Dr Who 571

I just had to sit through a whole bloody tennis match to find out about the new Dr Who.

I remember watching the first transformation, from William Hartnell to Patrick Troughton, with my sister when I was 8. The transformation itself was the most technically amazing thing then seen on TV, and I remember distinctly our deciding we liked Troughton a lot more, with his cheery trews and little flute. People forget that Hartnell’s Dr Who was himself part of what was scarey about the original series, a rather more alien character than subsequent doctors.

Anyway there are probably few people alive who have watched more Dr Who than I have over 50 years. (There, that’s an unexpected confession about my private life). And I cannot see any problem at all with a female appearing doctor. It is an alien life form, for goodness sake. If it can travel through time, regenerate and always speak English despite being from Gallifrey, it can appear in different humanoid sexual roles.

What Dr Who requires is an excellent character actor, full stop. And the series has been astonishingly, if not uniformly, well served.

But there will only ever be one Tom Baker.

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  • Republicofscotland

    Rev Campbell ups his defamation claim against Kezia Dugdale to a whopping £25,000 quid.

    Dugdale the calamitous leader of the London Labour branch office in Scotland, has until August the first to respond to it.

    Incidently Dugdale’s new girlfriend is a secretary to SNP minister John Swinney conflict of interest?


  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    See that American officials who tried to get Colleen LaRose aka ‘Jihad Jane’ and Gwrhyr to recruit me as her whitey assassin lover of Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks in 2009 for Al- Qaeda’s Ali-Charaf Damarche is now to be tried for terrorism in Philadelphia after he was extradited from Spain. If I had agreed to father her baby in a drunken orgy, I would long ago have been on trial too.

    If they cannot kill one outright, they will try to get enemies like the Iranians to help set one up too. ‘Jihad Jane’ even went to the Iranian Embassy outside of Stockholm to try to establish the set-up. Of course, my American enemies have never asked me for my side of the story.

    • Republicofscotland


      I never actually got round to asking you , who wants you, we shall call it “retired” to be polite, and why “they” want to “retire” you permanently?

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        Who wants me permanently retired? The American political elite because of all the dirt it engages in, and tries to cover up.

        Just one example. Bill Clinton sees to the pardon of Israeli supporter, Al Schwinner. Not for this role in causing the assassination of Sweden’s Olof Palme. But for his illegal help of the country in its early days with Illegal aid to its air force for which he was never tried, but was given a pardon, so he would have a clean slate for all his covert activity which Trump is now using as a precedent for threatening to pardon himself and any other scum.

        • Republicofscotland

          Thank you Trowbridge for clearing up my poser.

          Long may yir lum reek. ?

    • reel guid

      Knew he was an insular looking Britnat underneath the veneer.

      The road to independence is wide open. Forwards!

    • mog

      This issue has to be argued to conclusion, and it seems time to bring some clarity to Labour’s position. The party is probably as divided as the Tories.
      Corbyn is echoing a criticism of the EU/ single market system that has long been made by the Left in the party. It is a Neoliberal system that promotes precariousness in employment and pits workers against each other to keep wages down and profits high.
      I do not think Corbyn is a nationalist, he is a socialist, and an internationalist.
      Genuine national interest is inextricably bound to the interests of workers everywhere, not the interests of the European corporate class.

    • giyane

      Oh dear. It’s so confusing. Mrs May loves immigrants so much, because they help to reduce workers rights and bring down employers’ costs. that she’s going to chuck them all out. How dare English people want to move to Europe anyway? I stand for the opposite of my party’s interests. I am my own opposition. No need for anyone else. She’s lying through her teeth, they’re never going to deliver BREXIT. Tories never tell the truth.

      But what’s left for Jeremy Corbyn’s pitch? Truth is so yesterday, that everybody benefits from freedom of movement.. So what’s left? Ripe tomatoes , ideal for lobbying at politicians . One pound a box. Empty slogans of the Left. what he should be saying is that the Tories are lying and they will never, ever deliver anything that is against their party’s interests

    • Node

      You’re the first one to mention him in the last 60 comments.

