. This former vice-chairman of the Scottish Tories is a key figure in the shadowy Constitutional Research Council (CRC).

    Friday’s Herald splashed with the story that they are gearing up to fund a pro-Union campaign in Indyref2. They recently used the Democratic Unionist Party as a money laundering operation to enable the (UK wide) LEAVE Campaign to spend over £420K more than the legal limit. Where the CRC gets such money is not clear. Mr Cook has close business ties with Saudi Arabia and political ones with the current and previous prime ministers. I do not claim that Saudi baksheesh helped fund BREXIT in return for Mr Cook’s oiling the wheels for continuing arms sales -or will help fund what Mr Cook calls “a better Better Together” campaign. But Mr Cook has questions to answer about the source of CRC’s funds and, until he does, variations on the “Saudi gold” conspiracy theory are bound to accumulate.

      • Sharp Ears

        This is the Electoral Commission report on Referendum Campaign Expenditure. Massive sums were spent by political parties. Note also the £half million spent by Branson on Remain.

        £27m in total.

        CRC not referred to by name.

        Details of major campaign spending during EU Referendum published by Electoral Commission
        24 Feb 2017
        The detail of more than £27 million of campaigner spending at the EU Referendum has been published by the Electoral Commission, the independent political finance regulator.

        The Commission has published the data provided in line with its statutory duty as outlined in section 124 of the Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act 2000. It comprises returns from seventeen registered campaigners, each of which reported spend of more than £250,000.

        • Cynicus

          “CRC not referred to by name.”
          True -its donation is listed under Democratic Unionist Party, taking advantage of NI laws dating from “the troubles” that exempt donors to political parties or causes from identification. The funds were spent on the UK-wide LEAVE campaign, the principal cost being a wrap-around advert in The Metro freesheet. As I say above, it was effectively a money-laundering wheeze through the DUP that boosted UK spending while at the same time protecting the anonymity of the donor.

  • michael norton

    *French magistrate to investigate Francois Fillon case*
    A French magistrate is to investigate payments made to the family of centre-right presidential candidate Francois Fillon, prosecutors say.
    It is a step up from what was until now a preliminary inquiry.

    I think the writing is on the wall for Francois Fillon & his Welsh bird.

    • michael norton

      Until recently, Mr Fillon, the Republican candidate, was the favourite to win the elections in April and May.

      But the former prime minister has now slipped behind extreme-far-right leader Marine Le Pen
      and lies neck-and-neck with “centrist” Emmanuel Macron. Macron is the puppet of Francois Hollande, the most unpopular President of France – ever.
      Prosecutors announced Friday that an official probe had been opened into claims that presidential candidate François Fillon paid his wife hundreds of thousands of euros to serve as his parliamentary assistant, a job she may never have performed.

  • michael norton

    Egypt’s Coptic Christians flee Sinai after deadly attacks, it is thought by Islamic State or their sympathisers
    Ministry of Truth

  • Sharp Ears

    The BiBiCee is hiring a second Muslim to take charge of its Religious broadcasting. That should correct some of the existing Z bias.

    ‘Muslim in charge of BBC religious shows
    February 25 2017

    Fatima Salaria attracted criticism last year over the Muslims Like Us programme

    The BBC has appointed a second Muslim executive to be in charge of religious television programming after attracting criticism previously from those who thought the job should go to a Christian.

    The corporation has appointed Fatima Salaria, a BBC editor who commissioned Muslims Like Us, a reality-style show, and a series of programmes about radicalisation.

    She attracted criticism last year by giving Anthony Small, the convicted fraudster and former boxing champion a platform on Muslims Like Us. Small, now known as Abdul Haqq, was a member of the inner circle of Anjem Choudary, the hate preacher. He had previously expressed support for Islamic State but was cleared in 2015 of trying to join the jihadist group.

    In December Ms Salaria argued that it was important… (paywall)’

    There is also a report in the Mail of course.

    • michael norton

      The BBC are traitors to The United Kingdom, they represent the European Union / Liberal / Greens / Bankster s/Tony Blair/Neil Kinnock

  • michael norton

    *London Mayor Sadiq Khan not accusing S. N. P. of being racists*
    Ministry of Truth
    London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he was not accusing the SNP of being racists or bigots.

    He was under pressure to clarify the tweeted extracts of his Scottish Labour conference speech in which he attacked “narrow nationalist parties”.

    Mr Khan told BBC Scotland’s political editor Brian Taylor that “now was the time to come together” in the face of Brexit and the US presidency of Trump.

    He will speak ahead of Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale’s address.

    She is expected to pledge that she will work tirelessly in support of the union if there were to be a second independence referendum.

    Anyone else getting a bit fed up with the term racist, it seems so many people want to trot the spat out word racist and people who disagree with them?

  • Dan

    You are English. You will never be Scottish. Give it up. Stop trying to destroy your own country.

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