Has the Elite’s Slavish pro-Israel Agenda Finally Gone Too Far? 612

Hezbollah’s defeat of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in the July war of 2006 was heroic and an essential redress to the Middle East power balance. I supported Hezbollah’s entirely defensive action then and I continue to applaud it now. That, beyond any shadow of a doubt, makes me guilty ofn the criminal offence of “glorifying terrorism”, now that Sajid Javid has proscribed Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation. I am unrepentant and look forward to the prosecution.

A large majority of the public, and certainly almost everyone who remembers that 2006 invasion, would revolt from my being prosecuted on those grounds. The very absurdity of it is a sure measure that Sajid Javid has simply gone too far in naming Hezbollah – the legitimate political party representing in parliament the majority rural population in Southern Lebanon – as a terrorist organisation.

Together with the largely manufactured “Corbyn anti-semitism” row, Javid’s move is aimed at achieving in the UK the delegitimisation of political opposition to Israeli aggression and absorption of the occupied territories and the Golan Heights, in the way that has been achieved in the USA. However, there is a much better educated population in the UK and a great deal of popular awareness of decades of Israeli crimes. In fact, the continuing resilience of the Labour vote shows that at least over a third of the British population does not buy the “anti-semitism” tag applied to all those concerned at the continued plight of the Palestinians.

Hezbollah has never been implicated in any terrorist attack on the UK. Its military posture in Southern Lebanon vis a vis Israel is entirely defensive; it evolved as a military force in reaction to wave after wave of Israeli invasion of Lebanon, in which the Israeli “Defence” Force casually decimated Shia communities en route to attacking Palestinian refugee camps. Hezbollah has never invaded Israel. Hezbollas played an effective and laudable role in assisting the defeat of Isis and their Jihadist allies in Syria.

Oh look, I just “glorified terrorism” again.

Javid’s move is primarily aimed at pleasing Israel and looking to score political points over Jeremy Corbyn, whose past contacts with Hezbollah can now be deemed terrorist. But it is also a move to please the UK elite’s other paymaster, Mohammed Bin Salman, by further forwarding his attempt to delegitimise and to subjugate Arab Shia communities. Coupled with the irony of announcing DFID support of £200 million for Yemeni victims of our very own bombs and “military support”, this is a shameful week for British foreign policy.

I first became devoted to the Palestinian cause as a first year student at Dundee University, when I watched a film about Israeli destruction of Palestinian olive trees in the occupied territories, to devastate their economic base and force families to leave. That film made me cry.

It is a matter of despair that, 42 years later, this practice continues, and indeed has been ongoing for that entire time. I find this almost as heinous as the continuing killing and imprisonment of Palestinian children. I find it a useful exercise every morning to ask yourself this question:

How many children has the Israeli “Defence” Force killed since the MSM last reported one?


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612 thoughts on “Has the Elite’s Slavish pro-Israel Agenda Finally Gone Too Far?

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  • Merkin Scot

    It was truly wonderful to hear May telling of her potential trade deal with Lebanon in the same bulletin as her cabinet minister announcing that Hezbollah’s political wing would now be barred.
    Left hand/right hand/arse/elbow.

    • Yr Hen Gof

      Mmm, rather tells us a lot about Thatcher and the Royal Family’s close association with well known paedophiles and the intelligence services’ relaxed attitude towards protecting them from any embarrassment that might be caused should said ‘wrong uns’ criminal activities become known.
      Impossible to believe MI5 didn’t know and equally impossible to accept that they failed to warn the P.M. and HM the Queen.
      Only one conclusion to be drawn from it and the reason Ms May ‘lost’ the relevant files, safe in the knowledge MI5 still had copies, should she ever need a little extra leverage…

  • BigMac

    Craig, if you are worried about the delegitimization and subjugation of Shia communities why don’t you write about your visit to Pakistan? There Shia (plus most others like Ahmadis, Christians, Hindus) get targeted with bombings and gun massacres since decades: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sectarian_violence_in_Pakistan#Shias

    A week ago there was a suicide bomber attack from Pakistani soil on an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC) convoy that left 27 dead and wounded 13 soldiers too https://gulfnews.com/world/asia/pakistan/pakistan-to-fence-950km-of-border-with-iran-1.62257071

    Their is a world beyond the Negev desert and the Jordan valley.

    • BigMac

      Or this pearl from ex-UK colony Pakistan: everyone remembers the US raid on Abbottabad in 2011 to find “untraceable” Osama Bin Laden. Four months later Bali (2002) bomber Umar Patek was arrested in the same place, the home of Pakistan’s Sandhurst. Chance of 1: 1,000,000,000?
      Did Craig visit this “Islamic terrorism central” on his tour of Pakistan? Major James Abbott’s mother was from Edinburgh, so Abbott was as interesting as captain Alexander Burnes and also into “the Great Game”.
      We may never find out.

      • John A

        Who is calling Pakistan the ‘only democracy in the area’? who is claiming the Pakistan army is ‘the most moral army in the world’?
        When is Pakistan, an Asian country like all those east of Turkey, competing in European sports events? When is Pakistan taking part in the ‘European Song Contest’, despite being nowhere near Europe.
        Where are all the very rich Pakistanis in England donating huge sums to the political parties to complain about any slights on muslims?
        How many MPs of all stripes are members of ‘Friends of Pakistan’?

      • Ralph

        FYI, the FBI (under mueller too) did NOT – I repeat – did NOT charge bin laden with 911, got that?
        Also, obl was supposed to have died in early 2001 from kidney failure…

      • Antonym

        Today the Indian Air Force bombed a JeM terrorist camp at Balakot 27 mi north of Abbottabad with 12 jets in retaliation for their suicide attack on Indian troops in the Kashmir valley killing 44.
        Both nations are nuclear armed.
        Back to mayor topics like Gaza and the Chagos islands.

