As Netanyahu and May Chat, a Large Nest of Israeli Spies in London Exposed 413

The Israeli Embassy has seventeen Israeli “technical and administrative staff” granted visas by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The normal number for an Embassy that size would be about two. I spoke to two similar size non-EU Embassies this morning, one has two and one zero. I recall I dealt with an angry Foreign Minister during my own FCO career incensed his much larger High Commission had been refused by the FCO an increase from three to four technical and administrative staff.

Shai Masot, the Israeli “diplomat” who had been subverting Britain’s internal democracy with large sums of cash and plans to concoct scandal against a pro-Palestinian British minister, did not appear in the official diplomatic list.

I queried this with the FCO, and was asked to put my request in writing. A full three weeks later and after dozens of phone calls, they reluctantly revealed that Masot was on the “technical and administrative staff” of the Israeli Embassy.

This is plainly a nonsense. Masot, as an ex-Major in the Israeli Navy and senior officer in the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, is plainly senior to many who are on the Diplomatic List, which includes typists and personal assistants. There are six attaches – support staff – already on the List.

Masot was plainly not carrying out technical and administrative duties. The term is a formal one from the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, and it is plain from the convention that technical and administrative staff are in official status lower than the diplomatic staff. The majority of support activities are carried out in all Embassies by locally engaged staff already resident in the host country, but a very small number of technical and administrative staff may be allowed visas for work in particularly secure areas. They may be an IT and communications technician, possibly a cleaner in the most sensitive physical areas, and perhaps property management.

These staff do not interact with politicians of the host state or attend high level meetings beside the Ambassador. The level at which Shai Masot was operating was appropriate to a Counsellor or First Secretary in an Embassy. Masot’s formal rank as an officer in his cover job in the Ministry of Strategic Affairs would entitle him to that rank in the Embassy if this were a normal appointment.

The Al Jazeera documentaries plainly revealed that Masot was working as an intelligence officer, acquiring and financing “agents of influence”. It is simply impossible that the FCO would normally grant seventeen technical and administrative visas to support sixteen diplomats, when six of the sixteen are already support staff. The only possible explanation, confirmed absolutely by Masot’s behaviour, is that the FCO has knowingly connived at settling a large nest of Israeli spies in London. I fairly put this to the FCO and they refused to comment.

I asked my questions on 10 January. On 12 January the FCO asked me to put them in writing. On 2 February they finally replied to the first three questions, but refused to comment on questions 4 or 5 about involvement of the intelligence services in Masot’s appointment.

On 2 February I sent these follow-up questions to the FCO by email:

FCO Media Department have replied that they refuse to give me any further information on the subject, and that I should proceed through a Freedom of Information request so the FCO can assess properly whether the release of any further information is in the national interest.

What is it they are always saying to us: if you have got nothing to fear, you have got nothing to hide?

I am confident I know what they are hiding, and that is FCO complicity in a large nest of Israeli spies seeking to influence policy and opinion in the UK in a pro-Israeli direction. That is why the government reaction to one of those spies being caught on camera plotting a scandal against an FCO minister, and giving £1 million to anti-Corbyn MPs, was so astonishingly muted. It is also worth noting that while the media could not completely ignore the fantastic al Jazeera documentaries that exposed the scandal, it was a matter of a brief article and no follow up digging.

This was not just a curiosity, it reveals a deep-seated problem for our democracy. I intend to continue picking at it.

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413 thoughts on “As Netanyahu and May Chat, a Large Nest of Israeli Spies in London Exposed

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  • Brianfujisan

    This is Brilliant Work Craig

    This is Very Worrying

    Aipec.. UKiPec.. . GlobalI-ipec… SADLY, they way things are Going… ALL ipec antics wont leave the earth..Space travelling Humans – beyond Luna.. But before that.. Will they ever actually own the earth… ah Hold on………………………………

    Keep digging Craig ..So long as you all are free n safe

  • lysias

    Well, some people unexpectedly agree on a scheme I have been promoting in this forum, choosing officials and representatives by lot. Mary Beard and UKIP’s Arron Banks agree over sortition for the House of Lords:

    After they have warmly agreed to renationalise the railways and the energy companies, draw the House of Lords by lot because it works perfectly well for juries, scrap Trident, and counter the mania for solving every problem with legislation, Mary concedes that the philosophical borders of Banksland “lie in a slightly different place to where I’d previously thought”.

    That’s just the argument I’ve often used: that sortition works perfectly well for juries.

