Importing Jihadi Terror to the UK – Cui Bono? 178

If Osama Bin Laden was not sufficient warning that decades of money, arms and other support from the Western security services does not render a jihadi a friend of the West, then the Manchester bomber, Salman Abedi, should have opened British eyes forever to the danger. In collaboration with MI5, Abedi had been fighting in the ongoing proxy war for Western oil interests in Libya, before being rescued by the Royal Navy. Back home in Manchester, he carried out an attack of appalling violence against a primarily young and female target group.

So it would be very foolish indeed to rely on the fact that the jihadi logistic support and propaganda group the White Helmets is largely British government funded, to expect its members who are now, like Abedi, being brought into the UK, to behave as quiet citizens. The links of the White Helmets to Al-Nusra and Al-Shams and other jihadi groups are deep – they chose to be evacuated to Idlib together from numerous sites. The reason there is no substantial corpus of independently filmed evidence of the White Helmets’ work is that they co-operate with people who would chop off western journalists’ heads on sight. In many well-attested cases, they are the same people.

In ending all funding to the White Helmets, the Dutch government did not wish to be confrontational towards the other neo-conservative governments who are funding and exploiting the propaganda from the White Helmets. Their report was therefore diplomatically phrased. Funding for the White Helmets may have “inadvertently” fallen into the hands of armed extremists, while unacceptable contact between the White Helmets and extreme jihadists was “inevitable” in the areas they operated.

Thanks to social media, there is an awareness among the UK’s general population of who the White Helmets really are, that belies the solidarity of the entire political and media class in maintaining the official fiction. Even the arch government supporting Daily Telegraph in reporting the story of White Helmets’ admittance to the UK, has a majority of readers’ comments pointing out the true nature of the White Helmets. (Being a Tory paper, there are naturally other comments which are simply Islamophobic).

Which is of course the irony of this. Entirely innocent British Muslims face the day to day surveillance state harassment of the Prevent programme, where Muslim students pursuing security studies are reported to the police for reading books on terrorism, and school pupils are reported for expressing opposition to the mass bombing of Libya by NATO or arms sales to Saudi Arabia. I cannot give a talk in a university about Palestine without a Prevent strategy risk assessment being formally compiled by the university authorities and approved by the police.

Yet not only has the largest terrorist attack of the last decade been committed by somebody working with MI5 and brought into the country by the Royal Navy, we are now importing jihadis with no prior connection to the UK other than receipt of British government funding.

Britain has never had larger or better-funded security services. As a major economic interest in its own right, the “security industry” has grown into a major component of the military industrial complex. Just as the arms industry requires external enemies, the security industry requires internal enemies. It is notable that many of the “foiled” terrorist plots of the last decade involved prior MI5 contact, sometimes bordering on agent provocateur operations. “Prevent” produces enemies who are not actually enemies at all.

Nobody has consciously decided to import the White Helmets to maintain the internal terrorist threat in the UK. But institutions, on analysis over time, almost always promote their institutional interest. Increasing the terrorist threat in the UK undeniably serves the economic self-interest of the security industry. Just as the promotion of war and internal tension has always benefited the arms industry and the rest of the military industrial complex. Importing the White Helmets into the UK is obviously nuts if your purpose is to minimise jihadi activity in the UK. So we have to ask, is that really the purpose?

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178 thoughts on “Importing Jihadi Terror to the UK – Cui Bono?

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    • Republicofscotland

      The French novelist Alexander Dumas, who penned the likes of The Three Musketeers, and the Count of Monte Cristo. Said that Absinthe, had killed more French soldiers in North Africa, than Arab bullets.

  • Republicofscotland

    “Just as the arms industry requires external enemies, the security industry requires internal enemies. It is notable that many of the “foiled” terrorist plots of the last decade involved prior MI5 contact, sometimes bordering on agent provocateur operations. “Prevent” produces enemies who are not actually enemies at all.”

    I couldn’t agree more with the above, who can say unequivocally that the British security services didn’t have a hand in, or at the very least influenced terrorism in England, in one way or another. Patsies, the easily influenced and recruited, the already radicalised and the willing, are always present to carry out terrorism, with minimal coercion.

    It could be, and I’m not saying it is for definite, but a strategy of tension could be well underway in England, importing White Helmets members to the UK could exacerbate the situation if Salman Abedi is anything to go by.

  • Cochore

    The always reliably informed Syrian American lawyer, Ziad Fadel at Syrian Perspective claims that the majority of those rescued by the Zionists were, in fact, NATO and GCC special ops.