  • Dungroanin

    The Graun throws a bone to it’s diminishing Corbynite readers!


    ‘The new Independent Group MPs claim they are the “new politics”. I find this ironic because I joined Labour more than two years ago, when it was at one of its lowest points in the polls precisely because I wanted to support a new politics. The Jeremy Corbyn project was unexpected and different, much like the Bernie Sanders campaign in the US. All the people who had put me off the Labour party with their incrementalism, selling out of immigrants, tacit approval of cruel welfare changes, and pro-war views, were no longer in charge. There was finally a political movement for all the policies I’d been working on, and a chance to address the gross inequalities I’d been watching get worse for years.
    Fast-forward two years and I’m out every Saturday knocking on doors. While I can’t tell you what it feels like to be inside the parliamentary Labour party, I can tell you what it feels like to be a Labour candidate fighting in a Tory marginal seat. Every week this year dozens of Labour activists have turned up – of all ages, ethnicities and faiths – as well as Labour MPs from all wings of the party. These activists have become my family, they look out for me, give me support and generously give their ideas and time. They knock on doors and talk about me with so much enthusiasm it’s as if I’m their family. It’s beautiful.’

    The grassroots are coming through – a major flowering that will see a return to the postwar social democratic consensus for the moder Brits.

    • Captain Pugwash

      Well done and keep up your worthy efforts….however the trouble is that Labour is losing its appeal to Remain voters, whose energetic support could make all the difference. If Brexit happens then many will probably feel extremely disillusioned and blame Labour for not fighting against Brexit more. We all know that Leave cheated and broke electoral law. Why is Labour going along with this right-wing con and not shouting against it? The country is groaning and expiring under this atrocious Tory government, yet despite this all the indications are that if Labour lets Brexit happen it will lose seats.

      ‘If Labour aids a Tory Brexit it will be destroyed by what follows’

    • On the train

      I felt exactly the same about Jeremy Cobyn, and I still do. I admire you for what you are doing. I hope it works out.

      • Dungroanin

        Fartage goes into meltdown about Labour announcement blustering in about how this means disaster for …Labour! How could they have a second referendum when not in power?

        – But, Nige it’s about what May does! Not some election that you say won’t happen.

        Their hard brexit is threatened. Yet they scream “ABC! ABC!!!” And Nige segues into Hezbollah and JC, and plays an old tape of him being harangued by a journo who wound him up.

        Hillarious, they don’t know which narrative to attack him with so it’s all of them! It is like a child throwing alphabetti spaghetti – Nigel in his kiddy seat.

  • Sharp Ears

    The Israeli attack on Lebanon was televised by Sky News as it happened. It was like watching pure war porn as Beirut was shelled and bombed. A stalemate in the end – just more humans were killed and injured and infrastructure destroyed.

    A NY Times report – July 2006

    Margaret Beckett was Foreign Secretary at the time. There was no condemnation from her nor from BLiar who was in his last year as PM. Afterwards, he tried and failed to get the EU Presidency (there was a petition against it!) and then he pushed off to his luxurious life in Jerusalem as Quartet Envoy where he supported the Israelis. Another joke that was played on us, the taxpayers.

    • Charles Bostock

      The Quartet’s envoys are and were paid by the UN, the EU, the USA and Russia. Unsurprisingly, since they form the Quartet.

      So stop giving the impression that the British taxpayers paid/pays for them/Tony Blair.

      Or perhaps you are just badly informed…again.

      • Sharp Ears

        Of course I know who paid the blaggard.

        PS The UK was a contributory member of the EU and still is until March 29th, all being well.

        Please cut your hostility and do not address Craig as ‘Murray’. You are not in your London club now.

  • pete

    I support what you have written, Savid Javid’s Hezbollah declaration is a disproportionate and cruel move against a democratically elected body in Gaza. I will be happy to support any legal costs in the unlikely event that you should have to go to court again for expressing your opinion. This move is just another way to set in motion moves to prevent the movement of goods and financial help to the people imprisoned in the Gaza ghetto.

    • Charles Bostock

      What are you talking about? There haven’t been elections in Gaza for over 10 years. Hamas is afraid to put its democratic legitimacy to the test.

      • jeffleb

        ”Hamas is afraid to put its democratic legitimacy to the test.”

        What happened when Hamas won the previous election 10 years ago Charles? Did Israel and the west recognize their legitimate mandate given to them by the electorate? Or did they ignore the results of the election and begin a siege akin to the ghettos of ww2?

        • Jo1

          Correct. I particularly recall the EU refusing to recognise the result and immediately cutting off vital aid.

      • SA

        The last time elections were held and Hamas won the west decided not to recognise this. The west only recognises democracy when their candidate is elected or foisted as in Venezuela, so go and inform yourself Bosty boy

      • Laguerre

        Israel hasn’t allowed new elections in the West Bank for more than a decade. Abu Mazin is long time expired. It’s for fear that Hamas might be elected. I’d always understood that the same was true of Gaza, though that hasn’t been discussed recently. It suits Israel to be able to point to Hamas lack of democratic mandate. Though Israel isn’t much better on the democratic level. A few Palestinians are allowed to be elected to the Knesset, but they’re not allowed to be members of the government. That’s only allowed to one sort of Israeli.

        • Charles Bostock

          Of course there are no Arab Israeli members of the Knesset in the government. That is because the Arab Israeli parties in the Knesset are not part of the governing coalition. In the same way as the Labour Party is not part of the governing coalition. Do stop trying to hoodwink readers, Laguerre, it’s very dishonest.

