Has the Elite’s Slavish pro-Israel Agenda Finally Gone Too Far? 612

Hezbollah’s defeat of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in the July war of 2006 was heroic and an essential redress to the Middle East power balance. I supported Hezbollah’s entirely defensive action then and I continue to applaud it now. That, beyond any shadow of a doubt, makes me guilty ofn the criminal offence of “glorifying terrorism”, now that Sajid Javid has proscribed Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation. I am unrepentant and look forward to the prosecution.

A large majority of the public, and certainly almost everyone who remembers that 2006 invasion, would revolt from my being prosecuted on those grounds. The very absurdity of it is a sure measure that Sajid Javid has simply gone too far in naming Hezbollah – the legitimate political party representing in parliament the majority rural population in Southern Lebanon – as a terrorist organisation.

Together with the largely manufactured “Corbyn anti-semitism” row, Javid’s move is aimed at achieving in the UK the delegitimisation of political opposition to Israeli aggression and absorption of the occupied territories and the Golan Heights, in the way that has been achieved in the USA. However, there is a much better educated population in the UK and a great deal of popular awareness of decades of Israeli crimes. In fact, the continuing resilience of the Labour vote shows that at least over a third of the British population does not buy the “anti-semitism” tag applied to all those concerned at the continued plight of the Palestinians.

Hezbollah has never been implicated in any terrorist attack on the UK. Its military posture in Southern Lebanon vis a vis Israel is entirely defensive; it evolved as a military force in reaction to wave after wave of Israeli invasion of Lebanon, in which the Israeli “Defence” Force casually decimated Shia communities en route to attacking Palestinian refugee camps. Hezbollah has never invaded Israel. Hezbollas played an effective and laudable role in assisting the defeat of Isis and their Jihadist allies in Syria.

Oh look, I just “glorified terrorism” again.

Javid’s move is primarily aimed at pleasing Israel and looking to score political points over Jeremy Corbyn, whose past contacts with Hezbollah can now be deemed terrorist. But it is also a move to please the UK elite’s other paymaster, Mohammed Bin Salman, by further forwarding his attempt to delegitimise and to subjugate Arab Shia communities. Coupled with the irony of announcing DFID support of £200 million for Yemeni victims of our very own bombs and “military support”, this is a shameful week for British foreign policy.

I first became devoted to the Palestinian cause as a first year student at Dundee University, when I watched a film about Israeli destruction of Palestinian olive trees in the occupied territories, to devastate their economic base and force families to leave. That film made me cry.

It is a matter of despair that, 42 years later, this practice continues, and indeed has been ongoing for that entire time. I find this almost as heinous as the continuing killing and imprisonment of Palestinian children. I find it a useful exercise every morning to ask yourself this question:

How many children has the Israeli “Defence” Force killed since the MSM last reported one?


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612 thoughts on “Has the Elite’s Slavish pro-Israel Agenda Finally Gone Too Far?

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  • defo

    Aye, they’ve gone way too far with the rinse and repeat of the Big lie.
    Aunties frantic pushing of the lie won’t have gone unmissed by most sentient beings too.
    All good, in the long run.
    Sadly however, I believe their efforts will stoke anti-semitism, rather than quench it.

    Hezbollah aren’t terrrrists, and i’m Spartacus.
    The IDF would qualify as terrrist in any rational assessment.

  • Laguerre

    I haven’t seen mentioned the obvious point that the declaration of Hizbullah as a terrorist organisation is simply the “bung” to Israel for the help they’ve given over painting Corbyn as an anti-semite. The DUP got a billion quid as recompense for supporting May. Israel and its associates get what they want: declaration of Hizbullah as a terrorist organisation.

    • michael norton

      If Jeremy Corbyn becomes Primeminister of the U.K.
      he can choose a representative to sit in the U.N. and keep bringing up the terrible crimes of Israel.

      That is what they fear.

    • Charles Bostock

      Other countries declared Hizbullah to be a terrorist organisation a long time ago – which rather invalidates your theory of a “bung”, doesn’t it.

