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Just as the World Cup had forced the British media to grudgingly acknowledge the obvious truth that Russia is an extremely interesting country inhabited, like everywhere else, by mostly pleasant and attractive people, we have a screaming reprise of the “Salisbury incident” dominating the British media. Two people have been taken ill in Amesbury from an unknown substance, which might yet be a contaminated recreational drug, but could conceivably be from contact with the substance allegedly used on the Skripals, presumably some of which was somewhere indoors all this time as we were told it could be washed away and neutralised by water.

Amesbury is not Salisbury – it is 10 miles away. Interestingly enough Porton Down is between Amesbury and Salisbury. Just three miles away from Muggleton Road, Amesbury. The news reports are not mentioning that much.

“I am all out of ideas Inspector. What can possibly be the source of these mysterious poisonings?”

Neither Porton Down nor the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has any idea where the substance to which the Skripals were allegedly exposed was made. Boris Johnson’s great “coup” of obtaining a majority vote at the OPCW to expand its powers to place blame for chemical attacks, has proven rather otiose as the OPCW has no evidence on which to base any blame for Salisbury. In fact, four months on, May and Johnson’s shrill blaming of Russia remains entirely, 100% evidence free.

I do however wish to congratulate the neo-con warmongers of the Guardian newspaper for verbal dexterity. They have come up with a new formulation to replace the hackneyed “Of a type developed by Russia”, to point the finger for a substance that could have been made by dozens of state or non state parties. The Guardian today came up with “Russian-created novichok”. This cleverly employs a word that can encompass “developed” while also appearing to say “made”. It also again makes out that novichok is a specific substance rather than a very broad class of substances. The Guardian’s Steven Morris, by this brilliant attempt deliberately to mislead his readers, runs away with this week’s award for lying neo-con media whore of the week. His achievement is particularly good as the rest of his report is largely a simple copy and paste from the Press Association.

I most certainly hope that the couple in Salisbury hospital recover from whatever is afflicting them. The media is, by making this the lead story on all broadcast news after last night’s football, inviting us to make the connection to the Skripals. In which case I assume the couple were perfectly well for five hours after contact, able to be very active and even to eat and drink heavily, before being mysteriously instantly disabled at the same time despite different ages, sexes, weights, and metabolisms and random uncontrolled dosages.

Replicating that would be quite a feat.

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  • bj

    I suppose this is a desperate attempt to thwart the upcoming detente between Trump and Putin.

    While just a collateral — does the UK have any Russian diplomats left to expel?

  • Crispa

    I think the success of the world cup which even the BBC is acknowledging, with the excellent Rachel Burdon proclaiming it might be the best ever and England supporters there bemoaning that people should never have been put off by the disinformation they have received, is proving just too much for the benighted government and establishment propaganda machine. What’s also putting egg on the establishment face is that there is now the prospect of the team playing in the final stages without the presence of the Royals – Theresa May or even Boris Johnson – and there are rumours that Trump might be there following his meeting with Putin. The government is on its knees over Brexit – so what can be done – yes “wheel out the Skripal story again”. The Sun started it yesterday, unfortunately its claim that the two Russian would be assassins responsible for the Skripal attack are safely back in Russia and under Putin’s protection does n’t chime with this latest incident. No doubt the Russian Embassy will have something trenchant to say! .

    • Phil Espin

      Crispa, if Trump turns up for the World Cup the day after meeting with Putin he’ll have missed it. The meeting is the day after the final.

  • Kenneth G Coutts

    Even though this is false flag news, best to keep up the pressure on the liars.
    Truth will out, especially from your good self.
    Oh! Read your book murder in Samarkand and Zionism is bullshit again, still superb.
    Notice the lack of journalism on recent inroads to dig out
    Blair, Straw, Brown etc.on torture and rendition.

  • Anon1

    Why do the conspiracy loons keep going on about the proximity of Porton Down?

    Surely if the British state wanted to carry out an attack on its own soil and blame it on the Russians it would be more than capable of carrying the nerve agent further than a few miles from Porton Down? Indeed, wouldn’t that be desirable? You all seem to think that the agent must have come from Porton Down because it is very close to Salisbury. Does it not strike that this theory is bordering on retarded?

