Can Anybody Find Any Significant Difference Between May’s Policies and the British National Party Manifesto of 2005? 90

I was struck by how entirely similar Theresa May’s discourse is to that of the British National Party candidate I fought in Blackburn in 2005. That led me to turn to the BNP 2005 Manifesto, and I can see little significant difference between it and current Tory policy.

The British National Party in 2005 advocated:

– Severe cuts in immigration
– Leaving the EU
– Bringing back grammar schools
– Increased military spending
– More “security” and “strong leadership”
– Foreign policy driven by “British national interest” not human rights
– Reduce development aid

Indeed, the few differences I can find between the BNP 2005 manifesto and the current Tory platform are in areas like the NHS, where the Tories are more right wing than the BNP were.

Thankfully it was still considered by most people socially beyond the pale to support the BNP in 2005. Today the media portray anyone perceptibly to the left of those positions as mad. Society has changed markedly – and not for the better.

90 thoughts on “Can Anybody Find Any Significant Difference Between May’s Policies and the British National Party Manifesto of 2005?

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  • Pete m

    first!! 🙂 the way i see it Craig, if the tories get in the UK will be a de facto fascist state , we’re well on the way as it is . I just hope enough Scots see it too and vote accordingly in #Scotref2

  • RobG

    Craig, you make a good point. I would, however, add that Theresa & Co are totally in bed with an American president who’s dropping bombs on people and is playing nuclear chicken with Russia.

    It’s a big reason why the Tories will be wiped-out next month, and hopefully the rest of us won’t be.

  • Dave

    The BNP were too working class and angry to progress, but they progressed enough to alarm the establishment, who promoted UKIP to steal their thunder, but in so doing created the respectable vehicle for populist revolt needed to secure Brexit, which is now the mainstream promoted by May and the conservatives. For any progressive this shouldn’t be a reason for dismay because Britain and Ireland is big and diverse enough on which to promote an ambitious radical agenda, whereas for our island nation the imperial EU was/is an ambition too far.

    • Kyrill

      Very good point Dave. The difference between fascism and respectable conservatism is corporate funding and what schools you went to

  • Loony

    A more relevant (and honest) question would be “Can Anybody Find a Significant Difference between the Labour Party Manifesto of 1945 and the BNP Manifesto of 2005”

    Of course asking that question would require any respondent to have an inquiring mind and would be unlikely to elicit Pavlovian responses of May is a Fascist and (no doubt soon) May is literally Hitler.

    • Ian

      It is such a stupid question I doubt anyone would waste their time asking it. Just serial trolls on obscure comment threads.

      • Loony

        Ah the willfully ignorant. Let me tell you how it is. The Labour Party Manifesto in 1945 was, from a policy perspective, substantially identical to the 2005 BNP Manifesto.

        The only significant difference was the BNP call to deport certain immigrants – this could not have been in the 1945 Labour Party Manifesto, as there were not so many immigrants. However the Attlee Government did ensure the repatriation from the west of a number of foreign nationals back into the clutches of the USSR (and their proxies) where their fates are unknown, but unlikely to have been good.

        You can check the 1945 Labour Party Manifesto and the 2005 BNP Manifesto for yourself. You will find that my observation is accurate.

        I do hope that you have not been bemoaning the bias of the BBC as you appear desperate for people to lie to you. “But it aint me babe. No, no no it aint me”.

        • glenn_uk

          Here’s news for you chief: It ain’t 1945. 2005 wasn’t 1945 either.

          No, Labour wasn’t openly racist in 1945 _just because_ there weren’t that many immigrants here. That’s probably some sort of projection on your part.

          Was Labour, in 1945, promising to leave the EU? Fascinating.

          Was our armed services in some serious form of depletion in 1945? Err… yes, it was. Foreign aid was hardly a great priority for our devastated country either – most countries in the world were better off than us. And so on.

          This is such utter crap from you, well in keeping with your usual standards.

        • Ian

          Lol. Given that the Labour Party manifesto in 1945 was looking back on the causes of fascism and war, and proposing the establishment of the welfare state, nationalisation, education and health services for all, we can safely say that there is zero in common either the BNP of 2005. What are you smoking? No doubt you are pathetically trying to make some obtuse and absurd point about immigration. #fail.

