It’s the Real Thing 111

This video has been on all the major news networks, but I would like you to turn up the sound, watch the twitches and pay close attention to the very definite problems that the Crown Prince is having with his nose.

Here – apart from sniffing and a runny nose – from a treatment website is a list of some of the mental symptoms of cocaine abuse. An interesting take on the reckless Khashoggi assassination?

Mental state:
Unusual excitement
Poor judgment

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111 thoughts on “It’s the Real Thing

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  • giyane

    Nerves. Unlike some he can’t deal with his nerves by sipping a good malt
    Proves nothing. Usukis need MbS out and that was probably the plan from 2010 when war criminal Dave first went to meet erdogan to stitch up Syria for the neo-cunts after doing Libya and Iraq

      • N_

        The scale of the West’s reporting of the Istanbul event, when there was little response to previous similar events, may not be wholly explicable by their being put on the spot by Erdogan and wanting to uphold the honour of the Washington Post.

        • ma1

          Wasn’t it obvious from the divergences over the Iran deal that there were two opposing factions out there? The neocons want MBS in, the neolibs want him out.

          • Herbie

            Yes, seems the Globalists want MBS out, and the Nationalists want him in.

            So, Trump and Netanyahu want MBS in and the Clinton crew, including CIA and Netanyahu’s opposition, want him out.

            Those are the opposing teams as they’re being presented.

      • giyane

        Craig. Hi. Which particular sentence is nonsense? I know usukis want to trade weapons with Saudi Arabia but usukis cannot change the rules of Islam with the saudis as they do with their proxy regiments of the MB Islamists.

        The Saudis target the. Deviance of the Shi’a for religious reasons while MB target the Sunni populations for power from the west. IMHO the west secretly encourage the Shi’a to provokevthe Saud’s.

        When describing the madness of the neo-cons one necessarily strays into nonsense territory. They are nonsense. I’m talking sense.

        • Ros Thorpe

          Firstly he doesn’t deny responsibility for the atrocity.
          Secondly he talks about justice being ‘seen’ which doesn’t mean real justice being done
          Thirdly he talks about attempts to drive a wedge between Turkey and SA and praises Erdogan. That looks scripted by Erdogan. Ha ha. He’s become a slave and in the same position as all those slaves surrounding him. When he kicks them, he might expect to be kicked again by Erdogan. An existential crisis or Greek tragedy?

      • Johny Conspiranoid

        KSA is the vital ally. Perhaps MBS is threatening to sell oil in currency other than the dollar and to get closer to China so a change of leadership is required.

    • laguerre

      You’re right, giyane, “he can’t deal with his nerves by sipping a good malt”. The Saudis drink Johnny Walker, which is rubbish. They keep it in their safes, so it’s not seen.

        • uncle tungsten

          Yes giyane, I would be tippling a fine arak or tequila long before a whiskey.

          Johnny Walker is for washing wounds etc.

        • Laguerre

          “Why would they do that?”

          Mainly for the alcohol content. I know for a fact that one Saudi minister used to keep his Johnny Walker in the safe, but that was a while back. They may well have moved on to coke.

          In the old days, the Ba’thists in Syria and Iraq used to go to restaurants where they’d put a bottle of Johnny Walker automatically on the table, when you sat down. But then Saddam got religion, and all that in public stopped. The Saudis weren’t any different, they just never did it in public.

      • Rod

        Your not wrong there, Michael, a pair of twits if ever there was one; but ‘We’ didn’t get rid of Osbourne and Cameron, Mrs May rid us of Osbourne and it’s probably the only redeeming feature of her premiership. As for Cameron, well he was so weak and ineffectual during his own premiership that he led the nation to where we are today before retreating to his hut in the garden despite telling us all he would see Brexit through. Even so, I’m guessing neither of them are on the bread line since leaving office.

  • giyane

    Saudi Arabia is an oppressive regime which has a massive drug and alcohol abuse problem. No sane person can live under total control 24/7, not even a ruler.
    Medical experts can try to cure addictions but addictions are caused by oppression and cured by the opposite.
    That’s how God made us … Weak

  • Jo

    I had suspected this last coupla years….a seemingly overconfidence importance controlling but pretending to be considerate full type of personality…bright wide open eyes behind a mask of civility……can turn in an instant …..especially in such a power position only means that it will be used to promote and sustain the extremes of the personality.