    • Ray Raven

      No, the UK bozoes would not be capable to carry out the nerve agent further that a few kays from Porton Down.
      The UK bozoes are too scared to transport the nerve agent for any length of time or distance.
      Do note how I correctly corrected your incorrect usage of lineal distance of the term ‘miles’ (an antiquated Britisher term – yes the septic tanks are still britishers at heart) to the universally accepted kays (ie. km).
      Stick a name behind your commentary you weak spineless MFSOBC (mofo-sob-c****).

      • Basil Fawlty

        Some quick points;
        1. The kilometre is a cheese-eating surrender monkey term – you can keep it.
        2. If you are going to insult people at least try to get it right – Bozos, not Bozoes.
        3. I liked the way you correctly, corrected the incorrect terminology – excellent correctification as George Bush would have said.

      • Charles Bostock

        “Stick a name behind your commentary you weak spineless MFSOBC (mofo-sob-c****).”

        Can you please confirm that “Ray Raven” is YOUR real name? Thanks.

    • Xavi

      The faith you retain in the intelligence of the British Establishment is quite touching.

    • Agent Green

      So you think the fact that these incidents all seem to be taking place within close reach of the UK premier chemical weapons laboratory is merely coincidental?

      • Pyotr Grozny

        If Skripal was poisoned with something other than Novichok then the proximity of Porton Down to Salisbury is irrelevant. I wouldn’t make too much if it if trying to convince those who believe the government line. However I wouldn’t say it’s entirely by chance that Skripal lived so close to Porton Down. There’s a long-standing military presence on Salisbury Plain which was presumably a factor in the selecting the location for the facility at Poeton Down. Doubtless rhe military presence gave rise to an intelligence presence which isnprobably why Skripal lived there. Possibly if the latest ‘poisoning’ had taken place in the north of England the government wouldn’t be making an incident out of it.

        military presence on Salisbury Plain predates both the establishment of Porton Down and Skripal moving to Salisbury.

        • John Goss

          “However I wouldn’t say it’s entirely by chance that Skripal lived so close to Porton Down.”

          They probably live a lot closer now, that is inside Porton Down, an establishment from which no “guinea pig” or other poor victim has ever got out alive. “The Plague Dogs” is fantasy. (I met Richard Adams a couple of times when he lived on the Isle of Man). His fantasy was set at a government experimental centre in the Lake District. But animals, when they have served the Frankensteinian purpose are slaughtered and incinerated.

          Anybody who believes the Skripals are alive and will be allowed to return to Russia is threepence short of twopence halfpenny.

          • Charles Bostock

            The Skripals are imprisoned in Porton Down, the crew and passengers of that disappeared Malaysian flight are imprisoned on Diego Garcia, but the good news is that Jim Morrison has been spotted alive and well, not imprisoned, living a quiet life on a Pacific atoll.

      • Sohail

        …so this will be found to be a “leak”, Skripal also, and all exonerated plus slap on the wrist for Porton?

    • D_Majestic

      The only ‘retarded’ as you put it with such literary skill are those who believed the Enid Blyton story in the first place.

    • Sarah

      if there were no external suspicions, then unusual poisonings near a place that worked on unusual poisons would lead to suspicions of leaks, unintentional contamination, not necessarily intentional attacks.

    • Carnyx

      I reckon it’s retarded of yourself not to imagine they might be implying a leakage of organophosphates around Porton Down (combined with those used in agriculture, like pesticides) which might leave traces of “nerve agents” in the area. But then you don’t seem to be in the habit of knocking down your opponent’s arguments in their strongest form, instead you misrepresent them and then tilt at your own weaker construction instead.

    • Jo

      Because affected persons have to be reasonably close to them and hospital for treatment and chemical identification before it evapourates into thin air……close enough for UK to say to OPCW chain of safety to preserve it is valid…..as will claim once again Russia has lost stock control…..

