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1,102 thoughts on “Silence is Sort of Dirty Bronzeish

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  • Herbie

    You enjoy yourself, mate.

    You’ve done more work in the past few months than msm hacks will have done in their whole miserable lives.

  • Ingwe

    Are we sure this was Craig’s statement or is it something written to reassure us?
    “Working rather too hard” is hardly Scottish vernacular.

    • Old Red Sandstone

      Yes, I think we need to see a photograph of you looking healthy and holding a copy of today’s newspaper [if you can find one that you can bear to hold]. Otherwise, we’ll assume they’ve done a ‘Yulia’ on you!

      • Node

        I’m heading down there tomorrow and I’ll search every bar on site, several times over if necessary, to verify that Craig is really there, but I won’t be able to verify that I myself am real, and in fact I probably won’t be a lot of the time I’m there, and if I am I’m going to be disappointed because I have made extensive preparations to leave reality behind.

      • Herbie

        Craig is a major journalistic celeb now, throughout the thinking world.

        Scooping all the billions-funded mainstream media.

        His operation had to get more professional.

        It’s just marketing and management shit, to gauge how much you love them. And anyway, they need the occasional break from adoring fans

        They’re all at it.


        Melania Trump, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, somebody else I can’t remember, in recent news. Many more before.

        Way back to Greta Garbo.

        Just brand marketing.

        • Shatnersrug

          Craig’s got the keys to the bar, so I’m surprised we’ve even heard this much!

  • mike

    BBC currently wanking all over four F35 jets we bought from the US for almost £400 million.


    • Andyoldlabour

      It is a disgusting situation, where we can find all that money for killing machines, or making deals with the DUP, and yet we have homeless on our streets, the NHS is being run down and our infrastructure – road and rail is in tatters,

      • Herbie

        They’ve money for anything and everything, but what the taxpayers want.

        It’s a complete scam, the whole thing.

    • giyane

      Will they do what Trident did, go straight up and turn West towards Florida?

    • Antonyl

      UK’s deep state is desperately trying to hold on to its UN Security Council permanent seat, that’s why it is over spending on military toys. Plenty of others like India, Japan, Germany or Brazil should should be in that place, but they might not vote “as required”.

  • bj

    George Galloway, some time ago, said that he had been informed that 8 days before the Salisbury incident, an account on YouTube, that had been dormant for years, became active with a video of the arrest of Sergei Skripal.

    Does anyone know what this is about?
    I only see such a video by the ‘Daily Mail’, which looks to have been posted on March 15th.

      • giyane

        I would worry about that, if I was you. They love resurrecting Skype addresses you haven’t contacted for years and setting honey traps. I think we all know from the Skripal spoof if we didn’t know before that our security services mental agility is fairly slow. Not as slow as a Tory prioritising decisions on Brexit, to be sure. People have died in the queue, waiting to find out how the incompatible wishes of billionaires can be reconciled with the needs of our people, shenanigans which will calcify into humour..

        Yes Hatuey, it was probably an idea some old screw at GCHQ had, to open the account, which he hadn’t followed through.

  • Sharp Ears

    Another young Palestinian man has been shot for throwing a stone. He has died.

    ‘A Palestinian man was shot dead for throwing a stone at an Israeli soldier during a confrontation in the village of Nabi Saleh in the West Bank.

    According to the initial report by human rights group B’Tselem, the victim was 21-year-old Izz ad-Din Tamimi, who died from a neck wound after being shot by Israeli forces.

    An IDF spokesman confirmed on Twitter that they did indeed shoot a Palestinian man, who was confronting soldiers with 10 others, while they were conducting an arrest in the village northwest of Ramallah.

    The IDF spokesperson explained that troops “responded with riot dispersal means.”’

    Palestinian man shot dead for throwing stone at IDF soldier

    • Sharp Ears

      May offers meek condemnation of Gaza killings as Netanyahu visits No 10
      7 Jun, 2018 07:11

      ‘British Prime Minister Theresa May expressed the UK’s concern over ‘the loss of Palestinian lives’ as her Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu visited No 10 on Wednesday. But does her condemnation go far enough?
      May had previously only commented once in relation to the recent killing of Palestinian protesters in Gaza by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) during the Great March of Return. The unrest came to a head on May 14, when 60 civilians died in one day, bringing the total number of lives claimed to 119, according to Reuters.’

      Shame on her and the Friends of I.srael groups.

    • Antonyl

      Are you reporting on every individual Syrian, Kurd or Yemeni violent death too? Done by our allies the “Moderates”, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

  • Sharp Ears

    Even the Edinburgh branch to go. The majority owners are Chinese. It changed hands again in 2014. Previously – House of Fraser was a principal subsidiary of Highland Group Holdings Limited, 35% owned by Landsbanki

    Department store chain House of Fraser is to close 31 shops affecting 6,000 jobs as part of a rescue deal.
    If the plan is approved, 2,000 House of Fraser jobs will be affected, and 4,000 brand and concession roles.
    The stores scheduled for closure, which include its flagship London Oxford Street store, will stay open until early 2019, House of Fraser said.
    The retailer needs the approval of 75% of its creditors to go ahead with the plan.

    The House of Fraser stores identified for closure:
    Altrincham, Aylesbury, Birkenhead, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Camberley, Cardiff, Carlisle, Chichester, Cirencester, Cwmbran, Darlington, Doncaster, Edinburgh Frasers, Epsom, Grimsby, High Wycombe, Hull, Leamington Spa, Lincoln, London Oxford Street, London King William Street, Middlesbrough, Milton Keynes, Plymouth, Shrewsbury, Skipton, Swindon, Telford, Wolverhampton, Worcester.’

