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  • Sandy Miller

    Craig I want to order two of your books. I can order from Amazon but would prefer the money went dirct to you. I can pick up when in Edinburgh if this helps.

    Sandy Miller

      • glenn_nl

        I should have added… on this page (but before the comments) you’ll find text saying the following :

        “Signed first editions are now available direct from this blog!”

        Below which is a form for a dedication, and a “buy now” button.

    • SA

      I agree. Since his abscence there have been so many issues that require his insight in the deplomatic field that would have been interesting to read. I would for example look forward to his take on the Priti Patel scandal, Russiagate and a few others. We need these insights.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    What I was trying to say before, and I do not know if its speciffcally appropiate, to Screwfix, and I am not particularly in to monarchy, but if your comapny – or even a part of the company you work for gets awarded The Queens Award for Industry – you would expect The Queen to Turn Up or Even a Princess…

    But Not Theresa May – No wonder they all want to puke…


    You see the problem?

    You can’t tart up a turd


  • SA

    Fake analysis of fake news this time by RT


    In 2001, Ross reported that anthrax attacks in the US were likely the work of Iraq. Citing four anonymous sources, Ross claimed the anthrax contained bentonite, which was “known to have been used by only one country in producing biochemical weapons – Iraq.”

    At the time, Ross was in good company, with Senator John McCain also suggesting the anthrax was the work of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. The White House, on the other hand, said“no tests ever found or even suggested the presence of bentonite.” The FBI later concluded that the attacks were carried out by US Army biodefense expert Brucer Ivins, and not Hussein, who at that stage was long dead following the 2003 US Iraq invasion.”

    Spot the chronological error.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Theresa May, You have neither The Courage nor The Intelligence To Represent The United Kingdom in Either World Affairs Nor Local Affairs. I find it hard to understand how you got to your position. I might have Disagreed with Margaret Thatcher too. but at least she gave the impression of listening and was not a complete and utter total brainwashed moron.

    You have no charisma, no ideas, no class – and you haven’t got a clue.

    So what have they got on you?

    Come on Theresa spill the Beans -You are not Gay are You?

    I certainly don’t fancy you.

    Did anyone vote for you to become Prime Minister?

    Or did you simply assume position?

    if so, you are supposed to occasionally say something sensible – something to inspire us “your people” – instead of this mindless anti-Russian dross, you copied off The Americans. Whoever is your speech writer – i suggest you fire him and maybe even sue him for compensation. – cos he or she has made you look a completely mindless boring moron.

    You are not doing too well. Has anyone told you?


  • Anon7

    Six bombs found in 10 days. Police attacked with grenades. And now a fully loaded RPG seized in Stockholm.

    Let’s talk about Sweden? Why does a peaceful and prosperous nation do this to itself?

    • nevermind

      Sweden is roughly three times the size of the Uk main island and has had a history with violent motorcycle gangs middle east and Balkan gangs. Add to that, the academy system there, which we duly copied here, is failing massively as teachers are leaving the profession, some 60% of them feel unhappy about the business model which costs too much.

      Sweden has taken in refugees, many who are unemployed and not used to the harsh conditions during the winter month, there are many flash points.

      Whether Sweden still has the happiest population overall in the world, despite the highest tax paid, I do not know, it was some years back.

  • Republicofscotland

    It’s not just the Scottish branch office of London Labour that’s in turmoil.

    “Labour is facing the biggest crisis in its history as the leftwing pressure group Momentum tries to purge it of moderate MPs and councillors in a systematic takeover of the party, former deputy leader Roy Hattersley has warned.”

    “His dramatic intervention comes as details can be revealed of a vicious power struggle between moderates and leftwing forces in Momentum and the Unite union that now threatens to split the ruling national executive committee (NEC) and reopen party divisions.”


    • Republicofscotland


      From what I’ve read it looks like Flynn will be the fall guy. However there’s this.

