British Security Service Infiltration, the Integrity Initiative and the Institute for Statecraft 617

The British state can maintain its spies’ cover stories for centuries. Look up Eldred Pottinger, who for 180 years appears in scores of British history books – right up to and including William Dalrymple’s Return of the King – as a British officer who chanced to be passing Herat on holiday when it came under siege from a partly Russian-officered Persian army, and helped to organise the defences. In researching Sikunder Burnes, I discovered and published from the British Library incontrovertible and detailed documentary evidence that Pottinger’s entire journey was under the direct instructions of, and reporting to, British spymaster Alexander Burnes. The first historian to publish the untrue “holiday” cover story, Sir John Kaye, knew both Burnes and Pottinger and undoubtedly knew he was publishing lying propaganda. Every other British historian of the First Afghan War (except me and latterly Farrukh Husain) has just followed Kaye’s official propaganda.

Some things don’t change. I was irresistibly reminded of Eldred Pottinger just passing Herat on holiday, when I learnt how highly improbable left wing firebrand Simon Bracey-Lane just happened to be on holiday in the United States with available cash to fund himself, when he stumbled into the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Recent university graduate Simon Bracey-Lane took it even further. Originally from Wimbledon in London, he was inspired to rejoin the Labour party in September when Corbyn was elected leader. But by that point, he was already in the US on holiday. So he joined the Sanders campaign, and never left.
“I had two weeks left and some money left, so I thought, Fuck it, I’ll make some calls for Bernie Sanders,” he explains. “I just sort of knew Des Moines was the place, so I just turned up at their HQ, started making phone calls, and then became a fully fledged field organiser.”

It is, to say the least, very interesting indeed that just a year later the left wing, “Corbyn and Sanders supporting” Bracey-Lane is hosting a very right wing event, “Cold War Then and Now”, for the shadowy neo-con Institute for Statecraft, at which an entirely unbalanced panel of British military, NATO and Ukrainian nationalists extolled the virtues of re-arming against Russia.

Nor would it seem likely that Bracey-Lane would be involved with the Integrity Initiative. Even the mainstream media has been forced to give a few paragraphs to the outrageous Integrity Initiative, under which the MOD-sponsored Institute for Statecraft has been given millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money by the FCO to spread covert disinformation and propaganda, particularly against Russia and the anti-war movement. Activities include twitter and facebook trolling and secretly paying journalists in “clusters of influence” around Europe. Anonymous helpfully leaked the Institute’s internal documents. Some of the Integrity Initiative’s thus exposed alleged covert agents, like David Aaronovitch, have denied any involvement despite their appearance in the documents, and others like Dan Kaszeta the US “novichok expert”, have cheerfully admitted it.

The mainstream media have tracked down the HQ of the “Institute for Statecraft” to a derelict mill near Auchtermuchty. It is owned by one of the company directors, Daniel Lafayeedney, formerly of D Squadron 23rd SAS Regiment and later of Military Intelligence (and incidentally born the rather more prosaic Daniel Edney).

By sleuthing the company records of this “Scottish charity”, and a couple of phone calls, I discovered that the actual location of the Institute for Statecraft is the basement of 2 Temple Place, London. This is not just any basement – it is the basement of the former London mansion of William Waldorf Astor, an astonishing building. It is, in short, possibly the most expensive basement in London.

Which is interesting because the accounts of the Institute for Statecraft claim it has no permanent staff and show nothing for rent, utilities or office expenses. In fact, I understand the rent is paid by the Ministry of Defence.

Having been told where the Institute for Statecraft skulk, I tipped off journalist Kit Klarenberg of Sputnik Radio to go and physically check it out. Kit did so and was aggressively ejected by that well-known Corbyn and Sanders supporter, Simon Bracey-Lane. It does seem somewhat strange that our left wing hero is deeply embedded in an organisation that launches troll attacks on Jeremy Corbyn.

I have a great deal more to tell you about Mr Edney and his organisation next week, and the extraordinary covert disinformation war the British government wages online, attacking British citizens using British taxpayers’ money. Please note in the interim I am not even a smidgeon suicidal, and going to be very, very careful crossing the road and am not intending any walks in the hills.

