The Poison in our Body Politic 391

As Porton Down now confirm, here is a straightforward lie from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, a lie that British diplomats around the world have been promoting to foreign governments.

The key point is that the FCO knew it was lying. This was published six days after I was told by an FCO source, and published, that Porton Down scientists were refusing to say the substance came from Russia. The FCO knew this.

I have now received confirmation from a well placed FCO source that Porton Down scientists are not able to identify the nerve agent as being of Russian manufacture, and have been resentful of the pressure being placed on them to do so. Porton Down would only sign up to the formulation “of a type developed by Russia” after a rather difficult meeting where this was agreed as a compromise formulation. 16 March 2018

There has to be some kind of redress for this. If we accept that we live in a society where the public bodies that are supposed to serve us, can lie to us and to the world in order specifically to heat up a cold war, then the future is bleak. This is a direct consequence of the lack of suitable punishment for those involved in the crime of creating lies to wage aggressive war on Iraq, particularly Tony Blair, Richard Dearlove and John Scarlett. As they are not in jail, Boris is confident he will not be either.

We have learned nothing from the Iraq War experience, and what is most disheartening is that officials within the FCO and security services still do not see it as their job to prevent lies rather than to propagate them when asked by a Minister.

Here is a screenshot of a FCO video showing Laurie Bristow, British Ambassador to Russia, in Moscow telling outright lies to gathered diplomats at a briefing there. The subtitle is accurate.

I have long held the opinion that Bristow is a deeply repulsive individual with no morals or scruples. When I was sacked as British Ambassador to Tashkent for criticising Uzbekistan’s human rights record and objecting to MI6 use of intelligence from the Uzbek torture chambers, Bristow went to Tashkent after my removal to assure the Uzbeks that the UK had no interest in human rights and wished to continue “intelligence cooperation”. That somebody like Bristow can become one of Britain’s most senior Ambassadors says all you need to know about the United Kingdom today.

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391 thoughts on “The Poison in our Body Politic

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  • Durak

    “people have VERY LONG memories of being misled over the existence of WMD in Iraq by Tony Blair”

    Indeed, it is just as fresh today as it were many years ago.

    The Government is playing with fire if they think this is going to go away (or even their way). It will take one or two more pushes before all credibility is destroyed. Forget Boris’s resignation.. the whole government should then fall.

  • Vasco da Gama

    In the RT interview i noticed an apparent discrepancy on your perspective about the capabilities required to produce the so called novishok. First when asked about which states would have such capability you respond that only a handful would, but later on the same interview you mention “pretty much any” former Soviet Union State in addition to the US which would have dismantled the lab in Uzbekistan. Would you care to clarify that nuance, or is this a mere glass half-empty/half-full change of perspective attending the posed question?

  • John Robertson

    ” He is a copper bottomed Ocean going fuckwit ” Not adding to the conversation, but that description made my day. 🙂

      • giyane

        Where’s Fedup when you need him? He was banned for saying it as it is and only returns on alternate blue moons. It’s not every day the absolute fuckwittery of our political classes are so openly on display. We are supposed to see it and condone…. so come on Boys, and Girls … are we going to watch this ocean-going political porn and condone it? or are we going to call teacher and get this government hard neo-imperial porn closed down?

  • Dave

    Now all of a sudden the paper reviews are reporting The Times says Porton Down CAN now say where the chemical came from. Very rapid volte face.

    • Murray Johnson

      The Times doesn’t say the source of this other intel was Porton Down. One has to wonder what the source is & what form this conclusive evidence might take.

  • Durak

    No BSL-4 (or BSL-3) labs in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan possibly (but mist be fairly recent), Georgia.. no way, nor Tajikistan, however not so sure about Ukraine, no BSL-4 but likely BSL-3.

    Need these to synthesize due to toxicity, so likely I reckon originated from a country that has such capabilities, and then delivery would be difficult… however surprise, surprise.. a BSL-4 lab just a few miles away, oh dear.

    Don’t really believe the British did this (too many people with consciences to be able to isolate an information leak) but it definitely isn’t a coincidence. Whoever did this likely wanted doubt to be raised, was no doubt exceptionally professionally planned.

    Russia though has nothing to gain from this, and given their aggressive denials (verging on real anger) I believe them.

    That the Tory party has sunk so low in the UK that they are widely disbelieved shouldn’t be lost on anyone however, and they seem to be intent on dragging the FCO down with them, surely they can’t be happy about being led by a fool?

    • N_

      Don’t really believe the British did this (too many people with consciences to be able to isolate an information leak) but it definitely isn’t a coincidence.
      Bear in mind Toxic Dagger. What other countries, if any, participated or observed? What kind of “vignettes” were run? Did any involve nerve agent attacks on private persons, perpetrators uncaught? How about army vehicles removing cars and vans? What about public relations? We don’t know but we can speculate that some aspects of the Salisbury event and the response were similar to features of the exercise – or what for most participants started off as “just” an exercise.

    • Jo Dominich

      Israel have the capability, capacity and is not affiliated to the OPCW so it is not known what stocks of chemical weapons they actually have and what type.

  • Durak

    “Now all of a sudden the paper reviews are reporting The Times says Porton Down CAN now say where the chemical came from. Very rapid volte face.”

    I doubt it, because an about-face now would damage credibility even further, they wouldn’t look serious any more, but complicit.