  • Brianfujisan


    Have not seen you aroon..

    Michael is a malfunctioning programme. It’s on Fervid troll mode.. Fkn Machines

  • Tom Brennan

    Please do keep picking at it and exposing the hypocritical underbelly of both our government and Israeli influence. It is a core part of the growing problem of moving governance and democracy furthet awy from truth, transparency,accountability or the people , and non of the parties seem interested in being part of the solution. Only tge continued exposure, challenging and uncovering of antidemocratic and illegal accepted behaviour will futher a solution . Thanks again.

  • RobG

    I’ve been banging on about fascism, and how it totally destroys all art and creativity. That’s why we have absolutely nothing happening in this area of human endeavor at the moment.

    Back in the day, I was a regular at the old Marquee Club in Soho, London, where you would see the likes of this…

    Whether you like this kind of music or not, it was very original. I remember in the old Marquee Club that your shoes used to stick to the floor with all the split beer, and the sound levels were so high that you’d be partially deaf for a week afterwards. I also saw the likes of the Clash and the Sex Pistols in similar clubs.

    All gone now; instead replaced by the totally bland, immoral and rancid corporate world.

    I saw the Pistols perform this live, and if I remember correctly it was at the old 100 Club on Oxford Street…

      • michael norton

        The European Parliament prohibits its lawmakers from hiring family members as assistants, but France’s far-right National Front (FN) has found an easy – and legal – way to flout the rule.

        MEPs belonging to France’s anti-immigration, Eurosceptic party hire one another’s family members as parliamentary assistants, thus skirting regulations meant to prevent nepotism. The questionable practice is nothing new, but has come under increasing scrutiny in France amid a turbulent presidential campaign.

    • Hieroglyph

      In fairness, that SpaceX fella is doing interesting stuff. But generally I agree, though there is likely to be the odd exception. Mostly, however, the world is doing war. Small, medium, large, but mostly it’s all about the war-dollar. Let us consider Yemen. I mean seriously, who in the US gives the remotest stuff about Yemen? It’s a nothing-burger in the middle east, that nobody really cares about, apart from the locals. However, the neocons are prosecuting some demented war, for reasons that escape pretty much everyone who isn’t a neocon. It’s quite baffling really. And I suspect all these wars also have a subconscious psychic draining effect on the populace, accompanied as they are by absurd lies and bullshit – which may be another reason they are waged, of course.

      • giyane

        Yemen is one of the most moderate of Muslim countries, having thousands of years of history of continuous Islamic worship, longer than Kurdistan’s. I’ve forgotten what the delightful habit of blowing up innocent civilians was originally supposed to achieve, but this alternative version of Islam, rooted in Ignorance, suits the purposes of the UK/Saudi/Zionists better than the real thing.

        Try putting on a Dalek suit, if you want to get your head round the Saudi war on Yemen. exterminate…EXTErminate…EXTERMINATE.

    • M0sstr00per

      Girlschool; I was working as a roadie whend they supported Motohead. I think it was around 1978-9-ish. Christ where does the time go?

      The old Marquee on Wardour St was a great night out. It was like walking into a Sauna.

      That’s not the 100 Club.I think It’s a BBC TOTP recording. The lack of leads on the guitars & mics are a clue. No-One used radio mics back then

      • Shatnersrug

        That was the promo video for pretty vacant shot in the old ITV studios on well street.

        Roadie-ing got Motörhead hahaha – bet they put some ahem “helpers” in your tea;-)

    • Stu

      RobG you post a lot of worrying things about nonsense such as Pizzagate and various false flag claims but despairing the decline of western art and culture and then linking to what sounds like an Alice Cooper covers band is the worst of the lot.

      • RobG

        Stu, I’m always on the look out for new and exciting music, so if you have some links please post them.

        Oh, and Pizzagate is not nonsense. Now that Jeff Sessions has finally been confirmed as the US Attorney General, the rumour is that he is going to issue arrest warrants for those people who are implicated in Pizzagate.

        By way of balance, I should also say that as part of my anti-nuclear campaigning I’m quite familiar with Senator Jeff Sessions, and I can tell you that he is a totally corrupt fecker.

        • Hieroglyph

          Apparently Trump has let loose the dogs of war on paedos. 400 odd arrested in California, some in Pennsylvania. Some are adult traffickers as well. I heard this from InfoWars, which is bizarre. So, either Jones is lying, or the entire MSM doesn’t think this kind of thing is newsworthy.