I am not alleging Mr Bracey-Lane is an intelligence service operative who previously infiltrated the Labour Party and the Sanders campaign. He may just be a young man of unusually heterodox and vacillating political opinions. He may be an undercover reporter for the Canary infiltrating the Institute for Statecraft. All these things are possible, and I have no firm information.

But one of the activities the Integrity Initiative sponsors happens to be the use of online trolls to ridicule the idea that the British security services ever carry out any kind of infiltration, false flag or agent provocateur operations, despite the fact that we even have repeated court judgements against undercover infiltration officers getting female activists pregnant. The Integrity Initiative offers us a glimpse into the very dirty world of surveillance and official disinformation. If we actually had a free media, it would be the biggest story of the day.

As the Establishment feels its grip slipping, as people wake up to the appalling economic exploitation by the few that underlies the very foundations of modern western society, expect the methods used by the security services to become even dirtier. You can bank on continued ramping up of Russophobia to supply “the enemy”. As both Scottish Independence and Jeremy Corbyn are viewed as real threats by the British Establishment, you can anticipate every possible kind of dirty trick in the next couple of years, with increasing frequency and audacity.

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  • Tony_0pmoc

    This is well worth reading – even for Craig – “They’re behind you”. It’s amazing what they think they can do on Facebook, but I am increasingly convinced that they are merely discrediting themselves, and no one over the age of 10 believes a word of their pantomimes.

    “The Curious Case of Russian TV Spies at 77 Brigade’s Doorstep”


  • Robyn

    Not to take away from the fine work mentioned here, but I heard about the Integrity Initiative first on the UK Column News. A fair few non-MSM sites are onto it now, but I feel UK Column deserve a mention for their early investigation.

  • flatulence'

    Something fishy going on with Not been there for a while, but now it won’t load in my chrome or firefox, but will through tor, albeit with errors.

    • Tony_0pmoc


      After clearing cookies and other dross, using ccleaner, truepublica is now working for me via firefox, but with this error ”
      Warning: mysqli_query(): (HY000/1030): Got error 28 from storage engine in /home/truepublicaorg/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1924″

      Interesting website, that I’ve not read for years. The current page contains a link that is probably reputatable, which tells me my email account has been hacked about 6 times over the last few years. This does not surprise me, but there is absolutely nothing there of any interest or value and my phone calls and text messages are even more boring. Still it’s wise not to delete anything, cos anyone reading them will soon want to pull their own hair out, if they have any left. Even I don’t read 99% of them.

      All of Facebook can of course be read, by absolutely anyone.

      I would ask whoever keeps crashing my computer over the past 24 hours, to stop doing it, or I will get my son to trace you.


  • Vivian O'Blivion

    Suspect a complex web of military, intelligence, academic, civil service and hazy third sector players will emerge if this is ever fully uncovered.
    Why the semi-derelict mill in Fife? Troll farm? Postal address? My money would be on low rental outstation for University of St Andrews, Handa Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence. They were the “experts” de rigueur for BBC Radio Shortbread on all matters para-political for a number of years before whom ever dictates such matters switched to Prof Anthony Glees at the (private) University of Buckingham, Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies.

    • flatulence'

      “Why the semi-derelict mill in Fife?”

      Also has ‘superfast’ fibre broadband. I’m rural too, but I’m on 0.5 meg.

        • flatulence'

          I wish. My memory doesn’t seem to work on demand. But now you’ve said that, it’ll probably end up on telly tonight, funny how that works… Just checked, tomorrow 1420.

        • flatulence'

          reading through links from Dungroanin, below (December 14, 2018 at 13:32). Think there may be a tape in the mill with SENTINEL written on it

        • Conor of Darkest Sussex

          Thank you, Sir Robert.
          “Ladies and Gentlemen
          Today i shall be dealing with
          a new meson production method
          which stems from the result
          …a new
          meson production…
          A new…
          meson production method”
          Dr Radcliffe, are you all right?

        • Conor of Darkest Sussex

          Here is genuine TV gold. Despite being thirty years old- all are now dead, except Adela Gooch- much of what’s discussed has now actually increased in relevance. With participants of that calibre you can hardly go wrong, although the sound man should have been sacked (& maybe he was).
          Watch it in chunks, in the likely event you don’t have three hours spare. It is packed with nuggets and gems.

