British Security Service Infiltration, the Integrity Initiative and the Institute for Statecraft 617

The British state can maintain its spies’ cover stories for centuries. Look up Eldred Pottinger, who for 180 years appears in scores of British history books – right up to and including William Dalrymple’s Return of the King – as a British officer who chanced to be passing Herat on holiday when it came under siege from a partly Russian-officered Persian army, and helped to organise the defences. In researching Sikunder Burnes, I discovered and published from the British Library incontrovertible and detailed documentary evidence that Pottinger’s entire journey was under the direct instructions of, and reporting to, British spymaster Alexander Burnes. The first historian to publish the untrue “holiday” cover story, Sir John Kaye, knew both Burnes and Pottinger and undoubtedly knew he was publishing lying propaganda. Every other British historian of the First Afghan War (except me and latterly Farrukh Husain) has just followed Kaye’s official propaganda.

Some things don’t change. I was irresistibly reminded of Eldred Pottinger just passing Herat on holiday, when I learnt how highly improbable left wing firebrand Simon Bracey-Lane just happened to be on holiday in the United States with available cash to fund himself, when he stumbled into the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Recent university graduate Simon Bracey-Lane took it even further. Originally from Wimbledon in London, he was inspired to rejoin the Labour party in September when Corbyn was elected leader. But by that point, he was already in the US on holiday. So he joined the Sanders campaign, and never left.
“I had two weeks left and some money left, so I thought, Fuck it, I’ll make some calls for Bernie Sanders,” he explains. “I just sort of knew Des Moines was the place, so I just turned up at their HQ, started making phone calls, and then became a fully fledged field organiser.”

It is, to say the least, very interesting indeed that just a year later the left wing, “Corbyn and Sanders supporting” Bracey-Lane is hosting a very right wing event, “Cold War Then and Now”, for the shadowy neo-con Institute for Statecraft, at which an entirely unbalanced panel of British military, NATO and Ukrainian nationalists extolled the virtues of re-arming against Russia.

Nor would it seem likely that Bracey-Lane would be involved with the Integrity Initiative. Even the mainstream media has been forced to give a few paragraphs to the outrageous Integrity Initiative, under which the MOD-sponsored Institute for Statecraft has been given millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money by the FCO to spread covert disinformation and propaganda, particularly against Russia and the anti-war movement. Activities include twitter and facebook trolling and secretly paying journalists in “clusters of influence” around Europe. Anonymous helpfully leaked the Institute’s internal documents. Some of the Integrity Initiative’s thus exposed alleged covert agents, like David Aaronovitch, have denied any involvement despite their appearance in the documents, and others like Dan Kaszeta the US “novichok expert”, have cheerfully admitted it.

The mainstream media have tracked down the HQ of the “Institute for Statecraft” to a derelict mill near Auchtermuchty. It is owned by one of the company directors, Daniel Lafayeedney, formerly of D Squadron 23rd SAS Regiment and later of Military Intelligence (and incidentally born the rather more prosaic Daniel Edney).

By sleuthing the company records of this “Scottish charity”, and a couple of phone calls, I discovered that the actual location of the Institute for Statecraft is the basement of 2 Temple Place, London. This is not just any basement – it is the basement of the former London mansion of William Waldorf Astor, an astonishing building. It is, in short, possibly the most expensive basement in London.

Which is interesting because the accounts of the Institute for Statecraft claim it has no permanent staff and show nothing for rent, utilities or office expenses. In fact, I understand the rent is paid by the Ministry of Defence.

Having been told where the Institute for Statecraft skulk, I tipped off journalist Kit Klarenberg of Sputnik Radio to go and physically check it out. Kit did so and was aggressively ejected by that well-known Corbyn and Sanders supporter, Simon Bracey-Lane. It does seem somewhat strange that our left wing hero is deeply embedded in an organisation that launches troll attacks on Jeremy Corbyn.

I have a great deal more to tell you about Mr Edney and his organisation next week, and the extraordinary covert disinformation war the British government wages online, attacking British citizens using British taxpayers’ money. Please note in the interim I am not even a smidgeon suicidal, and going to be very, very careful crossing the road and am not intending any walks in the hills.

I am not alleging Mr Bracey-Lane is an intelligence service operative who previously infiltrated the Labour Party and the Sanders campaign. He may just be a young man of unusually heterodox and vacillating political opinions. He may be an undercover reporter for the Canary infiltrating the Institute for Statecraft. All these things are possible, and I have no firm information.

But one of the activities the Integrity Initiative sponsors happens to be the use of online trolls to ridicule the idea that the British security services ever carry out any kind of infiltration, false flag or agent provocateur operations, despite the fact that we even have repeated court judgements against undercover infiltration officers getting female activists pregnant. The Integrity Initiative offers us a glimpse into the very dirty world of surveillance and official disinformation. If we actually had a free media, it would be the biggest story of the day.

As the Establishment feels its grip slipping, as people wake up to the appalling economic exploitation by the few that underlies the very foundations of modern western society, expect the methods used by the security services to become even dirtier. You can bank on continued ramping up of Russophobia to supply “the enemy”. As both Scottish Independence and Jeremy Corbyn are viewed as real threats by the British Establishment, you can anticipate every possible kind of dirty trick in the next couple of years, with increasing frequency and audacity.

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617 thoughts on “British Security Service Infiltration, the Integrity Initiative and the Institute for Statecraft

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      • Tatyana

        🙂 bj
        I pondered over the idea 🙂
        – Mr. Miller, are you the author of ‘skripal poisoning’ pantomime? How much did you pay to Yulia?
        – Shutupandgoaway!