      The US is obsessed with TV.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Ben, This is before they escaped. Don’t worry us British are a bit weird. For example, my next door neighbour goes to work all suited and booted – Very Formal. When he gets home and answers the door to me..he is sometimes dressed as a Treckie

      “Dalek invasion salford quays u.k (Lightwaves digital festival 2016) ”



  • Courtenay Barnett


    500 or 600 years or a millennia before:-

    500 + ante = European, conquest and domination.

    1,000 + ante = Ghengis Khan, founder of the Mogul Empire, and his hordes conquering large swathes of territory.

    Ante, ante, ante = humankind is without medications for the simplest of illnesses, some agricultural know-how but not the best at generating sustained food supplies or any significant scale*, basic food, shelter and clothing if not living the challenges of nomadic existence – and add it all together and back to the future.

    For those interested read: http://www.britac.ac.uk/pubs/proc/files/96p001.pdf
    I Agriculture in Egypt Pharaonic to Modern Times
    AGRICULTURE IN EGYPT: PHARAONIC TO MODERN TIMES 3 possible extension. Without regular dredging, the canals were ineffectual and the cropped area reduced accordingly …
    So – we might consider 5,000 plus years and behind that, then fast forward to the present.

    Empires in the present times = domination of large swathes of resource rich lands*, structured creation of false-flag wars, misinformation and subterfuge in high places and scandalous squandering of available resources on production on armaments while several million persons globally starve, are in need of housing or basics such as potable water, and not even to start thinking about fundamental education etc.

    E.g. The wars and turmoil in the oil rich Middle East exist more by willful design than by accident.

    So – when this set of nationalist sentiments or that set or the other group is competing – to say – mine is better than thine – or – I must have, control and dominate what you have – we are going back to the European conquests and to Ghesgis Khan and beyond. To say that my country, territory, sacred space is more sacred than yours – if, as supposedly sentient beings – we as homo sapiens ( i.e. not ‘Wall Street Neanderthals’) – MIGHT JUST BEGIN TO REFLECT AND THINK:-


    * Can anyone out there in computer-land please inform – what is this endless war in Afghanistan all about?


    P. S. A quotation I used in a research paper I published back in 2006 on the propulsion to wars because of ‘oil conquests’ being pursed:-

    “…I knew that I could not ever again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without having first spoken clearly to the greater purveyor of violence in the world: my own government.” Martin Luther King in his “Beyond Vietnam” April 4, 1967 speech – AND SO TRUE MORE THAN EVER TO THIS DAY!

    Rev. Courtenay ( preaching in an uncaring world). So much hypocrisy and greed abounds.

    • Salford Lad

      @ Courtenay Barnett,
      The presence of US troops in Afghanistan is to protect the UNOCAL oil pipeline transiting from Krygstan and Turkmenistan.
      Afghanistan is also rich in rare metals.
      It is a jump off point into Central Asia to disrupt the Chinese New Silk Roads and preserve the dollar as reserve currency.
      Under the Taliban the opium crop was almost eliminated and reduced to 350 ton/year.It is back to over 3500 ton/year since the USA ‘intervention’.
      The CIA finance their ‘black ops’ from Afghan drug sales, as they did in Vietnam from the Golden Triangle crop and in Central America from the import of Colombian cocaine into Mena,Arkansas to finance the Contras in Nicaragua.
      US troops will not leave Afghanistan until the oil runs dry.
      As an aside;
      The Jihadi/ISIS attack in Marawi City, Phillipines is a warning to President Duterte for his overtures to China and Russia and Duterte knows it. He has previous experience of CIA ‘dirty tricks’ in the area.

