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I expect you are all familiar with the maps showing the radical shrinking of Palestinian land over 70 years due to the expansion of colonial Israeli settlement. Startling and appalling, yes, but to me they bring back strong memories of other maps, in a precisely analogous situation, which goes to the heart of why Israel is an apartheid state.

The original apartheid state of South Africa created “homelands”, known colloquially as “bantustans”, and proposed that, as the apotheosis of apartheid, these “homelands” would become independent states and house the majority black population of the country in fenced-off areas which had been too arid, rocky or commercial mineral free to attract significant white settlement over three centuries of theft. South Africa actually did recognise some of these as Independent states, while the rest were supposed to be on a course to recognition.

The maps really do bring out the startling similarity between these two attempts to formalise the dispossession of the original people. Thankfully, even though the “Homelands solution” had its supporters including Thatcher, it never achieved support beyond what was then an extreme right wing view, and none of the “independent states” ever achieved international recognition.

I worked in the FCO as the South Africa (Political) desk officer from 1984-6, and seeing off right wing Tory lobbying to adopt the Homelands policy was a major problem. It is simply symptomatic of the extraordinary right wing shift in western politics over the intervening three decades, that a “Bantustan” solution for Palestine, laughably called a “two state solution”, is now the accepted wisdom of the political and media class.

The proposal is precisely analogous to South Africa not only because of the displacement of the original population into separated enclosures, but because it leaves the bulk of the land in the hands of a colonial population, whose identity and exclusivity is specifically enshrined in law by ethnicity. Israel’s adoption this year of a new nation state law putting the state on an officially racist basis only confirmed the reality encapsulated in a raft of hundreds of other laws and regulations. The harsh discriminatory regime faced by non-Jews in Israel has been exhaustively documented, and it is not my purpose to repeat it here. I recommend this lecture by Ben White:

Many of the practices Ben describes have strong echoes of the apartheid regime, as do the disregard for Black/Palestinian life, the regular use of disproportionate lethal force against protestors, the mass arrests and detentions, the impunity for both law enforcers and “master race” civilians who attack blacks/Palestinians. These features are highly analogous.

But what I want to address here is the striking similarity between the arguments used by supporters of apartheid, with which I dealt every day at the FCO, and the arguments used today by supporters of Israel. They came by post thirty years ago not internet, and we did not use the word meme, but the key arguments are exactly the same.

We are outnumbered, we will be murdered in our beds.

Supporters of apartheid argued constantly that, as there were more black than white people in South Africa, they would be powerless in a single, democratic South Africa and would be dispossessed and murdered. Bloodcurdling quotes from black nationalists, some real, some invented, would be recycled continually as evidence that a peaceful united South Africa was not possible. A unitary democratic state, it was frequently asserted, would inevitably be followed by a massacre of the white population.

I think it is extremely important to state that the white South Africans arguing this, and their overseas supporters, genuinely believed it at the time. In 1984-6, they really did think majority rule would mean massacre.

I hear precisely the same argument from Israelis and their supporters today. A single state encompassing Israel and Palestine is not possible because they would be outnumbered. Exactly as in South Africa then, these assertions are often accompanied by an obsession with racial demographics and birth rates. And exactly as in South Africa then, the Israelis today really have been taught actually to believe this – that they will all be massacred unless the original population is corralled and viciously controlled.

In fact, of course, no such thing occurred in South Africa. The capacity of a subject people for forgiveness once released is generally surprising. It turns out that it is vicious racial overlordship, as opposed to subjection, which sooner develops psychopathy in a nation. Indeed, remarkably the South African government is only now taking the first tentative steps towards long overdue land reform.

The Land Was Empty Before We Colonised It

White supremacists had put an enormous amount of effort into arguing that the part of Africa most free of disease and amenable to human population, was remarkably free of humans before the arrival of the colonists. The amount of historical distortion involved in this was mind-boggling, and it has been comprehensively debunked since.

It is however remarkable how exactly the same arguments are repeated by Israelis and their supporters who make a variety of ahistoric claims: that the Naqba never happened, that the Palestinians always lived herded together in the Gaza strip, that there is no such thing as a Palestinian identity, and that illegal West Bank settlements are built upon previously unoccupied land.

The Only Democracy in the Region

This claim was made repeatedly by both South Africans and Israelis. It depended on the notion that black South Africans were not South African citizens, but could exercise their democratic rights within the “Homelands”, precisely as Israel argues that the millions of displaced Palestinians are not Israeli citizens but can exercise their democratic rights within the Palestinian occupied territories they were herded to. And again, this argument was rejected with derision by the Western media and political class in the South African case, but to query it in the Israeli case is well outside the Overton window.

The Original Population Are Better Off

A rehash of the Imperial argument that governance by the master race brings economic benefits to the colonised, it was continually asserted that Black South Africans enjoyed better working conditions than any other Africans. Similarly Israel claims that by permitting its caged Palestinian labour force to commute into Israeli factories from their camps, it is helping the Palestinian people.

If you scroll down the replies to this tweet, made at the time of the Gaza demonstration massacre, you will find numerous examples of all of the above arguments being put forward by supporters of Israel. I really had not expected to find myself still fighting apartheid in 2018, let alone in a situation where it is viewed by the Establishment as the acceptable solution.

I do not accept the arguments of any proponent of a “two state solution”, any more than I accepted the arguments of the supporters of apartheid South Africa. It is an essential work to convince people that, despite the massive backing of the media and politicians for it, the “two state” solution represents nothing but the ultimate sanctification of apartheid Israel.