        • nevermind

          Is it shutupandgoaway or shutupanddie? Nobody has heard anything of the two ‘surviving Scripals, now where should the public sent their xmas presents, chocolates, perfumes, oops, pay as you go phone etc.

      • bj

        That leaves you with one ‘r’ for regiment, Tatyana. 🙂
        (Btw., did you look at the royal tank in question? maybe ‘Fear Naught’ is meant to put the enemy
        at ease, because it’s a good laugh).

        Nobody with more fear in their guts than those that need a mantra like ‘Fear Naught”.

        No — I’m talking nonsense.

        The reality is — these obsessed pitiful maniacs cannot stand it when other people go about their lives
        totally un-fearful of ‘the Russian (m/f)’.

        It is exactly them that want to spread fear. For them, those obsessed maniacs, it’s a
        source of income — be it from the weapons racket, or from the ‘counter-intel’ racket.

  • Kit R A Klarenberg

    The latest Anonymous dump is more explosive than ever and has plenty on Simon –

    “Simon Bracey-Lane: Currently runs the IfS “Integrity Initiative” network communications and network development process; deep experience in democratic election campaign processes in UK and especially in USA, viz: Regional Campaign Organiser: John Wisniewski for Governor of New Jersey, USA. January – May 2017; Statewide Campaign Organiser: Bernie Sanders for President 2016, USA. Sept 2015 – May 2016; special study of Russian interference in the US electoral process.”

    The lad can clearly multitask. Running the II network communications and development process (definitely not code for cultivating, recruiting and handling assets) while also being a research fellow at the II’s ‘parent organization’ Institute for Statecraft? I wonder how many hours he has left in a day to sleep!

    Then again he seems to have form in this regard. Conducting a ‘special study of Russian interference in the election process’ simultaneously as being a key organizer in Sanders’ campaign. Maybe he did his ‘special study’ in his free time?

    • pete

      It appears Bracey-Lane has now been noticed by the Huffington Post Blogger crew, under the headline “British Spies Infiltrated Bernie Sanders’ Campaign?” this article appeared: citing Craig’s article amongst others.
      I thought the whole point of clandestine activity was to avoid publicity.

    • bj

      You should send an email to Bernie Sanders about this, in concise terms.
      Otherwise I will, but which document is best to draw his attention to?

      • Molloy


        BJ — Try the documents on Sanders and his highly-likely Dark State connections.

        Good luck with that.


        * * * * * * *

    • Spencer Eagle

      It looks more like job description top trumps, some of them are laugh out loud. Thanks for that.

    • Antoinette ryder

      All the Scribd stuff has been disappeared…….Someone’s had their arm up their back !

    • John Goss

      I got some adware in with your link though I noticed it was originally a .pdf file.

      They say that Margaret Thatcher used to get away with 3 hours sleep a day. You can’t half cause some mischief if you stay awake. Stealing schoolchildren’s milk, rehearsals for Spitting Image, sinking the General Belgrano. I suspect like Simon Bracey-Lane she got by with a bit of help from her friends.

      Anyway I hope everyone stays safe in a world in which Dr David Kelly, Michael Hastings and Seth Rich no longer inhabit. It is a bad world run by cabal of super-rich exploiters. Thankfully there are moral people like Craig, who though I don’t agree with him on all matters, has a lot of courage and has broken many a story, for example, Atlantic Bridge which exposed Dr. Liam Fox, his friend Adam Werritty and UK ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould over their secret meetings. N B I see Fox is back in the fold. He has my respect and I look forward to his forthcoming exposure of Mr Edney & Co.

    • Isa

      Thank you Kit. The young man is certainly versatile ermm

      Scribd files seem to be wooshed. Did someone keep a copy of manual and of U.K. cluster as those are not in pdf ?

    • SA

      Looking at this impressive list of experts is revealing. First impression is that this is the real anti-Russia head office of propaganda with focus on Spain, The Baltic states, Ukraine and the ME. This is all currently the heart of HMG’s foreign policy focus. Thus it sounds that HMG has outsourced this part of its propaganda machine as it seems also to have with the Atlantic council and bellingcat.
      The second thought is that 2 million pounds is actually very good value for money in this case.
      So really very good for HMG it has proven the virtues of privatisation; it puts the blame for any fallback at arms length and it is , at least on paper, good value for money.
      The model has also been well developed elsewhere such as The White Helmets. But the mistake here was the coverup attempts failed because of the use of traceable accommodation clearly leading back to HMG.
      As has been said this should be a very big story.

  • Deb O'Nair

    I found out some time ago, from personal experience, that the UK is a totalitarian fascist police state, rapidly turning into a one-party despot. Democracy, freedom of speech and the rule of law are nothing more than window dressing to keep the ignorant masses quiet. The UK has gone too far down a very dark road to ever come back, not even a Corbyn led government will deflect them. Decent, honest and honourable people in this country that have the means or opportunity to leave should do so.

    • Spencer Eagle

      Forget about any government, let alone Corbyn. The five yearly elections are a charade and exist only to give the public the illusion of choice. Until Whitehall is cleansed of every minister nothing will change.

    • J

      Decent, honest and honourable people in this country that have the means or opportunity should stay and fight for their communities, friends, families and a better future for all. Wherever they might go, they’ll be the same fight sooner or later against the same enemy. Might as well begin now, at home.

