The UK Government Manufacture of False Sexual Allegations 439

I want to give you a concrete example of how the UK government deliberately sets out to manufacture false sexual allegations against people it considers a threat. I do so to educate those who view this concept as an unthinkable “conspiracy theory”. I write of a case of which I have expert knowledge; it is my own case.

I became an “enemy of the state” when, as British Ambassador, I protested against UK and US complicity in torture and extraordinary rendition in Uzbekistan. As detailed in Murder in Samarkand, I very quickly found myself suspended and subject to civil service investigation of disciplinary allegations against me, the worst of which was that I extorted sex from visa applicants. Blair’s No. 10 quickly leaked this allegation against me to the Daily Mail.

I was in a state of complete shock. I had no idea at all what could have led to such allegations. The Kafkaesque nightmare deepened when I was presented with the evidence against me.

The case was of a young woman named Albina Safarova. I was shown her visa application documents by the investigating officer. These included her passport photo, and she was a strikingly beautiful young woman. On the back of her visa application the Visa Officer had written “HMA (Her Majesty’s Ambassador, i.e. me) authorises issue”. The investigation had obtained a statement from the Visa Officer, in which she stated that she had issued the Visa after being informed by two British diplomats that Ms Safarova was a friend of mine. To complete the evidence, the original application was supported by a letter from Ms Safarova’s sponsor, a Mr Dermot Hassett, who stated in the application that the circumstances of the application were known to the British Ambassador, Mr Craig Murray.

All of which seems firm and damning evidence of, at the least, unwarranted interference in visa issues.

Except for this. Not only had I never had any form of sexual encounter with Ms Albina Safarova, I had never met her or even heard of her. The same was true of Mr Dermot Hassett. Not only were they not my friends, I had no idea they existed.

After I left the FCO, I gave the papers to a veteran investigative reporter, Bob Graham, who contacted Dermot Hassett. Graham told me that Hassett explained that a British diplomat – one of the two who had told the Visa Officer Ms Safarova was my friend – had instructed him to write my name into the visa application, with the assurance that the visa would be granted.

So the British government had put substantial effort into the preparation of fake documents connecting me to Ms Safarova and Mr Hassett and this visa application. Yet the whole thing was entirely fake. Those British diplomats had lied, and convinced Mr Hassett and the Visa Officer to produce “independent” documents corroborating those lies.

Interestingly, they never produced any allegation from Ms Safarova that a sexual relationship was involved. In the absence of this and of any evidence that I had ever met Safarova, and in view of the fact the Visa Officer’s evidence crucially stated it was other British diplomats, not me, who told her Safarova was my friend, I was acquitted. No other incident was ever alleged. But mud sticks, and the smear was used to discredit my evidence on torture and extraordinary rendition, and has been so used ever since.

Alex Salmond is far more of a threat to the British establishment than I ever was. So is Julian Assange and so is Tommy Sheridan. Anybody who looks at any of these examples, and does not understand that the state will actually fabricate allegations and fabricate evidence to back them, is a fool.

I know. It happened to me.

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439 thoughts on “The UK Government Manufacture of False Sexual Allegations

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  • A concerned citizen.

    I find the whole thing frightening that you can have this done to you by your own government. Where are our civil liberties, we obviously don’t have any. Scotland needs to back Alex Salmon and vote yes, also for our selves to get rid of the despicable Tories. A stressful time for the Salmon family. My heart felt best wishes to them all.

  • Compton Arthur

    Every charge against Alex Salmond has been organised by MI5 the sooner that England is left to exist itself the better.

  • Mike Penny

    And to think we used to make fun of the Chinese State Run propaganda machine…
    Fast Forward 10 years and the UK looks more like China than China.
    The UK is broken.

    • Andy

      The British state establishmemt has always been like this….always. its only because of the internet that the si called conspiracy theories have started to gain credibilty and the utter corruption at the top has been exposed.
      However the counter efforts by the establishment now make it extremely difficult to trust almost anything you receive online….you never know where it has actually come from.
      The more outspiken you are…the more ypu will be targetted with a view to ridicule you. If that doesnt work…then things get more sinister.

  • Graham Ennis

    Very very good. I have just posted on my facebook page about these issues, re Salmond. He also has to take extreme care, or he will end up like Robin Cook. As we all know, the UK state is utterly ruthless in doing these things. Good of you to speak out, Craig.

    • Jenni Stuart-Anderson

      My gut feeling was the same about this as about a couple of others who disagreed with the establishment shortly before they died.

  • Denise MacLean

    Thanks for speaking out. I am so sorry for Alex and his family. I firmly believe that it is the most sinister weapon that can be used against people of principle when the establishment out of options.

  • Lindsey McPhillips

    I followed your case at the time. There was never any doubt in my mind that it was a set up.
    The same applies to Alex – I have no doubt in his innocence. He is a good and decent man.

  • Robert Cook

    Aye, they murdered
    Willie McRae but are being more subtle yet non the less destructive with Alex Salmond.
    It’s a stitch up to keep Alex out the way.
    He’ll have his day in court and be admonished but who knows how long they’ll drag this farce out for.
    They really are so desperate that they would ruin a good man’s reputation, just shows how much they fear both him and the inevitability of Scotland being independent from their corrupt clutches.

  • thomas cochrane

    I am not in the least bit surprised at the depth the British state will descend to criminalise their enemies ……. Macrae , and the burying of the Mcroan report ,to name but two.

  • Samuel Flannigan

    Gordon Ross said the this was going to happen .there is no depths of depravity that westminster will do or go to.
    Thank you
    Dont let the basterds grind you down.
    we must get this viral.

