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I just thought I might give you a little taste of what it means to your personal life to express dissent from the government line in the UK in 2018. Let me start with this combined effort from the UK’s most popular website, Guido Fawkes, which fanatically supports the government, and the Blairite crew at “The Guardian”.

The red ink is original.

Now it is true that, when I was sacked as Ambassador by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for blowing the whistle on extraordinary rendition and the Blair government’s misuse of intelligence from torture, I went into a terrible depression and voluntarily spent ten days or so in St Thomas Hospital (not a mental illness facility) for treatment. I have never tried to keep this secret, indeed it is a major part of my memoir “Murder in Samarkand”. It is also true, as I have always acknowledged, that I have had other less serious depressive episodes treated at home and been diagnosed as bipolar since I was 20.

That we stigmatise anybody who has ever had a mental illness, write them off and view their views, on anything, as invalid, is an attitude I had hoped we had moved past last century. Indeed, if this hatchet job was done on anybody writing within the Overton window, then the Guardian would be dedicating editorials to condemning it. We have in fact moved to the old Soviet position, where disagreement with the official line equals mental illness. I quite confess this sort of thing does in fact hurt me – if you cut me, do I not bleed?

The use of the term “conspiracy theorist” has been used to denigrate my views, ever since Jack Straw as Foreign Secretary lied to Parliament denying that the UK ever obtained intelligence from torture and denying the existence of the extraordinary rendition programme, which I was supposed to have fantasised. Anyone interested in this history can watch this series of videos of my evidence to a Parliamentary Committee on the subject. It explains why I start nowadays from a position of being so hated by the British state and its acolytes, and also of course enables you to judge for yourself whether I should be ignored as insane.

Ever since then, the state and corporate media have described me as a “conspiracy theorist”. Even though there is now acceptance that extraordinary rendition did happen and presumably they, somewhere inside, know I was telling the truth. I find people are taken aback to discover, for example, that I broadly accept that there was no US government involvement in 9/11 (other than minimising the Saudi role) and 9/11 discussion is banned on this blog – [warning it still is].

I cannot in fact conceive of a more outlandish conspiracy theory than that the Russian government secretly manufactured and stockpiled novichoks, hidden from the OPCW, and secretly trained assassins, only to blow the whole operation on a retired spy they let out of jail ages ago. Yet nobody calls Boris Johnson a “conspiracy theorist” for positing that.

But the abuse is not confined to what people publish about me. I receive some extremely unpleasant emails of which this is an example:

I do hope Mr Temis can get money back on his anger management sessions. But there has been rather a lot of this, including some by old fashioned mail. which I find myself prodding suspiciously before opening :-).

There is of course an open effort to extend the term “anti-semitic” to embrace any criticism of Israel. It is also particularly used by Blairites to attack anybody taking any position seen as supportive of Jeremy Corbyn. I am not in the least anti-semitic. Jewish people have made a disproportionate, indeed magnificent, contribution to the world in the fields of science, music, literature, commerce and others. That does not alter the fact that Israel is a rogue state when it comes to chemical weapons, the subject currently under discussion. It refuses to ratify the Chemical Weapons Convention and destroy its chemical weapons stocks, and refuses to join the OPCW.

Plainly someone attacked the Skripals. In stating that it is not the case that Russia was the only state who could have done it, I have included Israel amongst other possibilities. Israel might wish to frame Russia for the deed, as Russian actions in Syria have severely conflicted with Israeli ambitions in Syria and Lebanon. But I have never said it was, or was most likely to be, Israel – it could be the CIA framing Russia, it could be a non-state actor entirely (which I am inclined to think most likely – this could come from those close to a victim of Skripal’s treachery, though I still think the Orbis intelligence connection has been overlooked).

Some of the most vitriolic abuse has come from state and corporate media journalists. Falsely categorising me as an insane racist allows them to ignore any challenge to the establishment line on Salisbury and absolves them, in their own minds, from any dereliction of duty in not questioning it.

In a chilling example of the way they move to crush dissent, here a prominent Blairite corporate media journalist, James Bloodworth, attempts to ensure that consideration of other possibilities than the government line is not carried even in the private domain. He harasses and bullies an individual attempting to force him to accept Mr Bloodworth’s version of what I had said, rather than what I had actually said. When Mr Law (who as a lecturer in philosophy presumably has an attachment to intellectual honesty) refuses, Bloodworth sanctions him by pulling out of his literary festival.

