Importing Jihadi Terror to the UK – Cui Bono? 178

If Osama Bin Laden was not sufficient warning that decades of money, arms and other support from the Western security services does not render a jihadi a friend of the West, then the Manchester bomber, Salman Abedi, should have opened British eyes forever to the danger. In collaboration with MI5, Abedi had been fighting in the ongoing proxy war for Western oil interests in Libya, before being rescued by the Royal Navy. Back home in Manchester, he carried out an attack of appalling violence against a primarily young and female target group.

So it would be very foolish indeed to rely on the fact that the jihadi logistic support and propaganda group the White Helmets is largely British government funded, to expect its members who are now, like Abedi, being brought into the UK, to behave as quiet citizens. The links of the White Helmets to Al-Nusra and Al-Shams and other jihadi groups are deep – they chose to be evacuated to Idlib together from numerous sites. The reason there is no substantial corpus of independently filmed evidence of the White Helmets’ work is that they co-operate with people who would chop off western journalists’ heads on sight. In many well-attested cases, they are the same people.

In ending all funding to the White Helmets, the Dutch government did not wish to be confrontational towards the other neo-conservative governments who are funding and exploiting the propaganda from the White Helmets. Their report was therefore diplomatically phrased. Funding for the White Helmets may have “inadvertently” fallen into the hands of armed extremists, while unacceptable contact between the White Helmets and extreme jihadists was “inevitable” in the areas they operated.

Thanks to social media, there is an awareness among the UK’s general population of who the White Helmets really are, that belies the solidarity of the entire political and media class in maintaining the official fiction. Even the arch government supporting Daily Telegraph in reporting the story of White Helmets’ admittance to the UK, has a majority of readers’ comments pointing out the true nature of the White Helmets. (Being a Tory paper, there are naturally other comments which are simply Islamophobic).

Which is of course the irony of this. Entirely innocent British Muslims face the day to day surveillance state harassment of the Prevent programme, where Muslim students pursuing security studies are reported to the police for reading books on terrorism, and school pupils are reported for expressing opposition to the mass bombing of Libya by NATO or arms sales to Saudi Arabia. I cannot give a talk in a university about Palestine without a Prevent strategy risk assessment being formally compiled by the university authorities and approved by the police.

Yet not only has the largest terrorist attack of the last decade been committed by somebody working with MI5 and brought into the country by the Royal Navy, we are now importing jihadis with no prior connection to the UK other than receipt of British government funding.

Britain has never had larger or better-funded security services. As a major economic interest in its own right, the “security industry” has grown into a major component of the military industrial complex. Just as the arms industry requires external enemies, the security industry requires internal enemies. It is notable that many of the “foiled” terrorist plots of the last decade involved prior MI5 contact, sometimes bordering on agent provocateur operations. “Prevent” produces enemies who are not actually enemies at all.

Nobody has consciously decided to import the White Helmets to maintain the internal terrorist threat in the UK. But institutions, on analysis over time, almost always promote their institutional interest. Increasing the terrorist threat in the UK undeniably serves the economic self-interest of the security industry. Just as the promotion of war and internal tension has always benefited the arms industry and the rest of the military industrial complex. Importing the White Helmets into the UK is obviously nuts if your purpose is to minimise jihadi activity in the UK. So we have to ask, is that really the purpose?

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178 thoughts on “Importing Jihadi Terror to the UK – Cui Bono?

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  • uncle tungsten

    Thanks Craig, agreed entirely this is an act of supreme stupidity, ignorance and ineptitude. Who’s interests indeed. What a way to lose an election and could’t happen to more deserving fools. Wonder what the position of the new bliar party will be on this twisted tale.

  • Biswapriya Purkayastha

    What is really the purpose?

    Why, Mr Murray, don’t you know the tale of the wolf and the sheep?

    A certain Sultan wanted to have fun with his Wazir, so he brought a sheep to court, and weighed it before everyone. “I command you to keep this sheep with you for a year,” he told the Wazir. “And in that time it is not to gain or lose a grain kernel’s worth of weight.”

