The UK Government Manufacture of False Sexual Allegations 439

I want to give you a concrete example of how the UK government deliberately sets out to manufacture false sexual allegations against people it considers a threat. I do so to educate those who view this concept as an unthinkable “conspiracy theory”. I write of a case of which I have expert knowledge; it is my own case.

I became an “enemy of the state” when, as British Ambassador, I protested against UK and US complicity in torture and extraordinary rendition in Uzbekistan. As detailed in Murder in Samarkand, I very quickly found myself suspended and subject to civil service investigation of disciplinary allegations against me, the worst of which was that I extorted sex from visa applicants. Blair’s No. 10 quickly leaked this allegation against me to the Daily Mail.

I was in a state of complete shock. I had no idea at all what could have led to such allegations. The Kafkaesque nightmare deepened when I was presented with the evidence against me.

The case was of a young woman named Albina Safarova. I was shown her visa application documents by the investigating officer. These included her passport photo, and she was a strikingly beautiful young woman. On the back of her visa application the Visa Officer had written “HMA (Her Majesty’s Ambassador, i.e. me) authorises issue”. The investigation had obtained a statement from the Visa Officer, in which she stated that she had issued the Visa after being informed by two British diplomats that Ms Safarova was a friend of mine. To complete the evidence, the original application was supported by a letter from Ms Safarova’s sponsor, a Mr Dermot Hassett, who stated in the application that the circumstances of the application were known to the British Ambassador, Mr Craig Murray.

All of which seems firm and damning evidence of, at the least, unwarranted interference in visa issues.

Except for this. Not only had I never had any form of sexual encounter with Ms Albina Safarova, I had never met her or even heard of her. The same was true of Mr Dermot Hassett. Not only were they not my friends, I had no idea they existed.

After I left the FCO, I gave the papers to a veteran investigative reporter, Bob Graham, who contacted Dermot Hassett. Graham told me that Hassett explained that a British diplomat – one of the two who had told the Visa Officer Ms Safarova was my friend – had instructed him to write my name into the visa application, with the assurance that the visa would be granted.

So the British government had put substantial effort into the preparation of fake documents connecting me to Ms Safarova and Mr Hassett and this visa application. Yet the whole thing was entirely fake. Those British diplomats had lied, and convinced Mr Hassett and the Visa Officer to produce “independent” documents corroborating those lies.

Interestingly, they never produced any allegation from Ms Safarova that a sexual relationship was involved. In the absence of this and of any evidence that I had ever met Safarova, and in view of the fact the Visa Officer’s evidence crucially stated it was other British diplomats, not me, who told her Safarova was my friend, I was acquitted. No other incident was ever alleged. But mud sticks, and the smear was used to discredit my evidence on torture and extraordinary rendition, and has been so used ever since.

Alex Salmond is far more of a threat to the British establishment than I ever was. So is Julian Assange and so is Tommy Sheridan. Anybody who looks at any of these examples, and does not understand that the state will actually fabricate allegations and fabricate evidence to back them, is a fool.

I know. It happened to me.

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  • Tatyana

    on ‘russian’ vs ‘western’, and in total ‘government approved’ and ‘not approved’, and more generalizing on who are ‘our friends’ and not ‘our friends’
    we’ve got a bitter russian joke

    Sergey Lavrov calls up Shoigu:
    – hallo, Sergey Kuzhuget-oglu!
    – hallo to you too, Sergey!
    – could you please not launch missiles at New-York? You know, my daughter is living there…
    – oh, damn it! Peskov called me up, asking not to shoot at London and Paris. Medvedev asked not to shoot at Berlin… hey, Lavrov, where should I shoot at in the case of war?
    – shoot at Voronezh, Shoigu! there are no ‘ours’ there.

    *Voronezh is a provincial russian city

  • John Goss

    I urge everybody to read this analysis of what happened to the Skripals and what is wrong with the case as presented by our government, media and police. Ask yourself if there is not something wrong with the secret services being allowed to run the country.

