The UK Government Manufacture of False Sexual Allegations 439

I want to give you a concrete example of how the UK government deliberately sets out to manufacture false sexual allegations against people it considers a threat. I do so to educate those who view this concept as an unthinkable “conspiracy theory”. I write of a case of which I have expert knowledge; it is my own case.

I became an “enemy of the state” when, as British Ambassador, I protested against UK and US complicity in torture and extraordinary rendition in Uzbekistan. As detailed in Murder in Samarkand, I very quickly found myself suspended and subject to civil service investigation of disciplinary allegations against me, the worst of which was that I extorted sex from visa applicants. Blair’s No. 10 quickly leaked this allegation against me to the Daily Mail.

I was in a state of complete shock. I had no idea at all what could have led to such allegations. The Kafkaesque nightmare deepened when I was presented with the evidence against me.

The case was of a young woman named Albina Safarova. I was shown her visa application documents by the investigating officer. These included her passport photo, and she was a strikingly beautiful young woman. On the back of her visa application the Visa Officer had written “HMA (Her Majesty’s Ambassador, i.e. me) authorises issue”. The investigation had obtained a statement from the Visa Officer, in which she stated that she had issued the Visa after being informed by two British diplomats that Ms Safarova was a friend of mine. To complete the evidence, the original application was supported by a letter from Ms Safarova’s sponsor, a Mr Dermot Hassett, who stated in the application that the circumstances of the application were known to the British Ambassador, Mr Craig Murray.

All of which seems firm and damning evidence of, at the least, unwarranted interference in visa issues.

Except for this. Not only had I never had any form of sexual encounter with Ms Albina Safarova, I had never met her or even heard of her. The same was true of Mr Dermot Hassett. Not only were they not my friends, I had no idea they existed.

After I left the FCO, I gave the papers to a veteran investigative reporter, Bob Graham, who contacted Dermot Hassett. Graham told me that Hassett explained that a British diplomat – one of the two who had told the Visa Officer Ms Safarova was my friend – had instructed him to write my name into the visa application, with the assurance that the visa would be granted.

So the British government had put substantial effort into the preparation of fake documents connecting me to Ms Safarova and Mr Hassett and this visa application. Yet the whole thing was entirely fake. Those British diplomats had lied, and convinced Mr Hassett and the Visa Officer to produce “independent” documents corroborating those lies.

Interestingly, they never produced any allegation from Ms Safarova that a sexual relationship was involved. In the absence of this and of any evidence that I had ever met Safarova, and in view of the fact the Visa Officer’s evidence crucially stated it was other British diplomats, not me, who told her Safarova was my friend, I was acquitted. No other incident was ever alleged. But mud sticks, and the smear was used to discredit my evidence on torture and extraordinary rendition, and has been so used ever since.

Alex Salmond is far more of a threat to the British establishment than I ever was. So is Julian Assange and so is Tommy Sheridan. Anybody who looks at any of these examples, and does not understand that the state will actually fabricate allegations and fabricate evidence to back them, is a fool.

I know. It happened to me.

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  • Mary Paul

    Still baffled over why there should be such a panic over Salmond that they screwed up the process.

    • MJ

      Me too. He helped deliver a no vote in the referendum after all.

      Sturgeon may be taking orders from Westminster. Perhaps Salmond needs punishing for having a popular show on RT.

    • michael norton

      May be Maybot has got the dirt on Sturgeon, so they put the neck hold on her till she can barely breathe, then say if you fix Samond with a sex job, we will be quiet about what we have on you?

  • JOML

    Hector Macdonald (Fighting Mac or Hector the Hero) committed suicide in 1903 following a smear campaign. Astonishingly, there is still a campaign going today, trying to undo the reputational damage done.
    Clearly, an effective tactic.

  • Formerly T-Bear

    Seems the sun rises on an integrity free british estate including the owner of Buckingham who in fact is still epicentre of the british political establishment (the centre being some 10-11 Downing St.). No credibility remains, britain will never be great again and the isles where it is located might be better named The Celtic Isles (again) to honour their still mostly honourable inhabitants. Time is getting ripe for the political population to withdraw consent from the establishment and their works. Maybe it is time to reconsider who and what is celebrated each bonfire night, it might not be such a bad thing to blow up any gathering of elite – after-all. But then, the heritage of a colonial revolutionary still runs strong in the blood after all the years. Your call.

