Detente Bad, Cold War Good 1634

The entire “liberal” media and political establishment of the Western world reveals its militarist, authoritarian soul today with the screaming and hysterical attacks on the very prospect of detente with Russia. Peace apparently is a terrible thing; a renewed arms race, with quite literally trillions of dollars pumped into the military industrial complex and hundreds of thousands dying in proxy wars, is apparently the “liberal” stance.

Political memories are short, but just 15 years after Iraq was destroyed and the chain reaction sent most of the Arab world back to the dark ages, it is now “treason” to question the word of the Western intelligence agencies, which deliberately and knowingly produced a fabric of lies on Iraqi WMD to justify that destruction.

It would be more rational for it to be treason for leaders to blindly accept the word of the intelligence services.

This is especially true on “Russia hacking the election” when, after three years of crazed accusations and millions of man hours by lawyers and CIA and FBI investigators, they are yet to produce any substantive evidence of accusations which are plainly nuts in the first place. This ridiculous circus has found a few facebook ads and indicted one Russian for every 100,000 man hours worked, for unspecified or minor actions which had no possible bearing on the election result.

There are in fact genuine acts of election rigging to investigate. In particular, the multiple actions of the DNC and Democratic Party establishment to rig the Primary against Bernie Sanders do have some very real documentary evidence to substantiate them, and that evidence is even public. Yet those real acts of election rigging are ignored and instead the huge investigation is focused on catching those who revealed Hillary’s election rigging. This gets even more absurd – the investigation then quite deliberately does not focus on catching whoever leaked Hillary’s election rigging, but instead seeks to prove that the Russians hacked Hillary’s election-rigging, which I can assure you they did not. Meanwhile, those of us who might help them with the truth if they were actually interested, are not questioned at all.

The Russophobic witch hunt has its first real life victim in 29 year old Maria Butina, whose life is to be destroyed for chatting up members of the NRA in order to increase Russian influence. With over 20 years of diplomatic experience, I can tell you that every country, including the UK and US, has bit part players of its own nationals who self-start in a country to make their way, and if they gain any traction are tapped by their national security service as potential “agents of influence”. I could name quite literally scores of such people, but have no desire to get anyone in trouble. The elevation of Butina into a huge threat and part of a gigantic plot, is to ignore the way the United States and the United Kingdom and indeed all major governments’ Embassies behave around the globe.

The war-hawks who were devastated by the loss of champion killer Hillary now see the prospect of their very worst fear coming true. Their very worst fear is the outbreak of peace and international treaties of arms control. Hence the media and political establishment today has reached peaks of hysteria never before seen. Pursuing peace is “treason” and the faux left now stand starkly exposed.

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  • Walt King

    Sorry about last night. Got a bit pissed, and the tropical sun…. However the main message remains the same. The UK is doomed. Civil disorder in April 2019 leads to a military takeover. Corbyn is imprisoned without trial. Boris Johnson is the puppet PM. Dissenting websites are shut down and the BBC is the official government mouthpiece. So not much change there then. I shall be observing all this from my safe house here in Cebu. Citizenship of the Philippines can be bought for a relatively small sum. Small when compared with the risk of remaining in the UK.

    How do I know this? I am in fact a time traveller from 2550. I was sent here to warn you of these facts. But owing to Yuluosi’s law (2499) I am unable to return because telling you this has altered the future and I am now trapped here in 2018. .

    I could tell you more of the history of the next 500 years but it would scare the willies out of you.

    Just one then. England never wins the World Cup again. At least not before 2550.

  • CEO

    Re the excellent Andrew Neil and Jo Coburn

    “Unfortunately not. They are back in a rehash of the programme in September, which is being called Politics Live. Groan.”

    May I be allowed to point out that no one is obliged to watch their programmes?

  • quasi_verbatim

    He “accidentally” picked up the bottle which looked like a perfume bottle which he gave “as a present” because that is what you do in these days of austerity but when it stank unperfume-like Charlie smashed the bottle. Or was it thrown at his head?

    Meanwhile, Teletrash reports the Sun as reporting Charlie as follows:

    “It’s very careless of them, the way they go about their business leaving things lying around. It was meant for someone, it was wrong to leave it lying around for someone to pick up. There could have been children playing with it”.

