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The BBC is to launch a major new unionist propaganda channel in time for the next Independence referendum. There will be 80 new unionists employed as journalists. Close relatives of senior Labour party figures are particularly welcome to apply, and in a new broadening of BBC Scotland employment policy, a larger percentage of Ruth Davidson fans will also be recruited. The news of the new job opportunities is especially welcome to the large number of Labour Party hacks who will be unemployed following the Scottish council elections in May.

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271 thoughts on “BBC Announces New Anti-Scottish Channel

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  • Sharp Ears

    With which ‘news’ item did the State Broadcaster lead on the 6pm News?

    The appointment of Cressida Dick as the replacement for Bernard Hogan-Howe at Chief Commissioner at the Met. She must be May’s choice.

    Cressida Dick appointed as first female Met Police chief

    There’s a lovely reward for her after the unlawful killing/murder of Jean Charles de Menezes in Operation Kratos. In the BBC report, they refer to the Jean Charles killing as him being ‘wrongly shot dead’. Can you be correctly shot dead by the Met?

    • narbonne

      Cressida Dick was promoted from Commander to Deputy Assistant Commissioner just a year after the killing of De Menezes.

      • narbonne

        After leaving the Metropolitan Police in 2015 Cressida joined the FCO at Director General level with unspecified duties. Can you enlighten us Craig?

  • C/Mc

    Check out YLE Finland.
    Budget 398m euros. 3200 employees, 6 TV channels, multiple radio. At least 2000 jobs more than BBC has in Scotland.
    Anyone earning less than 7,813 euros doesn’t pay licence/tax.
    We’re really getting shafted.
    Roll on indyref2.

    • Republicofscotland

      “Anyone earning less than 7,813 euros doesn’t pay licence/tax.”


      Sounds like common sense, of course here in Britain the biggest extortion racket going is the enforced TV licence tax by the state broadcaster.

      It’s a racketeering game that Al Capone would’ve been proud of. Of course even Mr Capone had to think about diversifying after the end of prohibition, the gangster thought about selling milk, indeed it was big Al, who got expiry dates put onto milk bottles.

      Maybe a independent Scotland could put an expiry date on the BBC in Scotland, afterall things have gone a bit sour for the BBC North of the border.

      • lysias

        I don’t watch TV at all (except for the local news on the TV in the gym in the office building where I work). I listen to radio, watch DVDs, and watch shows on computer (notably RT). And of course I read, books, magazines, and stuff on computer.

    • Kempe

      As the average annual salary in Finland is about 30,000 euros most will be paying the full 140 euros and note that’s payable whether or not you have a television or radio.

  • Stu

    Speaking of the BBC the coverage of the death of Gordon Aikman has been completely absurd. The guy has led the evening news on about five occasions despite being a complete nonentity.

    The fawning coverage over his death highlights the links between BBC Scotland and Scottish Labour. Something that should have been a 3 or 4 minute report has probably had over an hour of air time.

  • RobG

    For those interested who missed today’s PMQs…

    As usual, Corbyn wiped the floor with May, asking questions about the deliberate run-down of the NHS, which May refused to answer. May wore the usual chunky chain necklace. All that was missing was a big bolt through her neck. Beside May on the front bench were the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt (who has written and published a book about privatising the NHS), and the Home Secretary Amber Rudd (who’s a fascist lunatic – ). It’s quite breathtaking that people actually vote for psychos like this.

    Angus Robertson appears approx. 15 minutes into the video. Robertson is allowed two questions at PMQs, and usually he asks some very good ones. Today he asked about measures to tackle violence against women.

    Talking of which, a question introduced by another MP championed the forthcoming celebrations of Jo Cox, the MP murdered shortly before last year’s Brexit vote, and the MP who belonged to a group called ‘The Friends of Syria’ which supported the murder and mayhem carried out by the West in that unfortunate country.

    The naivety of many MPs is quite breathtaking.