    Of particular interest is the fact that the West has shown uncommon interest in the lives of local people – people like the terrorist group called the White Helmets. If you really believe that the British and Americans colluded to convince the Zionist Apartheid State and the Jordanians to airlift the poor, helpless and vulnerable terrorists to safety in Jordan, you might also believe that eskimos cultivate mango trees in the Yukon. The true reason, I am told by my sources, is that there were 2,200 special ops and intelligence officers who were trapped at the border with the White Helmets and who were under threat of being captured or killed by the Syrian Army. Forgetting the wealth of embarrassment this would have caused the slimy Brits and their cheap Gulf allies, the MOC in Amman ordered their spooks flown out at any cost and, if possible, take out some White Helmets with them.

    Instead, only 400 or less White Helmets were provided with seats on the Zionist helicopters. Another 600 and their families remain trapped at the border where they will either be killed by ISIS nearby or by our troops. The scene, I am told, was like the last day of the Vietnam evacuation in April of 1975 with people struggling to get on the helicopters.

    Of the 2,200 foreign spies and the special ops rodents, 1100 were from Gulf States like Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. They are now in Amman awaiting repatriation.

    So the majority of the White Helmets are still trapped in Idlib, no doubt waiting to be extracted to a city near you.

  • Den Lille Abe

    Britain is a country governed by thugs in suits. But their malevolence shines through, These obscenities that govern Britain today would have been shot for treason in any country resembling a democracy..
    The malignant tumor that is the tory party, is meanwhile having a feast on what remains of a democratic state, enabled by the horrible and frightening Thatcher (may she burn in perpetuity in hell) .
    When Bitish society accept clowns as Rhees-Mogg we knoe it is time for you to depart, and depart you shall. Preferably with a no deal. That will be an invaluable lesson. You are no empire. You should not meddle in other peoples business (Syria) and no the Russians are not idiots (Skripal).
    Britain has turned into a vile, disgraceful nation, now hovering at the fringes on lunacy. Cow madness repeated 10 fold.
    Macron is only one person, he will be reigned in. But Britain is a whole parliament in delusion and completely unpredictable.
    What were British jets in the air up to during the downing of the Russian plane? And at what did Auvergne fire missiles at? Questiones we will not be told an answer to.
    The Fenchies we will reign in , but you guys better leave.

      • Hatuey

        Well, Goodwin, Tony Blair wasn’t a Tory. Read what someone says before correcting them, he was talking about the Tory party and for my money is bang on.

      • Ken Kenn

        I also think you will find that when Blair assisted in the attack on Iraq he said he was ” Doing the right thing ”

        The potential future terrorists will more than likely say the same unless they die doing ” the right thing ”

        God’s will etc etc.

        I didn’t know this but allegedly just before Nixon resigned he and Henry Kissinger were on their knees in the Oval Office praying for forgiveness or Divine intervention after making a career of ” doing the right thing “

        • Dungroanin

          Kissinger on his knees in the oval office! Now there’s an image!
          No wonder tricky dicky left with a smile and a victory sign. He had one over on that evil bastard.

    • John2o2o

      I’m not sure what Rees-Mogg has to do with anything. He’s not a minister. Not yet anyway. And as practising Roman Catholic one would hope that he might be more inclined to pacifism than many of his contemporaries.

      Personally, I’m not sure our government is truly malevolent, rather just truly credulous and stupid. Parker’s job is made infinitely easier by a starry eyed and genuflecting Theresa May hanging on to his every utterance. I’m quite sure she believes without question everything she is told by MI.

      And furthermore, while I detest the MIC and it’s cronies I certainly do not accept that Britain is a “vile, disgraceful nation”. Please save your contempt for those in charge. The People of this country have little control over them.

      • Tommycoss

        “as practising Roman Catholic one would hope that he might be more inclined to pacifism“
        You are, I very much hope, joking.

    • Herbie

      It must be something to do with control of global capital markets. London having been exceedingly dominant.

      That’s what distinguishes UK from Europe. That and the UK’s reliance upon it, to the downplaying of the more productive sectors.

      I think that dominant control of global capital markets could only have sustained itself had it managed to completely control the whole global capital market.

      That project is now seen to be failing. Or, at the very least being questioned by what appear to be commodity and producer nations.

      That’s what seems to be unfolding.

      It doesn’t explain that deal whereby London would assist China in its rise to financial prominence. That could well have been the spark. The US, Europe and everyone else thought London had gone too far.