The disgraceful shift of Saudi Arabia to close alliance with Israel and the USA to pursue an obsessive fight against the interests of Shia Muslims everywhere, has hopefully lost some traction after it has become impossible to deny that Mohammed Bin Salman is the psychopath his actions, especially in Yemen but also against peaceful democratic dissidents, had long revealed him to be. The Salman/Kushner plan for an ultra-fragmented Palestinian “state” with its capital in an obscure outer suburb of Jerusalem may have been dealt a mortal blow in the diplomatic world.

The only potential resolution of the situation in Palestine must involve justice and dignity for all. That solution requires the abolition of apartheid Israel and its replacement by a unitary, democratic state blind to race and religion. That is no more impossible in Palestine than it was in South Africa. The fears of those who believe it is not possible, are just as implausible as the fears of apartheid supporters 30 years ago,

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320 thoughts on “Why the “Two State Solution” is Apartheid

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  • mikjall

    I’m sorry. My understanding of the so-called “two-state solution”, which I am sure is the general understanding of the many people who support it, has been that the territory of the Palestinian state would include the Gaza Strip and the whole of the West Bank area enclosed within the “pre-1967”, or 1949 Armistice, border, with some details to be negotiated, and some more serious issues to be negotiated, such as passage between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and border-crossing rights more generally and, even more contentiously, the status of Jerusalem. The Israeli “settlements” within the West Bank area are viewed as illegal (this is the position of the UN) and would need to be vacated by the Israeli “settlers”; itself a difficult matter to negotiate. But that’s nothing at all like the proposal of Bantustans in South Africa or the existing Australian arrangements for their aboriginal population. I admit that there has been a concerted effort—mostly by the Israelis—to muddle the concept of a “two-state solution”, and there are all kinds of versions bruited about, on purpose to confuse the issue; but I don’t think that this has much weakened the consensus among its supporters as to what a “two-state solution” is meant to consist in. A two-state solution would have to be imposed by the international community since, for the Israelis, accepting it has become a political impossibility. But if imposed, many of us believe that it would work as a real solution. A one-state “solution” would, in my opinion, not be viable as a solution.

    • mikjall

      I suppose that I should have said that some (especially, informed, old-line) supporters of a two-state solution would urge that the territory of the Palestinian state under a two-state solution should conform to the UN Partition Recommendation of November 29, 1947, which is more generous to the Palestinians than the 1949 Armistice border, and also more logical, and not really disadvantageous to the Israelis, so long as their security is guaranteed. But that is the kind of thing that could be discussed once there is an international community commitment to impose a just and plausible two-state solution. I also should have mentioned that, for any such plan to be viable, the security of both Israel and the Palestinian state would have to be guaranteed by the international community, presumably through the UN—not by NATO, or the American hegemon, or any other party with self-centered “interests” in controlling the Middle East.

    • N_

      One difference between two lots of “two-state solutions” rests on whether or not the administrations of the West Bank and Gaza would control those two territories’ borders with Jordan and Egypt respectively. In the case of the former, such control might allow a federation of the West Bank with Jordan within about five minutes. The Z__nazis ruled out such control ages ago. They don’t want to let no Ayrabs block their way to the river or go to Egypt without Nazi permission. Even the use of tunnels between Gaza and Egypt, i.e. crossings not authorised by the master race, is called “terrorism”. Once Palestinian control over the two borders is ruled out, the proposal is one of bantustans. When it’s not ruled out, then it isn’t. (I did once hear Lesotho described as a bantustan, though.) Then there is airspace and the Gaza coast.

      • N_

        Even if a two-state solution need not theoretically come with bantustans, it would still constitute apartheid. A “binational” or “power-sharing” type of one-state solution wouldn’t be far from apartheid either, being reminiscent of the tricameral parliament in South Africa (and of Singapore too, although I think there’s more hypocrisy about it in that country than there was in South Africa). All of this, though, is very far from what the Znazis intend to allow in a century of Sundays. The only languages the Znazis understand are 1) violence and 2) stopping them making profits (i.e. BDS).

    • Xavi

      Have a look at a map of the West bank. The little remaining Palestinian land is sliced up and split apart by Israeli roads and settlements, peopled with the most hard-core religious fanatics. How could an independent Palestinian state function under those conditions? ‘Facts on the ground’ have obliterated any possibility of a 2-state solution.

      • mikjall

        You are right—or at least, such is the hope of the Israelis. That’s why a just and reasonable two-state solution would need to be imposed by the international community. The illegal settlements should have been stopped 30 or 40 years ago but were permitted to go on by the US. Maybe the US should have to compensate the “settlers”. Jared Kushner proposed buying the Palestinians out. How about letting them buy the “settlers” out.

  • Sharp Ears

    The ex nightclub bouncer turned defence minister is making new threats.

    ‘No choice but war’: Israel ‘exhausted all options’ in dealing with Hamas, says defense chief
    23 Oct, 2018

    ‘Israel is left with no choice but to unleash a military action against Hamas militants, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has threatened. The bellicose tirade comes amid reports the IDF are amassing tanks along the Gaza border.

    “Wars are only conducted when there is no choice, and now there is no choice,” Lieberman told the parliament. Apparently anything less than the “toughest response” to Hamas is not being considered as Tel Aviv had “exhausted the other options.”

    Speculation about a potential offensive on Gaza has been swirling for several days, as the IDF stationed around 60 tanks and armored personnel carriers near the Palestinian border in what may be the largest military deployment since 2014’s Operation Protective Edge.’