      Trump and Pence claimed in February to have been misled by Flynn about his contacts with Kislyak, concerning Obama’s imposition of sanctions on Moscow for election meddling.

      Yet court documents relating to Flynn’s guilty plea, say *multiple* members of the transition team coordinated with Flynn to ask Russia not to retaliate.

      In the event Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, did not take retaliatory action, which was in itself unusual. The day after Flynn met Kislyak, Trump tweeted from his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida that Putin was “very smart” not to hit back. The tweet was retweeted by the Russian embassy.

      After Trump sacked Flynn in February for supposedly misleading him and Pence, he asked James Comey, the FBI director, whether he could “see your way clear to letting this go, letting Flynn go”, according to Comey’s testimony to Congress. Comey refused. His subsequent sacking by Trump led directly to the special counsel’s appointment.

      In my opinion if the *multiples* cannot be identified, Flynn will be the lone patsy.

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        Hardy relevant to my post.

        Didn’t Craig claim that he turned over the leaked emails from Hillary, Pedestal and the DNC, apparently from murdered Seth Rich, to Wikileaks?

        Better not to raise concern about these hot items with an inquiry which threatens to throw several Trump underlings under the bus.

        • Republicofscotland

          Well Trowbridge I can’t speak for CM, so I tried to point out the interesting points of the Mueller investigation.

          A wee rummage around in the media world indicates Pence was the head of the transition team.

  • reel guid

    Carles Puigdemont is to stay in Belgium until after the Catalan parliamentary elections, his lawyer has announced.

  • reel guid

    The Guardian has a piece about Catalan wine. Saying the one good thing to come out of the independence referendum is a renewed interest in the produce of Catalonian vineyards.

    What a silly rag for metropolitan faux liberals it is now.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    There is a most interesting piece by Don North about the strange mix of history, nationalism, culture, and economics in Consortium News that everyone should read before making some prediction about what will happen in Catalonia.

  • James Dickenson

    “On this day in 1944 the British Army, in collaboration with Nazi collaborators, on Churchill’s orders carried out a massacre on the streets of Athens, Greece. 28 civilians were shot dead.”

  • Anon7

    The level of hatred for this country offered up by some of the regular commenters here knows no bounds.

  • Sharp Ears

    The Royal Brompton board is chaired by the ruthless Baroness Morgan – Nu Labour and adjutant to the paramount psychopath and war criminal ACL BLiar.

    Currently she is Chair of Ambition School Leadership (a UK education charity) and board adviser to Ark, which runs academies in the UK and works internationally in education. She is a non-executive director of Dixons Carphone PLC and Countryside Properties PLC. Helping to destroy state education as well. Meanwhile shrink the funding and morale of many common-or- garden schools.

    I heard BLiar on Mardell’s The World This Weekend on BBC Radio 4 speaking earlier of a crumbling NHS. Ripe. He was given over half of the programme. He is doing his best for his friend MrJuncker( remember that kiss?) to wreck Brexit.
    7 mins in. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09gzj6k

    • Sharp Ears

      Link to the Royal Brompton board and chief execs, directors etc

      I thought this gentleman was very well qualified to be the MD for private patients.

      ‘David has been with the Trust since May 2008, joining from Citigroup where he was the sales and distribution director at the UK retail bank. David spent 17 years at Citigroup holding various positions within the wealth management business working in a number of European and Middle East locations.

      He has also worked for HSBC and ABN AMRO during the course of his career. ‘

  • Republicofscotland

    “UN General Assembly on Thursday called on the Israeli occupation to withdraw from the occupied Syrian Golan into the line of June 4th, 1967 in line with UN Security council relevant resolutions.”

    “The Assembly adopted a resolution entitled “the Syrian Golan,” submitted to it under the title “the State in the Middle East.”

    “The Assembly condemned Israel’s non-abidance by UNSC resolution No.497 issued in 1981, affirming that Israel’s decision, released on December 14th, 1981, to impose its laws and administration on Golan is null and void.”


