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UPDATE: Stupidly I had forgotten this vital confirmation from Channel 4 News (serial rebel Alex Thomson) of the D Notice in place on mention of Pablo Miller.

Back then I did not realise what I now know, that the person being protected was Pablo Miller, colleague in both MI6 then Orbis Intelligence of Christopher Steele, author of the fabrications of the Trump/Russia golden shower dossier. That the government’s very first act on the poisoning was to ban all media mention of Pablo Miller makes it extremely probable that this whole incident is related to the Trump dossier and that Skripal had worked on it, as I immediately suspected. The most probable cause is that Skripal – who you should remember had traded the names of Russian agents to Britain for cash – had worked on the dossier with Miller but was threatening to expose its lies for cash.

ORIGINAL POST: This comment from Clive Ponting, doyen of British whistleblowers, appeared on my website and he has now given me permission to republish it under his full name:

I have been reading the blogs for some time but this is my first post. Like Craig I was a senior civil servant but in the ministry of defence not the fco. I had plenty of dealings with all three intelligence agencies. It seems to me that the reason none of the MSM are doing any investigating/reporting of the Salisbury affair, apart from official handouts, is that the government have slapped a D-Notice over the whole incident and it is not possible to report that a notice has been issued.
Here is another theory as to what happened. The Russians pardoned Skripal and allowed him to leave (spy agencies have an understanding that agents will always be swapped after an interval – it’s the only protection they have and helps recruitment). In the UK Skripal would have been thoroughly debriefed by MI6 and MI5 (his ex-handler lives near Salisbury). If at some point they discovered that Skripal was giving them false information, perhaps he was told to do so by the FSB as a condition of his release, lives may have been endangered/lost. If he also was also involved in the ‘golden showers’ dossier then elements in the US would have a reason to act as well. The whole incident was an inside job not to kill him, hence the use of BZ, but to give him a warning and a punishment. The whole thing is being treated as though the authorities know exactly what went on but have to cover it up.


I meant to add that the policeman who ‘just happened’ to be around was almost certainly the special branch ‘minder’ who was keeping Yulia under surveillance. The media are not allowed to mention the existence of a D notice.

Those of us who have been in the belly of the beast and have worked closely with the intelligence services, really do know what they and the British government are capable of. They are not “white knights”.

I would add it has been very plain from day one that there is a D notice on Pablo Miller.

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  • Kenneth G Coutts

    To quote Rowan Martin’s laugh in, “very interesting”.
    Now that’s more truth.
    For the English government to deny it, would mean they had a proxy group to do it, I could only come up with Israeli agents.
    But hey, conspiracies.
    Hence no immediate disclosures of CCTV footage.
    The two women giving a news speech to the press
    Outside Salisbury hospital.
    Supposedly, she was the hospital CEO, the other woman didn’t look like a nurse, more a spook. Mmm!
    Nor one leak from the hospital, makes you wonder.
    The whole clean up across Salisbury, very strange.
    Compare that to the lack of clean up in Syria
    And the subsequent illegal bombardment.
    Yup, thanks guys.
    Brilliant work.
    Scotland is under attack from this Scurrilous English state,
    It is now our time to leave.

  • Ian

    So, after weeks of non-information, can I just sum up – we know nothing. I have heard a myriad of rival theories, speculation, half-baked assertions, dredged-up internet ‘facts’, learned treatises, conspiracies and factoids. None of which add up anything convincing or definitive. No wonder that this vacuum is filed with all the above. Despite all the convictions of people here that it is all a ruse, a diversion etc, about all we can say is that we are not being told the whole story, and none of the explanations offered, from any side, are persuasive. That is all.

    • SA

      Considering the confidence by which Boris Johnson pronounced that he knew that Russia has done it about 12 hours after the incident, and that May has not only openly accused Russia directly and that she convinced others to expel Russian diplomats without any evidence publicly produced, I think there is enough to go by to smell a rat. Also it is of great interest that Corbyn, who must have been shown the supposed evidence, expressed doubts early on but was quickly silenced by the government and the media, which simultaneously created other diversions by digging up a FB entry from 2012. Given also the lack of police looking for a suspect, the changing story and the non-lethality of this supposedly extremely toxic, military grade agent, you can start saying that nothing adds up and in addition there is no information forthcoming, nor has anyone seen the Skripals or DS Bailey. In fact we have nothing to go by except assertions by politicians, one of whom has been sacked twice for lying in his previous jobs.