    • laguerre

      At least Lieberman doesn’t know much about military affairs. The generals may well say no to him, as they said no to pursuing war against Iran last spring.

      • SA

        The generals may have said no to attacking Iran because it is a strong enemy that can retaliate but this is not even a war which implies two opponents with some ability to inflict damage to each other, it is a one sided planned massacre.

  • Rhys Jaggar

    The greater challenge is the historical context of the Jewish genocide in WW II and that a Jewish State was ‘promised’. In South Africa, imperialist settlers merely came to seek their fortune, not to find a sanctuary safe from gassing monsters, racist thugs and psychopathic yobboes.

    The problem to be honest lies in religious books and a refusal to add historical context millennia after they were written.

    Marriage is after all described as ‘an honorable estate, created in the time of man’s innocence’, namely a time before universal birth control, a time before IVF technology, a time when starvation was a greater challenge than nuclear holocaust and a time when human populations were orders of magnitude lower than today. But most religions still see marriage from the eyes of 2000+ years ago. It may be why it has less traction….

    It is the same with the stories of squabbles taking place between peoples. Books in the Bible are in effect named after city states like Ephesus, Corinth etc where disciples of Jesus went to preach. There was no united state of the Middle East, so squabbling had rather smaller consequences in global terms. But religions of all colours still pull inflammatory verses from Holy Books to stoke up tensions in a world where one stupid idiot can wipe all of us out within 6 months….it is irresponsible nonsense to put it generously.

    I must say if I were elected PM in La-La land I would tell every Jew in this country to sign up to two unchangeable edicts or have their UK citizenship revoked:
    1) Neither Jews nor any other sect on earth is intrinsically superior and no non-jew may be treated in any way worse to Jews in this country by law and anywhere else in the world if Jews wish to retain diplomatic relations with Her Brittanic Majesty’s United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Similar impositions will be made on those of Islamic Faith.
    2) No Jew who cannot separate criticism of Zionism, the Israeli State, specific actions of specific Israelis or specific Jews from anti-semitism can retain citizenship of this country. It is a global disgrace that pandering to such distortions has permeated our despicably corrupt media and licenses to run media operations in future will never be awarded to appeasers of such ridiculous nonsense. Equally severe sanctions will be placed on those of Islamic faith behaving in analagous ways and its reporting by our despicably corrupt media.

    This is just about as hard to enforce as telling the EU to behave or fuck off with No Deal where Brexit is concerned.

    In other words, schemers try to render it impossible, but some basic backbone and forthright public speaking can ensure it occurs in a matter of weeks….

      • Hatuey

        Brexit has a whole bunch of silver linings like that.

        I fully expect the EU to make it tough for the UK too, not for malicious controlling reasons but in order to discourage others from exiting. That’s fair enough.

        England can hardly complain after the threats issued to Scotland in 2014.

  • Tony M

    October 23, 2018 at 11:29
    Is this Antonyl? If so is it an attempt at sockpuppetry or a genuine mistake?

    It looks to me like they’re trying to impersonate me. It’s probably habbaduk or some other of Craig or the Moderators vile but mollycoddled hasbarist house-pets and sock-puppeteers. The problem seems far worse here than previously. Thankfully I’m just passing through and DGAF.

  • John Goss

    Well argued Craig.

    A major difference between South Africa’s apartheid and Israel’s is that the political will was there in the sixties to oppose this ignominy. The Labour Party and Liberal Party and some Conservatives fought against it in the days before Israel (with its various friends’ groups) owned all the political parties and, shamefully, nobody has the balls to stand against this evil regime. If they do they get shadow-banned or dragged through the courts/

    Keep up the good work.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ John Goss October 23, 2018 at 18:12
        I’ve just commented on Eva’s Facebook page that an idea might be for highly-liked political commenters such as her, Vanessa Bealey and Craig Murray could move en masse to one of the new sites, perhaps keeping posting on Facebook, but making it known to their followers that they were also posting on the other site.
        That way, people would know where to look if any of the main commenters was banned or whatever; it would also allow a comparison in the interim of what is being censored.
        If enough high-end commenters switched, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube would see they just may have f*cked themselves.

    • Paul Greenwood

      The people instrumental in demonising apartheid and organising campaigns against South Africa were often the same people who were devoted to the State of Israel. When you look at the people behind the campaigns you see which ideological positions they adhered to, so it is worth looking up key individuals and their doctrinal adherences

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Paul Greenwood October 24, 2018 at 06:19
        On the other hand, Israel was Apartheid South Africa’s staunchest supporter, not only transferring arms, but even giving them Nuke technology, and nuke battlefield weapons.
        They did joint tests from ships in the Indian Ocean, which the West basically turned a blind eye to.

        • Paul Greenwood

          “On the other hand” seems a strange way to reference my point about people like Helen Gavronsky known as Helen Suzman as an archetypical case

  • dave constable

    End of 1960’s in small town Manitoba, new pal was a fellow who had fled Republic of South Africa because of the apartheid. I knew something about our reservation system here in Canada. Pal told me he thought our reservation system was pretty well the same as the township system in South Africa.
    Same empire, so, likely a lot of same attitudes and resulting ways of treating locals!

    • Bunkum007

      He moved his vacuum business to Malaysia a few years back, which was hypocritical of all his comments on brexit

    • Hatuey

      England’s the only country in the world that treats a vacuum cleaner salesman like he’s some sort of genius physicist.