      If we think of Sea Power as a necessary companion to global financial power, then it can be viewed in geopolitical terms. Mackinder et al.

      And yet, however rational that simple analysis may be, it’s neither a full nor a satisfactory explanation for all the horror we see about us.

      There’s a cruelty about, that cannot be explained by materialist analysis alone.

      • wonky

        Which is, why the esoteric analysis has to be taken into account. Is it plausible, that all these utterly ruthless players follow a benevolent deity or a modern peaceful scientific atheism? Or do their loyalties belong to hidden hierarchies within secret society networks, the most influential of which make no fuss about luciferianism in their higher ranks? Was it not Crowley’s “Do what the fuck you want !”, that became the prevalent mad max modus operandi for the “elite” amongst the “elites”, while all other ideologies, religions and ever narrower totalitarian laws apply to all classes beneath? Shine a light into these murky corners of society, and you WILL find boss cockroaches scurrying, frantically trying to call their top attorneys and their pro communication “advisors”.
        (Sorry for my clumsy grammar.)

          • Rowan

            “Not my uncle. No fairness intended. No rest for the wicked.” OK, but just for the record, “Do what the fuck you want !” is not what he said. What he said was “Do What Thou Wilt.” The origin of this is Rabelais. The motto of the Abbey of Thelema in his Gargantua & Pantagruel is “Fais Ce que Voudras.” Like Spinoza, Crowley believed that each being contains its own Conatus, its own inherent nature, which he calls its True Will, and that if it obeys that, all will be well. This is really a version of the Christian theory of Providence, but adapted in a direction which is simultaneously libertarian and existentialist, as in Nietzsche. Following one’s own inherent nature is equivalent to “keeping it Real” in today’s hip-hop parlance.

          • wonky

            Yes, well, from my observations, “doing what the f one wants”, like shagging pigs or wanking in open coffins (or much worse), while surrounded by cheering and chanting twisted rich bastard peers, opens far more career opportunities than having read (and understood) Spinoza.
            Perhaps we can agree, that “Do What Thou Wilt” is a Janus-headed statement, just begging to be (mis)interpreted in any which way. Such interpretations include the pseudo-innocuous advice to the youth “Just Do It.” (Nike) or the pseudo-ironic “Just take a bite already!” (Apple), but also that ultra-hollow pop-culture phrase “Follow Your Dreams” in all its countless variations, “kept real” or not. (Thank God, pop is near dead. Good riddance.)
            Anyway, thank you for putting things into context in this not so comfortable matter.

  • Dave

    The prevent terror agenda is part of the promote terror agenda. The government promote terror by funding, training and publicising terror groups, and then promotes prevent as an antidote, but the antidote doesn’t work, nor is it intended to work, because prevent is the cover story for promote. I.e. for prevent to work the government needs to stop promoting terror groups.

    • Michael McNulty

      Talk of a terrorist threat is a bit rich when nobody radicalized more people than Bush and Blair, because nobody alive killed more people.

  • A. Mercury

    “sometimes bordering on agent provocateur operations”

    Why don’t you just call it for what it is Craig?

    Blatant false flag terrorism

    Perhaps you think CIA Mossad and MI6 wouldn’t stoop that low ?

  • A. Mercury,

    “Nobody has consciously decided to import the White Helmets to maintain the internal terrorist threat in the UK.”

    That is one hell of an assumption, and probably the wrong assumption.

    • PasserBy

      Agree, while having some sympathy for Craig’s intended target audience in this instance (my impression – not the ‘converted’). By adding “If we give them the benefit of the doubt, nobody has…”, it would be less of an assumption (neutral), and perhaps Craig may consider it a worthwhile edit.

      The point about institutional interests is a very good one to ponder, and can gently waken. Claiming they do this sort of thing intentionally for terror purposes is a first meal hard to swallow for some. Truth is they do want the excuse to continue spying on everyone, not just terrorists, so internal terrorist suspects among the population are needed for their “institutional interest”. National or public interest be damned.

      • Clark

        You two are agreeing away happily, but who are this “they” that you keep referring to? If we look in Hansard long enough, will we find a debate on the matter? Oh, the “secret services”. Yes. Obviously. But without insurrection and invasion of offices by Joe Public, this remains untestable.

        To borrow a phrase, you need to wake up. Organisations effectively have objectives of their own, independent of the individuals which comprise them. Here’s an example:

  • James

    You raise an interesting point Craig; I hadn’t really thought about it that way.

    But it is interesting to remember that they were in no hurry at all to let interpreters who had been working closely with the army in Iraq/Afghanistan – and by the looks of it these were fairly non-political types.