    Wouldn’t be any other way to interpret that, even the Liberal media would have a hard time spinning that one.

      • G.Bng

        The article is now on site and phew… what a coincidence, it sorta let’s BJ off the hook! It’s paywall but the relevant part is as per below, the rest mere waffle about Corbyn, BJ, Porton Down, and other things.

        “Security services believe they have pinpointed the location of the covert Russian laboratory that manufactured the weapons-grade nerve agent used in Salisbury, The Times has learnt.
        ¶Ministers and security officials were able to identify the source using scientific analysis and intelligence in the days after the attempted murder of Sergei and Yulia Skripal a month ago, according to security sources.
        ¶Britain knew about the existence of the facility where the novichok poison was made before the attack on March 4, it is understood. A Whitehall source added: “We knew pretty much by the time of the first Cobra [the emergency co-ordination briefing that took place the same week] that it was overwhelmingly likely to come from Russia.”
        ¶Security sources do not claim 100 per cent certainty but the source has insisted that they have a high degree of confidence in the location. They also believe that the Russians conducted tests to see whether novichok could be used for assassinations.¶The disclosure is the latest part of Britain’s intelligence case against Russia, which has been undermined this week by a series of blunders.

        • N_

          Why did they pressurise Porton Down to say laboratory analysis showed the substance came from Russia? Every other intelligence service in the world knows that when they were urging fellow NATO members to follow their lead they must have shown or at least referred to some intelligence product. Indeed everyone without shit for brains knows there won’t be watermarks on the molecules of single-target nerve agents and that even if you know the exact molecule or mixture of molecules that doesn’t tell you shit about where it’s come from.

        • Crackerjack

          Marvellous! they finally get round to producing a hat with a rabbit in it. How timely after Boris’s fuck up

          This is of course utter bollocks.

          Is it credible that they are now producing the evidence that would have swayed the sceptics? Do me a fucking favour.

          That last point is the one that sinks this “story” below the water line.

          “Security sources do not claim 100% …..”

          Really? I was kind of hoping it would or otherwise this would be be just another load of circumstantial bollocks

          This surely must be the last death throes of this tale.

          House of cards

          • james

            i agree crackerjack!!
            from the article “security services pinpoint russian lab” with the keyword inserted in the first sentence ‘believe’….
            they are trying to close the gate when the horse is already out of the barn… they can spin the yarn, anyway they want in order to make russia the culprit – much as it appears they have done with the steele dossier… it would seem the uk intel folks are on the hook for a lot of subterfuge with this b.s. more of the same..

          • Mary Paul

            It was not just Boris, it was also the UK ambassador to Moscow and the FCO itself (in tweets! who claimed Porton Down said the nerve agent was made by Russia.

            Diane Abbott who, as shadow Home Secretary, seems to have had some sort of official briefing, said in a statement. that the information they were given, was not as specific as later statements by Boris and the FCO, when they claimed that the Russian origin had been verified by Porton Down..

            I think advisors in the FCO decided to “sex up” their claims which is why it was not just Boris it was also our ambassador to Russia, who presumably is better able to engage brain before mouth than Boris. FCO must have made this line official and that is not just down to Boris. I think we should give credit to Mr Aitkenhead for refusing to go along with it.

            I am still waiting to hear why the novichok agent used, was not oethal.d not work.

        • Tom Welsh

          Wow, you gotta love that old “scientific analysis and intelligence” if you’re a dodgy politician caught telling blatant lies.

          What exactly is “scientific analysis and intelligence”?

          As anyone could have predicted, once their alleged facts are shown to be untrue, they merely retreat into a fog of “because we say so” and “intelligence sources that cannot be revealed for security reasons”.

          Exactly like MH17.

          • N_

            I’d never trust anyone who kept shouting the word “science”, and it’s not really surprising that the chief executive of Porton Down has a background in sales. Ditto with the word “professional”. Here, to make their case for them, they mean physical and chemical forensics on the substance plus espionage product. It’s just like the “45 minutes” but with an “attack in quiet Salisbury” and “three people in hospital” (one now released), which are both emotionally charged and stick in the memory.

            The word “scientist” was invented by a guy in the md-19th century whose attitudes many thought led him to a “justification” of slavery: William Whewell at Trinity College, Cambridge (where else?).

  • Stephen

    Duplicate. If someone can find out more about this “Exercise Toxic Dagger” started on feb 20th. here is the link and please make sure Craig sees it.
    In case it gets deleted:

    News story
    Exercise TOXIC DAGGER – the sharp end of chemical warfare

    Dstl works with Marines on UK’s biggest annual chemical warfare exercise
    Published 20 February 2018

    Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

    Marines in CBRN kit on Exercise Toxic Dagger

    40 Commando Royal Marines and The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) have staged the UK’s biggest annual exercise to prepare troops for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) operations. Exercise TOXIC DAGGER is supported by Dstl, along with Public Health England (PHE) and The Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), and is the largest exercise of its kind in the country.

    Specialists in CBRN from Dstl and AWE are able to create realistic exercise scenarios based on the latest threat information. Completing the training and exercising against these scenarios provides a challenging programme for the Royal Marines to demonstrate their proficiency in the methods to detect, assess and mitigate a CBRN threat.