It is very difficult to understand what is happening in the UK today, but when the BBC on its flagship news programme holds a discussion of the Salisbury attack under a huge photo-shopped picture of the leader of the opposition in a Russian hat standing outside the Kremlin, it is plain a fundamental shift has happened in society. The Salisbury attack has perhaps taught us something massively more important than any of the stuff about chemical weapons, and that is that Britain is further along the road to becoming an authoritarian state than we had realised.

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  • Durak

    BREAKING NEWS.. New Scientist…. one of the worlds most reputable science magazines….

    “Several countries could have made the nerve agent used in the chemical attack on Russians Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury, UK, weapons experts have told New Scientist.”

    “British Prime Minister Theresa May says that because it was Russia that developed Novichok agents, it is “highly likely” that Russia either attacked the Skripals itself, or lost control of its Novichok to someone else who did. But other countries legally created Novichok for testing purposes after its existence was revealed in 1992, and a production method …”


    Needs a subscription but you only have to read the first two paragraphs!

  • Dan

    You have to be an idiot to believe anyone is antisemitic these days, besides neo-nazis and radical Islamists.

    Note I said “believe” not “say”.

  • Eggy

    This is an example of what we’ve become, we’re nasty, inward looking, ignorant, abusive and intolerant – the moderates or anyone who wish/es to maintain an open mind until, well until some evidence is produced are threatened, bullied, harangued, called liars, anything to deflect the public from the truth. The fact is, this is manna from heaven for a government failing on every front!
    The same treatment is metered out on people who don’t agree with Brexit – quite extraordinary.
    Maybe Steven Law is grateful Mr Bloodsworth along with his views is no longer on the agenda – l would be even at the risk of lack of diversity. Isn’t it called chucking your dolly out of the pram?!
    Years of underinvestment in education, social inequality and l believe this awful and long programme of austerity along with unmanaged immigration (not the numbers the lack of managed integration), our politicians have failed us all so diabolically and still are!
    Then and most sadly we have “the” media! No longer of independant thought. No longer serving the British people as truth finders – they are all at the behest of the awful establishment.
    So we’re stuffed!
    Thank goodness for the likes of you, Steven Law and the few other renegades who inspire me to keep true to myself and not give up hoping and dreaming for a better, caring and fair society where truth is valued above everything and politicians really do look after the very best interests of all the people. So don’t stop, don’t give up, we need you to be a thorn in the side of our representatives – they put themselves there and deserve everything they get!

    • Woke Too Late

      Hi Eggy,

      What you say is generally true but you’re falling into the same trap (perhaps, I am too?). Most of the people who are doing the abusing define themselves as moderate; so ‘moderates’ and ‘keeping an open mind’ are no longer the same thing.

      Also, (whilst I would not deny that those who wish to remain in EU get abuse) you are ignoring the abuse that those in favour of brexit receive. It is probable that both ‘remainers’ and ‘brexiters’ view themselves as moderate. The insult most commonly directed at those in favour of brexit is that they are racist and stupid (the remainers don’t believe these to be insults because they believe this to be true). The insult leveled against ‘remainers’ is less directly stated but adds up to being called ‘traitors’ (and, likewise, the brexiters don’t believe this to be an insult because they also believe it to be true).

      The new ‘moderate’ is to attack and abuse those who don’t agree with you. And while this abuse is going on, no constructive ‘solution’ (e.g. a legislative change) is ever progressed. There is never, ever meeting of minds, no compromise, no dialectic. It all just feels like ‘Two Minutes of Hate’ which indicates to me that it is not consequence of the actions of free individuals, but rather (deep?) state manipulation of it’s citizenry.

      About a year or so ago I was reading a rare (for me) copy of The Daily Telegraph when I started to be berated for my reading choice by a casual acquaintance. This went on for a bit and became a bit tiresome so I informed my interlocutor that my preferred news source was Russia Today because it was the only news network that covered international issues in a fairly in-depth way. I was expecting some relief but that was when the level of abuse when through the roof! There was no reasoning with the guy. It also indicated to me that the level of hostility towards Russia was dangerously high. I became fearful and, for reassurance, felt the need to discuss the issue with various left leaning people I knew. I was very surprised to find very little sympathy (by which I just mean interest in de-escalation and peace) for Russia, Syrian Regime or Venezuela (North Korea wasn’t an issue at the time). Most of the people I spoke to were over 50, reasonable comfortable, public service, remainers, left or liberal types, labour votes, etc. I then became very, very fearful about were the West was headed.

      Woke Too Late

    • Lestek

      Many my thoughts in your post.