    In just over two months the Skripals will not have been heard from for 12 months. We have as much chance of hearing from them now as we have of hearing from Dr. David Kelly about his murder (“suicide”).

  • Vivian O'Blivion

    Alex Salmond has referred the Scottish Government to the Information Commissioner over details of the case against him appearing in the Daily Record.

    The position of the Scottish Government is that the matter was investigated and there was NO LEAK!

    The Scottish Government “carried out a review in August and was satisfied that information relating to the case was processed properly.”

    So, according to Leslie Evans, in order to get a job as a journalist on the Daily Record, you have to be fucking psychic!

      • Sharp Ears

        Thanks. Nothing changes. The lobby is embedded wherever we look.

        Great load of tosh in the Heil bigging up the Jeremy Corbyn smearer from Countdown.

        ‘I can’t thank people enough for seeing through the lies’: Countdown’s Rachel Riley praises fans for their support after slamming Corbyn and telling George Galloway to f*** off in anti-Semitism row
        Rachel Riley accused Labour leader of sharing a bed with ‘virulent anti-semites’
        Comes after she told former Labour MP George Galloway to ‘f*** off’ in spat
        Countdown host Ms Riley has been outspoken against rising anti-Semitism
        Today she appeared on Lorraine to thank fans for their support after abuse

        Wonder if her dancer boyfriend from the far East of Russia agrees.

        • Sharp Ears

          O’Brien has been joining in this. Describing Corbyn as ‘disingenuous, not very bright and a poor salesman for the Labour party’.

          The owner of LBC is Global Radio which belongs to the Jcwish billionaire bookmakers, the Tabors. The message has obviously gone down the line to their operatives to smear Corbyn. I wonder how many of their listeners are influenced by the stuff.

          I see the father is a tax exile.

          • Resident Dissident

            Please delete this anti–semitic crap – what has the religion of the LBC owners got to do with anything

          • Dungroanin

            I started listening to LBC recently to determine why Eddie Mair left the Beeb to go there.
            What a horror show it is there – it is worse than the BBC in many respects.
            The call-in format is disgraceful: Obviously many coached and vetted callers. Opinion is coordinated. Keywords and phrases are repeated. Propaganda as vox pop.
            As to the erstwhile BBC urbanite teddybear Mair – the scales have dropped, he is revealed to be a NightMair. He is sharing the platform with The Fartage, Ferrari and the other shock-jokes.
            The guests he has on are establishment, NulabInc types.
            The issues and playbook is the same as the rest of the MSM.
            Corbyn bad; Trump bad; EU bad… it isn’t subtle. Nothing on II, or CA or indeed Nigels shenanigans, etc.

            And here I naively though LBC was a local indy broadcaster that the plucky Mair had gone to speak truth to power and have a cut in income – to escape the Beeb mafia.

            It has been another revelation of how deep the propaganda operations are reaching.

          • Rowan Berkeley

            @Resident Dissident –
            “Please delete this anti–semitic crap – what has the religion of the LBC owners got to do with anything”
            – Very few Jews fail to support the Jewish state. This is of critical relevance when discussing Corbyn’s foreign policy programme for the mid-east, which is totally unacceptable to the Jewish state.

          • Capt Bluntschli

            “Very few Jews fail to support the Jewish state.”

            And……are you trying to sound pro-found?

        • Dungroanin

          Deployment of the ‘populist’ personalities in the full spectrum trolling of the Labour party and its leadership, using all the defunct tropes, is a SURE sign that a General Election can not be stopped.
          As is the DS leaders emerging in public to try and force through the hard brexit – which was always Plan A.
          The media pundits are now also nudging towards a low turnout, spolied votes, voting LibDem even. Basically ABC.

          I’m off to the bookies to see the odds on a 100+ majority!

  • nevermind

    Well done Fiona, using question time to attack Labour on your third rate Bibice first outing.