    And now suddenly the red carpet is unrolled.

    Mr Hunt says on Twitter that it is “fantastic news”. Is it? Really?

    Peter Hitchens has been asking a few questions here. Other journalists, not so much…

  • Twostime

    A couple of recent complementary items that are worth viewing back to back. The second (personal testimony from a Syrian father) I feel clearly supports the former and of course will break any human heart.


    (Mods, they’re fine).

    Of course, they support the disgust many here feel about MSM coverage and Western foreign policy.

    Too our collective shame, I believe we are morally bancrupt in the UK and across the Western alliances.

  • Peter

    The diabolical destruction of Syria seems to me to be one of the worst post-war (WWll) crimes against humanity and appears to be an order of magnitude worse than the destruction of Iraq, which, as we all know, was appalling enough.

    If the British government has been complicit in Syria’s destruction then there needs to be a public enquiry and anyone found guilty held accountable and prosecuted.

    If, in such a scenario, the government/individuals are found to be complicit but no law exists upon which to convict, then new legislation should be introduced and enacted retrospectively.

  • Hatuey

    You know, the real value in what Craig says here is in his credibility as a source. Now, when you argue these issues with halfwits etc., you can cite an ex British ambassador as your source. That’s huge and we must thank Craig for his bravery and honesty.

    These accusations of cultivating war and terror for profit are really amongst the most serious crimes that human beings can commit. This is the real news. This is what would be front page on every single newspaper in the world if they had even a passing interest in tackling the most serious issues of the day with honesty.

    Dark forces are at work in the UK and you have to wonder what levels they would stoop to and where this phase in British history will end. These people are capable of anything.

    • Twostime

      and we are morally bankrupt. The satanic (as the Iranian’s might infer) post-war western empire needs to fade away sooner rather than later, for all humanity’s sake. We need a multi-polar world based on the original ideas of International law that Bolton and Haley, May & Macron are so quick to dismiss and ignore.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Twostime September 25, 2018 at 20:10
        ‘…The satanic (as the Iranian’s might infer) post-war western empire needs to fade away sooner rather than later, for all humanity’s sake….’
        Unfortunately, they show no signs of doing so, instead going from strength to strength with their abominations.

      • Hatuey

        Even a broken clock is right twice per day… of course, that’s a reference to you, not me. I’m a sort of atomic clock that loses a second every eighteen trillion years.

    • Clark

      “This is what would be front page on every single newspaper in the world if they had even a passing interest in tackling the most serious issues of the day with honesty”

      The “news” media make money from war; war causes audiences to rise, which increases the monetary value of the adverts. And war just makes news crew personnel feel big and important, the same as it does politicians.

    • Trowbridge H. Ford

      The terouble is that there are NO reliable sources\ one can site about what the UK’s covert government is doing. whether it be killing leakers or muzzling troublemakers.

    • Regents Park

      No, you’re wrong there. CM his credibility is not predicated on his background; I’m assuming he repelled his gongs for proximal reasons.
      He gets it right, and wrong from time to time, as do we all.
      He has no additional credibility for any right thinking reader beyond this, nor should he.
      He is a troublemaker, and you are his phool. Get a life

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Regents Park September 26, 2018 at 04:11
        ‘..He has no additional credibility for any right thinking reader beyond this, nor should he…’
        Indeed? Having been an Ambassador in various hotspots, for many years, and then throwing his blooming career away because he could not stomach the Uzbeks boiling prisoners alive, and the British Government being fine with that, and you find he has no additional credibility?
        He knows, and exposes, flaws in HMG narratives that he is aware of, because of his training and experience in the fields in question.
        You might as well say a doctor has no more credibility diagnosing an illness than your aunt Mabel.
        ‘..He is a troublemaker, and you are his phool (sic)….’
        A troublemaker because he tells the truth? Yes, the PTB and their apparatchiks most certainly class truth-tellers as ‘troublemakers’, but decent folk welcome them as torch-bearers of light in a MSM 1984 Alice in Wonderland info cesspit.

        • Mister Benn

          Not sure “ambassador in various hotpots” is quite right. Was he not promoted to Ambassador for the first time when posted, briefly, to Tashkent? The fawning cringe-worthy deference exemplified by Paul Barbara of so many phools must surely be a source of embarssment for Mr M.
          Would he not in fact have been more effective as a voice from inside the machine? Did this not occur to anyone here?
          All this opinionated bandying of “facts” is such a lot of tish tosh. 40 officers running hundreds of agents, tee hee! Now that’s what I call out of the loop.