  • Fearchar

    This isn’t just a UK issue: the UK security services seem to be in the pocket of extremist corporate interests, largely US-based, which are exerting increasing influence in central Europe. Are they aiming at pressure on Russian oligarchs to join forces or be frightened off? At any rate, it’s possible to spot the journalists benefiting from this mentoring in specific outlets. The anti-democratic governments in places like Poland and Hungary are possibly symptoms, as they make corporate takeovers easier (authoritarians are easier to bribe), and once the population’s vital resources such as power, food, voters’ rolls, communication and water are in mega-corporate hands, opposition becomes virtually impossible. The occasional (even bloody) “reminder” can be issued to journalists (Daphne Caruana Galizia in Malta or Jan Kuciak and his fiancee in Slovakia) so that they don’t stray too far from permitted subjects while also “proving” how free the news-reporting media are.

    • Radar O’Reilly

      anti-democratic governments in places like Poland and Hungary
      Someone pointed out to me that these developing democratic-deficient countries have probably suffered by having many of their voting age youth become expats; exercised their treaty rights of freedom of movement to quadruple their earnings, leaving behind an unbalanced rump state of grumpies & mild fascists.

      Inevitable from a not yet level EU society, should sort itself out in a generation or three?

    • Nick

      I hate to break it to you both, but the people of Hungary and Poland seem to agree with their government. You know, their national government, the one they voted in to look after their own interests, rather than the federalist project.

      Sounds democratic to me. But depends what you’ve heard.

  • Republicofscotland

    The nebulous and imprecise windbag Theresa May, is currently giving a speech in Brussels, which appears to be mostly nebulous and imprecise.

  • Dungroanin

    TonyO – that is hilarious our mod is a privatly run farce.
    Robyn – enough already! It is not a good look this shilling for your fav new boys on he block, good luck to them and all.

    And btw i thought the story was first broken by the anonymous cyber guerilla crowd – like they just did again:

    BOOM!!Check it out y’all. Craig and Kit are not standing alone!

    It is DYNAMITE. It names names; they have memos; they have the lie and the lying liars; I can not see how the HoC can go on holidays next week.

    The can of worms just keeps spilling more and more as the state & the msm lash out frantically, into blaming Russia or anyone, for being caught and getting dragged out into the open!

    Only a royal death can stop the truth gushing forth. The dots connect all the way from these tops to the new ‘chindits’ via the msm and it’s owned journos – gatekeepers damage limiters, braindead eyecandy ventriloquist dummies…

    Santa promised me a General Election for xmas!

    • Vivian O'Blivion

      It will be interesting to see how forcefully and persistently Emily Thornberry will push this (or be “allowed” to push this). Suspect Sir Alan Duncan has been conducting a force ten coverup since Emily submitted her questions.
      Any light that does emerge is likely to come from hacking efforts of Anonymous and leaking from civil servants who retain the integrity, bravery and knowledge of who they really work for.
      Wonder why Craig thinks the MOD front the rental for 2 Temple Place?

    • flatulence'

      “Only a royal death can stop the truth gushing forth.”

      careful what you wish for. Death of a self serving dancing Queen maybe. I saw someone assembling their high powered rifle at the conference just now, but it turned out to be a leg for the camera tripod. After my initial excitement, I then I thought, May being taken out now might actually help their cause. Sympathy vote, glorious fallen leader promoted across the airwaves. Political impotence from the benches not being able to speak ill of the rotten dead. Time bought, prospects of a vote of no confidence and general election scuppered.

      • Tatyana

        Wording, flatulence’, wording is that very thing that caught my attention in Skripal case.
        If you know languages and if you have some experience in internet advertising, you can easily distinguish carefully worded text with key-words from a natural one.

        • Tatyana

          Btw, you can see the same tactics in the Kerch Strait affair. Everyone is talking about Azov Sea, though it was in the Black Sea. No one pays attention to geography, though maps are available on the web. Common sense and logic tell that, you are in the Black Sea if going from Odessa to Mariupol and not crossed the Kerch Strait.

          • flatulence'

            I was highlighting “European network” and then international “networks” but wording too is a good point! Thank you by the way for your insight into the Kerch Strait business. When it happened I was like “here we go again, poke the bear”, the more I read, the more that was confirmed. Difficult to be impartial from the outset but I try.

            Words though… Sounds like you have experience of Adwords too? The necessary evil. Maybe not, just rings with my experience. Either way, reading some of the info in the links is like reading reports from an SEO adviser (to a Bond villain), “impressions” here, “engagement” there. The world we live in. Keywords shaping thinking, nations, and wars.