      What you mention seems to be kind of gangrene spreading over the world.
      I would say there are not more than 10% russophobes in Poland (however those 10% are people planted by CIA in late ’80 and ’90 (and their followers) and they have been steering Polish politics for 30 years). But most of Poles – despite of years of brainwashing – either like Russia and Russians or their stance is neutral. And almost all of them want to live in peace with Russia and have good economic relationship with Moscow. Unfortunately majority has nothing to say.

      Under the pretext of so called ‘decommunisation’ Poland started to humilate Moscow. Russians are very proud nation and some symbols are very important to them. But Poland – trying to to ingratiate to the US masters – ignored Russian feelings at all. Driven by own complexes and russophoby we (as a country) did terrible things. Polish behaviour against Russia is just heinous. We take down Red Army monuments, we dig in Red Army soldiers graves. How it came to that? Who we are? How it’s possible we became European talibans, barbarians without touch of dignity, petty and despiteful people blinded by hatred. What a disgrace. I hope one day Russians will be able to forgive us.

  • Eric Smith

    I believe Britain has been an authoritarian state for many years. The political establishment is a world leader in control, having learned from centuries of oppression, sometimes benign, sometimes less so. Looking back at our history we are continually bombarded with the importance of ruling classes, who have honed and fine-tuned their operation to make it appear that their ‘noblesse oblige’ is what makes our country great. From wild savages through robber barons they know that they must retain power and authority – at any price. Just because they are more ‘sophisticated’ in their methods doesn’t mean they’re any less ruthless. The power of the ‘Public Relations’ people helps to maintain this travesty of democracy…

    • krg

      So true. The absolute power of the establishment is evident from one characteristic alone. If you place truth in front of the average Brit they will reject it if it does not square with their world view. More often that not they will prefer to cling to that which is not true rather than step outside of what they have been brought to believe. That is real power.

  • Maggier766

    Thank God for dissenting voices like yours. Sometimes those are the only sensible sounds in a world that seems to have gone just a little bit mad. Growing mistrust of the mainstream which fails in its duty to hold government to account makes it all the more important to hear truths that might otherwise go unsaid and to ask the awkward questions. Keep up the good work, Sir.

  • Elaine Beck

    I thank you for the information provide and are sadden about the abuse you are getting.
    I shared it first article on Collective Voice.
    It reached 3000 people and was shared over 100 tines.
    Again thank you for your contributions.

  • Lara

    I am Bipolar too – and since diagnosis have found that I am no longer believed. I spent three years investigating the death of my step son because I did not accept the explanations given for his death. Despite finding the cover ups – social services, hospital, and as a result the defective inquest and Police investigation no justice was to be had.

    Just keep telling the truth Craig. It is all we have!

    • John Goss

      I have more than one bipolar friend. Stephen Fry admits, and I think the late Spike Milligan admitted to bipolarism. Let me say judging from my personal friendships the down periods can be very bad for sufferers. Let me also say that I have the utmost respect for their intellect and creativity.

      People like Guido Fawkes should be hanged, drawn and quartered. I never said that. 🙂 Neither do I believe in capital punishment. But that blogger clearly has no heart whatever else they remove from him.

  • Cassandra

    Craig, you should not worry so much about the “conspiracy theorist” label.

    When someone uses a stigma-label it shows that they have no interest in a civilized debate so they cling to cheap ad hominem attacks. But name-calling (even sinking so low as using depression treatment to portray someone as mentally “deranged”) and stigma labels are NOT arguments and the real target is not you but the audience: By attacking the motives and character of the dissenter, making him/her appear “crazy” or ridiculous, the intended psychological effect is to destroy any support or solidarity with the dissident so that “any decent person” would not want to be associated with such a “weirdo”. In this way they manage to avoid a rational debate (about a subject they routinely lie about) and organize conformity of thought. (which I am sure you know…)

    It is important that “ordinary” people understand this tactic used for the “management of outrage”.

    Remember what Edward Bernays said ..(let them cling to …).”the hallucination of democracy”.

    “9/11” (from a legal standpoint) opened the floodgates for subverting the last remnants of a democratic, value-based system (the concern is not the HOW but the WHY), if you are worried about the authoritarian state (and rightly so) you cannot refuse to deal with the subject any longer …

  • Tony_0pmoc

    This is almost certainly pretty close to what actually happened, though on this occasion, it hasn’t been translated and presented that well from the original French.

