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I just had to sit through a whole bloody tennis match to find out about the new Dr Who.

I remember watching the first transformation, from William Hartnell to Patrick Troughton, with my sister when I was 8. The transformation itself was the most technically amazing thing then seen on TV, and I remember distinctly our deciding we liked Troughton a lot more, with his cheery trews and little flute. People forget that Hartnell’s Dr Who was himself part of what was scarey about the original series, a rather more alien character than subsequent doctors.

Anyway there are probably few people alive who have watched more Dr Who than I have over 50 years. (There, that’s an unexpected confession about my private life). And I cannot see any problem at all with a female appearing doctor. It is an alien life form, for goodness sake. If it can travel through time, regenerate and always speak English despite being from Gallifrey, it can appear in different humanoid sexual roles.

What Dr Who requires is an excellent character actor, full stop. And the series has been astonishingly, if not uniformly, well served.

But there will only ever be one Tom Baker.

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  • giyane

    God is Great.
    Senator John McCunt McCain one of the main architects of the Al Qaida and IS ravaging of Islam and Muslims in the world has been diagnosed with an equally nasty and malignant form of brain cancer.
    ” Anyone who persecutes the Muslim men and the Muslim women will be in the fire of Jahannam unless they repent. Never forget My words. ” God says in the Qur’an.

      • giyane

        Yes Ba’al in fact my next door neighbour’s father died of the same last year. Very distressing for everyone. But that’s not the point. This morning the BBC news and internet search engines were presenting this utterly devious war criminal as a subject for pity as if the whole world is unaware that he is an evil US-exceptionalist neocon.

        I already smashed my keyboard into pieces over Bob Apposite’s support for US criminality against Islam. Today I could no longer stay at work, I had to come home, because the MSM continue to pretend that nothing has happened in the last 30 years, just a bunch of evil Muslims turned up for no reason to deplete the United Kingdom.

        If you didn’t present a counter narrative to the MSM, honestly people’d start signing petitions for the NHS to fly him in for emergency neo-colonal irrigation to stimulate his brain-stem endo-morphins.
        Which bit of neo-colonial neo-liberal War crimes by David Cameron, William Hague, Tony Blair, George Bush and Obama, does the BBC and MSM think We don’t understand?

    • Michael McNulty

      When George “the French don’t have a word for imbecile” W Bush would talk about God I wondered what George will do when he dies if there is a God but He prefers the name Allah?

  • giyane

    Peace on you. Is Craig in South-East Turkey to negotiate the surrender of Islam to USUKIS as he previously negotiated the surrender of the Soviet Union and the transfer of eastern Europe to USUKIS?
    The Muslims of the Middle East will never accept the imposition by USUKIS and the EU of the Muslim Brotherhood or Al Qaida as leaders of their religion. Be warned. Hell will break loose if the EU tries to impose these kafirs as leaders onto Islam.

    Great crocodile tears for the slaughter of Muslims, but underneath you are all cheering for .the Crusader team.

    • giyane

      Mods have deleted the DUP-style verbal abuse from Fujisan and nevermind to which I was replying.

      • nevermind

        DUP style? You really think,. and are backed up in this fallacy, that those of us who feel crowded by religiously challenged, cults and misbehaving ………….. paedophiles, please feel free to choose which religion to add, they are all at it, can be construed with the religiously challenged political wing of a paramilitary outfit in NI?
        That is at best a poor comparison
        Why should atheists have to suffer this century old misguidance? on a daily basis? We don’t have anyone cajoling to us to forgive and repent, or offer the other cheek.
        But in this case, this atheist forgives you Giyanne, for you are not yourself.

        • giyane

          What I believed all my life before coming into Islam is exactly the same as my present beliefs. The difference is that this society considers my beliefs to be Wrong. The Gospel says that another prophet will come, confirming every thing that he, Jesus pbuh, had said and making all things clear.
          The Christian or Jewish translators then transliterated the name Muhammad in the Kurdish/ Aramaic texts into the Kurdish / Aramaic word muhammee meaning ‘advocate’ and thereby avoided the necessity of revealing the full prophecy contained in the original texts that Jesus would be followed by the last and great prophet, in whom they believed but didn’t want to acknowledge, our prophet of Islam may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him, Muhammad saw.

          I believe I was in my early 40s when I discovered the Judaeo-christian scholars’ scam against the truth of Islam that their own texts clearly pointed to. If you think about it, Jesus pbuh makes a prophecy and 2000 years later this prophecy appears not to have come into fruition. No, the scholars suppressed the truth. And the Queen is still sqwatting on the truth like a frog on a precious jewel. I wonder why that would be?