          • Tatyana

            Handmakers are sentenced to learn SEO, if they want to have some sales 🙂
            Etsy, Amazon Handmade, hobby-supply web-shop and jewelry web-shop – it is my experience.
            Josh Silverman, Etsy’s CEO, he made a series of articles on key-terms.

          • Tatyana

            Oh, flatulence’, you are sure to feel for me!
            Today I’m so excited, so much excited on this article by Craig!
            I run circles in my flat and just cannot concentrate on anything!

            This Skripal affair and sanctions and overall attitude to Russia, it was the reason for me to abandon my hobby (well, some health issue contributed a little).
            I feel the wave of energy and inspiration today, as if I found the missing piece of puzzle and as if the picture of the world outside my window is becoming that same what I was sure it had been.

            I hope this investigation by Craig will break the lies, and I will never again see that regretful bunch of parcels returned by my customers with no explanations. Un-demanded, post-office s5amp says. Breaking my heart.

          • flatulence'

            I do understand and feel the same. We are on the right side of history though, and I wish you good health and happiness.

    • flatulence'

      Again, thanks for the link. “DYNAMITE” is not an understatement. I encourage everyone to have a skim through. I haven’t got through all of it and it just gets better, for want of a better word. But now I really must do some work!

      • flatulence'

        ha duh… I either meant to say “is an understatement”, or “is not an exaggeration”… 16:32, don’t think I was even drunk by then.

    • Isa

      I’ve been reading it . The amount of information and links and conniving is just unbelievable . I do hope people don’t let this story die . It’s explosive stuff .

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Dungroanin December 14, 2018 at 13:32
      Here are parts 1 & 2:
      ‘Operation ‘Integrity Initiative’. British informational war against all. Part 1’:

      ‘Operation ‘Integrity Initiative’. British informational war against all. Part 2’:

    • Isabelle

      All the Integrity Initiative documents on that site seem to have been deleted. They were there yesterday.

  • DG

    It has to be said, if British spies and psywar are so good, how come Brexit is such a clustersuck? (Unless of course the Remainer in charge is going through the motions to grind down the beleavers…. )

    • Sebastian

      British spies and psywar, and their great game, are clearly unraveling apace: The promise of the new media environment for such ends has brought with it possibilities of unintended consequences beyond calculation, it would seem. The operation of the law of physics, action and reaction, seems to extend into the noosphere inhabited by the egregores created or summoned by such efforts. (Though perhaps Kurt Vonnegut’s word granfaloon, being devoid of occultist association, is better.)
      I’m sincerely hoping that the objective is keeping the spondulicks flowing to the MIC, after all, possibly the only bit of the economy doing well, rather than hastening the second coming. Though with the lunatics in charge, its hard to know for sure.
      As for using VPNs and TOR, as suggested above, I for one am more than happy to play a role as a bit of chaff on their radar, if it provides any cover for those doing invaluable spade work of the type and quality our host excels at.

    • Sharp Ears

      The UK is officially recognizing the Israeli Occupation of the Golan Heights

      In a thread on TLN

      In the same thread, Scotland are dropping the IHRA working definition.

      ‘Because of issues with sectarianism among other things, Scottish hate-crime and hate-speech laws have become extremely complex in an attempt to cover even such matters as what chants can be sung at football matches. This resulted in a drive to simplify legislation.

      This project was allocated in 2017 – the same year the Scottish government adopted the IHRA working definition – to Lord Bracadale, a distinguished retired judge who, as Alastair Campbell QC was senior prosecutor in the Lockerbie/PanAm bombing trial.’

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Tony_0pmoc December 14, 2018 at 14:32
      Surely you haven’t missed these?
      ‘France’s Roland Dumas tells how Syria’s Destruction was planned in advance’:
      ‘Former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas: West was preparing attack on Syria before crisis started’:
      I have practically rammed it down the throats of about a dozen Left MP’s, including Abbot, Corbyn, McDonnell and Wiliamson. The only one that seemed interested was Williamson.
      It’s bloody dynamite, but everyone just seems to ignore it.
      All that death and destruction, and the cause switched from the perps to Assad.

      • Molloy


        PB — Good work. Interesting choice of target too.