    It’s not North Korea or Iran that’s the real problem, no its Israel, that constantly flouts UN resolutions.

  • Republicofscotland

    It looks like Westminster’s great ally and close friend Saudi Arabia, and its murderous bombing and indiscriminate killing in Yemen, is about to pay dividends.

    The alliance between the Houthi rebels and former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh seems to be on the verge of a split.

    The Western/Saudi puppet President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi may soon be back in office, one has to ask though at what human cost.


    • Tony_0pmoc


      I disagreed with Margaret Thatcher about almost Everything. It was her, and her Tory Government, that resulted in me and thousands – millions of other highly productive workers losing their jobs… She Not only Devastated The North of England, but she also Agreed to -mostly The American Companies – to Flare Off an extremely Large Percentage of North Sea Gas…because The Oil Wells in The North Sea – were far more profitiable to the Americans and Her Friedman Neoconlite at the time Cult / Cell

      But there was one or two things I did agree with Margaret Thatcher…She broke up the Extremely Large Government Monopolies – Like British Gas and British Telecom – into smaller competing parts.

      Thatcher was not a monopolist (communist) she was very much against a single Fascist point of Control.

      She believed in Competition – in order to achieve the best quality and outcome.

      One of her first ministers turned up at my door and asked me to vote for him as our local MP.

      I said if it wasn’t for Margaret Thatcher and You Crazy Tories, I would still be quite happy living in Manchester – but you lunatics shut The North of England Down. I had to come to London to get a job. Do you think your policies are sensible? Can you give me any reason, why I should vote for you?


      • Sharp Ears

        ‘She broke up the Extremely Large Government Monopolies – Like British Gas and British Telecom – into smaller competing parts.’

        You are joking I assume. The so called competing parts have us by the short and curlies. Bring back the nationalised companies – Post Office Telecommunications and the gas boards who built the infrastructure. The private successors let in by Thatcher have come along like thieving magpies and stolen our assets.

        • Tony_0pmoc

          Sharp Ears,

          Well, yeh, but BT were so absolutely useless and aweful, that I not only told them that I was going to report them to The Regulator – but did, and had an extremely furious BT manager banging on my front door at about 8:00 am a few days later. He obviously hadn’t come to fix it.

          Not used them since….though admittedly some of the competition is even worse.


      • Rob Royston

        Tony, you are not correct blaming Thatcher for the indiscriminate flaring of gas from the oil fields. It was a Labour government in the later seventies with Tony Benn in charge of Energy.
        To give Tony Benn his due he made all the producers add gas compression modules to their platforms and this work ran into the time of the Thatcher government.
        The country was that broke that they could not afford to import foreign oil when they had free access to ours, so the gas kept getting flared. One good thing, it kept us all warm while we were getting the installations done.

  • Republicofscotland

    “Theresa May has described how her faith in God makes her convinced she is “doing the right thing” as Prime Minister.”

    Really, has no one told her, that foodbanks have sprung up everywhere due to her welfare policies, or that the obscene amounts of money that are to be spent on Trident, would be better given to the NHS, which struggling.


    • SA

      I am always suspicious of people who are so sure of god’s approval. TB is another, and so is Al Baghdadi.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I thought -14 likes was pretty good actually, and to my amazement the moderators at the Independent haven’t yet deleted it…

    2 hours ago
    BREXIT will happen, because We The People voted for it – and if these useless slimey Tories don’t Deliver what we voted for, Then Jeremy Corbyn or someone else Will.

    It is Called Democracy – You Might not Like it – but You are just going to have to get used to it.


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    • laguerre

      The human moderators at the Indie, if there are any, delete nothing. If your comment passes the algorithm, it’s OKed. If you want to be assessed by human moderators, try the Guardian.

      I wouldn’t have thought there were many these days who would agree with you romantic principles over Brexit.