      • Shatnersrug

        People still think the Corbyn movement is about the election. It’s not it’s about our last fight against the dark force of capital, we’re weak and pathetic and I doubt we’ll succeed. But it’s worth fighting if only to take the smile off their faces and believe me the prospect of corbyn in number 10 has got them all running around like headless chickens.

    • Dungroanin

      Deb the one party with two faces has been the trick perpetrated on all developed democracies by their establishments for most of their existence.
      Many mp’s historically have crossed the floor to keep the same princes in power.
      Churchill is a typical example.

      Don’t forget universal sufferage wasn’t created by God.

      It has been and is a never ending struggle to give more people a choice on who represents them.

      The capture of the votes by the same string puller financiers who parachuted centrally hothoused mutant compromised candidates on constituencies enabled by closed groups of party managers, has ensured that the establishment almost always got ‘their man’ in.

      Almost – but not always.
      Closed groups – but not always.
      Parachuted – but not always.
      Compromised – but not always.

      Any that manage to overcome the establishment and persistently get re-elected by their constituents are then monstered by their ‘fellow mp’s’, the complicit media and the forces of state. Even sometimes having their constituencies disappeared!

      It is rare for true grassroots leaders to achieve office under these harsh conditions. But it does happen. When the people are allowed to see the real thing. Keir Hardy did it – Jeremy Corbyn is doing it. (as did a few others in history and currently – look at Mexico)

      Consider the fact of Blair or Mendelson or Balls or David Milliband trying to stand in their original seats – if they even managed to get past the now democratic local memberships the chances of being actually voted for by the locals is ZERO – that is why we can happily ignore them.

      The crawl towards true universal democracy is always bottom up. Not top down.

      All of the people won’t be fooled all of the time. That grass roots has been growing over the last decade across Europe and many parts of the world as an affirmatiom of that truth, as has happened previously in history. France is the latest, Italy, Greece, Spain… have all been succeeding.

      Each time such movements have been attacked by the establishment using all methods and weapons at their hand, ultimately including murder and war.

      We are yet again being subjected to such intense pressures – but this time they can’t send us to be obliterated in war. It would easily end in MAD! They have skewered themselves on their own MIC. There is no hole deep enough or secret island far enough to isolate them from destruction too. Even as they blindly rush to that fictional safety in space stations in space – their delusion is coming to an end.

      It is darkest before the dawn. The increased hysterical clawing at Corbyn and co’s presence – instead of the government that is actually in charge – is the sure sign that politically, the establishment has lost control.

      A bright dawn awaits if we can avoid buying the lies and provocations to fight each other rather then the slaver ancient robber barons.

      So cheer up. Take a deep breath. Gird your loins and fight.

  • fwl

    All this stuff about not feeling suicidal is very dramatic. The so called scoop here is what? It’s not exactly Cercle / Safari is it.

    • Antoinette ryder

      You’ll eventually find that this is the biggest exposure since WMDs. As with Dr.David Kelly, whistleblowers often meet unusual ends…

  • Herbie

    I reckon this’ll be one of those conspiracy things we’re told don’t never ‘appen.

    Thing is, these scumbags seem so well-practiced in conspiracy that I’d expect it’s the norm.

    • John Goss

      I sympathise with you Jake Maverick. I have no idea where you might seek help. Somebody should help you. By the way you are not on your own in your beliefs. Many people who comment here also believe Dr Kelly was murdered (and Robin Cook). I suspect it was the UK secret services in both cases. Unfortunately I have no proof. I hope things improve for you.

  • Deb O'Nair

    “Please note in the interim I am not even a smidgeon suicidal, and going to be very, very careful crossing the road and am not intending any walks in the hills.”

    That won’t stop them fucking you up. After being unlawfully detained sometime ago I found out through official records that the police, NHS and local authorities had variously described me as being involved in substance abuse and financial abuse. accused me of carrying offensive weapons and randomly attacking members of the public. I was also described as being paranoid, conspiratorial, suicidal, and making claims about seeing dead people and talking to insects, all of which was a complete nonsense and fabrication.

    My reputation and character were completely destroyed without a shred of evidence, just on the word of lying police officers and petty officials supporting the lies of the police. My life was left in ruins after I had lost my income and was denied any form of benefits for six months, rendering me destitute. I then wasted years of my life complaining and raising cases with various ombudsmans etc. only to be denied any form a redress. My complaints were invariably responded to with additional and equally ridiculous claims, contradictions and self-evident lies and eventually I was told to find a no-win no-fee lawyer, needless to say none that I contacted were interested. I could not even get the assistance of a local law centre or my MP (Emily Thornberry) who, despite being a human rights lawyer, did not believe a word I said or offer me any assistance.

    So you see, they don’t have to kill you to destroy your life; they just have to mark you down as a suicidal, psychotic criminal and let the system do the rest. To this day I have no idea why they did this other than years of writing unflattering comments about the totalitarian fascist police state that is the UK. 🙂

    • John Goss

      A sad testament. Hope things are on the up for you. It is hard to take on the establishment and getting even harder. Only with the advent of a genuine caring government, hopefully led by Jeremy Corbyn, are we likely to see human rights back on the political agenda. Till then expect months of Brexit garbage and little real news.

      “Mrs May, why do you spend so much time in other European countries when there are parliamentary concerns?”

      “If you want the truth, it’s better abroad.”


        • Molloy


          Deb — Totally. Utterly. Sympathise.

          Legal ‘system’ designed by the rich for the rich. And so on.