      • Ian

        That’s what I said. There is no basis for drawing any conclusions on anything, or believing the myriad of alternative explanations either. The whole thing is clouded with suspicion and evasion, but there is no credible testimony or evidence for any explanation, government or otherwise. We don’t know anything more than we did on the day of the incident. however much people dress up their theories.The question is will we ever?

        • Blissex

          We are sure of nothing, but we know a few things:

          * S Skripal was caught and sentenced for treason, and he was not sentenced to death, was not killed in 7 years in russian prisons, was not killed in 6 years after being exchanged.

          * The accident or incident happened the day after his daughter arrived from Russia.

          * The letter by the Salisbury hospital consultant to “The Times” reporting that 3 people had been treated for “poisoning” not from “nerve agents” has never been questioned.

          * In practically every other episode the alleged victims would be paraded before the press (in carefully controlled locations) so they could give their story, and journalists would be trying to scoop them, instead of the alleged victims keeping quiet.

          • Sven Lystbak

            Russia has abandoned the death penalty since 1996 when the last execution took place.
            SS was only sentenced to 13 years in prison for high treason where the maximum sentence would have been life imprisonment so he has clearly not been considered the biggest fish in the sea of crime.

        • Spaull

          I would say there is one thing we do know for absolute certainty.

          The determination with which the Government has imposed a blanket ban on any questions, any challenge to the official narrative is 100% rock solid proof that they are in it up to their eyeballs.

          The FACT of the cover-up is the most concrete evidence of all.

    • Jo Dominich

      Sharp Ears, dead I should think given there is no evidence that they are alive.

  • snickid

    Craig, Is it possible to make a donation to your website without having a PayPal account?

    • Node

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      • snickid

        Sorry, I’m probably being thick. I pressed on ‘Subscribe’ and all I got was the following:

        “You need a PayPal account for this purchase.
        I already have a PayPal account.
        I need to create a PayPal account (where available). Learn more”

  • Ruth

    Also, those of us who have been in the firing line of the intelligence services know even better what they and the British Establishment are capable of.

  • flatulence

    I don’t see the logic in this being a warning. If we (or anyone for that matter), wanted to warn him/her, we could have quietly threatened his/her life or family or quietly disappeared him/her for a few days to nail the point home. With this sort of circus the likelihood of him or her being useful any longer in their normal day to day life or operations is slim, so this as a warning is useless. Not that intelligence services are incapable of such shortsighted stupidity, but it would be an equally poor assassination attempt; better that he was found hanging and she had a heart attack on discovering the body (if she was also a target).

    More likely he needs to be interrogated in a fashion that we do not officially agree with or participate in and Yulia’s suffering will make an excellent tool in extracting that information from him, making it ideal to take them alive as a 2fer under the guise to ‘keep them safe from the evil Russians who are trying to kill them’, which also excuses never hearing from them again once we’ve killed them.

    Another option is that this was indeed a botched attempted murder but not from a state, in which case we may well hear from them again once the UK has finished utilising this event to promote the anti Russia line and fear/war mongering.

    Russia could treat this as an abduction, but if they pursue it too strongly they may be confirming the value of any information that is to be extracted. Whether there is information or not, this may not be in the best interest of either Skripal, so there is an argument to let the UK run its own circus and hope it gives up or trips up.

    There are of course many possibilities, not least that the Skripal’s are in on it for cash.

    Conspiracy theories are an unavoidable consequence for the unignorant when the truth is only glimpsed in the wool that is pulled over our eyes.

    • Seamus Mac Giolla Rua

      Logic in this warning: (1) They could have given him a verbal or written warning a slap on the wrist, but would an ex Colonel in the Russian Army have taken that very seriously? Yes the British authorities could have quietly threatened his life, but this would not have had the beneficial effect of (2) attacking Russia at the same time, so by implementing Skripal’s punishment in the larger picture of attacking Putin/Russia prior to the (3) World Cup, and also using the fake novichock threat just to get the publics mind concentrating on deadly chemical weapons so as to garner the right reaction for the Eastern Ghouta attack, which turned into (4) the Douma attack, which turned into a false flag as well. So these two false flags Salisbury and Douma are like conjoined twins, they are one of the same. So this way Skripal gets the scare of his life, it all gets pinned on Russia who have (5) over 150 Embassy staff expelled across the globe on this British lie, and (6) laid the way for the missile strikes of a fortnight ago on empty buildings which the OPCW now say had no chemical weapons in them at the time they were attacked, neither did they have any in them the two other times the OPCW checked them out in the past 18 months. But my main worry is (7) Yulia, this is a Russian citizen being kept against her will ‘illegally’ by the British authorities. Is there nowhere on this earth where we can petition on her behalf?