          • Phil the ex-frog


            Thanks for the response. I do enjoy your irreverence towards (earthly?) power but, as you know, have a different take on how we best reject what most appalls us about ourselves. I am intrigued about conversion. I need to carry on digging (in the literal sense) right now – hopefully that labour will help clarify what I want to say/ask.

            Meantime here’s one thought you may like to comment on*: Christianity teaches that money is the root of all evil. Islam teaches charity. Therefore, if inequality is antiethical to a goal of peace and justice, Islam could be seen as a regressive step designed to better manage the aspirations of the revolutionary masses. A bit like the Labour Party.

            *obviously I refer to (what I understand to be) the original teachings not subsequent (mis)interpretations/distortions.

    • Sharp Ears

      Begging your pardon Giyane but I for one am not m definitely not cheering for any Crusader team.

  • Republicofscotland

    Whilst Brits and the ever compliant tabloids ponder over the pros and cons of a female Dr Who, the worst outbreak of Cholera since modern records began is affecting the war ravaged oppressed people of Yemen.

    It is expected that over 600,000 Yemeni’s will contract the disease. At least 2000 people have already died of Cholera, with malnutrition and poverty rife in the impovershied country.

    The UNHCR say that, the figure could be the low-end if the estimate, and that urgent medical treatment is required in Yemen.

    The West is quick to cry out over Assad’s supposed treatment of Syrian’s yet very little has been said over the Saudi (West backed) slaughter and travesty that is occuring in Yemen.

    • Mark DC

      The malnutrition and poverty in the impoverished country might have something to do with the fact that 60% of cultivated land in Yemen is given over to the production of khat, a physcoactive substance.

      90% of adults, 70% women and 20% of children under 12 chew the drug. It is a nation of drug addicts.

      • Republicofscotland

        “The malnutrition and poverty in the impoverished country might have something to do with the fact that 60% of cultivated land in Yemen is given over to the production of khat, a physcoactive substance.”

        More likely that the Saudi blockade that prevents Yemen a country that imports most of it food, is the main factor, that and the relentless attacks by Saudi forces backed by the West and Israel.

  • Andrew Morton

    William Hartnell was the only Doctor I liked. The rest (apart from, maybe, Peter Capaldi) couldn’t match him.

  • nevermind

    The second stage of the Brexit negotiations have passed and on the first three points , the bills left for causes we agreed to, the rights of UK citizens visa vis EU citizens here, as well as the Border issues in Ireland, the UK failed to come up with a comprehensive policy or resolve.
    The three issues are closely linked and can’t be taken out of context or separated.

    EU rights, applying to the 1.2 million British expats after Brexit, should also be available to the 3.2 million EU citizens living here, but this Government is behaving cagey and only want to give EU citizens a status akin to second class, that is unacceptable to any of the 27 states.
    Everything in the UK’s negotiating position reeks of non payment of signed obligations, massive changes in services here, why else would they not want to accept EUHR legislation, and of a step back into the pasts violence and border skirmishes.

    Not that we hear much of it.

  • Sharp Ears

    Largest annual crime rise for 10 years
    Violent crime is up 18% in England and Wales, with the overall crime rate rising by 10%.

    Nothing to do with OSS-TERRY-TEE or police cuts of course

    Nick Hurd Police Minister is quoted –
    ‘Nick Hurd, minister for policing and the fire service, said the links between police numbers and crime “are not as clear as people think”. But he said the government is listening to police concerns over funding.

    “What we hear very clearly from the police at all levels is a message ‘look we feel very stretched, we feel very strained at the moment’,” he said.

    “We cannot, as a government, be deaf to that.”

    Mr Hurd said although the rise in the ONS figures was partly because of “better recording by forces”, the fact that “some of the increases may be genuine” means that “clearly there is more we must do to tackle the violent crimes which blight communities”.

    He outlined the latest government action, which includes:
    An urgent plan to tackle the rise of acid attacks
    A proposal to strengthen the laws on knife crime
    A Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill, which aims to provide victims with both support and justice, backed by £100m of funding’

    The fire service is on a knife edge. 33% cut in staff numbers locally. They have to call in other counties to help in major fires. A community hospital recently burnt down. Previously NHS but handed over to some private outfit. I bet the state will pay for its replacement (if it is replaced and the site not flogged off to developers) and not the private company.

    The prisons are in a mess too.

    GO Theresa. GO NOW.