    The three-week programme included Company-level attacks and scenarios concerning CBRN vignettes, concluding with a full-scale exercise involving government and industry scientists and more than 300 military personnel.

    Major Rob Garside, from 40 Commando Royal Marines, said:

    Working with Dstl means we have the most up-to-date information and a realistic exercise. This ensures we are well prepared for a CBRN operating environment. It is vital we can make rapid decisions and are able to protect and support specialists who come in to deal with any incident. On operations these specialists are on hand to advise and we must ensure we already have a strong understanding of their capabilities and what they require of us as a military force.

    The Dstl lead for CBRN exercises said:

    40 Commando would be first on the ground in the event of a CBRN incident. We ensure they’re up to date on the latest threats and make the exercise truly realistic. They not only have to provide a fighting force in an unstable environment, they must also be able to assess the scene and know what they’re dealing with.

    • N_

      40 Commando would be first on the ground in the event of a CBRN incident

      So the same battalion took part in the exercise and then very shortly after, in the real thing.

    • james

      thanks stephen.. i thought everyone had seen this the past 1-2 weeks, but apparently not… as i have been saying at moa the past 2 weeks, the timing of this and the skripal affair is just too coincidental here…

      • Stephen

        The same “Exercise Toxic Dagger” was held last year but it was held 2 months later in April.
        So why was the date changed ?
        Considering both our Government and the Russians would likely know that the Skripal’s would visit the graves on the date they did.
        Did our government plan for it by moving the exercise as cover for all the people involved.
        Did the Russians just get lucky that our MoD moved this exercise to coincide with the time they planned to Kill Sergei Skripal.
        If it was the Russian government then they must have been targeting Sergei unless there is something serious we don’t lnow about Yulia yet. Also could the Russian government have executed it while the exercise was running without leaving evidence.
        If it was about the deceased son/brother’s money then who was the culprit. How did they get the nerve agent and how were they able to execute the operation in Salisbury of all places at a time when the MoD is running a major chemical warfare exercise down the road on Salisbury Plains.
        If it was a false flag then did the Skripal’s get poisoned at all. Obviously the MoD had everything in play to execute it, contain it and control the information throughout the area.
        The recovery of Yulia has given the government more time now because they can just say she doesn’t want to see the Russians rater than having ti fight against the consular access argument.

        Please add anything else that might be relevant.

        • N_

          Here’s something: were civilian medics and managers at Salisbury Hospital involved in Toxic Dagger?

        • sibbaldi

          I’ve put this link up on this site before but if anyone’s missed it it does give an idea about false flag events, especially point 4.

          “This is no small point. An incredible percentage of major domestic or international terror attacks have involved simultaneous “training drills.” This list includes, but is not limited to, the infamous NORAD drills of 9/11, the 7/7 London Bombings, the 2011 Norway shooting, the Aurora shooting, Sandy Hook, and the Boston Marathon. Though none of the aforementioned events can be confirmed or denied without a doubt, they bear a striking resemblance to previous false flag attacks and should be looked at with an investigative eye.”

      • Jo Dominich

        Good question Stephen. In the past two weeks I have tended to the view that the Skripals are not actually in a hospital being treated at all. If Russian State television had not broadcast the telephone conversation with Yulia and her cousin, we would still be under the impression they were critically ill in hospital. In that conversation Yulia told her cousin her father was fine and asleep. Shortly after this telephone is broadcast the police make a statement on behalf of Yulia (not understanding why she couldn’t make it herself from her hospital bed) and then, hey presto, Sergei Skripal is suddenly off the critical list amid some Lazarus style resurrection. I smell not so much a rat as a sodding great mammal here.

    • OhOh

      “they must also be able to assess the scene and know what they’re dealing with.”

      To be able to “know what they are dealing with” implies they have the ability to analyse any agents found at the exercise site. The list of attendees include “Dstl, along with Public Health England (PHE)”. Are not these PD companies?

      Did the “Dstl, along with Public Health England (PHE)” attendees at this “exercise” carry “CW samples”, to enable the correct analysis of any agents found during the “exercise”?

      Were they properly controlled, were any samples, comparison CW, equipment etc. utilised during the “exercises” correctly destroyed by the competent authorities, were all “CW samples” returned to PD at the cessation of the “exercises”?

      Presumably all the attendees were issued with procedures to follow, are these available for inspection?

  • Crackerjack

    Sky news continuing to cut the German interviewers question from their report which allows Boris an “in” to say he was just saying “the guy” told him it was Novichok. Her question was do you have proof it was the Russians? So you have the samples.

    A house of cards

  • John Goss

    My big concern is not particularly with Porton Down, certainly not the scientists, but the fact that the US has its own experimental section there and I very much doubt they share any information other than what a spy might share with its hosts. They are also parasites on numerous similar establishments throughout the world.

    One such is in the Chagos Islands where US arrogance has deprived the islanders of their homes and land then tortured rendered prisoners without, hopefully, the knowledge of the hosts – that’s us again. When are independent governments going to tell the Yanks where to get off. It’s long overdue.

    • kathy

      Mind you, Porton Down itself has a long and infamous history so I don’t know why you have such a favourable impression of them.

      • Herbie

        They’re doing invaluable work assessing dangerous materials and their antidotes, that foreigners might use, ensuring good and decent British people can go about their daily business without let or hindrance.