  • Anon1

    And I thought you thought it was Israel, didn’t you, Craig? Based on no evidence other than you don’t like Israel.

    • Jack


      Thats the logic of the paranoid israeli supporters like yourself, no one have even mentioned Israel but you.

      • Charles Bostock

        Craig definitely mentioned Israel in the context of this theme, I remember it well.

    • Agent Green

      I don’t think you actually read anything Craig wrote. Either that or you did read it by are suffering from a species of brain injury or other impairment which renders you intellectually deficient.

      • N_

        @Agent Green – Do you ever report back that on a brief look at the material you’ve read you don’t reckon there’s anything in it that should be of further interest to the Zarmy?

    • Carnyx

      Craig didn’t say it was Israel, he merely noted the fact that Israel along with others like N Korea have undeclared stocks of chemical weapons, which may well include novichoks, there are therefore several possible sources of such agents. You are simply attempting straw man arguments to your own discredit.

    • bj

      Israel is a fascist apartheid murderer state — even if you don’t get it.
      What’s not to dislike.

  • Charles Bostock

    Is Agent Green some sort of variant on the infamous Agent Orange?

  • N_

    Correction to my earlier post: if idiotspeak are to be believed, there was a Cobra meeting this morning to discuss the incident.

    Or in idiotspeak: “A meeting of the government’s Cobra emergencies committee took place at official level in the Cabinet Office on Wednesday morning to discuss the incident.”

    What’s the opposite to “at official level”? “A Cobra meeting took place in one of the toilets at the Carlton Club without minutes being taken?”

    • N_

      I mean if Sky are to be believed. As far as I’m aware, the Cobra meeting hasn’t been reported by the BBC. I suppose there is a question as to whether the Sky editor responsible for this article knows the difference between the Civil Contingencies Committee and his own arsehole. But if there was a Cobra meeting this morning on the Amesbury event, then it’s unlikely the next move will be “carry on, as you were”.

      • N_

        OK, the Independent is reporting too that “Theresa May attended a meeting of the government’s Cobra emergencies committee on Wednesday morning to discuss the incident.

        So Cobra met on Amesbury this morning.

        This is unlikely to be declared a case of overripe strawberries.

    • Charles Bostock

      Given that the “Union” of Soviet Socialist Republics was entirely dominated by Moscow, Galloway’s point is rather otiose.

      BTW, any news/developments re his “legal proceedings” against Philip Cross and the mysterious Mr X behind Philip Cross??

      • bj

        You apparently are too yellow to call him on his show and ask him.

        Do you entertain the idea that your repeating of that question with some frequency here might be seen as a show of deeper insight?

  • Bryan Hemming

    As I wrote to a family member this morning:

    The big question is: if Ingerland do get through to the final will Prince William attend the match? Unfortunately for him, Boris Johnson seems to have persuaded the Royal Family not to attend the World Cup in Russia because of the Skripal poisonings. But that was back in March, when him and the Royals thought Ingerland didn’t have a hope in hell of winning, like they usually don’t.

    So what? I can hear some of your sighing. But mull over this: the Royal’s decision was published in the Telegraph on the morning of Wednesday, March 7th, the day after Bojo’s impetuous and irresponsible announcement that Russia done it. As the Skripals were only discovered unconscious on a bench in Salisbury on Sunday afternoon, 4th March, nobody could’ve had any idea of who poisoned the Skripals by Wednesday morning, especially Johnson, who looks as though he wakes up most mornings not knowing what day of the week it is. Nobody, that is, except those what done it, of course. So it looks as though The Royals might’ve made their decision made in unwarranted haste. And we all know how repentant people with lots of leisure time can be about those. The plot thickens.

    So, somehow, Old Etonian, Boris Johnson, knew who dunnit within 48 hours that we know for certain. For on Tuesday morning, March 6th, he was accusing the Russians of it, adding that the England team might not go to the World Cup in revenge. I bet that hurt Russia a lot. Of course, someone forgot to tell Bojo that the responsibility for the England football team does not fall under the remit of the Foreign Secretary. Or the UK government, for that matter

    All this wouldn’t matter so much, if it weren’t for the fact that another Old Etonian, Prince William, is actually president of the English Football Association. So it does fall under his remit a bit. As you might imagine, him not turning up for a final with England in it would be seen as a bit of an own goal for Buck House and its present occupant, as well as for its future occupant.