          • Loony

            You have the right to say whatever you want, and I have the right to point out that what you are saying is absolute garbage, and that that garbage is in defiance of all facts.

            Here is the 1945 Labour Party Manifesto


            and here is the 2005 BNP Manifesto


            If you read these 2 documents you will find remarkable similarities. Of course you wont read them as that way you would be forced to confront your own ignorance. But hey, oh no the BBC is telling people lies. Maybe the BBC is simply fulfilling a public demand that people want more and more lies because they are allergic to the truth.

          • Loony

            In note that you elect an ad-hominem response in preference to pointing out any actual errors.

            Oh how I wonder why that might be.

          • Ian

            you made the claim. You haven’t provided an iota of evidence to back it up, because it is certainly not in the manifestos. Unless you wilfully and deliberately misread them for your own narrow-minded little agenda.

    • Gordon Rankin

      The only way making a comparison to a 1945 manifesto, as opposed to a current one today, is if you’re terminally stupid.

      • Alex M

        The 1945 Manifesto contained the plans for nationalisation of transport and industries. The BNP 2005 Manifesto was totally against this. Read also the BNP wish to abolish Income Tax. There are certainly words in common between these, but little meaning in common.

    • Stu

      You do realise the Labour 1945 manifesto contained the greatest piece of anti-racist legislation in UK history? Independence for India. You are a moron.

      And if anyone ever needs a reminder of why class struggle and anti imperialism are vital I recommend spending some time reading the Hansard record of debate as the Indian independence bill is passed which exposes the dark heart of Toryism.

      • Loony

        The anti racists did not bother to count the number of people killed during the partition of India – but it was likely between 1 and 2 million people. The partition of India and the consequent deaths were a direct result of the British mandated plan for independence.

        Good to know that anti racists rely on the deaths of between 1 and 2 million people in order to burnish their moral purity. What were you saying about morons…?

        • Stu

          The deaths during partition were the result of racism within India, no doubt stoked by imperialism but sectarian tensions exist all over the world..

  • fred

    “Society has changed markedly – and not for the better. ”

    Yes it has become more nationalist, the politics of hatred.

    • Nick

      Really? What about religion,race,skin colour,sex,sexual preference and people being of different social class? Or just plain looking different? No its just nationalism according to you. Well i want independence and i don’t hate you fred. Btw fred it’s my understanding you are english? If scotland became independent would you remain here….or feeling threatened by “scottish nationalism” would you return home?

      • fred

        If you were to ask someone born in Poland if they were going “home” after the Brexit vote what sort of reception do you think you would receive?

        • Nick

          Thats not the question…i asked if you feel unsafe due to “scottish nationalism”? That you could be interred in a ghetto somewhere? Your refusal to answer speaks volumes. I wonder what iranian asylum seekers in croydon would answer if asked about how scared they are of english nationalism after brexit?

          • fred

            The fact you see someone’s home as the country they were born in not the country they live in speaks volumes about you.

            Scottish Nationalism is different? Not like the BNP and EDL? Not half they aint.

        • Nick

          Thats not the question…i asked if you feel unsafe due to “scottish nationalism”? That you could be interred in a ghetto somewhere? Your refusal to answer speaks volumes. I wonder what iranian asylum seekers in croydon would answer if asked about how scared they are of english nationalism after brexit?

          • Nick

            Yeah yeah fred…its nothing like the edl. Actually i’m second generation polish…never ever felt a threat with that in scotland. Lived in camden town for 2 years and took loads of shit for my polish surname and being scottish. add to that twice been invitrd onto the cobbles for no other reason than my accent.So answer the question…have you as an englishman living in scotland felt threatened by “scottish nationalism”?

          • Nick

            Yeah yeah fred…its nothing like the edl. Actually i’m second generation polish…never ever felt a threat with that in scotland. Lived in camden town for 2 years and took loads of shit for my polish surname and being scottish. add to that twice been invited onto the cobbles for no other reason than my accent.So answer the question…have you as an englishman living in scotland felt threatened by “scottish nationalism”?