        • Paul Greenwood

          The wheelbarrow gave him his cash stake to start his business. The great Private Equity Groups like Schroeder Ventures refused to back him against Hoover and Charles Sherwood preferred to flip Homebase instead. Dyson had to fund himself through Lloyds Bank mortgages……….the great British Finance Machine tossed him out on his ear and he spent 20 years putting his business together. The Great British Public prefers to see retail stores churned and burned rather than “engaging in trade”. The sneering at Dyson is why the UK is a lousy manufacturing base because all people want to do is buy, buy, buy on credit

          • Paul Barbara

            @ Paul Greenwood October 24, 2018 at 06:25
            ‘..The sneering at Dyson is why the UK is a lousy manufacturing base because all people want to do is buy, buy, buy on credit’.
            Not quite – the UK is a ‘lousy manufacturing base’ because that was the way the PTB planned it.
            And the Banksters like people to ‘..buy, buy, buy on credit’, which is why they made it so easy to get.

      • Tom Welsh

        England may well be the only country in the world that is so snobbish about “trade” that, in spite of having rung up record numbers of fundamental scientific breakthroughs and engineering inventions, it has hardly earned any money at all from them.

        If you really want to see a country “that treats a vacuum cleaner salesman like he’s some sort of genius physicist”, take a look at the USA. Half its immense wealth was built on pinching other people’s ideas and “monetizing” them (a characteristically American word for a quintessentially American practice).

      • Paul Greenwood

        Very snobby. He’s an entrepreneur and one of the few the Uk can regard as successful. No doubt you prefer Windbag Branson who owns nothing but a nameplate. There are genius physicists in Uk but they don’t get commercial returns on their know-how. LCD technology was invented in UK so was linear motor – but where is the commercial success ?

        Dyson is a phenomenon taking a physical principle and turning it into a marketable product globally. I think he is an amazing character. Nice to see Hatuey has that condescension towards “trade”

    • Sharp Ears

      I suppose he thought he would cash in on today’s publicity. He has just been on Channel 5+1 flogging his Cyclone cleaners. I see they range in price from £399 – £499! A snip at half the price.

      • Tom Welsh

        Yes, it does seem odd to ask such prices for what is essentially an electric motor, a filter, a plastic chassis and a bunch of hoses and suchlike.

        I particularly appreciated Dyson’s reference to the latest models’ use of “digital motors”. Like that makes them somehow computerised and thus “intelligent”.

    • Paul Greenwood

      Dyson is a businessman and knows he can get production engineers more readily in Asia and the growth markets are there. It would be asinine to expect to ship cars from UK to Asia and compete with ones Made in China.

      • Dungroanin

        But it is ok to ship them from Asia to Europe?

        Hey why don’t we have out armament industries based in Asia too? They would be nearer to the buyers and end use targets.
        That way we’d make available a few production engineers for local hightec manufacturing for our local markets.

        Dyson is an old style imperialist psycho.

    • SA

      Note the role of the Atlantic council in this censorship. It is also subsiding the misinformation website called Bellingcat.

      • pretzelattack

        yep the atlantic council seems to be playing the role of doug feith’s pentagon propaganda operation during the buildup to iraq 2.0.

        • Ken Kenn


          And Nick Clegg’s seat is being polished for when he “consults ” with the AC re: Internet Truth on behalf of Fakebook ( sorry Facebook).

          ” He’s a lovely human being ” says Henry.

  • Tony

    In another part of the Middle East, lies Iran. And it was with Iran in mind that, in 2011, John Bolton advocated withdrawal from the 1987 INF treaty.
    This article was written some three years before allegations of Russian non-compliance with the treaty first surfaced!
    It is doubtful whether Bolton ever supported this treaty in the first place.

    And now it appears that he has persuaded President Trump to withdraw from the treaty, a move that has been widely condemned including by two Republican senators.

    Please help save this vital treaty:

    However, it is not too late to save it and I urge all readers of this blog to contact the White House and the State Department by using the contacts below which are very easy to use.



    Many thanks.

    • Paul Greenwood

      Gobachev rammed this treaty down the throats of the Russian MIC and they hated it. Free of its constraints they can develop new launchers and warheads. The US redeployed the warheads from |Pershing II mid-range rockets into B61 nuclear bombs to be flown on German, Belgian, Italian, Dutch aircraft in breach of Non-Proliferation Treaty…..they have now been upgraded to B61-12.

      The Russians know the US wants a new arms race but they lack the nuclear engineers and rocket motors. There is a Thycydides Trap and US wants to go pre-emptive, if EU states don’t punish Romania and Poland for inviting launchers on Russia’s doorstep it is a useless institution and nothing more than a US fig leaf

      • Tom Welsh

        The Russians don’t really lose much from the INF treaty these days. They have just announced cruise missiles with virtually unlimited range, so who cares about 500-5,500 km?

        The INF was always carefully shaped to benefit the USA anyway. It applies exclusively to “land-based” missiles, while the US Navy has a huge fleet of ships that can carry cruise missiles anywhere in the world.

        The “Aegis Ashore” installations in Poland and Romania, to which Mr Putin has referred repeatedly, point up the absurdity of the treaty’s terms. The Americans have designed their naval Aegis missile system so that it can be carried ashore and used there. So is that “land-based” or not?

        And what about Russian Klub-K (and possibly other) missiles that can be concealed in ordinary freight containers and taken anywhere? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_c_PeIIeMw

        Do they suddenly begin to infringe the INF the moment that container is hoisted off a ship?