    The Wazir bowed and took the goat away. A year later he brought it back, and on weighing, it was exactly the same weight. It had not gained or lost a gram.

    “How did you achieve this miracle?” the Sultan asked the Wazir.

    The latter smiled. “I fed the sheep well so it wouldn’t lose any weight,” he said. “And I kept it caged opposite to a wolf, so it never dared to rest and did not gain any weight either.”

    The Brutish security industry needs the jihadi threat to justify its own existence. If the White Hellmates did not exist they would have had to be invented. The sheep of the British masses has got to be stopped from descending into indifference to the needs of the security industry by the threat of the jihadi wolf.

    That is all.

  • yellowearplug

    If you’re on twitter craig maybe you would ask a few of the more vocal Guardian staff if they would be willing to give shelter under the family roof to these ”civil defense” folk?

    Would Brian Whitaker(?) or George Monbiot(?) leave their children and grandchild alone in a room, lets say a kitchen with all those utensils, with one of these ”white helmets” for an extended period of time?

    It would be interesting to know?

    I bet these white helmets will all be relocated to Manchester? Anyone want to wager?

    • Paul Barbara

      @ yellowearplug September 25, 2018 at 11:10
      ‘..I bet these white helmets will all be relocated to Manchester?…’
      Or Glasgee?

  • Sc

    Spending yet more money on security and defence and ridiculous schemes when NHS, legal system, local councils, police, education, etc etc are desperate for proper funding. I imagine people would always use scare tactics to get bigger budgets but the government should see through it and decide what is actually most important. Too much secrecy, plotting, and ‘we know but we can’t tell you’ is very bad for democracy.

  • TFS

    We’ve been here before, and not to point a to finer point on it…….NO BODY CARES!

    Yeah we can dislike it, and moan about it, but Jesus, no one did anything about Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, the 7/7 attacks, 9/11 attacks…..

    Even further back, no one did anything about nuking Japan, and everyone sat back to watch a contrived court to try the Germans for crimes they committed during WW2. I dunno, maybe everyone else during WW2 was a gentleman.

    Man has doe nothing, nada, Zip, zilch, zero, jack all, F..k all!

    Man has the ability to say enough is enough, but its easier to choose not to. Man has the ability to pull a Ghandi and MLK, but he frankly can’t be arsed.

    The greatest single, biggest, unused, untapped, and daily voting right we have, and I must say every Couch Potatoes wet dream is to decide where NOT to spend your $£…

    Want to send a message to SpartUSA? Easy, stop buying Coke.
    You want more? Delete Facebook.
    More? change search engine from Google to Bing (They’ll hear).

    But no one will. No one will do anything until the sh.t comes home to roost……

    The West has RED in its ledger and it will always be that way.

    • Laguerre

      “NO BODY CARES!”

      Quite wrong. Lots of people do things, and lots care. In the end, for example, the Anti-Apartheid movement did succeed.

      • Stephen

        My original post o you appears to have vanished, your so-successful anti apartheid movement brought to South Africa;
        516,840 murders in 24 years (greater, I think, than casualties in the Syrian civil war.
        4,204,800 rapes and sexual assaults on women and children.
        A fiscus robbed of between 700 and 1,200 BILLION rand.
        A currency devalued against the dollar from 1.78 to the dollar to 15 to the dollar.
        Unemployment of at least 39% of the population.
        God! you must be really proud of yourself

    • Paul Greenwood

      Nuremberg was a US alibi and probably due to Felix Frankfurter. Stalin wanted to execute 50,000 members of the German officer Corps peremptorily. Churchill was not opposed. USA decided it could not act extra-judicially and so created the figment of a legal action to try matters not legal under prevailing German or UK law.

      Andrei Vyshinsky who had conducted the Show Trials for Stalin was Soviet Prosecutor. The guilty were hanged and cremated at Dachau.