    This is Yulia-speak, or Met stenographer speak, and if less deadly than Novichok it is certainly more brain-numbing.

    • N_

      Romance tip: it’s fine to give one’s love interest “found items” but not always wise to declare that that’s what they are!

      The Daily Mirror has published a transcript.

      Unfortunately the video extracts that ITV have published don’t show him saying that he doesn’t remember where he got the bottle from but that he didn’t get it from the park, nor that the package was sealed. But that is all in the transcript.

      Contrary to my impression before watching the interview, I would say he seems genuine and not having words put into his mouth when he describes how he found her “in a very ill state”.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Trump’s looking into revoking the security clearances of a half dozen officials working for former President Obama raises serious questions about what the White House is up to in places like Iran and North Korea,

    Former DCI John Brennan, for example, thinks that Trump is playing into the hands of Iran’s hard-liner by his tough policies, and into the hands of North Korea’s hard-liners for his soft policies there for which he should be impeached and removed fro office.

    Who are the others, and then there are 4.3million Americans with top clearance, and what do they think, and are doing about Trump’s covert war policies?

    • MJ

      Brennan of course is one of those affected. Sounds like Trump is starting to make good on his pledge to drain the swamp.

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        And filling it with John Bolton who orchestrated the ‘false flag’ operations against North Korea, and is directing the covert war against Iran?

        • MJ

          Brennan et al are just middle-management functionaries ie scratching the surface only. If he gets stuck into the real ordure who have been mercilessly fleecing the US of trillions over the years (Clinton etc) then there will be no option but to bump him off, even if it means nuking the White House (to be blamed on Russia, Iran or N Korea of course).

    • lysias

      Is someone who publicly accuses the President of treason mentally stable enough for a security clearance?

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        Good question, though it did not stop loonies like Michael Hayden, Leon Panetta, G. H. W. Bush, and Robert Gates from becoming DCI, and even higher office.

    • Loony

      The only war policies that Trump has are connected with the deep state.

      Anyone that knows anything knows that there is something deeply disturbing about the personages and actions of Comey, McCabe, Clapper, Brennan and Hayden. President Trump is inviting inquiring minds to inquire more deeply into these people.

      Trump seems to be winning with regard to the DPRK – as they are reported to be dismantling some kind of launch facility.

      Iran is not a nice place – and most non regime Iranians would agree. Trump looks like he may have a winning strategy there too.

      Not content with attacking the rotting and corrupt deep state at home, Trump his taking his mission global by going after NATO, the EU and the mercantile powers of Germany and China.

      All of these are winning moves for the average American and losing moves for all of those who suck on the teat of corruption and criminality.

      • J Galt

        So Iran, Germany and China are to be destroyed on behalf of the “Average American”?

        I say come on Iran, Germany and China and Fuck the Average American.

        • Loony

          No The mercantile policies of Germany and China are to be reigned in on behalf of the entire world.

          Pressure is being applied to Iran to hopefully improve conditions for average Iranians and create more stable geo political conditions. I know this is hard to believe given the last 30 years of Anglo American policy – but this what attacking the EU and NATO is all about.

          What you are really saying is come on Iran, Germany and China and fuck the entire world. This aligns you quite well with the deep state and the Democrats – although they rarely use language as plain as yours. More and more people are waking up and getting aboard the Trump train – unless you really hate humanity then you should join them.

          • glenn_nl

            L : “I know this is hard to believe given the last 30 years of Anglo American policy […]”

            Very hard to believe indeed. Unless one were a particularly credulous child, a Scientologist, or the new devotee of some particularly dodgy cult.

            Or maybe someone bought into a dubious ideology promoted by the billionaire class, who cynically use the Religious Right, Nazis and white supremacists while they cut taxes on the rich, undermine facts and science, deplete the environment ever faster, and destroy the fabric of society where it doesn’t immediately benefit them.

          • Ian

            Your bromance with Trump and willingness to believe the ridiculous hype around him is not a sign of your intellect, but of your credulousness.

          • Loony

            Who knows who is credulous.