        • Paul Greenwood

          Yes but the INF Treaty really pertained to Europe and the fact that Reagan could fight a limited nuclear war in Europe without affecting strategic balance……that game is back in town. It is Europe that is going to be the dead zone,

          Why would anyone invest in Poland and Romania as front line battle states ? If you go to the Fulda Gap you see the consequences of being a battle zone – no investment in industry. Now Amazon has a giant warehouse but for decades this was the Tank Battlezone with Point Alpha in Here looking across at the channel for the 8th Guards Army tank units surging from GDR towards Frankfurt.

          Simply turning Romania and Poland into battlefields gets us back to where Europe was in 1941

  • Tony_0pmoc

    The vast majority of the peoples in the world are like Palestinians, except the Palestinians know what’s happenning.


    “It Is Like A Western Movie: A Showdown Is In The Making” By Paul Craig Roberts



    “The vast majority of the peoples in the world have no idea what is happening. They are trying to find or to keep jobs, to provide housing and food, to find the money for a mortgage or car or credit card payment in the US, and in much of the world water to drink and a bit of food to eat. They are stressed out. They have no energy to confront bad news or to figure out what is happening. They are abandoned by governments everywhere. Outside of Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, where is there a government that represents the people?”

    • Paul Greenwood

      You picked on 4 countries as an exception. They are not. ALL governments are working for interest groups against the people who themselves are stupid and fail to hold government to account

      • Tom Welsh

        When did you find the time and the sources to make the exhaustive study of all the world’s nations and citizens that apparently must stand behind your assertion?

        • Paul Greenwood

          Do you really want to know ? I have clearly much much more knowledge than you do and have never been keen on educating the slower learners in the classroom


      Wishful thinking.
      When all Palestine is united and Right of Return exercised, it is the Zionists who will be running to towns and cities all over the globe.
      And none too soon!

  • Moocho

    Does it not make sense to relocate the Palestinians elsewhere? Enough is enough, something has to be done and the Israelis ain’t going nowhere. has this been offered at all? Also why is the deep relationsip between Russia and Israel never discussed on here?

    • Ian

      Relocating israelis, apart from the indigenous palestiinians still there, would be a fairer solution.

    • Laguerre

      “and the Israelis ain’t going nowhere.”

      That’s why they’ve all got their second passports in the top drawer, ready to get on the plane, when the Hizbullah missiles start falling. Basic principle of Israeli propaganda: try to convince people that Israel is there to stay. If Israel were an ordinary country, and not a foreign colony in the Middle East, such a line would not be needed.

    • Tom Welsh

      Your logic is sound, but actually it makes more sense to relocate the Israelis elsewhere.

      1. They only just arrived, so they won’t have to bother packing again.

      2. The land is actually not theirs, but belongs to the people they forcibly drove out (and killed when they resisted).

      3. Since 1945 most countries of the world have become super-appreciative of Jewish people, and so would obviously be more than delighted to receive them. After all, if millions of uncouth third-worlders and hundreds of White Helmets are welcome, why not a few million charming, urbane, clever, productive, tolerant Jews? There would probably be fierce competition to host the largest number of such wonderful people.

  • JJ

    Moocho – Not such a bad idea to move the Palestinians elsewhere – I would suggest New York

    • Tom Welsh

      I second that proposal! Provided of course that they receive adequate compensation for what they have lost – say $1 million per head would be a good start. (That might have to be increased if it turns out to be insufficient for the first quarter’s rent of a small cockroach-infested flat).

  • Canexpat

    Dave Constable

    I believe that the South African Apartheid was based on, or at the very least was inspired by the 1876 Indian Act of Canada that first established the Reserves.

    “…1940s: Inspired by what it has read about Canada’s Indian Act and its legal classification of “status Indians,” the South African government examines Canada’s Indian reserve system and later models elements of apartheid after the Canadian system.”


    • Sharp Ears

      What went on in that time was terrible. The crimes perpetrated against those children and young people, not only in NI but in other parts of the country, are some of the worst they could have been subjected to and have probably wrecked their lives. The crimes of some of the perpetrators died with them, as with Janner, Savile and Smith.

      I remember May and her earnest and empty statements and the useless ‘inquiries’ she set up when Home Secretary Nothing ever happened. Nobody was punished. We have a rotten political system in a rotten country. As we write, the bullying and sexual harassment that has been experienced in Westminster is being reported..

      ‘No child shall be harmed’ should be the mantra.

  • Radar O’Reilly

    Some in Congress are bracing for the possibility that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein might argue in his interview with lawmakers that the FBI did not have an obligation to disclose all exculpatory evidence to the FISA judges. Such an argument is contrary to how the court works, according to officials who prepare FISA warrants. The FBI is required to submit only verified information and to alert the court to any omissions of material fact that cast doubt on the supporting evidence, including any denials, these officials told me.

    Papadopoulos said his discussions with Halper — identified this year by The Washington Post as an FBI informant in the Russia case — were among more than a half-dozen contacts that U.S. and Western intelligence figures initiated with Papadopoulos during the campaign.

    Other contacts were initiated by Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officials, an Australian intelligence agent, an Australian diplomat, an Israeli diplomat and British diplomats, Papadopoulos told me. At least one contact sought to offer him sex[*] in return for information, he alleged.

    Nearly all the contacts occurred in London, between April and October 2016, while Papadopoulos served as a foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign

    [*]Papadopoulos said he rejected that overture and then got another unexpected invite, this time from the British foreign ministry. He said two diplomats quizzed him about Trump’s positions on Iran, Russia and Brexit, and arranged a follow-up meeting with a more senior British official back in the United States.