      • flatulence

        I agree with 2-6. 7 supposes she isn’t in on it, but I’m of the opinion she is not. There is a petition here:

        Put forward by John Goss on this site in the following thread:

        It’s awaiting approval and what good it will do I don’t know, but spread it and sign it asap by all means. Can’t hurt. Though I feel this needs something like UN intervention/investigation and I fear they are just part of the same corrupt system.

        On your first point though, it still seems counter-intuitive as a threat. It’s like threatening to shoot someone if they do not behave and then shooting them as you leave. I expect an agent would take a verbal warning from a credible source very seriously. It could be punishment, but he/she would have to remain very useful for them to not just kill them. Just how useful would either be after this? Perhaps if old serg is a triple agent they may try to re-double him, but in that situation it would be better to cut your losses and kill him after interrogation. Being a triple agent would also explain why Russia let him live so long before eventually swapping him; so he may still have high value info and be a particularly hard nut to crack, hence the need for Yulia as a tool for torture.

  • Sam Sung

    Good insight on the likely D Notices from Mr. Ponting but the rest is just speculation on his part.

  • Hagar

    Here is another lie about those bad Russians debunked.

    Wada has just announced the league table of countries who are the worst dopers of athletes.

    1. Italy.
    2. France.
    3. U.S.A.
    4. Australia.
    6. Russia.

    You just cannot make it up. They can.

    • snickid

      Disappointing to see that Britain is not even in the top 6 – we’re not what we were one it comes to sporting prowess.

      • bj

        This might change soon. Cycling Team Sky is going to be pushing their ‘luck’ this season.
        Not with Chris Froome, probably, but with the younger cyclists, waiting in the wings.
        If you see surprisingly remarkable feats, you know what to attribute them to.

    • Iain

      Be interesting to see this as a percentage of the sizes of the Olympic teams / Total national athletes involved along with the number of positive / negative drug tests performed per country.

    • Andyoldlabour

      Thanks for that, it makes interesting reading, because I said from the start that the WADA/IOC bans on Russian athletes/teams, despite many athletes never testing positive for drugs (bearing in mind that they would be tested around the World in many locations – not just in Russia) was scandalous.
      I remember the furore in Seoul in 1988, when the Canadian athlete Ben Johnson tested positive for Stanazolol in the 100 metres. Immediately after the race, US athlete Carl Lewis was apoplectic with anger, because he expected to win. Why had he expected to win? Because Lewis had failed three doping tests in the lead up to the games but they were all covered up – Lewis was the “golden boy” of US track and field athletics.

      Many of the US cyclists at the 1984 Olympics were blood doping – the old style method of boosting the oxygen carrying capability of blood cells – athletes today use EPO.

      This is how a US gold medal winning sprinter from 2016, gets off a doping ban.

      Don’t get me started on the Nike Oregon Project and Alberto Salazar.

    • George_Cardiff

      First I thought you must have got this wrong from some dodgy source. So had to go on the WADA site. It is true.

  • Blair Paterson

    It seems obvious to me there was a leak of the nerve agent at portadown and to cover it up the government thought we will blame the Russians for it,it’s a simple as that I mean how could putting the chemical on a door handle contaminate such a wide area its tales from the river bank stuff

  • Hilary Carty

    Can’t believe that of all the CCTV in UK streets & homes , nothing was available to cover the home of a former ‘Spy’ ?? I’m amazed ! Surely for his protection alone, the home should be covered ??.

    • Dave54

      Remember the CCTV footage the Met took away from the London Underground during the de Menzies shooting around 2005? Still missing…

      • Jake Maverick

        same with what must amount to several billion hours of footage by now… 🙁 never mind the 3d holoporn from the wifi scanner and so called smart arse meters and the rest…

    • bj

      In the theory propounded above, the D-Notice took care of the silence you wonder about.
      We should be looking to things and events a D-Notice cannot possibly take care of.

  • Squeeth

    I assumed that there were d-notices a-go-go from the start and that any legal proceedings will he PII’d too. Actually-existing fascism.