    • MaryPau!

      The meaning of this post is pretty unintelligble. Assume not by a native English speaker. The Salmond story has unfortunately attracted a number of similarly unintelligible posts. Just saying……

      • Formerly T-Bear

        And you are some sort of keeper of the gates? Self appointed I presume. And just what is your contribution to this? Daresay nothing. Try a reading exercise sometime, in this case try reading as poetry, let the words being used act as loci points to images and the flow of images bring through the message. It starts ‘something is amiss’ (The sun …british estate) and goes on ‘including the…political establishment’ indicating acephalousness out of Buckingham’s palace which is still the political lodestone of the british establishment. I will leave it there but you possibly will gain an understanding what the balance contains. I have not bothered to capitalise british until there is evidence what is being presented as british is worthy of respect.

        Assume you represent british planks in the remark section by your remarks, a thick one at that. Now does that sound like english as second language to you still? Just sayin’ …

  • Casual Observer

    Lets not big this up too much ? I have no doubt that ‘The State’ has ways of discrediting those that would it see as representing a threat, but then we should wonder why this well oiled removal machine did not attack the likes of Farage and Banks et al ? Clearly the perceived level of threat has to be several magnitudes greater than might be imagined ?

    The instances mentioned in the article are far more likely to be of the ‘Office Politics’ variety, where some player see’s advantage from the removal of someone they personally dislike ? Clearly in the Salmond case its a couple of HR women hoping to adorn their lodge pole with a high value scalp 🙂

    • giyane

      Casual Observer

      The true English gentleman passing evening pleasantries with his wife answers the casual inquiries from his wife about his day’s experiences at work. ” A little spot of bother on the North West frontier , darling, which will soon blow over no doubt.

      Mrs May is reversing back down a one-way street. Why is she not allowed to do this? Because she is unable to see the oncoming traffic through her rear mirror which is assuming that all traffic will be proceeding forwards.

      Scotland is just such a vehicle, progressing in the right direction, of EU membership, to a familiar destination, Scottish economic success and ultimately Scottish independence with the SNP in power. it’s not their fault that David Cameron assisted by his ( political ) wife on the kerb is manoeuvring dangerously backwards up the road in the opposite direction.

      Arrogantly, Cameron recognises Scotland approaching and thinks, Fxxx that miserable old cow from next door, always in my way. She’ll just have to be patient and wait for me. She’s nearly home and she’s facing the right way. She can bloody wait … BANG!

      The Queen, the Tories, the Westminster establishment, realising they are at fault, desperately try to take the heat off themselves by slandering their neighbour whose bumper is now completely severed from her car and lying on the road.. most accidents are not accidents, but some silly idiot endangering the life and property of others by taking an illegal short-cut.

      Blame is apportioned to the person who was taking risks and disobeying the law, not the person who was assuming everything was normal and obeying the law. Three penalty points for reversing up a one-way street, a one year ban from driving, and a full fault claim to pay for writing off their neighbour’s car.
      May should resign. The buck does not stop with anybody but her.

      • Casual Observer

        British, or should I say English stoicism has gotten the UK through many a fine mess in the past when not waiting to see how things are going may well have been the slip twixt cup and lip ?

        Clearly, and as you say, the Tory’s have gotten themselves into a slough of despond, and dont know how to get out. Thank heavens Parliament is seeming to take control now, and reminding most who seem to have forgotten that its not the Government who are sovereign, but parliament itself. And let us not forget that the Scottish voice in Westminster is at this time significant.

        Most sensible Britons would regard the ‘Union’ as being something that brings far bigger results than the sum of its parts would suggest ? But I have little doubt that the as the Brexit Extremists go down in defeat, they will raise the old Scots hammering rhetoric. It was that very rhetoric that got us to where we are today, with the Tory’s invoking the old Blue Bonnets over the Border spectre in order to gain a very slim majority, and thereby having to honour a pledge that was never seen as a debt that would fall due.

        As you say, May is in no position to achieve anything now, its doubtful she ever was, but it would be as well to remember that all of the contenders at the time of her elevation were bigger duds than she was ? It would almost be worth the price of admission to force Johnson or Mogg, to become Tory leader at this point, thereby making sure they ‘Own’ the outcome. However I suspect that the merest hint of such would lead to them taking a powder as the yanks used to say 🙂

  • Anne Shaw

    Well yes, but Tommy Sheridan, for example, had actually been doing much of what he denied doing. Doesn’t mean that the ‘Establishment’ wasn’t out to get him was and it did.