    • Michael McNulty

      Apparently crimes committed against under-16s are not included. There can be nothing more nonsensical than that because the under-16s are surely the most vulnerable to assault, robbery and murder.

    • giyane

      The Tory party created a platform for racism in the Brexit referendum, and then interpreted the outcome in absolutely racist terms. in other words a lot of latent racism has been legitimised by leaders Cameron and May successively, and thus been ‘weaponised’ by their words into hate=speech and hate-crime. If May went another vile racis, red or blue Tory leader would be waiting in the wings to replace her.
      Please note that there is now a hole in my keyboard where the w used to be.

      • giyane

        Let’s hope a glacier swallows them and they are perfectly preserved in ice until they can be revived in a post-capitalist, post-USUKIS imperialist age , as in Jurassic Park.

  • giyane

    BBC Radio 4 now requires private, personal information including date of birth and email address before permitting access to its Listen Live and Podcast services.

    This is a further intrusion by the state broadcaster into our privacy. The reasons given are for marketing purposes. Is this the deal by the sleazy BBC; We reveal some previously private information about some of our broadcasters and in turn you have to tell us enough about you for us to trace every piece of private information about you.

    Sorry BBC, no deal. You have now officially become part of the UK fascist state. There is no point in listening to people talk unless they and their words can be traced. Where is the legislation that permits the BBC to track its listeners like this? I don’t work for them. I don’t subscribe to them. I don’t believe their privacy policy.
    I don’t like their political bias.

    This is only a very small step from forcing people to belong to a union or a political party in order to get a job or receive other benefits. If the state broadcaster can find out who is reproducing their bias for further exposure than the split-second transmission time, they can target those responsible for not towing the official state line more easily.

    I totally condemn this latest move as proto-fascist.

  • Sharp Ears

    Jack Straw’s Terrorism Act 2000 landed this young woman into police custody for interrogation at Doncaster airport. Her crime? Reading a book on Syrian art on a Thomson flight to Turkey last year. She has demanded an apology from the airline whose staff reported her. It was not forthcoming. Therefore she is taking them to court.


    The Act. There are yards of it. This is Schedule 7 alone.

    • Mark DC

      “Her lawyers told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme she believes she was singled out because of her race.”

      No it was probably because of her religion. Is she going for compo?

  • Republicofscotland

    I know nothing is agreed till it’s all agreed, but Brussels has taken a hard line stance over Brexit, in early negotiations.

    David Davis has been taken aback by Brussels declaring that British citizens living in the EU will lose their right to freedom of movement after Brexit.

    Brussels followed up by adding, that Brits would have very limited use of the European Health Card system after Brexit.

    Brussels also blocked plans by Britain, to carry out criminal record checks on EU nationals who apply for settled status after Brexit.

    Brexit will be a unmitigated disaster for these discontented islands.

    • reel guid

      It’s outrageous how these Johnny Foreigners don’t appreciate the debt they owe to Anglo-Saxons, who initiated and invented just about everything worth initiating and inventing in the history of the world. They ought to be showing due deference and an awareness of their inferiority. As for those Celts, it’s high time to teach them another lesson about knowing their place.

    • giyane

      Tory intellectual flea-brain. Brits don’t assume they can retain all the rights they have enjoyed in Europe at the same time as restricting others’ rights. So Why does the minister? It really is quite disturbing how dim this government is. Anyone who has a policy of eating one’s own vomit , i.e. creating Islamic terror and then having to deal with its backlash, is so dim one wonders how they got the title of Ministry of Intelligence. Yes you trash MI5 and MI6. The higher up the food chain the thinner the oxygen, the dimmer the twits in power.

  • Republicofscotland

    “Farm subsidies will have to be earned rather than just handed out in future, the Environment Secretary Michael Gove has said in a speech.”

    Well I don’t like to say I told you so, but….

    Anyway those farmers who voted to leave the EU, will in my opinion rue the day. I can see the fishing industry suffer in a similar fashion.


    • giyane

      It’s patently obvious Mrs May intends to legislate for GM crops. Blair is constantly arguing for the use of GM food here. The new Trump deal will put us on a level with bankrupt and suicidal farmers of India

  • mog

    A couple of articles the past two days that (finally) broach the topic of Lexit.
    Can we have a significant redistribution of wealth and a concerted re-nationalisation program in the UK (i.e. a Corbyn government) whilst in the EU?
    These articles challenge Craig’s position I would say:

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Too bad Dr Who was sacked before its plot to overthrow Thatcher succeeded, though it was alleady afoot with Geoffrey Howe and George Younger jumping ship.