    (ps. I mean no disrespect to Jo Cox here. RIP)

  • michael norton

    Tomorrow their are two Labour by-elections, yet that Brendan Cox has been all over the BBC.
    This is to make Labour voters feel guilty, so they vote for the tossing Labour party, that has done nothing for them since the first post war government.

  • RobG

    The Standing Rock protest has now been blitzed…

    Here’s a brief excerpt from an extended work I’m scribbling at the moment:

    “The ‘nuit debout’ movement came out of the massive protests during those first months of 2016. Nuit debout loosely translates as ‘stand/protest at night’. It was founded in February but really took off at Paris’s Place de la République, where protestors held nightly assemblies following the 31st of March protest. The movement spread to hundreds of other cities and towns in France as well as to neighbouring countries in Europe, including Belgium. Nuit debout occupied Place de la République for two weeks. At the end of it a giant screen was erected in the Place de la République and President François Hollande told the protestors that he was pushing ahead with the reforms to employment laws. Then the police moved in, cracked heads and smashed up the protestor’s encampment. Does this sound like a re-run of Occupy Wall Street..? There are some similarities, except that nuit debout are still going strong.”

  • michael norton

    Now is the time to go off the cliff,
    go for Indyref2
    Ministry of Truth
    The UK economy grew by more than previously reported in the final three months of 2016, according to the latest official estimate.

    Gross Domestic Product (GDP) increased by 0.7%, up from 0.6%, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

    The upward revision is mainly due to manufacturing industry having done better than thought.

    The economy of Scotland is dragging, compared to England.
    The Russians are the biggest oil producers in the world, they think the price of oil is about to plummet.

  • giyane

    Bevin , from your link:Justin Webb:

    ” Are you seriously suggesting that the chaos of the Trump presidency, and his approach to the outside world is being got up by a media that don’t like him? And actually behind the scenes, as he says, everything’s running smoothly. Is that a serious position that a serious person can take? ”

    What Oborne was saying is that a Republican President has just as much right to sideline the MSM as a neo-liberal, neo-con like Blair and Cameron. The BBC after being neutered by Blair proceeded to back the war on Islam which is still continuing.

    Has the BBC laid an egg, clucking away about Trump bringing the chaos of proxy state terror to an end? Or will it shut up like a chicken being hung upside down and proceed to support an even more Fascist Trump than the Fascist neo-cons?

    The fact that Greg Dyke was powerless to continue with investigative journalism , critical of US neo-liberalism, has completely altered the social contract between government and citizen. Mrs May like Blair can declare that MPs do not represent the opinions of their electors to the government, they represent the opinion of government to the people.

    After the opinion of the people lost its voice both in the MSM and in parliament, any old fart like Mrs May or Farage could publicly announce that the people want this, or that, which is usually the opinion their very rich supporters want, and have daily brainwashed the people into wanting.

    A brainless and fatuous journalist class together with a brainless and fatuous political class could be even more dangerous if Trump turns out to be very extreme in his right-wing ideology, than it has been with the war on Islam neo-liberals. We cannot trust these chickens to defend us. But if anyone dares to challenge their chicken mentality they are literally assassinated like Jo Cox and Robin Cook.

    • camus

      I totally agree Peter.

      If the BBC and Westminster had felt comfortable they would have kept the same broadcasting arrangements in Scotland. Their grip has loosened just slightly.

      • Alasdair Macdonald

        Yes, it is a crack in the wall and some mortar has fallen out, but, I agree that it is a concession – not a huge one, but one nevertheless. Let us start to insert a wedge into the crack and make it wider.