            What is known is that Trump is winning and more and more people support him. For most Europeans Trump’s main polices of interest relate to NATO and the EU. Apparently these are policies favored by billionaires, the religious right, Nazis and white supremacists. Interestingly they are also policies favored by Jeremy Corbyn.

            Trump is exposing fake news everywhere. As fake news is exposed so to will fake thinkers be exposed.

            The times they are a changing.

          • J Galt

            Yes well the British Establishment tried to counter the “Mercantile” policies (or in reality – beating you at your own game by being better at it) of Germany in 1914 by attempting to use Russia and France to do most of the dirty work, and look where that got them – Empire destroyed and in hock to, and vassal of, their real enemy by 1941.

          • Nevermind

            Privileged twaddle of a right wing loon. No WTO or any rules whatsoeve is what you are pleading for.

  • Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile the Brexiteers are probably in Churchills war room redesigning the M26 to hold more lorries.

    The likes of May and Hunt, will be pushing little icons around on a giant table topped map using long sticks. As a portrait of Churchill cigar and all sternly stares down at them.

    No doubt the British bulldog spirit will kick in and the aura of superior isolationism will fill the room. But a no deal will be bad for Joe Bloggs and his family, still the Keep Calm and Carry On posters will be pasted near and far.

    • Dave Lawton

      July 24, 2018 at 16:06

      “Meanwhile the Brexiteers are probably in Churchills war room redesigning the M26 to hold more lorries.”

      The FT is so draconian it fires writers on the spot if they dare write articles which are biased against the EU.Which they did with Gordon C.Tether when he tried to show that the EU was a complete fraud and after being the editor of the Lombard Column for ten years.Remainers need to have the generosity of spirit and accept the result which the leavers had in 1975 and it was only years later that we found out the referendum then was manipulated by the secret IRD department of the Foreign Office.

      • Republicofscotland

        Forget the FT, the signs are there for all to see that Brexit, a Tory oneupmanship game within the party, built on misinformation and prevarications is set to be an unmitigated disaster.

        • Hatuey

          The UK was a disaster anyway. In fact, it’s been one disaster piled on top of the other for decades. It had to burst asunder and it will burst asunder.

          Basically, when you look at what brought us to this self-harming stage, a lot of it can be pinned on the selfish middle classes who have been voting in the most self-serving way imaginable for decades.

          As the working class and poor were hammered and their jobs exported abroad, the middle classes were busy lining their pockets. It was the middle classes that turned labour into new labour, all for a buck and a few pence off taxes — that’s all they care about.

          So, bring on Brexit and bring on disaster. Poor people have been suffering for decades and for many things couldn’t get much worse. I hope brexit is apocalyptic, especially for the middle classes. And at some point they might realise the error of their ways and help really fix things.

          • Republicofscotland

            “So, bring on Brexit and bring on disaster. Poor people have been suffering for decades and for many things couldn’t get much worse.”

            Oh but it will get worse much worse, especially if there’s no EU laws and regulations surrounding say workers rights or the rights of disabled people, or food regulations. Or benefit regulations for those in most need of them.

            The UN has already denounced the British government on the rights of the disabled, or lack of them.


          • Hatuey

            republicofscotland, regardless of workers rights, it’s clear to me that the brexit vote on a really fundamental level represents the feeling amongst many in England that they have little to lose. That’s what it stands for in England. And they’re right.

            If I was in English and working class I’d vote brexit too. Why? Fuck them, that’s why. Anything that upsets the middle class apple-cart has to be a good thing.

            For Scotland the whole context is different. There’s an alternative to red tory v blue tory in Scotland, as you are aware.

        • Dave Lawton

          July 24, 2018 at 18:43

          It started becoming a disaster after we joined the EU.Do you want a list?

    • J Galt

      And what will be in these lorries?

      What does the EU need from us that they can’t produce more cheaply and to a higher quality themselves within their own tariff boundary, or it need be from countries which are friendly and do not hold “Europe” in contempt?

      • Republicofscotland

        I’d imagine it would be to deal with the huge tailbacks at Dover British lorries would require paperwork at all borders, and they’d probably stand for awhile in a queue to get to Europe.

        Short coded produce such as soft fruits fish etc could spoil whilst waiting. Firms might they lose more EU contracts.