      It was a necessary device to avoid the ungainly sight of mass-executions carried out by British and Soviets

      • nevermind

        Thanks for this timely piece of journalismn, Craig.

        @Paul G.
        Are you welcoming of Al Nusra and Al Quaeda being given more support from tax payers?Paul Why did you not comment on the issue discussed and prefer to provide us with your take on a 65 year old side issue?

        I shall ask that Norwich Stop the war coalition adopts a motion to ask Norwich City council to enact an imediate ban on employing or housing of ex white Helmets mercenaries and propaganda activists as well as their families within City limits.

        Looks like communities will have to look after their own security from now on, these puppets dont shun any dirty deed to keep in power to serve the status quo establishment.

  • Andrew Ingram

    Afghanis and Iraqis who risked their lives by serving as interpreters to the UK army haven’t found Britain so welcoming. Obviously they are of no more use.

    • Dennis Revell


      The West might be figuring that these interpreters who acted as treasonous Quislings to their own countries wouldn’t exactly be able to easily develop sycophantic impulses to another.

      Of course the ‘need’ for these interpreters should never have arisen in the first place – that ‘need’ was entirely due to the eagerness with which Western European Type countries commit serial War-Crimes; nevertheless I have no problem with the fate of these Quisling translators, whatever it is.


      • StephenR

        Are you talking about the White Helmets? They are not and were not translators.

        And anyway, the old idea of ‘my country right or wrong’ is so passé, certainly not to be adhered to in the case of the UK Parliament whose members seem to care more about their future directorships, foreign countries’ governments, or shafting the opposite party or the EU, than for their constituents.

      • Andyoldlabour

        @Dennis Revell,
        Have you ever stopped to think that these “quislings” as you refer to them, simply wanted to make their countries better?
        Maybe they didn’t enjoy life under the Taliban or Saddam Hussein.
        Maybe they were Shia Muslims who were persucuted for their faith or their politics?
        Would you be happy living in a country where the people in charge were radical Sunnis, who tried to stop women venturing outside their houses, having jobs or education?
        Our governments – UK, US, French particularly have made huge errors, both deliberately and as a result of the famous – “Law of unintended consequences” in the Middle East, which has led to the chaos, destruction and carnage which exists today, so how is it going to help matters if the evil jihadis kill more people as an act of revenge?

        • Paul Greenwood

          You pick Saddam and Assad who ran SECULAR regimes. It is ONLY secular regimes The West has toppled……Libya, Iraq, Syria-attempted, and of course the secular regime in Kabul was toppled by the Islamic extremists backed by MI6 and CIA and Saudi and ISI in Pakistan who gave Taliban the funding and munitions

          • Andyoldlabour

            @Paul Greenwood,
            where did I mention Assad?
            I mentioned Saddam Hussein, because he persecuted Kurds, Shia and Marsh Arabs and killed them in their thousands.
            He was used by the West to fight against Iran after the revolution in 1979. The Taliban were an offshoot of the Mujahideen who were used by the US to fight against the Russians in Afghanistan.

          • Jude 93

            Anyoldlabour: The late Jude Wanniski disputed the claims that Saddam murdered Marsh Arabs, Shias, and Kurds in their thousands. He claimed most of the allegations of mass killings made against Saddam were hearsay – which gained a spurious crediblity through endless repetition in the western media. Also, contrary to the mythology, there were many Shias in Saddam’s government. Wanniski makes the case against Saddam’s accusers in a detailed interview, ‘The (bogus) Case Against Saddam’, contained in the fine collection of anti-Iraq war writings: ‘Neo-conned! Just War Principles: A Condemnation of War in Iraq.’

