The Stomach-Churning Victim Blaming by “Labour Friends of Israel” 267

The true face of the organisation calling itself “Labour Friends of Israel” has been revealed today, in truly disgusting victim-blaming tweets reacting to the massacre of over fifty Palestinians – including yet more children – by the Israeli Defence Force in Gaza.

No Israelis were injured and no “border communities” attacked. This amplification of the worst extreme right wing zionist propaganda by the Likud government shows beyond doubt that “Labour Friends of Israel” is nothing whatsoever to do with the professed values of the Labour Party, but rather a well-funded entryist front solely intended to promote the interests of a violent, expansionist and aggressive foreign state.

I am not a Labour Party member and I do not know what institutional ties the “Labour Friends of Israel” has to the Labour Party, but whatever they are they should be cut off immediately.

The “Labour Friends of Israel” featured very prominently on our TV screens after the recent English local elections, beating the drum for their widespread accusations of anti-semitism within the Labour Party. They have been driving that agenda for many months. One would like to think that the mainstream media would, after today, cease to accept them as a genuine and well-motivated group and understand them for the hate-filled fanatics they truly are. Of course that will not happen, and they will be back on television shortly accusing yet more lifelong anti-racism campaigners who have the temerity to criticise Israel.

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267 thoughts on “The Stomach-Churning Victim Blaming by “Labour Friends of Israel”

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    • N_

      Whatever works. “2 + 2 = 5 because we say so, except when we say it equals 17, or 4, and if you’ve got any problem with that then you’re an exterminationist just like Hitler“. One does wonder whether people who allow their minds to be susceptible to such rabid fascist screaming might not have a little bit respect for themselves and stop acting like idiots.

      • TonyF12

        Don’t forget the Amritsar Massacre in India in 1919 where the British opened fire with 1650 rounds into a crowd, as well as the Sharpeville Massacre in South Africa.

        How long will the UK Government keep supporting Apartheid in Israel and brutality on this scale? We know better and keep telling the rest of the world that we know better. Maybe we do know better, but our actions and inactions tell a very different story. The UK supplies Israel with weaponry to achieve these atrocities, – we need the money and will nod anything through for it. So the best we can manage is wringing of hands.

        Our and Mr. Trump’s two best friends in the Middle East are Israel and Saudi Arabia in the new Axis of Power, getting ready for regime change in Iran. Trump lectured Putin that he should choose his friends more carefully – what a joke. It is only about money with us. Massacring Palestinians and Houthis benefits our money-men and the rest of us have to hold our noses and look in the opposite direction.

        • N_

          The South African regime didn’t attack the bantustans with tanks and warplanes.

          We need some kind of unifying aim and here it is:

          close the I__aeli embassy in London.

      • Squeeth

        Des Tutu said that zionist apartheid was much fouller than the South African variety.

  • certa certi

    . ‘What Israel is doing certainly does correspond with the UN definition of genocide’

    ‘With intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group’ is not what Israel is doing and the term genocide doesn’t apply. Democide –

    The recent Hamas provocation and extreme Israeli response reminds me of the Santa Cruz massacre in 1991, when several resistance leaders were determined to press ahead with a protest [after an earlier planned protest had to be cancelled] despite having been told that if protesters emerged from a church with banners of resistance leaders, they’d be shot. Youth were deliberately sacrificed that day by indiividuals who are now in power in Dili. It drew the expected overreaction from the military and the massacre was used thereafter as propaganda, recycled by activist groups and the western media. It was successful. Racist hatred of Indonesians became acceptable to the broad left. Hamas knows how to manipulate the western left.

    • Jo Dominich

      Certa Certi, Put the blame where it belongs, fairly and squarely on Israel – Hamas has nothing to do with this. the Palestinians have a right, if not a duty, to protest against Land grabs, against being denied access to territory that is legitimately theirs and other related matters. It is not a fair fight, the IDF are firing at will, without reason and without justification. Not a shred of evidence has been produced that, as Netanyahoo says, Hamas want to wipe out Israel and plant bombs there. That’s just a projection. It is Israel that wants to wipe out the Palestinians as they do not recognise them as human beings even.