          • Old Mark

            Charles Bostock

            It is also quite dishonest to suggest the Arab Israeli parties are not ( and are never invited to join) part of the current coalition government in Israel, and that that is analogous to Labour presently being in opposition in the UK. As you know full well, the other parties apply an informal cordon sanitaire against the Arab supported parties, keeping them in perpetual opposition- a bit like Londonderry Corporation 1922-1968, only more so.

        • Charles Bostock

          The Palestinian Authorities can call an election whenever it wants, Israel’s certainly not stopping it. It is for the PA to explain why it hasn’t called an election for the last 10 years but the suspicion is that the PA itself is afraid it might lose elections to Hamas.

          As for Gaza, I’m afraid it’s in the gift of Hamas – which has been in charge there for the last 10 years – to call elections. One wonders why they have not done so (especially if they are so sure they would win…).

          So, again, do stop trying to misinform and hoodwink, it’s not the behaviour one expects from an academic teaching at a university.

          • Laguerre

            The Palestinian Authority are not free to call an election – they are under military occupation. Only a propagandist would say otherwise.

  • Goose

    It’s timing seems bizarre.

    Although, the UK is staying in the JCPOA – trying to keep it going, and refuses to move our embassy, thus far at least. So it might be a bit of a sop.

    Javid also has leadership ambitions, so this move won’t hurt with a certain tabloid proprietor. Then there is the difficulties it causes McDonnell, Corbyn in terms of their past associations in interviews, and if there is a vote.

    • Vivian O'Blivion

      Exactly. Nothing has happened in Lebanon to prompt the move. As pointed out in above comments, the move damages UK / Lebanon relations when the government needs to improve trade relations. Javid has leadership ambitions. This move currys favour in Tel Aviv and Washington who may in turn throw their weight behind a Javid campaign. Expect one half arsed Javid “initiative” per week between now and Theresa’s resignation. The other would be school prefects will follow suit trying to grab the headlines and give their name public traction.

    • michael norton

      not sure if the Israelis have stopped yet but for many years they were overflying Lebanon, to fire missiles at Syria, including shadowing other aircraft, which is an illegal tactic.

  • Clark

    Since anti-Semitism now means failure to slavishly support Israel right or wrong, can’t we define terrorism similarly and be done with it? In fact, why not simply swap the functions of Westminster and the Israeli embassy? It would put an end to all that angst about Russian interference; no longer our problem. Brexit solved; Israel isn’t even in the EU. So many advantages.

    • freddy

      That has the dangerous signs of a conspiracy, Clark 😉

      But if you’re saying cut out the middle-person, it’s a saving. somewhere.

    • fwl

      Clear words from Clark. And that is from Clark, worth remembering that. It’s cautious Clark, one who is not to be found stating the obvious or the usual at every opportunity.

    • Ralph

      ‘An anti-Semite used to mean a man who hated Jews. Now it means a man who is hated by Jews.’– Joe Sobran

  • Ingwe

    Excellent article Mr Murray. It’s rather analogous to trying to have a rational argument about, say, paedophilia-the very mention of the word, be it paedophile or Hezbollah triggers a hysterical, frenzied, irrational rant that prevents ANY discussion.
    Hezbollah was a social support system set up in reaction to Israeli oppression. That it’s developed a military wing is a necessity. Keep up the good reporting.

  • Charles Bostock


    “I first became devoted to the Palestinian cause as a first year student at Dundee University, when I watched a film about Israeli destruction of Palestinian olive trees in the occupied territories, to devastate their economic base and force families to leave. That film made me cry.”

    When a student did you ever see any of the film or pictures about the death camps? Or the massacres of Jews (eg Babi Yar)?

    Did you cry then as well?

      • Charles Bostock

        No, the German death camps were mainly for the Jews, together with large numbers of homosexuals, gypsies and other groups the Nazis felt had no right to live.

        History 101 recommended.

          • Charles Bostock

            Apologies. Consider them added if you insistn but most historians woukd agree that they got off lightly compared to the other groups I mentioned. Perhaps because quite a few of them joined the party or fellow-travelled.

        • Bill Marsh

          Why did you then bring the matter up? The death camps were a lot about the Germans but I have yet to see you critisise this nation.

    • Northern

      I fail to see the relevance of your comment. Or is your aim to reduce the discussion to a quagmire of moral relativism?

      Either way I find it impossible to comprehend your (and the majority of our MP’s) continuous support for a war mongering apartheid state.

      • Charles Bostock

        The relevance of my comment is that Murray tells us he was so touched by the plight of the Palestinians olive trees that he cried and I just wondered whether he was similarly touched enough when he saw the films and photos of the corpses (and of the survivors) in the Nazi death camps.

        But why don’t you let him answer for himself? Or are you his self-appointed represresenttive for the day?

        • glenn_nl

          That actually is a very fair point you make, CB.

          The behaviour of the Israelis is indeed heading in the direction of that of the Nazis. We should remember, the Nazis didn’t start out with throwing people into death camps. That came later, because their earlier atrocities – always carried out with regrettable necessity, always a temporary, emergency measure – had gone unchecked.

          Here, we’re not talking about Nazis with whom we were at war. We’re talking about our “Partners in Peace” – a country apparently so above criticism, that to do so is akin to bigotry of the worst kind.

          That’s what I’m talking about by behaviour going unchecked.

        • Dungroanin

          Ah Bossie i feel your yearning for ‘Murray’ to attend toyour crie de cour.

          While we wait, i’ll get some popcorn, can you tell us of tears you shed about the Shoah? I’ll get a box of tissues as well, i feel that you are going to move us all to tears, as usual.