  • Jake Maverick

    thank u both for switching sides and speaking out….just one Q though…intelligence agencies is an oxymoron…but mafia 5, mafia 6…..what is the other one….and what are or they responsible for intelligencising…space?

    and i’m still wondering whether there is a D notice on me and the rest of us with regard to ‘that’…no journo will even speak to me on it 🙁

  • Kerch'ee Kerch'ee Coup

    Hans-Ulrick Gack, the experienced Middle East correspondent for ZDF, seems to come under a lot of pressure following his reporting from Douma of the likely staged scenario. He is being accused of being a troll for Putin while ZDF has been talking about the ‘difficult conditions under which his reporting takes place’. He is being put under a lot of pressure to somehow backtrack on his original report.
    This is unfortunately what happens with those few reporters who even try to tell what they see as being the true story. Incidentally according to even the compromised ‘Reporters without Borders’ rating, the UK comes in at only number 40 in terms of press freedom slightly above the US at number 45 .

  • bj

    Apart from making me wonder why a D-Notice (something new to me) has never been mentioned here or elsewhere before as a reason for the total and utter silence of the MSM on key parts of this operetta, I find the ‘explanation of what happened’ rather convoluted.

    I might as well venture this, on a very insignificant(?) aspect of the operetta: as regards to the pets:
    The Skripal’s were in ‘it’ from the start.
    They needed a new identity abroad.
    They wanted to bring their pets.
    The pets couldn’t be carried (legally) into their place of destination.
    So they either a) had their pets put down and ‘destroyed’ or b) illegally carried their pets across the border of their new destination, and let the UK government concoct the story about the pets having perished inside their home.
    The one most ‘highly likely’ between those two is b.

    • copydude

      The D-notice is mentioned here a couple of times – it was reported early both by the Saker and Moon of Alabama blogs – but it was thought to be in respect of Steele, not Miller. That’s because Steele’s Linked In page (mentioning Skripal) was pulled from the net and Orbis issued a (not very convincing) denial that Skripal was a contributor to the Trump dossier.

      About the ‘minder’. Back at the beginning, the taxi driver who picked up Julia from the station is reportedly quizzed. When Viktoria is quizzed about this in Moscow, she says: ‘oh, it’s not a taxi driver, it’s an English guy who always picks up any of Sergei’s visitors.’

  • Fleur

    Here is a classic case demonstrating the need to seriously curtail internet freedoms. Clearly it is not enough to shut people (and whole video and text libraries) down on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, when dissidents can just go off and post this kind of thing on the internet.

    How is a government (or its Intelligence Community) to stay in charge when disgraced and humiliated people like Craig Murray can go around writing bare facts and cogent argument on their own websites? Even more worrying is that tens of thousands (maybe more) people actually read this stuff and (gulp) take notice? And we know where that could lead – a wholesale questioning of the carefully crafted narrative.

    We have a place for people like this. It’s called the Ecuadorian Embassy. Unfortunately it seems they have put up a notice – No Vacancy.

  • Tom Smythe

    Google ‘Skripal ducks bread’ sometime. The press knew what was expected of them — Putin bashing — and followed through with no need for further instructions: the quotes below taken from 5-6 papers running near-identical stories:


    Schoolboy, 12, on how he was exposed to deadly poison after Russian spy Sergei Skripal gave him bread to feed ducks in Salisbury. Aiden Cooper was playing with pals and says he’s ‘too scared to go out now’ after terrifying attack. Aiden Cooper, 12, was playing in a park with pals when they saw Skripal and daughter Yulia beside a stream.

    Aiden and his pals are thought to be the youngest of 130 exposed to the nerve agent Novichok, said to have been unleashed in Salisbury by President Vladimir Putin. Aiden said: “It’s really frightening. I’m too scared to go out now. I’m worried the bad guys may come for me. It’s not fair.” Aiden’s family were alerted after cops traced him from CCTV pics.

    “Kids being kids they went over and he gave them some bread and they fed the ducks. We didn’t think anything of it until two weeks later when then the police knocked on our door.

    “It was terrifying. We took Aiden to hospital for a load of tests and then the police told us they had to burn everything Aiden was wearing that day.

    Three children were taken to hospital after poisoned Sergei Skripal handed them bread to feed ducks, the Sunday Mirror can reveal. The trio, all boys, were given blood tests following their contact with the Russian spy and their families faced agonising waits to see if they had suffered any ill-effects.