          Yes, InfoWars is possibly more trustworthy than the entire corporate media. Think on that for a time, it’s truly disturbing.

          And apparently French authorities say the risk is low, from the power plant accident. Hm.

          • Babushka

            From Jim Stone/The Tap Blog

            The engineers are totally confused at what happened, and are saying they can’t explain it because “it was not supposed to do that”. That is engineering lingo for “there is something seriously unexplained here”. Yeah, like 2,000 pounds of high explosives.They probably will not be able to make the mental leap to that conclusion however, because, you know, the brain wash.

            A giant dam in Northern California (the largest dam in the United States) suffered a major failure in its spillway when it was operating at 28 percent output capacity. Forget what others are saying about how “huge” the outflow was because the outflow from this particular dam is always huge. Some say it was at 60,000 cfs when it failed, others say it was at 70,000 CFS when it failed, but when it can handle 250,000 cfs that’s just a trickle no matter how huge it looks on camera.

    • Pyewacket

      I remember reading a 7/7 Truth blog a couple of years ago, that revealed an Israeli Company was running the CCTV network for London Transport, that curiously, was not working at the time that the alleged perpetrators were supposed to have boarded the trains whilst carrying their deadly cargo.

      • Anon1

        “I remember reading a 7/7 Truth blog”

        Oh right, one of those.

        “that revealed an Israeli Company was running the CCTV network for London Transport”

        Oh the horror. It’s those dastardly Jèws again!

        “that curiously, was not working at the time that the alleged perpetrators were supposed to have boarded the trains whilst carrying their deadly cargo.”

        Nothing curious about it at all. A vast number of London’s CCTV cameras are either broken or not turned on at any time.

        But thanks for the post because it no surprise to see this anti-Semitic conspiracy theory being peddled by the alleged Palestinian human rights activists once again.

        • MJ

          “A vast number of London’s CCTV cameras are either broken or not turned on at any time”

          Garbage. Pure and utter.

          • Anon1

            Well that is not my experience and nor is it that of thousands of others who have found that CCTV was not operating at the time they were victim of a crime.

            But which footage is supposed to be missing? It appears to me that all of it was released.

            And so what if the company is Israeli (though I see that its HQ is actually in the States)?

            And is it not true that the company, Verint, sells the products but does not operate the CCTV itself?

          • Anon1


            The widely discredited and debunked “Ripple Effect” homemade video, made by a complete loon who believes he is the Messiah, does not answer my questions either.

            Funny as fuck to see you recommending that crap, though ?

          • Republicofscotland

            “The widely discredited and debunked “Ripple Effect”



            Debunked and discredited by whom?

            The Ripple Effect, is probably the closest we’ll get to finding out the truth behind the 7/7 event.

            That’s you and your ilk, need to be disparaging about it.

          • Anon1

            Not only does the maker of “Ripple Effect” believe he is the Messiah, but he also claims that George Lucas received the script of Star Wars telepathically from “The Force”.

            And yes, needless to say his video has been debunked, discredited – and even disowned by the “J7 Truth” campaign.

          • Republicofscotland


            Like I said the Ripple Effect, is probably the closest we’ll ever get to knowing what really happened on 7/7, and subsequently the untimely murder of Charles de Menezes.

        • Shatnersrug

          I don’t think that’s true anon most cctv cameras are operated. But in 2007 a lot of it was old technology – they upgraded it all three of four years ago – now it’s very good, although not as efficient as they’d like us to think.

        • Pyewacket

          Curiously Anon, on that day an exercise was being conducted that was meant to simulate a terrorist attack on the tube and a bus, which is almost exactly what happened. One might have thought with all the high level security that was around they would have made sure all their surveillance equipment was working.

  • Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile those desperate political unionist parties (Tory-Labour) at Holyrood. Teamed up today as usual to attack the SNP government over education, their weapon of choice a two year old report (Sutton report), compiled by the Sutton Trust.

    The Tory-Labour branch managers, and their parties of protest are, again, scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one, in the hope to denigrate the SNP and ergo, the recent poll boost to independence.

    The Scottish government has already moved to allocate millions of pounds in extra funding, given directly to schools to close the attainment gap. Of course the unionist branch managers already knew this, but hey, if they throw enough mud and the BBC reports it, some of it will surely stick as they say.

    • Stu

      The outcomes in the report are bad. The opposition are attacking the government over that. This would happen in any country in the world.