      • Laguerre

        A lot of states are afraid of Israel. They don’t want to be diselected, so they give in. It’s a technique that was learned in Ottoman Istanbul, and then pursued in the US.

        • Charles Bostock

          You are just repeating, in a slightly different form, the meme of “Israel controls eveything”. That’s the new, “respectable” version of what the anti-semites used to say, ie, “the Jews control everything”.

          • Glasshopper

            The biggest cheerleaders for zionism in America are fundamentalist Christians who believe the Jews are going to see the error of their ways and convert to the ‘true” faith, thus ushering in the second coming of the lord.

            British MP’s backed The Balfour Declaration to stem the flow of Russian immigrants after the Pogroms (and later the revolution), and to establish a western leaning military garrison in the most oil-rich region of the world.

            Contrary to popular opinion, Zionism is not all about Jews.

          • Laguerre

            It didn’t take long for the accusation of anti-semite to come out. Did I say “Israel controls everything”? Of course not. But that’s what you want to say, in order to prove your point that I’m an anti-semite.

          • Andyoldlabour

            Charles Bostock

            It is not in least bit anti Semitic, to describe the state of Israel as having disproportionate influence in various parts of the World – US, UK, France, Saudi Arabia, Australia, to the point where they cajole, blackmail and threaten other countries with impunity.
            Please do not conflate hatred of the Israeli state with any kind of hatred of the Jewish race – they are totally different things.

          • Charles Bostock

            Ah – so you admit there is hatred of the Israeli state. And if that is expressed in the media – including on this blog – then we are in the presence of hate speech?

          • Charles Bostock

            Laguerre complains :

            ” Did I say “Israel controls everything”? Of course not. ”

            No, you said “A lot of states are afraid of Israel. They don’t want to be diselected, so they give in.”

            That sounds a lot like saying Israel controls everything.

            But I’ll give you a chance to explain : what do you mean by your rather vague “they give in”? Give in to pressure? And when you say “diselected” you mean that Israel will so arrange things that at the next election the government party loses?

          • Andyoldlabour

            Charles Bostock

            Your replies simply tell us, that you are unable to draw a distinction between Anti Semitism, and a justified hatred/dislike/criticism of the State of Israel.
            This is like playing chess with a pigeon.

    • Jan Brooker

      As the pro-Israel lobby don’t have any real arguments against those that point out their war crimes** against unarmed Palestians [and others] they immediately push out their falsified AS smears against their opponents in an attempt to shut down any debate.
      ** collective punishment, use of dum-dum bullets, murdering and maiming children, unarmed civilians, medics & journalists [for example]

      • Charles Bostock

        Unarmed? Have you never seen those Hamas demonstrations, you know, where Hamas fighters go parading around waving automatic rifles and portable grenade and rocket launchers?

  • Curious

    Thanks, Craig, for modeling the spirit we all need to face down the shameful labeling of popular legitimate Arab political parties as “terrorist” if they stand up to Israeli aggression and criminality. What scares me is how few of our “security” people get it, and their motivation to identify “terror supporters”..
    Canada shamefully labelled Hezbollah as “terrorist” in 2002 based on a fraud — a quote that Nasrallah never made. CBC’s Neil MacDonald quickly exposed the fraud, but the government refused to budge; it appeared that they wanted to ape the US’s previous labelling. https://electronicintifada.net/content/revealed-producer-propaganda-bbc-report-gaza-attack-has-history-fabrication/11532
    But the media problem, as you know, goes beyond that. Besides the censorship of Israel’s daily brutality, is the diminishment of its crimes. At the time of Sabra and Shatilla, for example, it claimed the deaths were 10% of the real number.

    • JohninMK

      As Hezbollah is now a terrorist organization does this mean the the UK Government and its local diplomats are no longer allowed to talk to the several important ministers in the Lebanese Government who are members of that political party?

    • Charles Bostock

      Sabra and Shatilla were one lot of Arabs slaughtering another lot of Arabs. Not an Israeli crime.

        • Charles Bostock

          Untrue. However, it is true that Israeli troops did nothing to stop the slaughter. But the slaughter was of Arabs by Arabs.