        • Aslangeo

          Or the interpreters were desperate for money to feed their families. Not many paying jobs in Iraq or Afghanistan in the aftermath of western invasion. These people were used abused and abandoned, while the jihadi fanatics are being fast tracked into our country. Shame

          • Paul Barbara

            @ Aslangeo September 25, 2018 at 21:43
            Yes, there is that too. But Britain in WWII had armed and trained a ‘saboteur and murder’ group who would harass the Germans if they overran Britain, and would kill British people who collaborated, such as schoolteachers, local councillors, police etc. I don’t think the training amounted to much, though; they would not have lasted long.

        • Paul Barbara

          @ Andyoldlabour September 25, 2018 at 15:08
          As I’m sure you are aware, the ‘West’ did not invade either Afghanistan or Iraq to benefit the people of those countries, but invaded both on lies. So the translators who worked for the invaders were indeed quisling traitors, just the same as the French who worked for the German invaders, or the Channel Islanders who also cooperated with the Germans.
          Have you seen the ridiculous ‘argument’ used to drum up NATO support for the attack on Afghanistan? Not a jot of evidence, just ‘allegations’, just like Salisbury/Skripals, Assad and CW’s, and a 15 year old girl’s tearful lies about seeing Iraqi troops take babies out of Kuwaiti incubators, throw them on the cold floor, and steal the incubators. The 15 year old girl turned out to be the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the US, and had been nowhere near Kuwait at the time, but the ‘trick’ worked and Bush Sr. got public support for the first Gulf War.

      • James

        Thank you, Denis Revell, for pointing out that interpreters are a group of people who worked with an occupying power. Other historical examples include:

        1. Those Vietnamese, who sided with the Japanese, the French and then the US against their own people, between 1940 and 1975;

        2. French who collaborated with the Nazis

        3. Vidkun Quisling and his fellow Norwegian Quislings between 1940 and 1945;

        4. Greeks who, between 1941 and 1949, sided with the German and Itallan occupiers, then the British and then the Americans against their own people See: “Britain and America’s Betrayal of democracy in Greece” (4/7/2018) at (includes an embedded 1hour, 42 minute video )

        However, I am not aware of any local Afghan forces resisting the occupation that I can feel much enthusiasm for. So, just possibly we should not judge as harshly, as we would judge those collaborators in the above examples, those who sided with the occupying forces against the Taliban, including interpreters.

  • Vivian O'Blivion

    The game of managing the public perception of fear is as old as the state itself. When things are truly grim; “Keep clam and carry on”. When the actual, statistical threat is low to near nonexistent; “There’s thousands of ’em, the threat is existential!”.
    Leaving aside Thatcher’s farcical command that Gerry Adam’s voice had to be dubbed by an actor on television, An Phoblacht was published and distributed and little kids dressed as IRA men stood outside pubs in Central Scotland on Saturdays collecting for “the boys behind the wire”.
    The Manchester concert attack was truly horrific, but the vast majority of jihadis in prison are there under comically inept circumstances. The latest vehicle attack on Parliament was described as a copy cat of the incident currently under inquest, but in the latest case the perpetrator wasn’t even armed. Too much trouble to open the kitchen cuttlery drawer apparently.
    An IRA operative in the court room would refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of the proceedings. Your modern jihadi is highly likely to plead guilty. It is no great leap of psychological speculation to conclude that they want to go to prison. On completing their sentence and knowing that their every move is under surveillance they are liable to initiate another cack handed conspiracy and wind up back in the big house before their old bunk is even cold.
    The act of jihad apparently conveys “honour” on the otherwise grey life of the minimum wage, low self esteem practitioner. The act of jihad doesn’t even have to be effective, some delusional conspiracy guaranteed to be flagged by the authorities is as “honourable” as a devastating attack.
    I would suspect that the root cause of the discontent that leads to jihad can be found in the dynamics of the community where male educational and fiscal achievement is often less that that of a wife likely to be university educated and working in the technical professions. In a westerner European context such a family dynamic could be friction free but in the traditional culture still pervasive around the mosque the husband is “entitled” to be preeminent in all matters or “honour” is lost.