    High streets and towns are dying. Mine, once smart and bustling, is now shabby and quiet.

  • Frank

    Salisbury police Chief expecting some answers, sometime in the future. Good for him!

    The rest of us were expecting answers from the start, frustrating isn’t it?

    “He said his officer had done exactly the right thing by going to the house to make further inquiries on the Sunday evening.

    Responding to speculation that the detective may have known Sergei Skripal or had previously had contact with him, the chief constable told Sky News: “As I understand it Nick went to that address and I don’t believe he had had contact with Sergei and Yulia up to that point.””

    Up to which point? Going to the Skripal home? Wasn’t he “first on the scene” at the bench?

    Has Sergey been allowed to ‘phone his mum yet? Or Yulia her gran?

    • Frank

      Assuming Sergey locked the door and drove the car.

      The “natural” way to lock the door type of the Skripal home and because of the door furniture geometry is hold the handle up with left hand and turn key with right.

      Next get in the car and place left hand on gear / auto shift / handbrake / heater controls / rear demister. Full on contact / contamination. But where were the most defined traces found? On the door handle and in the ventilation system

      But we don’t need to worry to much about the ergonomics because this was a magical Novichok; both water soluble and insoluble, degrades quickly and still pure after several weeks rapid acting with fatal results and delayed reaction by a few hours and just knocks you out for a bit.

      So to get back to reality, it wasn’t Novichok that did for the bench people (they weren’t the Skripals anyway) and what poisoned the DS wasn’t a nerve agent (Dr Stephen Davies) but was the same stuff used at the bench.

      We also know that Novichok (very pure) was found at the Skripal home still dripping from the door handle (OPCW).

      No sign of forced entry at the front of the Skripal home. We then assume Skripals identity was gleaned from going through his pockets obtaining that information and his keys. Also possibly a Zizzi receipt (how else would they have known immediately that they had visited the restaurant) where Sergey or whoever was impersonating him made his level best to be noticed and made sure that many people in the restaurant heard him shouting in Russian. And how did they know about the Mill pub? A receipt from there too?

      So if as it now seems implied the DS did Not in fact attend the bench incident how was he poisoned with the same stuff as the bench people?

      Plenty of answers that the Chief Constable could answer now …….. If he wanted to.

      • IT Bod

        I found it frustrating that the Newsnight report about the Skripals’ treatment at Salisbury Hospital (29/5/18) spoke to seemingly every member of staff except the one that had earlier broken ranks and written to The Times. Surely a great opportunity to put to bed once and for all the many debates around the statement “no patients have experienced symptoms of nerve agent poisoning”.

  • quasi_verbatim

    ‘Eden Festival’ sounds thoroughly ecologically bunny-hugging.

    I hope you are Digging for Victory in the hardest of all possible crashout Brexits, when hereditary Continental enemies settle old scores and shortages of fuel, food and medicines appear within a fortnight of B-day.

    Rows of beans, carrots and potatoes are what we need now.

    • joeblogs

      Concentration camps were invented, and first used, by the British Empire during the South African wars against the Dutch Boers.
      The Empire was unable to subdue the brave and resourceful Boers, who were clever horsemen and good with the rifle. The Empire sent more men, still to no avail. Then the idea came to them, that a war against the Boer’s families might win the battle, so they put all the women and children behind barbed wire, with little shelter from the sun and no proper sanitation. Nature took her course, and soon they were dying of heatstroke, dysentery fever, and the like. The Boers had to capitulate, and the Empire ‘won’.
      The most fundamental issue of all is swept under the carpet.
      All forgotten, the fact that when the UK was unable to trade with Europe in WWII, owing to the German blockade, we had to rely for everything, at great expense, on trade with the USA.
      Since then, the population has increased still more, the country could not feed itself back then so what chance now?
      All the bad decisions began in 1905, with the Dreadnought arms race; it lost us an Empire, our wealth and hope, many lives in two senseless wars – all for a tiny, greedy few.
      There is no way out of this, now, as the Kaiser promised before the outbreak of the Great War, ‘we may lose, but you will lose your Empire’.
      If ‘Brexit’ succeeds, we will become George Orwell’s ‘Oceania’. “Abandon all hope, ye who enter…”.

      • giyane

        The climate is better now and farming more efficient. I do agree with you that cutting off our nose to spite our face and placing barriers to foreigners who we need, leaves us with a kind of Picasso face, which Tory cavemen might call creative alliances but everyone else might think just daft. They need us more than we need them is a kind of old Imperial brinkmanship which Old Etonians have been brought up to assert. No doubt there are administrative technocrats who can take over when the Old Etonians are inserted into their straight jackets, and embalmed until they can be copied and preserved for posterity by Mme Tussaud’s wax works.

      • Kempe

        It doesn’t reduce the horror of the crime but concentration camps were invented and first used by the Spanish on Cuba in 1898. About 400,000 Cubans are thought to have died.

        • joeblogs

          My reference for the ‘credit’ due the British for inventing this diabolical method of keeping fellow humans, is author Alfred Noyes from his book, ‘The Edge of the Abyss’ (published in 1942).
          In the preface to the book, he writes: “It would be a terrible tragedy, if the enemy we are fighting now (Nazism) were to be foisted on us under another name”. Profoundly prophetic words.
          This it turns out, is exactly what has happened.
          I do not think a year or two either way is anything other than a moot point (first Boer War was 1899).

  • giyane

    I woke up this morning I know not why trapped inside a dream-world consisting of the BBC’s portrayal of the British class system around the first World War on Radio 4. A system so indescribably perverse and wicked that it compelled both rich and poor to escapism in the opportunities of war, the rich to command the poor into battle and the poor to obey the order, both infinitely preferable to being meanly patronised in your class pigeon-hole in Blighty.