        • Dave Lawton

          July 24, 2018 at 18:43
          “Short coded produce such as soft fruits fish etc could spoil whilst waiting. Firms might they lose more EU contracts.”

          Good it will great to have food that is not radiated and is truly fresh.

    • Rocky

      By ‘Brexiteers’ are you referring to the 17.4 million members of the British electorate who voted to leave the EU or are you playing the BBC’s game of using this expression to create the impression such a desire is only held by a small rump of ‘hard right’ conservative politicians?

      • Republicofscotland

        The misled electorate yes, two years on and the Brexit plan written on the back of a fag packet is a disaster in the making, is it any wonder the main culprits have fled the scene.

        The sheer and utter ineptness of the British government, is conclusive proof that on the conclusion of the Brexit disaster, Scotland must move quickly and hold another indyref. To make sure they don’t go down with HMS Brexitannia as well.

        • Rocky

          Oh right, thanks for pointing that out. I was ‘misled’. Thanks for letting me know.

          • Republicofscotland

            So the government released a White Paper did they on the pros and cons of Brexit? It took them nearly two years to do that, and even then they wouldn’t release the paper due to the severity of its impact.

            I fail to see how on earth you knew the pros and cons without that very crucial info.

            Or are you of the Nigel Farage persuasion, and no matter the consequences vote leave, to get rid of the EU and Johnny Foreigner?

          • J Galt

            You I suspect were not.

            However the couple of million or so stupid old farts from the likes of Sunderland and Hull who were promised the “immigrants” would be on the cattle trucks to Dover the day after Brexit most certainly were.

            The day after – when they could be found that is – Johnson and Gove were falling over themselves to assure their masters that no, their supply of cheap immigrant labour would be maintained.

            The stupid old farts were betrayed within 24 hours!

    • laguerre

      I took the ferry from Dover yesterday, the first occasion in a long time (I usually take the Eurostar). I was shocked by how different things are today. Masses and masses of trucks and containers, all surrounding a little huddle of cars and busses. No chance at all of it working if every consignment has to be checked, even if only for the paperwork.

      I even had the impression that things are accelerating. The French have now introduced on the A1 (Lille-Paris) a system of illuminated signs indicating which rest areas still have space (Complet, libre, fermé). Truck drivers lay up in the rest areas, and sleep, though of course not all coming from Britain. Most were full yesterday evening. General European phenomenon.

      Quite an eye-opener.

  • lysias

    I just heard on S P U T N I K Radio that L E N I N M O R E N O, during his trip to the UK, will visit Edinburgh.

    Sorry for the caps and spaces. I need to use them to get past Autocorrect.

    • bj

      “”Sorry for the caps and spaces. I need to use them to get past Autocorrect

      It pains me to hear you’re one of those people whom are dictated by their computer.

  • Republicofscotland

    One would think replacing Boris Johnson, an inept buffoon as Mayor of London and and FS, with Jeremy Hunt would be at the very least a slight improvement but its not.

    Hunt has come out and said like a petulant little child,that if Britain crashes out of the EU with no deal its all the fault of the EU. The British government is jampacked with egotistical deluded fools such as Hunt, who the EU should bow down to their demands on the exit deal. It’s nevergoing to happen.

    The penny might drop (debatable) when we’re out with no deal, and struggling in every sector to keep our heads above the water.

    The narrow minded parochial vision of the Brexiteers will cost us dearly.

    Meanwhile the head of Amazon has said a no deal could lead to civil unrest.

    • MJ

      “No deal” actually means WTO rules, so hardly “no deal”. The head of Amazon is as clueless as you are. He obviously fears a reasonable tax regime for his mail-order outfit: what’s your excuse for the constant fear-mongering? The referendum was over two years ago. Get over it.

      • Republicofscotland

        So a no deal is fine in your book, lets not forget Britain needs to import food as it doesn’t produce enough.

        British businesses export billions of pounds worth of goods to the EU. A no deal would seriously hinder that and cost hundreds of thousands of jobs in the process.

        EU citizens are leaving the UK, due to Brexit, and we don’t have enough staff in ourhospitals due to it, nor to pick our soft fruits etc.

        Brexit will also see an erosion of workers rights that your ancestors fought tooth and nail for.

        The implications of Brexit and a no deal are vast.