    Its not the chair that changes of a program, but public needs for genuine unspun information on how people feel.
    She is stoking discontent rather than any unity amongst politicians, shit stirring is not what a chair does.
    You direct commenters and questioners allowing biased questions that insinuate and continue a two year campaign of JC bashing.
    Should be called ‘ Same ol shit you had before,
    wrapped by Fiona…..’

    • Sharp Ears

      Wasn’t it terrible. She muttered too. Many of her interruptions were unintelligible and her bias was not concealed. Get her and the programme off

      Good for Nish Kumar though sorting out Mad Mel whose views are
      even more extreme.

  • Judith Delissen

    When I heard about the sexual harassment allegations about Alex I knew there was something wrong and did not believe that they were true. Alex had said that he intended to stand for election to WM and I was really pleased to hear that as I felt that he would be the Governments worst nightmare if he returned to WM. I felt that the SNP MPs would have to be very careful as any misdemeanour no matter how small would be gleefully reported and exaggerated by the gutter. Press. The idea that Alex might be leading another charge for a future independent Scotland and the way Scotland would be treated by the Brexit negotiations was obviously too much and something had to be done . The support Alex had from the SNP members must have shocked and surprised the people trying to discredit him and thankfully it has blown up in their faces. We have to be vigilant especially when the next referendum comes.

    • Col

      Except none of the story broke until after Eck had been beaten. The ‘offenses’ were before the election, and if it was wanted to be leaked then it could have been.

      • jake

        That suggests to me that whoever tipped the wink to the Record wasn’t in the loop or have access to the information until after Salmond’s election defeat.

      • Jo1


        Yes, but after Salmond lost his seat he was involved in other projects, however, he said publicly that he would not rule out a return to politics. It was following this the allegations emerged. That may be what Judith is talking about.

  • SA

    In Sudan, the public discontent and anti government peaceful demonstrations continue and with a recent shooting of three demonstrators in Omdurman by police. So far the demonstrators have gained little attention in the west but this article published in The Times may aim to reverse this. I post this reposting from an obviously Ukrainian propaganda site as the original Times report is behind a paywall.

    So the claim here is the Russia and personally Putin, of course, is supporting the suppressive regime of Al-Bashir. This conclusion is backed by other observations such as that Al-Bashir visited Moscow twice but also visited Syria recently to show support for Asad. It is a rather complex situation and illustrates the complex machinations of how the truth is difficult to get at. Despite very strict anti-Sudan sanctions and international indictments of Al-Bashir he has continued in power and is sending militias to The war in Yemen and presumably his MB government also receives support from the MB sympathisers Qatar. Either there is a complex deception by Russia about its involvement in the ME and Africa (not to be discounted) or there are now pro western elements in the Sudanese uprising who want to mobilise western support through disinformation. It is of course perfectly feasible that the Wagner mercenary group is merely protecting some commercial interests in Sudan and are really not involved in helping suppressing the popular uprising.
    The only reposting of this article by this Ukrainian website, which I will look at further when I get to my desktop, is also telling as it makes it more obvious as to how Ukrainian sources are probably behind a lot of anti-Russian disinformation. But let us keep an open mind on this for the moment.

  • giyane

    This ALT wonk government has finally revealed the reason why nobody agrees with its EU withdrawal agreement. Government policy for the future of this country was not written by elected ministers but by Yes men and women who are paid millions to reproduce Tory ALT wonkthink in fake governmental prose.

    That’s why it’s taken two and a half years to draw up this pile of waffle that is the EU withdrawal agreement and that is why nobody other than ALT wonks agree with it. get out of our sight you evil, populist ALTwonks. nobody ever dared to use racist populism as a tool of government before in my lifetime. These evil Tories are exiting the EU on the broadcasts of racist gobshites, and underneath that operating a secret agenda of ALT wonk conservatism written by unelected people who work for the same bonkers advisors that gave us the 2007 financial crash.