      • Tony_0pmoc


        I don’t have any romantic principles over Brexit.

        But Brexit is going to happen

        We have voted for it, and we are not going to vote again over it, until we are out of The American Controlled Centralised wannabe World Dictatorship with complete and utter brainless morons who think they are in control of their pig farm as they get fatter and strip the poor bare.

        We are better than that. We are British – and we Play Fair.


        • laguerre

          Brexit is getting kind of shakey. I wouldn’t guarantee that it’s going to happen. The more the idiocy of it emerges, the more uncertain it is.

  • Sharp Ears

    Very telling that the pipsqueak secretary state of health and millionaire, Jeremy Hunt, pipes up to support his very own Leaderene.

    He has been in place at the DoHsince 2012 and was previously culture secretary. Voted in by the SW Surrey Tories since 2005. Cousin of arch Tory Virginia Bottomley who bequeathed her seat to the whippersnapper.

    Tory links of health agencies exposed as Hunt lines up next NHS sell-off in England

    That was written in 2014. There has been massive deterioration in the funding of the health service since then and it’s privatisation continues unabated under Hunt.

    • Stu

      He almost exists outside the rest of politics now. It has been accepted that this crook was appointed to kill the NHS and there is nothing that can be done about it.

      Five years…….

  • Tony_0pmoc

    You might believe in Global Warming, because it is completely obvious to anyone living in The UK, that since the winter of 1962-1963 when with my older brother I built an igloo in my back garden – with Ice blocks for Windows, that at least in the UK it has since got warmer (our Igloo didn’t melt till after Easter)

    Now, you may think, that it is not going to get exceedingly cold this winter. You may believe that Putin is not going to cut off The Russian Gas Supply to Western Europe – about 15% of which we get at the end of the supply chain. It would be helpful, if our Prime Minister would not try to insult him as if she is a school girl in class, and he is giving the lecture.

    Do you realise that windmills do not actually turn much in a 3 month long anti-cyclone?

    Aren’t you the slightest bit worried, that the energy suppliers to The UK, could only just about cope, during last year’s mild winter…

    Well, I just ordered another 13 bags of coal.

    We’ve got another little Grandson on the way in the depths of winter, and we don’t want him to freeze to death, when all services get cut off through a 3 month winter long snow storm, when the Thames actually Freezes and you can skate on it.

    All these things have happenned before. Who are you to bet, that it won’t happen again, within the next few weeks???

    Keep warm charge up the batteries for your torches, and test your camping gear, and have a few reserves of food.

    Being Extremely Cold is not nice,



    • nevermind

      ‘Do you realise that windmills do not actually turn much in a 3 month long anti-cyclone?’

      3 month long anti cyclones do not stop sea currents flowing nor do they stop the tide or waves, so you poor thing will have to find some simple physical solutions to generate electricity from a multiple of sources.

      Only oafs or ignorant people don’t know that these isles have the largest capacity to generate electricity from its surrounding environs.

      Now calm down, Tone, its only winter and if you live in a badly insulated house, spent some of your liquid assets on insulating it, you’ll be busy doing the work cheaply, and we all would bored a little less with your fuel derived philosophising.

      What is far more likely is that a super eruption of a vulcano winter will blot out the sun for a few years and we’ll freeze our extremities orf. Only fair after what we did to thousands of other species.

      • Tony_0pmoc


        Yes I’ve considered that, and we have these double glazing salesmen coming round…but I point out to them – not just the work of art over our 100 year old stainglass windows and the over 100 year old woodwork, but I also make the point that ours was one of very few houses in our avenue, not to have all their windows blown out, nor house completely bombed to hell, due to the fact that where we live is very close to a major RAF WWII airfield..where my Dad was under enemy fire getting the Spitfires back in the air as quickly as possible. He wanted to fly, but they said – no you are a Brilliant Engineer. He survived – most of the kids climbing into the cockpits died, defending Our Country in The Battle of Britain

        My Dad also helped in the design and deployment of the Mulbery Harbour Too. He didn’t like NAZI’s.