  • Tom Welsh

    “Nobody has consciously decided to import the White Helmets to maintain the internal terrorist threat in the UK. But institutions, on analysis over time, almost always promote their institutional interest”.

    So what is your theory, Craig? You say that nobody has “consciously” decided to import the White Helmets to maintain the internal terrorist threat.

    But somehow you feel that “institutions” have magically made this happen – although in fact it could not happen except through voluntary acts of individuals.

  • LM Hendry

    How come you are so supportive of Russia not being involved in terror here but not the White Helmets? Some of them are probably not jihadis. If you are saying that the reception they get in the UK will be so rubbish that it drives them back to terrorism. Well that’s a diffeent issue. How many white helmets died trying to save others? You are verging on ‘the only good muslim is a dead one’ here.

    • Twostime

      What are you talking about?

      Russia? some not jihadists? drives them back to terrorism? – utter bollocks.
      “died trying to save others” – utter bollocks
      “verging on ‘the only good muslim is a dead one’ here” – more utter bollocks

      Who do you work for LM Hendry?

    • nevermind

      Learn the lessons of Manchester, LMHendry.
      And if you are concerned for dead white helmets, please educate us, how many have died?

      We should not wait for, and indulge, terrorist and fake news editors who will carry on with their uninvited propaganda, their destabilisation techniques and outright lies should not destabilise communities.

      I could not imagine that the victim of Abedis murderous attack in Manchester will be happy with this generous offer.

      How is the repatriation of youngsters from France to the Uk getting on, anyone heard of progress?

  • John Ward

    Another lucid piece which, while I don’t sign up to all of it, nevertheless (as always with Mr Murray) makes a central point that is impossible to refute: ‘Just as the arms industry requires external enemies, the security industry requires internal enemies’.
    The Alt States (ie, those unelected bureaucratic, business, banking, ideologue and media Invisible Exports) are many and various.But they all represent evil in these respects: a megalomanic desire for global hegemony, an incessant search for powerful influence, and an obsessive pursuit of the money necessary to help them achieve those aims. From Saudi barbarians via risk-addicted bankers to George Soros and Whitehall-sur-Washington sociopaths, they are a threat to the liberties of every individual citizen.

    • Mark B

      ‘Just as the arms industry requires external enemies, the security industry requires internal enemies’.

      So Craig is wanting you to make the intellectual step that ‘The security industry’ are importing terrorists into the UK in order that they can carry out attacks in the UK, thereby inciting the government to pour even more funds into ‘the security industry’.

      Even Craig knows this is bollocks. He has met people who work in ‘the security industry (MI5, MI6, GCHQ etc). He won’t be able to point to any one of them who gain from this financially.

        • Mark B

          Any actual evidence that these people who stand to benefit from an increased state spend are behind the importation of terrorists?

          I get the theory, but we can all devise theories. Where is the evidence?

  • Veritas

    Giving sanctuary to the White Helmets is crass stupidity. They were hand in glove with conspiracies to blame Assad for chemical warfare and are no different to anti-Assad elements guilty of horrible war crimes.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Veritas September 25, 2018 at 22:25
      According to Russia, who along with Syria has spies in the ‘White Helmets’, the next CW attack/hoax to be rolled out has already been filmed, including by Is*aeli media photographers, and is just awaiting a time to roll out the footage.
      Also, they said that the chlorine was delivered to the sites of the filming by the ‘White Helmets’, and English-speaking foreigners trained in CW handling.

    • Mark B

      And there we have it. Stupidity.

      Never underestimate the power of stupidity and incompetence. No need for conspiracy theories without evidence.

  • Clark

    It occurs to me that these White Helmet operatives each have stories they could tell about what they saw and did in Syria, and if they are to be accommodated in the UK, those stories are likely to leak.

    This will have been anticipated; the White Helmets coming to the UK will have been vetted.

    Some operatives’ stories will be a rich source of propaganda against the Syrian government; those stories are likely to be popularised. Other operatives will have been more involved with the terrorist groups, and presumably with whoever was organising the propaganda; I think it’s likely that a PR company is involved. This side of the available testimony is likely to be kept quiet.

  • Ruth

    The real problem with Prevent is that vulnerable people may be handed over to the police/MI5 and then used by them to kill innocent citizens for a political end. I very strongly believe that the Manchester bombing was orchestrated by MI5/the Establishment to stop the downward spiral of May in the pre-election polls, which it did. The attacks after the Manchester attack were carried out again by MI5 solely to prevent suspicion being directed to them for the Manchester atrocity.