        • MJ

          “So a no deal is fine in your book”

          WTO rules are fine by me if that’s what you mean.

          “lets not forget Britain needs to import food”

          Ok, let’s not. Let neither of us forget either that EU farmers need to sell their stuff if they’re to stay in business. Presumably they’re already winding down production in anticipation of the UK’s departure.

          • Republicofscotland

            “Ok, let’s not. Let neither of us forget either that EU farmers need to sell their stuff if they’re to stay in business. Presumably they’re already winding down production in anticipation of the UK’s departure.”

            I think you’ll find that EU farmers still have the biggest trade bloc on the planet to send their produce to.

            Not so the British farmers who will lose their EU subsidies, and more importantly they’ll need to dowgrade their produce to compete with cheap unregulated US produce etc. Many British farmers will go to the wall.

            You really haven’t got a clue at what’s about to happen with a no deal have you?

          • laguerre

            EU farmers are not winding down production, they’ll just find other markets. Eastern Europe for example, is open for Spanish peaches, nectarines, etc. They’re getting more prosperous, and imported fruit is more likely to be bought.

          • Republicofscotland


            Really? And what of the subsidies they rely on from the EU, apparently the British government has only committed to replacing it (and I say that in a very loose term) until 2020.

            Scottish/Welsh hill farmers (less arable land) rely heavily on the EU subsidies to get by.

            No many farmers will fold, others will also find it difficult to compete with cheap imports that have an advantage because they’re not regulated.

          • laguerre

            RoS, I don’t understand your point. Spanish farmers have the subsidies they have; they won’t be changed by Brexit itself, though they may change in the long term. They simply have to find other markets, which I suggested is not impossible.

          • MightyDrunken

            No deal Brexit, and total exit of the EU thereby defaulting to WTO rules are different things.
            No deal means we haven’t worked with the EU to continue with the million little details which help with our dealings with the EU. Like British pilots being allowed to fly in EU airspace.
            The other problem is we haven’t appeared to put in place replacements/new stuff for the things we will have to do with a total EU exit. No deal means there is no transition period and everything has to be ready within a year.

            So even if WTO rules made no difference, a no deal combined with total unreadiness is something to worry about. Of course any slightly competent government will have many of these issues covered. Cough, chock.

        • Rocky

          How are the German couple who lived in Scotland who the Nationalists put up for wall to wall exposure in the media by claiming Brexit made them ‘fearful’ and ‘frightened’ as we would be exposed to all kinds of evil without the protection of the EU etc etc ad nauseum. Are they still here or did they do as they threatened and go to live in errrr The USA !!!! Did they think that through? I think I see a flaw in their argument there.

        • Rocky

          Re staff in hospitals. There are many staff in our hospitals who come from abroad. Most of them from countries outwith the EU. Your point is?

          • Republicofscotland

            My point is, highly trained EU individuals might not want to come to Britain’s hospitals.

            Imagine you or a member of your family needed an operation, but there wasn’t enough specialised surgeons in that particular field to carry out the operation due to Brexit.

            NHS England has already been declared a humanitarian crisis by the Red Cross last year, Brexit won’t help it get any better.

          • laguerre

            “Why wouldn’t they want to come ?”

            Too much trouble. Uninteresting salaries.

  • Jack

    What a sad tragedy, impoverished Charlie find a bottle on the streets thinking its a perfume, giving it to his homeless girlfriend only to see her being killed by it.

  • Sharp Ears

    I wish this indecisive woman would make up her mind. She seems to have stirred up a hornet’s nest in the process, viz Raab and Robbins
    Is Raab alluding to the Titanic? 😉

    Theresa May takes personal charge of Brexit talks
    1 hour ago
    Dominic Raab says there is some ‘shifting of Whitehall deckchairs’

    Theresa May is taking personal control of Brexit talks with the EU, with Dominic Raab deputising for her.
    Mr Raab was drafted in as Brexit Secretary to replace David Davis, who quit in protest at the prime minister’s proposals for post-Brexit trade.
    A special unit in Mrs May’s office has played an increasing role in Brexit talks during recent months.

    Tuesday’s announcement, in a written statement by Mrs May, formalises that shift in responsibility.