          A glimmer of light can be. . . if. . . and a big if. . . a sensible HCJ grants costs immunity (your case is obviously of public interest therefore should = immunity. . . . in theory!!)

          After that, the hard part. Finding a person – proper LR – content to support principle and remedy unfairness.
          Rather than the usual grasping and greedy ways. e.g. Fatty Cox$ QC

          If you wish, and you’re sure you ain’t just one of they controversialists on here?!
          If you wish, and consider it might help. HR8. Sx Tree Sept Tree 0 Fier. Ask for Molloy. (No probs at all.)

          If you prefer, am also ‘Molloy’ on tw**a**er (excuse the French!); also gravitar/wordpress might show direct tx email, am not sure! (t then x. . . advisers. . . . the boring CIA funded G place)

          No, am not hooked on dealing with neo-empire spooks, everywhere in fact, merely hold my nose!

          (Look up Doctor Death Status Quo Right Denying Shill – Wilcox – at Selly or Edgbaston – and his ever so innocent Rosa Klebb acolytes. Shills for money.)

          Sadly in this sceptred coercive and self-entitled Isle. . . . the most seemingly sincere ‘pro bono’ lawyer can be suborned into compliance (and obstructing your case) by fear of consequences via kind and caring buddies of the Coburg Lickspittle Posse.

          p.s. Please enjoy the old but still relevant Glen Newey piece.

          Sláinte and ¡No pasarán!


          • Deb O'Nair


            My crypto skills are not what they used to be. What’s HR8. Sx Tree Sept Tree 0 Fier?

      • giyane

        Deb O’Nair

        Medicine doesn’t do faith, which is strange because we are only here to have our faith tested, God providing the automatic means of acquiring and processing oxygen, food and digestion, body growth and healing. You’d think we were here for God to test a prototype independent, walking, free-thinking, robot, rather than for God to test our spiritual faith in Him. God is obviously free to test us by whatever means He thinks might be appropriate, including torture -rendition-chemical manipulation of the physical brain, direct scrutiny of our human failings – I wouldn’t like to see a video of anyone’s private space, but the increasing number of state and private employees who do that for a living proves the Keynsian theory that you can make an economy which is totally non-productive, providing there are drones around to make and install things for you.
        Until the drones, like Huawei start doing it to you.

        My advice to others who have been put through the medical flour mill, otherwise known as psychiatric care without a belief in the psyche, is just to keep saying yes to the people in white coats until they decide to let you free, from which point one can start to rebuild one’s own universe in such a way that accommodates God, who is absolutely banned, and yet who is of course both Absolute and in control of all things, whatever the priests, doctors , solicitors and collective professional twister-spin merchants get paid to say.

        When all the wonks’ list of tick-boxes have been ticked by these jobsworths two things happen, 1/ they get paid, and 2/ one can start re-structuring one’s own world to be in tune with God’s word, whether that is found in the Bible or the Qur’an. The Qur’an describes itself as a healer, for those who have been damaged by the crass stupidity of those who think we are just animals with slightly bigger brains.

        Right now one younger member of our family is kicking against the system, and he happens to be an asylum seeker who has moved from a Muslim country which totally embraces spirituality, to this country where the educational system has in our lifetimes been changed into a clone factory for the production of conformers to government norms. The wonks in charge have already threatened to kick him out of school, which could end up meaning the country. Threat threat, then of course he would end up back in a country which produces the oil which enables the wonks to believe the UK has a GDP, instead of being a colonial, criminal country amongst other colonial criminal wonk friends like the US and the EU. The GDP of Kurdistan is about zero, because the entire economic wealth of the country is funnelled to the 2003 invaders’ privatised oil suckers and Obama’s Islamic State proxy enforcers of colonial power.

        Whoever was saying that all decent , honest people should get out of this country, well no, if you speak against the colonial system currently in force in the world in a colonised country like Saudi Arabia or Turkey or Libya you are likely to get vapourised. If you speak out here, on the kind of Divinely blessed cloud which is Craig Murray’s blog, (don’t look down, you are standing on cotton wool), you will be able like me to return to some kind of normality. I regard all the tribulations I went through after my divorce as practice runs for living in the Muslim community. But which is worse, living with the colonisers who leave, breathe and dream in Wonk, or living with the historically and currently colonise who are genuinely quite angry about it.
        In the immortal lyrics of Simon and Garfunkel. I’d rather be a wonked than a wonky. Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 6.20 : “but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.”
        and plenty more where that came from in the Holy Qur’an.

        Be bold. Read it online. The wonks will hide their eyes in shame. You will be , for them, yet another crazy person gone awol i.e. Muslim. Really they have no place to hide from the truth of the Torah, the Gospels and the Qur’an.

        • Stonky

          Be bold. Read it online. The wonks will hide their eyes in shame. You will be, for them, yet another crazy person gone awol i.e. Muslim…

          To be honest giyane I’m baffled by you. You’re obviously a fundamentally decent person.

          I’m someone who believes they should have some knowledge of things they want to talk about. So for what it’s worth I have followed your advice, or at least tried to. I didn’t get through even a quarter of my Qur’an before I had become sickened by the relentless sadistic gloating over the appalling torture and suffering that Allah is going to inflict on the unbelievers when he gets his hands on them. Here’s a salient example:

          Lo! Those who disbelieve Our revelations, We shall expose them to the Fire. As often as their skins are consumed We shall exchange them for fresh skins that they may taste the torment. Lo! Allah is ever Mighty, Wise…

          A targeted word search on stuff like fire, torment, burning, boiling, painful and doom indicated that as well as the dozens of examples I encountered in the part I did read, there are hundreds more in the three quarters I didn’t read.