  • SA

    This whole story of the heroic evacuation of the WH and giving them asylum in 4 Western countries must be a cover for something. It was done with maximum publicity and has since been continuously kept going as by the tweet by Hunt. Now logically if these WH are such self sacrificing patriots and highly skilled and trained they would be more valuable to transport back to say Idlib where they are still needed. So why are they being transported out of thier country as refugees now?
    Of course one can make up various theories but there are some facts that have been hidden in this fanfare. At the time of the evacuation it was stated by some local reporters in Syria and Lebanon that some top leaders of the rebels were also evacuated. Ziad of SyrPer also states that some special forces and other Gulf and western operatives were also smuggled out that way. It is very probable that these WH are actually such assets and thier capture would have created a large embarrassment hence this high profile charade.

    • BrianFujisan

      I’t’s to Keep them Safe for a Later Stage in U.K terrorism.

      The Lawyer for Isle of Barra victims Eilidh MacLeod who was killed, and Laura MacIntyre badly injured, has been made aware of the setails Re navy rescue of Salman Abedi, Mmm What shall become of it.

      Great Post Craig.

      Shocking the way truth Tellers are treated in the west Re Syria, Like Vanessa Beeley, and Eva Bartlett. and Syrian Girl.. And those on the Media on Trail meetings,

    • Peter

      “It is very probable that these WH are actually such assets and thier capture would have created a large embarrassment hence this high profile charade.”


      Why do you think the Israelis sprung out of ‘nowhere’ last July to suddenly rescue the WH from Deraa and Quneitra in Syria other than to save them from being captured by Russia and thereby forestalling the ensuing revelations, embarrassment and public kickback that would surely have followed?

  • Paul Barbara

    For anyone who believes that our Western governments would not kill its own ‘people’ for its own agenda, or plot to get some one else to do it by acting as agent provocateurs, or just to perpetuate a hoax, to make people believe there had been a terrorist attack, they should read up about ‘Operation Gladio’. Some excellent books have been written on the subject; the best one I have read was by Paul Williams: ‘Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia’.
    But there is also an excellent 3-part BBC(!!) documentary: ‘’
    The object was to create a ‘Strategy of Tension’ in many European countries by random terrorist atrocities, killing ordinary people in the streets, shops and stations, and blaming the ‘Reds’ (deja vu, anyone?) though it was done by right-wing groups controlled by the CIA and NATO. Originally these groups had been set up after WWII in case Russia overran Europe, and they were to be ‘stay-behind’ armies to commit sabotage and killings against the Russian invaders and collaborators.
    Since Russia did not invade, instead they were used to terrorise the populations and blame the ‘Reds’, or Left-wing gangs, to turn the public against them so they would not get into power through the ballot box.
    The Bologna train station bombing was their work, and the worst of their atrocities (85 dead and a couple of hundred injured).
    And these attacks are documented, but no high level heads have rolled, as usual. It was linked with the P2 Masonic ring, which had security chiefs, admirals, generals, corporate chieftains, judges, police chiefs etc in its web.
    Gladio was also behind the Greek Colonels Coup, and at least three coups in Turkey.

    • Dungroanin

      Ah the good old days of real politik and proxy paramilitaries being controlled from Langley, they don’t do that anymore, err.

      The story can’t be hidden and some will talk. Especially when they realise no one here knew about them here or cares much for their actions or are appalled by them.

    • wonky

      Great comment. Another very knowledgeable scholar on this issue is Daniele Ganser from Switzerland. Not sure if his books/essays on the subject have ever been translated into English, but for any German speaking readers here, he is an excellent source of info.
      Apparently the Gladio programs never really stopped and the current generation operates under the label Gladio II.
      Unfortunately the man fell from grace in academic circles (!) for talking about WTC 7 a little too loud and one too many times..

  • Jude 93

    It’s not the slightest exaggeration to say that the Prevent snooping programme resembles the East German Stasi model of neighbour spying on neighbour. If I’m not mistaken it was devised by the hardline Zionist Lord Carlisle. The fact that the governments (both Labour and Conservative) that enact these utterly creepy laws as a supposed response to Islamic terrorism, are the same ones that sponsor Isis and Al Cia-duh in Syria and Libya makes the term “Orwellian” almost redundant. It’s as if today’s Ministry of Truth is testing just how many absurdist diktats from on high the western public will accept with a straight face. They don’t even try to make their cover stories convincing anymore – and they leave a thouand blazingly obvious giveaway clues of the fakery of their terrorist ‘events’ – presumably to render those with half a brain complicit in the fakery. The question these days is are the public too dumbed down and too drugged up by Big Pharma and Geordie Shore style trash to notice the glaring absurdities staring them in the face, or are they simply pretending not to notice out of fear of confronting the reality of a gangster media and political establishment,. As someone wise once said: You can’t wake someone up who’s pretending to be asleep.