    This explains the real reason that Tillerson was fired, the fact that the US power elite is seriously divided; that the UK Government not only backed the wrong horse, but made complete fools of themselves in the process, to such an extent, that I find quite incredible. They should all resign, and that includes all the politicians on all sides, for falling for such a croc of home made British sh1t. The lot of them are a total embarrassment, and the press are even worse.

    Craig Murray should hold his head up proud. The rest of them should cower there’s in the gutter. They have finished what Blair started and have now totally destroyed the reputation of The UK.

    Even The French are laughing at us.

    “Four days to declare a Cold War by Thierry Meyssan”



  • Neil Lieberman

    The erudite Mr Temis asks Mr Murray ” Did you know that we Jews piss on you?”.
    I suggest he made a simple spelling mistake and intended to ask “Did you know that wee Jews piss on you?”

    ‘Wee Jews’ seems to be specialist sect unlike the rest of us Jews who don’t (with a few exceptions) generally piss on anyone.

    Just didn’t want Mr Temis to confuse the issue for Jewry.

    Keep going Mr Murray.

  • krg

    Craig, bipolar is not something one chooses.

    Weaponising the illness of another however is.

    How unwell do you have to be to choose that?

    Please don’t feel diminished or upset. We all know what bipolar is and it is a non-issue. If anything it usually marks those of higher intelligence.

    Keep up the good work.

  • John

    “Mindlessly following the Murray line is the squeaking of the armchair dissenter, the center of a lost mind, and the raison d’etre of otherwise empty existences. It is the aspirin of the disaffected”

    Marx (Groucho)

    • krg

      The Murray line in this instance is that we do not yet have sufficient facts to know what has occurred here. I don’t think you thought this one through very well.

  • Ben

    “The undisputed facts are thus: around December 2016, cocaine to the value of €50m (£44m) was found in suitcases in a school attached to the Russian embassy in Buenos Aires. A year later, the suitcases arrived in Moscow. Five people were arrested along the way, including two former employees of the Russian embassy, a policeman, and the two men who came to collect the shipment. A sixth man, Senor “K”, has been identified as the leader of the gang.”


    • Woke Too Late

      OK you are suggesting that Russia State is involved in drug smuggling. Maybe it was the Russian State or maybe the people involved where doing a bit of free-lancing.

      However, lets balance that up a bit. It is very possible that the US state is the world’s largest trafficker of illegal drugs the world has ever know. Check this wiki page on allegations of CIA drug trafficking:


        • nevermind

          More than that Sharp Ears, The CIA bumped up the opium production in the Laos triangle when they had no funding from congress for insurrections support in Cambodia and Laos, from 4 tons per annum to 200 plus tons, off the record, clandestine. Nicaragua and Oliver North saga, arms for Iran and some shady middle men ‘of the type produced by a rogue state’ don’t turn horse shit into gold.

          But Ben would not recognise this. When your own nose is dripping, don’t ask others to wipe theirs!

        • Woke Too Late

          Not at all. You went off topic & I provided some balance. There is no proof regarding Putin & Russian State involvement. But there is proof that the US has been involved in large scale drug trafficking & there are loads of additional allegations & suspicions. If the Russian State is involved in drug trafficking (which I doubt) it is likely to be very small beer compared to the activities of the US

          Putin is probably not the corrupt person you believe him to be. He probably is concerned about Russia and doing what’s best for Russia. Putin stopped the plundering of Russia in the nineties and built it up to a much more prosperous, secure and safe place than it was after the collapse of the Soviet Union. He may be the dominant political figure in Russia, but Russia remains a democracy and a pretty good one. Russia is by and large a nationalist, capitalist, free-market state; it is no longer Communist – so why the hostility?

          • Woke Too Late

            I probably use the word ‘probably’ when I can’t be certain. No-one can be certain that the Russian State was or was not involved in the Skirpal’s poisoning; they can only express opinions that will be prefaced with ‘likely’, ‘unlikely’, ‘probable’ or ‘possible’.

            There is someone who knows the definite answer but that is someone you and I ‘probably’ wouldn’t want to know.

  • james

    craig – you are doing fantastic work~! you have to know the reason you are being attacked, is they are unable to attack your message, so they attack you… most unfortunate, but know that many including myself are totally appreciative of you saying and articulating everything you do.. thank you and keep up the great work! you are to be commended for it all..