    From there I was intrigued by two even darker thoughts, firstly that, for me, who was born into the paroxysm of death of that cruel society in 1954, the whole world was rolled out before me that enabled me to double de-clutch from it and do something infinitely more creative than what I would have been supposed to be doing if I’d been born 40 years earlier. A creativity that has encompassed both earning my living through simple craftsmanship but also the recognition by becoming a Muslim of our Creator who is the big fella that forgot about us along time ago, not the little fella upon whose shoulders the whole world’s problems were supposed to be placed. That’s the role model into which my culture and society informed I was condemned to enter a bank and by now successfully retire many moons later.

    From there I thought about what that social shift has meant to others and how it has allowed many to not be forced by repression into becoming footsoldiers of Empire but instead to be the generals of Empire, joining a political class that has , since my birth-date, waged continuous unholy war against our innocent co-inhabitants of the world. Mrs Thatcher, 70 years after two years of near-terminal struggle had persuaded us not to oppress the lower classes nor to oppress our neighbours with war, re-opened the doors of oppression, modifying the behaviour only by stating that we would be a meritocracy in which anyone could rise by persistent arse-l***ing into the seats of war, their bums cosily fitting into the blighted colonels of 2 world wars and before.

    Then I followed the scent of the original dream like a true blue fox-hunter to the idea that the Islamism sweeping across the Muslim world might be a similar response to their stiff, tribal societies in which as Laguerre so rightly pointed out they are rigidly contained by family tribal politics from which there is no escape except for either class except to follow the trail of fortune-seeking war. As a Muslim I hover around the absolute stink of authoritarian tribal and hierarchial power, which gives itself the right to decide when and where to make war against other Muslims for the colonial powers and the right to spy on my personal behaviour and report it to the community, without being regarded as anything sinister of peculiar.

    It’s appalling that for some, both here and abroad, the removal of class rotten rules has meant they can move from one corner of hell-fire to another , by moving from status of foot-soldier to the status of wielder of ruthless power. But I retain great hope that the same societal loosening which has led to jihadism, might also lead to a more general shift, by which ordinary English men and women might like me be able to understand who is our Creator. I do believe that England is a persistently religious society that was at the forefront of the destruction of Papal ignorance and repression by locking the Christian scriptures into dead languages that were only accessible to the wealthy. I do believe that our obdurate connection to religious faith will one day break down the stuffy barrier that stops us from coming into the truth of Islam.

    Please don’t be put off by the phase of juvenile Islamism or the extraordinary rigidity of the elders of Islam and their petty wielding of social repression. That’s all culture and tripe, and our society has thrashed through those painful stages of growth that these are growing through now. The future is Golden. Craig can keep his sort of dirty bronzeish, He must have been looking through too much yeasty scrumpy cider. beware of the leaven of the Pharisees:
    ” Luke 12 English Standard Version (ESV)

    Beware of the Leaven of the Pharisees

    12 In the meantime, when so many thousands of the people had gathered together that they were trampling one another, he began to say to his disciples first, “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy. 2 Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. 3 Therefore whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed on the housetops.” continued here:

    • Hatuey

      A couple of things, Giyane.

      First of all, I think you should keep away from the computer for a few days.

      Secondly, you said “how it has allowed many to not be forced by repression into becoming footsoldiers of Empire”, presumably in a reference to WWI.

      But WWI had little to do with Empire and those British foot soldiers for the most part volunteered — nobody was forced to conscript until 2016. The peasants were dancing in the streets when war was declared, and not for the reason you suggest (although I’d struggle myself to explain why they did so).

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Hatuey
        June 7, 2018 at 14:56
        ‘…nobody was forced to conscript until 2016…’
        Erm, 1916?

        • Charles Bostock

          Erm yes – 1916. 2 March 1916 to be precise. Feel free not to thank us for putting you right (once again).

          • Herbie

            On a typo.

            That’s your standard for putting someone right.

            Talk about dumbing down.

  • Sharp Ears

    The blame game. Grenfell Tower fire. Apportioning and switching the blame. IMHO it was the refurbishment and the use of that cladding.

    What about the RBK&C planning department? Their Chief Planning officer, Jonathan Bore, has left and is now a member of the Planning Inspectorate who decide on appeals to planning decisions made by local authorities.

    Planning inspector signed off Grenfell Tower refurbishment

    The Metropolitan police are carrying out a criminal investigation into the ‘Stay Put’ policy of the London Fire Brigade,

    The Moore-Bick Inquiry has already become yet another lawyers’ paradise.

    • Dave Lawton

      Sharp Ears
      June 7, 2018 at 12:25

      “The blame game. Grenfell Tower fire. Apportioning and switching the blame. IMHO it was the refurbishment and the use of that cladding.”
      Has anyone mentioned Klaus Kleinfeld yet ? If not I wonder why not.

      • Sharp Ears

        Was Alcoa involved in the manufacturer of the cladding which contains an aluminum layer? Or was it the Bayer connection?

        ‘He is a member of the Bilderberg Group Steering Committee, the Brookings Institution Board of Trustees, the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum, the Board of the World Economic Forum USA, and the Metropolitan Opera Advisory Board. In 2009, Kleinfeld was named Chairman of the Board of the U.S.-Russia Business Council (USRBC), which promotes trade and investment between the U.S. and Russia. In 2013, Kleinfeld joined the U.S.-China Business Council Board of Directors and is a member of the Chinese Premier’s Global CEO Advisory Council. Previously, Kleinfeld served on the Supervisory Board of Bayer AG from 2005 to 2014, was a director of Citigroup Inc. from 2005 to 2007, and served as a member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG from 2004 to 2007. Mr. Kleinfeld also served on the Board of Directors of Morgan Stanley and Hewlett Packard Enterprise until April 2017.’