        • nevermind

          What of the pictures of dead British soldiers hanging in barbed wire, or those.blown up in the king David hotel?

          Your selective/demented/ forgetful memory, Charles Habbakuk is not quiet up to engaging in all facts?

      • Charles Bostock

        I don’t think I was engaging in what-aboutery. The point of my post was in part to try and establish whether Murray thinks that human rights are indivisible or not.

    • Carnyx

      “When a student did you ever see any of the film or pictures about the death camps? Or the massacres of Jews (eg Babi Yar)?”

      So are you are saying is that the Nazi’s treatment of European Jews entitles Israel to mistreat Palestinians? I take it you also believe that anyone, say, abused as a child, has a right to abuse other children when they grow up?

      The above sentiment is called “moral masochism”, unlike sexual masochists the moral masochist doesn’t enjoy suffering, then let it go and then need to repeat the experience, instead they hold on to it and turn it into a currency, a treasure, which entitles them to either inflict suffering or belittle and dismiss the suffering of others. Since the moral masochist regards past suffering as valuable, it requires the maintenance of a competitive hierarchy of suffering in which one’s self, or a particular group, is claimed to have had worse, and therefore more valuable, suffering than others in the present. It was a rhetorical ploy frequently employed by Hitler who was always careful to position Germans as long suffering victims in his speeches.

      • Charles Bostock

        “So are you are saying is that the Nazi’s treatment of European Jews entitles Israel to mistreat Palestinians?”

        No. I am enquiring whether Murray, who cried at the sight of uprooted olive trees, cried at the sight of the bodies of Nazi death camp victims. Not to have done so would seem to indicate that Murray – who claims to be a human rights activist – considers human rights to be divisible.

        • Ian

          Plainly you do think they are, given your selective proselytising. It is pretty clear Craig doesn’t. It is of course a misleading question.

        • Carnyx

          “No. I am enquiring whether Murray, who cried at the sight of uprooted olive trees, cried at the sight of the bodies of Nazi death camp victims.”

          Why even make such a presumption? For example I’m anti-Zionist and the reason I am is specifically because of the lessons I take from the holocaust, and I say that as someone who personally knew holocaust survivors when I was a child. And yes, I have wept over things related to the holocaust.

          There are two lessons you can take from the holocaust either “ethnic persecution shouldn’t happen to anyone again” or “ethnic persecution shouldn’t happen to Jews again”. And the behaviour of Israel puts those two lessons in severe confrontation with each other. If the suffering of the Jews in the holocaust can be used to justify the persecution and dispossession of Palestinians today, in the name of protecting Jews from further persecution, then those who hold this position cannot claim to advance universal human rights, they have taken one case of persecution specifically to justify another.

          So, your question is the wrong way round, do those sympathetic to Israel find themselves disturbed by the treatment of Palestinians for the crime of not being Jewish while living in territory desired by Israel, or do they privilege the suffering only of Jews in the holocaust?

        • Akos Horvath

          The Nazi death camp victims are part of history now. We cannot do anything about them. I am against the Spanish inquisition as well, but until someone invents time travel, I am powerless to do anything about it. The Warsaw Ghetto cannot be prevented now, but we have the power to force current-day apartheid Israel to end the Gaza Ghetto and let the Palestinian live in freedom in their own country. The reason the elite has to now codify pro-Israeli ‘history’ is because the constant reference to the Holocaust to justify Israel’s murderous behaviour towards the Palestinians has less and less traction with newer generations born long after the end of WW2. The Israel-firsters tried to criminalise BDS in the US, but that country, unlike hapless Europe, still has constitutionally protected free speech, so the whole sorry attempt failed. The fact that politicians in the Western world basically have to pledge allegiance to Israel to have any chance of being elected generates more and more resentment against the ME’s only apartheid state. The Zionists are overplaying their hand.

          • 123Bakery

            “The Israel-firsters tried to criminalise BDS in the US, but that country, unlike hapless Europe, still has constitutionally protected free speech, so the whole sorry attempt failed. ”
            To be clear, this is wrong. In the US, Israel has managed to override the Constitution and subvert free speech, a right which US citizens are supposed to have set in stone. All senior politicians ie Senators, Congressmen etc, have to sign a pledge to Israel, otherwise life is made very difficult for them. Allow Cynthia McKinney, the finest politician to come out of the States in living memory, to explain
            “Cynthia McKinney: US Lawmakers FORCED to Support Israel!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_VNOk7Wv5A&t=2s
            Also, victims of natural disasters in Texas famously had to sign a pledge to Israel to receive help!
            Texas teacher fired for refusing to sign a pledge to Israel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lW-1MmN7gwE&t=281s
            Blackstone Intelligence has produced a very good documentary about the influence of AIPAC on the US government https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYJpzNrSsQY&t=420s
            So to suggest they do not have this kind of power in the US is not reflected in the evidence

          • Alex Westlake

            Gaza is only a hell hole because Hamas have made it into one. It has a lower population density than Monaco or Singapore, and has a piece of prime Mediterranean coastline. It could be a success story if it had rulers who wanted to make it into one, instead it is run by a terrorist organisation which is only interested in picking fights with Israel.

      • mark golding

        Much in the frame Carnyx describes here at 21:10 – I note the 21st century distortion of the Holocaust by various including Netanyahu a couple of years ago in a general detraction of Iran.It appears as we progress further into the 21st century, the Holocaust will sound radically different.

    • Shadiya Kingerlee

      I’m not really sure what your point is. The Palestinians had nothing to do with the Holocaust. Does the fact that evil happened to many in the war mean we can’t be upset about evil happening after? I imagine anyone that saw pictures of the camps would cry, absolutely horrific.