        Did you mention this apparent lack of concern for UK$ war crimes to any members of the current Tory Regime?

        Or are you only focusing on dissing the only few half-decent, genuine Labour MP’s?

        Are you certain that the British public would find this terribly helpful? Or in their best interests at all?

        In passing.
        Twitter, clunky as ever, occasionally handy for shaming the crims. Although obviously frustrating when it’s only the pet hamster ‘spud’ from Bob the Builder reading the shaming ‘tweet$’ (CIA set that up very well too, hoorah!)

        ¡No pasarán!

        * * *

        • Paul Barbara

          @ Molloy December 15, 2018 at 01:05
          No, I did not bother bringing it up with Tories. And I am a great fan of Jeremy Corbyn; my comment was not intended to ‘diss’ him. But yes, I most certainly believe that the British public WOULD find this information of great interest, because it would show, without a doubt, just what lies HMG trotted out to commit the major war crime, ‘Crimes Against Peace’, in militarily attacking the Sovereign State of Syria, based on nothing but lies and the desire for ‘Regime Change’.
          HMG most certainly would NOT find this info in their best interests, au contraire.
          Do you not find this information of extreme interest? Or are you perfectly happy that FUKUS should decimate Syrian infrastructure, and kill God knows how many Syrians, on lies and self-interested motives?
          Further, my own so-called Labour MP, Jim Fitzpatrick, not only refused to bring the issue up in Parliament, he even refused to check out the links I sent him.
          And when Abbot was chairing a Syrian-related public meeting in Parliament, I was sitting about two metres from her. I brought the subject up in Q&A, and she sat with a smile on her face, literally twiddling her thumbs, as if to say, there he goes again. I got no answers (I had previously either sent, or personally given her, related info some time before that).
          Next time I see Williamson at a meeting, I shall ask him again, as he expressed interest, and told me he would check the info out.

  • Jack

    Corbyn need to pick up speed on this and make this public, otherwhise this will be buried forever. He cant let this scandal go, otherwhise the state funded attacks on him will continute unabated.

  • John Goss

    Lafayeedny is no doubt a play on the Marquis de Lafayette. Well done for exposing this king of trollsters in his palatial dungeon.

    Yes, I do expect the continued ramping up of Russophobia, especially as the next election approaches. In the meantime there are a lot of unanswered questions regarding the imprisonment, or disappearings, of Russians. Young females are particularly vulnerable.

    • Tatyana

      As to me, John, I expect truth comes out of shadows. I believe the truth is the power, no one can lie to people and manipulate for any long.

      Skripal case stinks. From the very beginning it resembled a farce, an artificially made lump of lies.
      I’ve seen Pablo Miller name in the list of involved here

      I’m curious, is the author for Skripals plot is the author of Babchenko’s, as well? Recognizable style of shizo-evidence.

      • John Goss

        Babchenko is another one out of the news since his faked death. He left Russia because he said it was unsafe. Where did he go? Ukraine. You could not invent this stuff. If you want to add to the list I am almost certain the west more than knew about the downing and mass murder of MH17 before it happened. I do not believe it was a coincidence that Israel began its murderous attacks on Palestine the very same day.

        The trouble is the evil acts get more and more evil while a whole generation of the future is collectively glued to computer screens, where we used to be out on the streets making our voices heard. Or am I glorifying the past/ Perhaps it has always been this way.

      • John Goss

        In this famous photograph, the last allegedly before Yulia Skripal read her statement, there is a man – the photographer.—1_5ad358a9df52022f75dbc085/index.html

        Three things puzzle me about this photo. As well as appearing on the BBC and other media there has never been a photo-credit. And now when the photo is found in a UK newspaper it, at least for me, links to a connected article without the photo. Third and most important is who is the photographer seen in the mirror? Is it Pablo Miller?

        • Tatyana

          Careful wording of Yulia Skripals ‘statement’ evidently rehearsed, many times rehearsed! Stumbling spoken at the same place, which is corrected in the written text.
          Her phone talk with her cousin Victoria, (which was the reason for my first entry at this site).

          Silly me, I tried my best to stay open -minded, I tried to find excuses for Mrs. May’s and Boris Johnson’s and Gavin Williamson’s behavior, as if they could have been misled by something. I was told for several times that my opinion on British Government’s actions and motives is too nice.