  • Paul Barbara

    Craig should keep a weather-eye skywards for low-flying Boeings; he’s not far from Lockerbie.
    I’ve been under aerial attack twice recently – a seagull on Margate seafront on Sunday, then a pigeon along the Embankment yesterday.
    Maybe I should have a flutter on the lottery!

    • Charles Bostock

      I’m surprised you haven’t blamed the Luciferians for those attacks.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Charles Bostock June 7, 2018 at 18:43
        I certainly blame Western Luciferians for the Lockerbie bombing, not Qaddafi and Megrahi.

  • Sharp Ears

    Footie fans will have to fork out £79 to Mr Bezos for a subscription to Amazon Prime in order to watch 20 Premier League matches next year for three years.

    BT Sport has the rest.

    Premier League TV rights: Amazon to show 20 matches a season from 2019-2022

    • Bobby Charlton

      If I’ve read that correctly (and absent loose drafting) that works out at something over £1 a match.

      Sounds reasonable to me, considering it costs 50p to use the toilets at Waterloo Station.

      And a lot cheaper than actually going to see the matches in person.

      Should Mr Bezos have offered to let people see the matches for free?

      • Dave

        Actually the loos at Waterloo are 30p, not 50p – yesterday it was free because the turnstiles were broken.

    • Sharp Ears

      £79 p.a. so £237 for 60 matches.

      Up to you if you have money to spare.

      Before the commercialization of sport, ALL OF US could watch many sports on the BBC for a low annual licence fee. I loved the cricket and the 5 day test matches.

      I suppose the overpaid footballer chavs have to be their £millions somehow.

      • Bobby Charlton

        Ah, per annum – you were unclear the first time round because you said “£79 to Mr Bezos …to watch 20 Premier League matches next year for three years”

        £237 for 60 matches works out as just under 4 quid a match. The cost of a pint of lager down at t’ pub or half the price of a packet of 20

        As I said, cheap at the price.

        NHS “diversity managers” posts advertised at £45.000 per annum.

        • Sharp Ears

          How come your gravatar changed? Is there more than one Bobby Charlton on here?

      • Bobby Charlton

        “ALL OF US could watch many sports on the BBC for a low annual licence fee. ”

        That’s part of the problem with British society nowadays – everybody wants as much as possible for free.

  • Sharp Ears

    Was this the plan all the time for the Salisbury FF? To increase police powers? Giving the Border Force more powers than they have already?

    Result – Further loss of our liberties.

    Skripal poisoning case prompts UK to give border police more power to arrest ‘hostile state actors’

    ‘UK border police could get extra powers to allow them to arrest suspected foreign agents if a new bill, in response to the poisoning of Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, is given parliamentary approval.

    If the bill passes, police, immigration and customs officers would be able to stop, search and arrest anyone at an airport, seaport or border areas to establish if they are involved in “hostile activity”.

    The new powers, as part of the Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill, would “strengthen” police powers, according to Home Office officials, similar to those used against suspected terrorists.’

    How do you tell who is a ‘hostile state actor’? What tripe.

    • bj

      How do you tell who is a ‘hostile state actor’? What tripe

      When his name is Julian Assange, maybe?

      • Herbie

        It’s just elite interests protecting themselves from anyone questioning their financial scams.

        That’s quite hostile from their perspective.

        It’s out with the Fabian approach and in with the blood and guts brigade.

        In other words, they’re getting desperate.


        Like the US.

  • duplicitousdemocracy

    Netanyahu makes Pinocchio look like the epitome of truth, honesty and integrity. After his whistle stop tour of Europe, primarily to instruct the French, German and British government not to pursue the Iran nuclear deal, he then declares that Iran is responsible for the ‘violence’ in Gaza. Unless Iranian assistants are loading the sniper rifles for the IDF, I’m struggling to believe the claim. If they are interfering and inciting, I’m astounded that they don’t give them something more potent than catapults and slingshots. Only some sort of mechanised projectile thrower could possibly reach the snipers perched behind their defences.
    Netanyahu claims that the defence ministry is working on a non lethal solution to the protests. He’s hopeful the solution will soon be found. You couldn’t make this shit up.

    • Charles Bostock

      Iran probably would give them something more potent than catapults and slingshots but for the vigilance of the IDF and the Egyptians at the Gaza borders and if vessels were allowed to reach Gaza unhindered.

      BTW, you never see a funeral in Gaza without the usual accompanying tally of masked gunmen toting not catapults and slingshots but automatic rifles and sub-machine guns. Go figure.

      • Charles Bostock

        “BTW, you never see a funeral in Gaza without the usual accompanying tally of masked gunmen toting not catapults and slingshots but automatic rifles and sub-machine guns.”

        Are you saying that’s not true?

        • fedup

          As always the board is getting spammed over and again to garner sympathy of the uniformed and lame brain (that is all of us as per the superiority complex suffering operatives engaged in this ghastly enterprise) for the baby killing, old woman killing mercenaries dressed in uniform.

          All the while playing down the nuclear armed Samson option minded “only democracy in the universe and beyond never mind the mid-east” by pointing fingers of guilt at all and sundry to divert attention from the deliberate racist genocidal policies of the said entity.

      • Skyblaze

        You never see a funeral in Gaza full stop. The western media is so far up Israels backside it’s ridiculous

        • Herbie

          You have to be the victim of an official enemy to get the teary treatment from the BBC.

          It’s all fake to them anyway.

          Just managing public opinion.

        • Charles Bostock

          “You never see a funeral in Gaza full stop.”

