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Just as the World Cup had forced the British media to grudgingly acknowledge the obvious truth that Russia is an extremely interesting country inhabited, like everywhere else, by mostly pleasant and attractive people, we have a screaming reprise of the “Salisbury incident” dominating the British media. Two people have been taken ill in Amesbury from an unknown substance, which might yet be a contaminated recreational drug, but could conceivably be from contact with the substance allegedly used on the Skripals, presumably some of which was somewhere indoors all this time as we were told it could be washed away and neutralised by water.

Amesbury is not Salisbury – it is 10 miles away. Interestingly enough Porton Down is between Amesbury and Salisbury. Just three miles away from Muggleton Road, Amesbury. The news reports are not mentioning that much.

“I am all out of ideas Inspector. What can possibly be the source of these mysterious poisonings?”

Neither Porton Down nor the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has any idea where the substance to which the Skripals were allegedly exposed was made. Boris Johnson’s great “coup” of obtaining a majority vote at the OPCW to expand its powers to place blame for chemical attacks, has proven rather otiose as the OPCW has no evidence on which to base any blame for Salisbury. In fact, four months on, May and Johnson’s shrill blaming of Russia remains entirely, 100% evidence free.

I do however wish to congratulate the neo-con warmongers of the Guardian newspaper for verbal dexterity. They have come up with a new formulation to replace the hackneyed “Of a type developed by Russia”, to point the finger for a substance that could have been made by dozens of state or non state parties. The Guardian today came up with “Russian-created novichok”. This cleverly employs a word that can encompass “developed” while also appearing to say “made”. It also again makes out that novichok is a specific substance rather than a very broad class of substances. The Guardian’s Steven Morris, by this brilliant attempt deliberately to mislead his readers, runs away with this week’s award for lying neo-con media whore of the week. His achievement is particularly good as the rest of his report is largely a simple copy and paste from the Press Association.

I most certainly hope that the couple in Salisbury hospital recover from whatever is afflicting them. The media is, by making this the lead story on all broadcast news after last night’s football, inviting us to make the connection to the Skripals. In which case I assume the couple were perfectly well for five hours after contact, able to be very active and even to eat and drink heavily, before being mysteriously instantly disabled at the same time despite different ages, sexes, weights, and metabolisms and random uncontrolled dosages.

Replicating that would be quite a feat.

364 thoughts on “Wheel Out the Skripal Story Again

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  • Pyotr Grozny

    Continued from above

    The latest BBC version has ambulance going to the property on Saturday morning after Dawn Sturgess collapsed and that they are believed to have gone to the church BBQ in the afternoon.


    Dr Goebbels will probably try to straighten out the discrepancy so please screenshot for later reference, my PC is extremely slow.

  • Jo

    Check out whether house had been rented out before to Porton Down…MI5… staff from Salisbury hospital…or to Skripals or Bailey after being released…… etc….perhaps “aurhorities” will try to prove a connection to the two most recent suspected pwrhaps with a Russian and Putin connection as so claimed by the Sun the other day….or visiting Russian mafia criminals…..

  • crispin hythe

    Couple of old hippies OD on ketamine. Vlad the Inhaler to blame again! Quick, brush the cobwebs off our surviving 1958 H-bomb [slightly foxed]!

  • quasi_verbatim

    The Blob is migrating northwards and beyond Stonehenge there is nothing but army camp after army camp. We can definitely see the hand of Vlad the Prince of Destruction at work here.

    How he manages both this and the football is beyond me.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    As a troublemaker who is still recovering from CIA attacks to kill me, starting around 1995 and ending apparently around 2013, I would have suspected it from the outset if I had known that other unknown people were being disposed of in similar ways.

    The Anglo-American killers had to create a false news story about such attempts which could immediately be cited when some murder, suicide or accident proved helpful. Now the Ames case has been disclosed as a likely repetition of the Skripal one.

    It is the new SOP.

  • Pyotr Grozny

    The Independent reports lots of activity on Saturday night with people in green suits but then an all clear and is brave enough to mention the deleted tweet


    >A specialist “decontamination shower” was taken to the scene by Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service on Saturday, but a crew from Swindon later tweeted that “thankfully the incident wasn’t serious and our decontamination shower wasn’t required”. The tweet has since been deleted.Police declared a major incident on Tuesday after the pair were found unconscious in a house in Muggleton Road on Saturday night.<

    So it looks like the authorities are primed to investigate anything suspicious and did that on Saturday night, gave the all-clear and then someone higher up decided to resurrect this story.