          • Laguerre

            ‘Untrue’ in the sense of factually 100% true. But it’s in your hasbara manual to deny it.

      • brettmurphy

        Shocking and disgraceful comment. Yes the christians were one of the lebanese militias involved in the civil war. and yes, The israellis escorted, guarded, resupplied them and even erected portable lighting systems to enable 24 hr slaughter of women, children and old people. You are a fu@@!ng disgrace.

    • FranzB

      Robert Fisk wrote:-

      ” A certain Israeli Lieutenant Avi Grabowsky gave the most telling evidence of this. The Kahan Commission held the then defence minister Ariel Sharon personally responsible, since he sent the ruthless anti-Palestinian Phalangists into the camps to “flush out terrorists” – “terrorists” who turned out to be as non-existent as Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction 21 years later.”

      “Repeated trips back to the camp, year after year, have built up a narrative of astonishing detail. Investigations by Karsten Tveit of Norwegian radio and myself proved that many men, seen by Abu Maher being marched away alive after the initial massacre, were later handed by the Israelis back to the Phalangist killers – who held them prisoner for days in eastern Beirut and then, when they could not swap them for Christian hostages, executed them at mass graves.”


  • Laguerre

    Let us not forget that Israel is very frightened of Hizbullah. Those missiles, so well embedded that they can’t be destroyed, could bring civil life in Israel to a halt, if launched. Everybody would run for their second passports, and be on the next plane out. I hope they’ve kept them up to date. In 2006, they were lined up outside foreign embassies for renewal. They’ve learnt now, I imagine.

        • jeffleb

          Calm down Anonable1. The same reason israle uses civilian shields. You still p’ed off your taxes have to pay for retired ISIS fighters life of luxury in Britain. Suck it up.

        • Abdul

          “Calm down adorable1”

          Perfectly Calm, thanks. You enjoy paying taxes for ISIS benefits? Another one of your causes along with hating Jews?

  • Sanjeev Singh

    Bravo Craig, great post! Just as we shook our heads as to how the Nazis were allowed to flourish, future generations will be equally baffled by our generations cowardly behaviour. Only the likes of you, Galloway, Pilger, Risk, and a few other people will be held in high regard.

  • Jack

    Russian intference – bad bad bad!
    Israeli interference – good good good!

    I guess the difference is in payment, russians are apparently very bad on this issue according to our politicians throughout the west.

  • JohninMK

    I think we are going to be stitched up next month by a May/EU flanker move. I suspect that what we have been seeing for a while now is not a ‘shambles’ it is the intentional creation of a fog of confusion, hiding the real objective.

    What most people are being encouraged to forget is that there are at least 16 serious problems with the May EU Deal besides the ‘Irish’ question, all of which are being sidelined and swept under the carpet, with only that as the sticking point.Also it seems to me that most of our politicians do not want to see or admit that our negotiating hand dramatically improves post a no deal Brexit.

    The majority of our MPs, unlike the population, want to stay in or be as closely in as possible (the May Deal) and their leaders and the EU have, what I have to admit looks like, a brilliant strategy to achieve it.

    At the last moment for the Parliamentary timetable, the EU will agree to a wording on that Irish question and the deal will sweep through on a tide of relief. Without any time to consider all those bad aspects, which were the main sticking points until the Irish issue came along intentionally killing debate on areas where there was no chance of agreement whilst concentrating on a single issue.

    We who voted for Brexit are about to be stitched up, good and proper.

      • Jack


        Why have elections at all if the losers wont accept the outcome?

        Why is it so important for you that UK stay in the EU?

        • Laguerre

          Classic Brexiter argument. Someone who sees the second vote as valid, but doesn’t want a third, because it might go otherwise.

          • Jack


            Sorry but I cannot decipher what you tried to say, you are talking about a 3rd vote now? I am confused by your language.

            So the questions I had for you:
            Why have elections at all if the losers wont accept the outcome?
            Why is it so important for you that UK stay in the EU?

            Could Laguerre respond to those?