      • certa certi

        ‘Hamas has nothing to do with this’

        Comedy gold.

        The anti semitic ‘adjacent’ comments on this blog are breathtaking, in particular the old trope ie Zionism=racism. There are many schools of Zionism, from left to right on the spectrum, tolerant to intolerant. Zionism can be consistent with multiculturalism, tolerance, a single binational State or two States. Stigmatising Zionism per se just because Bibi’s version is intolerant is close to anti semitic.

        • AliB

          Glad you can find some comedy in this tragedy.
          I don’t think the comments on these events are meant to be a philosophical discussion of zionism. The only zionism on display is that practised by Netanyahu and his government. Some other form may be less violent but it’s not the type being implemented.
          If you don’t want anti semitism to rise then I suggest you take aim at the appalling actions of the IDF, which is directed and supported by Netanyahu.

    • Chris Poole

      Or, to put it another way, “Yes, m’lud, I shot and killed him. But somebody else made me do it.”

    • A reader

      “several resistance leaders were determined to press ahead with a protest [after an earlier planned protest had to be cancelled] despite having been told that if protesters emerged from a church with banners of resistance leaders, they’d be shot.”

      With this logic you can jusitfy any aggression from Tiananmen Square to a criminal thug telling his victim “if you put up a fight I’m gonna cut you up” or “Don’t back-chat me or I’m coming for the kids”.

      You’re saying people have no right to resist oppression if they are “warned” that their resistance will have serious consequences for members of their own community.

      This “human shield” argument is total garbage. The aggressor who threatens innocent victims is responsible, not the community whose innocents are threatened if that community resists. What’s happening is more akin to a hostage situation than a “human shield”.

  • Will Grant

    Wholeheartedly agree with your comments on the events in Palestine. Labour Friends of Israel have shown their true colours, wonder what their attitude would be if it was the Palestinians shooting unarmed Israelis. However you cannot criticise Israel in the Labour Party these days without being accused of being anti semitic!

  • Bernie Precious

    A well made point. Conflating Israeli governmental policy with racism as antisemitism is simply a way for that government to cover its appaling record. That Gaza is in many ways highly reminiscent of say the Warsaw ghetto must never be mentioned. That the blame must be with ‘the other’ and the resolution violence against them has echoes of the very policies that led to the holocaust.

    • glenn_nl

      Funnily enough, I made exactly that point in the previous thread – I’m glad that point must be clear to people.

      I suppose all those killed in the Warsaw Uprising was _entirely_ the fault of the Polish resistance.

      Those poor Nazis – what choice did they have? It must have been terrible for them, having to perpetrate mass slaughter like that.

      • N_

        Be aware of the difference between the Warsaw ghetto uprising and the Warsaw uprising. They were two different uprisings, happening in different years. Your point is correct and applies to both.

        • AntonyI

          Self-created getto in Gaza, so totally different from Warschau x 2. Neither the Poles nor Polish J_ws got subsidized from abroad nor had a population explosion like Gaza; they were decimated.
          False analogy, says much about proposer.

          • glenn_nl

            On the contrary, people get desperate at being occupied, try to rise up to break free – and get massacred. Only the Palestinians weren’t even rising up, they were simply demonstrating.

            Says a heck of a lot more about _you_, since you’re clearly an apologist for mass slaughter perpetrated by a far-right Apartheid regime.

      • A reader

        “Funnily enough, I made exactly that point in the previous thread – I’m glad that point must be clear to people.”

        I think a lot of people have noticed it. And since you risk being called “anti-semitic” for saying it, there’s another hideous link to what Nazism must have been like even for the people who weren’t its primary victims. Living with doublethink and fear of telling the truth or speaking up for the persecuted eventually becomes the cost of getting to live among the “non-persecuted”.

  • James

    These are the very people who are working night and day to destroy Corbyn.

    And what is his response?