    • Durak

      “but the fact that the US has its own experimental section there”

      Is there a reference to this? Very interesting.

    • N_

      Thanks for this info about the US at Porton Down. Were they involved in Toxic Dagger? And do any of them hold any other passports or allegiances than US ones, I wonder.

      • Herbie

        I’d imagine such allegiances as may occur are corporate rather than state.

        The West, even in its security agencies is primarily a corporate thing with state and private intel incorporating very much the same space.

        Western states are withering to corporate control.

        And, that’s the very obvious intent.

        We have massive private mercenary groups and intel agencies operating to bid, and without oversight.

        We have a declining state military for offence or defence, but we have increasing control at home.

        And in the East.

        They’re just kinda makin stuff and wanting routes to market.

        And that will benefit the ordinary peeps at the expense of our tired elites.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ John Goss April 5, 2018 at 00:18
      Diego Garcia – also almost certainly where MH 370 landed up.

    • Jo Dominich

      John, good point here. We do, after all, need to remember that, thanks to the Snowden leaks that the USA NSC has and probably still does, tap the telephones of European Heads of State, Government ministers and a host of other diplomats. They are unscrupulous and have a history of destabilising regimes, invading countries, destabilising economies, torture and other cover deeds. It is high time the countries in the UN and NATO started to take a heavier hand with the USA. They might be obsessed with communism and socialism but most other countries/people are not.

  • giyane

    Talking of Poison Blair, this is how the British neo-colonial system works:

    The Kurdish people have not been paid for four years by the now expired President, who is a stooge of USUKIS. Ex President Barzani actually signed the deal with USUKIS to bring Islamic State to attack his country in 2013. He is an international criminal friend of dictator Erdogan, the exporter of Kurdish oil for USUKIS.

    USUKIS are now funding a new puppet from Erdogan’s criminal Muslim Brotherhood, that has been fighting the Syrian people for nearly 8 years, to stand as Kurdish leader, Shaswar Abdulwahid Qadir. Barzani has squeezed the Kurdish people into desperate poverty in spite of the vast oil wealth of Iraqi Kurdistan, in order to force the Kurdish people to choose a stooge with less expensive tastes. needless to say the candidate USUKIS has chosen for the Kurdish people represents their interests and not the beliefs and values of the Kurdish. His political logo is a naked lady standing on a plinth.

  • SoylentGreenisPeople

    From the U.S.A. . . . .

    It seems you have just as many LIARS running your government as we have running ours. In fact, just like the previous LIES regarding WMD, the two governments are probably also in league on the current lies regarding the Skirpals and the alleged Russian poisoning.

    The leaders of the western governments seem to be acting in league on this one. My curiosity concerns “why.” Why do they want a new Cold War (or even actual war) with Russia so much? To distract their populations from other issues? To frighten their populations and thereby consolidate their power over them? To justify sending more money into the governmental war machines of the west? To further the interests of Israel and the neoconservatives? Some combination of these? Something else?

    What exactly is their end game?

    • Crackerjack

      Its the bombs in my view Soylent. You chaps learned in Vietnam that war makes money. Follow the money. Every trip that Trump has made has resulted in him coming home with his pockets stuffed with contracts for arms sales. The Poles have just shelled out $4.75bn for an anti missile defence that is pretty much redundant the sad saps. Not saying it was Trumps idea, this new McCarthyism started before he ever sniffed the white house air freshener but the military industrial complex needs an enemy. 1984.

    • Silvio

      Paul Craig Roberts has a similar line of questions too.

      Lies Are Washington’s Chosen Path To Dominance

      The Russian Ambassador to the UK said, “We have very serious suspicion that this provocation was done by British intelligence.” Actually, the UK, a militarily insignificant country, would not have dared to make this level of provocation to Russia, which is capable of wiping the British off of the face of the earth in a few minutes at zero cost to Russia. The British were acting as agents of their masters in Washington. Surely, the Russian government knows this. In “the Western alliance,” the only country permitted to have an independent policy is the US.

      The question before us is: what is the point of this blatent transparent provocation of Russia? What is the American deep state trying to achieve. Surely not to get the world destroyed in nuclear war, or so one would hope.
      Nevertheless, war is a possibility. Pat Buchanan, a man of intense Washington experience, has asked, rather than asserted, if Trump is assembling a war cabinet with his choice of chief warmonger John Bolton as National Security Adviser, his choice of warmonger Pompeo as Secretary of State, his choice of the woman who ran the secret CIA torture prisons as CIA Director. If this is not a war cabinet, what is? It makes Hitler’s war cabinet look mild.

      The demonization of Russia that has been ongoing since the Russian government blocked Obama’s planned invasion of Syria in behalf of Israel and Obama’s bombing of Iran in behalf of Israel has the appearance of preparing Western peoples for war with Russia. Before Washington destroyed Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen through its Saudi proxy, and attempted to destroy Syria through its “democratic rebels” proxy, Washington demonized the leaders and the countries that were subsequetly destroyed. Why should Russia not think that Russia is being set up for destruction in the same way?

    • Mary Paul

      According to veteran UK journalist, Peter Hitches, after the Soviet Union fell, there was no real need for NATO in opposition to it. This alarmed US arms manufacturers who pushed for its expansion into newly liberated Eastern Europe so they could sell the new member countries weapons and militay equipment.