    Looks like Trump is in similar straits with his chief counsel Marc Kasovitz being demoted, and incrasing threats of Special Counsel Robert Mueller being sacked.

    Wound it Kasovitz has second thoughts about Associate Justice Antonin Scalia having died of natural causes, and about President Trump’s conflicts of interets.

  • Sharp Ears

    Back to Dr Who!

    Two former Doctors clash over Jodie Whittaker casting

    ‘Two ex-Time Lords have had a war of words over Jodie Whittaker being cast as TV’s first female Doctor.

    Peter Davison, who played the Doctor from 1981 to 1984, said he “liked the idea” of a male Doctor and that he felt “a bit sad” the character might no longer be “a role model for boys”.

    His comments were promptly dubbed “rubbish” by his successor Colin Baker.

    “You don’t have to be of a gender to be a role model,” said the actor, who portrayed the Doctor from 1984 to 1986.

    “Can’t you be a role model as people?”‘

    Judging from the photos, Colin Baker has been at the pies.

    • glenn_uk

      “Judging from the photos, Colin Baker has been at the pies.

      What the hell has that got to do with anything – bit of a spiteful and uncalled for statement, isn’t it? Got anything against Colin Baker personally, or is this simply one of your standard mean-spirited comments?

  • nevermind

    At a summit of EU eastern bloc leaders, Netanyahu has called the EU’s precondition for closer trade ties, i.e resolving the Israeli – Palestinian conflict, as ‘ its crazy, I think its actually crazy’.
    This was followed by ‘Europe is undermining its security by undermining Israel’.
    Don’t know what others think about it, but that sounds to me like a threat, not a declaration of facts.
    This comment, a day after clashes between Muslim worshippers and police/IDF, over metal detectors being placed at entrances to the temple mount, is highly provocative and aggressive, not very promising for EU trade relations to change under his regime.

  • reel guid

    Corbyn has announced a tour next month of 18 SNP held Westminster seats. Which if Labour did win them – and that is unlikely since Labour’s vote in Scotland in the GE was almost as bad as it was in their 2015 Scottish debacle, and in many seats was actually worse – Corbyn would not have reduced the Tory majority by one seat.

    If Jeremy wants to do anything in Scotland to defeat the Tories then the best thing he can do is tell his Scottish leader not to encourage voters in SNP versus Tory marginal to vote Tory. That’s what she did in the recent GE. It resulted in 13 Tory seats in Scotland.

    It’s against Labour Party rules to urge voters to vote for another party. So Jezza could make it clear that any repeat by any Labour member of Kezia’s stupidity – caused by insane hatred of the SNP due to ultra British nationalism – will result in disciplinary action.

    But of course he won’t. As Jeremy’s planned tour shows, he’s just as Britnat and just as stupid as Kez.

    • Stu

      “If Jeremy wants to do anything in Scotland to defeat the Tories then the best thing he can do is tell his Scottish leader not to encourage voters in SNP versus Tory marginal to vote Tory. That’s what she did in the recent GE. It resulted in 13 Tory seats in Scotland.”

      She did nothing of the kind.

      • reel guid

        She did. In a SKY TV interview on May 20th she framed the election in Scotland around her obsession with the SNP losing seats. She first said that Labour were best placed to beat the SNP in most seats in Scotland. And then she said that in some others in rural areas it was the Tories who were in second place.

        Dugdale was clearly encouraging a Tory vote in some places otherwise she simply wouldn’t have mentioned the SNP v Tory marginal seats. She might not have said “Vote Tory in Moray” or “Vote Tory in Gordon” but her verbal implication amounted to just that.

        • Stu

          So you think that a Sky News interview three weeks before the election where Dugdale stated something totally obvious was the defining factor in the SNP seat losses to the Tories?

          There aren’t enough Labour voters in Moray(5000 in 2015) or Gordon (3500) to make a difference. There are two seats where a Labour to Tory swing might have made a significant difference, Ayr and Stirling. But even there the same factors that were seen right across Scotland were at play their too.

          Blaming the Tory resurgence on a single Dugdale interview rather than a crap SNP campaign and their fatal problem of trying to be a party for the whole of Scotland which is impossible. The Tories got a massive boost from the BBC promoting them as the party of No to Indyref2 however as much as that cost the SNP a few seats it arguable saved them more in Glasgow and Lanarkshire. If there is another election this year tactical voting and Corbyn will see the SNP down to single figures.