      The centrism of the SNP has massively disappointing and they seem more focused on creating a Labour style apparatus than advocating progressive policies or even campaigning for independence.

      • Republicofscotland


        I’m not saying that education in Scotland couldn’t be better, it could, (Even though Scots are the best educated people in Europe).

        No what the problem here is, that the unionist parties, decided to go on the offensive, using a two year old report. Probably because they had nothing else in their locker to use today at FMQ’s.

        Meanwhile educational facilities are closing down in England because every single student has failed miserably in every exam.

        • fred

          “No what the problem here is, that the unionist parties, decided to go on the offensive, using a two year old report.”

          While the link you just posted from the Independent is three years old.

        • Stu

          The opposition can use whatever they want and it’s a valid topic. The SNP have had a decade in power now and should be doing more to either improve Scottish public services within the devolved frame work or going all out for independence so we can break free of Torynomics. Right now they are doing neither.

          Watching the nightly news with the NHS crisis, social care crisis, prison crisis and as you point out failing schools should be a clarion call for Indyref2. We can resist these reforms but the overall cutting back of the state will bite us.

          On the topic of schools in England the academy system will have tragic consequences. Coupling the removal of local authority with the high level of social segregation that exists in England and it is a recipe for disaster.

        • michael norton

          Evening Fred, I never understood, why people from anywhere else in Europe can get a free university education in Scotland but if you are from England or Wales you are treated like scum to be cleaned out, is it racism?

  • Sharp Ears

    There is a debate on Israeli Settlements ongoing in the HoC.

    Channel 131.

    I will put up a link to the Hansard report later.

    • Anon1

      Meanwhile the Kenyan government is trying to shut down the world’s largest refugee camp and send its occupants back to Somalia where they face almost certain human rights abuses.

      Does this kind of thing interest you as a “human rights” activist, Mary, or is it just the stuff in which the Jèws are involved that gets you going?

      • michael norton

        Anon1 I can see why Kenyans are not keen to house Somalis
        the terror comes from Somalia into Kenya.
        It has caused much loss of life and loss of commerce to Kenya.
        The Somalis are also the pirates, that so excercised shipping around the horn, in recent years.
        Very little talk of Kenyans committing terror in Somalia.

        • Republicofscotland


          The UN has said that Nigeria is likely to suffer a famine sometime this year, I suppose when you have 173 million inhabitants (the most populated nation in Africa) there’s always the possibility of a famine on the horizon.

          The report on the coming famine, in Nigeria is from the Food and Agriculture Organisation, Borno state is expected to suffer the most, a area gripped tightly by Boko Haram.

      • Laguerre

        Even without the evident whataboutery in your post, your argument is incomprehensible. The anarchy in Somalia was provoked by the US and its refusal to accept an Islamic government. Bush & co sent a Christian invasion from Ethiopia. And the US friends in Saudi feed and finance Islamist movements like the Islamic Courts, now disappeared, and the Shabab.

      • Sharp Ears

        Ah yes Bunny la Roche, Kenya.

        Kenya where the British set up their concentration camp for their MauMau captives.


        • Sharp Ears

          PS I have no interests in the activities of the Jews, only in those Israelis inflicting a cruel occupation of another people’s land and homes.

    • Republicofscotland

      Thank You Sharp Ears, the more we shine a light on the odious activities of the oppressive apartheid military state of Israel, the better.

      Sanctions are easily imposed upon Iran, I see no reason, why Israel shouldn’t suffer a similar fate.

  • Republicofscotland

    NHS England and Wales, has provided the worst record on treating patients in December 2016, since records began, according to media, January’s figures are expected to top those of December.

    Meanwhile, the NHS in England, was abolished in 2012, by the Health and Social Care act. Which has opened the door on steady privatisation, as privatisation takes hold the Barnett Formula, (a formula that allocates money to Scotland) is being reduced leaving the Scottish government, to meet the deficit from Westminster.

    However that drastic reduction hasn’t impacted as nearly as much on the Scottish NHS as it has in England and Wales, well according to Professor Pollock that is.

      • michael norton

        France’s nuclear power giant EDF beset by setbacks
        France, which has one of the most advanced nuclear energy systems in the world, is struggling to remain a major player in the nuclear field as its state-owned company Areva leaks cash and faces safety concerns.

        France’s nuclear security authority ASN (Autorité de surete nucléaire) last week declared that a multi-billion dollar Evolutionary Power Reactor (EPR) being built by Areva in Flamanville, Normandy has “a serious anomaly”.