    • SA

      I think Charles should be banned from this website for this calumny. The moderators seem to be too tolerant.

  • Anakim Hemelloper

    Considering the actions of the Tory party towards those on benefits and the poor and the deliberate destruction of the economy of the UK with their handling of Brexit- £1 trillion to date I believe and its support of terror regimes in the middle east and north america, I think it’s time to declare the Conservative Party a terrorist organisation.

  • Margaret Wilson

    Craig, I love your blogs and wish you well in all you do. I think the SNP made a big mistake in denying you the opportunity to be an MP. With your experience you would have been an asset in foreign policy and foreign business matters. I feel this is just part of their fear of outspoken people within their party but I welcome the fact that you are unafraid and unrepentant in informing people of what is actually going on in the world, especially the Middle East. Every day there are more horror stories emerging from Gaza and my heart bleeds for the parents and grandparents of the children who are being murdered. The whole world seem to be blind to what is going on there but there are signs (I hope) that opinion in changing. We should not be afraid to challenge genocide and apartheid. Good luck and I look forward to your next gem.

  • Sharp Ears

    O/T but great news for the Chagos Islanders and for Craig who has campaigned for them ere long.

    Chagos Islands dispute: UK obliged to end control – UN
    25 February 2019

    The UK should end its control of the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean “as rapidly as possible”, the UN’s highest court has said.


    • Ingwe

      Yes of course the UK should give up its unlawful control of the Chagos Islands. But it won’t of course as it kisses the US’s arse and they want the UK to retain control. This is the same Uk which professes the sanctity of the rule of law; except of course when it doesn’t suit the ruling class’s interests.
      Another shameful stain on the UK’s record.

      • Charles Bostock

        No modern state is perfect when it comes to respecting international law and fundamental human rights. But most reasonable people without a specific agenda would say that the UK’s record is better than most.

        • Republicofscotland

          F*ck me Charles, Israel doesn’t give a toss about human rights. The oppressive apartheid state has at least 45 UN Resolutions against it.

          Yet the Israeli’s just keep on oppressing torturing and killing Palestinians, because the Great Satan has their backs.


          Meanwhile the UN condemns Britain over another group of oppressed people, the Chagossians.

          Alas like Israel, the condemnation isn’t binding, mores the pity.


          • glenn_nl

            Cute dodge, CB, but doesn’t RoS have a point?

            Israel has a large number of crimes under its belt – many of them ongoing. The fact that all those UN resolutions got passed despite shameless vetoing by the US (and some of its stooges on occasion) speaks volumes.

            It hardly behooves a man of the character you portray, to pretend the Rule of Law is important while giving no consideration to the flouting of same by a country you regularly champion.

          • Ralph

            Charles, what you said is utter BS: ‘But most reasonable people without a specific agenda would say that the UK’s record is better than most.’ The OPPOSITE is true.
            You’ve come to one of the good places to get educated from your ignorance, but nobody can cure stupidity.

        • jeffleb

          ”But most reasonable people without a specific agenda would say that the UK’s record is better than most.”

          No a reasonable person would not. A supporter of white supremacy would though which would explain your glorification of Cecil Rhodes (who Hitler admired btw).

        • Shadiya Kingerlee

          Yes, but might that be because we actually know very little about what our government gets up to? I consider myself a reasonable person (don’t we all) and the little reading I’ve done on the rise of radical Islam opened my eyes to the actions of our government in this arena and I was gobsmacked.

          Secret Affairs by Mark Curtis (references Hansard, not http://www.conspiracytheoriesRus.com) if anyone equally oblivious is interested.

          • Shadiya Kingerlee

            Lol, that isn’t a REAL website address, I just made it up to make a point. Or rather, I don’t THINK it is….

        • Bayard

          When you consider the number of regimes around the world where human rights are but a distant memory, if a memory at all, “better than most” is not exactly a ringing endorsement. The UK would be “better than most” if 95 countries had a better record than us.

        • Akos Horvath

          LOL, the torture meted out to the Kikuyus, the eviction of the Chagossians, which was just called illegal by the International Court of Justice, the overthrow of Mossadegh in Iran, Thatchers love affair with Pinochet and apartheid South Africa, the UK’s arming of that Middle Age regime in Riyadh and its involvement in the ongoing onslaught against Yemen, and so on and so forth. I have news for you, communist Hungary had a much better track record than any Western countries or for that matter NATO- and EU-member current day Hungary.

  • Deb O'Nair

    Just the latest example of how the UK is integrating itself further into the fascist nexus of the real politics of US/UK/Israel, as opposed to the fairy-tale politics of freedom, democracy and the rule of law which dominate the public discourse through the monopoly of opinion controlled by the corporate media and the corporate owned politicians.

    • Charles Bostock

      “.. the UK is integrating itself further into the fascist nexus of the real politics of US/UK/Israel…”

      The UK is integrating itself into itself, d’ye mean…?

      • Deb O'Nair

        No, the UK *government* is becoming more *openly* integrated with the extreme right-wing ideologues, influencers, lobbyists, media shills etc. who shape, manipulate and steer politics in the UK/US/Israel through their control of public opinion. Previously UK *government* support would draw the line at trivial matters like UN resolutions, international law, the norms of civilised behaviour etc. Now there is no pretence at such niceties from the UK *government* in supporting the fascist ideology of the forces in control of public opinion in US/UK/Israel.

  • Sharp Ears

    Young Labour had tweeted ‘Joan Ryan gone. Palestine lives’ followed by an image of the Palestinian flag.

    Nick Robinson asked on Politics Live ‘ Is a Palestinian flag in a tweet anti-semitic?’. Unbelievable.