          • Nick

            Also home is where you’re from. My polish grandfather although living in tarbolton always saw torun as home. So whats YOUR problem with that?

    • Harry Vimes

      Finally seeing British Nationalism for what it is Fred?

      Cue another FOAD response. Yawn.

  • English-JTRIG dictionary

    Fred is inordinately proud of this inchoate notion he picked up that vaguely associates nationalism and hate. Fred repeats his catchphrases like an apple-polishing Third Form boy, bewildering everyone.

    Like all statists, Fred is not conversant with universal self-determination or cultural rights, much less how they might bear on Scottish peoples subject to repressive British rule. Fred is also unclear on the relationship between non-discrimination and the prohibition of hate speech. Fred has fallen for a JTRIG trick aimed at indifferently-educated provincials: groundless conflation of xenophobic Poujadism with Scottish self-determination currents.

    Scottish people are like Frogs. Get it? Do you see?

    You’re welcome, Fred.

  • J

    The media are commendably information rich on the story, despite deja vu (I think it’s an Italian American phrase) they will not falter, and they will not fail.

    Anyway, Isis claimed responsibility for France. I was just explaining to my children why Al-Qaeda and ISIS are our friends today, in Syria at least. Still our enemies in Iraq? I can’t keep up. Enemies in France, definitely. The children are very confused but grown up things don’t make sense to them yet. And Guardian is eulogising Macron.

    ‘ISIS terrorist had been jailed for 20 years for previous police attack’ says the Mirror. “Known to police and intelligence” say others.

    “Identified as Karim C. and using the ‘nom de guerre’ (war name) ‘Abu Yousuf the Belgian’, the 39-year-old had also made dark threats to kill more police using Telegram, the instant messaging service.” According to the Mirror.

    It’s hard to imagine how anyone one could have predicted this surprising, brutal, random, senseless and unforeseen attack, it just came out of the blue.

    • giyane

      “It’s hard to imagine how anyone one could have predicted this surprising, brutal, random, senseless and unforeseen attack, it just came out of the blue.”


      I went to Blackburn again recently, a curious one horse town, up from ‘up silly country’.( A description given me by one of the cast of Coronation Street I was driving for the next village along from where he lived in Manchester as a kid.)

      Craig doesn’t seem to have noticed that the good folk of small UK towns and villages all think the same silly thoughts whether it be in Ramsgate, Blackburn or Dumfries. And they’re all made from ticky tacky and they all look just the same. Mrs May know exactly what they think.

      More to the point about election manifestos is why these war criminals think that publishing the tripe that people think as their political roadmap and getting agreement, then gives them a mandate to do all the terrible social injustices and foreign war crimes they didn’t put.

      • J

        Can’t subscribe to the Fourth Para (including the quote and the ouch) I don’t earn enough. I see ordinary folk doing extraordinary things every day, you’ve got to look from the ground up.

        I like absurd questions some times, like, what direction is progressive to a squid? Up? Down? Third arm? Fifth arm? Forward, back? Light-ward? Dark-ward? Cold-ward? Hot-ward? Squid-wise? Anti-squidwise?

        So many daft questions, so little time.

      • Muscleguy

        A lot of ordinary working class folk in Dumfries vote SNP you know and they do NOT think the way their Brexiting kin in Blackburn think.

        I canvassed the mean streets of Dundee in the last referendum and I know how those people think and its nothing like how the people down in England interviewed in vox pops think.

        Here in Scotland the Labour party are wont to complain that the folk have stopped listening to them and instead go online or onto social media and fact check SLAB talking points, realise they are lies and stop listening.

        Up here in Scotland the working class are informed and savvy. The majority of them voted Remain for a start. A large majority of them will vote Yes, even a lot of those who did vote Leave.

        Oh and they will vote as well, unlike their kin in the likes of Blackburn.

        • bevin

          You are comparing your authentic experiences in Scotland with carefully staged and cleverly edited propaganda exercises in England.
          I think that you will find that the plain people of Nelson and Colne are neither much cleverer or any stupider than the people of Dumfries. And a lot shrewder and considerably more liberal than their contemporaries among the burghers.

