The Poison in our Body Politic 391

As Porton Down now confirm, here is a straightforward lie from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, a lie that British diplomats around the world have been promoting to foreign governments.

The key point is that the FCO knew it was lying. This was published six days after I was told by an FCO source, and published, that Porton Down scientists were refusing to say the substance came from Russia. The FCO knew this.

I have now received confirmation from a well placed FCO source that Porton Down scientists are not able to identify the nerve agent as being of Russian manufacture, and have been resentful of the pressure being placed on them to do so. Porton Down would only sign up to the formulation “of a type developed by Russia” after a rather difficult meeting where this was agreed as a compromise formulation. 16 March 2018

There has to be some kind of redress for this. If we accept that we live in a society where the public bodies that are supposed to serve us, can lie to us and to the world in order specifically to heat up a cold war, then the future is bleak. This is a direct consequence of the lack of suitable punishment for those involved in the crime of creating lies to wage aggressive war on Iraq, particularly Tony Blair, Richard Dearlove and John Scarlett. As they are not in jail, Boris is confident he will not be either.

We have learned nothing from the Iraq War experience, and what is most disheartening is that officials within the FCO and security services still do not see it as their job to prevent lies rather than to propagate them when asked by a Minister.

Here is a screenshot of a FCO video showing Laurie Bristow, British Ambassador to Russia, in Moscow telling outright lies to gathered diplomats at a briefing there. The subtitle is accurate.

I have long held the opinion that Bristow is a deeply repulsive individual with no morals or scruples. When I was sacked as British Ambassador to Tashkent for criticising Uzbekistan’s human rights record and objecting to MI6 use of intelligence from the Uzbek torture chambers, Bristow went to Tashkent after my removal to assure the Uzbeks that the UK had no interest in human rights and wished to continue “intelligence cooperation”. That somebody like Bristow can become one of Britain’s most senior Ambassadors says all you need to know about the United Kingdom today.

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391 thoughts on “The Poison in our Body Politic

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  • Stephen

    You would have thought they would have tried to erase all the proof of the lies before they let the CEO of Porton Down go on TV and spout the prepared narrative.
    It really is starting to look like they are very incompetent in the damage control room at the Foreign Office. Even though they have timed it so they can possibly avoid a lot of this until after the elections maybe. There are going to look a bit stupid ignoring questions for that long though.

  • durak

    I am not sure what the Tories end game is here… what can they hope to achieve?

    Slowly the narrative is falling apart, yet they will till their dying day never back down, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

    Digging a deeper ditch will never end well for them – for even if what they say is true – and there remains significant doubts – they seem to have absolutely no evidence – and one suspects even a compliant media cannot be kept on a leash ad-infinitum.

    If Yulia Skripal returns to Russia and gives a press conference… game over for Boris & Co.

    • David Otness

      …”what can they hope to achieve?”
      Obeisance to TPTB. And their abettors in the CIA and Mossad.
      The old “Jump! / How high?” syndrome.

    • Jo Dominich

      Durak, that rabidly right wing propaganda machine, the Murdoch and other tabloid press, are doing their level best to protect BoJo and May, to spin such a load of cobblers that even their own readers don’t believe them.

  • N_

    RT report: “(The OPCW) has refused to provide Russia with any facts on the investigation into the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter, permanent representative to the organization Aleksandr Shulgin said. (…) Any data can be provided only if the UK shows ‘goodwill’ on the matter, which, however, is unlikely, given London’s behavior, Shulgin said.

    So WW3 might happen because of intellectual property considerations, basically? FFS!

    • Tom Welsh

      “So WW3 might happen because of intellectual property considerations, basically? FFS!”

      From a lifetime of studying human nature, psychology and history – that seems a very appropriate way for it all to end.

      Here lies a species, many of whose individuals displayed intelligence, but which – as a species – was too stupid to survive.

      • Jo Dominich

        So, WW3 will start as a result of a dead cat and two dead guinea pigs – neither of which were exposed to any nerve agent but died in any event. Great!

  • Salford Lad

    We have had the lies of the Skripal affair exposed and the attempt to smear and demonise Russia.
    The obvious question remains. What was the end game, the agenda objective. The organised British State propaganda assault appears to have been pre-planned, so the poisoning operation was co-ordinated with the propaganda…
    .This rules out an aggrieved individual or gangster operation.
    Logic points to a State planned operation. The UK ,NATO and allies must be in the frame.