    • james

      as for the conspiracy theorist label – that has been taken over by the whole western msm at this point on this topic of skripal…. they are the ones furthering the conspiracy theory that russia and only russia could have done it… conspiracy theory is what the msm demonstrate at present, in spades…

  • Loony

    The entire British establishment is a rotten, corrupt, festering mess. As someone once said “They say the greatest coward can sting the most ferociously”

    It is no surprise that Mr. Murray is being assailed by an army of idiots firing an endless barrage of ad hominems. It is all a continuum – only today the a branch of the Scottish Cowardice Society (masquerading as the Judiciary) have found a man guilty of telling a joke. They have reserved tor themselves the right to imprison this man for up to 5 years on the grounds that they did not find his joke funny.

    Apparently this mans joke was “grossly offensive” Obviously referring to the state of a persons mental health for purely gratuitous reasons could never be considered as “grossly offensive”

    The UK is a joke and it is grossly offensive – the entire British establishment should apply their own laws to themselves and lock themselves up and leave everyone else alone.

  • BrianFujisan

    Just Who the Fk do some of these Cretins think they are.. Professional Bullies Eh..
    Don’t Lest the Bastards get to you Craig, you have a Huge support..Great work you have been doing you can certainly Hold your head high

    Pity that so few prominent Commenters are walking with you.. Galloway being one, Corbyn, and Alex Salmond.

    I just now came across yet another fine article..Where Dr Paul Craig Roberts Supports your Take on the Skripal poisonings..

    It’s mostly a story on Rand Paul who said on Sunday he vows to fight Pompeo, and Haspel’s appiontments.. his opposition came from Pompeo’s support for regime change abroad and Haspel’s history with CIA torture

    “.It is possible that the firing of Deputy FBI Director McCabe has opened for public exposure the plot hatched by the CIA, FBI, Departments of Justice and State, Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic National Committee to cover up Hillary’s felonies and to falsely accuse Donald Trump of conspiring with Russian President Putin to steal the US presidential election. If Trump doesn’t chicken out, it is possible to put Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Hillary, and many others in prison for their egregious and bold assaut on American democracy and the rule of law. These prosecutions would break the power, of much of it, of the secret national security state, and, thereby, make it possible for Trump to return to his campaign promise to normalize relations with Russia. If these relations are not normalized, war will be the result. But at least now there is a chance.

    British Ambassador Craig Murray has successfully exposed the deception practiced by the utter corrupt British government in its false allegation that the Russian government used a nerve agent to poison two people on a bench in England. The British government’s scientists have far more integrity than the British government and flatly refused to sanction the government’s claim about the nerve agent. This forced the corrupt May government to use the wording “of a type developed by Russia.”…


  • Mike Barson

    It was more than noticeable how a shocking almost total level of corporate media in the US election was pro Hillary Clinton.
    It was shocking how the same arose in the UK regarding Brexit, even President Obama came over to tell the UK public how they should vote if they knew what was good for them.
    Then again we’ve seen it turned on Jeremy Corbyn,
    And now this time almost a total wash of British corporate media with the same one-trick pony sad simplistic if not stupid opinion.
    Makes you wonder whats going on and how this works?.
    Even so called British values such as ‘innocent until proven guilty’ are run under the bus with retarded hypocritical rhetoric.
    Pretty scary except for the fact it seems to be loosing traction –

    Hopefully voices such as your own Craig will help to pull the plug on this latest ugly manifestation.
    We need intelligent rational examination of such issues – its hardly rocket science.

    Thanks for your contribution and was very interesting to watch the above video about your own experiences regarding the black torture sites and the Parliamentary inquiry – I’ll have to read your book “Murder in Samarkand”

    Very interesting to hear that you said Thatcher said NOT to use information procured thru torture, a sign of these overly spun overly propagandised days perhaps. I also remember when her son Mark was caught trying to undertake an armed coup in Africa, it was a scandal in those days, nowadays no one blinks an eyelid, regime change is simply stated as one of many options – degeneration of western values sadly, good to see someone speak out!

    Keep a level head fella your doing a great service to our country.


  • Durak

    “when the BBC on its flagship news programme holds a discussion of the Salisbury attack under a huge photo-shopped picture of the leader of the opposition in a Russian hat standing outside the Kremlin, it is plain a fundamental shift has happened in society.”

    This was so shocking that I suspected the BBC were pushing the boundary a little bit more to see what they could get away with.

    If their were few complaints expected the next graphic a few days/weeks later to show him shaking hands with Putin (photoshopped) with Nerve Agents in the background!

        • fred

          The Newsnight hat is slightly narrower because it is on a curved screen. When you project a picture onto a curved screen it makes things look narrower and taller. Try it and see.