          And that is absolute nonsense, as you well know. It’s all part of the propaganda war.

      • bj

        Again you make this crude and dehumanizing remark.

        Maybe we should see more Israeli funerals to see how they behave?

      • Andyoldlabour

        That is very strange Charles, because in all the TV reporting on the Gaza protests and subsequent Israeli slaughter of civilians, I have never once seen an automatic rifle or sub-machine gun being used by a Palestinian.
        The IDF on the other hand, use British and US supplied sniper rifles and sometimes helicopter gunships.

        • Charles Bostock

          I didn’t say they were using them at the funerals but there does seem to be an awful lot of waving them about. Anyway, the point was that Hamas militants have access to weapons slightly more dangerous than the catapults and slingshots someone was going on about.

  • Sharp Ears

    Joan Ryan, chair LFoI, has been droning on in the HoC to an almost empty chamber on the lack of human rights in Turkey.

    She was displaying pure chutzpah in the light of the total lack of human rights of the Palestinians as they are killed, injured, have their homes demolished, their land taken, their olive groves destroyed and have the IDF invading their homes at night, let alone have their children imprisoned.

    The report is not up yet.

    The House of Lords have been debating the situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The motion was moved by Lord David Steel of Aikwood.

    Too long to copy here. The debate lasted from 11.41am until 2.38pm.

    Nothing will change of course for the Palestinians in spite of the thousands of words spoken by Milords and Ladies.

    • Charles Bostock

      Those Palestinians who are citizens of the State of Israel are not treated in the way you describe. As usual, you are slyly conflating Israel and the West Bank and hoping nobody will notice.

      The West Bank was administered, from 1948 to 1967 by Jordan, which exercised jurisdiction over it (for all practical purposes, it was annexed by Jordan).

        • glenn_nl

          Why try to justify it? For good reason. They just put down any excuse, the protesters were injured in ‘crossfire’, the IDF were “responding to attacks”, or “there were reports that HAMAS terrorists were about to….. blah, blah, blah” and then the story is somehow less black and white.

          They can say anything they like, and later claim that there was – in fact – another side to the case, when the case was actually very black and white.

          That’s why there’s always these miserable apologists coming up with disingenuous justifications.

        • lysias

          IDF soldiers did the same during their invasion of Lebanon in 1982. Really antagonized the U.S. troops who followed them in Beirut Airport.

    • Charles Bostock

      And, by the way, one reason why Jordan did not formally annex the West Bank was because it would have had to give the Palestinian refugees and self-expellees Jordanian citizenship.

      • TheOneEyedBuddha


        There was ethnic Cleansing and massacres going on! those people are Refugees, not like they fled into the West Bank for better job prospects!!

        like to see what you would do in the same shoes…

    • Sharp Ears

      Ryan managed to introduce mention of Israel twice in her long ramble.

      Nearly two hours’ worth of her almost solo performance plus the hangers on who included Chapman of the SNP, and Fabian Hamilton, Labour.

      John Howell, MP Con Henley-on-Thames, followed suit with two mentions of Israel.

      He has been to Israel on paid trips with the CFoI three times – 2012, 2015, 2016, needless to say.

  • Sharp Ears

    This petition is being taken to the Home Office tomorrow. The originator is asking for some more signatures to reach 100,000.

    To: Sajid Javid, Home Secretary
    Stop abusing the national security clause to deport highly skilled migrants
    Campaign created by Highly Skilled Migrants UK

    Stop abusing clause 322 (5) to deport highly skilled migrants. The clause is designed to combat terrorism and should only be used in cases where an individual poses a genuine threat to national security.

    Why is this important?

    The Home Office is abusing a clause designed to protect us from terrorism to deport doctors, engineers, lawyers and other highly skilled migrants because of common, everyday tax errors. It’s destroying lives of families who have come here legally and worked hard for years paying taxes and contributing to our society.

    Nisha Mohite, a pharmaceutical specialist working to develop anti-cancer drugs has lost her job, her home and her savings after the Home Office used an anti-terrorism clause to try and deport her because of an error her accountant made. HRMC was happy with her prompt repayment and took no action, yet now she faces a being marked a “terrorist” and deported.

    Father of two Owais Raja, was woking as a college lecturer before he lost everything when his accountant made an error in his tax returns. His accountant is now in prison after being convicted for fraud but Owais has been left unable to pay for his wife’s medical care and his family of four are facing deportation from the country they call home.

    Nisha and Owais are not alone, over 1000 highly skilled migrants have been affected by the Home Office’s cruel use of the clause. Together we are demanding the Home Office uses the clause for what it was designed to do, protect us from terrorists, not deport our doctors, teachers, scientists and lawyers.

    95,837 of 100,000 signatures

    Please sign the petition

    • Charles Bostock

      “highly skilled migrants”

      I hope you’re not suggesting that it would be OK for the government to misuse the national security clause to deport unskilled migrants? I would have expected better of you.