  • CanSpeccy

    So here’s the liberal left manifesto:

    1. Britain needs many more immigrants to clog up the maternity hospitals, overcrowd schools, and take British jobs from British workers.
    2. Britain should give up the idea of national self government and submit fully to the undemocratic rule of the EU superstate.
    3. Britain should eradicate all schools for academically gifted students such as Paston School, the grammar school attended by Craig Murray.
    4. Britain should abandon any plans for ensuring its own territorial integrity and slash or abandon all military forces.
    5. Britain needs less security from terrorists and illegal interlopers and generally weaker leadership, on the lines of a drip like Corbyn, for example.
    6. Foreign policy should be driven by the interests of foreigners not Brits.
    7. Britain should continue to give money to oil rich countries such as Nigeria that have their own space program, something Britain cannot apparently afford.

    It sort of makes the British Nats and Tessy May seem reasonable.

    • defo

      Tessy !

      Next you’ll be telling us trickle down economics is a real thing.

      What’s the going rate at the 77th these days ? Piecework, or minimum wage ?

  • Nikky Winchester

    This is horrifying but sadly oh too believable. Can you share a direct link or photo of the BNP manifesto please, to satisfy naysayers who’ll no doubt accuse you of making this up?

  • Bill Brown

    Her policies are as extreme, and it appears that they could become even more extreme if they get a larger majority?

  • Sharp Ears

    Craig’s experience at Leeds is referred to here in a list of UK universities where free speech was being shut down.


    One talk and a film show proceeded without problems at Leeds but two other events had more difficulty.

    Former ambassador Craig Murray was asked to provide details of what he was going to say in his talk “Palestine/Israel: A Unitary Secular State or a Bantustan Solution”. just 24 hours before he was due to speak by the trustees of Leeds University Union. With great reluctance Craig provided an outline in order to allow the lecture to proceed despite seeing this a dispiriting step down a censorship path.

    The student Palestine Solidarity Group was refused permission to mount visual demonstration outside the Leeds Student Union Building, although they did put up a fairly inconspicuous banner display. They were also refused permission to have a stall inside the Students Union Building.

    In the Conference Hall or on the Pavement – Craig Murray’

  • Tony Crawford

    The fact that the above is not widely known is down to the current UK media who purposely avoid making such information available to the British public. So much for the BBC charter which requires it to inform, entertain, and advise licence payers. The press seem to take their lead from the National broadcaster?

    • Harry Vimes

      As those of us with an attention span longer than a goldfish recall, the author of this blog did stand in an election in Blackburn against the politician who was being heckled in this example.

      And yes, many genuine Labour voters and members raised a hue and cry over this incident and the ID card and associated surveillance state proposed by the New Labour/Blair Cultist’s (much of which has now been passed by the current Party in Government). Indeed many of those voters and members refused point blank to support them in 2010, joining the five million voters who quit between 1997 and 2005 and swelling the numbers of those actively choosing none of the above on the grounds that you could not tell the difference between them.

    • John Spencer-Davis

      My good friend Steve Forrest was also forcibly ejected from the venue, for trying to stand by an 82 year old man who was being manhandled.

    • defo

      “A moratorium should mean halting fracking, even if on a temporary basis. But the SNP has been funding test-drilling in the central belt of Scotland.” Without source, nor quote.

      “Their fake moratorium applies to commercial operations—which were not happening anyway—but doesn’t apply to exploration, which continues.” Rambling. Are you feeling the pent up, frustrated rage yet ?

      “The people of the Milton housing scheme in North Glasgow are discovering fracking might be coming to their doorsteps soon.”
      “Might” they !

      “Years ago, before the moratorium, Glasgow’s planners opposed the granting of such licences in Milton because of the impact on the local community—but they were overruled.”
      “Years ago”. Oooft. This wouldn’t get a C at Nat5 in propaganda.