    Let it not be forgotten that the England team and thousands of supporters have been supporting the Royal Family by belting out “God Save The Queen” for William’s mother at the top of their voices before every match. even though the Royals have been too far away to hear them. That’s unless the Royal boycott didn’t extend to watching the matches on telly. If Her Madge did watch, they might have heard the fans belting out that God should save her, even during it.

    Come Saturday, I expect Boris and the Royals will be crossing their fingers for Ingerland to lose against Sweden, so their boycott can continue.

  • EoH

    It could also be food poisoning or half a dozen other reasons. That coverage immediately focused on a “substance”, implying a similarity with the Skripals and their poisoning by an as yet undeclared-with-evidece substance, seems to be either lazy, inept, or dutiful reporting.

    • Pyotr Grozny

      If it’s taken in the centre of Moscow the man may be one of the Lenin or Stalin or even Brezhnev lookalikes who pose for photos with tourists, you see quite a few round Red Square.

    • N_

      English football fans. Of the braindead lumpen variety. I hope they get locked up.

      I’m not sure whether there are any England football fans of the kind who travel to far off away matches who one would rush to piss on if they were on fire.

    • Sharp Ears

      Possibly. An old Victorian record. p2


      Lodowick Muggleton, founder of the sect, Muggletonians, was a native of this parish. Dr Thomas Scott, the celebrated
      divine, was born here, October 1638.

      Chippenham is 50mls NW of Amesbury.

      ‘Amesbury (/ˈeɪmzbəri/) is a town and civil parish in Wiltshire, England. It is most famous for the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge which is in its parish, and for the discovery of the Amesbury Archer—dubbed the King of Stonehenge in the press—in 2002. It has been confirmed by archaeologists that it is the oldest continuously occupied settlement in the United Kingdom, having been first settled around 8820 BC.King Alfred the Great left it in his will, a copy of which is in the British Library, to his youngest son Aethelweard (c.880-922).

      Eleanor of Provence, Queen consort of Henry III of England, died in Amesbury on 24 or 25 June 1291, and was buried in Amesbury Priory.The parish includes the hamlets of Ratfyn and West Amesbury, and most of Boscombe Down military airfield.’

      It’s name is now besmirched by the evil liars in Westminster. Where is the latter day Ambrosius Aurelioanus when he’s needed to thwart the lying Tories?

      ‘ It has been suggested that the name of Amesbury is derived from Ambrosius Aurelianus, leader of Romano-British resistance to Saxon invasions in the 5th century.’ Wikipedia

  • Bob

    COBR Secret meeting called to discuss food poisoning at Baptist Church Fete Hot Roast.


    • Pyotr Grozny

      The Guardian headline is now

      ‘Police fear Wiltshire pair have been exposed to nerve age’

      But it looks like the main source of the fears is a friend of the couple is a mechanic called Sam Hobson who was with them on Friday night in Salisbury and thinks they were contaminated then. Steven Morris is excelling himself. Take a screen shot before they realise what rubbish this is.

      • Alexander Zucrow

        The Guardian headline is now
        “Police fear Wiltshire pair have been exposed to nerve age’”

        The old slow build-up strategy. By the end of the week it’ll be “Britain under attack!” and they’ll be discussing the dilemma of wanting the national footie team to be withdrawn to spite Russia while secretly thinking they might actually win.

    • Jo

      Maybe someone is having some provocative fun to expose the folly of it all….UK going to blame FSB surely…..anyone got access to travel logs of Russian Embassy staff to see if anyone went Salisbury direction???? Where has Bill Browder been….where is Paulo Miller…where is David Steele…..

  • MightyDrunken

    It seems ridiculous that this possible poisoning has resulted in a number of places being closed off. The most likely reason is to create a drama to remind people of the Skripal incident and how bad those Russians are. Using a nerve agent of a type developed by Ukraine.