      • Courtenay Barnett

        @Salford Lad,
        Thank you for responding.
        It is crystal clear what you have said.
        So – as I understand it, one power ( the US) sustains a war in Afghanistan to protect oil interests; engages in drug trafficking; sets out to destabilise the Philippines government, because its President wants to engage China economically for reasons of what he perceives to be in the Philippines best economic interest. All of this I infer from your reply.
        Yet, as I see on CNN, the US is fully preoccupied in complaining and investigating and complaining again, again and again about Russia meddling in US domestic affairs ( i.e. the recent election).
        Answer this one if you can: since others see what is happening; that it is illegal; that it is inhumane; that it is disastrous for any prospect of world peace as we go along this global trajectory; that we, as a species, simply cannot pursue the future much longer along this vein for so to do, if not for reasons of already existing ecological imbalances existing in an industrialised world – then – towards the logical conclusion – the greatest war ( the nuclear war) is one, if fought can never be won ( we shall all be losers). What then do the bright, the brilliant, the best do in the capitals of Washington, London. Paris, Berlin, and so on around the world – if there is to be a future of sustained human existence beyond the narrow here and now?
        Maybe, I should direct the foregoing question initially to the average American?

        • Salford Lad

          @Courtenay Barnett,
          The USA is an Empire and has been subverting and looting abroad for most of its history from 1776, the expansion into the American West and the genocide of its indigenous Indians,to its seizure of the Mexican areas of Texas Nevada,California and its control of South America using Comprador controlled dictators and its Monroe Doctrine, Manifest Destiny and Exceptionalism. These are Fascist diktats.
          The Spanish-American War of 1898,was instigated by a ‘false flag’ explosion of the battleship USS Maine in Havana Harbour. The Cuban fight for Independence from Spain gave the US the opportunity to invade and exploit Cuba until Fidels Revolucion in ’59.
          The then Spanish controlled Phillipines was next overrun and subjected to Imperial control ,with the deaths estimates at over 1 million. The Japanese invaded and threw them out in WW2.
          The basis of the US Empire is the dollar reserve currency and the petrodollar, enforced by a massive military. The Chinese Silk Roads bypass the sea route control of the US Navy and is the death knell of the dollar and Empire.
          That is why Syria and Iran are in the crosshairs, they are the route to Central Asia and the disruption and control of the Chinese Silk Roads.
          The days of the US Empire are numbered and the defeat in Syria is the beginning of its dissolution.

        • Tony_0pmoc

          Courtenay Barnett,

          Your questions are extremely profound, and in this one instance I seriously approve of your CAPITALISATION. Salford Lad’s response is completely accurate, and if you want even more detail, you could read Peter Dale Scott.

          However, neither provide the answer as to Why?

          The people in control of such events have far more personal “riches” than they or their offspring could ever utilse to achieve a state of “happinness”. After you have got far more than you could ever need, why create such misery and destruction for so many, simply to attain even more. What exactly is the point?

          I have been trying to find the answer to this question for many years.

          The study of Psychopathy and Ponerology only provides limited answers. It does not explain Why.

          Its great you asked the question. If everyone did that, we might find some solutions.

          Meanwhile you could watch this. It gives a few hints..

          “JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick”



  • Sharp Ears

    The Chinese are building a navy and at the moment, are conducting naval exercises with Russia. Is that to scare the pants off Trump?

    China’s naval ambitions on show in Russia war games
    To be a true superpower China realises it needs blue water capability – but it won’t be behind for long, writes Alistair Bunkall.

    Fallon is having them shadowed. A pathetic pocket politician.

    • Courtenay Barnett

      Sharpe Ears,
      Interesting that you asked about the Governor.

      Much of much I would say. The Governor’s job is to report back to the FCO, keep himself out of trouble then having his last assignment duly he heads back home to get his OBE or Knighthood or whatever at the end of his career. This one very much fits that mold.

      Why – why did you ask?


        • Sharp Ears

          Thanks. So Buggin’s turn then.

          No reason for asking. I noticed Freeman on the Wikipedia page. He will be off with his fat pension to somewhere here in the countryside no doubt.

          Have followed your past posts on here ref affairs in T&C.


          • Courtenay Barnett

            Interesting that you do know where we are – thought no one knew that we existed.

            There is a long-term link all the way from here up to Lord Ashcroft ( former significant financier of the Tories and down here to TCI) and the UK.

            Dirty ‘ol world we live in ( all of it- not just here). But only planet I plan to call ‘home’ until I close my eyes for the final time.