          I’ve no doubt there are thousands of reasons why it’s a good idea to take a four-year old girl or a five-year old boy and start teaching them that stuff like the above is the literal truth. I’m just too stupid to be able to think of a single one.

          • Tatyana

            The same story with me. When I began reading the Old Testament, I couldn’t understand what it was all about. Story of ancient jewish tribe, who was born by whom, rules they should obey – no a slightest connection with me.
            Nonsense about cloven-hoofed hare and that’s why you should not eat hares….
            long descriptions of precious stones to be put in right places in certain jewish chapels, quantity of gold on priest’s clothes – many pages of that stuff.
            The threat of brutal violence for those who won’t believe and won’t obey.
            Very primitive manipulaion this book.

          • Stonky

            Hi Tatyana. Always like to see your posts. From your avatar it seems you are now a real person as opposed to a masonic symbol…

            Was hoping to see a response from giyane, who is generally a busy poster…

          • Tatyana

            Stonky, thank you! I’m always happy to see feedback on my posts, because there’s no ‘like/dislike button’ here and sometimes I feel as if I’m an alien posting incomprehensible nonsense 🙂

            Easy registration with Gravatar and linked WordPress and you can also get an avatar here.

          • Tatyana

            As to religion:
            Some people are believers, some are not. Being religious doesn’t make a person better or worse than being non-religious. Everyone choses for himself.
            What I don’t like about religions it is their executive bodies, aka churches. Churches and priests are power of manipulation.
            Just look at Ukaine, what they are doing now! Ukr pres. wants to separate Ukr church from Rus church. Ukr National Security Service detains priests who are against separation. Priests are even going flashmob!

            Orthodox christianity, humanistic ideas, ideas of uniting christians all over the world – these ideas are thrown away and nobody cares, serving current politics of current government. Eeeeewwwww!

            “…Patriarch Bartholomew placed the country (Ukraine) under the canonical jurisdiction of the American Archbishop Daniel and the Canadian Bishop Hilarion…”

          • SA

            As Tatyana indicated below, this violence is not restricted to any religion. As someone said, it may be Karl Mark, or it could be Friedrich Nietzsche said that man made god in his image, it is quite clear why this almighty, instead of guiding people gently is constantly testing them in order to create a form of favoritism to reward his chosen, however that is defined. He also smites those he doesn’t like and vengefully destroys towns and cities and invites his people to wreak havoc, enslaving their womenfolk and killing their firstborn. These teachings have led to massacres such as the various wars of invasion and inter European wars, the conquest of south america, the Spanish inquisition, the crusades and many others made in the name of god in various guises. So that not only man made god in his image but enacted these acts attributed to this man-god image to justify man made horrors.

      • Molloy


        Deb, thanks for O’Brien hero and truth teller on youtube.

        Surgical and masterly take down of fraudster Boris.

        (Churchill’s adverse attitude and C’s disregard for other races – obviously – for later discussion.)

        ¡No pasarán!


    • Tintin Quarantino

      In response to your post on December 14th:

      “My reputation and character were completely destroyed without a shred of evidence, just on the word of lying police officers and petty officials supporting the lies of the police. My life was left in ruins. ”

      Wow, Deb – my sincere sympathy to you too, and I too do hope that you are indeed on the up.

  • Gordon Murray

    On the 1st of September 2014 a fortnight before the Scottish independence referendum the British Army activated the 77th Brigade.
    You should Google them and what they do.

    • Herbie

      Was talkin to my mate Norbert down the pub. About all the trade and financial wars goin on around the world.

      We agreed that it was some sort of fight between rentiers and producers.

      But then he said, it was also a fight between the power of humint versus sigint.

      Walked away with a wink he did, after that, as ya do, dramatically like.

      What could he mean.

      • giyane


        I know Muslims who have inherited some of the dark arts of the humint of the Ottoman Empire, and British diplomats who have inherited some of the dark arts of the humint of the Western Empires. They all think they are in possession of great knowledge. No doubt the newly weaponised sigint is a fitna/ human trial of even greater proportions than its predecessors in humint. But what if the algorithmic intelligence discovered that people of faith obtained through their connection to the Almighty, an even more powerful -int than the old or new -ints available to these wise men.

        I can see the sigint chip uprooting itself from its plastic PCB base, like the LEDs in my £1 head-torch. and saying ” I give up. I’m never going to as clever as these God-connected human-beings.”
        Don’t worry I’ve saved the LEDs to solder back in place over the solstice celebrations.

      • N_

        🙂 There was already a humint connection with the football gang base of the EDL, going back to before Stella Rimington joined M&S. “Football” gangs can be involved in “property management”, security (nightclubs, car parks), moneylending etc., often with the boss man who owns or controls the club, as well as taking a percentage from sigint pursuits such as car repair and trading etc., which in any case often connect with “insurance”. In Marxist terms, M-M’ rules.

  • Molloy


    Re. UK$US Ongoing War Crimes. . . . . yes, spooks guilty too.

    “Wanton killing of innocent civilians is terrorism, not a war against terrorism.” Chomsky, N

    A reminder.


  • Kenneth G Coutts

    Superb revelations, Craig.
    Who’d a thunk it.
    The Scurrilous English state and their little helpers.