  • George Bestest

    Unusual excitement
    Poor judgment

    Sums up this post really

  • graham

    I’m not convinced that a runny and twitching nose has anything to do with cocaine in this particular case. Having lived in the Mid-East the locals are forever greeting each other with cheek, nose or forehead ‘kisses’ with many having almost permanent coughs and colds. In addition, these countries have many ‘expats’ in very large numbers bringing all sorts of viruses with them. Indeed, it would be uncommon to go to any meeting without someone having the ‘sniffles’ in places like SA. I’m not defending MBS at all, but this is speculation and not overly helpful in our ‘post-truth world.

    • Baalbek

      I wholeheartedly agree. It’s gossip rag level speculating that serves no useful purpose and it isn’t even entertaining. It is, however, more evidence that rational thinking is being abandoned en masse.

    • Laguerre

      The sniffles were due to the vast temperature differential between the glacial air-conditioning, and the outside heat. That happened to me in Saudi, and I hadn’t kissed anyone. The French are always kissing one another, up to four pecks at a time, but they don’t get colds like that.


    Amphetamines is MbS’ drug. Heavy users snort them, just like cocaine.

    Always ask: who benefits, and why now? There was a big assassination attempt on him earlier this year. Learn the real truth about last years Las Vegas attack. All roads lead to the City of London Bankers, who put the House of Saud there in the first place. Trump is currently signalling that the Federal Reserve may be next for the chopping block.

    Blowback is payback.

    “Khashoggi’s murder set up for bin Salman’s replacement: Analyst” [Scott Bennett]

    • Paul Barbara

      @ PERMINDEX October 25, 2018 at 12:05
      ‘… Trump is currently signalling that the Federal Reserve may be next for the chopping block…’
      If so, he’s forecasting his demise. Anyone who messes with the Banksters ends up dead, from Lincoln to JFK.

    • frank

      “Trump is currently signalling that the Federal Reserve may be next for the chopping block.”

      If only. But his administration is full of Wall Street bankers, so I think not.

      Good advice would be to ignore what Trump is _saying_ and focus on what he’s _doing_.

  • giyane

    In short, the Saudis sell oil to buy weapons from the West to fight against the glaring fallacies which the failed, former custodians of Islam, ie Zionists encourage. This causes the Muslims to fight each other instead of fighting the West and puts money in our blood filled pockets
    Political Islam has nothing to sell but their own souls and the lives of the Muslims.
    Political Islam are the main problem but after centuries colonial subjection the Saudis should choose a scholar of Islam for a leader rather than the great Satan’s choice.

    • Laguerre

      Nah, the Saudis don’t buy weapons to fight other Muslims. Most don’t get used, because Saudi troops are not willing to fight – they just let the Houthis walk over the border. The Yemen air attacks are an exception. Rather the contracts are protection money – so that the US or Britain will come to their aid, in case of need.

  • SA

    I am not so sure about Craig’s conclusion. I see a man who usually commands the situation trying very hard to put a straight face and obfuscate and and finds it hard and even distasteful to have to say what he says. It is not just the sniffing there are other gestures. Interesting Saad Al Hariri, sitting on his right side was clapping in a very routine half hearted way. Of course Al Hariri himself was subjected to an abduction and restriction of movement before and probably narrowly escaped the fate of Khashoggi.

  • Rhys Jaggar

    Those symptoms could equally be applied to large swathes of football fans, Mr Murray. Especially Arsenal ones the past decade. When they are not showing the signs of plain bullying thuggery, foul mouthed vitriolic abuse hurling and other less pleasant traits called racism or some phobia if targeted at Jews, Muslims, gays, blacks or women….

  • Tom

    I don’t see anything unusual. In fact, I’d judge from his facial expressions and eye contact that the Crown Prince is telling the truth – or at least what he thinks is the truth.
    This is looking more and more like a smear campaign by the intelligence agencies and western media against a leader who might not toe the line. We’ve seen it many times before.

    • Spencer Eagle

      Agreed, he’s far too alert and engaged with the interviewer to be on coke, maybe Night Nurse for that sniffle.

  • Dungroanin

    After a brief respite from the narrative factory – the memory hole opened wide and the story has disappeared off the front pages, poof!

    Replaced by philip green in the UK and ‘devices’ sent to democrats in the US.

    They really treat us as planks.

  • james

    i think he is responsible for kashoggis death, but i don’t beleive he is a cokehead… could be wrong, but i doubt it..

  • IanA

    I really don’t understand the point of this post.