    This is what two weeks of likely jail is doing to the ‘patsy’, he’s revealing many interesting approaches. Is it true?


    • certa certi

      ‘At least one contact sought to offer him sex[*] in return for information’

      That would be Downer

  • certa certi

    Off-topic but someone’s gotta say it – I just don’t buy the Saudi explanation.

    It was his ex. She wanted him gone before he remarried. She may have colluded with his fiancee, they may have taken out life insurance policies on him with Skripal’s help. The body double was almost certainly Skripal badly photoshopped. The so-called Saudi murder team was so inept they couldn’t possibly have been Intelligence. Alternatively the dismembered body was Sergei Skripal, dopublecrossed by May and MI6 who in any case ordered the whole thing to distract from Brexit. It certainly wasn’t MBS. He had no motive to take part in an insurance scam.

    • David Cohen

      The alleged assassins were just tourists on holiday to Istanbul where they were hoping to measure the minarets of the Blue Mosque.

    • Paul Greenwood

      It is said she was a Gulenist with Mossad connections and had only met him in May 2018. I now understand the Saudis are defensive about the well at the Consul’s residence and don’t want it disturbed

  • SA

    Attention now shifting to China. Radio 4 for last 15 minutes talking about clampdown on Muslims in the northern province and in China spying on Citizens of Chinese origin in U.K. who sound like dissidents. But is China the only place imprisoning Muslims, some in a vast open prison or spying on their citizens?
    They must have now got the signal that China is now also the new enemy to comply with the wishes of DT.

  • Dave

    After the West’s crushing defeat in WWII, the Globalists’, left and right, emerged victorious and declared further war on the white world, and it was this anti-white racism, rather than the facts in context, that drove the anti-apartheid campaign. It was South Africa, more so than Libya, also destroyed by the Globalists, that led progress in Africa, but was destroyed as an impediment to Globalist control of the continent.

    The big difference between South Africa and Israel, is whereas SA sought to build an educated black middle-class, devolved government and peace and stability with their neighbours, whilst defending the national interest, as all nations are entitled to do, Israel is doing the exact opposite.

    • laguerre

      “The big difference between South Africa and Israel, is whereas SA sought to build an educated black middle-class, devolved government and peace and stability with their neighbours, ”

      Good to see white SA trolls still exist. I thought they’d all disappeared, but they seem to have just gone underground. White SA was big on destabilising its neighbours by the way, not quite the peace and harmony you depict. Angola, anyone?

      • Dave

        The African continent is vast and its borders mostly arbitrarily drawn, and its population a range of racial groups, with a particular mix in SA. Therefore how do you manage a multi-cultural, racial state to ensure stability and prosperity, surrounded by mostly failed or failing states, which also host hostile armed groups. Its in this context apartheid SA should be judged and helped to progress the welfare of all South Africans, whilst maintaining the security of the Boer, white African tribe, nation.

        The hatred towards SA was due to anti-white racism, rather than the welfare of black people, hence the silence regarding all the suffering, black and white, under black aka Globalist rule.

        • Dungroanin

          Dave you are awkwardly confused or attempting to confuse.

          The white south afrikkanns inbred tribe?
          You might as well talk of the white aborigine Ozzies and white Maori kiwis and white native Americans of Yale and Harvard and south american aristo tribes! Like the venezuelans who think it belongs to them because their ancestors owned it on behalf of Spainish royalty under the popes blessings. That goes for all of these ‘white tribes’ – white TRIPE more like.
          They weren’t tribes, they were genocidal maniacs, still mostly are. So I call you out your belief and understanding to be Bollocks.

          Besides from the Indian sub-continent which was wrested by Gandhi and his followers using non-violence, the rest of the british empire and old european ones were brought down by the rise of the US empire in collusion with the usual bankers – who as usual are on all sides of any argument – that has always been their business model.
          That includes every war and imperialist conquest and coup over hundreds of years.
          They control all through their induction of psychopathic individuals , often chosen un their youth, who are hothoused and educated at their schools, then fast streamed through their banks to drive the Pathocracy ever forward.
          (Rhodes…Bush.,.Clinton…Blair…the Etonistas etc)

          • Dave

            Afrikaans denotes of Africa and being a small nation, a bit inbred, as are all nations, but with mixed blood, Polynesian, and probably other included. Theirs was mostly a benign rule and apartheid (separate) introduced to protect the Boers and Whites from being overwhelmed, but with a growing and prosperous black, Asian and mixed population, compared to the neighbours.

        • Ian

          “The hatred towards SA was due to anti-white racism” – so utterly ridiculous. This could only come from the mouth of a white supremacist. Apartheid as a benefit to the black majority? You must be joking, or a gullible fool.

          • Dave

            Black Africans did benefit from apartheid, hence why so many headed for SA, and the initial success of ANC rule was because apartheid had progressed a black middle class and trade union organisers who could run the country, before alas, the endemic corruption, as seen elsewhere in Africa, seeps through. But for the Globalists (who you know are involved by the coordinated and one-sided coverage) and the “Left”, getting rid of the whites, rather than the welfare of blacks, was their primary motivation, hence the silence, despite the increased suffering, since Freedom!

      • Paul Greenwood

        Angola ? Wasn’t that where everyone was involved……..USSR, Cuba, USA, ……..once the Portuguese went home ?

  • Dale Craven

    Meanwhile in China, ethnic profiling and re-education camps have popped up, just like the “good old days”. Uighurs are persecuted and re-educated by the state. I don’t even think the !sraelis would do this.

    Don’t forget “Stability is a blessing, instability is a calamity” is the message to religious minorities such as the Uighurs.