    • Twostime

      “but in the traditional culture still pervasive around the mosque the husband is “entitled” to be preeminent in all matters or “honour” is lost.” – I could hardly hear that… Pervasive around which mosques?

  • Paul Greenwood

    The fact that Trump had already blocked any of these “lovely people” from the USA but happily consented to the Canadians, Germans and Britain falling over themselves to woo them brings a sense of ennui.

    It is so very obvious what will happen…..before long MI5 will be 60,000 strong with “black sites” dotted around and “the disappeared” visiting the Skripals. This is all part of the Big Brother Scenario. – we are going to let you build your own prisons so you feel safe while we give public spaces to wild animals………and who said May did not have a working majority ?

  • mog

    Nobody has consciously decided to import the White Helmets to maintain the internal terrorist threat in the UK.
    That is speculation in my opinion. Anyone who was anywhere near that decision must be aware of the increase risk that bringing these extremists to the UK entails. Where does negligence end and deliberate action begin?

    • Clark

      I think you’re overlooking the way that informal groups come to believe their own propaganda. Do the various 9/11 conspiracy theorists get together on some secret forum and formulate a plan? “I know, let’s all back each other up, and never question the incompatibilities between each other’s theories. Let’s smear everyone who questions the slightest bit of any of our theories as ‘supporters of the official story’, ‘government repeaters’, and warmongers. Let’s keep hinting that they’re secret agents, in the pay of the conspiracy. Let’s keep praising each other, despite our theories being incompatible, and coordinate our ridicule upon anyone who asks awkward questions. Let’s coordinate criticism of any who dare use the term ‘conspiracy theory’ as doing the work of the CIA. If we keep it up and we all work together, we can drive sceptics from the thread, and then it’ll look like there’s no opposition”.

      No of course they don’t; it just happens naturally among groups of the like-minded.

      • Jude 93

        Clark: By the way, your claim that 9/11 truthers don’t question the incompatibilities between their various theories on how 9/11 was carried out is utterly preposterous – they never stop debating these things – sometimes with a great deal of rancour. The only thing they all agree on is that the official story is self-evidently bogus.

      • Jude 93

        Clark: My two previous replies to you seem to have gone astray for whatever reason, so to avoid potentially wasting too much of my time, I’ll only make one brief point on this occasion: The monolithic group-think you attribute to 9/11 “conspiracty theorists” is much more applicable to the corporate media upholders of the offiical conspiracy theory about 9/11. If you have even a passing familiarity with the 9/11 truth movement you should know that far from ignoring “the incomapitibilties between each other’s theories”, and “constantly praising each other”, 9/11 “truthers” debate constantly the pros and cons of their various view on what and who caused the 9/11 attacks – and these debates are often extremely rancorous affairs.

    • John2o2o

      You, too are making an assumption. The assumption that we are being governed by intelligent people.

      Tell me, what qualifications are required for the post of government minister, or Prime Minister for that matter?

      I rest my case.

      • mog

        John 2020,
        Assumptions on assumptions. Are you not assuming that real power lies in the executive, ministers or parliament? Perhaps also assuming that everything that is done by intelligence officers, agents and their networks is the consequence of orders from No.10 Downing Street ?
        If you have not seen it, watch the film The Spider’s Web that is now free on Youtube. Real power in the UK lies in government yes, but also in a large shaddow network of finance where organised crime mingles with state agency, terrorism, and the wealthiest of the world.
        ‘The reality is not what you believe, that the prime minister has the power to decide on the future of your country. The power is hidden here.’
        Eva Jolly – MEP, Vice chair of the Panama Papers Committee (European Parliament)

  • SA

    Excellent. but sadly not surprising nor new. Mark Curtis has said this all along for many years and first published “Web of Deceit ” in 2003 with a recently updated edition. This is a long history of collaboration with Islamic Jihadis and is part of the reason why we are not just friendly with Saudi Arabia, which this country created, but it also in cahoots with in the various conflicts including Syria and Yemen. It appears that the policy is that the blowback that results from this policy appears to be acceptable to the PTB for achieving other hidden and not so hidden aims.