    One of the youngsters is thought to have eaten some of the bread which Skripal, 66, intended them to throw to wildfowl at a riverside park in Salisbury. Skripal gave the boys bread for ducks near the Avon Playground in the town centre. The park sits between the River Avon and The Maltings shopping centre, where he and Yulia were found on a bench. Investigators identified the boys through park CCTV cameras.

    The incident involving the [three] boys, who are believed to have been given the all-clear, was confirmed by Public Health England and described by British officials to US authorities.

    A security source said: “To try to kill Skripal is one thing, but now it seems children may have been caught up in it. It shows whoever did this didn’t care who they killed or maimed.”

    he children had apparently come into contact with Skripal at Riverside Park, in Salisbury, after he handed them the bread, with the youngest of the group also apparently eating some of it,

    The shocking contamination of three children through touching bread given by Sergei Skripal to feed the ducks shows just how easy it is to get contaminated and how minute an exposure is needed to cause symptoms. It also tells that Sergi Skripals’ hands were contaminated.

    We need to know where the assassin and the container they transported the agent to the Skripal’s is now?

    Note: This blog is written by Philip Ingram MBE, a former British Army Intelligence Offficer who was based near Salisbury in the past.

    • nevermind

      I hope that someone in Salisbury who has come near the two Skripals are keeping their cloth and or shoes they were wearing in ZIzi’s and or wherever, so possible traces are available for any alternative Lab to investigate.

      I agree with others here, its about time that the neocons get to know/feel their own methods.

  • Pete

    I think you should make it clear that a D notice (now DSMA notice) is advisory and not legally binding. The Wikipedia article on DSMA notices suggests the last use was over naming Christopher Steele as the author of the Trump Dossier – several outlets, including the BBC, decided to publish his name anyway.

    • Radio Jammor

      As true as that is, Pete, the UK Gov will get compliance in a case such as this where there is, as they would argue, considerable concerns exist about the safety of the Skripals and possibly other UK intelligence assets.

      Even if you don’t believe the UK Gov over this at all, and think the whole thing is a hoax to implicate Russia, the media doesn’t know that Russia isn’t responsible and is likely to play ball with such, rather than compromise people’s lives. That wasn’t a concern with outing Steele and the grounds for UK National Security on that were flimsy.

      That said, it is interesting that the existence of such notices in this case were actually confirmed by C4 News Reporter Alex Thomson in March.

      Of course there could have been others since.

  • nevermind

    Good to hear Clive Ponting is alive and well, and kicking,still. I would like to thank him for this voluntary Information.
    One suspects that it would also be probable that S.Skripal had a more clandestine occupation and was engaged in a trade that interfered with our agenda in Syria.

    Alternatively, could he have stumbled over other exploits by Cambridge Analytica with regards to political parties hiring their services, off the record and past the electoral commission?

    • snickid

      “What is a D notice exactly?”

      “A DSMA-Notice (Defence and Security Media Advisory Notice) — formerly a DA-Notice (Defence Advisory Notice), and before that called a Defence Notice (D-Notice) until 1993—is an official request to news editors not to publish or broadcast items on specified subjects for reasons of national security. The system is still in use in the United Kingdom”.:

    • Clive p

      D notices have been around for over a century in one guise or another. They were started after the 1911 Official Secrets Act. The government decided against direct censorship and decided to put newspapers, later all media, ‘on their honour’ not to refer to certain subjects on ‘security’ issues. Also the existence of such notices is supposed to be secret. They have been used on just embarrassing things such as scandals in the royal family. They have no legal force but the OSA is always in the background.

      • Radio Jammor

        Yes, excellent point. Whilst the OSA is largely to do with breaches performed by public servants, anyone can be charged under certain sections of the act.

    • bj

      Better yet — how does it work? And when is it issued?

      For instance: Is there a notice going out to, say the BBC and all other ‘MSM’ (what about lesser media than the main stream??), stating: “You are not to mention the name of mr. Skripal’s handler, Pablo Miller”.

      Wouldn’t that just draw attention to a broader story behind the official line, if let’s say the BBC didn’t know anything further yet? So this draws into the specifics of the notice, as well as its timing.

      It seems to me D-Notices can only ever be given after the fact, i.e. after some story appears where Pablo Miller is mentioned, the Intelligence Services immediately issue a D-Notice “hush hush on this Mr. Miller that so-and-so mentioned”.

      Maybe that would explain the silence after Dr. Stephen Davies.

      • Radio Jammor

        I think you’ve worked out the answer to your own question. 😀

        I think they can be used in advance, if the Gov know a leak is imminent.