    • Jo Dominich

      Salford lad, the end game is the invasion of Syria. I have predicted over the past two weeks that the Skripal affair was a forerunner to a false flag chemical attack in Syria at which point, the USA/UK and Israel will cry ‘it’s Syrian Governmant and Russia wot done it guv” – cue invasion of Syria at a time when peace has all but been restored and most of Syria has been restored to Government control. What happened on Saturday? Trump is already warmongering and it looks as though Israel or the USA has perpetrated air strikes against Syrian Government forces. Russia Turkey and Iran are striving to bring peace to the area, negotiating with the rebels, negotiating ceasefires etc and encouraging dialogue, the USA/UK/Israel want conflict and invasion. I know which camp i would rather be in.

  • bliss_porsena

    So fortuitous that Salisbury is ringed with military bases to enable our chaps to strut tbeir stuff at little inconvenience.

    When I see photos of unprotected army officers directing operations of the Portonites in their hazmat suits I know the army still has the right stuff. In any case, a box of nappy cleanups is all that is required, as we have been informed.

    If the Russkies had made this Novichok they would have made it to work.

  • N_

    This will give you all a good laugh:

    Speaking during a visit to Bangkok, International Trade Secretary Liam Fox said there was ‘no other plausible area (than Russia) that (the poison used) could have come from’“.

    Well there’s the “area” that he’s one of the organised “friends” of…the only country known to have used a nerve agent in an assassination attempt. How could that have slipped his mind? Too busy “trading” in Bangkok?

    • lysias

      The same country that has refused to sign the chemical weapons ban and is not subject to OPCW inspections.

    • Mochyn69

      Thanks N_, I’d been looking for the source of that quote. I know I heard it on BBC Radio 4 at some stage today.

      Russia = ‘area’

      So it was Liam fucking disgraced former minister where’s werrity Fox was it!? That figures.

      How are the trade deals coming on, Liam????


      • Dieter

        “Russia = ‘area’”

        In other words, the Russian Federation is an “area” to be carved up between Exxon and BP.

        It is not a coincidence that the only source for the Novichok story, Vil Mirzayanov, is the self-styled head of the Tatarstan separatist movement in exile, which wants to break up the Russian Federation to create an independent Tatarstan. According to Mirzayanov, “Russia as a nation state is only possible within the limits of Muscovy.”

        That obviously is the end game, even if it takes a nuclear holocaust to achieve.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    So, the end result of all this nonsense, is that we are going to have a Nuclear World War III, simply because after WWII, around 1970, The Americans got lazy. They gradually stopped producing anything much useful and constructive, and simply maintained and massively increased their War economy. They Terrorised the Entire World, with Weapons of Mass Destuction, forcing Governments to buy their weapons to create more and more war, and make their military industrial complex even bigger.

    Meanwhile, they outsourced, almost all their real wealth creating industry, to Third World countries, who’s labour rates were much cheaper than Americans’. That resulted in the impoverishment of more than 50% of Americans.

    For over 50 years, they got away, with the fact that the USA no longer produced anything much useful, that other countries might openly want to buy. This resulted in them having nothing much of tangible value, to pay for their enormous imports. This only worked because they forced the entire world, to pay for oil in US Dollars. So the entire world, had to acquire an enormous amount of US Dollars, which they freely printed (or typed an even bigger number into their FED computer). Whilst this worked, it made everything worse for almost everyone, except the very richest, who got richer.

    Now, their confidence trick has been called by Russia and China. The rest of the World, would quite happily carry on trading, if the USA simply disappeared down a black hole, which they now seem economically almost certain to do, because they create almost nothing useful.

    So they intend to drag the rest of the world down with them, by killing us all in a Nuclear World War III

    Wouldn’t it be a much better idea, if Americans simply went back home, and did something useful – Fix their broken country, and produce useful things, to help solve all the world’s problems peacefully.

    When I was a kid, the Americans used to be quite clever.

    Look at the state of them now.

    I’m not impressed.


    • OhOh

      “That resulted in the impoverishment of more than 50% of Americans.”

      Who was bothered, certainly not the owners of the ameristani corporations who benefited greatly.

    • Tom Welsh

      “So, the end result of all this nonsense, is that we are going to have a Nuclear World War III, simply because after WWII, around 1970, The Americans got lazy”.