    • Robyn

      I have just finished Mark Curtis’s Secret Affairs: Britain’s Collusion with Radical Islam. As the blurb on his site says, he ‘reveals the secret history of British collusion with radical Islamic and terrorist groups. It shows how Labour and Conservative governments have connived with militant groups linked to al-Qaida to control oil resources, overthrow governments and promote Britain’s financial interests. The current terrorist threat to Britain is partly ‘blowback’.’

  • Manda

    Thanks for flagging this danger to British citizens up Craig.

    “The links of the White Helmets to Al-Nusra and Al-Shams and other jihadi groups are deep – they chose to be evacuated to Idlib together from numerous sites.”

    My understanding, if memory serves, is these particular so called ‘White Helmets’ are those that Israel ‘rescued’ when the south was liberated by SAA and allies, not those who went to Iblib in previous liberations by SAA and allies. They were promised re-settlement in various countries at the time including UK. They apparently transited Quneitra – occupied Golan – – Jordan but the numbers who left and that arrived in Jordan reportedly didn’t stack up. There were rumours at the time that many extricated under Israeli protection included high ranking terror operatives. We are told these are ‘White Helmets’ and their families but who are they really? They could be even worse. I imagine any high ranking terror operatives will have been redeployed in the region or to other areas being destabilised, but who knows?
    I agree 100% ‘White Helmets’ in UK are a big (and unacceptable) risk but some of those being brought to UK could be far worse!

  • Greg Park

    I’d previously thought there was no prospect of MSM ever reversing its narrative about the helmets in the way they have been forced to do with aung san suu kyi UK govt investment in the ‘humanitarian workers’ is too great for establishment media ever to confirm the reality. However, if erstwhile helmets difd perpetrate high-profile atrocities repeatedly in the UK in coming years it wioukd be impossible to maintain the old fiction.

    Exposing the truth about the helmets could have explosive repercussions for public perceptions of British foreign policy and for public trust in the security agencies and government in general. For that reason, it seems highly unlikely the authorities would want to import thiis particular subspecies of jihadi. The government and spooks would surely have far more to lose than they would gain from boosting the security budget.

  • Ben

    Yea but bin laden remained a friend of the west, he didn’t exactly turn. He was the (eventually) willing fall guy for a plan set in motion from Saudi Arabia, that validated a pre existing agenda to dominate the middle east.

  • Sharp Ears

    ‘As of December 2016, it was reported by The Telegraph, that the Royal Air Force is operating at its most intense level for 25 years in a single theatre of operation. This far outstrips the UK’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. RAF jets have dropped 11 times more bombs (1,276 strikes) on Syria and Iraq in the then last 12 months (Dec 15-Dec 16) than they did in the busiest year of action in Afghanistan a decade previously (119).

    VfP Working Group has seen no substantial change to this operational level in the past 18 months. As of February this year via a FOI request, Op Shader has cost £1.75 Billion to the UK public purse with both the Tornado and Typhoon fleets clocking up 12,000 hours each by that month. (table above, source Drone Wars UK)’

    The UK Air War Machine Marches On by VFP Working Group (Veterans for Peace – Ben Griffin et al)

    PS There is a photo in the Times of Mr Shurrup and Go Away riding in a Challenger tank. It accompanies a report entitled ‘Soldiers get lessons in morality of drone killings’. !!!

    Lucy Fisher, Defence Correspondent
    September 25 2018+

    Gavin Williamson, the defence secretary, rides in a Challenger 2 tank after a ceremony making Dame Kelly Holmes, the Olympic champion, an honorary colonel of the Royal Armoured Corps Training Photo

    The British Army is training ethicists to teach soldiers about the morality of killing with drones.
    Chaplains have been sent on postgraduate philosophy courses so that they can guide officers on ethical issues thrown up by deployments thousands of miles away from the battlefield.