    • Sharp Ears

      Lord Carlile of Berriew was appointed to review the operation of the Terrorism Act.
      He reported in 2006.

      There followed the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2014.

      Our very own Dear Leader produced Prevent ‘guidance’ the following year when she was Home Secretary.

      Carlile’s Register of Interests makes interesting reading.
      Category 1: Directorships
      Director, SC Strategy Limited (SC Strategy was formed in late 2012 by Lord Carlile and Sir John Scarlett KCMG OBE to provide strategic advice on UK public policy, regulation, and business practice, and includes the specific purpose of providing such advice and guidance to potential inward investors; Lord Carlile takes no part in any parliamentary proceedings relating to any client; relevant clients: Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Investment Authority (see Category 3)
      Chairman, Astute Strategy Ltd (investment project concerning Liverpool)
      Director, Ukan Do It Ltd (company producing emergency equipment for evacuating injured people)
      Director, Manet Solutions Limited (providing advice in relation to extradition)
      Category 2: Remunerated employment, office, profession etc.
      Practising barrister (Queen’s Counsel)
      Former Deputy High Court Judge and Recorder (retired 31 December 2014)
      Proprietor, Carlile Consulting (journalism, broadcasting, lecturing etc)
      Chairman, Lloyd’s Enforcement Board (Lloyd’s of London)
      Category 3: Clients
      Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Investment Authority (see category 1)
      Category 4: Shareholdings (a)
      Manet Solutions Limited (providing advice in relation to extradition)
      Category 4: Shareholdings (b)
      Wynnstay Group plc (agricultural manufacturers/merchants)
      SC Strategy Ltd (see category 1)
      Category 4: Shareholdings (c)
      SC Strategy Limited
      Astute Strategy Ltd
      Living and Dying Well Limited
      Manet Solutions Limited
      Category 7: Overseas visits
      Visit to Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey, 3-6 April 2018, to hold meetings with government, political and business leaders and build relations with Turkish civil society and media with view to deepening understanding of Britain-Turkey relations; flights, local transport, food and accommodation provided by local NGO Bosphorus Center for Global Affairs
      Category 10: Non-financial interests (a)
      Chairman of the Chartered Security Professionals Registration Authority
      Director, Living and Dying Well Limited (not-for-profit company)
      Director, Design for Homes Ltd (not-for-profit company)
      Chairman, Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI), UK section (interest ceased 31 July 2018)
      Category 10: Non-financial interests (b)
      Deputy Chief Steward, City of Hereford
      Category 10: Non-financial interests (c)
      Vice Chairman and Trustee, White Ensign Association
      Category 10: Non-financial interests (e)
      Chairman, Addaction (drug and alcohol treatment registered charity)
      President, Royal Medical Foundation of Epsom College

      He gives me the creeps.

  • Roderick Russell

    There are altogether too many spooks around for us to have a free and decent society. It used to be that spies (in peacetime) were regarded as dirty and this, by itself, acted as a constraint on their numbers and on what the public let them get away with. Today we are well into the surveillance society and moving rapidly down the road to the secret police state. (If we are not already there). The sad thing is that people whose forefathers would not have tolerated this state of affairs, now seem to almost welcome it.

    I would pose this question to any honest Spook. What are you fighting for? A free and decent society where citizens are citizens and with all the democratic rights that that entails (such as the rule of law) OR an Authoritarian State where citizens are subjects and concepts like the rule of law and civil liberties are a mere fiction in practice, used only in propaganda..

    Finally I would ask spooks to consider this — how do you define patriotism?

    • Peter Purves

      Absolute tosh. As Mr Murray points out, clean contrary to the 1991 Act, but for here informative spillage, there are far more friends than relatives. I think there was no reason for this breach, though it has entertainingly been overlooked by the Alcan Helmets in here. Too funny for prose.
      His comment is otherwise as it should be, and in response to a realpolitik cheap n easy to rail agin..
      This situation of SIS vs FCO employee stats has not come about by some frippery, and nor is it in fact a staircarpet liable to Eisenhower’s 1960 foreboding. Mr Murray’s latest post, and your comment also, are at best a demonstration of a level of detachment from reality which regrettably belittles the otherwise valid sentiment behind each.