    Let Marc Wadsworth be thrown to the wolves.

    Not good.

    • N_

      It’s extremely simple for Jeremy Corbyn if he had any backbone: he should start by calling for the “Is?aeli” ambassador to be expelled. I mean seriously how is there any possible way that any decent person could disagree with that?

      Note to British government: that’s EXPEL, not IMPLORE.

    • N_

      How about a Labour Opponents of Israel grouping? I mean one that doesn’t take the “J_wdas” (that name being an unpleasant Christophobic “joke”) line that “(the ethnic supremacist regime called Is?ael) is a bit sh*t at the moment”.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    It would be slightly less horrifying – if we’re being cerebral about it – if the Israelis were doing this with machine guns. They could at least claim the deaths and injuries were random and without any more malice than usual. But this appears to be coming from snipers, who are under instructions not to worry if the crosshairs converge on women, children or the elderly.

    Someone else mentioned the Warsaw ghetto. The parallel has long been obvious with Gaza. We are invited to regard the Jewish resistance in Warsaw as heroic, and their end inhuman and tragic. Double standards rule.

  • Vivian O'Blivion

    Everything I’ve ever read, seen or heard about LFI screams CULT. The group is everything to its adherents, the party is something to be manipulated to meet the ends of the group.
    Problem is LFI is so fundamentally inculcated in the remunerated ranks of the party. Removal of LFI is necessary, but the operation will put the patient in recovery (and out of government) for decades.

  • giyane

    Catherine Moody

    ” passive pawns and active terrorists ”

    It’s the normal psychological sickness of projection of what one doesn’t like about oneself onto others.
    The goldfish is lazy because it doesn’t come to your assistance and just goes round and round in its glass bowl. In fact it is definitely plotting to destroy your entire household when your back is turned.

    I was just listening to Germaine Greer Womens Hour on radio 4. They have her on because she is a classic sexual subversive for the BBC’s feminist cause. But she is also incredibly well-informed and a conspiracy theorist. it’s not very often you hear that combination on the BBC. Don’t worry, she was only talking about the menopause. It was incredibly funny to hear truth being spoken on the state broadcaster.

    Imagine if someone had said that a;

    1/ all of the land records of Palestine are held in the former Caliphate records in Istanbul, which Erdogan refuses to publish
    2/ The decision to accept Gaza as a place to live was made under total duress. It was assumed that the sea would provide the residents with some kind of supply route.
    3/ Nobody could ever have imagined that the entire world would remain silent at the recurrent use of overwhelming state violence by government of a country against its own citizens.
    4/That the terrorists of the foundation of Israel would end up calling the victims of their land grab terrorists, and themselves, the land-grabbers, victims of terrorism.
    5/ As Craig rightly says, the massacre of 50 innocent people and injury of hundreds of others is treated as nothing by the international community, when nosey Parker from MI5 thinks he can publicly dress down Russia for a false-flag he did himself.

    Bonkers. they would lock us up if we were doing any of these things. how come the world’s political class is immune from being placed in straight-jackets?

    • N_

      Germaine Greer is great. Did you know she says that it wasn’t the women’s movement that brought about the change in abortion law? She says it was big business, and in particular the “fertility industry”. She says that she and her friends could have protested forever and nothing would have changed.

      An interviewer put it to her, “Ah, but David Steel introduced the bill as a private member”. She replied “I’m sure they paid him”. That is a very rare example of a public figure speaking without a forked tongue. It is a very rare example of someone who has worked out a general position applying it to the particular, which is what any sane person should be able to do. I am not saying ignore new facts or don’t update your thoughts. Indeed people should work to be able to recognise new facts and indeed to tweak and revise their general understanding. But a general understanding should nonetheless be used. Those who let their “minds” be battered by the controllers of the media will understand nothing of what I am talking about here. The idea Facebook “citizen” today has no general understanding. They will believe one thing one moment, and a completely contradictory thing the next moment, always being ready to change when told, to forget when told, to have little understanding of anything beneath the surface. Facebook is like a drug or a plague.