          The hat was not photoshopped.

          • joel

            Anybody inclined to believe fred, simply look at the two pictures and ask yourself whether you believe the evidence of your own eyes or fred.

          • fred

            “So why doesn’t Corbyn’s face look taller/longer as well?”

            It does. Don’t you have eyes? Look at it.

          • fred

            “Absolutely no one is inclined to believe Fred.”

            Seeing as how they won’t even believe their own eyes that’s hardly surprising.

            I’m really sorry if the truth gets in the way of what you want to believe.

          • Woke Too Late

            The photo was manipulated by being darkened, elongated and the backgound was changed to show a red background and, what looks like, the Kremlin. It is common to refer to such changes (manipulations) to a photograph as being photoshopped (even if ‘Photoshop’ is not actually used).

            The overall effect was to make Corbyn’s Breton Cap look like a Russian Fur Cap and then to set this against a Soviet style background; the message is clear and Newsnight knew exactly what they were doing.

        • Woke Too Late

          Any manipulation of a photo (such as clipping an image and changing the background is commonly referred to as being phtoshopped (even if ‘Photoshop’ was not actually used). The photo was manipulated (by darkening, elongation and changing the background) and the effect was to make Corbyn look like a Soviet era comrade.

          • fred

            But the claim made was that it was the hat which was photoshopped not the entire picture.

          • Woke Too Late

            The hat was darkened, therefore, it could legimately be described as having been ‘photoshopped’ because that’s the type of thing that Photoshop does.

            I think that whole photo, conjuring up Soviet imagery and setting Corbyn within it, is the most manipulative thing. The Soviet Union and Communism has gone; it’s just incredible manipulative to use such imagery, because it is conjuring up the fears of the past to use for political purposes. Btw: the same kind of thing happens to other politicians (e.g. Trump) but with Corbyn it not only derides but also suggests that he is a traitor

        • fred

          The fake claims that the hat had been photoshopped has been well and truly debunked.

          I’ve posted the evidence, the BBC have categorically denied it and a channel 4 fact check has proved the claims false.

          Which just leaves a lot of people here who are in denial.

          • fred

            You talk rubbish.

            The photos speak for themselves. The BBC has spoken for themselves. The Channel 4 fact checker backs me up.

            You have nothing, zilch, just fake news.

  • Ben

    The Media deserves some trashing but History gives context.

    Back in better days in the US, NEWS divisions were not expected to be profitable: they were regarded as Community Service like Public Service Announcements. The Capitalists win over and required them to carry water for stockholders and now we have The fruits of that boneheaded decision.

    Shallow readers who spew teleprompter typos hurriedly typed with producers screaming in the earpiece..”faster and less intelligible. We have three commercial spots in queue”

  • fredi

    It’s official now. Apologies if this has already put up.

    Journalist John Pilger: Skripal Case a ‘Carefully Constructed Drama,’ ‘Propaganda Campaign’
    Chris Menahan
    Mar. 20, 2018

    From TruthDig:
    “There’s no evidence. … Russia’s request for a sample of this nerve agent has been turned down,” Pilger explained. “The British police have made no commentary on this. This is extraordinary. So you have an attempted murder. You have a crime scene. And you have no evidence. And neither do you have a motive. Why on earth would Russia on the eve of an election, and on the eve of staging the World (football) Cup, want to destroy, if you like, its international name with such a crime? … But there’s plenty of motive on the other side.”


  • Yalta

    Paul Stained used to speak truth to power, but is now just a rabid attack dog for the Brexit gang. Of course he will have his Irish passport, and the right to work, live and travel throughout the EU, unlike the mugs who will be stuck in Warmington-on-Sea. A bit like Corporal Aranovich, waging war from the safety of the NAFFI.

  • Andy Whiteman

    Excellent article. I am saddened to read the abuse and personal pressure you have been put under.

    Your closing observation about Britain being being further along the road to becoming an authoritarian state rings very true with me.

    If May had got her craved for 100 seat majority at the last election I don’t want to think would have happened. Thanks to Jeremy Corbyn, Momentum and my fellow LP members this did not happen.

    As for Salisbury I have noticed a trend, every time May is deep in the poo something dramatic happens. In last years election is was the Birmingham Bombing now with the May Local Elections looking like a rout of the Tories we have “The Novichok Incident). I’m sure it just coincidence.

    Anyhow please keep up your great work. You make a huge, positive difference to me and many others. Thank you for your courage and dedication.

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