  • Thomas_Stockmann

    As I understand it, the OPCW has ruled out the possibility that BZ was used, saying that it was only present in a control sample.

    However, there are a couple of things I don’t understand about the BZ business. Firstly, why did Lavrov make this claim? The Russians should have received the full technical report. This is as yet unpublished, but previous technical reports have identified the control samples and their contents very clearly. Why, then, did Lavrov make this claim when he should have known it would be rebutted? Secondly, the purpose of a positive control sample is not general “quality control”, but to rule out false negatives when testing for a particular substance. Consequently, the substance that is suspected to be present in the test sample is also the substance used in the positive control sample. This can be seen in the technical report on sulfur mustard poisoning at Um Housh, where sulfur mustard was also added to the positive control sample. Why use BZ in a positive control sample, when according to people better informed than me, it has a different chemistry to A234? Maybe someone with expert chemical knowledge can explain.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Thomas_Stockmann April 28, 2018 at 14:49
      With the British agencies having a dog in the race (demonising Putin and Russia), it is perfectly possible for them to do what they like with the samples. Russia was not given the full report – what they got was leaked from the Swiss laboratory.
      From the Skripal’s alleged behaviour, the long time delay and the fact that they recovered makes DZ a far more likely agent to have been used on them.
      Remember an even higher profile case, the Princess Diana assassination? Henri Paul’s alleged blood samples contained massive amounts of carbon monoxide, as well as high levels of alcohol. The French judge refused to allow Henri Paul’s parents to have a sample, which they had requested in order to get it privately tested, just as the British authorities refused to supply the Russians samples of the Skripal’s alleged blood samples. One could ask the obvious question, why?, in both cases, and the answer is obvious.

        • Paul Barbara

          @ Thomas_Stockmann April 28, 2018 at 15:32
          My understanding was that the Russians only received a redacted version, and complained to the OPCW and Brits about it.
          I’d probably have a job finding that info now.

        • John Goss

          I am glad that Peter Wilson’s report is on the OPCW website. It is a testimony to UK deviousness. You do not need any special qualifications to see from the summary, linked in his report, that the whole lot is totally misleading. Wilson states:

          “As you know, on 4 March Yulia and Sergei Skripal were poisoned in Salisbury, England, with a chemical weapon, which UK experts established to be a Novichok. OPCW has now clearly verified those findings. This is set out in paragraph 10 of the unclassified Executive Summary.”

          It is not paragraph ten you need to read but paragraph one which states:

          “1. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland requested technical assistance from the OPCW Technical Secretariat (hereinafter “the Secretariat”) under subparagraph 38(e) of Article VIII of the Chemical Weapons Convention in relation to an incident in Salisbury on 4 March 2018 involving a toxic chemical—allegedly a nerve agent—and the poisoning and hospitalisation of three individuals. The Director-General decided to dispatch a team to the United Kingdom for a technical assistance visit (TAV).”

          You will find this phrase “toxic chemical” throughout the summary. But Peter Wilson is misleading when he states that: “. . .Yulia and Sergei Skripal were poisoned in Salisbury, England, with a chemical weapon, which UK experts established to be a Novichok. OPCW has now clearly verified those findings.”

          They have done no such thing because paragraph one states the incident in Salisbury involved “. . .a toxic chemical—allegedly a nerve agent—and the poisoning and hospitalisation of three individuals.”

          The key phrase from this is “—allegedly a nerve agent—”. We know who is alleging it and it is not the OPCW. The OPCW does not confirm the UK allegations. Back to the drawing-board Peter.

  • Mochyn69

    I think it has been mentioned before, and I have certainly posted my own take on the names of the dramatis personae in the Salisbury fairytale before but it bears repeating as it cannot be purely coincidence.

    Skripal’ is Ukranian for ‘fiddler’ as in violinist, but the secondary British English meaning is ‘cheat, thief’.

    Nick is British English slang for ‘jail, police station, place of detention’ and Bailey is a protective wall surrounding a castle, or the outdoor space created by the castle’s protective walls. In a movie where people are fighting from the top of a castle wall trying to keep out the approaching enemy, the outermost wall is an example of a bailey. Origin Middle English: probably from Old French baile ‘palisade, enclosure’.

    Who most like to play these kind of word games?


    • Paul Barbara

      @ Mochyn69 April 28, 2018 at 15:03
      Skripal is the man’s name, for God’s sake! It was his name when he committed the crimes against the Soviet Union, when they exchanged him, it’s the name of his relatives, so what in blazes are you on about?