    • N_

      how come the world’s political class is immune from being placed in straight-jackets?

      They get paid.

      And the correct spelling is “straitjacket”. *smiles sweetly*

    • Hilary Smith

      That is exactly my feelings everything you have said, including straights jackets.

  • Hatuey

    I suspect there’s more to MP’s support for Israel than we can see. If you look st EDMs concerning Israel and its right to exist, a right that nobody seriously disputes as I understand it, you see some surprising names crop up. I can only assume there’s some sort of payment involved.

    I looked into all this about 10 years ago and wrote to my local MP. This was just after operation Cast Lead which resulted in many hundreds massacred. Actually I think they fiddle the figures on the death toll, I remember it was 1200 and now they say 800.

    Anyway, I kicked up a fuss and was soon visited by some sort of goon posing as a potential client — I said nothing and let one of my colleagues deal with him. When my colleague questioned the guy’s sincerity and integrity (without me in any way influencing his opinion) my suspicions were confirmed.

    Speaking as someone who has banged his head against these walls, the problem isn’t Israel or Labour or the Elder Members of Zion. The problem is half the population don’t care about anything other than football and firmware updates.

    I think Israel will pay for this stuff some day, possibly soon. Political units just like economic units are subject to market “corrections” and it’s hard to imagine a country that generates so much animosity avoiding such a correction.

    Even the friends of Israel can’t stand them, truth be told; when the chickens come home to roost those friends will abandon them. The stupid thing is it’s all needless and counter-productive — Israel’s security concerns, and its wider economic goals in the region, would be much better served by positive engagement with Palestinians and others. Israel is doomed if it keeps this up.

    • N_

      I kicked up a fuss and was soon visited by some sort of goon posing as a potential client

      Did the MP notify the Community Security Trust as soon as you’d left the room?

      • Hatuey

        I’m not sure who he notified. Maybe you can ask him, his name is Tom Harris and he’s s pro-Israeli / pro-Unionist lunatic who should be locked up. Thankfully, the voting public in Glasgow and Scotland see right through these Labour / Red Tories vermin, unlike people south of the border, and he along with many of his cohorts got kicked out of office. I think he ended up writing for The Telegraph which is a perfect fit since he can barely string a sentence together and doesn’t even have a basic degree.

        Tom Harris, for the avoidance of any doubt, is a completely thick and shallow wanker. I’d love to say that to his fat red face too.

        • EnoughIsEnough

          Common guys, time for the gloves to come off, we can edit his wiki entry to reflect his beliefs more clearly. Ok it will change back in a few mins but we outnumber them greatly.

      • Sharp Ears

        The CST, trained by the Met using our taxes and whose trustees were given anonymity by the Charity Commission. The chair or the CC at the time was Sir William Shawcross, a fervent supporter of Zionist Israel.

    • Squeeth

      No country has a right to exist and I want that apartheid shitehole round the u-bend of history, same as the Smith regime and apartheid South Africa.

  • N_

    If you think that’s pragmatic, what do you think is head in the clouds?

    Scotland in EEA, rest of Britain outside => hard border between Scotland and England

    Scotland in EEA, rest of Britain in EEA => that’s no argument for independence

    • Vivian O'Blivion

      Unfortunately a hard border will be required to facilitate documentation of the flow of refugees from Jacob Rees-Mogg’s utopian Gilead.

  • Rhys Jaggar

    These attitudes are one reason why joining most political parties is difficult.

    I am not anti Jews, nor am I anti Israel per se, but I cannot believe in the Rule of Law and stand by watching Israel flouting every agreement, murdering with impunity yet prospering with US cover at the UN.

    That makes joining either Labour or Conservative pretty impossible…..

    • Mochyn69

      I’m sure the SNP or Plaid Cymru would welcome you!

      Neither of them yet have any ‘friends of the ziofascist entity’ 5th columns.

      And what is it with that entity that it needs so many ‘friends’??

