British Security Service Infiltration, the Integrity Initiative and the Institute for Statecraft 617

The British state can maintain its spies’ cover stories for centuries. Look up Eldred Pottinger, who for 180 years appears in scores of British history books – right up to and including William Dalrymple’s Return of the King – as a British officer who chanced to be passing Herat on holiday when it came under siege from a partly Russian-officered Persian army, and helped to organise the defences. In researching Sikunder Burnes, I discovered and published from the British Library incontrovertible and detailed documentary evidence that Pottinger’s entire journey was under the direct instructions of, and reporting to, British spymaster Alexander Burnes. The first historian to publish the untrue “holiday” cover story, Sir John Kaye, knew both Burnes and Pottinger and undoubtedly knew he was publishing lying propaganda. Every other British historian of the First Afghan War (except me and latterly Farrukh Husain) has just followed Kaye’s official propaganda.

Some things don’t change. I was irresistibly reminded of Eldred Pottinger just passing Herat on holiday, when I learnt how highly improbable left wing firebrand Simon Bracey-Lane just happened to be on holiday in the United States with available cash to fund himself, when he stumbled into the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Recent university graduate Simon Bracey-Lane took it even further. Originally from Wimbledon in London, he was inspired to rejoin the Labour party in September when Corbyn was elected leader. But by that point, he was already in the US on holiday. So he joined the Sanders campaign, and never left.
“I had two weeks left and some money left, so I thought, Fuck it, I’ll make some calls for Bernie Sanders,” he explains. “I just sort of knew Des Moines was the place, so I just turned up at their HQ, started making phone calls, and then became a fully fledged field organiser.”

It is, to say the least, very interesting indeed that just a year later the left wing, “Corbyn and Sanders supporting” Bracey-Lane is hosting a very right wing event, “Cold War Then and Now”, for the shadowy neo-con Institute for Statecraft, at which an entirely unbalanced panel of British military, NATO and Ukrainian nationalists extolled the virtues of re-arming against Russia.

Nor would it seem likely that Bracey-Lane would be involved with the Integrity Initiative. Even the mainstream media has been forced to give a few paragraphs to the outrageous Integrity Initiative, under which the MOD-sponsored Institute for Statecraft has been given millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money by the FCO to spread covert disinformation and propaganda, particularly against Russia and the anti-war movement. Activities include twitter and facebook trolling and secretly paying journalists in “clusters of influence” around Europe. Anonymous helpfully leaked the Institute’s internal documents. Some of the Integrity Initiative’s thus exposed alleged covert agents, like David Aaronovitch, have denied any involvement despite their appearance in the documents, and others like Dan Kaszeta the US “novichok expert”, have cheerfully admitted it.

The mainstream media have tracked down the HQ of the “Institute for Statecraft” to a derelict mill near Auchtermuchty. It is owned by one of the company directors, Daniel Lafayeedney, formerly of D Squadron 23rd SAS Regiment and later of Military Intelligence (and incidentally born the rather more prosaic Daniel Edney).

By sleuthing the company records of this “Scottish charity”, and a couple of phone calls, I discovered that the actual location of the Institute for Statecraft is the basement of 2 Temple Place, London. This is not just any basement – it is the basement of the former London mansion of William Waldorf Astor, an astonishing building. It is, in short, possibly the most expensive basement in London.

Which is interesting because the accounts of the Institute for Statecraft claim it has no permanent staff and show nothing for rent, utilities or office expenses. In fact, I understand the rent is paid by the Ministry of Defence.

Having been told where the Institute for Statecraft skulk, I tipped off journalist Kit Klarenberg of Sputnik Radio to go and physically check it out. Kit did so and was aggressively ejected by that well-known Corbyn and Sanders supporter, Simon Bracey-Lane. It does seem somewhat strange that our left wing hero is deeply embedded in an organisation that launches troll attacks on Jeremy Corbyn.

I have a great deal more to tell you about Mr Edney and his organisation next week, and the extraordinary covert disinformation war the British government wages online, attacking British citizens using British taxpayers’ money. Please note in the interim I am not even a smidgeon suicidal, and going to be very, very careful crossing the road and am not intending any walks in the hills.