    Ruling psychopathic despot head of tyrannical regime that regularly disappears opponents might have a ‘coke’ problem?

    What would you expect – that behind it all he was a quite normal well adjusted individual…?

  • Phil Espin

    He should have said “look if Donald can go around droning whoever he wants and killing loads of innocents, and Bibi can shoot as many Palestinians in cold blood as he likes, why can’t I off one irritating sob without all this drama?”

  • Jude 93

    I’ve always wondered what role, if any, cocaine use among politicians, think tank wonks, journos, academics, and so on had in the rise of liberal interventionist (aka chicken hawk) movement. Vicarious machismo seems to be a dominating tendency among such folk. Not so long ago the Neocons used to declaim mock-heroically about the need to crush “Islamo-fascism”, but since their sponsorship of Jihadism in Syria became plain for all to see, they’ve reverted instead to labelling any regime they seek to topple as plain old unhyphenated “fascist”. Will Self once brilliantly described Blair as “the air guitarist of political rhetoric” – a phrase that could likewise be applied to most of the rest of Neo-con/Liberal interventionist brigade. They remind me of weedy teenagers thrashing away on their phantom instruments to Motorhead’s ‘Overkill” – or some other frenzied anthem – at the local youth club. The problem is their (possibly) coke-fuelled macho fantasies have real life (and death) consquences for millions around the world.

  • Alasdair Macdonald

    There is another possible explanation in addition to the list you have provided. Many people of my age, born and raised in industrialised parts of Glasgow prior to the Clean Air Acts, also sniff quite a lot due to the various pollutant chemicals assailing our child membranes as we were growing. I understand that the air quality in parts of Saudi Arabia is pretty toxic. Although the Prince will have palaces in green and clean places to where he can retreat, he will on occasion have to frequent places like Riyadh.

    He is a murderous, inhuman ogre and the murder of Mr Khashoggi was an abomination, which was symptomatic of the arrogance of people like the Prince. Much as he would like to think otherwise, he is made of the same atoms and molecules as the rest of us.

    I suspect that he might well snort cocaine.

  • Jon

    It probably doesn’t matter in the context of the post, but it’s worth noting that the linked website – Narconon – is a front organisation for Scientology. Admittedly, it’s not particularly hidden – L. Ron Hubbard gets a link in the footer!

  • Mick from Ramsbottom

    I must pay more attention to Jeremy Hunt’s nose. I’ve been looking at the state of his eyes only up to now.

    • Sharp Ears

      Have you noticed he chews air when sitting on the front bench waiting his turn? He’s a nutter.

  • Ort

    Your surmise is plausible, Craig, but not compelling.

    I hearken back to an episode of “Seinfeld” called “The Sniffing Accountant”. Since that popular US sitcom has been exported to the rest of the world, if you haven’t seen it I’m sure it’s readily available.

    To save you the trouble, here’s a “spoiler”: the episode revolves around Seinfeld and his pals becoming suspicious of an accountant to whom they’ve entrusted money for investment; their suspicion is based on the accountant’s tendency to persistently sniff when in their presence. He also comes off as a bit too nervous and distracted, if not altogether fidgety.

    After a series of comically unsuccessful hi-jinks to “expose” the accountant as a coke fiend, a pizza delivery guy starts sniffing just like the suspicious accountant when he brings a pizza to Jerry’s apartment. It turns out that the deliveryman is allergic to the mohair sweater that Jerry was also wearing during his encounters with the sniffing accountant– thus, the sniffing, watery eyes, etc.

    True, the episode ends with a twist, i.e. that the accountant may have been involved with drugs after all. But the circumstantial evidence here isn’t enough to establish that MBS is a cokehead.

    I’m reminded of the way the Charlie & Dawn chapter of the Skripal farce triggered a flood of knowing commentaries that featured elaborate scenarios based on a pop culture, mass-media promulgated stereotype of the “junkie lifestyle” (or lack thereof).

    • Frans Meyer

      In ‘About’: L.Ron.Hubbard!
      First I was shocked. Could it be -nope, pleeeease no.
      But Craig’s reply tell’s he’s taking things easy, isn’t it.
      Craigs choice of that URL seemed more like a lazy glitch, or glitched lazyness.
      (Excuse my limited abilities in the english language)
      Thank you JF, I went trough all available comments to see if someone did ask what you did. I’ve been relieved to find one.
      And now I had to investigate what FFS means. There so much to learn, here in this blog. Cheers.

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