    • Jo Dominich

      Solyent Green, good questions. Firstly, I think it is because Russia has blocked the invasion of Syria. Syria is all but back in the control of the Syrian Government thanks to intelligent, not aggressive, Russian support. They have a plan to rebuild the area and restore peace. The USA and UK have been dying to have a pop at Syria for some 5 years now but have had no reason to do so. It is part of a wider USA plan to destabilise the middle east and make Israel the dominant power there, conveniently turning a blind eye to the atrocities being committed by the Israeli Government against the Palestinians. Trump has recently axed all financial aid to Palestine which tells you a lot. The end game for the USA is total world dominance – and nobody, not the UN, NATO countries are doing anything to prevent that – but Russia is standing against them, the USA don’t like that now do they? I think also, for what it’s worth, when the break up of the Soviet Union happened (no doubt USA covert destabilisation through well known CIA covert operations) I believe the USA thought this would be the end of Russia as any kind of power or authority in the world. However, Putin has rebuilt Russia successfully and has the support of a hell of a lot of the Russian population. Unfortunately for the USA, especially under that megalomaniac Trump, Putin is the only head of state in the world that is talking any sense here, trying to engage in proper international forums for a resolution to Syria and the intense anti-Russia propaganda. The USA don’t like that. Gorbachov was also in this vein, he refused USA intervention cue the break up of the Soviet Union. I just wish European and Western Countries would take a stand against this new USA imperialism.

    • SA

      Thanks for that. The real lesson here is that those responsible for the lies leading to carnage in Iraq and Libya have not and will never be punished. If they were then it would give pause for thought to the likes of Chuka Umuna and others like him to seek instant self righteous gratification and think of long term consequences.

  • Courtenay Barnett


    It is one thing to speak of the poison in UK politics – for – over the years I have been observing and sometimes commenting on the degree of toxicity just about everywhere. Incidentally, today is the anniversary of the killing of Dr. Martin Luther King, which thus leads to recollections on the poison in the body politic of the United States of America:-


    I met a man. His name was Tupper Saussy. He happened to have been the ghost writer for a book by James Earl Ray, entitled “ Tennessee Waltz” published in 1987. The book gives Ray’s account of the events to state that he did not kill Dr. King.

    Saussy’s view, in his long conversations with me, was that James Earl Ray was not Dr. King’s murderer and he explained to me in considerable detail why Ray was not the killer, then gave me a copy of the book which I then read.

    On Thursday, the 3rd April, 2008, I watched a CNN special on the eve of the anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination. The book came back to mind and I asked myself on conclusion of the CNN special – why is CNN trying to confuse the public?

    Before I return to the book’s contents, I would invite the reader to look at the physical location at the Lorraine Motel, where Dr. King was shot, and consider the photographs of the positioning of surrounding buildings, the trajectory of the bullet, and the direction that the witnesses present were all pointing to when the single shot rang out that killed Dr. King. The web site is worth a visit and it is at 🙁

    The reasoning at the web site is sound, the pictures are clear and the conclusions can logically be drawn.

    Back to the book. Read Ray’s own story for yourself and draw your own conclusions. The points I would leave you with are these:-

    A. Why would the witnesses present all be pointing in the direction they heard the shot come from, and CNN be leading the unsuspecting public in 2008 towards some alternative belief that they were pointing elsewhere to a window at a rooming house across the street, from where Ray is supposed to have shot Dr. King?
    B. Is there anything to be made of Ray’s reference to an operative or handler called “Raoul”, and if Ray was this perfect sniper shot who assassinated Dr. King – did he simply conveniently drop all his evidence outside the doorway of the rooming house, to link him to the crime?
    C. If, it was Ray’s doing from reference to B above – then why don’t the test bullets fired from the weapon attributed to Ray not ballistically match the bullet taken from Dr. King – so who did fire the weapon that killed Dr. King?


    A single person cannot be in two places at the same time. There are two (2) vantage points for the location of the sniper who did the shooting (1) a window from the rooming house and (2) the Gattis penthouse ( to which Andrew Young and all other witnesses are pointing at the time of the shooting).

    Again, carefully review the photographic evidence at the web site:- (

    Now – you decide – who killed Dr. Martin Luther King?

    When the state is confronted with legitimate challenges against its destructive polices:-

    “…I knew that I could not ever again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without having first spoken clearly to the greater purveyor of violence in the world: my own government.” Martin Luther King in his “Beyond Vietnam” 1967 speech.
    it has the power to destroy those who dare speak truth to power. The agents of the government of the United States of America did first attempt to destroy the reputation of Dr. Martin Luther, and used its FBI’s COINTELPRO program to try by criminal means to destroy the credence of those who fought for and sought equal rights and justice. When that failed – well – simply stated, the agents of the state just murdered Dr. King.
    Courtenay Barnett – 4th April, 2008
    Courtenay Barnett is a graduate of London University. His areas of study were economics, political science and international law. He has been a practising lawyer for over twenty years, has been arrested for defending his views, and has argued public interest and human rights cases.

    • Silvio

      In the video linked below James Corbett interviews the King family’s former lawyer Dr. William Pepper on Pepper’s 40 year long investigation to find the truth behind the assassination of Martin Luther King.