    Aaron Bastani
    “Is the Palestine flag in a tweet anti-Semitic?” asks Nick Robinson on #politicslive
    These people really view Arab life as worthless don’t they.
    6:50 PM · Feb 20, 2019 ·

    See the thread.

    • Charles Bostock

      I should imagine that taken together with the words “Palestine lives” the intention was certainly anti-semitic.

      • Shadiya Kingerlee

        Am I being dim? I didn’t think Joan Ryan was Jewish. I thought she was a non Jewish member of the friends of Israel lot, but happy to be corrected if I’ve got her muddled up with someone else. But even if she is, might it also be possible that they were rather referring to the fact that if she stopped lobbying for Israel, the Palestinians might get a bit more of a look in?

      • Deb O'Nair

        A perfect example of what antisemitism is defined as these days by pro-Israel shills; i.e. being pro Palestinian makes you an antisemite. A complete inversion of logic and language.

        • SA

          And that really exposes the lie that Labour is ‘institutionally antisemitic’. So it clears that one. For those bigots it’s a zero sum game at the expense of the Palestinians.

    • duplicitousdemocracy

      I suspect that Robinson, along with Peston are not exactly unbiased in their constant denunciation of Corbyn. And to the resident Israel firster CB saying ‘Palestine Lives’ is antisemitic, that’s laughable. Joan Ryan was caught talking about some ‘names’ given to the Israeli embassy (Shai Masot mentioning a £1million) and tried to get an innocent woman kicked out of the Labour Party Because they feared being accused of victimising her, she got away with a despicable slur.

  • Sean Whelan

    Excellent piece or writing. I can’t think of one word I disagree with. You never see comments such as these in the MSM. One almost feels guilty& ashamed to say or think anything negative about Israel so effective have their friends in the MSM been.

    • Charles Bostock


      You don’t have to be ashamed if you say somthing negative about Israel and fear that you’re being anti-semitic at bottom.

      To prevent such feelings all you have to do is the following : ask yourself if you would also speak out if the same perceived offence was being committed by a state other than Israel. For instance, would you speak out about the million Ughurs in Chinese “re-educatio” camps? Or the use of chemical weapons by Baby-Assad?

      Ib other words, ask yourself: is my concern for human rights (and my need to speak out about them) divisible or indivisible?

        • N_

          “Anti-Semitic” is a silly word for “anti-J__ish”, given that the huge majority of Semites are not J__ish, and further given that many J__s are not Semitic but are white European or black African, etc. (That said, I suspect Arthur Koestler had other reasons than a commitment to the truth for advancing his “Khazar” theory, and that he was trying to promote the idea that “both parts of the Budapest oligarchy living in the big houses are equally elite”.)

      • SA

        Your diversion tactics don’t work. First China has never killed hundreds of Uighars and tried to expel them and starve them and pull out a their olive trees. Nor as far as I know has China been sanctioned. tens of times by the world community in terms of UN resolutions passed and defied. As to Assad gassing anybody, I am sure that you as a very avid reader of this blog that this is a well known made-up lie. So please go and find better examples if whataboutery before you come back to me. But will you? Thought not.

      • Ralph

        You have raised valid suspicions as to what your agenda really is, and destroyed your credibility, all on one page. Well done Charles!

  • Dave

    The irony is Brexit, Trump and Corbyn has forced the deep state into the open and revealed its malign influence and false flags.

    The usual customary and traditional practice of hiding in the shadows behind others has had to be discarded but the resulting sunlight is having the welcome effect of exposing the lobby of hate to the general public.

    • michael norton

      Donald Trump is friends with Nigel Farage and Aaron Banks, Donald is keen on the U.K. Brexiting.
      Israel seems to be doing all it can to stop the U.K. Brexiting.
      These two countries are chums.
      Can’t we just decide on our own, if the U.K. is to Brexit.
      What the hell has it got to do with any other country.

      • N_

        @Michael – “Israel seems to be doing all it can to stop the U.K. Brexiting.

        What leads you to that conclusion? The TIG I know about, but what else? And how sure are you?

        I am not at all convinced.

        Brexit events – and sooner or later, probably sooner, there is likely to be an enormous “bang” – may well influence not just Britain, EU27, and their mutual relations, but other countries too. Imagine for example if the pound sterling collapses. Say it collapses to the point where nobody wants to buy it, where even if Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens were offered to Gulf oil sheikhs for £10 billion to do whatever they wanted with, they’d run a mile thinking “What a dodgy offer! No thanks!”

        There will be specific faultlines that are not mentioned in the media, even the financial media, even in Derivative Traders’ Monthly or whatever they read.

        • michael norton

          The Pound Sterling is about at its highest it has been for a year, yet we swim in Brexit uncertainty.
          Mrs.Theresa May will not take No Deal off her table.

      • jeffleb

        michael, Israel wants Britain to crash out with a no deal Brexit. Not to stop it. Like Trump, Farage, Banks and co. It would destroy Britain and devastate EU economies for years to come. Which Israel and the US would benefit from.

        That’s why LFoI are trying to destroy Labours permanent customs union position that the EU support.

        Israel is no friend of Europe.

        • Charles Bostock

          But, Jeffleb, there are many on this blog who have claimed that the UK is in Israel’s pocket and acts in Israel’s interests in EU circles. Perhaps you were one of them.

          Now, if that was true, surely Israel would wish the UK to remain in the EU and continue to act as its agent there?

          • jeffleb

            Perhaps, Charles, perhaps not. Life is a mystery.

            You never did clarify your reasoning behind your glorification of white supremacist Cecil? Nor why you referred to a black woman as a ‘young girl’? Here’s your chance. You seem to have lots of time today. You’re not a racist are you?