            Have any ideas for a Mars mission soon – before it all implodes and claims us mere earthlings in the process? ( Not joking).

            I am a fan of Bertrand Russell. It was either he or Einstein who is attributed with the observation:-

            That after the Third World War – we would be fighting each other with spears and stones in the next one – or something like that.

            Seems to me that from the early 1960s, into the Vietnam war and CND – it is no longer too fashionable to question why some countries like going to war endlessly and dropping bombs on all and sundry. “Collateral damage” – I guess! – so why question the necessity ( or inevitability) of state actions in the first place?

  • Courtenay Barnett

    It was Albert Einstein who said:-
    “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”
    Albert Einstein – US (German-born) physicist (1879 – 1955)
    As, I said, I am a fan of Bertrand Russell. He had this to say in his essay at and around the time of the First World War:-
    “The objects for which men have fought in the past, whether just or unjust, are no longer to be achieved by wars amongst civilized nations. A great weight of tradition, of financial interests, of political insincerity, is bound up with the anachronism of international hostility. It is, however, perhaps not chimerical to hope that the present war, which has shocked the conscience of mankind more than any war in previous history, may produce a revulsion against antiquated methods, and may lead the exhausted nations to insist upon the brotherhood and co-operation which their rulers have hitherto denied them.”
    As more comprehensively stated here:-

    Surprise – surprise – these thoughts are as relevant today as when Russell first wrote them. But, just go back to the Iraq war and watch just how it was debated in Parliament. Exception – did someone say – George Galloway when he stood up in the US and made the US Senator look the total jackass he was?
    Who cares; who watches; who listens? Yes – the majority listen to the ‘conventional wisdom’ and their sons and daughters keep dying because they are ‘serving their country’. Bullshit!
    But overall, stupidity in high places just seems to march on. Like untruncated shit being uttered out of Parliaments and Congress – with precious little questioning on any credible basis – while patently accepting the a priori of war, war, war and more wars….

  • Pyewacket

    Off topic I know, but have just watched BBC4’s Storyville titled Accidental Anarchist, Life without Government that featured Carne Ross, an ex FCO employee who resigned on principle over the Iraq War. Did anyone else catch it ?

  • Republicofscotland

    I can’t wait to eat American meat washed with ammonia, bleached and treated with antibiotics…hmmm yummy.

    Along side that lovely meat I’ll have my Monsanto GM crop vegetables, yum yum, must eat your greens now.

  • Republicofscotland

    I can’t wait to eat American meat washed with ammonia, bleached and treated with antibiotics…hmmm yummy.

    Along side that lovely meat I’ll have my Monsanto GM crop vegetables, yum yum, must eat your greens now.

  • Republicofscotland

    I can’t wait to eat American meat washed with ammonia, bleached and treated with antibiotics…hmmm yummy.

    Along side that lovely meat I’ll have my Monsanto GM crop vegetables, yum yum, must eat your greens now.


  • Julian

    I have to say that I saw the first episode of Dr Who, and feel like I must contest Craig’s boast/statement that he has seen more eps than me 🙂

  • pietra

    At least a tennis match is over within hours. Poor us, we have to sit through a whole lot of drivel, for, now eight days, while expectantly waiting for this bloggers’ next wise thoughts. In purely semantic terms, I wonder below what frequency a blog (ahem, web log, log in the sense of diary) ceases to be a blog, and simply disappears up its own chimney flue.

    • John Spencer-Davis

      You could consider checking the site, say, once per day, then leaving immediately to do something else if there is no new post from Craig Murray. That might be more productive than whining about other people’s drivel while posting your own. J

  • Sharp Ears

    Dr Fox, purveyor of snake oil, appears to be prevaricating on his chlorinated chicken proposal. Just a ruse probably.

    This is the reality of US meat production. UK’s?? who knows.