  • Hieroglyph

    I suspect it depends on quite how far down the rabbit hole one wishes to go. Whilst your average law-abiding muslim is doubtless a good person, much of their belief system is, to put it mildly, a little odd. I’m going to say it. In the UK, arranged marriages should be a thing of the past, and women shouldn’t have to wear head-gear to please their husbands. Because the UK is not governed by Sharia law, but instead by our own set of laws, which though imperfect are based on separation of church and state, and democratic principles. Sharia law is quite something else.

    Now, as an agnostic, I find aspects of most religions a bit odd, and agree that a certain amount of puzzled tolerance is reasonable. I’m quite sure many muslims agree with me, and follow the tenets somewhat loosely, whilst only the most devout and ideological hold that Sharia law trumps UK law. But, at the extreme end of the muslim faith, they do in fact hold this to be so. Longer term, this is a problem. And these White Helmet\ISIS lunatics make very handy thugs, for those times when thugs become handy.

    Frankly, anyone who has been a member of the White Helmets or ISIS should be arrested at the airport, and sent home. They aren’t budding George Orwell’s fighting fascism, after all. Nope, they are rapists and beheaders who, according to some reports, are basically satanic in nature. Most curious indeed.

  • Big Ramifications

    > “It would be very foolish […] to expect its members who are now, like Abedi, being brought into the UK, to behave as quiet citizens.”

    EXACTLY! That’s why an immigration policy like Hungary’s is the only way to go.

  • giyane

    If it’s true that Mrs may is importing white helmets liars, this is the same scenario as the police searching for novichok in Salisbury. It enables them to plant, remove , manipulate evidence. Quite a lot of mud is sticking from the false=flag in Salisbury, to the extent that Turkey has succeeded in preventing a massacre in Idlib by opening a channel for the useful jihadists to leave, so that the un-useful ones can be pounded with bombs from many sides.

    I only understood how dirty politics is after I was subjected to jihadist recruitment bullying and punishment for not complying. Jihadism as it stands today is merely the execution of the will of imposters, i.e. Tories, by their Islamist agents, who are also imposters because they are Islamists, nothing to do with Islam, who make takfir of the Muslims and kill them.

    Craig is right. Considerable financial savings would instantaneously be made if all the Tory imposters who pretend to manage the economy but in reality only know how to borrow on the sly, and all the Islamist imposters who pretend to represent Islam but only know how to destroy the Muslims, were abolished.
    The Tories have spent 2 whole years widening the gap between the EU and the UK over Brexit. All they wanted to do was delete power from Brussels in order to erode our historical freedoms which stand in the way of their “Greed is good ” religion of liberal kaputalism.

    I have no idea how Jeremy Corbyn plans to finance the Tories trillions of additional borrowings that have accumulated over the last 10 disastrous Tory years. Nor how he plans to reverse 10 years of Tory support for jihadist colonial expansionism in the Middle East. It would be a good starter if public guillotining of the principal offenders, Blair, Brown, Hague, Clegg, Cameron and May were passed into law, if not implemented.
    The sight of so many infamous heads on pikes on Westminster Bridge might tell the world the UK has changed.

  • Stonky

    I await with a forlorn hope – which I never expect to see realized – the day when a mainstream British journalist asks a mainstream British politician, in public, the question: “Did the British authorities ever arm, train, fund, or in any other way provide support for Salman Abedi?”

  • Spencer Eagle

    The smoking guns of both Manchester and 7/7 is the official narrative of home made explosive. The idea that these expedient devices were somehow cobbled up in bathrooms and kitchens in the UK is preposterous, but the MSM swallowed it. I am in no doubt that both attacks were carried out using military grade explosives. The IRA with decades of very sophisticated bomb making activity couldn’t field such devices, the closest they came were fertiliser bombs which were initiated by commercial explosives, triggered by commercial detonators. Who, where from and for what purpose? The explosives supplied to Salman Abedi and the 7/7 bombers shall remain a mystery.

  • Paul Barbara

    Somewhere, recently, I saw an article where two ‘Jihadis’ (I think Jordanians) admitted committing False Flag ops in Syria; perhaps it was on this blog.
    For some reason I forgot to keep a note of the link – can anyone help?

  • John Gilberts

    Canada will apparently ‘resettle’ approximately 50 White Helmets, with their families, for a total of around 200 according to government sources. There has been no further information of any kind in the domestic msm and I doubt many Canadians even registered the initial announcement.

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