          • reel guid

            I never said Dugdale was the only factor. But she did indirectly but clearly urge people to vote Tory.

            As for Corbyn. When he descends from his non-elitist cloud next month to begin the reconquest of Caledonia, he’ll be offering guess what? Brexit and Trident.

            Dugdale is a Red Tory. Corbyn is a Marxian Tory. They’re both shit.

        • Stu

          Marxist Tory…. priceless.

          Brexit was settled on 23/6/16. The terms of Brexit are still up in the air but it would be madness for Labour to set out a definite position and alienate voters when Brexit is at the moment not their responsibility. Labour will try and bring down the Government over the great repeal bill and if they manage to do so they will have to set out a clearer vision in the next election.

          Corbyn opposes Trident. The Labour Party as a whole doesn’t. It’s similar to the Royal Family. It’s not the hill to die on in 2017. The priority for the left of Labour has to be to build an electoral coallition to oppose austerity, save the NHS and the education system, fix the housing crisis, reform the tax system and create an economy that works for everyone via fiscal policy. This is a big enough platform, there is no need to focus on Trident, Nato, the Royals or technical details like monetarism or electoral reform.

          I support Scottish independence but it is years away and the SNP don’t even seem to want Indyref2. Right now there is a chance to alter the course the UK is taking and attempt to end 40 years of Thatcherism. Corbyn and Labour are the only way this can be achieved. The current government are killing people in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. They are murdering people in Yemen. It must stop.

          • reel guid

            Marxian Tory. Not Marxist Tory.

            There always is a group of people who support Scottish independence and who always say it is years away, so there must be other priorities.

            It’s called stringing people along.

          • Stu

            How many years do you expect to wait? Do you not think it’s a good idea to make sure that hospitals and schools are funded in the meantime?

            The reality is that the SNP apparatus are happy governing and the Tories won’t be allowing any more referendums (think Spain). We are going to have to live in the UK for a while yet.

          • reel guid

            Scottish hospitals won’t be funded if we stay in the union. With Barnett it means that the Holyrood budget will be reduced drastically to be in line with the privatised NHS down south.

            The Spanish government disallows a referendum for Catalonia because it maintains that it would be unconstitutional. The UK government can’t use that excuse since Cameron signed the Edinburgh Agreement in 2012.

            The Tories have no right to refuse a referendum since the Scottish Parliament supplied a mandate to the Scottish Government for one. And there will be a referendum even without a Section 30 Order from Westminster.

            You want Scotland to needlessly knuckle down to Toryism or even Tory inspired Brexit under Corbyn.
            What a barricade stormer you are!

            Che Guevara and Rosa Luxemburg would have been mightily impressed with you.

          • fred

            Back in 2014 Britain was in and expected to stay in Europe meaning rUK wouldn’t have been able to impose a hard independence on Scotland with border controls and trade tariffs, oil was $110 a barrel so the SNP could make promises of riches, there was a huge democratic imbalance between Scotland and England and still the result wasn’t even close.

            Those days have gone now, everything has changed for the worse for the Nationalists.

          • carl

            scottish independence has become a pipe dream. there is no chance of another referendum being held, much less won. there was a one in a lifetime opportunity, when all the stars seemed to be aligned. now it’s gone.

          • reel guid

            Yeah that’s right. Brexit is going to be so wonderful that no one’s going to think about independence.

          • fred

            We don’t know reel guid, no doubt there will be swings and roundabouts. Myself I am hoping for the best possible Brexit for the sake of all the people of Britain especially Scotland.

            I get the impression the Nationalists are praying for the worst possible Brexit because it would further their cause and hang the people of Scotland.

          • mog

            I agree with Stu’s position.
            If you are of the Scottish Left, the most politically realistic path towards the societal transformation (that I think you want) is to transform the Labour Party.
            I am not sure what the membership of Labour want with regard to Trident but I would hazard a guess that it would be voted down if policy was genuinely in the hands of that membership. The manifesto is clearly a compromise, Corbyn has been secretary of CND for frigs sake.
            As for Brexit, there is a growing realisation that a genuine break from the tyrrany of Neoliberalism is only feasible outsie the top down structures of the EU. (see articles linked above).
            If the surge for independence for Scotland is/was about anything more than rank nationalist sentiment (i.e. about the chance of real progressive societal change) then look at the hand we all face, it’s Labour vs. the Tories.

          • Republicofscotland

            The British government lied over Brexit, as they did on Scottish independence in 2014. They couldn’t be trusted then and they certainly cant be trusted now over Brexit.