      From the Youtube blurb (helpful hyperlink to Pepper’s book, added by me):
      “Dr. William Pepper’s remarkable 40 year investigation into the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. is summarized in his equally remarkable book, The Plot to Kill King: The Truth Behind the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. In this conversation we discuss Dr. Pepper’s relationship with Dr. King, the mind-blowing evidence that destroys the official story of the assassination, who really killed MLK, and the complete media blackout that has served to keep this information from the public for half a century.

      Video runs 1hr 10min:

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Courtenay Barnett April 5, 2018 at 01:12
      Most people are unaware (because the MSM didn’t publicise it) that Coretta King, MLK’s widow, won a Civil Court action in 1999 that MLK’s assassination was the result of a conspiracy, and that James Earl Ray was not the killer but was set up to be the patsy:
      ‘Assassination Conspiracy Trial’:
      Also, there is an excellent documentary online, part 6 of a 10.5 hour video covering JFK, RFK, Jonestown, MLK and other major conspiracies. The video documentary is called ‘Evidence of Revision’: and the Martin Luther King part starts at 8.23.35.
      I strongly recommend people watch the whole documentary (though not all in one hit!), it has some extraordinary generally unknown information, and is an education in itself regarding US government assassinations.

  • Hieroglyph

    What truly disturbs me is that, I think, this monstrous lie was part of a strategy to cover up the child abuse scandal in Telford, and Rochdale. I believe someone somewhere thought this was a useful ‘reboot’ of the Government, and I believe the timing is too convenient to dismiss. Because of course May has ‘form’ for covering up child abuse – as has the BBC. This makes May a rather sinister character, in my opinion. Bluntly, I’ve never had Boris down as a buffoon, I always saw him as a cold, dead-eyed manipulator, playing up the buffoon because his real persona is utterly charmless. I see no reason to change this view. May and Boris should be promptly fired by their own party – and I personally think they will be.

    I should note, I don’t think this fiasco is solely down to the child-abuse scandal. There’s all sort of Trump Derangement Syndrome involved, as well as May’s pathological careerism, but I do think the scandal is a factor, in the timing if nothing else. Thousands of little girls abused, and nobody did a thing. Say what you like about Tommy Robinson, he at least has been covering the issue. Lenin’s Tomb has spent a great deal of time debunking it, which is somewhat odd, I think.

    • LenkaPenka

      “May’s pathological careerism”

      She’ll drag the UK into war to stay in power likely, for Boris its a certainty he would.

      • N_

        “Drag” may not be the best metaphor. If war breaks out, there will have been trigger events.

        Only a short time ago, after Theresa May blamed the Russians in the House of Commons, there was “speculation” by politicians and tame journalists – and this must have come from government PR – that Britain might, in response to the Salisbury incident, attack Russia using cyberweapons. Had they done so, Britain would now be in a hot war with Russia.

        • Hieroglyph

          This isn’t 1939. Putin would hand us our arse within a week, without even bothering to use nukes. Looking at May and Boris, I kinda hope he does. Always did fancy learning Russian!

          • Agent Green

            Yep, and the politicians in Westminster will be among the first to be vaporised.

        • Herbie

          Russia won’t be in a hot war with anyone, until the very last moment.

          It’ll just wait it out.

          It’s been doing the Stalingrad absorption of deep hard Nazi punch for years now.

          It’ll just wait until its opponent is tired and frustrated.

          Then arrange talks to sort things out.

          The East needs the West.

          The West needs the East.

          • Tom Welsh

            You remind me of the great heavyweight boxing champion Rocky Marciano, who was once asked what his strategy was. He replied something to the effect that, “I let him hit me till he gets tired. Then I knock him out”.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Hieroglyph April 5, 2018 at 01:29
      I am very glad you brought the child abuse coverup into this, as yesterday I watched a video interview with an ex police detective, Jon Wedger, who told an absolutely horrendous story:
      ‘Report #54: Jon Wedger, London Police Whistleblower on Child Prostitution & Trafficking’:

      This video really shows just how utterly corrupt our government and police force is. The video really needs to be widely disseminated.
      No wonder the ‘Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA)’ is going nowhere fast.

  • Boniface "Terror" Smeigh

    All you silly little busybodies piping up here. Begone! Go home and eat cake. DU cake, please. Leave us grownups to the important job you have mandated us with.

  • FranzB

    A correspondent in the Suedeutsche Zeitung has an interesting take on the expulsion of four Russian diplomats from Germany.

    The correspondent points out that the expulsion of the diplomats was ….

    “Begründet wurde der Schritt allerdings ausdrücklich auch mit dem jüngsten Cyber-Angriff auf das deutsche Regierungsnetz und die Computer des Russland-Referats des Auswärtigen Amtes. Die Verantwortung russischer Hacker hierfür soll ziemlich gut zu belegen sein.”

    i.e. the diplomats were expelled because of cyber attacks on the German government’s network. Russian hackers were believed to be responsible.