        The anomaly comes at a difficult time for the French company as it faces a host of setbacks related to the construction of nuclear power plants around the world.

        And today will be just one more set back.

        Here was another setback with no public answer
        France nuclear: Marcoule site explosion kills one

        First say no nuclear leak, next, never any danger to the public.
        There are however a huge number of set backs.

    • Republicofscotland

      I’m surprised it hasn’t been deemed a terrorist attack yet, like every other event that occurs in France. Still it’s early days yet.

      • Anon1

        So Toulouse, Dijon, Nantes, Paris (Hebdo), Paris (Bataclan), Nice, St Étienne-du-Rouvray, Magnanville were all false flags were they?

        Still, at least we now know you believe a man who claims he’s the Messiah. ?

          • Republicofscotland

            “The ones I listed involved deaths (other than that of the jihadist(s)).”



            Not forgetting lots and lots of conveniently mis-placed passports, terrorist with butterfingers..oh my. ?

        • Republicofscotland

          Lets just say that the Ripple Effect, is far more convincing. You missed out the Louve attack, your slipping Anon1. ?

      • Kerch'ee Kerch'ee Coup

        I think that Yoichi Shimatsu’s articles provide salutory reading on this; e.g ‘ French-Japanese Flawed Steel in Reactors Dooms the Nuclear Industry’.Basically he is arguing that too high a carbon content in the steel used makes reactors brittle.

  • Bhante

    A surprising new development of the TPP – after the US backed out, the stump TPP group who wanted to go ahead regardless without the US invited China in! China then proposes its currently 16-member RCEP (30% of global GDP and 50% of global population) as its replacement! RCEP deliberately leaves out most of the nasty baggage of TPP like the conflict arbitration that would have allowed global corporations to abrogate national laws they don’t like under TPP, and is intended as a mechanism to facilitate trade and nothing else. A major potential problem remains of the vast differences between economic development status of different members, and how that affect the national interests of different member countries.

    China gets the last laugh from Obama’s attempt to exclude it, and will ultimately have more influence on global trade than the US!

  • Republicofscotland

    Donald Trump’s administration are preparing to sell billions of dollars worth of arms to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The arms sales were allegedly blocked by the previous administration under Obama, over human rights concerns.

    Well Britain has already sold billons of pounds worth of arms, to the oppressive regimes that are Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The UN has claimed that at least 10,000 Yemeni people have died or have been injured, due to British made Cluster bombs, sold to Saudi Arabia.

    “Meanwhile a annual report by UN experts who monitor the conflict in Yemen, seen by Reuters last month, said the Saudi-led coalition had carried out attacks that “may amount to war crimes.”

    It would appear that both Theresa May and her political hand holding beau, Donald Trump, frown upon Iran, and its activities. However it’s a completely different story that surrounds Saudi Arabia, they and Bahrain, are our allies…hmmm.

      • Laguerre

        You are right about the horrible nature of the Bahraini regime. A minority Sunni Sultanate suppressing the majority Shi’a population. I agreed to go for a conference in April, simply to see the situation. Though I don’t have much hope of seeing reality. Still being there is a help.

  • Anon1

    “The Ripple Effect, is probably the closest we’ll ever get to knowing what really happened on 7/7”

    You can get much closer by watching the martyrdom video made by Mohammad Sidique Khan explaining what he was about to do and why he was doing it.

    You can either believe that or the video made by a conspiracy crank who believes he is the Messiah.

    The choice is yours.

    • Republicofscotland

      Thank you Anon1. For continually drawing attention to the Ripple Effect on this blog that has over 6k following, and thousands more lurking. The more people who watch the video (and make up their own minds) the better, keep the good work up. ?

      I knew I’d eventually find a use for you.

      • Republicofscotland


        Of course your not, I, and I’m sure many other commentors and lurkers, enjoy reading your comments, as I do. ?

        • Trowbridge H. Ford

          Its was the result of the confusion caused by the Spanish and Bititish spooks in the wake of 9/11. They both thought that they were the next target, the Brits thinking that it was just the result on PM Asnar overplaying his re-electtion needs, and the Spaniards being right about Madrid being the target.

          When 3/11 occurred,the Brits overplayed their catch-up, causing the suspecate in Operation Crevice in Crawley to become real terrorists, thanks to Mathew Gould’s efforts while seconded to MI5, and 5/5 was the result.