      I disagree. I think “the Americans” (always meaning the 1% of the 1% who own almost everything and run all the government machines) have always been intent on mopping up as much of the world’s wealth as possible, with absolutely no concern about the consequences for others.

      In 1917 the Americans got a huge opportunity to vault into the position of #1 nation, and grabbed it with both hands. In 1941 – having deliberately sat out the first few years of WW2 in order to let others weaken themselves – they strolled in, cut the throats of the wounded, and took over almost everything.

      Today they are gradually realising that the rest of the world won’t stand for it any more, and has means to stop them.

      They don’t like it.

    • Dieter

      “Wouldn’t it be a much better idea, if Americans simply went back home, and did something useful – Fix their broken country,”

      Too late for that. They don’t know how to make a living other than by running their protection racket. As long as the protection racket actually protected us, nobody minded paying them. But since they have destabilized the ME and unleashed a flood of refugees and jihadists on Europe, we are much better off without them.

  • TomGard

    Craig unwittingly downplays the problem, I’m afraid. This affair is not a phenomenon or “problem” of political culture in Britain or “the west”, it is about the military might and political clout of NATO.

    According to the Russian Permanent Envoy to the OPCW, the UK, in it’s capacity as a OPCW member, insists, that the British investigation results will be kept secret.
    Thus the state of things remain, as it were 13/14 March, when I wrote:

    The messages of the former director of the chemical weapons factory Porton Down, Robin Black, as quoted by Craig Murray, bear witness that Porton Down, on the basis of Mirzanov’s data, developed own poison cocktails to verify the latter. So Porton Down developed one or more poisons, as effective or uneffective they might be, which were marked with a fictional “soviet / russian signature” by Mirzanov’s statements and formulas, regardless, to which amout those were false or correct.

    On that sovereign fact NATO has given Porton Down a free hand for attacks on the European mainland. NATO leaves it to the UK’s unaudited insurances on the basis of inadequate data and facts, which it nevertheless adopts as its own by siding with british demands to Russia.
    Please mind, that NATO is an independent actor in respect to military assessments.

    With the inclusion of the OPCW in the allowance of british secretiveness, the states of the newly formed anti-Russian alliance are free to stage “russian state terrorism” acts with “novichok” when and wherever they judge it useful.

    • bj

      Exactly. Which means the OPCW is dead, which means Syria and others will be Tony Blaired — coming soon.
      Bye OPCW — sorry you got poisoned … by the US.

      • Jo Dominich

        Agree BJ. Don’t seem to be able to enforce the sharing of UK’s report or have teeth to demand that international protocol be adhered to in this matter by the UK. It would appear to be the case that it is currently not fit for purpose.

    • OhOh

      “According to the Russian Permanent Envoy to the OPCW, the UK, in it’s capacity as a OPCW member, insists, that the British investigation results will be kept secret.”

      There are many instances in the OPCW rules that allow secrecy. I suspect the OPCW Technical investigation, results and report of the official OPCW Technical investigation, as requested, is not one of them. The PD investigation, along with the probable complimentary OPCW technical report, should form the basis of the MET police investigation report.

      Can that be made secret?

  • Sjen

    Hi Craig,

    Can you clarify for me the technical meaning of the phrase “military grade”, if there is one? It seems this phrase is the successor to “of a type developed…” in that it does the heavy lifting in the “must be a state; wasn’t us (honest guv); therefore it must be Russia” argument.

    Also, keep up the good work!

    • SO.

      There isn’t one.

      It’s a politically motivated term that doesn’t actually mean anything chemically unless you think it’s normal to apply terms like ‘angry’ to your table salt.

      CW’s are CW’s and they’re either effective chemical weapons or not. For example no one in their right mind would ever suggest there’s any such thing as consumer grade VX or kid friendly sarin.

      What they’re trying to do is associate the idea that a ‘military’ grade compound must equal opposition nation state cos ‘military’ as a term isn’t associated with 3rd parties or non state actors.

      • james

        thanks so.. that is what i thought.. more friggin’ propaganda with the word labels..

    • OhOh

      Can you clarify for me the technical meaning of the phrase “military grade”, if there is one?

      Probably to distinguish it from the profitable commercial grades of CW available at your local DIY store of choice. Pesticides, herbicides etc. that any tom, dick or harry can buy.

      • Sjen

        Right, so in summary it either means “it’s not Round-Up” or nothing at all. Great googly-boogly!

    • lysias

      Now that Craig is back, perhaps he will post on Assange. Especially since he was apparently cut off because he tweeted in favor of Catalonia.