  • giyane

    The Kurdish agent of MI5/6 who last year befriended my next door neighbour and sent people to my house through the estate agents to plant cameras which could accessed through internet from my neighbours, decided about 12 years ago not to believe my version of events surrounding my divorce, that I was a victim of deeply perverse behaviour by my ex which forced me to leave my family home and family.

    Ever since then he has monitored me in various ways, visiting my mother and my sisters , my Kurdish family and many of my friends in order to turn them against me and to cast doubt in my social connections on my personal integrity. In particular he wants to prove that I encouraged my ex in her sexuakl perversions, condoned the chaos that she wrought upon my children, and enjoyed the sexual frissance of the presence of her many lovers.

    I can honestly say that in the wretched situation I found myself in, trying to overcome the shock of a nervous breakdown for four long years, a perverse curiosity entered my mind about her capers. who in the world can know a woman intimately for 290 years and not speculate about that forced seaparation? What this Kursdish shit has tried to do for the last 11 years I have been married to the wife he found for me is to prove that I was at fault in my divorce. I was perverted. Not her. She was raped at the age of 11, at a time when her mother was sick with an unknown disease connect to her auto-immune system. things happen and humans are not angels.

    But what drives an outsider , who knows nothing of you or your life, knows nothing of your personality, knows nothing of your children or your work or your ideas, spend 11 years trying to prove some stupid idea about you as an English person? I will tell you. He has done it for money in return for digging up dirt about me for MI5, because MI5 hate…….hate…., hate,,,, people who speak the truth against their government lies and criminal behaviour.

      • giyane

        Yes, I do think that. I’m nobody. My criticism of government is mildly socialist , but otherwise derived from my faith. It poses no threat whatsoever to anyone in power, except possibly the Queen who believes in her daft religion and uses it to stay in power.

        However I went to the best political school in the UK, next to parliament, and the people I went to school with exercised various forms of political power over me , psychological, religious, wealth, sexual, and spying. I was absolutely no threat to them either, but they chose to exercise political power over me, just for speaking the truth. Hence I conclude, quite rationally from that experience that the political mind hates truth of any sort.

        The Kurdish gentleman has one axe to grind, Churchill’s carving up of the greater Kurdistan between Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey in 1918 .I am merely a round hole into which he tries to insert his very large square peg. I only say he works for MI5/6 to irritate him on account of his declared intention 8 years ago to irritate me as much as possible because he looked forward to see me squirm. I don’t squirm.

        I don’t move in circles of government or spying. For all I know Alex Salmond may have been targeted by jeaulousy from his peers in the SNP. Craig was clearly targeted by Jack Straw and put through the mill by his department for no other reason than for telling the truth. The lesson is , if you can’t take the heat , get out of the kitchen. Politics is a very dirty business indeed. I was very slightly older than Dominic Grieve at Westminster. He didn’t turn out too bad. Mrs May chose to use her femininity as a cover for her appalling class and race prejudices, but humans are intelligent creatures and no kind of mask can disguise a human completely devoid of all intellectual power.

    • Jake Maverick

      I’m TI/ gangstalked to…’s still the old mkultra/ contelpro shit… talk about it to anybody though you get ass raped in mental prison/ destroyed/ discredited even further…

  • Tatyana

    found on russian social network, Albina Safarova, born 1985, studied at Tashkent 44 school Chilonzar-23, lives in London, works as fitness-trainer.
    beauty 🙂*P2EpIxCQ1i6-ed4IR2OflFuwALk*44xqddqPd8GTDjAUl0XyvTnYXcw

    mr. Hassett’s co-director in Aria Petroleum and also director of several Cyprus companies, Oleg Paska, Ukrainian

    must be this person, lives in Switzerland*A1OwuFXSoY7jJZ5dbuG2jSDkv_g

    Olga Rakhubovska is a friend of Mr. Paska on OK social network and a friend of Mr. Hassett on Facebook. Director of one of those Cyprus companies.