    Time for the Tories to go. No Labour people should be fooled by the desperate writhings of Mrs May on working conditions. The Tories need to be crushed like cockroaches and put in the bin. Not that they would have ever got into power again if it wasn’t for Nick Clegg who shoehorned the ALT wonks back in entirely on his own without asking our permission. For that disaster to happen the late and thankfully departed Paddy Ashdown carries a lot of the blame

    oh, the Alt rights complain about Bercow breaking the parliamentary procedures. The ALT wonks Tories are breaking the rules of government to commission unelected idiots to write the future of this country in their ALT wonk mould. Policy should be done in-house and policymakers should be accountable. Tories get out now.

  • Sharp Ears

    Exclusive: Julian Assange’s Living Conditions Deteriorate – More Akin to Stasi-Era Dissident Than an Award-Winning Publisher With Asylum
    January 10, 2019

    Julian Assange’s current living conditions in the Embassy of Ecuador in London are more akin to those of a political dissident in China or Stasi-era Germany — not a journalist claiming political asylum from a country that once promised to protect his right to publish information.

    I last visited Assange in March, days before the Ecuadorians placed the award-winning journalist in isolation for allegedly violating a draconian ban on all public political comments.


    Shame on May and this ‘government’.

  • Tatyana

    Meantime the World Bank in his annual report says:
    “Despite the tightening of sanctions against Russia, inflation in the country remained relatively low and stable, and oil production increased. Thanks to steady internal activity, the growth of the Russian economy accelerated last year to 1.6 percent”

    on Quora I answered question about sanctions and said that it is good for Russia, while some interlocutors said we will suffer of hanger and die.
    So, perhaps mr. Trump is really Putin’s agent? 🙂

    • Capt Bluntschli

      Sad that Russia can grow at just at just over 1%. Even sadder that you could care less.

      Your frog has been boiled to apathy and the astonishing thing is you don’t even know it.

      • Deb O'Nair

        Meanwhile in the UK, supposedly one of the richest countries in the world, 25% of the population live below the poverty line.

        • JohninMK

          If 25% of the population is below the poverty line might the line be at the wrong level?

        • Tatyana

          I think much greater part of population lives below the line in Russia, and living standards are lower here, in total. Also I think, that rus government considers it a sort of advantage, because poor population has bigger ‘surviving potential’.

          I mean, when times get harder, ‘rich’ people move away from the country, ‘mid-rich’ cut their expenses, and ‘poor’ people go to find additional income. It works in countries where social benefits are not enough to live on.

          You can easily see which part of population makes economics grow.

      • Ken Kenn

        The UK Growth figures were due out yesterday but all I saw was Andy Murray crying.

        We”l have to see how the post Brexit type of sanctions bite in the UK before passing comments on the Russian ( sanctioned ) economy and of course how the US fares in its trade war with China.

        As I’ve said previously Donald is doing a lot of arm folding recently – he has hit a brick wall – metaphorically and actually.

        Meanwhile the Chinese are getting on with The Belt Road and Russia’s part of that plan.

        The UK in the interim will be making trade deals with ‘ others ‘

        Whoever they are?

    • Tatyana

      more interesting news, SA
      Vladimir Zelenskiy, ukrainian comedy actor, going to run for presidential elections! I expect a funny spring this year!
      Social monitoring center in Ukraine reports about candidates’ ratings:
      Poroshenko – 7.7%
      Timoshenko – 13%
      Zelenskiy – 11%

      If he is elected, we can have 4 years of permanent laughter and jokes!
      E.g. here is what he says in his comedy show:
      “We (*Ukr) have a completely new level of economy, we have reached this level – it is called begging … The scheme is simple: you give us your money, and later we don’t return it to you. Guarantee – one hundred percent.”

      this news in russian

      • SA

        I feel very sorry for the Ukrainians, they deserve better. After all Ukraine was Malo Roosiya and the cradle of some great Slavic Russian art.