          It didn’t change until poor soul Dawn Sturgess had passed away. Rest in peace.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ John Goss December 14, 2018 at 16:17
      I just checked your Change petition – it now has the staggering number of 1,120!
      I also tried an e-petition to HMG on Yulia’s family, and got the same dismissal as you.
      Perhaps Criag could put up a similar petition on here, with his mega-readers, which could at least show the Change site is well and truly fixed. HMG obviously wouldn’t accept it on their heavily biased ‘grounds’.

  • Republicofscotland

    “Millions of Britons travelling to the EU will have to pay €7 (£6.29) for visa-free travel from 2021, Sky News has learned.”

    “The post-Brexit move was confirmed by the European Commission in response to a question to its President Jean Claude-Juncker.
    Alongside the fee, UK citizens will need to pre-register for the three-year electronic visa waiver.”

    Meanwhile the mass murderer Tony (Miranda) Blair, who should be tried at the Hague, is spouting his support for a second EU vote.

    • Sharp Ears

      Yes I saw him. It really narks me that he is consulted by the media and given airtime. He was described as ‘Former Prime Minister’. They never add ‘and War Criminal ‘

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Republicofscotland December 14, 2018 at 16:30
      A boon for Scotland, Cornwall, Devon and other UK holiday destinations.
      And an opportunity for an entrepreneur to start up cheap Cuba and other Carribean flights and holidays.
      Re the II’s interference in Spain’s choice of Defence Minister (?) (that link seems to have been removed), let’s hope it reinforces Spain’s efforts to reclaim Gib. Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble.

  • Barden Gridge

    From :
    “Astor had emigrated to England in 1891 as, arguably, the richest man in the world and no expense was spared when work began on Two Temple Place in 1892. In addition to the extraordinary, opulent interior, when it was finished in 1895, Two Temple Place contained the largest strong room in Europe as well as two other enormous fortified safes.”

    Other things to be found in Temple Place:

    The immediate neighbour of 2 Temple Place is Globe House, HQ of BAT (British-American Tobacco) which I seem to remember was a big Tory donor. Lynton Crosby (who ran the Conservative election campaigns, Boris Johnson’s London mayoral campaigns and his 2016 bid to become Tory leader) has links with big tobacco, I believe, lobbying to prevent the introduction of plain packaging for cigarettes.

    And there was the Crosby-backed plan to install Johnson as Tory Leader, of course:

    (Is there some historical connection between BAT and the Waldorf-Astoria cigar company?)

    And next to Globe House we have the International Institute for Strategic Studies, which seems to have very strong links with Singapore.
    It all seems rather Brexity.

    Temple Place was also to have been the northern landing of the idiot Johnson’s ghastly Garden Bridge. That nonsense was stopped, buy not before some £45 million of public money was spent on goodness knows what. I understand that the Garden Bridge Trust that mismanaged the whole fundraising exercise is now attempting to get its hands on £5 million of public funds to “repay private donors”.

    Crossing Arundel Street, and still on Temple Place, we come to what was the site of the Howard Hotel, renovated at a cost of £1.8 million in about 2011 and then demolished a few months later to make way for the pompously-named “One The Thames” development.

    Oh look: Carillion were involved:

    “One The Thames, Arundel Great Court
    Developer/Owner: The Vinyl Factory
    Client/Main Contractor: Carillion”

  • Gary Weglarz

    Really important reporting Craig. Thank you from the U.S. – where actual “election meddling” against the Sander’s campaign is a “non-issue” – but fictitious meddling by Russia continues as daily media fare for two years running. Your reporting suggests the depth of involvement of Western intelligence agencies in these matters – that essentially insure this ongoing surreal assault on reality.

  • Patrick Mulvey

    When writing these types of articles you are extremely informative and interesting. I often wonder how much of the anti Russian hysteria is stirred by our intelligence services. I would argue that a lot of this activity is motivated by the need of these civil servants to obtain increased funding, pay and prestige. However, when dealing with Putins’ Russia vigilance is called for, but there is a great deal of difference between vigilance and prodding the bear.

  • ADKC

    There is a tendency to believe that British interference in US elections is a new phenomenon because of these recent revelations, but I doubt that this is so.

    Everyone should already be aware that GCHQ perform a role in spying on US citizens because the US intelligence agencies are constitutionally not permitted to do so. So GCHQ is spying on US citizens at the behest of the NSA to provide the NSA with deniability.