  • Mary McLeish

    An absolute disgrace, we are fast becoming like some third world dictatorship. All guilty accusers should face the full might of the law (always supposing the law is not changed to protect them). I am sick to the pit of my stomach about all the things that are swept under the carpet, it must be dangerous to walk on by now. Bring it all to Court and let the law decide, if you can find unbiased solicitors.

  • Ingwe

    Tory MP Jonny Mercer uses parliamentary privilege to accuse solicitor Martyn Day of Leigh Day &Co of dishonesty and then says there’s “no problem” with repeating this outside Parliament. I won’t be holding my breath.
    Leigh Day had the temerity to bring claims against the MOD for actions of the military in Iraq. The MOD is clearly out to get Leigh Day and Mr Day personally. See the SRA’s (Solicitors’ Regulation Authority) vendetta against Martyn Day ( and other lawyers at Leigh Day).

    Unhealthy relationship between the SRA and the MOD. Let’s see if the relevant correspondence between the two is ever disclosed. Again, I won’t hold my breath.

    • Sharp Ears

      Leigh Day are good eggs. They work pro bono for many litigants who would otherwise be unable to obtain justice.

  • Fwl

    I don’t know what has happened here, but as I read it you say what happened to you was dirty tricks, but I’m not sure whether your saying what happened to AS was dirty tricks or feminism gone wrong.

    I suppose you might be saying it was dirty tricks using feminism gone wrong as the device?

    I ask because there is a big difference between the two.

    • giyane


      Feminism, Zionism, Conservatism are all one and the same thing.
      The Zionists provide the theological lie that humans do not have to obey God’s rules
      Feminists provide the emotional lie that adultery is justified by the need for radical change even though the worst affected by adultery are innocent children who are primarily looked after by them.
      The Tories know that a divided society is easier to control than a united one.

      Mrs May is all three, a Zionist , a feminist and a Tory.
      Guide by these principles Mrs May is an intellectual vacuum causing chaos wherever she goes.
      I have been reassured by the number of women politicians who are talking commonsense over Brexit that some men and women are in touch with reality, but definitely not Mrs May who has sold this country down the river to the EU, and definitely not the No dealers like Treason-Gob, Basil Brush and Hubris Yawnson.

      Get the disgusting Tories out now and make way for the party of principle, New Labour, even if necessary in alliance with the Greens and the Liberals. Anything at all is better than Empire2

        • giyane

          Feminism is like Islamism, nothing whatsoever to do with Islam, in fact mostly the opposite.

          Quite a lot of girls are sexually assaulted as children and a whole lot more allow themselves to be sexually assaulted as young adults. It makes them hide their sexuality, which confuses their sons and husbands who often get targeted just for being there.

          It’s rather weird living a life defensively knowing you have done nothing to offend the opposite sex and somehow unable to stop rescuing them from their anger. Learned helplessness.
          Just because a man might be a very senior minister, doesn’t mean he’s not rather immature.
          Wiser men might know women better than Alex Salmond, and not get sucked into a complex emotional situation unawares. I don’t believe ant sex happened, or any feminism. I believe that Salmond got involved in some kind of friendship of sorts , and why not if it is innocent? Then sinister forces both femininst and political exploited that relationship in a crude and nasty manner.

          Last year I made friends with a Chinese girl at university and got sacked and spied on for a time.
          I’d do it again tomorrow. Why should I not get to know the world by talking with a person from another culture?

        • bj

          How can he answer?

          At least he gave you a great tool of inference, when stating that which should be a banner over this whole discussion:
          “a divided society is easier to control than a united one”.

  • Jan

    Did the investigation establish the identity of the two British diplomats? How did they identify themselves to the Visa Officer? And who actually made the allegation of sex extortion? The Visa Officer? I haven’t read Murder in Samarkand, obviously, but this doesn’t sound like a due process.

    • giyane

      The audacity of their lies leaves the victim almost incapable of breathing, let alone pursuing their defence.
      The establishment is very unwise to make enemies of so many of the people. i’m sure Macchiavelli wouldn’t approve.

    • craig Post author

      Yes it did name them. Nobody made any accusation of sex extortion. That was the charge, but the only evidence given was by inference from my non-existent issuance of a visa to Ms Safarova.

  • able

    It would seem to me that this is not an attempt to thwart Scottish independence. The best way to thwart Scottish independence appears to be to allow Scots to vote on it.

    More likely this is a feminist jobsworth on the prowl. Of course, there is the possibility that the allegations are actually true.