      • Vivian O'Blivion

        My guess is that the auld haunted mill serves (amongst other things) as an outstation for the Handa Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence. Gateside is handy for the Lomond Hills and the junior spooks do like to play spy games at night.
        The town of St Andrews is Scottish in the strictly geographical sense, but is substantial an English ghetto in demographic terms.
        The University of St Andrews is less inclined to admit local salad dodgers that Oxbridge is to admit Council estate chavs.
        Try again.

        • Shatnersrug

          Don’t be surprised if they have built a secret underground you only live twice style ops room under the mill! There’s so much money sloshing about for spooks it’s unreal. Look at the NSA general who had his data room deliberately built to look like the cabin of the starship enterprise. These people have no shame

        • Dungroanin

          Ever looked at another establishment school in Scotland, Gordounstone?

          In plain sight is where the fascists hid and raised their future mini-me’s.

          It’s history explains everything we have in our UK today.

          I wish CM or someone would write a proper history that eviscerates the establishment once and for all.

  • John

    I see that Two Temple Place is owned by The Bulldog Trust, a charity. Is there anything you can tell us about this evocatively named charity, Mr Murray? Fascinating stuff

  • frankywiggles

    Clowns like Aaronovitch and Bracey-Lane should be allowed to continue doing their worst. What electoral impact did fairytales about Russian interference have back in 2016 or all the anti-Corbyn smears in 2017? When establishment propaganda is this crude and detached from people’s concerns it simply becomes counterproductive.

  • Sharp Ears

    I see Freedland proselytizing for BLiar in the Guardian.

    Keep having votes until they receive the required result, ie stay in. Bliar still regrets he never obtained a position in the EU set up. He was thwarted. 🙂

    Winning a second Brexit referendum is possible – with Europe’s help
    Jonathan Freedland
    Instead of rerunning 2016 we should choose between May’s deal and staying in a reformed EU

    1500 words.

  • fwl

    This notion of the state going to extraordinary lengths to undermine any perception that we might have practiced any dark arts sits uncomfortably with reality for eg OUP publishing Rory Cormac’s Disrupt & Deny. Perhaps there is a distinction between how things are presented in different contexts within the state, but one should consider the extent to which other countries permit any disclosure of the secret state. If one is in the persistent pursuit of truth best not to make use of other countries media outlets to facilitate the journey.

  • Sharp Ears

    UK as a police state cont’d

    ‘Police to test live facial recognition in Westminster
    Privacy campaigners claim new figures show the “authoritarian” technology has got worse, with inaccuracies rising to 100%.

    ‘The Metropolitan Police is to test live facial recognition in Westminster as part of an ongoing trial of the controversial technology.

    A deployment of the surveillance software will take place on Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 December in and around Soho, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square.

    It will be used “overtly” with a uniformed presence and information leaflets available to the public, the Met said.
    All faces on the database used during the deployment are people wanted by police and the courts.’

    A very large database must exist, probably allowing matching those of us who have been on protest marches and demos too. I have seen police filming us on several occasions over the years.

    Mr Zuckerberg is being very helpful too.

    Facebook reveals bug exposed 6.8 million users’ photos
    December 14, 2018

    • N_

      Live facial recognition has been used for 30 years or more.

      This public relations effort by the Met is probably to deter “go it alone” pissheads from suddenly converting themselves into Daesh nuts and grabbing a chef’s knife for a pre-Christmas stabfest that might dent the profits of the gaming, show and sex businesses in the West End, businesses which are also lucrative for the cops.

      • Tony_0pmoc


        Facial recognition is completely bloody rubbish. If it was any good, then both my wife and I wouldn’t independently have to stand in front of these stupid bloody cameras. going through airport security, whilst the bloody thing takes multiple photographs, which it has done before, and still it doesn’t recognise either of us. The last time, with a big queue behind me, I asked the human being, in charge of this monstrosity, for advice to get through the stupid bloody gate. She said take your spectacles off – the same spectacles I have on my passport photo. It’s like dna evidence, everything can be faked and a lot of the time it is. I have no problem with technology, except when the technology is obviously crap, and continues to seriously annoy me, which seems to be its entire purpose.


  • Jack

    On Scribd!

    So all files on Scribd is deleted, HOWEVER you can reach every document if you google the link of each document and use the cache version.

    For example.
    Copy and paste
    “” into google search
    and then click the small triangle symbol after the adress that comes up, click “cache”

    If you scroll down on that very scribd page you can reach every other document by copy and paste it through Google search.
    Let me know if you need any help!

  • MaryPau!

    TBH I don’t have a problem with a UK equivalent of Russia’s Internet Research Agency, nor with the FO establishing a world wide network of UK sympathetic journalists and media outlets. The issues I have are with its operation and control. Once you have funded it, operations like the IFS and the II need reasons to keep the funds flowing in and this seems to make them vulnerable to manipulation by people and interests who should be better checked before being accredited. But, like the DfD throwing money at dodgy African enterprises so as to spend it’s annual allocation, I suppose the FO has to keep finding initiatives to “resource”.

    This leads to exchange in the HoC between Emily Thornberry and Sir Alan Duncan with her accusation that the trolls of the II have been attacking Jeremy Corbyn. Sir Alan denied it of course, well he would, wouldn’t he? But it’s not hard to imagine the UK operatives of the II getting bored on a slow day and posting a few anti opposition tweets to help the incumbent government along.