        • Tatyana

          if they don’t want it, so they can organise another Maidan and stand for what they want, they already know how to do it.

  • michael norton

    US-led coalition says Syria troop withdrawal has already begun
    The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors the conflict in Syria through a network of activists on the ground, said the withdrawal began Thursday night. It said a convoy of about 10 armored vehicles, in addition to some trucks, pulled out from Syria’s northeastern town of Rmeilan into Iraq.

    There must be a news black-out on the BBC?
    The BBC also do not mention the recent British deaths in Syria?

    • SA

      There had also been rumors that the British and Jordanian embassies in Damascus are being refurbished and certainly the Arab league is talking of inviting Syria back. It will all soon be luvvy duvvy again.

      • JohninMK

        Looks like the Italians will be the first Europeans to be back in full diplomatic action in Damascus.

      • JohninMK

        It also happens to be the nearest Iraq which seems to be their destination for the moment.

    • michael norton

      If you go on google earth,
      fourteen miles North East of the U.S.A. Airbase of
      Abu Hajar,
      on a hill top is “engraved” APO
      APO means Abdullah Öcalan
      (2miles North East of Tepke)
      This is the extreme North East of Syria, true Kurd territory.
      I suppose the Kurds are being used as rear guards for the American removal.

  • John Goss

    In the light of the BBC taking down the Maria Ivshina report into the downing of MH17 this is interesting. I am looking into the Glushkov murder by strangulation and for balance checked Wikipedia (aware of its agenda) for some possible information. I am particularly interested in how well Lugovoi, as a friend of both men, knew them and thought the Marina Litvinenko/Alex Golfarb interview the BBC did in 2007 might shed some light. So I clicked the Hardtalk link at the foot of the article under the last heading Appearances on TV.

    Rather than take me to the BBC video of the Hardtalk interview it downloaded a file litvinenko05jun.ram and, knowing that this could be dangerous to my computer decided not to open the file. Instead I went directly to the BBC. Lo and behold the Hardtalk interview is not available.

    Can anyone advise me what might have happened had I clicked on the download please? Remember that this file has come from our beloved Wikipedia. Via whom?

    • freddy

      It’s probably a Real Audio file of your required interview:

      If you click on it, it will ask you what app you want to use to open it, unless you have a compatible one already installed. Probably!

      Download a player or convert to a friendlier format

          • John Goss

            Thanks Ian, bj and freddy. I don’t want to download any additional players. Nothing I have will read it. In fact I have now deleted the download because I found this interview produced the same year.


            For a biologist/chemist Goldfarb leaves himself open to credibility and a master of credulity – not that he has much credibility after composing a statement himself and claiming it to be Litvinenko’s last statement. He did persuade the very sick Litvinenko to put his mark on the statement. In the interview he repeatedly claimed that Russia was the only country capable of producing Polonium, forgetting to add that it was discovered by Marie Curie (who may have inadvertently killed herself with it). The United States, in consistency with its track-record in other eugenics experiments, was the first country to try it out on people to see what the effects were. (I love the way Wikipedia excuses this by saying the victims were already terminally ill). It is known that Israel produces polonium and the death of Yasser Arafat was almost certainly poisoned by polonium.


            I feel sorry for Marina Litvinenko in all this. She has obviously been made a pawn of the deep state. Her husband though was part of the same mafia organisation which included Berezovsky, Glushkov and Goldfarb, the organisation most likely responsible for the murder of a decent, honest reporter and editor for Forbes, Paul Klebnikov, Klebnikov wrote the brilliantly-researched exposure “Godfather of the Kremlin – Boris Berezovsky and the looting of Russia.” Litvinenko’s father does not believe much at all about the UK case against Russia. Strange we hear nothing of that.

          • John Goss

            Thanks Deb O’nair. It’s not that I don’t accept that the file can be converted. It is what is likely to be loaded to random access memory along with it. I have to take particular care.