  • reelone

    craig, some other things to consider when looking at the Philip Cross affair that you might pass on to people looking into his Wikipedia behaviour such as Neil, George, Eva and their supporters like twitter user reg-left-media etc as they seem to be fixed only on the Kamm ‘connection’

    – cross check every ‘follower’ and ‘following’ and ‘like’ tweet on his feed with edits to wiki pages relating to the people who are the target of the tweets in question ie Cross retweets Dan Hodge attacking Len McCluskey – Cross edits Lens page same day. There is a pattern of behaviour. Kamm is only one source feeding/directing Cross’ edits?
    – cross check attacks outside of twitter between followers and targets ie google – oliver kamm craig murray – brings negative results from Kamms old blog with dates when Cross also same day edits your page. Similar pattern for other ‘followers’ you listed previously toward other targets Cross edits. Google attacker + attacked, see date of one of attacks, see if cross edit the attacked persons page etc.
    – cross check the initial date with new commentators of an aggressive, right leaning, obsessive persuasion arriving on a targets personal blog, such as yours, with when the edits by Cross began on said target. ie did Habb (or one of his other accounts) arrive on your blog at a similar time to Cross initial edits to your page?
    – read Crosses own account page and his own edits from the beginning to present and build up an extremely transparent profile of him.
    – read Crosses own old blog called anti illeberal blogspot. Do the brief observations Cross makes on his own blog read similar to a regular poster on here? I think they read similar to a regular long term poster.
    – get a data analyst to display the clear patterns of orchestrated harassment through twitter and Wikipedia between Cross and his ‘followers’ who point him in his direction of obsession?
    – Is there anyway to identify the email address he gives as contact (and subsequently removes) on his wiki page?
    – What links his ‘followers’ which would identify how they came into contact with Crosses services provided? Educational institutes? Journalism organisation? Political pressure groups? Its a clique of some sort.

    Cross twitter feed is now philipcross1963 .

    • Charles Bostock

      You should drop this one, it’s a dog that didn’t bark, the murder weapon that was never found, a false flag operation, a strawman that gently disintegrated withing the week. A non event for everyone except a few left wingers who can hand it out but can’t take it back. A storm in a teacup and an artificial storm at that. And George and Craig are not going to sue either. Bluster.

      • reelone

        Strange Charles, you keep requesting updates and progress reports on other pages continuously regarding the affair. Goading similar to Philip Crosses twitter feed. Are you bipolar by chance? or do you too suffer from Asperger Charles? You two chaps seem to have the same online existence right down to the hours.

        Sue? This could to be classed as criminal behaviour. Orchestrated and sustained harassment that has driven people to near breaking point. I wonder will Neil Clark ask Kamm about these matters when he gets him in the dock?

        Anyway Charles, have you read through Crosses old site?

        Its as if you, Habb and Phil all attended the same lessons….

        • Charles Bostock

          “Orchestrated and sustained harassment that has driven people to near breaking point. ”

          Oh didums! I hadn’t realised that George and Neil and the rest were such sensitive flowers. Breaking point indeed 🙂

          As I said, the lefties can hand it out but by God they don’t like it when they get it back (a comment which seems to apply to the leftists on here as well).

          To repeat : George and Craig are not going to sue.

          • reelone

            Another strange reply on the state of play from such a uninterested individual Charles. You’re still uninterested in the Cross affair today aren’t you? Your mood hasn’t changed? You won’t be requesting updates from craig in a few hours will you?


            ”As I said, the lefties can hand it out but by God they don’t like it when they get it back (a comment which seems to apply to the leftists on here as well).”

            Hand what out Charles? And as someone accused by many others on here as being habbabk 8.0 are you in the best position to judge who can handle what on here after multiple account bans? You can’t even seem to handle your own good self.

            Cross is clearly a petty obsessive who can not help himself (also a failure in his professional life). How about you ‘Charles’? Can you finally control your uninterested self with the reply button?

          • bj

            Philip Cross , who hasn’t edited much lately, all of a sudden, is scared sh*tless.

            It good to see a vandal incapacitated.

          • Charles Bostock

            I shan’t be asking for updates in a few hours but I can’t promise I won’t be doing so in a say or two. If you want to be helpful you could keep an eye on the internet and perhaps be ready to respond when I next ask?

            As for your “uninterested” bit, well, I think you have to distinguish two things: I find the whole Philip Cross “affair” very uninteresting, very boring, for the reasons I set out earlier. I also suspect that the majority of people who went into a mini-frenzy a week or so ago also do, judging by the lack of follow-up comments on here. And, of course, people in the real world were never interested to begin with – quite rightly so. But I do find George’s and Craig’s threats of legal proceedings somewhat more interesting and that is why I ask, from time to time, about what’s happening on that front. After all, it was they who went public with those threats, so why should we suddenly forget all about them?

            Hope that helps.

          • reelone

            Shan’t you Charles? Good to know. You could have come across as a little obsessive. I will keep an eye out over the next say (?) or two as you have requested. Any particular part of the internet? A Wiki page? A twitter account? A blog? I wouldn’t want to miss your next worthwhile and valuable contribution to the internet.

            It’s not my ‘uninterested’ bit, Charles, its all you and your constant flip flopping. Drop it craig. Tell me more craig. Drop it craig. Tell me more craig……….ad finem. You can understand my concern you may have a mild form of bipolar yet to be diagnosed. I’m concerned for you Charles. As for your own ‘suspicions’ and ‘observations’ regarding the affair and the ‘real world’, well, I’m sure others on here can attribute a value to them……me I’d put them in the deficit column.

            Could you link to craig or Georges official request for us all to ”suddenly forget all about them” legal proceedings you seem to be concerned about? I must have missed this declaration where we were asked to forget about it. Cheers old bean if you can, if not some might conclude you are just making stuff up (again)?

            To conclude, you have just wasted some of your hope there unfortunately. It did not help in any way, shape or form. You have another productive non-obsessive day today Charles.

          • Charles Bostock

            You seem to be devoting a lot of time to answering (I use the word loosely) me on this blog. But don’t you think your time would be better spent digging more deeply into the highly interesting Philip Cross “affair” rather than encouraging Craig to do so (June 7th, 6.04pm)? Or are you in the business of sub-contracting your obsessions? 🙂

      • Moocho

        Philip Cross – that’s how the history books have always been written, we’re just watching it take place in real time. Our world is their everything and that’s why it sucks so much

  • N_

    Men wearing wristwatches worth £100,000 seem to be getting them stolen by robbers who appear out of the blue.