    My questions are: is it really run by a 25 year old spy? And why is the UK’s answer to Savushkina Street operating out of a derelict mill in Lanarkshire?. Maybe it’s like one of those Avenger films where the real base is a high tech underground hq below a derelict industrial building?. Mmm

    • Vivian O'Blivion

      Boredom, youthful impetuousness, individual indiscretions. Nothing to see here, move along now.
      I’m sure the Integrity Initiative is a barrel of wholesome verisimilitude. Remove this bad apple, Simon chap and all’s well.
      By the way the auld mill is in Fife.

    • Dungroanin

      Oh Mary you are contrary!
      You have no objections to our interference in foreign states governments?

      Did you read Kit’s Sputnik peace? Ever been to 2 Temple Place?

      Kids will be kids, eh?

      • Mary Paul

        I meant I have no problem with UK trolls posting information to counter that posted by Russian trolls and using sympathetic jourmos to get our message across. It is the way of the world now and if we sat back on our hands we would be at a disadvantage. Emily Thornberry was not objecting to the existence of the the Institute for Statecraft and the II,she was objecting to it being using for political purposes in the UK, to post suspect information against Jeremy Corbyn.

        • flatulence'

          I’ve never come across a Russian troll. Across many many forums. Very many suspected pro-Western-narrative trolls though.

          Actually I tell a lie, there was one slagging off a Ukrainian in an online poker game years back. No idea what he/she said, but the Ukrainian was nice, but that wasn’t trolling anyway, just a Russian who happened to be a knob.

          Considering the West is apparently playing catch up in this game, I find it remarkable the lack of obvious Russian trolling. More likely the West is trying to dominate this emerging market for social media propaganda and psyops and hiding in plain site by claiming to combat it with the very institutions that are supposed to be unveiling it.

          • Jack


            Russian trolls seems to be a scare tactic, meanwhile the trollfarm created by western governments could reign freely.

            ‘I am human, I bleed red’: Twitter user hits back after UK govt accuses her of being ‘Russian bot’

            ..and of course that goes for all people here and Craig. We are “trolls” “bots. Russian ones apparently. Sigh it is so infantile…

      • Dungroanin

        Mary (easily contrary) “I have no problem with UK trolls posting..,using sympathetic jourmos to get our message across. It is the way of the world”

        Got it.

        You are just following orders.

        • Mary Pau!

          Ha ha ha never followed orders in my life and have come across plenty of Russia sympathetic trolls – at least two political forums I follow recently had to stop accepting comments because they were clearly being Trolled. But unlike many posters here, I do not see Russia as an innocent victim of the evil UK state. If that makes the more paranoid of you think I am a UK secret services troll, well think what you like. I am in fact merely an independent thinker.

  • Jack

    Another tip to reach all the Scribd files:

    Go to Google and paste the following: “integrity initiative”

    Then click on any reverse triangle after each search item you get back, click the triangle to reach the “cache version”.
    You can also add other keywords too after that string. Like “spain” “cluster” “uk” and so on.

  • Muscleguy

    The Mill is not derelict. Look it up on Streetview. It is no longer a mill but has been repurposed as light industrial and retail units. And it’s in Gateside which is not part of Auchtermuchty. There is lots of clear countryside between the two places.

    Those saying it’s in Auchtermuchty are just using a name they think their readers will recognise instead of the real place name. It would make as much sense to say it’s in Falkland or Kinross. Postally it’s actually part of Coupar which is quite a distance to the East.

    I suppose I should be glad it wasn’t listed as being in Perth. Before the M90 formed a psychological barrier It would have been considered close to Perth and there were and still are local roads which go to Perth without getting on the motorway. Useful to know when you need a detour.

    My wife was once coming back from Edinburgh to Dundee late at night, she got to the Tay Bridge to find it shut and heard on the radio that the Friarton Bridge in Perth was also shut for wind so she was driving along just such a road when the police stopped her and asked her what she was doing which is quite frightening to a lone woman late at night.

  • flatulence'

    For anyone looking for the latest Anonymous leak, Institute for Statecraft, Integrity Initiative files:

    Jack in this thread has given detailed info on how to find them and also posted this link to a zip file containing more than just part 3. Apparently parts 1 and 2 as well? Anyway all of part 3 seems to be there. This is the link

    On the original page, the links have been repeated below “Backup copies of the documents:” about half way down the page (original links not working), which all seem to be working except for, but this is present in the zip file linked by Jack.

    Thanks Jack!

    • Radar O'Reilly

      pdf archive is unwell, “Ooops! Page not found!
      The requested document cannot be found on It may have been deleted by its owner, or by the Webmaster of the site upon reception of a file removal request sent by a third party

      Media fire is sad, “Secure Connection Failed
      The connection to was interrupted while the page was loading.
      The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
      Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

      some of it could be TLS teething trouble, also American forces Radio AFRTS is co-incidentally down ( I got fed-up listening to LBC below) AFRTS music program is quite snappy, I doubt it is related to the Institute for Warcraft

        • flatulence'

          Just to save anyone else the trouble:

          I have scanned the part 3 files from both sources and they are the same, no changes.

          1 file is corrupt in the zip “brexit-fco-update-02-02-2018”, fine in other source
          3 files seemed missing in the zip; “jmoehring2018”, “le-parti-russe-en-france”, and “ramping-up-ifs-work-16-03-2018”, but actually they just have a silly number in front of their name, so are present.