  • Sharp Ears

    Russian radioactivity bad.
    Any other radioactivity, Fukushima, Three Mile Island, Windscale, OK

    What is Putin up to? US ‘nuclear sniffer’ plane is sent to Britain as wave of deadly radioactive particles spreads across Europe
    WC-135 Constant Phoenix was deployed to RAF Mildenhall in Britain last week
    Plane detects radiation from explosion in the air, used after Chernobyl disaster
    Comes after spike in the levels of radioactive Iodine-131 in Europe was detected
    Radioactive particles have moved from Eastern Europe towards the UK
    By James Dunn **
    Published: 14:05,

    ** Highly expert in nuclear physics
    James Dunn’ s twitter biog.
    Journalist for Daily Mail Online. From Sussex, living in Streatham. Fair weather cyclist, food lover. Views my own. [email protected]

    • RobG

      Capitalist radiation good
      Communist radiation bad
      Capitalist radiation good
      Communist radiation bad
      Capitalist radiation good
      Communist radiation bad

      After screaming myself hoarse over these last six years or so, I’ve just about given up trying to make people aware of this.

      There have recently been more large earthquakes in Japan and Fukushima is emitting insane amounts of radiation (and I should remind people that at Fukushima since March 2011 there have been three full-size commercial nuclear reactors in complete and ongoing meltdown. It makes Chernobyl look like a firecracker). As a result of recent events there’s now a large amount of manmade radionuclides – the really nasty ones – arriving in Europe.

      Breathe deeply folks, and don’t say that people like me didn’t try to warn you.

  • giyane

    EU policy on Syria is: Chaos:
    The very scary Volker Perthes, Director of the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP).
    Advisor to Jeffrey Feltman & Stefan De Misturaat the United Nations.

    This man is the EU’s central controller of the war in Syria. He is the only reason why I voted for Brexit. The EU is a supra-national, servant of the CIA neo-liberals, and now servant of whatever is Trump. The quicker it is neutralised, the quicker we can re-build the Middle East.

    • michael norton

      Well, you good people of Northern England have waited long enough, rise up and get rid of the Blairites in the Labour Party, at least in Stoke Central and Copeland.

      What I can’t understand, is why Jeremy couldn’t put a proper Old Labour Candidate for Stoke-on-Trent, instead of the idiot remoaner?

      • michael norton

        Labour picks Gillian Troughton to fight Copeland by-election

        Troughton, a Copeland councillor, was critical of Jeremy Corbyn during the summer leadership race.
        Like Jamie Reed, the current MP for Copeland, Troughton is a critic of Jeremy Corbyn and backed Owen Smith in the 2016 Labour leadership campaign.

        She also campaigned to remain in the EU, and now must win over a voting population that voted 62 per cent to leave – the strongest Eurosceptic vote in Cumbria.

        You couldn’t make this quisling stuff up

        • michael norton

          Scottish Power faced a “challenging year” in 2016, with a large exodus of customers switching to its rivals.

          Engineering equipment firm Weir Group has reported a 21% drop in pre-tax profits to £170m last year.

          Much of the Glasgow-based firm’s operations are in US dollars, and without the weaker pound, the constant currency decline would have been 31%.

          Revenue dropped 2% to £1845m, though that was an 11% drop without the help of currency fluctuation.

          Weir said the downturn in the oil, gas and commodities markets was the worst it had seen in more than 30 years.

          Its report cited the drop in capital spending by mining companies of 50% since 2012.

          The number of rigs used for fracking in onshore US oil and gas fields had fallen 80% in only two years.

          Scottish charities have gone into “survival mode” amid severe financial pressures, according to a new report.

          Analysis by the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) found there has been a sharp drop in confidence in the third sector.

          It called on the Scottish government and councils to help the sector by awarding fairer funding packages.

          No time to lose
          Indyref2 NOW

      • Stu

        The Stoke candidate was picked by the local party. The Guardian reported that the party leadership’s ‘candidate’ was some London based woman from a charity (the level of Corbyn bashing here is unclear)

        The turnouts for these by elections is likely to be very small. Pandering to Brexiters who won’t vote today possibly isn’t the best strategy. We shall know tomorrow.