    • HoBoJo

      There are two versions of the story if you read in detail – both the DM and Guardian mix the versions, partly because this is a developing story.

      The first version is Sturgess, Hobson and Rowley were out on Friday evening in Salisbury. Sturgess became ill Saturday morning and was taken off in an ambulance in Amesbury (the next morning and 10 miles away). Hobson and Rowley went off to the pharmacy, and depending on which Hobson report you choose, then the village fete, with Rowley either becoming ill in the flat after the pharmacy, or outside after the fete – reports of what Hobson said aren’t consistent possibly because Hobson isn’t being consistent.

      Meanwhile the second version is the police report which says that the couple was discovered unconscious at home on Saturday evening. Which simply doesn’t match to the description above unless they became ill, went to hospital and then were released home to be ill again in the evening

      • Crispa

        i am glad that you have raised this, having noted the discrepancy myself. This apart, most of the initial media coverage has been broadly consistent with all drawing the analogy with Skripal, including CNN and, ironically, TASS.I think the police was responsible in the first instance for alerting the media through its serious incident notice, which was picked up by the press agency and disseminated from there, hence the standardisaton. Having set off the hare, the police then damped down the idea of a connection, though no doubt aware that one would be made.The police does state that the couple were found unconscious on the Saturday night, but that information might have been given to them second hand as it were by the hospital. Hobson’s account, which without further confirmation should be taken with a pinch of salt, suggests that medical help was called in each case because of their fitting and breathing difficulties, one in the morning and the other late afternoon / early evening after the two men returned from the “hog-roast” and at the point where they were going to visit the woman in hospital. Note there is always a Hobson in these early reports like the Skripal “neighbour”.. I think it is now a matter of wait and see what comes out next and how the inevitable “public concerns” will be addressed.

  • Stonky

    Lead story on Radio 4 News. Unbelievable. What kind of pathetic clowns are these people?

  • joel

    How long before Bozo, Tughenot, Kinnock, Sturgeon et al demand the football team be brought home?

  • Jack

    So from poisoned by evil russian agents to…have eaten badly prepared hog or consumated drugs?
    MSM is dead, it is so dead

  • IMcK

    Here’s a theory:
    Given I think it is difficult to conceive that the public could be treated with such contempt that they could give any credibility to a replay of the Skripal incident just as Russia are luxuriating in their positive publicity generated from the World Cup, perhaps the intent is to stage an incident that is so similar that enables comparisons that can be sustained for a while before accepting there is no evidence (or possibly not sufficient evidence) to pin it on the Ruskies. This would show how reasonable and even-handed our leaders are and even maybe, as a side benefit, trigger some violence at the World Cup. Possibly some provisions re the latter are already in place?

  • Mary Paul

    two interesting points struck me from the coverage,: . the couple attended a “fun” day organised on Sunday by the local Baptist church and had recently moved into the house where they were found. It is not clear how long they had been “ill” before they were found. Going from the photos, it does not look !Ike your typical druggies pad.

    • Squeeth

      The dastardly Puting has nobbled Jesus, that well-known Palestinian hippy and got him in on it. I dread to think what the Daily Heil will make of it.

  • Nick

    For me this reeks of desperation – antics of a fading hegemon. Sadly, unlike the USSR I suspect, they’d rather burn the world first. The people who believe this nonsense are dwindling. There is a sea change coming, I’m sure, but of what character and consequences I am not.

  • Jo

    Ah…thinks….recent funding recommencing by usa and UK to white helmets is bearing fruit…….?

  • Patrick Mahony

    One of my hairbrained theories was Yulia was being supplied with the gear to use on English fans in Russia as a false flag. That is how DS Bailey knew to hightail it to hospital as the vessel in the house was clearly marked .
    This latest twist to me would indicate a false flag is still intended on England fans in Russia.
    As for the Guardian they might as well rename it the Vauxhall Cross Daily.

  • Pyotr Grozny

    The FCO have just decided to say something nice about Russia.