  • Radar O’Reilly

    Does the II and the institute for Strategy also do anti-Trump?, just that respected LBC/BBC journalist Matt Frei is allowing respected journalist Anne Applebaum (II?) to explain Trump on LBC at this moment, a lot of “Moss-Cow” being mentioned, so could certainly be a Psyop nudge

  • michael norton

    Jeremy Hunt is saying today, that Cliff-Edge-Brexit is very much on the table, if Brexit is not delivered he feels that there will be riots, like in France, meanwhile a fourth victim has died from shooting in Strasbourg.
    Fifth weekend of Yellow Jackets, underway.

    • Sharp Ears

      There are protests in the so-called ‘West Bank’ in which a Palestinian teenager has been shot and killed. The IDF are using some weapons which produces a large blast and noise when detonated. Terrible scenes of oppression by the IDF.

      There have also been protests in Gaza at the ‘border’ and also in Tel Aviv where yellow jackets are being worn by Israelis protesting against high prices of fuel and food.

      You can only see footage of the above on RT who provide excellent coverage and commentary on the resistance to the Israeli Occupation. They also had Mr Bargouti on to comment.

  • Isa

    Something else has been on my mind regarding the fake news committee headed by Damian Collins :

    The latest Facebook story broke in the observer that a man let’s call him mr Pikini, brought Facebook to court in the USA . He had several cached documents that could not be revealed by order of the USA court . According to the observer article and indeed I believe Collins himself , the man came to the U.K. on a business trip with all the documents in his laptop or a pen drive , as one does … Damian Collins then summoned him to parliament to ask for the documents and then sent an armed officer to his hotel to extract the same files .

    Now , this company is not Facebook and are not in breach of any U.K. law .according to the observer Damian Collins was able to divulge the documents content without going against the USA court orders using parliamentary privilege .

    How did Damian Collins know when this man was travelling to the U.K. and in which hotel he was staying ?

    Or could it possibly be that this man would have travelled with the possible purpose to give these documents to someone, but couldn’t really be seen to do it voluntarily because this would mean he would have acted against the court order in his own court case against Facebook .

    This just doesn’t cut it with me and after yesterday’s leak regarding the Spanish cluster as witnesses I the committee it’s been troubling me even more as it’s nonsensical .

    • Sharp Ears

      Collins’ fat face fitted almost immediately he entered the HoC in 2010.
      He went straight on to the DCMS committee and became the chairman in 2016.

      Ex Saatchi and Lexington Communications so good at producing spin and fake news. Ex Conservative Research Department too.

      ‘Between 1999–2008, Collins worked for the M&C Saatchi advertising agency. In 2005, whilst still working at M&C Saatchi, he set up Influence Communications within the group which specialised in issues based marketing campaigns. Before joining M&C Saatchi, he worked in the Conservative Research Department. In 2008, he joined Lexington Communications, where he was Senior Counsel, before leaving to stand at the 2010 general election.’

      In his time as MP, he was PPS to Theresa Villiers when she was NI SoS. She is a fervent member of CFoI.

      He was also PPS to Hammond when he was Foreign Secretary for a short time.

      He is expert in soliciting donations and freebies, some lavish like the BAFTA evening .

      A visit to Qatar is detailed.

      His book is called ‘Charmed Life’.

      • Ken Kenn

        No surprise.

        This is the game- political advertising.

        The word that has crept into the political lexicon is ” sell”

        You sell a policy.

        You sell it via the MSM and inform(?) the populace that this policy is the only solution.

        Austerity is sold as the only solution and the MSM is the transmission belt to sell the policy like Amazon would sell a product as the cheapest is the best.

        Now many people may not like Corbyn but his anti austerity product is certainly a different product from the offers from the last forty years in advertising terms.

        Yet the Tories still hold a decent brand loyalty.

        I saw a young woman who writes for the Spectator yesterday who had mental health problems. She had to spend her savings to fund her private treatment. When the savings ran out , thankfully a charity helped her with the rest of her treatment.

        Yet- after all that she ended up defending the Conservative government and its funding ( or funding with strings ) of Mental Health within the NHS. then the debate ended with how wonderful charities are etc etc.
        As in charities are filling the gap that the State should provide as a matter of course led by Ian Dale who is a right wing proselytiser.

        It was genuinely saddening.

  • Tatyana

    I find it curious, that Igor Sutyagin, one of Integrity Initiative members was in the bunch of spies together with Sergei Skripal, swapped for Anna Chapman.
    List of spies awailable on WikiОбмен_заключёнными_шпионами_между_Россией_и_США_(2010)

    Remarkable person this Igor Sutyagin is. The only russian citizen, unique, who openly works for NATO organisation (Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies).
    USA insisted on Sutyagin to be exchanged in that spy swap, mandatory condition for the transaction!

    • Tatyana

      Igor Sutyagin sold russian secrets to Sean Kidd and Nadya Lock, meeting them at Little Paddock, Mill Lane, Copthorne — Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 3HW9A UK
      The housing was rented by the ‘Alternative Futures’ company.

    • Old person

      Yes, it is curious. So, here are more possibilities where deeper analysis is needed. Alan Duncan admitted in parliament last Wednesday that he became aware that Integrity Initiative has been hacked on the 23rd November. He did not say whether the hack was internal or external.

      Neither Sergei Skripal or Igor Sutyagin retired gracefully after being swapped, but apparently continued working against the Russian State.

      Who is more dangerous to the Russian State – the old violinist with tired information and ‘perhaps inadvertently’ with links to the dossier, or the younger guy active in II and RUSI?

      Who would be more useful to the Russian State if re-educated in prison?
      Did anyone check that either had actually spent any time in prison?

      The Sergei Skripal incident takes on a whole new dimension.

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