          Enough for now, as this might be deleted by the moderators still working overtime.

    • MJ

      “You can get much closer by watching the martyrdom video made by Mohammad Sidique”

      Only if you know the circumstances under which it was made (you don’t) and can explain the odd edits and lip-sync issues (you can’t). Ergo a piece of evidence to be treated with extreme caution.

      • Republicofscotland


        Well said, I’m surprised at your perceptiveness, I didn’t think you had it in you. ?

      • Kempe

        ” Only if you know the circumstances under which it was made (you don’t) ”

        Neither, I suspect, do you; outside of what you might’ve read on a blog.

        So he couldn’t recite his little speech without a couple of retakes and the equipment was shite. What does that prove? If it was crystal clear and perfect you’d be claiming it was too professional.

  • Bobm

    Dear Craig

    Can you tell us what happened to all the posts between Feb 8 19.42 and 22.53? [Three hours plus!]

    I challenged Alias1 to deal with some relevant specifics. I am sure that I am not the only contributor to be disappointed not to know who said what in response.

    And yes, Bevin.
    Thank you for referencing the CIA history, again.

    • Bobm

      Well, thank you, Anon1.
      Nice to hear from you.

      Can you tell us all what you are talking about?

      I have NO information on this gap in the record.

      – What do you know that I don’t?
      –And what is your answer to my original post, about the US/Israel/UK nexus?

  • James Thorne

    Before I share this, which I want to, what is the evidence for the ‘spies… giving £1 million to anti-Corbyn MPs’ – that sounds extraordinary, even by the standards of this scandal. Thanks a lot.

  • Kerch'ee Kerch'ee Coup

    Does the letter of the King of the West(Trump) to the Celestial Emperor congratulating China on the first Full Moon (Lantern Festival), or belated New Year’s greetings, signal a sincere wish to restore harmony in US-China relations or is it a negotiating tactic?
    Will the May -Blossom Concubine attend the One Belt/ One Road Conference in Beijing in the fifth month(May) along with Putin and the leaders of many other countries?
    It should be vey important geopolitically and for Sino-UK trade relations during the Brexit process( now looking to emulate the Israeli/ Palestinian peace process as a work -in -inchoate progress) and a decline on her part might indicate l a UK election this May.
    I wnder what your thoughts are on thiese issues.

    • michael norton

      I was convinced that Theresa May was going to call an election for the trouble the Remoaners are causing over Brexit in May
      but she seems to be sailing a tight ship, so probably no longer needed, plus Labour are utterly shambolic as are the lying liberals
      and the greens are inconsequential.

      • giyane

        Michael Norton ” tight ship ”
        Does Mrs May come into the strict Aunty category, so necessary to the emotionally deprived English male, I wonder? There’s lots of us around to be deceived by this very Tory person with her ‘society that works for all’ tripe . Sorry , looking for a female body part to complete the political insult. Really that’s the closest you’re going to get to bosom love with your lovely Mrs May.

      • D_Majestic

        A tight ship that-unbeknown to imperceptive onlookers-is holed in uncounted places below the waterline.

    • lysias

      The Chinese New Year lasts until the Lantern Festival, which this year falls on February 11. Trump’s greetings were not belated.

      A few days ago, I said to people running a Chinese restaurant near my office “Happy New Year [Shin Nian Hao]” in Chinese, and my greeting was gladly accepted. They didn’t tell me I was too late.

      • Kerch'ee Kerch'ee Coup

        In my experience , New Year’s greetings are normally exchanged when first meeting some-one again after New Year’s Day itself as well as in the run-up, biut greetings cards are sent prior to the date.Chinese TV stations seem to have changed the initial story of New Year’s Greetings to “Congratulations on the Lantern Festival’ l(first full moon, so 10 Feb , solar cal;), but whether to reflect actual wording or save face for the Donald, I do not know.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I don’t know about these things, but there is a lot of speculation on the web – including some silly puzzle. that Craig Murray’s mate Julian Assange will not be too happy if the USA “bends” the forthcoming election in Ecuador, as is heavily suspected they have some history of.

    Its hard to decode all this nonsense, but what it seems to boil down to (if you actually believe that Julian Assange has been holed up in The Ecuadorian Embassy, in London since 2012) is that he wants to stay there, rather than being extradited to The USA.

    I can kind of understand that.

    But what the speculation is about – is what leverage Julian Assange is using (against the usual suspects) such that they don’t bend the Ecuadorian Election…so that he can still stay in London.