        • giyane

          When I vored Leave the EU I did not know Mrs May would twist my vote into a vore against foreigners.
          I didn’t know about Mrs Mays windrush racist criminal history. I thought she was just a normal Tory bitch

          You like her for what I hate.
          She has twisted my vote into your hate.

    • Mochyn69

      ” .. our negotiating hand dramatically improves post a no deal Brexit.”

      I wonder if you would very kindly try to explain that for me, like I’m a five year old!


      • Lawrence Anderson Burley

        Varoufakis, who knows a thing or two about negotiating with the EU, puts it succinctly in his Daily Telegraph article of two days ago. Basically, the EU holds all the cards once UK had foolishly triggered Art- 50. EU has no incentive to offer any concessions until Departure Day. Any extension simply brings another deadline into sight and no concessions will be made until that new Departure Day. The only way to retrieve initiative is to leave on a no-deal basis and then start negotiating. Whatever the EU may now say, you may be sure they will return to a proper (both sides must compromise) negotiation because, true as it is that the UK will suffer more, EU appetite for its own suffering ain’t that high what with all the other crises on its hands and the likely loss of or long delay in getting that £39BN will also impel them to the table. The only other alternative he sees as recovering initiative for UK is to join the customs union (the Labour proposal or a version of it) because the EU cannot reject that, and then negotiate further on Single Market aspects.

        btw I favour Remain; imo there is simply no better solution than to stay in, vote for your interests and try to reform from inside.

  • Sharp Ears

    Back to BLiar as Quartet Envoy 2007-2015

    Read this long detailed piece on how he coined it from the UAE during his tenure in Jerusalem. There was also income from a S Korean oil firm. Two FCO officials, Nick Banner and Rebecca Guthrie, were seconded to his office.

    Tony Blair earned millions of pounds from working as a Middle East peace envoy
    TONY Blair’s office was handed millions of pounds by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) during his role as a Middle East peace envoy and an adviser.
    Aug 14, 2017

    He did absolutely nothing for the Palestinians in his time there. In fact, three brutal wars were waged by Israel on Gaza during those years:

    (2008–09) Operation Cast Lead
    (2012) Operation Pillar of Defense
    (2014) Operation Protective Edge

    No words. We can only weep.

    Before I die I hope that Blair is brought to justice for his crimes.

    • Charles Bostock

      “Tony Blair earned millions of pounds from working as a Middle East peace envoy
      TONY Blair’s office was handed millions of pounds by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) during his role as a Middle East peace envoy and an adviser.”

      Are you saying that Blair pocketed those millions? Or were they used to finance his office as ME Envoy?

    • Sharp Ears


      Revealed: The true scale of Tony Blair’s global business empire

      Documents seen by the Telegraph as part of an investigation into Mr Blair’s business interests show how he has nurtured a network of some of the world’s most influential leaders and businessmen to build up a roster of clients paying tens of millions of pounds for his advice.

      Tony Blair by numbers
      How Tony Blair makes his millions
      Tony Blair Inc: a spend of £57m in four years

      However, the disclosures prompted suggestions that his paid work had created what appears to be a series of conflicts of interest with his unpaid envoy role, from which he will step down at the end of this month after eight years.

      One ambassador who attended meetings with Mr Blair on his Quartet work said the apparent conflict was “pretty distasteful”, adding that Mr Blair “used the ticket of the Middle East Envoy and Quartet” to deal with governments on a commercial basis.’

      May he rot in hell.

      • Sharp Ears

        This refers to Tony’s tennis partner/supporter.

        ‘On Friday, Lord Levy, Tony Blair’s former special envoy to the Middle East, told the BBC he would not leave the party because he had been urged by Labour’s leader of the House of Lords Angela Smith and Labour’s Deputy Leader Tom Watson to remain on the inside and destabilise Corbyn. Levy said that right-wing Labour MPs should “fight from within” and “deal with this leadership.”

        The final para of a long piece about the Labour party and recent events.’

        Labour right and Tories unite in new parliamentary group
        By Robert Stevens
        23 February 2019

        Both Angela Smith and Watson are members of Labour Friends of Israel.. needless to say.