    Will every unexplained illness in Salisbury now be blamed on it?

      • grafter

        Yes funny how this latest “poisoning” takes place just when there’s no footy on in Russia. Shameful behaviour by our criminal government.

  • oah

    Off topic but editorial in the ft.calling for.a.judge led inquiry into uk renditioning and torture and a calling to account at all levels including ministers.

    • Stonky

      It’s not off-topic. The two stories are very closely related. “Skripal – The Return with a Vengeance” is an ideal ploy for Tories and Blairites to get the torture and rendition story off the front pages and under the carpet where it belongs.

    • Nevermind

      its not that OT oah, just as the re touched magic circle of local nervous agents around Salisbury, this seem to be a concerted effort to shake off good news (England’s success at learning penalties) with some fake news s..t that covers up the need for a thorough inquiry, to hold liars to Parliament to account for deliberately breaking our UNHRC aims, what we signed up to.

      Off course there is the Wrecksit plans to come which also need covering with this newly woven blanket of more lies.

    • truthwillout

      If they were unconscious in their own new home, who tipped off the authorities?

  • Bob

    Russia executes a Military Grade Nerve Agent Attack on mainland Britain ….

    And we send a few Diplomats home.

    I have an uneasy feeling that this church fête incident may result in something far more serious, if England get to the final and prince Charles doesn’t go we could all be in trouble

  • John Hawkins

    Haven’t read the whole of this thread but did noone notice that the Guardian story by Peter Morris today states first via Mr Hobson that “on Saturday morning Sturgess fell ill and was taken to hospital and how later that morning Rowley also became sick” Further down it says that after Sturgess went to hospital Rowley and Hobson “went to Boots in Amesbury. Later they went to a hog roast at the local baptist church”. Then further on again it says “the man and woman were found unconscious at an address in Muggleton Road on Saturday evening”.

    • Agent Green

      Yes, we already know that the deadly, military grade nerve agents are designed so that you can get exposed and then wander around for 3-4 hours, shopping and eating out before you eventually collapse.

      You can see how this would be really useful in a war. You expose the enemy to the nerve agent and they carry on fighting and killing your troops for at least 3-4 hours before succumbing.

    • Pyotr Grozny

      I’ve found the link, it’s Steven Morris. The timing contradiction is between what Sam Hobson, mechanic, and apparently viewed by the Guardian reporters as an authority on nerve agents, says and what the police said. Hope someone has screen captured this, it’s difficult for me. The Guardian may use these comments as a free fact-checking service.

      • Stonky

        Caching is much better than screen grabs as it makes the original web page available to anybody online. I’ve tried to cache the story as it currently appears on archive.org, but it won’t cache for some technical reason that I’m not informed enough to understand. Anybody out there with more knowledge than me who can do the job?

        • MightyDrunken

          archive.org obeys the robot.txt which is a file which gives instructions to automated tasks to say if they are allowed. Many news sites have blocked archive.org in recent years. Try archive.is which ignores the robot.txt.

  • Steve M

    I was (pleasantly) surprised to see this story so prominent in the msm, mainly as I’m of the impression that trying to get any more mileage out of the Skripal case is likely to cause the govt much more harm than gain. It seemed to me the evidence-free conclusion to “russia definitely did it” was already on shaky ground with those with no more than a passing interest in politics first time around. For it to be brought up four months later and still with no credible evidence or possible suspects will surely only diminish this incompetent governments version of events in the eyes of the public?

  • quasi_verbatim

    We were warned that there would be Novichok hotspots and so it would appear.

    Boots of Amesbury has been closed, cordoned off and is presumably earmarked for demolition. You can get if free on prescription, in Wales.

  • mark golding

    Amesbury has of course nothing to do with the ‘Ames’ strain of Bacillus anthracis – or has it? Steele it seems has weakened considerably under pressure from a family weary from isolation; that worries an MI6 unit tasked with rear-ending the Trump/Putin summit into failure. I say why bother brothers? This summit subsists in good words and broken promises according to Putin,

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