            Holyrood has a mandate for a second indyref, a hard Brexit, which a certain degree of the British government wants, will hopefully trigger that second indyref.

          • fred

            The British government opposed Brexit, all three main parties campaigned against it.

            The Nationalists got the result they were praying for.

          • Republicofscotland

            I didn’t say that they did not oppose Brexit, I said they lied over Brexit. First they claimed it would be very bad for Britain to leave the EU, then after the leave vote won, they claimed that Brexit would be a great success.

          • Republicofscotland

            Of course Brexit won’t be a disaster for everbody, no, if you’re a Japanese car manufacturer, you’ll have your rubber stamped guarantee from the Tories that you’ll not lose out.

            Or if you are a member of the shady elite Square mile of London, you can send your own delegates to Brussels to barter a good deal for the very rich.

            For just about everyone else Brexit means erm…not even the Tories know what Brexit means its, that f*cked up.

            You can’t even depend on Corbyn to keep Britain in the EU, if he became PM, he’s sacking front benchers who defy him and vote to stay in the EU.


            Is it any wonder then Fred, thst you’ve chosen to (so you say anyway) hide out in the Highlands of Scotland.

            You know which side your breads buttered on.

          • fred

            “Is it any wonder then Fred, thst you’ve chosen to (so you say anyway) hide out in the Highlands of Scotland.”


            I have never claimed to be hiding anywhere.

            That is a personal attack, lies and intimidation from the Nationalist Blackshirts.

    • fwl

      I expect the whole fake news fandango from Scaramucci when he asks is this the real life or is this just fantasy.. ..

  • reel guid

    Veteran Welsh Labour MP Ann Clwyd has spoken out and said that Labour should be opposing Brexit.

    She said “It is perfectly legitimate to oppose any course of action that will be bad for Britain, that damages our economy and destroys jobs. And all the evidence is it’s going to do precisely that”.

    There’s the line Corbyn should have been taking. He’s foolishly and needlessly hitched his star to Brexit and it will see off his political challenge.

        • Loony

          Ah yes, so many downsides to leaving the EU.

          If only the UK was fully committed to the EU then it could have sent troops to reinforce the deployment of Austrian armor to the Italian border. Alternatively it could have sent troops to Italy to oppose the Austrian deployment.

          The UK could be demanding ever harsher sanctions against Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic for refusing to take their allotted quota of migrants. Or maybe the UK believes that migrants really are economically beneficial to the host countries and could argue for paying money to Poland, Hungary and the Czech republic due to the damage inflicted on their economies by their racist populations.

          Leaving the EU also forestalls the possibility for UK coffin makers to expand their exports into Greece where the accelerating death rate caused by EU policy means that coffin demand is on the up and up.

          Restrictions on freedom of movement means that UK nationals are unlikely to be considered tor the recent vacancy for the position of Head of the French army.

          Look at the mess the UK economy is in – surely things would be improved if only major UK corporations formed a cartel – perhaps similar to the cartel formed by German car manufacturers. English law is so last century – what is needed is more EU style law – like the laws that allow Volkswagen to lie about the emissions of their vehicles and suffer no consequences. Always remember Donald Trump is the devil because he will not abide by the Paris accords, and that the Germans who abide by no law at all are the only hope.

          • Republicofscotland


            I never did catch what country you come from, is it Europe? Or elsewhere?

    • Republicofscotland

      The Welsh NHS is on its knees, that’s what you get with a Labour government, the English NHS, is a “humanitarian crisis” according to the Red Cross, that’s what you get with a Tory government.

      The SNP government in Scotland has nothing to learn from any of those governments, independence uis the only real way forward.

      • reel guid


        So right. With independence Scotland can have the government it wishes every time. And whichever party or coalition is in power will not have loyalties that reside outwith Scotland. Labour still wants to just use Scotland as it so often has in the past.

    • Republicofscotland

      reel guid.

      Labour has no real sense of itself, its leader is a ardent CND supporter yet Labour’s overall stance is to back the renewal of Trident.

  • Question

    Assad’s line is “Any foreign troops coming to Syria without our invitation or consultation or permission, they are invaders, whether they are American, Turkish, or any other one.” Now this:


    Syria’s letter to the UNSC seems to be treating US armed attack in terms of state responsibility instead of aggression. It specifically mentions compensation.

    Some questions for the usual suspects: Does this moderate Russia’s invocation of the crime of aggression, or supplement it? And why didn’t Syria present its case to the ICJ, which is better positioned to order compensation?