        ‘The Friends of Israel Initiative (FOII) is an international effort, to “seek to counter the attempts to delegitimize the State of Israel and its right to live in peace within safe and defensible borders”, initiated and led by former Prime Minister of Spain and People’s Party leader José María Aznar in 2010.

        It was co-founded by twelve other international figures. They include Republican Party former United States Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, Forza Italia’s former President of the Italian Senate Marcello Pera, former President of Czech Republic Václav Havel, Peru’s former President Alejandro Toledo, and billionaire financier, Robert Agostinelli and British Conservative Party peer, former First Minister of Northern Ireland and Nobel Peace Prize winner David Trimble.

        On 19 July 2010 a launch event was held at the British House of Commons, hosted by the Henry Jackson Society and Robert Halfon MP.’

  • Sharp Ears

    There have been 28/147 entries by one poster so far on these two pages of comments. Why is he/she being allowed the run of the place to disrupt and divert the conversations?

      • BrianFujisan


        They haven’t Failed YET.. But Irael has no intention of halting the ongoing Genocide of Palestininans

        Again from From the weekend –

        ..The dream that came true, in the form of a two-inch water line, was too good to be true. For about six months, 12 Palestinian West Bank villages in the South Hebron Hills enjoyed clean running water. That was until February 13, when staff from the Israeli Civil Administration, accompanied by soldiers and Border Police and a couple of bulldozers, arrived.

        The troops dug up the pipes, cut and sawed them apart and watched the jets of water that spurted out. About 350 cubic meters of water were wasted…

        Marco Ben-Shabbat, who has lead the Civil Administration’s supervision unit for the past 10 years. Speaking to a reporter from the Israel Hayom daily who accompanied the forces carrying out the demolition work, Ben-Shabbat said: “The [water line] project was not carried out by the individual village. The Palestinian Authority definitely put a project manager here and invested a lot of money.”

        More precisely, it was European governments that did so.

        From all of the villages where the Civil Administration destroyed water lines, the Jewish outposts of Mitzpeh Yair and Avigayil can be seen on the hilltops. Although they are unauthorized and illegal even according to lenient Israeli settlement laws, the outposts were connected almost immediately to water and electricity grids and paved roads lead to them.

        “ I asked why they demolished the water lines,” Nidal Younes recalled. He said one of the Border Police officers answered him, in English, telling him it was done “to replace Arabs with Jews.”

    • Herbie

      They’re waiting until the major Western countries turn fully fascist themselves, and no longer care what happens to Palestinians.

    • jeffleb

      WOW. Double and they have been all but erased from history. WOW.

      Whats the slogan ”never forget”……………………….T & C may apply.

  • jeffleb

    Apparently Israle is dumping all its nuclear waste in the Golan, which is nice………bad Hezbollah though……..no wonder the Syrian Druze want the Israli occupation of the heights to end.

  • C avery

    I was thinking Sajiv was still smirking that the Bangladeshis had gained their independence from Pakistan when he considered the Begum case. It shows little of the dexterity in British utopia that we fail to look beyond our Christian sectarianism when assessing the decision making process of others.

  • BrianFujisan

    Craig, Regarding the Ancient Olive Trees, Settlers Burned another 100 trees only a couple of weeks ago.. And when settlers do these Crimes – As you Know – they are protected by Armed IOF soldiers. The same way the IOF protect settlers when they Steal Palestinian Families Homes, like they did at the weekend, when a Family that had lived in the house for over a hundred years. They were left in the Street with Nothing but the clothes they were wearing.

    ” Why should these Palestinians, Who have lived in Jerusalem for hundreds of years, be evicted from their homes so that Jew from Brooklyn can live in them ” – Norman Finkelstein

    Great Article Keep up the good work.

  • michael norton

    Nahshon dismissed the allegation as “another false report from the UNHRC which specializes in attacking Israel.” He added that many of its member states “are bloody dictatorships hiding behind attacks against Israel in order not to allow scrutiny of their own human rights records.”

    Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria during the Six Day War and annexed it in 1981.

    So it would seem the UNHRC are making this claim but Israel does not agree.
    So where from here?