    • laguerre

      ” I don’t even think the !sraelis would do this.”

      Of course they do. There are camps in the Negev for unsuitable people. But in general Israel mainly uses different tactics – they demolish Palestinian villages without any alternative accommodation. There’s one under threat at the moment.

      • Dale Craven

        Re-education camps in Negev? Judging by your comment you haven’t even read the link, come back when you have.

      • Sharp Ears

        Correct on both counts Laguerre. Israel is, after all, ‘the only democracy in the ME’!

        1.’Ktzi’ot Prison is an Israeli detention facility located in the Negev desert 45 miles south-west of Beersheba. It is Israel’s largest detention facility in terms of land area, encompassing 400,000 square metres (99 acres). It is also the largest detention camp in the world.
        During the First Intifada, Ktzi’ot was the location of the largest detention camp run by the Israeli army. It held three-quarters of all Palestinians held by the army, and over half of all Palestinians detained in Israel. According to Human Rights Watch, in 1990 it held approximately one out of every 50 West Bank and Gazan males older than 16. Amongst Palestinians it was known as Ansar III after a similar prison camp set up in South Lebanon by Israel during the South Lebanon conflict (1982–2000). Ktzi’ot camp was opened in March 1988 and closed in 1995. It was re-opened in 2002 during the Second Intifada.’

        2. Khan al Ahmar, also in the Negev.

        ‘The West Bank Palestinian village of Khan al Ahmar is at imminent risk of demolition. The village is located near Jerusalem, between the Israeli settlement of Ma’ale Adumim and one of its elite suburbs, Kfar Adumim. It is one of several Palestinian communities facing forced relocation because it falls within the “E1” plan that would link the Israeli settlements with West Jerusalem (cutting East Jerusalem off from the rest of the West Bank). All the homes and structures in Khan al Ahmar were issued demolition orders on March 5th, 2017, +++ requiring them to demolish their own homes, school, mosque, clinic, and barns within seven days.+++’

        Can you imagine it? An order to demolish your own home.

        • Sharp Ears

          Meant to say that the residents of Khan al Ahmar originally lived in the Negev but were expelled by the Israeli army in 1952. They relocated to the so called West Bank.

          ‘Many of the families living in Khan al-Ahmar, from the Bedouin Jahalin tribe, were expelled from the Negev in 1952 by the Israeli army. They moved the following year to the West Bank, under Jordanian administration, and settled in Khan al-Ahmar which, in the late 1970s, found itself incorporated into lands that were assigned to a new Israeli settlement, which became the present-day Maale Adumim. The village is one of the only remaining Palestinian areas within the E1 zone, strategically significant because it connects the north and south of the West Bank.’

  • Sharp Ears

    Galloway on the Saudis and Khashoggi.

    ‘When the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tabled a motion earlier this year to halt British arms sales to Saudi Arabia pending an inquiry into the use of the weapons in the bloody war on Yemen, it could well have passed. But for the betrayal by more than 100 Labour MPs on his own side. Gay Labour MPs sided with those who throw gays off buildings. Feminist Labour MPs sided with those who abjure even mediaeval standards of women’s rights. Democrats siding with the very desert of liberty freedom and democracy. I was suspicious, even puzzled at the scale of Saudi support within the Parliamentary Labour Party. Soon, I think, everything will be a lot more clear.
    This story will run and run.’

    GG is cynical about the hypocritical and sudden outpouring of criticism of the Saudis from those who are/were on the take from them.

    Q In the article, there is a photo of Welby showing books to bin Salman. I found it’s source in the FT.

    ‘Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury, centre right, shows Prince Mohammed and his party early texts from the Christian, Muslim and Jcwish faiths at Lambeth Palace, London.’

    An interesting link – May, Johnson, Fox, the Queen et al are shown in the photos bowing and scraping to MBS when he visited the UK in March.

    • hagar

      Sharp Ears,

      Is this Kashoggi that has been butchered allegedly related to the biggest arms dealer in the world, Adnan Kashoggi? Who had the biggest super yacht in the world, and did he sell said super yacht to Donald back in the day?

      Your super research skills could help me out this morning.

      I have just been told by the secretary of the Prof. at the Beatson in Glasgow that the Secretary of State’s new rules on cancer treatment with Medical Cannabis oil which is supposed to come into effect on the 1st of November does not apply to me. But will not tell me why I am excluded.
      Is this another con by the Tory Gov. to make themselves look like a caring Gov. treating young children only?

      I can’t find the criteria anywhere. Mind you I have difficulty focusing on anything at the moment while steam is coming out my ears in anger.
      Maybe I should move to Israel to get a Medical Cannabis cure? NAE CHANCE!!!

      • Sharp Ears

        Hagar, sorry to hear of your condition especially if you are having pain

        I don’t know what the ‘rules’ are for prescribing it but this might help.

        What are the rules about cannabis oil in the UK?

        The Lifeboat News Message Board (successor to Medialens Message Board) often discuss the subject..
        Enter ‘cannabis’ in the search box and then sort the results by date. Hope that is helpful. ATB.

        • Hagar

          Sharp Ears,

          Thanks a million. You never fail to come up with the goods. That is why I asked you.

          I was not sure I could trust my old memory on the Kashoggis and the boat and Trump and the connection to Dodi.
          I don’t like to say anything unless I am sure of the facts, first. I feel better already after seeing it in black and white. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
          Was at my own local hospital yesterday for a x-ray. Suspicion that I have fluid in my lungs. Have to wait up to ten days for result. Rubbish!
          I do not give up. Just as well, I am fighting on several fronts at this time. I just do not understand why others take me on. They should know by now that I don’t start a fight without knowing I can win.