I am not alleging Mr Bracey-Lane is an intelligence service operative who previously infiltrated the Labour Party and the Sanders campaign. He may just be a young man of unusually heterodox and vacillating political opinions. He may be an undercover reporter for the Canary infiltrating the Institute for Statecraft. All these things are possible, and I have no firm information.

But one of the activities the Integrity Initiative sponsors happens to be the use of online trolls to ridicule the idea that the British security services ever carry out any kind of infiltration, false flag or agent provocateur operations, despite the fact that we even have repeated court judgements against undercover infiltration officers getting female activists pregnant. The Integrity Initiative offers us a glimpse into the very dirty world of surveillance and official disinformation. If we actually had a free media, it would be the biggest story of the day.

As the Establishment feels its grip slipping, as people wake up to the appalling economic exploitation by the few that underlies the very foundations of modern western society, expect the methods used by the security services to become even dirtier. You can bank on continued ramping up of Russophobia to supply “the enemy”. As both Scottish Independence and Jeremy Corbyn are viewed as real threats by the British Establishment, you can anticipate every possible kind of dirty trick in the next couple of years, with increasing frequency and audacity.

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617 thoughts on “British Security Service Infiltration, the Integrity Initiative and the Institute for Statecraft

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  • Rhys Jaggar

    Surely you should get yourself ‘bumped off’ so you can re-emerge in public life with a new persona, free of your run-ins over Uzbekistan, Russia and other dodgy events back in the mists of time?

    I am sure you are aware that such events occur. I knew of one and I wonder where in the Middle East Jesus Mk II turned up? Perhaps Mr Le Mesurier could cast light?

    The only question is what price you would have to pay?

    Obviously, if Breaking up the Union is to be forgone, your red lines would already be Blue Ones.

    But seriously: I would have thought Edinburgh was choc-a-bloc full of spies. Scotland certainly has plenty of them. Just look at St Andrews University, its student mix etc. Prime Recruiting fodder and staffing will reflect that too. I am sure Orange Lodges have networks linked straight to Waterloo Bridge. And all those influential jocks in London: par for the course to sign up to get on….

    Assume your computer is keystroke hacked, your mobile hijacked. Back in the day, snail mail was routinely opened (Alan Johnson had connections there, of course). White vans with hi-jinx in the back is a usual tactic. And the Five Eyes often send their junior trainees off to follow annoying toerags like us: they are not very good at it, even if they pose as accountants at Grant Thornton and the like.

    I always used to find that my landline telephone calls would be immediately cut off if I said something provocative about Israel: it was my first peepshow detection flushing action. When you get some nonsense nuisance caller calling you Arthur Scargill (with you it would probably be Jimmy Knapp), you know they consider you to be worth wasting taxpayers’ money on. I must say if I suspected a woman of putting me under surveillance, I might say very insulting things about her backside: after all, putting a man under surveillance is worse behaviour than responding by calling her a fat-arsed dimwit in return, is it not? Not that I consider Emily Thornberry to be dim, cannot have Attorney Generals being as thick as a post, even when shadowing the role….she might have to be replaced by working class London men. Perish the thought…

    I used to find that the BBC had an inside track on my movements: amazing how they could find me for a quote when I was walking up Oxford Road past BBC studios in Manchester. I am sure Nick Robinson had nothing to do with it. And certainly not Stuart Hall….

    All in all, the best way to deal with them is savage humour, showing you have rumbled them. They are not very good at these things, since if they were, rumbling them would not be so easy.

  • Molloy


    Repost of Jack’s great comment (hope this is okay, Jack). . . . Agreed in toto.
    December 13, 2018 at 19:09
    Thank you (CM) for your work!
    In a normal world that exposure would get you prizes and would be on the front page all over.

    It is strange – or perhaps telling when alledged russian troll farms get all publicity 24/7 but when a UK state funded trollfarm, where we even know where they sit physically – doesnt get any exposure at all. This shows the world how much western “democracies” care about freedom of speech and so on. Simply heinous behavior by western media that silence this!


  • laguerre

    Of course the British government is having fake Facebook posts written, and favourable blog comments. Everyone else does it, so I presume that the British government does too. The Israelis started it, but their efforts have become pretty obvious. Recently the quality of their English has declined. Their agents no longer know English or grammar.