    • Sharp Ears

      So what are you saying? That you take Emmanuel Nahshon’s word over the UNHRC’s? He is the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s spokesman.

  • Niall

    I suspect the simultaneous ‘anti-anti-semitism’ mania in the UK and France is proportional to the profundity of the existential crisis Israel is undergoing at the sight of Iran flexing its muscles in the region. Simply put, Hezbollah/Iran really could “wipe Zionism off the map”. They’re not going to do anything rash of course, but should Hezbollah have to defend Lebanon again, it will have something like 30 times the number of rockets it had last time.

  • Dungroanin

    What I want to know is, is it Parliamentry correct to have multiple MP’s declaring independence, not having had the whip removed, then sitting as a group, but not having any formal structure, without partaking in a no confidence motion in short order, that would put the question back to the people on ‘who governs?

    How can they expect short money or committee seats as they are no longer eligible.

    It can surely not be correct that the Parliament elected just 2 years ago changes in its make up that the voters delivered?

    I wonder if the Speaker will be asked to look into historical precedence or set another one?

    Labours move today threatens the queen, I predict checkmate in three moves max.

    • Herbie

      The essence of Parliament is the individual member, representing their constituency.

      They can organise themselves as they please.

      • Yr Hen Gof

        Whatever the ‘essence’ of parliament might be, these people were elected standing on a manifesto, a manifesto that the majority of their electorate agreed with.

        Not as independents organising themselves as they please.

        They are no longer prepared to support that manifesto but would wish to pursue a ‘New Politics’, although as yet nobody has the first idea what that is. However, based on their previous voting patterns, it’s unlikely to be what their voters would embrace.

        Their actions may well be in accord with the ‘essence’ of parliament but they are also an affront to what most people would see as democracy; agreed such a thing is nothing more than a sham in Britain, where it’s hard to believe we’ve ever had the full benefit of it.
        The sewer that is Westminster cocks a snook at the people, continuing to treat them with arrogance and contempt.

        A pox of medieval proportions on them and their houses.
        Sadly, I doubt I’ll live long enough to see their self assured hubris brought to earth but change will come.

    • Jo1

      There are multiple UN resolutions condemning Israel’s illegal activities going back years. Calls to punish Israel are invariably vetoed by the US and the UK. It’s good to have pals on the Security Council.

  • JMF

    The rises in anti-Semitism, especially in places like France, are likely (or highly likely) an indication that people are not happy with the pro-Israel Agenda of the elites. French President Emmanuel Macron admitted that anti-Semitism in France had grown manifold in recent years and the situation has got worse in recent weeks.

    • wonky

      Perhaps someone should advise the French to cut msm airtime for that smug f*cker Bernard-Henri Lévy, the so-called “philosopher”.
      He seems to be on a mission to create as much antisemitism as possible, and he’s very successful at that, despite his obvious brain problem.

  • Dave

    Its also designed to defend the City of London as a desire for countries to take back control of their money is deemed “anti-Semitic” too.

  • Phil

    Events unfolding in the middle east and, for that matter, around the world, remind me of a film from the 80s called The Day After. The story goes thus, middle east conflict spirals out of control, someone makes a mistake, not sure if it was Israel but wouldn’t be surprised if it was, as a result major powers end up launching nuclear missiles at each other and, pretty much, the entire western world, including the USA, is wiped out. The detail is contained in radio broadcasts playing in the background supposedly keeping the American population informed of developments leading up to the onset of the ultimate conflict.

  • Paul Barbara

    Though it was originally censored, Al Jazeera’s ‘Lobby’ video equivalents to their British expose is now online (for how long?):
    And here are the Al Jazeera secretly recorded ‘Lobby’ videos taken in the US:
    ‘The Israel Lobby in the U.S. – Documentary by Al Jazeera’ (Part 1 of 4):
    ‘The Israel Lobby in the U.S. – Documentary by Al Jazeera’ (Part 2 of 4):
    ‘The Israel Lobby in the U.S. – Documentary by Al Jazeera’ (Part 3 of 4):
    The Israel Lobby in the U.S. – Documentary by Al Jazeera (Part 4 of 4)
    Watch and spread it about before it gets removed from the net.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ BigMac February 26, 2019 at 08:05
        Not at all (though they have tried that too).
        ‘Lobbyists’ managed to get it pulled in the States, but you can safely watch it here, for now anyhow.
        If you were to ask why on earth would anyone want to censor the US videos, I would suggest that some folk don’t want the truth to get out.