  • exiled off mainstreet

    You’ve put your finger on the core issue here: if the authorities can lie and get away with it in a way that threatens total war as an outcome, we are in serious trouble. Some sort of accountability is necessary, including possible war crimes trials if a tribunal independent of the NATO power structure can ever be fashioned.

  • giyane

    Never mind the blatant lying of the categorical liars May and Johnson, the extremely worrying thing about all this is the willingness of our MPs and other governments to lap up the lies, even when they are completely obvious.
    In the timeless quest for a cure for baldness it has been discovered that you can successfully dye the tiny downy hairs on an otherwise empty pate. this creates the illusion of a closely-shaved full head of hair. Bloggers are asking for a motive for this patent lying by our prime minister and her senior spokeshit. The answer lies IMHO in the comparison with the vanity of baldness cures, in the hair vanity of Donald Trump who also has the vanity of an America First policy at a time when China and India are richer and more powerful. The Potus needs a hegemony cure, rather fast, because he’s lost the plot in the Middle East through the failure of the ‘eat your own vomit’ policy of using proxy violent extremist terrorists , and lost global supremacy to the Far East on the moral superiority stakes at the United Nations.

    Q: is the lying through your teeth diplomacy of USUKIS and its allies the same as dyeing the male baby hairs, i.e. pure vanity?

    • N_

      They won’t last long if they care more about dyeing their Barnets than getting kickbacks from weapons contracts. Think of all the hair dye they could buy then!

  • Jiusito

    Small point: the BBC website insists on stating twice that Aitkenhead said that the chemical agent at issue “was likely to have been deployed by a state actor”. Actually, the word he used was “create”, not “deploy“. You have to wonder whether the journalist or editor concerned was deliberately changing his meaning or whether they were just very, very shoddy.

    • bj

      Before you can deploy you have to create. Great find, make screenshots, save web-page, etc. the usual.

      • Tom Welsh

        Therefore the USA and the UK have been bombing Yemen? They created the weapons.

  • Durak

    Anyone in the media spotlight who follows the official narrative should ask themselves one question.

    Am I willing to put my reputation on the line by believing Boris, a man whose relationship with the truth is disturbing at the best of times?

    Simple really.

    • Soothmoother

      They have no reputation or integrity to protect. That’s why they hire them. They are actors reading from a script.

      • Durak

        Perhaps now.. but who knows down the road.

        They well know from the Iraq experience the truth will eventually out.

  • bj

    To any and all.
    Considering the OPCW had now been rendered a paper tiger. And since diplomacy is dead, and we’re in the era of ‘Anything goes’. And further seeing as to how cartoonish lies fifteen years ago led to a disastrous war, the perpetrators of which are still walking about scot-free:

    To the person registering the first use of the word Coalition I will offer a virtual beer, or a virtual bouquet of flowers — whichever you prefer.

  • bliss_porsena

    The Consultant in Emergency Medicine at Salisbury NHS Trust has stated, in a letter to the Times, that:

    “…no patient has experienced nerve agent poisoning in Salisbury”.

    Now that should give us the clue we are looking for.

  • Durak

    “A senior government minister and his department have been caught out in falsehoods, and those falsehoods have underpinned a foreign policy track that pulled dozens of other countries in behind us. This would seem to me to be a resigning matter for the foreign secretary – especially as it entails a fault – the fault of truth-bending – on which he has form. If the claims made by the UK about Russia and the Skripals show more signs of unravelling, then more heads must roll. The heads of the two intelligence services – MI5 and MI6 – whose predecessors should have had to resign over Iraq – and who come under the auspices of the Foreign Office.”

    It seems the Indy is attempting balanced coverage.

    • N_

      Mary Dejevsky seems to be stepping up as leader of the opposition while Jeremy Corbyn is too busy grovelling to the Lobby.

  • Ian Brotherhood

    Craig, just a quick one to say well done on your encounter with Burley this afternoon. She really is a nasty piece of work but can’t cope with anyone who doesn’t buckle under her persistent rudeness.

  • N_

    Is the OPCW Secretariat in the British poshboys’ pocket? According to their scribes at the Guardian (in an article thigh-slappingly entitled “Russia seeks to discredit UK with special meeting of UN security council”),

    Although it was for the UK to decide whether to share the report, OPCW chief executive Ahmet) Üzümcü said, Britain had expressed its wish to be as transparent as possible and had already indicated its preference for disclosure of the report to other states parties

    Well if they want to be “as transparent as possible”, that means you’ll give Russia the report then, doesn’t it, Uzumcu, you moron! No need to worry about whether you’re breaching anyone’s intellectual property rights there!