    Russia travel advice

    5:11pm, 4 July 2018: Latest update: Summary – revised information; FIFA World Cup; your FAN ID offers free train travel on selected trains during the tournament

    This has been known for weeks so why mention it now, when all free trains are probably booked out? I suspect they may be reacting to criticism of their negativity over the World Cup. Presumably it’s are a different department to the one managing the Amesbury scare.

  • Dan

    If it does turn out to be some kind of chemical agent, then surely it makes it far more likely that both this and the Skripal case were caused either by an accident or rogue element related to Porton Down?

  • N_

    It annoys me so much to hear these damned hacks refer to a “property” in Amesbury. It’s a FLAT, for fuck’s sake. And Sergei Skripal lived in a HOUSE. Or are all we supposed to think like estate agents nowadays? Is there anything we are not supposed to instrumentalise, as we ourselves become every more instrumentalised?

    • N_

      Heroin can be contaminated with many substances.

      Deputy Chief Constable Paul Mills clearly doesn’t know what the word “however” means. “It was initially believed that the two patients fell ill after possibly using drugs from a contaminated batch. However, further testing is now ongoing to establish the substance which led to these patients becoming ill.

      He sounds shaky on “possibly”, “patients”, and “further” too. You wonder what he does know. How to give someone a duffing in the cells maybe?

      What were they doing in Queen Elizabeth Gardens in Salisbury?

      Cobra meets again this evening on the Amesbury event.

    • Pyotr Grozny

      Interesting wording in the Indie article

      >The British government has held Russia culpable for the attack, as novichoks were initially developed by the Soviet Union and the Kremlin did not explain how it might have lost control of the weapon.<

      'Initially developed by the Soviet Union' is rather different from Morris's 'Russian-created'. If and when the MSM break rank, it will probably be the Indie which leads the way.

  • doug scorgie

    I don’t believe this latest incident has anything to do with the Skripal case and I believe that the couple involved were likely taking drugs (which was the initial police assessment).
    However I think the Security services and senior police have jumped on this incident as a convenient opportunity to keep the Skripal story alive and set up a training exercise to keep it in the public mind.

    Perhaps some of you will remember:

    “Tesco supermarket on lockdown following ‘chemical incident’ with customers not allowed to leave.”


    I believe this was a coordinated police, fire brigade and ambulance training exercise. I can find no follow-up in the media to explain what the “chemical incident” turned out to be, if anything.

  • Ros Thorpe

    Is it possible a rogue scientist or other employee of Porton Down is doing this?

  • Dave G

    What was the result of the police investigation into that Russian exile, Glushkov, who was found dead at around the same time as the BZ poisoning by MI6 in Salisbury?

    • N_

      The Glushkov case got D-Noticed, I reckon. And not the kind of D Notice that a leading journo might see fit to reference in a “tweet”. A proper “STFU until you get told otherwise” D Notice.

      • N_

        And how is Glushkov’s one-time (and probably also present-day) enemy Roman Abramovich doing? Was he let back into Britain on his shiny new I__aeli passport? How are his assets? Is he showing his mug at the footie?

  • Republicofscotland

    Yeah, these Skirpalesque, break outs will occur on a regular basis, Russia defeating Spain, probably led to this “event” expect another if they beat Croatia.

    If they get to the final and win it expect a UK wide pandemic, from the British media. 😀

  • N_

    Who owns the flat?

    The government is stringing this out, presumably with an eye on the World Cup and on Friday’s Brexit meeting at Chequers.

    From the Guardian:

    What is the significance of the counter-terrorism unit of the Metropolitan police becoming involved? The counter-terrorism unit deals with terrorism nationwide, but its involvement at this stage is purely procedural. Its members have the security clearance needed to deal with the intelligence agencies. It does not mean terrorism is involved or that there is any link to counter-espionage operations. Wiltshire police retain the lead in the investigation.

    MI5 has to bring London plod with it whenever it talks to provincial plod? Bullshit!