        • nevermind

          Hi Tony, sorry for tainting you as a bore, I meant to speak for myself only, not for others who might find my posts a yawn.
          But how did we get from alternative energy generation and 3 month cyclones on to Nazi’s?
          beats me.

    • SA

      You really don’t need to believe in anything, it is happening and it is out there. Very few people do not believe in ‘climate change’. The deniers in this case (join Donald Trump and the like) are merely denying that it is man made and therefore want to go down consuming even more fossil fuel.

  • nevermind

    the shambles economy is running at full pelt, well above the shambles that is going on here, Michael, its showing you that politics and private business can be separated, pay attention.

    @ Tony. Keep collecting your likes, as a privileged person thats the least you deserve, bar a bottle of wiski/night.
    mwanwhile tax dodging frackers are using police at great numbers in Nth. Yorkshire to frack the hell from underneath ya, cause selfish oafs and ignorants let them do it.

    Neil Clark has given Ineos a carte blanche. Ineos has just felt the need to raise 3.8 billion in Switzerland, because Mr. Radcliff is basically playing the system which promotes offshore whores on our streets, its based in the City of London and promoted by political puppets, people who pretend to love the North as long as they can get profits for themself.

    Ryedale will be no more, returns from tourism will decline and disappear, whilst the profits from fracking will be siphoned off into tax havens, tha ts what increasingly desperate Brexiteers are all about, selfish c…s, they don’t give a fukc about democracy, which is not surprising, because they have never experienced it.

    sad innit?

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Neil Clark has raised a lot of money to sue the fckers, and I don’t have a problem with that, except who are the fckers who are going to take all the money he raised…

      Meanwhile, last week, I didn’t use any solicitors, lawyers, barristers, nor take any form of legal advice, except for reading, and understanding my various rights, and numerous different potential legal avenues to resolve the dispute.

      It cost me nowt, except my time and numerous emails and phone calls.

      After nearly a week in dispute – we helped each other come to agreement.

      It will be sorted starting tomorrow.

      And as regards an earlier comment re philosophy, I am not sure whether to take it as an insult, as I think it was meant – or a compliment. (they insisted I take another unconnected subject too – whilst at university) I chose philosophy mainly because I thought there would probably be loads of pretty clever girls in my class. Unfortunately they were not too impressed with my motor bike…so I left university and got a job and an education instead.


  • laguerre

    Pay your debts, or you’re considered rogue. Only Brexiters hope that the EU is going down. It’s an institution which works not too badly.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I think some of THEM are still alive and Playing. They look a bit older now but this song is completely Brilliant…

    Them – Gloria (1964, Original and Best)


    THEM come from Belfast


    “”Gloria” is a song written by Northern Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison and originally recorded by Morrison’s band Them in 1964 and released as the B-side of “Baby, Please Don’t Go”. The song became a garage rock staple and a part of many rock bands’ repertoires. It is particularly memorable for its “Glooooria!” chorus. It is easy to play, as a simple three-chord song, and thus is popular with those learning to play guitar.”


  • SA

    You make the allegations, widely circulated by anti Syrian sources, that Damascus was buying oil from IS. I have never seen credible evidence of this and also of the other rumour, promoted by the same sources, that Assad helped create IS to discredit the ‘Revolution’.
    There is tons of evidence that IS oil was gushing through Turkey, until the Russians exposed this and put a stop to it by bombing the extensive convoys at the beginning of the Russian air campaign in Syria.

    “Lafarge continues to operate in Syria, and buys oil from Syrian sources, currently owned by ISIS.”

    Should this statement not be modified to take into account the seamless passage of the extensive oilfields in Dier Ez Zor from IS which now barely exists, to the so called SDF under the protection of the US?

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