    What family is Uzumcu from in Turkey? What do they trade in?

    Now I’m going to answer my own question: he could well be from the leading medical equipment company called Uzumcu, a privately-owned concern.

    Uzumcu is a privately-owned business and its mission to add value and quality to life through innovative medical device solutions is always in the forefront of its founder, Mustafa Uzumcu, and the Uzumcu family.

    Nice to know what’s in their forefront. I wonder what’s to their rear.

    Boris Johnson has Turkish relatives. Just saying.

    It has led Turkey in medical device certifications.”

    Ah, certification! Nice work if you can get it. It probably means that for a lot of items of medical equipment, they can’t get put into hospitals or used unless the family gets a payoff.

    • Sharp Ears

      I remember reading that Johnson and family had a holiday in Turkey. Not sure when. A couple of years back maybe??

    • Stephen

      Thank You. I have already downloaded the government version from .gov before they got it if they have yet. British ambassador to Russia.
      British Ambassador to Russia briefing on the
      Salisbury attack: 22 March 2017
      Русский (
      British Ambassador to Russia Dr Laurie Bristow briefed the international diplomatic community in Moscow
      on the UK government’s response to the Salisbury attack.
      Published 22 March 2018
      “There is also no doubt that Novichok was produced in Russia by the Russian state. It is not a weapon that
      can be manufactured by non-state actors. It is so dangerous it requires the highest grade state laboratories
      and expertise to produce it.”

  • DiggerUK

    I suspected that there was a Syrian angle to this nonsense, but I did not suspect this.
    “The deal $2.5 billion for the S-400 sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles, signed at the end of last year, came despite Turkey’s membership of Nato.
    The countries are now cooperating on Syrian peace efforts as well as projects in the defense industry and energy sectors, including $20 billion deal to build Turkey’s first nuclear power station, which began construction yesterday.”

    It reminded me of a seemingly ‘non story’ from a while back. Some non story. The Great Game 2?…_

    • Laguerre

      The west has been trying to push hard the idea of a Turkish-Russian alliance. I find the evidence unconvincing. Evidently Erdogan is a bit of a loose cannon, but there are clearly opposed interests as long as Turkey occupies parts of N. Syria.

      • Crackerjack

        True and at some point Assad is going to want his oilfields back from the Kurds. It’s going to be interesting to see how this bit of geopolitics works out. Do Assad Russia and Turkey gang up on the Kurds and push them into Iraq – seems that way so far but what are the Yanks going to do? They need the Kurds to justify their occupation of the region. Assad needs them on his side so he can get the Kurds to legitimately pressure the Yanks to leave.

        • Laguerre

          “Do Assad Russia and Turkey gang up on the Kurds and push them into Iraq”

          Nah, the Kurds will do a deal with Asad, once the Yanks are out of the way. All sorts of overtures have been and still are being made. The biggest sign is the continued existence of a Syrian base at Qamishli, which has never been wiped out, although one brief attack was made on it, no doubt at the behest of the US. Trump’s declaration that the US would be pulling out of Rojava will have done nothing to engender Kurdish confidence in them.

          • Stephen

            The best the Kurds can hope for is weak regional rule in Syria and Iraq. It they have any trusted leadership structure they have to try and negotiate from the beginning really because they have no hope militarily if the Yanks don’t step in.They will have no supply routes for anything if war against them breaks out in Iraq as well as Syria and Turkey. Iran only have to keep their border intact. The best chance the Kurds have for talks is now where they have the biggest ever territorial coverage and they have to be prepared to give a lot up if they want to survive with any autonomy at all.

      • Stephen

        I wouldn’t be so sure. If Turkey can control the Turkic & Sunni areas of northern Syria while getting on better terms with Assad it would be beneficial for both when wanting to retake the oil fields from the Kurds and the Yanks. Iran & Russia clearly get on well with both so they both have leverage for there to be a detente between Syria and Turkey. They both have the bigger adversary in Israel. There is going to be a bigger war for turkey at some point with the Kurds. So it would be better if they could have they locked in on all sides. They only need a better coordination with Iraq and the Yanks out of the way. It could even lead to a position where the Kurds will have no choice than to negotiate after a short big war. Obviously the massive elephant in the room is the yanks and no matter what Trump says I don’t think he will be able to get them out of the way even if he wanted to.