      “Locals who saw first minister Nicola Sturgeon’s moratorium as a timely reprieve now feel conned.”
      Her and her 17 cats maybe. That’s certainly not them hanging about like extras in the tag pic outside Grangemouth.

      “In the forthcoming council elections on 4 May, the SNP is expected to win control of Glasgow.”
      And that certainty is what’s driving our yoonatic friend here over the edge.
      Aahh. The schaedenfreud. It’s almost exquisite, in it’s deliciousness.

      Hi Fred. Long time away. Still flaming away like fuck mate. That’s the stuff. Let it out. You’ve known havent you, deep down, for years that the union games a bogey. But credit to you, your still banging away

      “The ruling Labour group has cut over £300 million from Glasgow’s services—cuts passed on to them by the SNP government.”.

      Who inherited much of the burden from London, and hey, even the dogs in the street know that when the books at city chambers are opened up, there will be a sudden outbreak of squeaky bum syndrome. A fine job they have done, these last half century or so. Monys a broon envelope passed, As for the worst life expectancy rates in the known universe…

      “That will concentrate a lot of the arguments taking place around the independence movement.”
      Fuck yeah. A non-story smear will counter Nuclear weapon storage and therefore targeting !

      You asked for a comment Zeke.
      The last line quoted sums it up. All filler, no killer. Unionist smearing. An extra rubbish effort.

  • Dave

    The term “National Socialism” is blighted due to its “Nazi” tag, but it was/is a very powerful creed and all socialist parties in Europe were national in one form or another in the 1930s/40s and so are all socialist parties in the Third World today. But different countries gave their socialism a different name due to national and cultural differences. The difference in Europe today is due to our wealth parties have become more liberal. That is socialism is a creed for poor countries and liberalism a creed for the rich. The only socialists who disavow the national are the “International Socialists”, for different cosmopolitan reasons.

    But Globalism and EU austerity has created new pockets of poverty in UK/Europe so its not surprising that a working class party like BNP would resurrect the Labour socialism of 1945, although many voters and media only saw the anti-immigration message which is a form of trade-union socialism by controlling the labour supply.

  • Deepgreenpuddock

    I remember a long article from about 1997/8 in the Observer. Essentially, it was discussing the role of oil in determining foreign policy, the increasing influence of multi-national corporations on domestic and foreign policy and it predicted a shift in politics towards, essentially, fascism. I very clearly remember it highlighting the key position of Iraq in the politics of oil and the ME and this was well before there was any mention of WMD or Gulf War 2 , although there were frequent bombing sorties over Iraq then, by both UK and US, to punish them for apparent infringements of the post -Gulf war 1 sanctions and policing policy.
    I remember being rather shocked. It seemed highly improbable that we would lurch towards Fascism, but it had a strangely plangent tone and was very well argued and informed.
    I wish I could remember the author. Perhaps some of the sages here can remember.

  • Alcyone

    Can Anybody Find Any Difference Between Man’s Behaviour Now and Man’s Violence, Conflict, Anger, Ambition, Suffering in 1005?

    Can Anybody Find Any Difference Between Sturgeon’s Policies of Divisiveness and the Battle of Monzievard in 2005?
    (I am fast becoming an historian; if you can’t beat them, join them.)

  • Deepgreenpuddock

    Craig- I am doing some election canvassing (Green) over the next few weeks. I had the idea that the BNP policies could be used for illustration of the direction of the Tory party and how it has been hijacked by the far right loons and crackpots in it. It could be a useful canvassing tool. Is there some reproducible format that could be used? a poster or document from that time that could be incorporated into an poster /leaflet?

  • Tony Lydon

    That says more for the wider, sensible approach of the BNP than it does about Conservative policies now. Of course, the screaming hysterical British media only ever focussed on the immigration angle when reporting on the BNP. What went largely unnoticed was that many of their policies mirrored those of the Socialist Workers Party or even Labour. But none of you ever bothered mentioning that, did you?

    Just go back to sulking for being chucked out of that Ambassador job Craig, you know – the one you were rubbish at.