          I sincerely hope you are in rude health and happy and surrounded by harmony.The odd hater on here is not to be given any credit. They can only reap the badness they sow.

          Love and blessings. Your humour slays me, can’t whack a good laugh.

    • Alyson

      It may have had something to do with the armed presence accompanying the KSA delegation in London. I had the privilege in 2011 of sitting across the square from a large delegation of the Royals in Egypt. First the flatbed trailers arrived, with rocket launchers and machine guns pointing in all directions. Once these were in place the family took up their seats to view the western tourists, on the other side of the square, and vice versa, for a relaxing sunny afternoon, where they had travelled to from across the Red Sea, for a visit to a hotel they own. An aerial view of the cavalcade in London showed flatbed trucks with sides up, in front and behind the large limousine bringing their Royals to visit ours. I doubt many people questioned what was behind the pictures of the king on the sides. I doubt many foreign visitors are allowed to travel ifreely n London with such a large arsenal.

  • certa certi

    ‘Adnan Kashoggi’

    Yes. Kashoggi crossed my path more than once in the 80s in relation to his backing for Mancham and their attempted coup in the Seychelles. They flew to Perth in Australia to seek support from Seychellois expats to topple Rene, who sent some of his kids to a Catholic school in Perth.

  • SA

    Interesting three part series on BBC 2 about the Assad Dynasty. Part 1
    Actually Bashar and Asma Assad come off very well until the very end. The main speakers are an ex MI6 chief of Intelligence, John Sawyer, with a very specific misinformation brief and a Syrian Journalist who has been detained because of unauthorised reporting. Worth seeing if only to look at Tony Blair’s face in a press conference between 44-45 minutes. Bashar Assad’s words then were obviously not welcome by TB, who was trying to sell him cooperation in the war against Iraq. The subsequent change in direction by Bashar is depicted as revering to dictatorship but in fact the duplicitous nature of what TB was trying to do is not even hinted at. Has the BBC shot itself in the foot there?

  • GlassHopper

    I’ve been a supporter of the Palestinian cause for decades, however, it does seem that if you want to survive in the Middle East you need to get tooled up, build some walls and stay one step ahead of the competing groups. The Israeli’s only have to look at what’s happening to Christians all over the region to see what fate awaits them if they’re not careful.
    I don’t see the bi national state winning too many converts, and the right of return is a pipe-dream.

    • Keith McClary

      “In 1947, just before Israel was established, the Palestinian Christian community made up 7% of the population and numbered about 140,000—compared to roughly 630,000 Jews and 1.2 million Muslims. Today Christians comprise only 1-2.5% of the population of Israel/Palestine.”

  • Sharp Ears

    Jenny Tonge was a LD MP for Richmond Park. In that capacity, she stood up for the Palestinians. Clegg, owing to pressure from the Zionist lobby, took the whip away from her as he did from David Ward. Shame on Clegg.

    She became a peer and has continued with her support. Now she is being branded anti-semitic by the Liverpool School of Medicine and an invitation they issued to her has been withdrawn. Shame on them.

    ‘The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine rescinded an invitation to the life peer Jenny Tonge to be a panellist earlier this month at a meeting on maternal health because of “allegations of anti-Semitic sentiment.”

    The event, which took place at the Wellcome Collection in London on 4 October, was part of the Liverpool institution’s B!RTH Project, which uses theatre to raise awareness and provoke debate on global inequality in maternal healthcare. It included two specially commissioned plays about the burden of obstetric fistula in Kenya and the realities of pregnancy and childbirth through conflict, and panellists discussed the issues raised.

    Two weeks before the event Tonge received a letter from Janet Hemingway, director of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, saying that her invitation was being withdrawn because “a number of issues of concern” had been raised through the school’s due diligence …

    view full text

    Who could be better qualified than her to be at that event?

    ‘She trained to be a doctor at University College Hospital, gaining an MB and BS in 1964.

    She is also MFFP (Membership of the Faculty of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care of the RCOG).She holds an honorary FFFP. From 1968–78, she worked in General Practice and Family Planning. From 1980–85, she worked as Senior Medical Officer in Women’s Services in Ealing. She was a manager of Community Health Services in Ealing from 1992–96.

    Tonge was a councillor in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames from 1981–90 and served as chair of the Social Services Committee.’

    She has raised her grandchild who was left motherless when her daughter was accidentally killed by electrocution. Jenny is a good woman.

    • Sharp Ears

      In 2004, Charles Kennedy removed her from the LD front bench for the same sort of thing. What a useless lot the LDs were, and now they have Cable when we really need an effective opposition at the moment.

      MP sacked over suicide bomb claim
      Patrick Wintour and Matthew Taylor
      24 Jan 2004
      ‘Jenny Tonge was yesterday sacked from the Liberal Democrat frontbench by party leader Charles Kennedy after he rejected as completely unacceptable her remarks suggesting that she might have resorted to violence had she been a Palestinian.
      Mr Kennedy spoke to Ms Tonge briefly yesterday after she publicly repeated her remarks twice. Her sympathy with the plight of Palestinian suicide bombers had been condemned by the Conservatives and the Israeli ambassador to London.

      Dr Tonge yesterday insisted that her initial remarks, made at a meeting of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign in London, had not been supporting terrorist violence but were designed to show she understood that suicide bombers acted out of a form of political hopelessness.’

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