    Five Gross Ways Your Meat Is Kept Safe to Eat
    by Martha Rosenberg / May 9th, 2014
    It is no secret that in the war against meat pathogens in commercial U.S. meat production, the pathogens are winning. The logical result of the tons of antibiotics that Big Meat gives livestock (not because they are sick but to fatten them) is clear: antibiotics that no longer work against antibiotic-resistant diseases like staph (MRSA), enterococci (VRE) and C.difficile. Antibiotic resistant infections, once limited to hospitals and nursing homes, are now in the community and have been found on Florida public beaches and on the highway behind a poultry truck . Big Meat has found some novel ways to retard the growth of salmonella, E.coli and listeria on commercially grown meat–but it does not necessarily want people to know about them and they are conspicuously absent from labels.
    Chlorine baths
    Carbon Monoxide
    Other “Safe and Suitable” Ingredients You Don’t Know You’re Eating

  • reel guid

    Coronation Chicken was invented to mark the start of the Queen’s reign.

    65 years into that reign and the Tories are presenting her with Chlorination Chicken.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    What’s to prevent Donald Trump sacking Sessions, and putting Rudy Giuliani in his place who then nominates Donald Jr. to be the next Pardon Attorney who then pardons you-know-who!

    Forget what the law experts are contending. Wonder what Dr Who will make of it.

  • Doug Scorgie

    July 23, 2017 at 14:00
    “Oh dear, Jeremy Corbyn, according to this has said, that EU immigrants have destroyed British workers conditions.”

    Not quite RoS.

    He said: Mass immigration from the European Union has been USED to destroy the conditions of British workers.

    That is, used by recruitment agencies and companies.

    Corbyn: “…this practice by agencies, who are quite disgraceful the way they do it – recruit a workforce, low paid – and bring them here in order to dismiss an existing workforce in the construction industry, then pay them low wages.”

    • Republicofscotland


      Id imagine that practice occurs throughout the EU. I imagine that those crews do the jobs that Brits turn their noses up at.

      Don’t look to Corbyn to change low wages in the sectors that these crews work in, the CBI are pro-Zero Hour contracts. Bucks palace and the National Trust are just two of many who support Zero Hours contracts.

      Id like to see Corbyn reform the CBI and Buck palace, who employ over 350 people on Zero Hours contracts. It just won’t happen, infact in my opinion after we leave the EU, wages and workers conditions will continue to decline.


  • Arby

    I’ve been a Doctor Who for many years. My sister’s partner, who is Welsh, is a millwright in Ajax, Ontario. He knows machines. And he has built a functioning Dalek. Doctor Who folks at conventions he goes to with his Dalek are impressed, calling the machine studio ready. But Peter, my sister’s partner, doesn’t get why I like Doctor Who. He says he doesn’t get it. Who can’t get entertainment. Even the program known as the Oracle, in the Matrix, likes candy. Okay, She’s not real. But she’s got a point. We aren’t machines. We need entertainment too.

    Personally, I’d rather that we didn’t have the Doctor take a female turn. But maybe I’m not looking at this right. I’m not really that upset about it. I’m sure I will get used to it.

  • Sharp Ears

    Craig gets a mention in Pravda.

    “Ambassador Murray Says that There Was No Russian Hacking”: John Kiriakou
    In the following talking to Pravda Report, former CIA agent John Kiriakou depicts the events, especially the meeting and the allegedly Russian espionage on US campaign heralded by US media without any evidence, never proved, on the contrary: all evidences have pointed out to an “inside job.”


    • Tony_0pmoc


      I have no interest in seeing an English or Welsh iron ring. I do however like visiting places of original historic interest. However even some of them, have been almost completely rebuilt within living and actual memory.

      Take Stonehenge for example. Most people naturally assume its been like that for an extremely long time.



      • Republicifscotland

        Tony Re Stonehenge, the last private owner of it was a wealthy barrister named Cecil Chubb (no link to Chubb locks). He bought it for his wife, she, wasn’t particularly thrilled by it, so Chubb, donated Stonehenge to the country.

        Stonehenge isn’t as old as say the Ring of Brodgar, on Orkney.

        Incidently the last private resident/owner of 10 Downing street, was a Mr Chicken. ?