  • Isn't it strange

    “Anybody who looks at any of these examples, and does not understand that the state will actually fabricate allegations and fabricate evidence to back them, is a fool.”

    Very true.

    It is remarkable to think that the man who wrote the above words still believes in the official version of the 9/11 fairy tale.

    • Clark

      He doesn’t. He just has a sensible attitude towards building collapses, human nature and Saudi Arabia. What he actually wrote on that subject was:

      “As with almost all terrorist activity, I do not rule out any point on the whole spectrum of surveillance, penetration and agent provocateur activity by any number of possible actors”

  • Jake Maverick

    I think you got off easy. All they wanted to do was discredit you and get you out of the way…that’s as far as they needed to go. You say diplomats…I read ‘intelligence officer’ there…

    How many others? That DSK chap springs to mind….and now we know there were cameras filming whatever did happen in that hotel room (i.e. rape) since Snowden…..

    The other thing they do to political dissidents is this

    What you talk about is hardly ‘evidence’ though…he said she said didn’t used to be called that….but you look at so many cases where people have actually been convicted on hearsay. Rolf Harris case immediately springs to mind….shown to be lying in Court (building wasn’t even built until 2 years later) but still somehow convicted in one of the rare cases that actually involves a jury, supposedly, in this cuntry 🙁

    But at the level you worked at though….pretty obvious it was done to intimidate everybody else who was of ‘the same mind’ on that 🙁 And they call it democracy. Glad you’re still ‘fighting’……

    • Deb O'Nair

      It convinced me. I thought the country was in a complete mess akin to some dystopian nightmare. Funny how wrong you can be. I shall now sleep soundly knowing that everything is alright.

  • shugsrug

    Well said Craig. One way to move against the current trend is as you are doing: put it out there. I find it difficult to believe that we have a parallel state dictating our politics, foreign policy, domestic policy and nearly everything else.
    There may be a time when we will take to the streets like the French.

  • shugsrug

    The development of these secret pseudo governmental bodies like Integrity Initiative is far more serious than Brexit IMHO

    • Laguerre

      Nah, how can you say that? Brexit is a fundamental threat to the lives of everyone of us, not just those involved in particular activities.

    • Garth Carthy

      I think you’re right.
      I think life is quite fun and exciting these days in the UK if you’re lucky like me – retired and neither rich nor poor but at the same time others are less well off, through no fault of their own. There is massive debt among the “middle class” as well as the “working class”. Wages are stagnant, food banks are everywhere, benefit cuts and delays are causing great hardship – especially for the disabled. People are literally dying as a result of this cesspit of Tory corruption and callous neglect.
      I predicted serious social unrest several years ago – after the 2011 riots. In the event, my forecast was a bit premature – I expected more trouble just two or three years ago.
      The whole foundations of the UK ‘edifice’ are becoming increasing unstable and I can’t honestly see how we can avoid violent confrontations as in France – and even worse to come.
      History shows us that time and time again, the longer a population is abused and repressed by the ruling elite, the more terrible the consequent ‘blowback’.
      Of course, I’m not saying that the conditions of society are as bad as they were in let’s say the French Revolution but people rightly have higher expectations now and are nearly all literate with access to social media.
      I tend to think of the ruling elites of the world as being either incredibly stupid or downright evil – probably both. Being driven by greed for power, they can’t see that ultimately we will all suffer the ‘blowback’ from their insane actions.
      It does seem that bodies like Integrity Initiative are being set up because the powers that be can see my predictions coming – they’re definitely getting worried. However, I don’t altogether rejoice in the fact that the ruling hegemony is getting worried because I’m sure they will desperately hold on to their power and in the process, will cause great suffering: Let’s face it, they’ve caused a lot already!

  • shugsug

    Being governed by people you do not even know are there, with no input into their insane policies does not sound good to me. There again that could describe the EU.

    • Laguerre

      “Being governed by people you do not even know are there, with no input into their insane policies”

      How does that describe the EU? Who are the secret unelected government there? The only point where “no input” is going to happen, will be after Brexit. But then when did Brexiters ever bother with truth? Knowledge is not necessary for them.

  • Robert Damon

    This is the man who gave credence to the ludicrous Putin version of the Salisbury poisonings

    • D_Majestic

      Do you actually believe the self-contradictory ‘Enid Blyton’ official fabulism, then? Wow. Google is your friend-or could be.