  • May Ramage Collins

    Brilliant! I was disgusted by the BBC during the referendum campaign to the point that my news now comes from independent sources. Question, how do we counteract them for Indy ref 11? Trust them, Never. Thanks for enlightening me further. It was even worse than I realized.
    A Scot, I live in France at the moment and it is refreshing to see how French media portray us. The National newspaper is described as “Scotland’s National newspaper” and we are viewed favourably by the nation which had its revolution against the status quo.
    I’ll be back home soon though – have to help deliver that YES next time!

  • michael norton

    Traditionally Labour voters don’t come out in the SNOW to vote but Tories still turn up in their Rangerover/Aston Martin/Jaguar/Bentley

    so it looks like J.C. is in for defeat as it is snowing Up North today and quite windy.
    Labour is facing a desperate struggle to cling on in contests being held in Copeland in Cumbria and Stoke-on-Trent Central today.

    The party has held the seats for decades – but senior figures fear their backers will be less motivated to come out and vote as severe gales and driving rain sweep in from the Atlantic.

    Anything other than comfortable wins will be a disaster for Mr Corbyn, who is under pressure because of his dreadful poll ratings.

    • bevin

      I don’t doubt that Corbyn will be under pressure-he generally is. But in neither constituency is the Corbyn ‘line’ being advanced. Both candidates are unreconstructed Blairites, and they, like the Clintonite equivalents in the USA, are currently unelectable: they have been living off the capital/goodwill previous party achievements earned them and now their credit has run out.
      For Labour it is either Corbyn’s mild reformist agenda or the fate of PASOK and Hollande: the only viable alternatives to neo-liberalism begin with democratic socialism.
      Just to broaden the analogies: Labour’s fate in the North of England is very likely to resemble what happened in Scotland when the uber-Blairites took over.
      It is not that people hate Blairism as an ideology so much as it is that they cannot abide the stench of it.

  • Republicofscotland

    “British MPs have been told 100,000 firms in the UK have registered companies in Ireland since last year’s vote to leave the European Union.”

    Not only are EU immigrants numbers down entering Britain, but thousands of businesses and possibly jobs to, go with it, are registering in Ireland.

    Brexit will be a complete and utter disaster for Britain, would the last one out of Britain turn the lights out please.

  • Republicofscotland

    As if we didn’t already know this, Sir Ivan Rogers, Britain’s former ambassador to Brussels, has come out and said that the other 27 EU nations will play “hardball” with Britain in the up and coming Brexit negotiations.

    Now here’s the killer blow, well according to Sir Ivan that is. The EU 27 are determined to keep trade talks separate from the Article 50 leaving agreement, and that it could take until at least the Summer of 2017, even to agree on what the negotiations should be.

    Rogers was very pessimistic that EU leaders would allow separate deals for British car(Japanese if we’re honest) manufactures to still have access to the EU market. Rogers added that the EU 27 will “win out” over Britain, indeed Rogers thinks that the EU will drag out trade negotiations, that might not be settled until 2022.

    Theresa May and her bungling Brexiteers, are in for a terrible thrashing, though it will be the ordinary British punter that will get the bloody nose.

    • c rober

      French if we are honest – Renault owns Nissan , and ironically is part state owned with a weighted seat on the board. Which if mem serves was often touted as a reason for the conditions on splitting up RBS , state ownership or sponsorship , yet google EU state owned industry and see German and other members have EU state banks.

  • Republicofscotland

    Finally to the decriers that a independent Scotland somehow wouldnt benefit from North sea oil.

    Is it any wonder then that Westminster and it propaganda machine the BBC, and related media interests are desperately trying to hold onto Scotland.

  • michael norton

    Paris Students teargassed while protesting alleged police rape
    Hundreds of French high-school students staged an unauthorised anti-police rally on Thursday, blocking the entrances to a dozen schools in Paris in the latest in a series of protests over the alleged rape of a young black man with a police baton.

    Police reported eight arrests after isolated skirmishes with youths who hurled objects and damaged property on the fringes of what otherwise appeared to have been a relatively peaceful demonstration.