    Comments you have to take as they are written. There are a lot of Russophobes here, even without government intervention. I don’t know why. I don’t have any particular liking for Putin, but he’s leading a traditional defensive foreign policy for Russia, and that doesn’t include conquering Britain.

    • Squeeth

      “Their agents no longer know English or grammar.”

      Are you sure you aren’t confusing them with English English Lit graduates and Americans?

    • Paul Barbara

      @ laguerre December 13, 2018 at 20:52
      ‘..There are a lot of Russophobes here, even without government intervention. I don’t know why..’
      Perhaps because we are informed and smart enough to know that Putin and Russia are being demonised, and blamed for ‘False Flag’ attacks done by others, including the UK. And that the Ukraine ‘coup’ was US planned, and that their intervention in Syria was at the invitation of the Assad government, and was to counter the hordes of Western mercenary headchoppers sent in to overthrow the Assad government and to Balkanise the country, as they were also tasked to do (Balkanisation) in Iraq.
      And that neither they nor the breakaway areas of Ukraine were responsible for the shooting down of MH17.
      And pretty sure they had nothing to do with the Skripal affair.

    • John2o2o

      I disagree, Russophobia is (and perhaps always was) due directly to the actions of government. That is why. (They’re not going to be up front about their activities!)

      Actually I, like 95% of Brits know almost nothing about Vladimir Putin and The Russian Federation.

      There are plenty of people who read the MSM who think they know something about Putin, however.

      I hope one day to travel and visit Russia. Generally (from what I can find on the internet) their people are down to earth, friendly and well educated. And less obsessed with money and status than some other cultures.

    • Sylvia

      ‘Their agents no longer know English or grammar.’ This is so true – in particular I have found Ameicanised words – the z instead of s gives it away.

      • Christopher Dale Rogers


        You don’t half have a way with words, no beating about the bush with you – I’d have perhaps structured my own critique in somewhat less stringent terms, if only not to fall foul of the Antisemitism Extremists who’s bigotry is legion, particularly given many are not even Jewish.

    • glenn_pt

      Thank God you’re here. I would have no other means of learning about ‘breaking news’, other than your “O/T” reports.

    • Kit R A Klarenberg

      Thanks, very kind of you to say. It amazes me to see mainstream journalists focusing entirely on the question of whether this was a Russian hack and/or part of a Russian disinformation campaign, as if that’s the real scandal, rather than vast amounts of British taxpayer money being used to fund a dirty tricks operation meddling in domestic politics in not just the UK, but a great many other countries in the world.

      • Shatnersrug

        Are you really amazed kit? I think most guardian – or ex-guardian readers like me have written 90% of their journos as shills and assets of the security services. Nick Cohen most definately belongs to Israel though.

        • Christopher Dale Rogers


          Like you, nothing really amazes me anymore with the complicity of our Metropolitan hacks and their propagandistic tendencies, that are now so transparent its laughable – so, like you The Guardian was binned not too long after Viner took the helm – its descent into the gutter has been something to behold, and yet, many still take it as Gospel, which is what i find most shocking given much of its content.

          • Dungroanin

            I have had conversations with old socialist labour types – the types who believed the Blairites complaint that Corbyn, Abbot, MacD are substandard compared to them; who believed the propaganda that he had no chance in the snap election – they hated Murdoch and the tory press ever since Wapping, they cling onto the rotting corpse of the the daily hard copy of the Obsessive Groan, as I used to for 30 years, mainly so that they can feel happy with their security blanket and crosswords.

            Most of these don’t see it online – so they don’t get the feel of the manipulations or the comments and commentators disgust or the heavy handed moderation of such. They look at me blankly as I tell them why I don’t buy it anymore and that they should bury it before they pick up some nasty ailment from it. That Cohen, Freedland, Toynbee, the old guard are grand old puppets. That Jones is not a new hope, Harding is a direct MI5/6 mouthpiece, that almost all but a few fig leafs are genuine, that the paper is using identity politics to divide the readers and stop a focus coming together on the Big Lie they have sold us for decades that led us to buy the false prophets of neocon/lib continued Thatcherism. They can’t even see that the appeal for funds is now expressed in a desire to raise a million DOLLARS, not £’s because it is now part of the worldwide mutant msm human caterpillar. That is why they don’t care what shit they eat and feed their readers. They publish pr releases and lies.