  • Tony_0pmoc

    There are some people on the net, I have enormous respect for to the extent, that I sometimes consider and even do at least try and send them a small token of appreciation. I admit, I rarely do this – I prefer to buy their books – if they’ve written any.

    One such website is The Moon of Alabama – though I haven’t actually sent this guy any money – but may yet..

    If what he has written here is true (which is almost impossible to believe) then we all have a lot of reasons to be worried. Bernhard occassionally goes into a sulk, but only for the reasons of journalistic integrity. I don’t quite know what to make of this. Yemen have virtually no resources – and many thousands of them are starving to death, or sufferring atrocious cholera – whilst we are still bombing them. How can this be true, unless the Chinese have joined in too. Why can’t all these little problems be sorted out by diplomatic talk and negotiations rather than lobbing missiles at each other.

    “Yemeni Forces Create Heat Wave In Saudi Arabia”



    • Sharp Ears

      The images on this link shock.

      25 July 2017 at 6:00pm
      Yemen’s severely starved children now threatened by world’s worst cholera outbreak
      Play video
      The severely starved young victims of the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis are now under threat from the worst recorded cholera outbreak in history, as witnessed in disturbing new footage filmed by ITV News.

      The western Asian nation of Yemen has been blighted by a civil war now in its third year and is staving off looming famine through foreign aid alone.

      Now it is gripped by a battle against an unprecedented outbreak of cholera, which rapidly spreads through contaminated food and water.


      • Brianfujisan

        Sharp Ears… And Tony

        Thanks for Links

        I’ve been following the Yemenicide .. Fkn Sickening what we are aiding. MSM UK. U.S up to their necks in Death..

        The Cholera –

        Yemen Cholera Worst on Record and Numbers Still Rising
        Oxfam said today. At over 360,000 suspected cholera cases in just three months since the outbreak started,
        Meantime… WHO Cancels Shipment of 500,000 Cholera Vaccines to Yemen… Fuckin Excuses..WHERE the FK are the UN.. Nowhere Cowards, Traitors of International Laws

        War Crimes, Genocide, and Mass Starvation

        Yemen is home to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), the brand of al-Qaeda that Washington previously regarded as the deadliest. It is also home to ISIS because the terror group capitalized on the instability and managed to latch itself onto a decent foothold in the war-torn country. Yet Saudi Arabia is not targeting either of these two groups. Further, the Houthi rebels are actually sworn enemies of these two violent terror groups; if Washington were genuine in prosecuting its war against al-Qaeda, then the Houthis would technically be a natural ally.
        So who are the Saudis bombing? Civilians, plain and simple.
        On October 8, 2016, an aerial bombardment targeted a crowded funeral in Sana’a, the capital of Yemen. According to the U.N., more than 140 Yemenis were killed and at least 525 others were injured. The aftermath of this attack was aptly dubbed a “lake of blood.”
        To date, the coalition has struck well over 100 hospitals, as well as wedding parties, refugee camps, food trucks, factories, transport routes, agricultural land, residential areas, and schools, to name a few.
        According to Martha Mundy, professor emeritus at the London School of Economics, the Saudi coalition has been hitting agricultural land. Noting just 2.8 percent of Yemen’s land is cultivated, she has argued that
        “[t]o hit that small amount of agricultural land, you have to target it.”


        • Peter Beswick

          As Iraq and Syria has proved, it is very problematic trying to get all the sides together to kill each other.

          Poisoning wells is cheap and efficient.

      • Laguerre

        I am certain the Saudis are organising a genocide of the Houthis. That is why they won’t give up on the war. After all, it was Bandar bin Sultan who said that the Shi’a needed to disappear from the face of the earth. Of course, the fact their ally is conducting a genocide is no problem for the UK or US; they don’t appear to have any inherent objection to genocide.

        By the way in checking the Wiki bio of Bandar, I came across this statement, which I had always thought to be true, but hadn’t seen the proof before:

        “According to investigators [of Yamama], there was “no distinction between the accounts of the embassy, or official government accounts […], and the accounts of the royal family.” ”

        Now you know how the Saudis finance the jihadis in Syria, but also deny any involvement to the West. Of course these denials are only in English to the West, not in Arabic, as the Angry Arab reminds us.