    Elsewhere, the correspondent quotes a previous director of the BND –

    “Nicht überall hat die britische Argumentation restlos überzeugt. …… Zwingende Beweise jedenfalls scheinen auch zwischen den Geheimdiensten nicht ausgetauscht worden zu sein. …..Dafür meldete sich der ehemalige BND-Chef Gerhard Schindler zu Wort: “Ich glaube die Beleglage ist nicht so robust”, sagte er.”

    i.e. the UK’s argument weren’t found to be completely convincing to every government …. conclusive proof doesn’t appear to have been exchanged between security services ….. a previous director of the BND doesn’t believe that the evidence supporting the UK’s allegations on the Skripal poisoning (?) is that robust.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ FranzB April 5, 2018 at 02:11
      Good info, Franz.
      As you appear fluent in both German and English, would you be willing to translate a book from German into English?
      The book is ‘Gekaufte Journalisten’, by Udo Ulfkotte. A British publisher is interested in printing an English translation, but needs a translator. You could negotiate payment, perhaps taking a Royalty for all books sold as part payment.
      You can contact me either through contacting Craig and asking him to give you my email, or by signing up to the UK 9/11 Forum, and then PM’ing me (I post as ‘outsider’ on that Forum, and if you just go to the ‘9/11 & 7/7 Truth News’ section: and look at the right of the screen, click on a post that says ‘outsider’ and you will get to my profile page; just click on the ‘PM’ (Private Message) button and send me your contact information, or we can exchange information by PM’ing each other.
      If you are unable or unwilling for any reason, perhaps you know someone else who would be interested?

  • LenkaPenka

    The Times is now reporting that “unknown sources” have “pinpointed” the exact location of the lab used… and surprise surprise, these UK “anonymous” sources say it is deep within Russia.

    “Security sources do not claim 100 per cent certainty but the source has insisted that they have a high degree of confidence in the location.”

    And if you believe that… well I despair…. the bullshit just keeps being pumped out….. evidence? That you will never see.

    • Crackerjack

      Perhaps we could check a grizzly old Australians pool. If bullshit is being pumped I reckon Murdoch will want in on it. Its made him millions after all

      • LenkaPenka

        All this based upon a single unidentified “source”…. trying to place some damage on the Porton Down story.

        So transparent as to be embarrassing.

        It does show you though they will go to ANY lengths.

    • SA

      Does U.K. not have a duty of care to have reported this to the OPCW when they discovered this?

      • OhOh

        More importantly did the UK call for an inspection of the alleged Russian site? If so, where is the OPCW report, if not, they have failed to protect the world from the Russian CWs and deserve to be hung and quartered.

      • Jo Dominich

        SA As a signatory yes they would. But in this case, they appear to have abandoned adherence to international convention and law and diplomacy has been totally sidelined.

    • Murray Johnson

      Marvellous. So the FO didn’t need to delete their tweet after all! Why did they?

  • mary dejevsky

    ‘…creating lies to wage aggressive war on Iraq, particularly Tony Blair, Richard Dearlove and John Scarlett. As they are not in jail, Boris is confident he will not be either.’
    not only are they not in jail, they are pursuing lucrative careers in the private sector and academia. no redress.

    • Dom

      And accorded god-like reverence by the media………who still regard criticism of the Iraq war as dodgy purely because the whole establishment was behind it.

  • giyane

    ” He is a copper bottomed Ocean going fuckwit who picked up the ball and ran with it. Unfortunately for him he left the Government line far behind him.”

    We, the UK people, are the ocean-going fuckwits IMHO. We know about the neo-imperial lies that landed us in the Iraq War in 2003, potting the oilfields of Iraq and requiring a refresher from Obama’s Islamic State; we know about Cameron ands Hague’s lies by which the oil-fields of Libya dropped into our open palms and Gaddaffi got a dagger up his bum. Boris and May are comedians playing to a warmed-up audience, who voted for a Tory government and against a man of principle, Jeremy Corbyn only because they want neo-Imperialism and the fucking off of all peoples with browner skins and sensible religions.

    The audience will laugh at the slightest gesture of comic complicity in the 30 year reign of terror against Islam. The public want May and Johnson to do a Sirte on Baghdad. They love this comic charade by which a a categorical pair of harlequin comedians pull off the third major re-imperialisation of a Muslim country, right under the noses of an indignant Russia. It’s up to us whether we let them do it, or we just sit clutching our sides with the rest of them. Corbyn is not the man to call the government’s game. Craig Murray has only recently survived a vicious Zionist attack which threatened to bankrupt him.

    The only people who can and will stand up to the West’s stand-up comedy act are the Chinese and Kim Jong Un, who alone seem to understand where and how to hit the UKUSIS neo-imperialists – with nuclear bombs, in the balls. It doesn’t help that we all sit like zombies , laughing at the UK establishment comedy routine, egging Johnson and May on.

  • Joe Buckstrap

    The Anglos have always been lying, backstabbing thieves. That should always be one’s first presumption when dealing with their “Ambassadors”.

  • Olaf S

    The actual truth seems to be is buried under layers of disinformation debris. (as usual). At this stage I think one should be free to speculate.

    Psychologically and ideologically the following version seems plausible to me (if it will turn out to fit with practical circumstances is another matter, but so far the reported – miraculous – recovery of the girl may be an indication):

    Over a glass of whiskey with a college in the the MI6, former colonel Skripal may have agreed to become a ”victim of nerve gas poisoning” to make the ongoing Toxic Dagger exercise realistic. He may have suggested that ”the attack” then could be used to discredit Russia, or someone else could have had this bright/not-so-bright idea.

    • SA

      Just like the planned NORAD excercuse of 911 went wrong because al Qaeda intervened?