  • RD

    I once traveled around Israel for a couple weeks, was in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, and several other places. I’ve been through other parts of the Middle East too, and Israel was probably the scariest place in many respects. It was scariest because there are what appear to be decent human beings that walk around there, and who behave normally, and yet don’t seem to comprehend just how racist and murderously fascist is the Israeli state (or those fundamentalists and extremists that are behind it). The level of ignorance and/or brainwashing is so off the scale, and surely puts to shame the very feeble attempts of governments from America to North Korea to brainwash their own citizens. How has the Israeli state been so successful in keeping Israelis so ‘innocent’ of the crimes of their state? By keeping them permanently ‘at war’, I suppose, and continuously feeding them all sorts of racist nonsense about Arabs and other ‘inferiors’. My short time in Israel was surreal, and I was grateful to be out of there at the end. It was not a hospitable place by any means, and the Star of David flags flying everywhere just freaked me out. At the time I imagined this as an overly and overtly militarised version of appartheid South Africa. What disturbed me equally were the bejewelled American ladies who had emigrated to Israel, and who sung the praises of Israel, like good Nazis. The only humane solution here can be de-educating the various Israeli communities, especially the fundamentalist religious ones, ridding them of their anger and hatred, and ridding them of all the lies they have been told. But I suspect that before that can take place, people need some assistance in awakening from their berserk zombiehood, and this assistance can only be provided through the grassroots activities of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. I don’t think there is hope for any peace in the region without that movement helping the people of Israel (be it the emigrant or the soldier, the petty bureaucrat or the schoolteacher) to see how they are being used as mere tools in a political game that will always end in mass bloodshed. After all, the most powerful resistance to fascism always comes from within the fascist system itself.

    • Mark Russell

      The Israeli “settlement activist” interviewed yesterday on BBC News illustrates your point succinctly. he looked an intelligent, middle-aged professional – a dentist or architect perhaps – but his response to the interviewer was chilling. He couldn’t even say “Palestinian”.

      Such a banal and malignant disregard for humanity.

    • Bill Rollinson

      A telling example “sung the praises of Israel, like good Nazis.”

      There’s a report out in Germany re an 89 yr old woman who has been incarcerated for comments re the Holocaust, but her proofs are all from ‘books of the time’.
      Please, take some time to listen to what she has proof of, perhaps it’s the beginning of the end?

    • Moocho

      the ignorance you speak of reminds me of the ignorance in the uk re 9/11. how have they persuaded so many intelligent people to believe such a blatant and massive set of lies? oh sorry 9/11 speak is banned on here. that’s how……..fear

  • Bill Rollinson

    It’s not just LFI it’s all party’s Friends of Israel.
    They are Zionists and neo-cons pushing their own agenda behind the cover of the party, as one unified group!
    They push the EU NWO, One World Government agenda; One Race, One Religion, One Currency, One Flag & One Army, all controlled by Corporations and Bankers.
    We nearly had it with TTIP, if all three TTIP-TPP-CETA Treaties had been signed, we’d have a huge Single Market of over 100 nations, with BRICS excluded, they’d be forced in by war, financial, sanctioned or military, ……….oh look, it’s started.
    Then when those Treaties are aligned in conjunction with, there’s not many nations left? “In 2013 World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair set up the Global Network of Delivery Leaders.” – Now, who are ‘Delivery Leaders’ and what are they delivering and to whom?

    • Hatuey

      I’m sick of this alex jones crap. If there’s one group doing more to undermine world government and a unified and respected system of international law, it’s those necons you love to obsess over. Now open your eyes and stop regurgitating this pisswater.

      • Skyblaze

        According to Alex Jones it’s all about socialists wanting to take away their guns….which they would somehow use in some bizarre imaginary war with the government

      • JR

        Alex Jones is a cunt. He’s a rancid, nasty whore for the extreme alt-right, spewing endless connedspiracy theories to make millions of dollars from his brain-dead fawning fans. A disgusting man if there ever was one.

  • Anon1

    First pictures starting to come in of the martyred. 10 members of Hamas’ internal security apparatus, three members of Islamic Jihad. Qassam Brigades have not officially announced the identities of their martyrs yet.