    • Ian

      You can get through to the page via that link. If you want to watch the interview, the file you downloaded should start it, but the format is from the now discontinued Real Audio programme. There is nothing wrong with the file, but the page was last updated in 2007, which explains the obsolete format. It may still play if you can find a way of playing Real Audio on your computer. Nothing sinister there.

  • Sharp Ears

    Them and us.

    ‘Apartheid Road’ opens in West Bank, with one side for settlers & the other for Palestinians
    11 Jan, 2019 11:56

    ‘Route 4370 opened Wednesday after a long delay. The east side of the road is for settlers only, and connects the Geva Binyamin settlement to the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway.

    The Palestinian side of the road allows drivers to bypass the city of Jerusalem, which Palestinians cannot enter without a special permit, to get to other parts of the West Bank, like Ramallah.’

    What evil from the Occupiers.

  • Xavi

    A tried and tested smear tactic of the establishment. Across the pond Clintonite media began 2019 headlining evidenceless allegations of sexual misconduct by a staffer on Bernie Sanders’s campaign three years ago. Sanders has already been forced to come out and say he is intolerant of deviant behaviour, even though there is no evidence any such behaviour occurred. It is likely to be the only thing referenced once he announces his candidacy for 2020.

    • bj

      Personally, I expect Sanders, and the other three progressives (AOC et al.), to become loyal sheepdogs for the party.

      Anybody that pretends you can advance social programs, and get rid of the war machine, through the Democratic party is a liar.

      • Xavi

        The problem is there is no alternative figure or movement to rally around over there. Sanders has to take the gloves off this time and tell the whole truth: that both of the big business warmongering parties are paid to oppose the kind of policies the vast majority of Americans want. Too many still think the way forward is to just re-empower the sort of paid-for Democrats whose policies produced Trump. Makes no sense for a clean candidate to keep silent about the blatant corruption of his opponents, while they use every smear in the book against him.

        • Jo1

          He’s 77 for God’s sake! Absolute lunacy to see him as a credible candidate. And I’m not being ageist. I’m being realistic.

      • bj

        If Trump sits his term out? — No!
        He might wish: he’ll tear her apart, prob. with knowledge he has gained (and we don’t even know about) while in office.

        I do think she still aspires; but it hinges on whether or not Mueller and Brennan in collusion with th DNC can come up with something that the MSM will go with.

        But even an ousted Trump is dangerous — exactly for the knowledge he’s gained while in office.
        Therefore I’d sooner expect him to perish in a plane crash (plus variations on such a theme) than being impeached and ousted.


      • Jo1

        Considering she was one of the reasons Trump got elected, surely her Party will realise they were fools to indulge her ego last time.

  • Sharp Ears

    The Foreign Secretary, speaking in the continuing Brexit debate in the HoC today:-

    ‘On defence and security, my hon. Friend the Member for Berwick-upon-Tweed (Anne-Marie Trevelyan) spoke with passion and eloquence—partly in French—et je voudrais dire à mon amie, “Ne t’inquiète pas”. Contrary to Sir Richard Dearlove and Lord Guthrie, that means, “Don’t worry”, because there will be absolutely no impact whatsoever from the withdrawal agreement on our relationship with NATO, our intelligence partnership with the United States or, indeed, our membership of the “Five Eyes”.’ Act


    • michael norton

      Five Eyes, when we crash out of the E.U. in three months time, perhaps we could concentrate in trading with our Fives Eyes Partners
      New Zealand
      after all we all speak English,
      Ten million square miles of land – largest block of land under one umbrella, on Earth.

      • Deb O'Nair

        Dream on. The USA, Australia and NZ recently voted against the UK at the WTO when Liam Fox attempted to get his post Brexit plan approved. Cooperation on mass surveillance should not be confused with allegiance, kinship or loyalty. Beside that there are more English speakers in China than Canada, Aus and NZ combined.