            And if you have the spare seconds, do you think it strange and ironic that Adolf would align himself with a homosexual white supremacist such as Mr Rhodes? Or would you be of the opinion – birds of a feather,…..

            Quite bizarre positions of admiration you hold might I suggest. From survivors to supremacists. Odd.

        • N_

          It’s not just the TIG operation. I should imagine the CFOI has a majority in the cabinet. I__ael is one of the few countries to have signed a “trade continuity” agreement with Britain for when Britain leaves the EU. This includes a “deal” for preferential access by I__aeli pharmaceutical firms to the NHS. (And that’s on top of the ecstasy.) Britain is apparently “I__ael’s second largest trade partner”.

          “It will come into effect as soon as the implementation period ends in January 2021, or on 29 March 2019 if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.”

          Other deals include ones with Switzerland, Chile, and Eastern and Southern Africa (Zambia and Zimbabwe).

          Britain’s foreign trade partners:
          1 EU (no deal)
          2 US (no deal)
          3 China (no deal)
          4 Switzerland (deal)
          5 Norway (no deal)
          6 Canada (no deal)
          7 Hong Kong (no deal)
          8 Japan (no deal)
          9 Turkey (no deal)
          10 India (no deal)
          11-27 (all no deal)
          28 I__ael (deal)

    • Charles Bostock

      The only irony is that people get to air the most outlandish theories on the internet.

    • wonky

      Yes, sunlight, spotlights, torches, vampyric cockroaches hate any kind of light, except the inverted kind promised by their horned idol.

    • Laguerre

      Yes, that is reasonable, but it is also true that British and American soldiers should equally be tried for their war-crimes in Syria or Iraq. I think you will find that the same principle is no longer applied.

  • Republicofscotland

    “I find this almost as heinous as the continuing killing and imprisonment of Palestinian children.”

    Yes indeed and lets not forget, the IDF’s menacing of the children, and the use of Dutch trained attack dogs to further petrify the innocent kids. YouTube has the videos to show the dogs being used to deliberately terrorise the children.

    I see Charles is working overtime to counter the uncounterable.

    • Charles Bostock

      Personally I find the widespread use of coerced child soldiers in various countries in Africa rather more disturbing. Or the extensive use of child labour and child prostitution on the Indian sub-continent. But hey, everyone to his own, eh?

  • Charles Bostock

    Meanwhile, reflecting on the question of the universality of human rights, one does sometimes wonder whether if the people commenting on here would still be wandering around in liberty if they were, for example, Chinese bloggers in China commenting on affairs Chinese. To take another example, would that Barghouti guy (forgot his first name, sorry) who’s in an Israeli gaol still be alive and relatively well and giving interviews to the press if he were a Syrian opponent of President Baby-Assad in a Syrian gaol?

    All in all, people should get down on their knees everyday to thank God that they’re not living in a whole host of other countries. As Supermac once said, “you’ve never had it so good!”.

    • Bayard

      “To take another example, would that Barghouti guy (forgot his first name, sorry) who’s in an Israeli gaol still be alive and relatively well and giving interviews to the press if he were a Syrian opponent of President Baby-Assad in a Syrian gaol?”

      You are obviously better informed about things MIddle-Eastern than most on this blog, so why don’t you tell us? (Some evidence for your answer would be handy, too.)

      On a more general point, that fact that things could be worse doesn’t stop them being bad now, nor does the fact that a state could act in a worse fashion mean that its current actions are beyond reproach. You must think we are all Welsh carrots.

      • Charles Bostock


        “On a more general point, that fact that things could be worse doesn’t stop them being bad now, nor does the fact that a state could act in a worse fashion mean that its current actions are beyond reproach.”

        You are quite right.

        Re Barghouti : the answer to your question is as follows: his Syrian equivalent would not be alive and relatively well and be giving interviews. He would be dead.

        And now let me ask you a question : why do you believe people on this blog focus so persistently on Israeli misdeeds and let horrible Arab régimes off the hook so easily? There must be a reason, surely – what is it?

        • Borncynical

          “…why do you believe people on this blog focus so persistently on Israeli misdeeds and let horrible Arab regimes off the hook so easily?”
          Perhaps because we make judgements based on the available factual evidence and informed, unbiased reportage; not accepting without question the lies and propaganda spewed out by our corrupt, manipulative politicians and MSM.

        • Bayard

          “There must be a reason, surely – what is it?”
          Probably because Isreal purports to be a civilised, democratic state, whilst places like Saudi Arabia are unashamed dictatorships.

          • Charles Bostock

            Oh, I understand. Israel deserves the unremitting stick it gets because it “purports” to be a civilised, democratic state (which it is, be it said in passing…) whereas various Arab régimes (and also other countries) get a free pass because, although they are either uncivilised or undemocratic or both, they do no purporting? That’s a very silly explanation.

          • Bayard

            “it “purports” to be a civilised, democratic state (which it is, be it said in passing…)”

            If you can’t see why a state purporting to be civilized and democratic deserves criticism if actions that are neither more than one who doesn’t, there is something badly wrong with your moral compass.

            “whereas various Arab régimes (and also other countries) get a free pass”

            Well, you would say that wouldn’t you? but you know it is not true, because, as a denizen of this blog, you would have seen the criticism of Saudi Arabia.

            ” That’s a very silly explanation.”

            That’s presumably the special meaning of “silly” where it means “not easily refutable”. I agree, I was being silly, in its meaning as “innocent”, when I thought you used anything like logic.

      • Charles Bostock

        But his father executed many. BTW, I count being tortured to death in gaol as an execution.