    • Deepgreenpuddock

      The working class fascist totalitarian has always been a feature (more an undercurrent) of the Labour party (much but it was suppressed and held in check, and the SWP tendency has been mocked relentlessly and endlessly by serious commentators.The SWP is a pretty scurrilous and useless bunch of devolopmentally retarded cretins -which more or less sums up the BNP so in a sense a good call.
      See the Lenin’s tomb blog (link above).
      To equate the BNP with the Labour party , however is a ludicrous idiotic travesty whatever way you choose to define the Labour party, either at its grass roots level or the national level. You obviously are just spouting toxic bile and know nothing about the Labour part or its history. The Labour party may well be disintegrating but that is related to intrinsic structural factors, societal changes, and the influences from elsewhere. An apologist of the BNP? You are a despicable turd.

      • Deepgreenpuddock

        Yes it is quite interesting that the BNP is placed more to the left of the 2015 labour party.
        The nationalism inherent in the BNP is often expressed in what might otherwise be thought of a left wing but is more to do with a sort of xenophobic protecting of distinctive national institutions such as the NHS- ‘we are the best’-narrow mindedness.
        Also interesting that the purple box-(right-wing libertarian) is empty, suggesting that right wingness is much more inclined towards authoritarianism. Not the case in America where there is a very big streak of libertarian right wing thinking. i guess Rand Paul and his father might slip into the purple patch but also note the Trumpish libertarianism, again a phoney libertarianism( permissiveness) of regressive thinking and ideology.
        Truly the politics of mercury – rolls around anywhere uncontrolled -and when you finally catch it, it is toxic.

    • nevermind

      Tony, you know about as much of Craig as a cow trying to make coffee give it up smearer.

  • reel guid

    Wings Over Scotland has a very revealing piece about Kezia Dugdale today. An old exchange on her blog 10 years ago with a poster about whether, as a unionist, she’d prefer a Tory to an SNP government at Holyrood.

    The poster then took the discussion to the next logical question about whether she’d welcome votes for the BNP as a way of maintaining the union. Kezia replied that “That’s a very difficult question which I hope you appreciate just can’t have a simple yes or no answer”.

    So no wonder Kezia can put up with a hard brexit Tory government instead of a progressive and independent Scotland. Because – ten years ago at least – she was unsure whether she might be prepared to prop up the union with the help of the BNP.

    • Deepgreenpuddock

      Not actually surprised by the kind of convoluted and twisting thinking by KD in the desperation to escape the tightening electoral garotte that was around the neck of the Scottish Labour party, but to be fair she did not give a straight yes answer. I guess she would have been happy to tolerate a ‘modest’ degree of BNPness, which is damning enough.

  • Sharp Ears

    The demographics of how the UK voted in 2015.

    There is an interesting chart showing that the higher the ‘class’, the older the age, men and women voted Tory. The opposite applied for Labour. All fairly obvious.

    I therefore hope that many youngsters register to vote.

    ‘In England and Wales, you can only vote when you turn 18. However, 17-year-olds can still register to vote. That means if your 18th birthday falls on June 8 2017 or earlier, you can still vote in this general election.
    In Scotland, you can register to vote from the age of 15 and vote in local elections and elections to the Scottish Parliament when you’re 16. But Scottish teenagers must also wait until they are 18 to vote in elections to the UK and European Parliaments. ‘

    Says it ALL.

    PS Jeremy has been speaking in Swindon this morning.

    Theresa would like some suggestions for her manifesto. She is assuming she will win!

    She will be making a speech today but the details are top secret even to the medja.

  • michael norton

    The proper question is:
    do you Craig believe in Democracy?

    If the people of The United Kingdom vote for Brexit,
    can you accept Democracy?

    If the people of The United Kingdom vote to stay as a United Kingdom,
    can you accept it?

    If Theresa May adopts extreme right wing views, like in America, maybe like in France
    and the voters vote for it, can you accept the result?

    It is all about Democracy.

    • reel guid

      It’s not democracy in a multi-nation state when two small nations are dictated to by a large nation and subjected to major political change by diktat.