    • Tony_0pmoc


      There is some historical connection re surnames to personalities, behaviours, and jobs, that our great great great etc grandparents did, but sometimes names get slightly corrupted (by word of mouth – lack of literacy) and some surnames are deliberately changed, as a result of population movements.

      Whilst extremely strange coincidences, do happen in my experience on a fairly regular basis, beyond what I would consider random chance, I think we can be reasonably confident, with regards to this story (whilst it may well have been artificially constructed) that the Skripal’s are real people, with a surname, that has been passed on for many generations.

      Not sure about this Bailey bloke though. Someone who claimed to research him, could find only a very limited number of photographs, only going back a couple of years, but he may well be wrong. I guess its possible that Mr. Bailey does not actually exist, and is a photoshop, or maybe he is totally legit, and merely changed his name from Smith to Bailey, cos he wanted to be famous.

      In my view constructing conspiracy theories around names and numbers, is a totally counter-productive waste of time, and the people who do this, do not impress me, though undoubtedly some people believe in their bollocks, as if its a religion.


  • Michael McNulty

    I can’t see an experienced state operative like Sergei Skripal volunteer for a role in a plot so devious that just knowledge of it will endanger you, and especially not so with his daughter. I think he was the target because he is a Russian and that’s the tenuous link good enough to agitate against Putin, and since day one I have seen nothing to indicate he and Yulia are alive.

  • Doug scorgie

    From the Sun: ” A doctor who fought to save the life in the aftermath of a targeted nerve agent attack has told the BBC how she stopped breathing, vomited and went into a fit.”
    “The doctor managed to clear her airway to get her breathing again.”

    This doctor has not been named (why not ?) Where is this anonymous doctor who just happened to be there at the time?

  • Barden Gridge

    Just for the record again:

    Still no update on the Salisbury hospital website. The last press release was posted there on February 19, 2018:

    The NHS press release on “a man in his 60s” (who we’re meant to think is Sergei Skripal) is updated on a daily basis, but the only updated information is the date of the press release.

    We’ve now had the same update on:

    18 April 2018 at 4.45 pm
    19 April 2018 at 5.00 pm
    20 April 2018 at 5.30 pm
    24 April 2018 at 4.03 pm
    25 April 2018 at 1.56 pm
    26 April 2018 at 3.49 pm
    27 April 2018 at 11.32 am

    Those are the ones that I know of. I may have missed some.
    The website only keeps the latest version:
    The 27 April one featured a major innovation in that it announced:
    “The next planned update to this page is Monday 30 April 2018.”

    When the MSM do mention the Skripal case now, it’s drivel like this DT piece about the police having identified a suspect whose characteristics sound suspiciously like James Bond:

    “he was a very intelligent, educated, ambitious and ruthless person…
    he was handsome and personable and was quickly able to win a stranger’s trust..
    he was trainted in martial arts and specialised in ju jitsu”

    Or ridiculously conflicting headlines from the BBC about Salisbury.
    The following headlines all appeared with the same URL in the space of six hours:

    20 April 2018
    “Spy poisoning: Salisbury residents warned of toxic ‘hotspots'”

    “Skripal poisoning: Salisbury residents told area is safe”

    “Skripal poisoning: Salisbury toxic hotspots clean-up begins”

    Another thing that suggest that coverage of this case is not being run by people who know or care about what news usually looks like is the video coverage of the Salisbury hospital statements.
    There’s Mr Sinister with the pink tie in the background here (April 10 statement) and the camerman filming the journalists apparently:
    (incidentally, mentioning “ensuring that they can breathe and that blood can continue to circulate” sounds like something you might announce if you were trying to keep a couple of extra-terrestrials alive, but not a pair of Russians).

    And there’s this video of the statement on April 6. ODN is “On Demand News”, formerly the ITN YouTube channel.
    This has been stage managed to the point of making sure that Blanshard has a stethoscope draped around her neck in best TV medical soap style.
    It just doesn’t feel right.
    This photo of the huge crowd of what… two cameras? doesn’t make it seem any less odd either.

  • JohnPerth

    This is the bloke who “outed” the “Novichok” programme in the USA, which leaked cables tell us was not to be discussed by US chemical experts at places like the OPCW…

    “Mr Mirzayanov was fired and jailed after making public a new generation of chemical weapons which he said was being secretly produced by Russia. He gave his account to the Russian media in 1991 after being angry and alarmed about what was being hidden by the country’s military, including novichok. The charges were dropped after intervention by the US government and the Soros Foundation, and he was given asylum in America.”