  • G.R. Baumann

    Such a fleapit really.

    In fine Blairite tradition, dilettantism par excellence, the public is lied at, a coalition of the willing is drummed up, and war is waged….

    You couldn’t make it up.

    How will Theresa – T-Bond – May (pun intended) and her mishpoke safe face after that?

    Hmm, awww, of course, Russian hackers deleted the tweet…. quick now, spread the news.

    • Jo Dominich

      As George Orwell wisely said, “the more society drifts away from the truth the more the tellers of it are hated”

  • SA

    What total incompetence comrade. We provide you with military grade novichok agent of type we developed in Russia and which is more poisonous, ten times as much as any known poison and no known antidotes and kills in a few minutes. You then go and smear it on various handles and put it in porridge and also car ventilation system and fail to kill anyone. Off with you to Siberia.

    • Albert A

      Ha! Could this be the comrade what did the dastardly deed ? This is the first time I’ve noticed someone thinks aperson, not a government, did it. Have the police got a suspect?

  • HippoDave

    At least in the US part (maybe most) of the problem with utter brazen government and MSM lies is that a very, very large voting block struggles to eat every day, buy diapers, clothe kids, pay for hot water or electric. Millions work 10 or 12 hours a day all week if one job; or also work another. And their kids sometimes even have to (beyond even paper routes) in order to provide food and shelter. Some kids also deal dope. If not much else on offer.

    My point I guess is that political awareness of reality often takes hours per week to suss out the “most likely” reality, measuring propaganda from MSM and of course other possible biases including this here. Confirmation is needed and takes more time. And that is for folks like me who do have that time.

    The vast majority of Americans are concerned mostly about survival. And hence most of their hours spent. They’re not necessarily stupid or amoral or jingoist (though some are of course). Many just are completely unaware of the reality of the US hegemonic violence. And I don’t blame them. A buck an hour as a summer temp job to help the family is far more important than an hour on the internet (if available).

    And yeah….I guess if I had one order to make as Earth Emperor it might be that the Hague would have magical full authority including snatching war criminals, in order for all to stand trial. Past and present. Obama and Putin and Assad and Blair and Sarkozy and etc.

    • Tom Welsh

      It’s fascinating how much today’s USA is the absolute direct opposite of what Jefferson and his friends wanted. Every single thing they warned against has been done – and carried to ridiculous extremes.

  • Smiling Through

    The BBC papers review on Wednesday night featured Jane Merrick attacking Jeremy Corbyn over Johnson/Skripal.

    Merrick’s partner, a Corbyn critic at The Observer, is brother-in-law of Jonathan Powell, former chief of staff in Blair’s No 10 and also a Corbyn critic.

    • Sharp Ears

      What a nasty little circle. Can you imagine their spite filled chatter over the Notting Hill dinner tables? Poor old Jeremy.

      We need a revolution.

    • Pyewacket

      Oh dear ! Wasn’t it during her stroll through the Welsh Hills this time last year when she received her revelation that it would be a great idea to hold a “Snap Election” that didn’t actually turn out too well. God only knows what silly hair brained wheeze she’ll come up with time.

  • Mischa

    Obvious now why there was a huge rush at the beginning of all this mess and why the Uk pushed so hard to get as many countries on board as possible because they already knew this would happen (the lie would be found out) now all the government are saying is well everyone else believes our fantasy evidence so it must be true.The key to unraveling this is and always has been imho are the three so-called victims which no one is allowed to talk to and no journalists seem to deem that interested in, the rest is just fog in the air.Very lucky indeed that a passing Doctor happened upon the two that afternoon, and was the first on the scene and how strange that there is no CCTV in the park area, a park in any other town would be crawling with them and as for the police investigation I`m sure they are getting loads of help from MI5 in the form of lost evidence miss filed paperwork etc just like the case of “The spy in the bag”.Then we have May who will do anything for a bunch of flowers a fist bump from a kid and a so-called jump in her ratings.All whilst “we” look at the so-called time-line of events and a strange named poison, the Americans I think have a saying …. “Don`t play a ball that`s being pitched into the dirt”.

    • Mochyn69

      Re The Times latest claim, I haven’t had time to read their paywall article yet, but the obvious thing that jumps out are the words “Security services”.

      Whose security services, who wants to undermine the credibility of Porton Down, so soon after Aitkenhead’s public performance??

      US? Israel?? Murdoch???

      Curiouser and curiouser, to quote Lewis Carroll yet again!


    • Agent Green

      The idea that ‘everyone believing it means it must be true’ is very silly indeed.

    • Maggie Phelan

      Well said girl.

      And to quote Charles:
      ‘Those officers might be better used on the streets of London to deter the murder epidemic or in every town in Britain where the paedophile gangs are running amok.’
      Or better employed investigating the Westminster Paedophile Ring and looking for the Paedophile files that went missing when Treason May was Home Secretary??????

  • Den Lille Abe

    It is probably a joint British- American false flag ops, that went bad, the level of incompetence suggests this. I would rule out Mossad, they rarely make blunders, despite their vileness.
    The downplayment in MSM of emerging facts and inconsistencies, suggests this too. They would probably have gotten away with it 10-15 years ago, but the social media, the Internet and information spread is too fast today to cover up blunders.
    Thank Heaven (or whatever)

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