        • Bayard

          So you think that the children of criminals should be locked up, too on the grounds that they are guilty by association, or in this case, descent.

        • Ralph

          So then Charles, you will be complaining about Gitmo, in Iraq etc and all the other USG sites around the world which had people tortured to death, including the USG getting Syria to torture people on its behalf?

    • Dungroanin

      Oh Bossie that’s a sweet imitation of Col Jessup.
      On second thoughts I can just imagine Jack Nicholson saying your version – much much crazier. “You people should get down on your knees everyday” !

      Bravo. More popcorn.

      • fwl

        Colonialism is always going to leave a negative long term psychological and cultural effect. It’s not good.

        Can’t help but wonder what is going on with this decision and (a) which super state(s) benefit – obvious which is at risk, (b) which countries wanted to stick the boot in and (c) what it might mean for Gibraltar (which is not a colony although Spain would like to classify it as such).

    • JOML

      Yes, Fwl – with the decision not legally binding, I wonder if the UK will do the decent thing and return the islands to the rightful people? There’s got to be a first for everything… although I suspect Gavin Williamson will have other ideas!

    • Charles Bostock

      Kenya; Cyprus and Algeria – to name just three – got their independence through terrorism but you won’t get many people saying that these days (and certainly never on here). Israel was created by the United Nations;;;and was immediately attacked by its Arab neighbours. Bad move!

      • Ian

        Israel wasn’t ‘created’ by the UN. Palestine was partitioned in a way, agreed at the UN, that Israel has never recognised or co-operated with. Israel was ‘created’ by the need to partition Palestine because Britain withdrew from the Mandate, due in large part to Jewish terrorism, the Irgun and Stern Gangs being principle agents. The King David hotel bomb was only one of the most well known of the campaign against British rule and Palestinian people. Jewish terrorism continues to this day, particularly in the West Bank, with the connivance of the occupying IDF, torching fields, orchards, farms and mosques, seizing property and land, attacking farmers and families. But you knew that. Netanyahu’s alliance with radical right wing settlers and terrorists is a demonstration of how embedded these Klan types are in the highest reaches of Israeli society and government.

      • Bayard

        “Israel was created by the United Nations”
        The Balfour Declaration predates the UN. It was the League of Nations in those days.

      • Laguerre

        “Kenya; Cyprus and Algeria – to name just three – got their independence through terrorism”

        None of those countries got their independence through removing the native population.

        • Charles Bostock

          The Arab states attacked Israel, not the other way round.

          And if the native population was removed, how come that 23% of the Israeli population is Arab?

          • Dungroanin

            Bossie why aren’t you engaging with CM seeing as he kindly gave you the attention you so crave earlier? Gone shy? Bless.

      • Akos Horvath

        Israel was created by the UN on the condition that the other part of the land will be Palestine. A country that regularly flouts even UNSC resolutions cannot use the UN argument. In fact, the UN should basically say that Israel is in contempt of the very resolution that established its existence along with that of Palestine, because it prevents the creation of an independent Palestinian state on the partitioned land. Hence, the resolution establishing Israel should be null and void, we have to start over. It’s always a pleasure to see how Zionists tie themselves in a knot. The Israeli occupation and torture of Palestine is not a very complex issue, that’s why most healthy people can quickly see how morally wrong it is. The Hasbara diversion techniques become less effective with every new generation.

  • N_

    According to British regime media:

    “Labour are not yet making clear what their proposed referendum would be on. When asked to clarify this, a spokesman for the leader’s office said: ‘We’ve just said we’d back a public vote to prevent a damaging Tory Brexit.'”

    I sympathise with the Labour leadership. They either don’t know what’s going on, or if they do have an idea they can’t say.

    An altered “deal” is likely to be brought to the Commons, maybe not tomorrow but if not then next month. Referendum before Brexit won’t happen. The Tory party may be divided but it is in its element: crapping on the large majority of the British population, big time, while whipping up xenophobia using the gutter press.

  • jeffleb

    Would anyone have a list of all the Palestinian children who have been executed by Isralei ‘defence’ force sniper fire since the beginning of the Great March of Return in Gaza.

    Their names, their age and the date they were executed by firing squad.

    I believe it is above 10 now.

    I would like to tweet out a name every minute.

    Leave a list here of all the names if possible thanks.

    • ZigZag Wanderer

      Ahmed Abu Abed. 4 years old. Shot in the head by Israeli sniper.
      100 yards from the fence. 11/12/18

      • Abdul

        More lies. He was hit by shrapnel acting as a human shield for his father, who should be behind bars for taking a 4-year-old on a violent protest.

      • Ian

        “More than six months have passed since the “Great March of Return” protests started in the Gaza Strip on 30 March.

        Their calls for Israeli authorities to lift their 11-year illegal blockade on Gaza and to allow Palestinian refugees to return to their villages and towns have not been met.

        According to the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, since the start of the protests, over 150 Palestinians have been killed in the demonstrations. At least 10,000 others have been injured, including 1,849 children, 424 women, 115 paramedics and 115 journalists. Of those injured, 5,814 were hit by live ammunition. According to Israeli media, one soldier was moderately injured due to shrapnel from a grenade thrown by a Palestinian from inside Gaza and one Israeli soldier was killed by Palestinian sniper fire near the fence that separates Gaza and Israel outside of the context of the protests.


      • jeffleb

        Thank you ZigZag Wanderer and Ian.

        Could someone post up every child’s name, age, and date of execution. Or a link to the details so I can paste them here for everyone to reflect.

        And would anyone know the exact number of children murdered. Is it more than a classroom, less than a primary school? I missed the msm coverage recently.

  • Ld Elon

    Tories are working with trump administration so is france so dont let the political pretense fool you…

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