  • Eileen Stuart

    Thank you for this enlightening report. What can we do about it though? How do we get around such corruption? I do not believe one word of the accusations against Alec Salmond. Most Scots don’t either but that is no help to him against the twisted echelons of Westminster. I have such hopes for Scotland as we have a chance to get away from all this. Please Scotland grab the opportunity because Westminster will make sure we never have the chance again

  • Rose Mclean

    Thanks for speaking out about yourself. A brave thing to do This is so sad what they are doing to Alex. All the people in the UK need to put a stop to this. We employ the government and this would not be tolerated in a place of work and it shouldn’t be allowed in parliament. We the UK residents need to elect a new government, we also need to do away with this greed they all have by changing their income or salary. Also people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. They seriously need to take a look at themselves. The whole government stinks.

  • Dr Lindsay Neil

    I have no doubt at all that there are hidden cells in HMG that are bidden to leave no stone unturned in their efforts to discredit/discourage anyone who is an important supporter of Scottish Nationalism. They are good at it.
    My fear is that in using these methods and others to discredit and lie about what independence would mean to Scotland, that they drive invisible wedges between Scots and English. That would create unnecessary wounds so I favour English Nationalism and separatism as the most harmonious way to satisfy both Scottish and English peoples. We could then continue to be ‘best friends’.

  • William shepherd

    Thank you for this information. I believe you are totally correct regarding the British government’s capabilities in such disgusting and shameful behaviour and it was only a matter of time before Alex was targeted, I for one will not allow myself to be taken in by this and indeed the government may find this particular smear campaign to backfire on it. More is yet to come !!

  • Niall Gòrdan

    This is terrible – I am deeply ashamed and totally disgusted, although I should NOT be surprised. What a horrible “little” country Britain has become – a far cry from the “great” Britain we are force-fed to believe to the point of nausea.

  • He who dislikes tories

    You have made your case and your innocence crystal clear. Tommy Sheridan case was even more bizarre. Why was it Lothians police who tipped him off about the bug in his car and not Strathclyde police? Had it anything to do with a certain chief constable by the name of Tomkins who was serving with the Met when Sheridan was arrested at wapping and was in charge of Lothian police when the bug was found in Sheridans car. There is no doubt Sheridan was set up by the establishment and the same could be the case with Alex Salmond

  • Sharp Ears

    Whilst the deep state is busy shafting Alex Salmond, Theresa May is morphing into a Thatcher Mk 11 by giving support to Guaido. Remember Thatcher and her support for Pinochet?

    ‘The UK government, led by Prime Minister Theresa May has come out in support of Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido as the head of the democratically elected National Assembly, in response to the attempted coup.

    A spokesperson for the prime minister said that the 2018 presidential poll was neither free nor fair, stating that the UK fully backed Guaido, Reuters reports.

    “The 2018 presidential election in Venezuela was neither free nor fair, so the regime’s basis for power is deeply flawed. We fully support the democratically elected National Assembly with Juan Guaido as its president,” May’s spokesperson said.

    “In relation to the US, we think it is totally unacceptable for Venezuela to cut off diplomatic ties. The solution to this crisis lies in working to find a peaceful and diplomatic solution, not in expulsions.”’


  • Ewen A. Morrison

    ‘The UK Government Manufacture of False Sexual Allegations’

    Dear Craig, although I’ve read your comments before: “Anybody who looks at any of these examples, and does not understand that the state will actually fabricate allegations and fabricate evidence to back them, is a fool. I know. It happened to me.” ~

    You are one of that UK Government’s victims… a government which is an object of ridicule, these days! Although my family are bilingual, I’m at a loss for words, presently! With thanks, and perhaps this wee stanza?


    When London’s ‘Britain’ means: ‘England,
    they’re referring to their ‘Great’?
    The ‘Unravelling Kingdom’, yet Scotland,
    soon-again will be an independent land!

    © Ewen A. Morrison ???????


  • BillyM

    For years there has been allegations of spook involvement in the North of Ireland. These include bombings and mass murder to lower level involvement in blackmail and setting people up to be jailed.
    Perhaps now the Scottish people will realise what they are up against.
    There are plenty of documentaries about Brit involvement in loyalist killings and bombings and google will also bring up cases where there was collusion between the two.
    Dublin and Monaghan bombings, Miami Showband murders and the Craigavon 2 to give you a start.

  • Angela

    Thank you for speaking up , a terrifying experience , to feel powerless , I pray anyone in the same situation has a clever legal team with a conscience .

    • Blunderbuss

      From Wikipedia:

      “In August 2014 Richard was one of 200 public figures who were signatories to a letter to The Guardian expressing their hope that Scotland would vote to remain part of the United Kingdom in September’s referendum on that issue”.

      It was also in August 2014 that his house was searched by police. Could be a coincidence but who knows? If an establishment was annoyed, it was presumably the Scottish establishment.

  • Jenny McL

    More’n more folk growing in awareness of the skulduggery from WM. Sorry you had to go through that experience Craig.

  • Andrew Wilson

    I find it extraordinary personally, that when the world media was so focused on Bute House to the extent that if a midge had farted out of key it would have made headline pages, that not one but two indiscretions could have taken place with nothing being said! Something is very off here but only time will tell.

  • Gordon

    I totally believe your story its very convenient for all this to come to a head just now in the hope that it discredits snp and scottish government who westminster tories regard as a real threat to their survival

  • vin mcdermott

    The establishment are past master at discrediting since the middle ages and to present time. This is supposed to be freedom of speech and free to criticise government country haha

  • Gordon Leighton

    It seems incredible that it has taken 5 year to come up with the allegations then charging Alex Salmond. If it was a mere Joe Bloggs it would have been done by 2014 and served their time.

    Stinks of establishment to be honest.

    A nervous citizen.

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