    The Rev David Coulter, the chaplain-general, said that growing numbers of personnel were engaging in “asymmetric warfare” where weapons were used remotely and that this created unique pastoral issues.

    “It’s very different in asymmetric warfare when people are going to work flying drones and then going back to their families in the evening,” he said. “They’re not deploying overseas and disappearing for months on end. So that brings a very interesting dynamic pastorally as well as professionally.”

    Continue reading Paywall

    Again. YCNMIU.

  • Dungroanin

    The posh boys from the tank regiment are gathering their thugs for use against a Woke population and a future Corbyn inspired government, that is promising to overturn decades of Atlantist neocon hagemony.

    They and their City overlords have far too much to lose. And there aren’t enough reliable salt o’t’earth type planks available anymore to follow the hofficers orders to shoot down civilians in their own country anymore.

    Undoubtedly each WH has earned their right to enter the uk having dutifully served under LeMesurier and having been promised a job, pension and many virgins for life – I’m sure he personally will vouch for and sponsor their citizenship and provide for their needs. I’m sure he will personally guarantee their fealty and control – no blow-back’s!

    No mosques/churches/temples being bombed. No chlorine attacks. No dead children. No assasinations of political leaders and journalists. No enclaves. No White Helmet day.

    As I keep saying , gird your collective loins, the fuckers are bringing their ultraviolence home because we are refusing their narrative and propaganda. So they will tear society to pieces and set it against each other as a means of protecting their ‘inheritance’ and bounty.

    Our only chance is to storm the ‘Bastille’ and drag them all to courts, prisons and truth and reconciliation sooner or later. The longer we wait the more the populace will suffer and nastier the society will become – which is what THEY want.

    I’m going to get a white helmet and paint it.

  • pretzelattack

    the very name “white helmets” sounds like it was from some hollywood screenwriter in the 1950’s–“the good guys in the white hats”

  • Борис Крылов

    «Коммерсантъ»: В Сирию будут поставлены два полковых комплекта ЗРК С-300. В случае необходимости Россия готова увеличить их …

    [MOD – Bing Translate below]

    Kommersant: Two regimental sets of Sam S-300 will be delivered to Syria. If necessary, Russia is ready to increase their…

  • Brendan

    Two Libyans – who were being trained as soldiers of the army that replaced Gaddafi’s forces – were found guilty of raping a man in Cambridge in 2015. Three other Libyan cadets admitted unrelated sex attacks in Cambridge on the same night.

    It’s bad enough what those thugs do when they come to the West, but they cause far more misery and destruction in their home countries. There they can use their weapons – supplied by Nato countries and allies – to do whatever they want without fear of facing justice.

  • Rhys Jaggar

    Why on earth would you think that safety of the people is on the agenda, Mr Murray?

    The only reason thst would be on the agenda would be if it were a real money-spinner.

    MI5 want to organise plenty of incidents where less than 100 people die, many less than 20. They need those incidents to justify their budgets. MI5 is interested in MI5, end of.

    MI6 wishes to do the same globally as well as organise some coups. Wars are marvellous as they cause chaos, music to MI6′ ears.

    • bj

      Wars are marvellous as they cause chaos, music to MI6′ ears

      PLus they’re much more realistic replacements for “Farnborough Intl”.

  • Deb O'Nair

    “Nobody has consciously decided to import the White Helmets to maintain the internal terrorist threat in the UK.”

    LOL – that’s exactly what they have done. The security services can now run amok on the British public anytime it’s politically appropriate and they have hundreds of patsies to choose from.

  • Antonyl

    You answered your own question:

    Britain has never had larger or better-funded security services. As a major economic interest in its own right, the “security industry” has grown into a major component of the military industrial complex. Just as the arms industry requires external enemies, the security industry requires internal enemies

  • Antonyl

    In Britain on 2 December 1988, 7,000 Muslims in the town of Bolton staged the first ever demonstration against The Satanic Verses. After the Friday prayers, a certain section of the congregation marched from the Zakariyya Jame Masjid to the town centre and then burned the book.