            Alas it seems it is too late for many of these ageing readers, I give them a pitying look and know that they will die from the shock of the truth or go mad. Sad, so so sad.

          • Christopher Dale Rogers

            Take heart Dungroanin,

            When I began reading The Guardian circa 1983, my parent being Daily Mirror readers, The Grauniad’s physical copy circulation was approx. 450K, many of the folks I kicked around with their parents too subscribed to Grauniad and all wanted to read the paper prior to beginning the days activities, which mean’t despite readers dying off, new subscribers came along after going to Uni or moving out with the parents. The Grauniad is now below 150K physical readership, and such a steep decline is not solely caused by new ways of accessing News, or old gifs like me popping our socks, rather, old time Lefties have actually voted with their wallets and decided to give a purveyor of Fake News a miss – I mean, much of this fake news is free, so why pay Guardian propagandists to lie to you and slag off Corbyn continually – Viner & Freedland have been an unmitigated disaster for a paper i cherished, neither will be forgiven.

          • Mr Shigemitsu

            The fact that they’re reduced to begging from the readership, and now trumpet the fact that they have managed to raise a few more quid from the incuriously “liberal” outer fringes of the English speaking world is testament not only to their domestic irrelevance, but also their to their desperation.

        • Ken Kenn

          Cohen belongs to the Euston Group who’s objectives look like they were written by the US NATO.

          Pompous lot of self promoting “civilisers”

          I wouldn’t be surprised if Aaranovitch was in there somewhere either.

  • Gavin

    Why if this is some sort of covert operation would it be paid out of FCO accounts where expenditure over £25,000 is published through transparency reporting ( Why were they not funded by SIS, which is exempt from Transparency Reporting?

    If you have the patience to dig through the ‘FCO spending over £25,000’ files there are transactions to ‘The Institute of Statecraft’ in October 2017, December 2017, March 2018, June 2018, September 2018 and October 2018

    • Shatnersrug

      Probably because it started life as what was thought of as mild PR and just carried on for years. I’ve often thought the current anti left propaganda thing seemed a bit senile. Turns out it’s run by two ancient retired cold warriors which explains a lot. It explains why it’s a bit ropey too.

  • J'Accuse News

    Stephen Dalziel of The Institute for Statecraft is heard regularly on Monocle 24 foreign affairs and other news programs. Dalziel’s platform on Monocle enables the spouting of Russophobic+ propaganda, including inflating the tires of the disinformation clowns at ‘bellingcat’.

    Vadim Kleiner and Bill Browder, both of Hermitage Capital, are found in the UK “cluster” of the Orwellian-titled “Integrity Initiative”.

    And they are embedded in the geopolitical hoax of this century to-date, which includes the Magnitsky myth. See J’Accuse News content @ and other pages on that site.

  • FranzB

    CM – “It does seem somewhat strange that our left wing hero is deeply embedded in an organisation that launches troll attacks on Jeremy Corbyn.”

    I see the canary has just done a piece on an opponent of Corbyn who has revealed that he has proof that the BBC has a policy of undermining Corbyn. I wonder if there’s any connection between the BBC and this spook outfit.

    • Shatnersrug

      I find it particularly funny that this chap was complaining that bbc reporters are feeling stuck because they can’t actually say what they think, which is in there opinion JC is a very stupid man unable to deal with the complexities of leadership. The idea that any of those dullard reporters are a able to judge the intelligence of a man who has run rings around them since he’s was elected leader and also has forty years experience dealing with sis infiltrations is downright laughable. They’re educated fools.

  • MaryPau!

    Is news about the Integrity Initiative and the Institute for Statecraft now subject to a D notice? I was surprised it even made it to the public domain in the first place and am very intrigued over why they should choose a derelict mill in Scotland to be the nominal hq of a body receiving large grants from the UK government.

    • CUJimmy

      Lafayeedney apparently has a residential address fairly close to the mill and is listed as being a director of the property company that owned the mill for a good number of years. His son also seems to have been a director,
      I doubt if the mill is used for any operational purposes. It just houses some small workshops and craft units. It was on the market for development about a year ago. I would think it is just an anonymous accommodation address.