    Well, Hillary has already been done, so it can’t be that?

    So what has Assange got, that Craig won’t tell us about?


  • RobG

    I’ll try to simplify things:

    Your governments consist of complete psychopaths who control you through fear, and who perpetuate false flag events to keep that fear alive.

    All of your money has been stolen by those who control the governments.

    All the idiotic wars you are required to support are for corporate profit.

    The mainstream media are akin to a mother and daughter giving head for money behind their trailer in a park in Florida, to supplement their welfare payments.

    And finally, the Fukushima nuclear disaster will eventually kill most of you.

    Here ends this public service announcement.

    • giyane


      “All the idiotic wars you are required to support are for corporate profit”

      No. We are permitted to conjecture that governments make money out of war in order to disguise the real purpose of these anti-Islam colonial and neo-colonial wars, viz racist bigotry against the true religion of Islam. That real reason for wars is not allowed to be mentioned, here or anywhere else on this planet.

      Just think. What would happen if there was no more banking interest, or alcohol, or drugs or adultery, or embezzlement, lying, theft and false testimony, never mind blaming the parents for all our psychological problems? What a dreadful world!

      It remains to be seen whether Trump is touching on these unmentionable thoughts out of integrity, or just to lure us into a false sense of suspended animation where we will buy his consumerist capitalist merchandise.

      • RobG

        Sorry, giyane, but I don’t agree with your premise (as I understand it). I would say that just about everything in the human world comes down to $$$, regardless of colour or creed or religion. I would, however, agree that in modern history ‘whitey’ has been the prime mass murderer when it comes to getting greedy, stupid little fingers on those $$$.

        As a result of this greed/psychopathy, whitey has quite literally destroyed our planet.

        I talk as an Anglo-saxon male born in London.

  • Tony_0pmoc


    I was a regular at The Marquee, Wardour Street 1982-1988.

    It moved just after we stopped going (kids and stuff)

    The Cartoon in Croydon was its closest clone – complete with sticky floor.

    That went bust about 10 years ago

    The Electric Ballroom is still going in Camden Town.

    I first went there in 1979, to see Hawkwind, even though I was supposedly living in Manchester at the time.


    • RobG

      Tony, it’s a funny old world, isn’t it. I would guess that you and I were probably crashing into each other in the early 1980s while doing the pogo in the old Marquee club!

      I was born in the Old Kent Road and have relatives in Croydon (the Manhattan of south London, not). Sadly, I never got to the Cartoon club.

      South London produced a large number of well known pop stars. I believe that Captain Sensible was a Croydonite, and in the wider area there was David Bowie, Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Rolling Stones and a whole host of others.

      Without wishing to sound like an old git, where are these young and upcoming bands thesedays?

  • K Crosby

    ~~~~~The Al Jazeera documentaries plainly revealed that Masot was working as an intelligence officer, acquiring and financing “agents of influence”. It is simply impossible that the FCO would normally grant seventeen technical and administrative visas to support sixteen diplomats, when six of the sixteen are already support staff. The only possible explanation, confirmed absolutely by Masot’s behaviour, is that the FCO has knowingly connived at settling a large nest of Israeli spies in London. I fairly put this to the FCO and they refused to comment.~~~~

    They aren’t there as spies for Adolf Netanyahoo, they’re there to be minders for American Caesar and an offshore good squad for the British state.

    • Sharp Ears

      That is what I was saying in a post that was deleted last night.

      Kaiser Permanente, Prof Enthoven, Thatcher, Hunt’s visits – plural – to the US, Ms Antonia Romeo, UK Consul NY.

      Look them up. I can’t be bothered to repeat all the links when the comments get deleted.

      Or perhaps lock them up!

  • lysias

    Very powerful comment on Moon of Alabama that I cannot resist copying here. It eloquently tells us what’s in store for us:

    Thank you for this. The truly deplorable situation (and one Queen Hillary didn’t mention of course) in Yemen shows how seriously the US and western leadership and much of the UN take their “responsibility to protect” the world’s poor citizens from wholly preventable atrocities like siege-induced starvation, disease and death by aerial bombardment.

    It shows the hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy of the mass media as it whips up hysteria over Aleppo based on distortions, half-truths and outright lies while the Saudi and western sponsored atrocity show in Yemen gets barely any press. “The Forgotten War” as it is often referred to by MSM churnalists with no trace of irony whatsoever on the sporadic occasions when they write a few paragraphs about this “tragedy”.