    1988. Do Muslims only go to extremism encouraged by Westerners like Laurence of Arabia, Tony Blair, John Scarlett or John Sawers? Do Muslims have no own will?

    How did Islam expand beyond Mecca – Medina? Huge blind spot.

    • Blunderbuss


      I’m not sure your analysis is correct. Lawrence of Arabia supported the Arabs (Muslim) against the Turks (Muslim). He tried to help the Arabs establish a united Arabia but the British and French governments blocked this.

  • Hatuey

    Good article, Craig, one of your most impressive and brave.

    It follows, of course, that the big enemy of the arms industry in the Middle East and elsewhere is peace. War isn’t the simple ‘means to an end’ that it used to be; it is the end. If you can fill people with vengeful hatred and fear, you can sell them guns.

    The same applies at home except that the “mark” in that case is more clearly the British taxpayer.

    All this reflects the desperate underlying economic position of the the UK vis a vis the rest of the world. If it wasn’t for the arms industry and money laundering, Britain would be firmly in the second world like Turkey. For many here it’s already in the second world and continuing to head south.

    The modus operandi has a certain symmetry to it that’s actually quite impressive;

    1) install & support undemocratic in the Middle East and third world (especially Africa).

    2) sell them the arms they need to sustain their regime and encourage them to use them.

    3) provide secretive banking services so that in the worst case scenario the dictators have an escape pod.

    The above is British foreign policy in a nutshell. It smacks of post-colonial exhaustion and desperation.

    I’ve long suspected that the apparent antogonism with Russia is aimed at selling Trident renewal and defence spending to the British public who, without all this trouble-making, would soon be questioning the need for handing over trillion of pounds to arms manufacturers.

    And they wonder why Scotland wants out…

    • SA

      This belligerence is also another way of ensuring a seat in the security council and continuing to act a spoiler of the efficacy of the UN as a peace enhancing body and using it as a method of extending conflict.

  • TJ

    “Nobody has consciously decided to import the White Helmets to maintain the internal terrorist threat in the UK.”

    What evidence do you have for that?

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    I would have thought that Operation Crevice, the 7/7 attacks, the murder of that Brazilian, the al-Hilli al. murders,etc. would have taught the security services that the problems are beyond their manipulation and management.

    • SA

      I am surprised that the GMC has not taken action to cross them off the register as Doctors encouraging military action and loss of human life. This is not part of the hippocratic oath.

    • Sharp Ears

      They have to wait until tomorrow for Theresa.

      It is just one item on the prime minister’s agenda during the visit to New York, where she will also call for a crackdown on chemical weapons after novichok was used on the Skripals in Salisbury.

      When she addresses the UN Security Council on Wednesday, she will say action must be taken to prevent further use of chemical weapons and deal with previous incidents.

      Speaking before the visit, Mrs May said: “The red lines around the use of chemical weapons are being eroded. The Syrian regime has repeatedly used these appalling weapons against its own people while the Russian state has deployed them on UK streets. “Attacks such as Salisbury and Ghouta are despicable in their own right, but they are also a threat to the wider international system.” ‘

      Iran, trade and Salisbury on agenda as Theresa May visits UN General Assembly
      Theresa May is going to raise “serious concerns” about Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s detention during talks with Iran’s president.
      25th September 2018

  • SIS

    I would urge everyone to watch the “How Fake Has Terror Become” Rich Planet TV show. Was on Youtube, but may have been censored.

    I am not disputing Abedi was not involved with Mi5 or Mi6.

    However, the Manchester terror attack was another fabricated Psyop carried out by the government. This is why the Manchester fire brigade were not allowed in for 2 hours during the scam event.

    For Cui Bono, Nato and Israel of course and any entity that wants to create division amongst people along religious or ethnic lines.

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