        • N_

          If you download it and save it you can watch it whenever you like.

          Streaming is for willing key-in-the-backers.

    • Laguerre

      “The Israel Lobby in the US” has been available for quite a while now. The Lobby hasn’t succeeded in getting it taken down, though I have no doubt they will continue to try.

      It was rather boring though, much less good than the one about Britain.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Laguerre February 26, 2019 at 09:04
        The info below the video states: ‘…The documentary was never broadcast by Al Jazeera due to pressure from some Jewish groups and individuals. It was eventually leaked to a few groups, which posted some short clips. On November 2nd the first two parts finally became available…’.

  • R J Ali

    Just for the sheer gutsy reply above Craig, I decided to become a subscriber to your blog which I have always found informative.

  • John2o2o

    “Javid’s move is aimed at achieving in the UK the delegitimisation of political opposition to Israeli aggression … in the way that has been achieved in the USA. However, there is a much better educated population in the UK and a great deal of popular awareness of decades of Israeli crimes.”

    One of your best pieces Craig (IMO). I feel though that there is little happening at the moment to stop Britain going the same way as the US. In recent years criticism of Israel has been smothered in the MSM here. Honest reporting of Israeli crimes against Palestine in the MSM is a distant memory.

  • Sharp Ears

    Today’s HoC Order Paper

    Up to 90 minutes (Standing Order No. 16(1)) Secretary Sajid Javid That the draft Terrorism Act 2000 (Proscribed Organisations) (Amendment) Order 2019, which was laid before this House on 25 February, be approved.
    Notes: The Instrument has not yet been considered by the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments.


    • Sharp Ears

      Meet Sajid Javid, UK’s top Muslim, pro-Israel politician, who just may become PM
      Born to Pakistani immigrants, the new home secretary is a passionate Israel supporter who is lauded by the Jewish community for fighting anti-Semitism and BDS
      13 May 2018,

      ‘At Exeter, he became close friends with Robert Halfon, an activist in the Union of Jewish Students and fellow leading light in the university Conservative association. Halfon later became political director of Conservative Friends of Israel and is now a senior Tory backbencher and vocal supporter of Israel in parliament.’
      Two years after becoming an MP, Javid stole the show at the Conservative Friends of Israel Annual Lunch when he delivered a passionate paean to the Jewish state.

      “I am a proud, British-born Muslim, and I love my country more than any other place on earth,” he began, before declaring that, if he had to go and live in the Middle East, he would not choose Dubai, with “its vibrant city life and soaring skyscrapers,” nor Saudi Arabia, “a fabulously wealthy nation and the birthplace of the holy Prophet Mohammed.”

      “There is only one place I could possibly go,” he continued, “[to] Israel. The only nation in the Middle East that shares the same democratic values as Britain. And the only nation in the Middle East where my family would feel the warm embrace of freedom and liberty.”’

      The Dishonourable Home Secretaries – since 1997 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_Secretary#List_of_Home_Secretaries

      Amazing isn’t it.

      • Charles Bostock

        So according to you, it’s amazing that a Muslim should be a supporter of Israel.

        You appear to be speaking in favour of group-think, aren’t you.

        • Charles Bostock

          Actually, there ar a lot of Arab Israeli citzens who are Muslims and they support Israel as well. Anything wrong with that?

        • Sharp Ears

          Nothing to do with that. It’s amazing that a Member of the British Parliament and the holder of one the highest offices of state supports a foreign power. It’s treason.

          • wonky

            “treason” is no longer an applicable concept in times of globalist nwo.
            no influential globalist can be held accountable for anything at all, ever.
            the top-down battle of the money-power-“elite” (the 0,000001 %) against everyone else is in full process and more merciless and universal than EVER.

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