    It seems very likely that GCHQ, MI6, etc, have provided a similar service for the NSA & US intelligence services in interfering in US elections while providing US intelligence agencies with deniability. The fact that these revelations are not a major scandal in the US tends to indicate that the UK is acting on behalf of US deep state interests.

    This must obviously be the case because the alternative, that the UK is controlling the US political system (and, by implication, the UK deep state controls the world) is ridiculous.

    So Skripal, Trump, Sanders, Steele dossier, Clinton, Russiagate, Assange, etc. all appear to be linked, specifically UK intelligence services interfering in the US political system but doing so on behalf of US intelligence services so as to provide US intelligence services with deniability.

  • Isa

    Leaks part 3 are out very interesting . Pablo miller met with white helmets for instance and this about Damian Collins and fake news committee :

    (…) “taking advantage of his administrative position, Donnelly lobbied the House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee for an inquiry into Russia’s interference in the Catalan referendum. He invited members of the Integrity Initiative Spain cluster Francisco de Borja Lasheras and Mira Milosevich-Juaristi. At that moment they were receiving funds from the Foreign Office, i.e. the UK intelligence paid its own agents for fake proof of Russia’s interference in the Catalan referendum and later told them to lie to the Parliament to convince it to take anti-Russian steps.

    It is also in public domain:(…)”

    • Jack

      Frank church is a nod to this:

      The Frank Church Committee
      “By the early years of the 1970s, a series of troubling revelations had appeared in the press concerning intelligence activities. First came the revelations by Army intelligence officer Christopher Pyle in January 1970 of the U.S. Army’s spying on the civilian population[1][2] ”

      ” Covert action programs involving assassination attempts on foreign leaders and covert attempts to subvert foreign governments were reported for the first time. In addition, the article discussed efforts by intelligence agencies to collect information on the political activities of US citizens.[4] ”

  • Jack

    This scandal growing, check this french connection:

    “A “strictly confidential” proposal by the French company Lexfo to spread the Integrity Initiative’s state-sponsored propaganda through an offensive online influence campaigns for a monthly pay per language of €20-40.000. The proposal also includes an offer for “counter activism” through “negative PR, legal actions, ethical hack back, etc.” for €50,000 per month.”
    The offer claims that the company can launch hundreds of “news” pieces per day on as many websites. It notably also offers to “edit” Wikipedia articles.”

    • Spencer Eagle

      As continues exponentially it will eventually devalue all information.

      “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” ~ George Orwell, 1984

      I can imagine GCHQ having room upon room of click farms like this:

  • Brian Watson

    Streuth! The repurposing of a derelict Fife works as a rumour mill is surely a spymasterly stroke . The Royal &Ancient Order of Wee Coopers will be flat out fulfilling orders and Jimmy Shand will be reeling in his lair.

  • Tom Welsh

    “But one of the activities the Integrity Initiative sponsors happens to be the use of online trolls to ridicule the idea that the British security services ever carry out any kind of infiltration, false flag or agent provocateur operations…”

    Recursive – see “recursive”.

  • Mark Rowantree

    Craig, I would be more surprised if the British Security Services weren’t carrying out operations like this against Jeremy Corbyn and the Scottish Independence movement: than I would if they were.

  • Sharp Ears

    This came from Surrey Police via Neighbourhood Watch. It continued for eight more paras! They should be attending to burglaries, street robberies, drug crime and dangerous driving.

    ‘Working Together With Communities Counter Terrorism Policing Wants Christmas Security All Wrapped Up

    Shoppers are being asked to put security at the top of their ‘must have’ lists this Christmas.

    With the festive season well underway, Counter Terrorism Policing has launched its biggest-ever winter advertising campaign as part of ACT: Action Counters Terrorism.

    While there is no known increased threat to busy town and city centres, people flocking to stock up on Christmas gifts will see police working alongside security personnel to encourage everyone to remain vigilant and report anything suspicious.

    Experts from Counter Terrorism Policing will be asking retailers and other businesses who operate in crowded places to think about their contingency plans, asking them to draw up a ‘Sixty Second Security’ plan which has the power to improve their reaction to emergencies.

    • Molloy


      SE — Nice.

      What disgraceful and manipulative jobsworths they are! Working for the Regime.




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