    Insurance jobs?

    • Herbie

      Media are really playing up the violence in London.

      Shooting, stabbings, knife-wielding gangs on motorbikes, acid-spraying.

      Soon the peeps will be agreeing with calls for increased police powers etc.


      • Kempe

        An end to the cuts and more police doing what they’re already paid to do would be sufficient.

        • Herbie

          That’s Dixon of Dock green stuff, from the old post-war relative harmony and community days.

          There ain’t no moral values no more. Just dosh values.

          All human values are being degraded, as the logic of financialisation plays out.

  • rabbitsh0le

    Breaking News (Sky ticker)

    ”President Donald Trump will invite KJU to America if the summit in a few days goes well”

    That’s that then. The summit is f**ked before it begins.

    ”We’re pulling out of Syria” before bombing the shit out of the place and sending more troops. ”I want better relations with Russia” before ramping up sanctions and sending weapons right up to their border etc etc.

    I see a pattern emerging from the deal maker in chief……….if only there was a book of some sort to figure out his next move…………..

  • Brendan

    Yeah, working too hard. Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone about your rock’n’roll festival lifestyle. Party on, dude.

  • Sharp Ears

    Advise having nothing to do with Zuckerberg’s Facebook.

    Yet again they foul up, blaming ‘ a bug’.

    Facebook privacy bug ‘affects 14 million users’ –
    32 mins ago

    ‘A software bug meant millions of Facebook users may have unknowingly posted private information to the public, the company has warned.’


  • Brendan

    At the Guardian’s public discussion on 4 June on the Skripal case, there was a clumsy exchange between Luke Harding and his colleague Caroline Bannock (who was in Salisbury on the day of the poisoning), on the subject of CCTV recordings:

    [28:40] Harding: I would say that the Russian embassy in the UK, it has got a slightly better story to tell this time than with Litvinenko because there is no CCTV. That’s the big difference. With the Litvinenko case we got, eventually we got CCTV of these two rather bungling killers (…) going round London (…) . This time in Salisbury, I mean, tell me, there is no CCTV, right, or not so much.
    Bannock: (?) There was CCTV.
    Harding: Yeah but none in the Skripals case …
    Bannock: They probably knew how to avoid the CCTV quite easily.
    Harding: Well, much easier to do that than in central London.
    Bannock: (?) Yeah, absolutely.

    In fact, the police have stated since mid-March that they are studying more than 4,000 hours of CCTV recordings. Luke Harding’s remarks about the absence of CCTV are therefore incorrect.

    In making these remarks, he is also inadvertently presentiing a possible reason why the police unexpectedly moved the crime scene from Salisbury town centre to Sergei’s front door.

    CCTV footage must have recorded what happened to the Skripals in the town centre, but not in front of Sergei’s house (no cameras there). If the police can convince us that the crime was committed at the house, they can dismiss the evidence from the town centre, such as CCTV, as irrelevant. Move along folks, nothing happening here …

    • bj

      Seems to me this discussion (from what you quoted), with the chitchat about CCTV’s, is to give credence to the tacit presumption of Russian involvement.

      • Brendan

        I skipped through a lot of the video, but it’s clear that they studiously avoided discussing anything that would condradict the official British version.

        Near the end (1:01.50 ), Harding even twists an obvious disincentive for a Kremlin-backed attack into an actual motive for the Kremlin to carry it out at that time. He said that he believed that the timing of the attack so soon before the presidential election was deliberate – in order to create an international scandal that would motivate Putin’s conservative supporters to turn out to vote for him. That’s the sort of logical thinking that exists in planet Guardian.

    • Robyn

      The Germans have not yet bought the UK version of the Skripal story.

      From RT, 7 June, ‘The German government has zero evidence from the British authorities that could back London’s claims that Moscow was behind the poisoning of the Skripals, German media reports.’

      • Pyotr Grozny

        There’s a link to the German source
        which is even more hard-hitting than the RT story, in which Goetschenberg, who is a secret service expert for ARD, the German consortium of public service broadcasters, expresses astonishment at the expulsions without cause.

        Nachdem die britische Regierung Russland für den Anschlag verantwortlich gemacht hatte, hatten zahlreiche Länder russische Diplomanten ausgewiesen, darunter auch Deutschland. Dafür gab es nach Ansicht von Götschenberg aber gar keine Grundlage. “Es erstaunt schon sehr, dass nicht weniger als 26 Staaten plus Nato zahlreiche russische Diplomaten ausgewiesen haben”, sagt er. “Das war ja ein Vorfall, den es in dieser Größenordnung noch nie gegeben hatte – und der die diplomatische Beziehung zu Russland wirklich auf dramatische Weise belastet hat.” (You can put it into google translate)

        The continental public have no patriotic duty to believe the British government on this. Macron and Merkel are now trying to mend fences with Putin. I rather fear that they can threaten to embarass Teresa May over Salisbury unless she gives ground in Brexit negotations. Have Brexiteers stopped to consider that patriotic willy-waving over Salisbury may have weakened their position?