        • Crackerjack

          Yep. From Assads point of view I cant see any progress in retaking the oilfields until the Yanks are gone. And they are going to stay on to ensure he has no money to rebuild Syria. How does he get them out?

    • bj

      Question to the initiated: why does Turkey need these SAM’s? Whose aircraft does it foresee to have to defend itself against? Surely this cannot be a standard ‘NATO upgrade’, wouldn’t that be cynical, So the question remains — Who? And don’t tell me the Greeks.

      • Crackerjack

        Erdogan made great noise about the fact that they could shoot down the best of the US airforce. I think as mentioned above he is a loose cannon and just got peeved the IS was stalling on selling him their kit. Pure spite

      • lysias

        Any air defense obtained from the U.S. or NATO could be overridden if Turkey does something the U.S. doesn’t like, like engaging in air combat with Greece or Israel. Air defense bought from Russia wouldn’t have that problem.

        • DiggerUK

          Seems plausible that the US won’t bite back for one very good reason. They have lost air superiority. That’s my suspicion. Check out the reviews of the s400 SAM’s that Russia are selling…_
          russian s400 air defence system

        • lysias

          Or the U.S., I should have added. Not so inconceivable.

          Surely it’s natural that a country should want to retain its sovereignty.

  • Grant Roxburgh

    “After it emerged on Wednesday that the tweet had been deleted, the Foreign Office said the post was removed because it “did not accurately report” the words of Laurie Bristow, the UK’s ambassador to Russia, which the tweet was supposed to be quoting.”

    “There is also no doubt that Novichok was produced in Russia by the Russian state. It is not a weapon that can be manufactured by non-state actors. It is so dangerous it requires the highest grade state laboratories and expertise to produce it.”
    Source: British Ambassador to Russia briefing on the Salisbury attack: 22 March 2017.

    Taking the piss, pure and simple.

      • Grant Roxburgh

        Honestly, I just cannot believe what I am seeing and that the mainstream media is covering this up. Simply breathtaking.

        • Stephen

          The media live in the same bubble as the politicians. It’s only when they are faced with real people they understand that no-one believes them anymore. The thing that gets me is that these journalists must have to indoctrinate there children else how to they explain what they doing every time they come on the telly saying things that they don’t say at home.

  • Mary Paul

    We still do not know why, if a “military strength ” nerve agent was used, with no known antidote , and spread all over Salisbury , so far noone has has died and two of the three identified victims, are recovering. Why is no one discussing this?

    • lysias

      To quote again those alien-possessed civil servants in Quatermass II: “Those questions must not be asked!”

  • kathy

    Just picked up this from the World Socialist Website: .

    “Last week it was revealed that Britain’s MoD completed a major chemical warfare exercise on Salisbury Plain just days before the Skripals’ poisoning. The three-week “realistic exercise scenario” involved 300 military personnel, the Dstl and Royal Marine Commandos in an exercise to test their preparedness for “chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear” threats, an MoD release from February 20 boasted.”

    That mirrors all other “terrorist attacks” which are always preceded by a military exercise to deal with the subsequent attack.

    • Stephen

      Don’t bet on it. She seems a bit like a fucking Dalek and they just never die off.

  • Mary Paul

    So who was the source of the line peddled by Boris and the FO, that the nerve agent found in Salisbury, originated in Russia? Clearly not the scientists at Porton Down.

    Whatever your view about Russia’s role, and despite statements of support for the UK position from the EU , this is a major PR setback for the government, where people have VERY LONG memories of being misled over the existence of WMD in Iaq by Tony Blair and a Labour government.

    • Crackerjack

      I think Boris was the source Mary Paul. He is a copper bottomed Ocean going fuckwit who picked up the ball and ran with it. Unfortunately for him he left the Government line far behind him. He has to go after this

    • Paul

      Mary Paul,
      You may not be entirely wrong about people having long memories, but what strikes me is that Officialdom appears to proceed as if all has been forgotten, or, indeed, as if the past bears no relevant relation to the present.

      • Herbie

        I think it’s like when that cat came in twice in the same spot in The Matrix.

        The glitch just shows they’re changing the program in a hasty kinda way.


        Not in forward control of circumstance.

        Reacting to events.

        Making it up as they go along.

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