    The protest comes two months before a presidential election where far-right leader Marine Le Pen, leader of the anti-immigrant National Front party, is tipped to win the first round but lose the runoff vote that takes place on May 7.

  • Republicofscotland

    “Gaza city five European parliamentarians said Wednesday that Israeli authorities had prevented them from entering the Gaza Strip.”

    “The refusal of access to Gaza by the Israeli authorities to the European Parliament on arbitrary grounds is unacceptable,” Cypriot MEP Neoklis Sylikiotis said in a statement.”

    “Similar delegations of European lawmakers have been barred from entering the Palestinian coastal enclave since 2011, the statement added, though a team led by the head of the European Parliament’s budget committee was allowed to visit once.”

    Just what exactly does the oppressive apartheid military state of Israel have to hid from UN eyes, with regards to the Gaza Strip.

    I mean it’s not as if they’re stealing land illegally or building illegal settlements, or even shooting dead badly injured Palestinians, is it?

  • ecossevox

    Labour’s Shadow Scottish Secretary is to make his first speech on matters Caledonian at the Scot Labour conference at Perth on Sunday, a mere 7 months since taking the job. His name by the way is Dave Anderson. Not so much a would be Colonial Governor as a who he.

    • Sharp Ears

      Stoke Central
      By-election results in full: Labour hold seat

      • Gareth Snell, Labour: 7,853
      • Paul Nuttall, UKIP: 5,233
      • Jack Brereton, Conservatives: 5,154
      • Zulfiqar Ali, Lib Dems: 2,083
      • Adam Colclough, Greens: 294
      • Barbara Fielding, Independent: 137

      Last we hear from UKIP?

      • Sharp Ears

        It was nuclear that dunnit for Trudy. We wish her a ‘glowing’ future.

        Trudy Harrison, Conservatives, 13,748
        Gillian Troughton, Labour, 11,601
        Rebecca Hanson, Lib Dems, 2,252
        Fiona Mills, UKIP, 2,025
        Michael Guest, Independent, 811
        Jack Lenox, Greens, 515
        Roy Ivinson, Independent, 116

  • RobG

    2016 was an extraordinary year in history, by any accounts. Here’s a reminder of just a small part of it:

    With ISIS on the run, US Secretary of State John Kerry was due to fly to Moscow on 15th July for talks with President Putin about the situation in Syria. One day before these talks took place another major terror event occurred in France. A large cargo lorry was deliberately driven into crowds celebrating Bastille Day on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, resulting in the deaths of 86 people and injuring 434. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. Hours after the attack, President Hollande addressed the nation. He stated that France was now at war and the state of emergency, which was due to expire on 26th July, would be extended by another 3 months, with considerations for it to be made permanent.

    The next day John Kerry held talks with President Putin in Moscow. Oh, to be a fly on the wall during that meeting, what with the Nice terror attack and with America’s presence in Syria growing increasingly irrelevant. Just hours after these talks there was an attempted coup in Turkey. The attempt to overthrow President Erdoğan was carried out by a faction within the Turkish military. President Erdoğan was tipped off by the Russian security services shortly before the coup began and was able to escape to a safe place and rally his forces. After a day or so of chaos, Erdoğan managed to defeat the plotters and regain control of Turkey. The general consensus is that the CIA were behind the coup.

    (there’s a huge amount of context in the run-up to events in July 2016, which I’m sure most people here will be familiar with)

  • RobG

    The crazies in America often bang on about how women in Islamic societies are repressed, having to wear the burka and all that, but if you look at women in American society there’s the same sort of repression. I’ve already banged-on about Mika, from the MSNBC Morning Joe programme (which is the second most watched current affairs programme in America). Mika looks like a 1980s porn star and is only there as eye candy and to reinforce the ridiculous, childish propaganda. Women are only allowed on American news shows if they are wearing a clown’s mask of make-up and if their skirts are half-way up their arse. Here’s a good example from today: KellyAnne Conway being interviewed by Fox News…

    Forget the politics. Just watch the portrayal of women on American television.

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