    • Republicofscotland

      RT news has intimated that Syria and Russia may play the legal card, in the sense that the Great Satan has no lawful right in international law to be in the sovereign state of Syria.

      We all know that Assad isn’t a ideal leader, of Syria, but that doesn’t give the Great Satan and its compliant minions the right to infringe on Syrian airspace and territory.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I first heard of Jeremy Corbyn here on Craig’s blog. I think it was even before he became a candidate for the leadership of the labour party. I have just accidentally stumbled across this. It did somewhat surprise me, but some things written in The Daily Mail very occasionally turn out to be true. If this is true, Jeremy Corbyn has significantly gone up in my estimation. I thought Robin Cook and Michael Meacher were the only ones to come close – and look what happened to them. Yes I understand that both deaths could have been natural – especially Meacher’s (my former MP) he was getting on a bit, but I have read Norman Baker’s book on David Kelly



    • fred

      Robin Cook died as a result of hypertensive heart disease. He had had high blood pressure for some considerable time and the muscles of his heart had expanded in the same way a weight lifter’s muscles expand in their arms when they do excessive work over a long period of time. The enlarged muscles meant there wasn’t enough room for blood when he did something strenuous like hill walking and his body was starved of oxygen.

      There isn’t any way to fake that, no way to induce that, no way it could have been anything but natural causes.

      • Republicofscotland

        Depends who the coroner is working for, of course everyone knows that Dr David Kelly committed suicide.

        • Peter Beswick

          7th July 2005 Robin Cook says

          “Bin Laden was, though, a product of a monumental miscalculation by western security agencies. Throughout the 80s he was armed by the CIA and funded by the Saudis to wage jihad against the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. Al-Qaida, literally “the database”, was originally the computer file of the thousands of mujahideen who were recruited and trained with help from the CIA to defeat the Russians. Inexplicably, and with disastrous consequences, it never appears to have occurred to Washington that once Russia was out of the way, Bin Laden’s organisation would turn its attention to the west.”


          Cook dies on 6th August 2005


          Dr David Kelly goes to Iraq to look at Hydrogen Gas Generators that the CIA have said are Mobile Weapon Labs

          The POTUS goes on the telly and said the smoking gun has been found. Twat Blair goes on the telly the day after and says the same.

          At the first opportunity Dr David Kelly tells his NYT contact that President Bush is talking bollocks, he’s lying.

          7th June 2004 the NYT published the story


          16th, 17th or 18th July Kelly is dead.

          Moral of the story: If you have access to US fake secrets and tell you will be whacked. Be set up as a terrorist (Steven Hatfill), paedophile (lots) or member (s) of family or loved ones will be targeted (lots).

          And that’s because the USA cares.

          • Peter Beswick

            If Kelly’s death was universally accepted as Suicide only half the purposes for his death would have satisfied.

          • Peter Beswick


            Kelly was in Iraq 5/6 June 2003 inspecting the Mobile Hydrogen Gas Generators

            NYT ran the fake Mobile Bio WMD labs (the President is a liar) on the 7th June 2003

        • Peter Beswick

          The Oxfordshire Coroner that was kicked off the Inquest into Dr David Kelly; Nicholas Gardiner, was / is a very good man and extremely conscientious Servant / Coroner.

          I am led to believe how he / the Law was treated in the cover up over Kelly had profound, harmful and lasting effects on him.

          Gardiner did his best!

          • Peter Beswick

            Hatfill was the fella that was tasked to design and build Bio Weapon Mobile labs…. (for training purposes)!!

            The story goes that the UN Bio Weapon Inspectors needed a crib sheet to look at so when they came across an Iraqi designed and built Bio Mobile Lab that it would look so much like Hatfill’s that the would know what they had found.

            So Hatfill presumably put 2 and 2 together and said if that appears in Iraq I’m telling.

            So he was framed for sending weaponised Anthrax through the US mail system.

            It takes a particular form of madness to work for the US intelligence services.

          • Tony_0pmoc

            Peter Beswick,

            I knew nothing about any of this stuff, but was completely devastaed when Princess Diana died. Its not that I am a Royalist or anything, but she used to go to the gym right opposite to where I worked, and take her kids to the English National Ballet on the Southbank, and sit in the stalls whilst we took ours.

            I believed the official story for years, and only really began to smell a rat in September 2001, when my wife now childminding two baby twins….Their Grandmother was in one of The Twin Towers – when the first plane hit. She phoned the mother of the twins from New York, feeling certain she would die. For over 24 hours we thougt she was dead…but she survived….So I had to find out what really happened or as close as I could get.