        • nevermind

          yes Laguerre, but the word genocide is not being used as we watch the slow annihilation of the Houthi’s on our screens. Who will be next? the majority Shia population of Bahrain? Will the Saudi terror sympathisers owning large amounts of properties in the UK be fighting Shia’s here in Britain?
          We are fuelling this divide by selling arms to both sides, and we keep this conflict going with NATO, however we like, whether its in cooperation with Shia’s fighting Sunni’s in Mosul, or by fighting Shias in Syria by helping the disparate Sunni terror groups funded by Saudi Arabia.
          Making and selling arms is a massive business our economies depend on in the west, there is not one political party, bar the Greens, that does oppose arms production, only for domestic defence.

          I was Spartacus, now I’m Dr. Who…..;)

          • giyane

            hi nevermind

            The answer is easy in relation to Muslims. Whoever raises his voice, let alone his hand, against another Muslim. or makes takfir of another person who believes in God and the last messenger SAW is committing an act of disobedience to God and whoever considers him/herself to be a Muslim and kills another Muslim is no longer a Muslim.

            The takfiri groups have only one invented premise for their takfir, that our prophet SAW told the Muslims to kill the Muslims that were helping the enemies of Islam before proceeding to kill their enemies themselves. The takfirist are all in league with the enemies of Islam, so why don’t they do us all a favour and kill themselves?

            I suggest the sacrifice period at the end of hajj might be a suitable occasion at which the Saudi leaders, Erdogan and others might like to present themselves for ritual extinction as punishment for their murderous crimes.

            The other war criminals like Bush, Obama, Blair and Cameron could easily be brought to book under the Geneva Convention if they had not already cancelled that legislative legacy by their previous actions. Therefore the legislation relating to their own personal protection has already been uprooted by their own hands. It is a citizen’s duty to arrest them if seen in public.

            But while we are waiting for their due process and ultimate executions, the political parties with which they have historically been part of should be proscribed and banned. That covers Tory, Labour and Lib Dems. I’m sure they would sort it all out as to who actually gets the chop if they followed the rules of party politics and voted for the interests of justice instead of along party lines.

            The idea that politicians are somehow immune from the law has been tried, and labelled fascism. Don’t worry, instead of retiring to their walled gardens in the leafy shires, they’ll be ablke to practise ‘flame art’ and ‘creative smoke designs’.

          • nevermind

            The worst arms are not regulated, well they are trying to regulate nukes, but they have clearly failed with the nuclear non proliferation treaty.
            Military Drones are not regulated, but civilian drones are, again a fudge.
            Chemical weapons are also on the butchers block since Bush jr. got Jose Bustani fired, just when he was about to sign up Saddam Hussain to become the 140th. member to relinquish chemical weapons.
            Humanity is crap at regulating its arms, more concerned with regulating the life’s of its people with rigmarole, taxes and regulations, not a very peace loving species, however much they pretend.
            I deliberately left the words Muslim and religion out of my first part, because these terms are used like toilet paper, daily often and mostly with negative connotations attached. I also reject the use of religion to excuse behaviour fit for animals, its never done in my name, atheists are not really recognised for anything, still they have to endure this truly inhumane twaddle that pervades some people’s life’s and has them enthralled,spiritually stifled, putty in the hands of preachers, whichever religion it is. I reject having my life guided by false moralising child abusers, failed people who are projecting their bain on to others.
            Now I’m feeling sick for just talking about the global nature of indoctrination, its worse than any drug I have knowledge of.

      • Sharp Ears

        I meant to say that the ITV report is mealy mouthed in saying, firstly, that it refers to a ‘civil war’ and secondly, that the Saudi Arabian bombing of that benighted country is only referred to in links.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    So why is the Trump administration refusing to publicly complain about Russia’s and others recent cyber attacks when President Obama while he was still in office expelled 35 Russians from the country for doing the same?