    Another famous property of William Waldorf Astor that readers should take great note of is this one:

    Just as with many famous writers, “Orwell”, didn’t have the gift of foresight. He just mixed with the filth that are controlling things. You may think the word filth is a tad excessive, but the Astors were one of the families who made their great fortune by destroying the Chinese people for generations with the opium “trade”. That’s why they stole Hong Kong and setup HSBC, which is still the biggest Bank launderer of drug money to this day. Which their lackeys, in the likes of the CIA, are still running for them. The CIA flies it directly from Afghanistan into Europe (Camp Bondsteel) using US military planes. This is a large part of the reason why there are so many US military bases around the world. They were using PANAM before they destroyed that airline.

    The filthy Anglo-American Kabbalistic (“just as heads is tails call me Lucifer”) mafia. Another important book to read or watch is Kipling’s, “The Man Who Would Be King”. Overthrow God, to be God. Hence their beloved phrase; “as above, so below”. And they do that by pushing the rest of humanity into the dirt, and laughing at you whilst they do so like the sick psychos they all are. Hence my word for them; FILTH. The Astor’s is Cameron’s bunch. He’s way, way filthier than lying with pigs. Lord Ashcroft was most likely poisoned too. The Astor’s being part of the utterly Satanic, “Chipping Norton Set”, which also includes the Luciferian Caucasian House of Rothschild and their lackey, Rupert Murdoch. “The Guardian” being another of their many fronts.

    At the very least, Connery is always worth a watch. As the mighty George Carlin one put it: “It’s a big club… And by the way, it’s the same big club that they use to beat you over the head with each day telling you what to believe, what to think, and what to buy.”

  • Isa

    Dear Craig , thank you so much for writing this piece . I’m trying to get my head around it and I’m also trying to figure out on how to at least get some interest in Spanish and Portuguese media as it is quite hard to explain this to them without being dismissed pronto as some conspiracy lunatic . ( in that they succeeded in the most unlikely political spectra).

    last year , June 2017, while in Portugal, Pedrógão Grande burnt and 67 Portuguese died , a fake reporter wrote an article in El Mundo about how the Portuguese government had fallen because of the fires ( it had not and it didn’t but it’s a successful left wing government to neutralise by all
    means by some ). Anyway , the article was printed but the reporter in Spain / Sebastião Pereira – actually did not exist and el mundo refused to tell us who was using the said pen name . In the Midst of the tragedy , someone purposely made up news about a Spanish canadair ( fire fighting plane ) that had crashed . This was false but it made it to Reuters and to worldwide press and this fake plane crashing was also in the el mundo article by the same non existent journalist . We could never trace who first reported the fake plane crash but the whole tragedy and the fake crash pinning responsibility on Portuguese civil protection for the fake news were used by this Sebastião Pereira, that does not exist , in an article to bring down the government .

    I know this is confusing but this context of the integrity initiative suddenly joined the dots in my head as to who this Sebastião Pereira really is and where did it come from and why .

    Again , thank you ever so much for this article and I’m going to try and find a way hopefully .


  • nevermind

    Congratulations and a big fat thank you to Craig and Kit. Whatexcellent work on a horrible lot of interfering soandso’s.
    I add my words of caution, you are a global asset and they know so, try going out without your phone, buy a cheap pay as you go when you need one badly, use public payphones or pubs phones. Go out with a mate ideally a fit and able one in more than one way, just for a while.
    On the.positive note, the canaries will win 2-1 at Bristol and cement their lead in the championship 🙂 take care you two.

    • Sharp Ears

      Yes. Brian Gerrish ex RN has been at work for many years. He started off by exposing corruption in his locality in Plymouth and moved on to revealing all on Common Purpose and Julia Middleton who ran it. CP was heavily funded by central government and local authorities, police forces et al. Thousands were sent on CP ‘courses’ at the taxpayers’ expense.

      ‘Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today’s news update from the UK Column.

      START – Brexit – Treason May survives the vote of no confidence
      May under the same stresses as Hillary Clinton…?
      Which union is she protecting…the UK or the EU…?
      European Council meeting starts today
      Brexit delay is very convenient for the EU…
      7:54 – Integrity Initiative and Institute for Statecraft update
      Alan Duncan’s angry response in the House to questions from Emily Thornberry
      All disinformation and ‘alternative narratives’ are now Russian…
      More questions from Chris Williamson – Alan Duncan has no answers
      Head of National Security Council & Cabinet Office – who is Mark Sedwill…?’