    Labour’s Shadow Brexit Minister Jenny Chapman said: “Dominic Raab has been sidelined by the prime minister before he has even had the chance to get his feet under the table.”
    The Europe Unit led by senior civil servant Olly Robbins in the Cabinet Office, which reports directly to the prime minister, will have “overall responsibility for the preparation and conduct of the negotiations”, Mrs May said in her written statement.

    “DExEU (the Department for Exiting the EU) will continue to lead on all of the government’s preparations for Brexit: domestic preparations in both a deal and a no-deal scenario, all of the necessary legislation, and preparations for the negotiations to implement the detail of the Future Framework.

    “I will lead the negotiations with the European Union, with the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union deputising on my behalf.”
    Mrs May said that DExEU would recruit some new staff to work on preparations for Brexit, while a number of Cabinet Office officials would move over to the department.

    There will be no net reduction to staff numbers in Mr Raab’s department, she said.

    Mr Raab told MPs on the Brexit committee, he would be going back out to Brussels shortly to continue talks with EU negotiator Michel Barnier, alongside Mr Robbins


    • Sharp Ears

      She managed to fit in this visitor to No 10 today.

      UK Prime Minister
      @No 10 DowningStreet
      1 hour ago
      Today PM @Theresa_May hosted the Amir of Qatar @TamimBinHamad for a meeting at Downing Street. They discussed regional and bilateral issues including security and trade.

    • laguerre

      I suspect May is formally taking back EU negotiations into no 10, because she’s figured out that Raab is a disaster. A rigid Brexit ideologue, who has publicly stated that he will undo what May has already agreed to, that is pay the 39 billion debt. Now he wants to apply ‘conditionality’. That’s the ultra Brexiter position, but she’d already agreed to pay without conditions. She has either to sack him, or downgrade his function. Even so, he’s not going to have much credibility faced with Barnier.

  • Good In Parts

    TETRAPOL Phone ???

    Good questions…

    On reflection, it looks more like a TETRA or TETRAPOL ‘phone’ which, if not stolen, would be interesting.

  • Sharp Ears

    Ref Salisbury. On BBC South Today. A spokesman for the council said that the hostel has been cleared of any contamination! and is now reopened as is the street in which it is situated. Meeting tonight in the Town Hall.

    • bj

      The police, apparently, have not only cleaned up Salisbury and Amesbury, but also their act.

      Which, considering this is operetta, is testament to their stage professionalism.

  • Stephen

    The latest has just come in on the “Novichok” soap opera. Charlie the survivor has been on ITV news giving an interview where he said the perfume bottle was sealed and packaged when he found it. He couldn’t remember where he found it “conveniently”.
    If it wasn’t for the convenient forgetting where he found a perfectly sealed perfume package would have said I think he was targeted by MI6 to create new victims who they can continue the story with, But he either knows and can’t say where he got it for some legal reason or he is being told not to say it by the authorities.
    Either way the most important question will now never be asked again. Where are the Skripal’s and are they being held against their will or are they disowning their elderly mother/grandmother to die without ever hearing from them again.

    • Isa

      You’re kidding ? A sealed and packaged perfume bottle . So Dior Poison ! I blame the French . You couldn’t make this up . So nicked a perfume bottle more likely and they have a satelite phone . Either one of the two of them are /were spies themselves or assets to intelligence or they were poisoned by Spies that not the Russian kind .

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Just accept it, our UK Government – and those in control of them, are not very nice.

    Ask Vanessa Beeley. She is one of my heroes.

    Whereas Vanessa Beeley, is attempting to do something about it, using more courage, than any man I have ever known, by finding out the truth, and reporting it as best she can….You men who call yourselves journalists – with very few exceptions, I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire, cos that is what you evil bastards deserve (self ignition and destruction)

    Great day at the beach with my wife and grandson with an extremely large number of other ordinary people, who also have no respect for our political or otherwise elite = shite.

    You people are disgusting. I do not know how you can do it. Don’t you have children and grandchildren too?

    Don’t you care about their future?


    • bj

      Enjoy Jupiter in the SW tonight, Saturn in the low S., Mars in the SE, and the moon — well can’t miss that.