        • Pyotr Grozny

          I put the entire german text through google translate

          No evidence of Russian responsibility at Skripal stop
          The culprit for the poisoning of the Russian ex-agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter was quickly determined for Britain: Russia must have been. The arguments for this are valid, one has also heard of many other European politicians – including from Germany. But the federal government has so far no evidence of Russia’s responsibility for the attack, as ARD intelligence expert Michael Götschenberg reports.
          The federal government informed on Wednesday in the parliamentary control committee of the Bundestag about the fact that it has received no evidence to date from the British government that Russia is responsible for the poison attack. “One only has to realize that the poison used is the neurotoxin Nowitschok, which was once made in the Soviet Union,” says Götschenberg.
          Even their own findings that Russia could be responsible, the German intelligence services have not been able to win today. “The BND has interrogated as foreign intelligence service of the Federal Republic, of course, its sources and tried to somehow verify this,” said the ARD intelligence expert. But that was not successful.
          After the British government blamed Russia for the attack, numerous countries had expelled Russian diplomats, including Germany. But there was no basis in the opinion of Götschenberg. “It’s amazing that as many as 26 states plus NATO have expelled numerous Russian diplomats,” he says. “That was an incident that had never happened before on such a scale – and that really had a dramatic impact on diplomatic relations with Russia.”

    • Sharp Ears

      Luke Harding’s ‘output’ has been discredited on here and also by contributors to The Lifeboat News.

  • Sharp Ears

    Howell is not averse to the odd freebie. Twice he has been given ‘hospitality’ valued at over £300 each time, at the RAF Air Tattoo, once from Airbus Defence and Space, Stevenage and again from CAE plc, Burgess Hill.

    They are:: CAE Inc. (formerly Canadian Aviation Electronics) is a Canadian manufacturer of simulation technologies, modelling technologies and training services to airlines, aircraft manufacturers, healthcare specialists, and defense customers. CAE was founded in 1947, and has manufacturing operations and training facilities in 35 countries. In 2017, the company’s annual revenue was CAD $2.705 billion

    Howell is a backbencher. He took over Boris Johnson’s seat. He has never held a ministerial position.

    And also on TWFY

    Until April 2016, non-executive director of Local Dialogue, of Tradescant Court, 77a Tradescant Road, London SW8 1XJ, a company which delivers consultation programmes. From 31 July 2015 I received £14,000 a year, in monthly payments of £1,167, for an expected monthly commitment of around half a day. (Registered 4 August 2015; updated 30 June 2016)

    Some of our friends on the green benches are always at the trough.

      • Sharp Ears

        Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges endorses June 17 Sydney demonstration in defense of Julian Assange
        8 June 2018

        Internationally acclaimed journalist, author, lecturer and former New York Times correspondent Chris Hedges has issued the following statement endorsing the June 17 demonstration at Sydney’s Town Hall Square to demand that the Australian government immediately act to secure Julian Assange’s unconditional freedom and return to Australia.

        ‘Julian Assange’s life is in danger. In violation of his fundamental human rights, the Ecuadorean government has transformed his asylum in its London embassy into a form of brutal incarceration. It has cut off his access to the Internet, thus depriving Julian of the ability to communicate with his supporters or even follow world events. The transparent aim of this inhuman treatment is to force Julian to leave the Ecuadorean embassy, so that he can be seized by London police, thrown into a British jail, and endure deportation proceedings which will be rigged to ensure a predetermined outcome.

        Julian Assange will be turned over to the United States and delivered into the hands of Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, John Bolton and the CIA’s expert torturer-in-chief Gina Haspel.


  • Sharp Ears

    Steve Bell’s cartoon referring to the killing of Razan and the meeting of May and Netanyahu has been censored, ie rejected, by the Guardian editor, Katherine Viner.

    Steve Bell’s work is the only remaining worthwhile content in the Guardian.

    The image is the subject of an article on the JC.


    • Jeff

      Pity the so called ‘radical’ Steve Bell is so anti-Scottish independence with his cartoons…..

    • bj

      Charles Bostock will probably:

      a/ be able to properly exegese the antisemitic trope in that cartoon.
      b/ point out the fact that Palestinians are Semites too

  • MightyDrunken

    The mystery illness of American embassy workers which affected some in the American Cuban embassy has now apparently appeared in China. There has been no official idea what is going on, but I guess many will assume some directed weapon* attack by a belligerent country. Though other theories suggested have been mass hysteria, infections and misbehaving snooping equipment.

    I just get the feeling that in the near future it will be blamed on Russia. Apparently Russia operates a implausible deniability, or trolling doctrine. Which is to piss of countries for no benefit! Makes sense to me. /s

    * Though there is no know weapon which could create these effects and the physics appear to need close proximity for microwaves or ultrasound to work, if it would work at all. Many of those affected live in close proximity to others, so it is odd that neighbours appear unaffected.

  • Sharp Ears

    From an e-mail from Gaza yesterday

    ….As you know we don’t have enough supply of electricity which means lots of hurdles and difficulties on all aspects of life. The conditions in Gaza are the most difficult ones in terms of the Zionist killings and aggression against the Great Marches of Return. I myself went there to the borders with my family three times and saw how their evil soldiers shooting innocent children and women. I heard some of the guys shouting that they have got nothing to lose.

    To live is to resist. That’s what we also teach to our students and young generations. The oppressed and occupied have got the right to resist by all means available. It is a pity and tragic as well that the injured could not find enough medical care and nursing due to the shortage of medical staff and equipment. Can you imagine. So many causalities were sent home after receiving only first aid and some sort of dressings to their wounds as there were no enough beds and treatment for them. That’s why many have lost their legs (amputations) where the enemies are using high velocity bullets.

    Tomorrow we are heading there once again to commemorate the NAkSA ( 1967) relapse and also in solidarity with Jerusalem.

    The economic situation is getting very worse as all employees receive only half of their salaries or even without salaries. Thank goodness we are receiving half of our salaries by which we can survive. It is the medieval siege imposed by the Zionist entity and unfortunately by Abbas government in Ramallah.

    In this regard if you are in touch with kind people please urge them to donate whatever money to be sent for the injured or the students who cannot even afford to buy even a sandwich to eat…..

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