      • jazza

        reading Mark Curtis would also be of benefit – he’s been researching british deep state for years – covert operatins, duplicity in government ie – lying lying lying are not new things

        • Christopher Dale Rogers

          You can’t beat a bit of Lobster Magazine now and again, and Off Guardian certainly has its moments.

    • Mark

      I also saw the UK Column expose on this a week or so back and wondered why they were not being credited. But all kudos to Craig et al for picking up the story and providing a tiny glimpse into the realm of public manipulations and malfeasance by the state.

  • Paul Barbara

    The UK government have bundles of taxpayers’ dosh to dish out to filth like II and the ‘White Helmets’, but defund decent groups like ‘Progressio’: ‘Progressio closes after 76 years’:
    They were extremely good in Latin America when most of the countries were under brutal military dictatorships (I came across them in Nicaragua when I was there for 3 1/2 months in 1984, when the US mercenary ‘Contra’ thugs were raping, torturing and killing Nicaraguans and sabotaging it’s infrastructure, farms etc.).
    But of course, their humane activity didn’t suit HMG, who supported the US and it’s pet Dictators and mercenary thugs.

  • Paul Barbara

    ‘Defying Trump, US Senate votes to end US support for Yemen war’:
    ‘Washington, DC – The US Senate voted on Thursday to approve a resolution calling for an end to US involvement in the Saudi-UAE-led military campaign in Yemen, setting the stage for a potential showdown next year between Congress and President Donald Trump over US military support for Saudi Arabia.
    The Senate also approved a resolution saying that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) is responsible for the murder of columnist Jamal Khashoggi.
    US politicians have grown increasingly outraged as the number of civilians killed in Yemen by Saudi and UAE aircraft using US-made weapons has risen dramatically in the past two years. The Saudi-UAE coalition launched an intervention in 2015 through a massive air campaign targeting Houthi rebels.
    The final vote of the Yemen resolution was 56-41, with seven Republicans breaking with their party to vote in support of the measure….’
    About time there was a decent stand by US politicians.
    But unfortunately:
    ‘…Due to tactics used by the Republican leadership in the House, the lower chamber will not take up the Senate measure before adjourning, leaving the matter unresolved until the new Congress convenes in January….’

  • Sharp Ears

    QT. Did anyone see Dimblebore last night? I didn’t. Was there a tear in his eye?

    BBC Question Time
    ‘From me, a happy Christmas and not goodbye, but goodnight’
    David Dimbleby receives a standing ovation from the panel and audience as he says goodbye to BBC Question Time after 25 years. #bbcqt #dimblebye
    December 13, 2018

    I assume it was Brexit ad infinitum. I bet the II and the Institute of Statecraft did not crop up.

    The panel – David Davis, Caroline Lucas, Jo Brand, Angela Rayner and Nicky Morgan!

    The Guardian gives the farewell performance full welly.

  • michael norton

    NOVICHOK victim Charlie Rowley fears the poison will eventually kill him and believes he could be dead within a decade. He said he was “terrified” about the future, and has been struggling with his eyesight and mobility.

    The 45-year-old was exposed to the same nerve agent used in Salisbury to attack ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in March.

    I thought that Novichok was supposed to kill you within a few moments?
    If it takes several year, it can not be the most deadly nerve agent?

    • Kempe

      Russian scientist Andrei Zheleznyakov was accidentally exposed to Novichok in a laboratory.

      Although initially responding to treatment he suffered slowly deteriorating health much as described by Charlie Rowley and died five years later.

      It’s all a matter of dosage.

    • Republicofscotland

      “I thought that Novichok was supposed to kill you within a few moments?
      If it takes several year, it can not be the most deadly nerve agent?”

      Thats because he wasn’t exposed to a nerve agent supposedly deadlier than VX. Neither were the Skripals, or they’d be dead now as well.

      Mind you the Skripals may well have been neutralised by now, or they’re still held in a oubliette, I wonder if family member Viktoria ever got to see them again?

      • michael norton

        Ten Times More Deadly than VX

        that sounds quite deadly.

        The sergeant has recovered quite nicely, thank you.

        A very good question would be
        Why has Mr.Skripal not been given voice on the BBc.
        Surely he could tell our state broadcaster what he thinks befell him?