    No mention that pretty much every western nation with a pistol factory is selling arms or military equipment to the medieval al-Saud monarchy which it uses to commit war crimes against the Yemeni people. The US and UK sell them cluster munitions and other HE ordnance which military advisors from those same two nations help them drop on the heads of starving Yemeni civilians. These same warmongering criminals than make high-minded speeches in the UN about their Orwellian R2P regime change operations aka “protecting” people by bombing their cities and infrastructure into rubble and replacing their governments with western-friendly thugs or gangs of warring bandits and mercenary religious fanatics.

    This war, along with Israel’s license to commit slow-motion genocide against Palestinians and our political and business leaders chummy relationship with Saudi Arabia, lays bare the utter moral depravity, hypocrisy and ruthless thuggery of the civilized west and its oh-so-precious human rights and freedom. It also reflects badly on many of us, the citizens of the west, who are quick to say “it’s not our fault, it’s our governments and banksters!” Even worse are the mindless automatons who cry on demand over the “children of Aleppo” and repeat propaganda fed to them by extremist militias, er, freedom fighters, via the MSM, and curse the evil “Assad regime” and Russia for ending the bombing and dying in Aleppo while not sparing a thought for Yemen because the media did not tell them to do so.

    There is no way we in the west will remain unscathed by the evil we directly or via proxy nurture in countries far away from our borders in the name of avarice and power. Out of sight out of mind as the saying goes. Well, they that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind, as another saying goes. Or evil begets evil and what goes around comes around…take your pick.

    Most citizens are oblivious to the suffering and death meted out in their names. They may wave a sign denouncing Trump and think that puts them on the side of right and good never connecting the dots that lead back to Obama, Bush (both), Clinton, Reagan, Carter etc. and the willing European sycophants who went along with them. Note how Trump’s botched Yemeni “adventure” and Flynn’s saber rattling at Iran are not even on the radar of the automatons. In their world words are more important and carry more weight than actions and symptoms are to be exaggerated and the cause forgotten. This kind of delusional dysfunction is not sustainable. Sooner or later the breakdown will come. And it will be ugly.

    Posted by: Temporarily Sane | Feb 9, 2017 2:50:06 PM | 8

  • Anon1

    Eight-foot bullet-proof wall to go up around Eiffel Tower in Paris. That’ll solve the Islamic terror problem.

    • michael norton

      On the radio, it was said it will be constructed of GLASS, watch out for flying glass fragments.

      • lysias

        Bulletproof glass, as it happens.

        « Une clôture antiballes qui englobera l’essentiel des jardins de la tour Eiffel », a indiqué Bernard Gaudillère, président de la Société d’Exploitation de la tour Eiffel”,

        according to the article in le Parisien.

        • Rob Royston

          I made replacement window frames for the restaurant of an oil production platform in a dodgy part of the world. The glass came from a South African company and was 3″, maybe 4″, thick. The spec was that it had to withstand bullets from a .50 caliber machine gun.
          It’s never been tested as yet, and I hope it never is. I thought at the time that it was taking security a bit far, but events worldwide have shown that it was maybe a wise investment.

  • Paul Davis

    The face of the Tory party is the face of the hate-filled student Ronald Coyne who burnt a £20 in Cambridge to taunt a homeless man sleeping on the street. Coyne, a leading member of the Cambridge University Conservative Association, had just attended a formal dinner to which parents of students at Pembroke College were invited. Doubtless not only was his bourgeois belly full but his spirits were full of celebrating “who he is”.

    This young man is the product of several years of private schooling.

    There is a petition calling on Cambridge University to expel him.

  • Sharp Ears

    Tonight on QT 22.45 on BBC 1 from Torquay

    Ann Widdecombe
    Claire Perry
    Billy Bragg!
    Peter Whittle who he?
    and bringing up the rear the appalling Owen Smith ex Big Pharma and would be Labour leader, failed. 😉

    If you look Widdecombe up, you will see in the columns she contributes to the execrable Daily Express that she does not want an NHS free at the point of need. Privatize Ann why don’t you. Good job you’re out of it now.

    The local Northj East West (Devon) CCG is closing the community hospitals down there, thus depriving the people and the district hospital of 72 beds that can be used for the care of those patients ready to be discharged from a hospital bed but needing care for a short time. Very topical at present of course.

    Hospital bed closures are set to begin in Devon

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