  • NMac

    Today I see little difference between the loathsome BNP, the equally loathsome UKIP and the Nasty Tory Party. We live in dangerous and depressing times with rabid racism being incited by mainstream politicians. I am 70 years old and will not be around to see the long-term results that these extremely unpleasant people are heading for, but I do fear for the future of my children and grandchildren.

    • nevermind

      Thanks for that head up NMAC, I feel exactly the same, although somewhat younger. We have failed to hold our puppets to account and now they are not only throwing their toys out of the pram, they are dismantling it.

  • Dave Evans

    Yes Craig, I can find dozens of significant differences, simply by actually bothering to read the BNP 2005 manifesto, which is a signally vile piece of white supremacist literature.

    Some excerpts for you –

    Repeal all laws against racism:

    ” We would repeal the Race Relations Acts and all other restrictions on free speech in Britain.”
    “We would abolish all politically-correct indoctrination of the police, teachers, and other public employees.”
    “We would abolish all laws against racial discrimination in employment and the government bodies associated with enforcing them.”

    Pass laws making it illegal to say racial integration is a good thing:

    “A Clause 28-style proscription against the promotion of racial integration in schools and the media would be introduced.”

    Legislate so that White Britons are first class citizens:

    “we will also seek to emphasise the importance of the prior status of the aboriginal people [giving them] priority on housing and school places lists”

    Mandatory gun-ownership:

    “all law-abiding adults who have successfully completed their period of military service are required to keep in a safe locker in their homes a standard-issue military assault rifle and ammunition.”

    Deploying soldiers to the Channel Tunnel:

    “the first company of British troops to be withdrawn from Iraq on the day a BNP government assumes office would be redeployed to secure the Channel Tunnel and Kent ports against illegal

    Abandon all responsibility to non-white refugees:

    “these refugees are simply not Britain’s responsibility and have no right to refuge here.”

    End all immigration & deport ethnic minorities:

    “To ensure that we do not become a minority in our own homeland, and that the native British peoples of our islands retain their culture and identity, we call for an immediate halt to all further immigration, the immediate deportation of all bogus asylum seekers, all criminal entrants and illegal immigrants, and the introduction of a system of voluntary resettlement whereby those immigrants and their descendants who are legally here are afforded the opportunity to return to their lands of ethnic origin” via “A massively-funded and permanent programme”

    Bring back public flogging and the death penalty:

    “We support the re-introduction of corporal punishment for petty criminals and vandals, and the restoration of capital punishment”

    NHS to be ‘British only’

    “all future British doctors and nurses – except for rare experts required to teach new skills and techniques – are recruited and trained within Britain. ”

    … then we hit their economic stuff which is *completely* batshit.

    The Tories are a right wing party. I disagree with them on basically everything.

    But the BNP are *white supremacists*.

    There’s a MASSIVE difference.

    • glenn_uk

      All that goes without saying, Dave. Just a nod and a wink will do.

      This is the Tory party we’re talking about after all!

  • Dave Johnson

    It seems both the UK and the world in general are moving to the political right. This shifts the acceptable norm to the right. Selfishness, intolerance, greed, fear of anybody who is “not like me” – all these characteristics are emerging as “normal” traits – and they’re not!
    We’re losing our capacity for care and compassion, for understanding and acceptance of others. Racism and fascism are becoming tolerated – and they shouldn’t be! We need a return to the left. I hope it comes soon – before we become a nation of people who live with hate and fear. The tide needs to turn

  • Eleanor Black

    Perhaps but please remember that Theresa May was a remainer. She did not want to leave the EU.

  • Dave

    WWI caused a social revolution and many aristocrats became front line socialists. This happened to Sir Oswald Mosley who became a Labour Minster, but resigned due to a lack of state action to reduce unemployment and formed the New Party, before forming the British Union of Fascists after a visit to Italy.

    Fascism (Catholic Socialism), never progressed in UK, outside Catholic areas, as being too European/foreign, but was attacked by the Communists (Jewish Socialism) for being too British. Instead UK got One Nation Conservative Socialism (Protestant Socialism) that promoted public works and tariff protection called Imperial trade preference! A tradition that May, at least in speech, is trying to resurrect with the help of her Joseph Chamberlain admirer, Nick Timothy.

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