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        A better answer is that state hackers usually operate under diplomatic cover, and the Russians have many facilities along the USA’s East Coast which completely refutes what the deniers of Moscow’s cyber attacks aka hacks during Trump’s election are claiming.

    • Laguerre

      Perhaps because there’s no proof those attacks were launched by Russia? That seems the obvious answer to your question.

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        Don’t embassies belong to the countries which own them, and why did Obama seize all those privately owned Russian buildings?

        Here absence of clear proof only exists in closed minds.

        • Loony

          The sequestration of other peoples property by Obama is proof of nothing other than the lawlessness of the US government.

          If Russia has committed a crime with regard to US elections then why not provide some proof?

          I am aware that the general level of critical thinking appears to be in terminal decline – but your arguments might be somewhat ahead pf the curve. Consider if one was to posit that Ted Bundy was an American serial killer and that you are an American and therefore you are associated with serial killing. Can you see how ridiculous your argument truly is?

          • Trowbridge H. Ford

            Why not provide proof? By the time Obama acted, Trump’s people had already stolen the election.

            And I have an alibi for not being connected to Ted Bundy, as I written about how US authorities expanded his alleged acts, and exaggerated their consequenecs.

            Why don’t you identify yourself so that we can look to see if you are really loony?

          • Loony

            Making an unsupported statement does not constitute proof of anything.

            If “Trump’s people stole the election” then how did they do it? What was the specific modus operandi and where is the evidence?

            Take Ohio as an example Trump won in Montgomery County by less than 2,000 votes. Clinton won in Lorain County by less than 150 votes. Did Trump “steal” Montgomery County, and if so how? Why did he not steal Lorain County? It would seem reasonable to suppose that “stealing” a county like Lorain should have been relatively straightforward. Why would Trump overlook the chance to steal this county?

            What is the thesis? and where is the evidence? Absent answers to these questions then your comments are nothing more than baseless smears very much in the mold of Herr Goebbels who has a thing or two to say about the value of lying on an industrial scale.

          • Trowbridge H. Ford

            You, as usual. are just barking up the the wrong tree,

            Trump er al. stole the election by saying that the first thing he would do as POTUS was to see to the locking up of Hillary for her crimes which FBI Director James Comey helped by allowing Trump to take his place in any inquiry about the fake claims, and then denying the help when it had cemented The Donald’s election.

            Only loons believe that fixing an election is only a question of counting the ballots in this electronic age.

          • Loony

            By obvious definition all politicians say things. All politicians say all kind of things – some of them true, most of them not. In the UK there was a political party who promised not to raise university fees. Immediately they entered government they voted to triple university fees. Were they acting at the behest of the Russians?

            Pretty much every UK politician claims that immigration needs to come down whilst simultaneously enacting policies designed to increase immigration. Is this explicable by the fact that they are following Russian orders?

            James Comey is an idiot of the highest order. So what? there are idiots everywhere. Look at the lies spun by British SIS to justify the bombing of the foreign man. Only last week someone called Cressida Dick (who is apparently some kind of British police woman) announced that the spate of acid attacks had been imported into the UK via the Caribbean and Latin America. Another obvious lie, within an obvious motivation to deflect attention away from the true source. Why would Russia want to sponsor random acid attacks in the UK?

            Not everyone that tells lies, and behaves in a stupid manner are acting at the behest of Russians.

            Even if, what you say is true – then why the voters persuaded in Ohio but not in California? Is your latest contention that people from Ohio are congenitally stupid and more prone to manipulation than the enlightened masses of California?

            Given that Clinton won the popular vote but lost on the basis of the electoral college then Trump and Comey must be demographic experts the like of which the world has never seen.

          • Trowbridge H. Ford

            Trump and the Russians winning was a long shot which only succeeded. thanks to Comeys interference in the rust belt states aka disgruntled whitey ones of Wisconsin, Michigan. and Pennsylvania

            They just turned up lucky,

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    No wonder that President Obama tried to keep Craig out of the States as he knew that the established leaker would only compound the issue of Russian hacking, and once let in, he did.

    Just shows the limits people with hatreds don’t have.

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