    Why did the government up the ante by calling a meeting of the Cobra emergency committee? Cobra, which stands for Cabinet Office briefing room A, (ooh – who at the Guardian can use Wikipedia then?) usually brings together government officials, intelligence agencies, police and ministers from relevant departments, and is often chaired by the prime minister. A Cobra meeting suggests there is good reason to be worried and a Downing Street spokesperson said the incident was being treated “with the utmost seriousness”. (Good thing they’re not treating it like a Bullingdon Club piss-up, huh? So the “lions” aren’t led by “donkeys” after all, but by jolly responsible chaps!) But such meetings are often just precautionary.

    Cobra meets about 3-4 times a year. Cobra meetings aren’t “often” anything.

  • Robert W

    Local paper, The Salisbury Journal, report police on 2 July saying it was a drug overdose (NO mention of WMD) : “Detective Sergeant Eirin Martin, from Salisbury CID, said: “At this stage we believe the two patients have fallen ill after using a contaminated batch of drugs, possibly heroin or crack cocaine. ‘Of course, we would always advise against the taking of any illegal drugs, but, following the incident over the weekend, we are urging drug users to be extra cautious.'”

    “At this stage there is nothing to suggest there is any risk to the wider public.”

    By 4 July the The Salisbury Journal reports the same incident as a possible WMD threat involving counter-terrorism police. And the 4 July article is being updated to become unclear on which police advice (the former or latter) is true.

    How can people trust their government and media?

    • N_

      Thanks for this comparison, Robert. But be aware of the difference between overdosing and contamination.

  • N_

    Guardian: “They visited a number of shops, including a Boots chemist store to find red, white and blue dye for their hair to show support for the England football team, as well as a mobile phone shop and a store to buy alcohol. They bought food and visited a charity shop to purchase a blanket to sit on.

    What did they need the blue dye for?

    Hobson said he visited Rowley’s home in Muggleston (sic) Road, Amesbury, on Saturday morning. Sturgess, who lives in Salisbury, had spent the night there. “I saw lots of ambulances and Dawn got taken out on a stretcher. She needed to be helped with her breathing,” Hobson said. Rowley came out in tears. “They said she needed to have a brain scan.” After she was taken to hospital, Hobson and Rowley went to a Boots in Amesbury. Later they attended a free hog roast organised by the local baptist church on a green.

    According to this article, Ms Sturgess has a room at John Baker House, Rolleston Street, Salisbury. That’s a housing scheme for homeless people.

    • Sharp Ears

      Red, white and blue hair dye? Allergic reactions? Anaphylactic shock etc.

      ‘Allergic reaction

      If you’re allergic to PPD, your scalp and face may feel itchy and start to swell.

      PPD may also trigger symptoms throughout your body, such as itching, a nettle rash, and generally feeling ill.

      These symptoms may not develop until hours, or even days, later.

      A severe allergic reaction that develops within minutes is known as anaphylaxis, or “anaphylactic shock”. Signs of anaphylaxis include:
      •itchy skin or a raised, red skin rash
      •swollen eyes, lips, hands and feet – the eyelids can swell so much that the eyes close
      •feeling lightheaded or faint
      •swelling of the mouth, throat or tongue, which can cause breathing and swallowing difficulties
      •tummy pain, nausea and vomiting
      •collapsing and becoming unconscious ‘

    • Bob

      Its very important to remember that the bench people (who were not the Skripals) were not poisoned by a Novichok.

      The stuff at the bench was not a Novichok.

      A Novichok was applied to the door handle of the Skripal home over a week after the bench incident when the Oh Shit the OPCW are coming went up.

      We all need to keep grounded, No panic needed. Our boys need us, if we beat Sweden then Winchester is next.

    • N_

      What a way to run the country! No statement from the MOD, its lab at Porton Down, Sajid Javid, Theresa May, the police, MI5, or the armed forces. But a leak to the Independent.

      A critically ill Wiltshire couple may have been contaminated by residues of the nerve agent used to poison Sergei and Yulia Skripal, according to security and defence sources. The new victims are likely to have been affected by novichok used in the attack on the former MI6 agent and his daughter four months ago, tests conducted at the Ministry of Defence research laboratory at Porton Down have indicated.

      You wonder whether these journalists understand what they are writing, the difference between “may have been” and “are likely”.

      Could some public official perhaps do us the courtesy of making a statement using the full authority of their office? Is that too much to ask?

    • Pyotr Grozny

      It’s not ‘definitely’, it’s only ‘likely’ not even ‘highly likely’.

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