  • Steve

    Whether or not you agree with his politics, Tommy Robinson who was sentenced to a year in prison without even being told what specific crime he was being “tried” for and spent months in solitary confinement on a starvation diet deserves a mention as another victim of the British establishment and its abuse of the so-called justice system.

    He obviously touched a nerve with his activism regarding the establishment’s toleration of child rape gangs, and they have no answer other than foul play.

  • Davod

    Any sources to confirm your identity? I believe the story, by the way, and guess it regularly happens, but how can people join the dots?

    • SA

      It’s kind of frustrating that the S 300 has not yet drawn blood. This will be the only way to stop these attacks.

  • michael norton

    Israel – Cyprus – E.U. Interconnector
    The tender documents for the four contracts – worth a combined €3.5bn – for the design and construction of the EuroAsia Interconnector were on Thursday published in the official journal of the EU.
    The EuroAsia Interconnector is a European Project of Common Interest, also labelled as an ‘electricity highway’ by the European Commission, connecting the national grids of Israel, Cyprus and Greece (Crete-Attica) and creating an energy bridge between the continents of Asia and Europe allowing bi-directional transmission of electricity.
    According to a press release from EuroAsia Interconnector Limited, the project promoter, the project drew the attention of all major high-voltage direct-current (Hvdc) converter manufacturers and all major Hvdc Cable manufacturers and installers, who requested to participate in the tender for the construction of the electricity interconnection.

    The pre-selection phase has been completed and all candidates have been notified about the decision regarding their request to participate in the procedure.
    The estimated budget of €3.5bn concerns stage 1 of the project, designed for a transmission capacity of 1,000 megawatts.
    Upon full deployment the transmission capacity will be 2,000 MW. The doubling of the capacity will be achieved either through modifications to the converters or by laying a second cable.
    Stage 1 comprises one contract for the four converters to be built in Israel, Cyprus, Crete and Attica (Greece)

    • michael norton

      My guess,
      this is about Saudi Arabia under MBS widening their Energy Base/Market.
      He knows that Oil will no longer be king, they are not huge players in the Methane Market but they do have a huge land mass and plenty of Sun. Israel and S.A. have been getting on quite well, lately.
      This would be win win for Israel, S.A. Cyprus and Greece.

      • michael norton

        A number of US troops have been killed in a reported suicide bomb attack in Syria claimed by the Islamic State group, the US military says.

        IS said one of its militants detonated an explosive vest next to a US patrol in the Kurdish-held town of Manbij.

        A Kurdish news agency reported that three US soldiers, two local security officers and 13 civilians died.

        I had thought the Americans had already pulled out of Manbij?

  • Eyesspy

    Surely the British Guvment dont need to manufacture tommy robinson malfeasance…he does that all by himself. R u doing a creep on robinson so you can suddenly emerge right wing and employable again

  • stu

    Tommy Sheridan was seen in the swingers club by about a dozen unconnected people and admitted that he had been there to senior SSP members.

  • Sharp Ears

    ‘The split at the top of the SNP has widened after Nicola Sturgeon’s chief of staff was accused of advising Alex Salmond not to stand for election because of sexual harassment allegations made against him.

    According to sources close to Mr Salmond, the phone call was made by Liz Lloyd, Ms Sturgeon’s closest political adviser, days before the former first minister knew there was a government investigation into his conduct.

    Ms Lloyd denies that she phoned an unnamed intermediary on March 6 last year amid rumours that Mr Salmond was considering standing in a potential election, but the public argument will do little to quash rumours that relations between the former leader and his party are at a new low.
    Salmond was alerted of sex claims to stop election bid, allies say
    14th January 2019

  • Sandra Crawford

    It looks the same for Kelvin Hopkins. He was upsetting the establishment by giving eurosceptic talks to Labour conderences and universities. Very well researched talks about the anti Keynesian, anti socialist nature of the EU institutions and treaties. I am still convinced that was contived.

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