  • Jeremn

    IEEE conference, Seattle, December 10-13 2018
    Workshop on Identifying and Combating Disinformation in Big Data
    Keynote Presentation
    Simon Bracey-Lane

  • leeds mick

    They’ll be planning a false flag event before march 29th and the eu army of which we’re now part of will save the day. Either that or martial law as macron is implementing in France after the Strasbourg “shooting” which came along just before act five of the hello vest protests,how convenient. Also how convenient that 3 eagle eyed Gendarmes spotted the “shooter” and even though he opened fire on them they merely stepped back,then returned fire and shot the “patsy erm “shooter” and killed him so he can’t talk. I don’t know how tv reporters keep a straight face reporting this drivel.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      leeds mick,

      Most people believe that particular kind of drivel, and do not even consider the timing, and possible motivation and propaganda effect of such an act.

      However, some such events are undoubtedly real, or at least partially real. I used to analyse them in detail. I can no longer be bothered. The propaganda effect is the same, whether it’s real or faked. Faked is less dangerous, and makes less mess, but these people are perfectly happy to kill the innocent as well, and often do.


  • Molloy


    For mods, please. . . . Re. the Robot Avatars.

    Vanity perhaps but is there a clever way (I obvs don’t know about) of ‘personalising’ my rather horrid, orange, spooky! avatar wotsit?

    [ Mod: Register your email address at ]

  • Molloy


    Come come. . . . are you implying that your money has been taken (by CM) without your being sent the book?

    An attempted smear?

    If this not the case then why the disingenuous innuendo placed on a public forum?
    Why no mention by you of pursuing what you allege via CM direct email (easily found on here)?

    Altogether rather puzzling. Wouldn’t you agree, “Steve” ?


  • Steven Douglas Keith

    Thank you Mr Murray. Bravery and honour are everything, particularly in this the Age of Kali. Remember John Smith, Robin Cook, Dr David Kelly and too many more who had crossed the line of the British state.
    All the best to you and yours.

  • Jack

    Tormented into a guilty plea? Experts denounce US ‘miscarriage of justice’ in Butina case

    If russians are spies/agents, why isnt Integrity Initiative activities considered the same when they commit the same campaigns?

  • Sayless

    Please bear in mind that Wikileaks have posted a warning on their twitter feed about the authenticity of the leaked documents relating to the Integrity Initiative:

    “We have analyzed these documents and assess that a portion of them show hallmarks of being fabrications.”

    Until the documents are analysed further to find out which are authentic and which have been fabricated, it would be risky to draw any conclusions at this stage.

    Disturbingly, the original tweet has been removed from Wikileaks’ twitter feed. Why would Wikileaks remove this tweet?

    • Jack


      Well Wikileaks have nothing to do with this at all – perhaps they wanted to get the publicity by publishing it themselves.
      There havent been any refutal by Integrity initiative, rather various members have admitted that documents have been leaked, if there were any false documents, they would have pushed that fact hard.

    • J

      That was before they accepted them as authentic, as far as I am aware. Irrespective of games within games.

  • Isabelle

    The property at 2 Temple Place, London is owned by the charity The Bulldog Trust Ltd.

    The Bulldog Trust’s Trustees Reports ending June 2016 and June 2017 state that

    “other external income streams are the rental from the basement of the Two Temple Place to the Institute for Statecraft and Wessex House the property in Newbury”.

    (Wessex House is at Oxford Road, Newbury, RG14 1PA and is serviced offices and meeting rooms hired out through an agency, Inigo. It doesn’t seem to have any link to the I of S.)

    Bulldog Trust Ltd lists “Rentals Received” as £121,499. The rental fee for the basement at Temple Place must be included in this amount as it is not listed separately.

    The Bulldog Trusts’ Report states that the Trust “strives to increase revenue from commercial hire of the house through its subsidiary Two Temple Place Ltd while ensuring the highest standard of care for the fabric of the building and with regard to the charitable purposes of the parent”.

    Yet there doesn’t seem to be any link between the charitable purposes of the Bulldog Trust and the activities of the Institute of Statecraft. The Chief Executive of both the Bulldog Trust and Two Temple Place Ltd is Mary Rose Gunn, previously Parliamentary Assistant / Researcher to the hawkish ex-Conservative MP Richard Ottoway.

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