    • John Goss

      What kind of a comment is that Robert? What is the Putin version? To any thinking person there can only be one likely explanation of the poisoning of the Skripals and that is that we (the UK) did it.

      Did you sleep through the release of Statecraft’s document tranche relying on the likes of blogger Eliot Higgins for information. Please! And did you sleep through the recent article by Eric Zeuss on MH17.

      Wake up Robert! It’s time to get savvy.

      • Kempe

        Might as well have done. He seems to want it both ways, it was a fighter jet AND a BUK, or maybe he just can’t make up his mind which theory to go with.

        A couple of points about the fighter jet theory. Not only are the holes in MH17 irregular in shape and clearly not from bullets shrapnel consistent with a BUK was found in the wreckage; but no bullets. Over 800 holes were counted in the fuselage but the Su 25 only carries 250 rounds, the other aircraft just 150. Did it pop back to base and reload?

      • John A

        And if the Skripal door knob was the medium of novochok transmission, and the toxic agent was sprayed/smeared from outside the house, why does the entire house have to be demolished, as is now being done, apparently? Surely removing the front door would suffice. The guinea pigs and remaining cat were said to have died of starvation, not poison. But then again, as they were cremated, no evidence left to confirm this.

        • Pyewacket

          John, I heard on a recent BBC News report that they need to remove the roof from Sergei’s house because they are concerned that the poison fumes have been absorbed into the woodwork of the joists and beams. As others have said….YCNMIU !

      • Robyn

        For a summary of the UK Government version of the Salisbury/Skripal ‘event’ you can’t go past Rob Slane’s blog. He has, over several months, meticulously examined every aspect of the story and noted where things don’t add up or can’t possibly be true. He has now pulled it all together and posted a summary of his findings. Some of the commenters also add useful information. Not to be missed:

  • BrianFujisan

    From the begining, Every Stage of the vile attack on Alex was Managed..Planned.

    And YES, It’s all to do with Independence.. Trying to Drive a wedge Betwee Nicola and Alex, and those in the wider Indy Movement.. It WONT Work.

    Re Craig’s Own Mistreatment by the Blairtes / Establishment.. Murder in Samarkand tells
    the story in Beautifully Vivid, touching Detail.. A great gripping read.. And FUCK Tony Bloodstained Bliar..

    And Cameron, and May.

  • Clark

    Then I doubt you know many as there are plenty, and in any case the collapses of the Twin Towers are easy to work out; I did so myself, as you can see if you can be bothered to slog through later pages of the 9/11 thread. There are many articles by mechanical engineers that you can read online, but you do need to look beyond the so-called Truth sites. Here are some examples, but the whole site is worth exploring:

    I remain suspicious about WTC7.

  • Spencer Eagle

    Craig, you are clearly a thorn in the establishments side, make sure any data storage devices you use are secure and mirrored somewhere via VPN. Should your computer or phone be seized for whatever reason, the police forensic services, many of which are now ‘private’ companies, might find some files or images you never put there. Manipulation of evidence is an easy route to the destruction of reputations.

    Think this couldn’t happen here?

  • Sarah Logan

    I believe every word youve written , its shameful and wrong and the sooner Scotland get away from the poisonous nest of vipers that is Westminster/ London the better.
    Their hellish union was not wanted by the majority of decent hard working Scots then in 1707 and there were riots on the streets of Scotland , it certainly isn’t wanted now and I firmly believe this rotten establishment rigged the 2014 Indyref for their own greedy benefit .
    Scotland WILL be an independent country , no doubt about it , so get used to it.
    Alba Gu Brath xxx

    • Jo1

      There’s a separate poisonous nest of vipers called the Scottish media which, right now, is gearing up to demand an inquiry, not into the two civil servants who absolutely ran a seriously dodgy investigation, but into Nicola Sturgeon’s alleged “breach of the Ministerial Code”. It is choosing to ignore what a judge said about the investigation being unlawful, unfair and tainted with bias.

      The opposition Parties are going the same route.

      That failure on their part isn’t happening in Westminster. It’s happening at Holyrood. It’s happening in the corrupt Scottish media. Scotland now is every bit the sewer, politically, that Westminster is. To pretend otherwise is very foolish and misguided.

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