      Oh, and maybe the occasional meteor. The Perseids are coming…

  • Den Lille Abe

    So guy finds perfume in unopened package, he cant remember where, and proceeds to poison girlfriend!?!!
    Right! That is enough!! Call the silly police !!

  • Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile this just sums up the British government on Brexit perfectly.

    “This is going well. DExEU and Cabinet Office press offices both claiming it is the responsibility of the other to respond to a question about negotiations lodged this afternoon.”

    What bunch of inept tossers, if it wasn’t so tragic it would laughable.

    • Rocky

      On this I agree with you. The British Government are not delivering Brexit. They are trying to thwart it that is why it is a dogs breakfast.

      • Republicofscotland

        “They are trying to thwart it that is why it is a dogs breakfast.”

        That’s because some front and backbenchers realise what complete disaster a no deal Brexit would before Britain.

        Only the empire daydreamers and splendid xenophobic isolationists want the hardest of Brexits no matter the consequences. The deluded fools couldn’t give a monkeys about the rest of us.

        • Rocky

          So says the guy committed to breaking up the UK . Nice one. You are a funny guy. Now could you perhaps stay on topic as I and others read and contributed to this thread because of the subject matter not to listen to you banging on about your tedious hobby horse. You lost. Twice. Get over it.

          • Republicofscotland

            Ha ha, there are many OT comments on the 13 pages of this thread, but I suppose when you haven’t a leg to stand on as you do over Brexit, any excuse will do.

  • quasi_verbatim

    Charlie burbles on: the “box looked expensive” and the parfum du toilette was a “recognised brand”.

    Time to clear the shelves at Boots, under the Precautionary Principle? Time for parfumiers to set their house in order?

    • bj

      Won’t happen.

      Long time ago the inference was made that this is not only operetta, but low-budget operetta at that.

  • Good In Parts


    ‘I ask again, do you or anyone else have a link which provides the provenance of the picture?’

    Provenance of the picture !!! Do you think I am some kind of grubby art dealer ?

    Here is an even higher resolution version×1536/skynews-amesbury-salisbury_4355258.jpg

    The originating Sky News article is here

    The ‘identification’ as a satellite phone came from the image alt text:-

    alt=”Investigators look at a piece of evidence which looks like a satellite phone recovered from Dawn Sturgess' hostel in Salisbury” />

  • Good In Parts

    Come in number seven !


    ‘Only problem is the SRH3900 picture doesn’t have that yellow bit under the coppers hand. Nor do any images I have seen of the phones.’

    The ‘yellow bit under the coppers hand’ that you refer to is a user identification label, generated by a Dymo label printer.

    The asset number is ‘7’ which is quite fortunate, because if it had been ‘007’ then a lot of breathless people would have had to go for a lie down…

    • Stephen

      Doesn’t that fit in with a labeling system a police station might use. Don’t they have them all labeled in the charging stations.

  • Sharp Ears

    May’s slim majority will be even smaller come October/November when Ian Paisley DUP MP is likely to get the order of the boot from his constituents. He has been suspended from the HoC for 30 days when sittings resume on September because he failed to declare in his Register of Interests that he was the recipient of two luxurious holidays. They were taken in Sri Lanka and were donated to him.

    Sri Lanka again. Former haunt of Fox and Werritty. Any connections?

  • Good In Parts


    ‘It might have been dropped or taken off a possibly exposed officer for testing or decontamination.’

    Indeed. However the ‘consensus narrative’ would have the exposure occuring at Charlie’s place, not the hostel in Salisbury.


    It’s always Jupiter !

    • N_

      Can we guess the brand?

      Will we be able to add this story to those of Saddam Hussein (Mars bars) and Ilich Ramirez Sanchez (Johnny Walker whisky and Frederick Forsyth’s novel “The Day of the Jackal”)?

      This is known as “below the line” in the advertising world.

    • SA

      “In an interview with ITV News, he said: “I do a memory of her spraying it on her wrists and rubbing them together.
      “I guess that’s how she applied it and became ill. I guess how I got in contact with it is when I put the spray part to the bottle… I ended tipping some on my hands, but I washed it off under the tap.”
      I thought it was stated that the most contaminated part was both of their right hands. Also so much for the CMO advice about washing hands and baby wipes.

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