    • frankywiggles

      Any explanation as to why they and 2500 others were shot with live ammunition? Or is this just gleeful circulation of innuendo?

    • Anon1

      No innuendo here, franky. The riots were chock-full of jihadists who push women and children into the line of fire for headlines.

    • AntonyI

      Erdogan? Why no article here on the Turkish invasion of Syria (or Cyprus) and the many deaths he caused there? Or his dictatorial behavior at home? Why different standards for elected leaders in Israel vs Turkey even here at this blog ? What is the difference with the MSM? Zero!!
      Ok, he is a Muslim so untouchable….

      • Tatyana

        @ AntonyI
        I can’t advocate Erdogan’s dictatorship. But the facts he has written in his twitter are true – Israel state violates UN resolutions and it has blood of Palestinians on its hands, and there are 10 commandments teaching us humanity.
        It is up to Erdogan to say opinions about apartheid, but facts are undenyable, aren’t they?

  • extremebuilder

    Two days, two different French local bars. Israel is the biggest threat to world peace, Micron is a dick. Royal wedding – you`re not paying for that surely????? They had 2 choices last time round, Mr Melenchon or the Fascists, and so French style they invented Micron. I`m so pissed off at the muppet expat community who understand nothing. HELP.

  • extremebuilder

    Sorry, I just re – read that and it looks like I blame the expats for electing Micron. As far as I`m able to understand the voting here in France I`m allowed to vote locally, for my communes Mairie but I`m not allowed to vote for national representatives or for the president.

  • Jones

    today Nikki Haley defended Israels mass murder in the UN Security Council and then walked out of the meeting as Palestine’s envoy began to speak — Clearly the US couldn’t care less what happens to the Palestinians and have given the green light to Israel to do exactly what they please, appalling, clearly the US has no interest in peace, no interest in the murdered, the wounded, or the suffering of the grieving families, revolting response.

    • JR

      The US never has. It’s always been lip-service – unless there are resources at stake. Then, they send in their thugs. To “liberate” the country of course. It’s beyond disgusting.

  • doug scorgie

    Vivian O’Blivion
    May 15, 2018 at 10:47

    “Everything I’ve ever read, seen or heard about LFI screams CULT.”

    Is your spell checker working Vivian?

  • Jones

    meanwhile Viktoria Skripal has been denied a visa to visit Britain to see Sergei and Yulia for the second time.

    • Tatyana

      Russian ambassador met British parlamentaries today. ‘no desire to work together on the Skripal case’, he said.
      We opened the Crimean bridge for cars! Though Britain says we’ve done something evil by building it.

  • Tatyana

    OMG, it is now in russian news, I can’t believe my eyes! Ivanka Trump accepted judaism in 2009 to marry Kushener, who is Jewish national. She took jewish name Yael.
    No wonder now for me.

  • Goatboy

    I just started a petition – help me get it started? Shared with facebook friends and twitter followers but I need some shares that go further afield. I’ve also put a link to a website with some interesting ideas about what reforms to the UN could look like.

    The UN security council (and particularly the veto power of its superpower members) is an outdated mechanism that grossly misrepresents the moral aspirations of the other 188 nation states. The in‐ability to deal with key humanitarian issues such as the Rohingya crisis and the war in Syria are only two recent examples. World peace and security are being threatened by this in‐balance toward military‐industrial power over people power. We call on the UN to re‐define its purpose in the 21st century by reforming the security council.

  • JR

    Israel is a terrorist nation. The entire world knows that except the stupidstitious Christians in Amerika. They support the killing, the bloodshed, the cold-blooded murder as “justified” because they’re totally ignorant of the real facts (and don’t care) surrounding Israel, their occupation, their place is real verus manufactured history and so on. Don’t expect to change their minds – they stupidly believe that this is a “sign” for their soon-to-be-raptured fat asses to leave this planet. If only that were true. We’d be good to go if we could get rid of these monsters.

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