    Soros, and “asylum” – which implies spooks were involved. Is this guy an “asset”?

  • lysias

    Comments being blocked today on Be prepared for a similar shutdown here.

    • Michael McNulty

      I had a comment about US gold being recalled by some countries which was blocked on patriotrising. It said I was suspected of being a bot.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Michael McNulty April 28, 2018 at 16:52
        ‘Turkey Will Repatriate All Gold From The US In Attempt To Ditch The Dollar’:

        ‘After Venezuela, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands prudently repatriated a substantial portion (if not all) of their physical gold held at the NY Fed or other western central banks in recent years, this morning Turkey also announced that it has decided to repatriate all its gold stored in the US Federal Reserve and deliver it to the Istanbul Stock Exchange, according to reports in Turkey’s Yeni Safak. It won’t be the first time Turkey has asked the NY Fed to ship the country’s gold back: in recent years, Turkey repatriated 220 tons of gold from abroad, of which 28.7 tons was brought back from the US last year.

        According to the latest IMF data, Turkey’s gold reserves are estimated at 591 tons, worth just over $23 billion. This makes Ankara the 11th largest gold holder, behind the Netherlands and ahead of India…..’

        Zero Hedge is not a fake news site. Germany had a hell of a job getting even a tiny fraction of their gold back; they were not even allowed to visually see their gold in US vaults!

    • Paul Barbara

      @ lysias April 28, 2018 at 16:15
      I don’t know if this has already been up here, I certainly haven’t seen it, but it quies Craig’s Blog:
      ‘The Silence Of The Skripals – Government Blocks Press Reports – Media Change The Record’:

      Very interesting; could be why was being attacked. Bit too near the bone!

  • Sharp Ears

    I still maintain that the whole of it was theatre to produce anti Putin/anti Russia propaganda for the attack on Syria. That failed miserably.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    “UPDATE: Stupidly I had forgotten this vital confirmation from Channel 4 News (serial rebel Alex Thomson) of the D Notice in place on mention of Pablo Miller.”

    Blimey, do they still do D-Notices? I thought that went out with Tony Blair (Miranda), cos its the first thing that leaks. There is an old and very true story in the music and computer games industries. If a song or a game has been banned, by for example the BBC or the UK Government, it attracts massive attention by the media – and everyone interested wants to know why it has been banned. Some games, and songs would probably have sunk without trace…but when they get banned in the UK, they often achieve Massive World Wide sales. The BBC or the Government looks completely stupid, and removes the ban

    “Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax (Restored Version)”

    “The Strange Death of David Kelly by Norman Baker”


  • Blissex

    «the intelligence services, really do know what they and the British government are capable of. They are not “white knights”.»

    Well, their charter is to do the crimes “in the public interest” that the police is supposed not to do. Spying abroad of course means committing crimes in foreign countries against foreign states (except Japan that has no law again foreign espionage), when it comes to committing crimes in the home country or against home citizens that it gets “controversial”, as this interesting quote from the obituary of an MI6 executive says:>
    Quintessentially English men happiest outside England often enter the clandestine world. … His Roman Catholic faith remained central to him, although in later years, knowing himself, he did not take communion since he could not reconcile it with decisions he made in the office.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Blissex April 28, 2018 at 16:52
      How about this one (another ‘Catholic’):
      ‘..“What he confessed was this. He had not been serving God, after all, when he followed Allen Dulles. He had been on a satanic quest.
      These were some of James Jesus Angleton’s dying words. He delivered them between fits of calamitous coughing—lung-scraping seizures that still failed to break him of his cigarette habit—and soothing sips of tea. “Fundamentally, the founding fathers of U.S. intelligence were liars,” Angleton told Trento in an emotionless voice. “The better you lied and the more you betrayed, the more likely you would be promoted. . . . Outside of their duplicity, the only thing they had in common was a desire for absolute power. I did things that, in looking back on my life, I regret. But I was part of it and loved being in it.”
      He invoked the names of the high eminences who had run the CIA in his day—Dulles, Helms, Wisner. These men were “the grand masters,” he said. “If you were in a room with them, you were in a room full of people that you had to believe would deservedly end up in hell.”
      Angleton took another slow sip from his steaming cup. “I guess I will see them there soon.”
      ― David Talbot, The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government…’

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