            For the sake of the Twins.

            We are Grandparents now.


          • Peter Beswick

            I’m a granddad too now Tony, puts a different perspective on life.

            I’m just sorry that Prince William / King Billy won’t now get to have a Muslim half brother.

    • Trowbridge H. Ford

      Robin Cook was certainly murdered like Gareth Williams was. Looks like it was some kind of mushroom poisoning which only gets worse if you try to revive the person by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation which his wife and that Mossad kidon which just conveniently arrived on the scene, and engaged in.

      If poisoned. one’s only hope of surviving is just being left alone, as I certainly learned when similarly poisoned in Portugal and Sweden.

      • Tony_0pmoc


        I’ve never done mushrooms, but once worked with a guy who did it a bit when he was a teenager. He was only about 28 years old, and a completely brilliannt artist and sculptor. He was the most anti-magic mushroom guy you could ever meet He said he was still getting flash backs after 10 years. I thought blimey – seems stronger than LSD, so mushrooms are not for me.

        His hair had turned Jet White at 28. Very good looking bloke and a really nice man. I used to pick him up sometimes and take him to work in Fulham when his car broke down in 1984. The live production in the Man in the Moon little theatre in Chelsea of Clockwork Orange was far scarier than the film. The audience was packed – and there was only about 30 of us there.

        I took my Girlfriend. We were Terrified.

        Then got the train home.

        We are still here and now the buses, trains and tube are free its hardly worth cycling.


      • KingofWelshNoir

        Trowbridge, what is the botanical name of this poisonous mushroom, the effects of which get worse if the patient is given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation?

        • Tony_0pmoc

          KingofWelshNoir, I have photographed them – (we just kind of found them) and they really do look like the illustrations in children’s books like Alice in Wonderland. They are very rare. you just sit down and look – well in my case kneel down. The last thing you do is post on the internet where they are..//

          Otherwise they will eat them and probably die.

          They are extremely poisonous. Trowbridge knows about these things and I reckon he really is that old. Even I am not that old…but I want to be.


          • fred

            The mushrooms in the children’s books are fly agaric. They won’t kill you, they’ll make you vomit if you eat any amount.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Perhaps someone into social media could make sure Craig’s still uttering somewhere. There’s nothing here or on Twitter since the 16th, and Erdoğan’s not well disposed to dissidents. If you’re still in Turkey, Craig, be deeply wary of State lottery sellers and fake Kurdish dissidents, unless the methodology’s changed.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Ba’al Zevul,

      I’m pretty sure that Craig is fine. I did ask one of his friends via his own blog to confirm about 10 days ago, and he did. However Turkey can be incredibly hot at this time of year (I know I’ve been there), but Craig is well travelled and used to extreme levels of heat.

      Sometimes it is good to completely switch off all forms of communication for a few days / weeks and achieve a form of inner peace to recharge your body, your mind and your soul.


      • glenn_uk

        Indeed – I’ve taken most of the last nine months off, and hardly spent any time online. Done plenty of travelling around, spending time with the misses and so on.

        However, a fellow has to make a living, so it’s back to the grindstone for me. I was seriously thinking of retiring, but now isn’t the time…. perhaps in another couple of years.

      • Ba'al Zevul

        It wasn’t his response to heat that was worrying me. Though I doubt it will improve his health, and I am sure southeast Turkish jails are particularly poorly ventilated. Ten days ago precedes his last post -this one – can you ask his friend again? While I rather doubt he will be found hanging in the bog at Atatürk International, I think it’s reasonable to ensure that he’s ok, given the current political climate in Turkey, his known views on this, and his proximity to an active war zone.

  • Peter Beswick

    If Craig has not succumbed to Turkish ways I think there is an opportunity to realise some of his political ambition.

    The BBC is not fit for purpose!

    Like so much in politics that statement has twist. The BBC does exactly what the ruling elite want it to do, its very fit for purpose. However the people who fund it don’t get what they pay for.

    The licence fee payers don’t want lies, protectors of corruption, sexist, perception controlling, overpaid weirdos. But I have some sympathy for them.

    If you give a few billion quid to a bunch of twats they are always going to turn it into something like the BBC.

    The BBC has outgrown its propagandist roots to become the obscenity it is.

    The public don’t need it. Why keep paying for it?

    It would be a political act of a great statesman to bring about its downfall. But I don’t know if Craig is up for realpolitik.

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