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  • Anon1

    Russia Today’s tentacles even extend to running anti-British propaganda shows in Scotland with Scottish presenters. Called “Britain in the Dock” – from RT. YCNMIU!

    • Courtenay Barnett

      Don’t you think that all the ‘ big powers’ via their media, in large measure, give their version of world events. In other words, does the US, UK, France, Russia, China – not take the facts then interpret from their perspective?

      In the case of the Chagos Islands maybe:-

      1. The ICJ did rule against the UK.
      2. The Chagos Islanders in the 1960s were forcibly removed from their homeland.
      3. The Islanders were dumped in Mauritius.

      So – to state as facts – numbers 1 to 3 above; is that propaganda?

    • Ken Kenn

      Listen to John Bolton’s views re: Brexit then tell me about interfering in another countries political processes.

      Obama opened his mouth and Brexiters were crying.

      We have a Tory party who loves the novel ( May’s Deal) but thinks the author is crap.

      That Legend in his own lunchtime Tom Watson goes to a Remain Rally ( note the word Remain Tom ) and then says he will back
      May’s deal ( a leave deal Tom) as long as the public are allowed to vote on said deal.

      If the Referendum on May’s passed deal is called he will ask the public to vote against the same deal he himself had voted it through.

      YCNMIU! indeed.

      And we wonder why people are angry?

        • Mistress Pliddy's parasol

          Anyone who seriously believes that Obama’s urging British people to vote remain was in any sense intended to persuade British people to vote remain is delusional or naive in the extreme. Unjoined-up thinking or what?

          • Stonky

            Anyone who seriously believes that Obama’s urging British people to vote remain was in any sense intended to persuade British people to vote remain is delusional or naive in the extreme…

            What he actually said was that if the UK voted for Brexit it would find itself at the back of the queue when it came to a trade deal with the US. Which, considering his presidency was going to be long since over by that point, came across as unbelievably arrogant, condescending and smug.

            But hey. How was he to know that the “anointing” wasn’t a foregone conclusion…

          • glenn_nl

            That expression – “back of the queue” – made it obvious the line had been dictated by Cameron, or one of his stooges.

            Having spent a number of years there, I’m pretty sure an American would use the phrase “back of the line”.

      • N_

        If the Referendum on May’s passed deal is called he [Tom Watson] will ask the public to vote against the same deal he himself had voted it through. YCNMIU! indeed.

        Yes – the fact that politicians spew bullsh*t doesn’t bother them but in this case both main British parties could be in trouble if there is either a general election or a third EU referendum, because they may find it hard to sell their brands with a version of how people should vote. This is especially true of the Labour party. If you look at the parliamentary Tory party and indeed the Tory cabinet it is already to large extent a coalition of two parties but they don’t sell it like that at all. Media editors are submissive morons and none of them has the guts to observe, for example, how many ERG members there are in the cabinet, or what kind of influence is afforded the ERG by having its own person installed as Leader of the Commons in which role she is in charge of government business in that stinky chamber. The Tories are also the party that has leading figures who aver, Google-style, that they’re not “nasty”, and who further say that they want to “hug hoodies”, whereas what they really think is a forced sterilisation campaign would be great because then their tax bill could go down, and that the working class is a parasitic class that is only the size it is because working class women on council tenants open their legs all the time so as to be able to claim benefits paid for by “hardworking” rich people. The Tory party is all about lying. They can’t open their mouths without lying. They’re stronger than Labour.

        Be aware that it can happen that people vote en masse for what they don’t want.

        And we wonder why people are angry?

        No – they’re not angry. Very few people are angry. They may mutter “Arseholes!” when they watch some lying politician on the telly, but that isn’t anger. In Paris there’s a bit of anger.

      • Chris Abbott

        Tom Watson loudly booed – seems to have been substantially toned down on BBC coverage, surprisingly. This chancer needs watching.

  • Republicofscotland

    Yip YT not showing the vid.

    Of course the Great Satan and its 51th state Britain will want to see this video has as few views as possible.

    They don’t want the truth to surface, nor the long term suffering of the Chagossian folk to be known. US/UK must be livid that they can’t blame this one on the Russians, well not yet anyway.

    Who’d want to be British, certainly not me.

  • Courtenay Barnett


    For your information; over here in the Caribbean, this is what I get:-

    ” Video unavailable
    Watch this video on YouTube.
    Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner”

    Someone, somewhere, does not want me to hear what you have to say – seems like.

  • Ian

    Good analysis by Craig, and an excellent summary from Salmond. Pity that the takeaway about Craig on social media will be a twitter storm about the overreaction to a trivial photo and not this far more important subject.

  • Doodlebug

    I find it touchingly ironic that a nation which once valued independence so highly they fought to attain it now operates so as to deny it to others.

  • BrianFujisan

    Sharp Ears put the link up yesterday morning, that works fine..Direct to RT

    So I did enjoy watching it from that link ..Cheers Sharp Ears.

    The Youtube Link dose ask to ‘ watch on youtube ‘ click that and it works.

    It’s a great interview, Alex is on the Ball.. and Craig is Obviously an Expert on the Subject.. Alex’s closing talk was also great.. Well Done Craig And Alex.

    Next Time in the Studio Craig.

  • pete

    bj Thanks for the Linux link, for users of this program – it also is available to windows users – and will also allow downloads from certain other sites (listed at https://ytdl-org.github.io/youtube-dl/supportedsites.html)

    The numbers of views on You Tube of the Salmond discussion seems to be stuck, I cannot believe it is that unpopular, I presume the figure is incorrect or has been massaged.

    Alex Salmond is right about this issue, it should not be dismissed as Russian propaganda or be allowed to disappear in a flurry of whataboutery, moral comparison outrage. It would be a small thing for the UK to try to put right, no matter if it upsets some US politicians.

  • giyane

    Interesting the contrast between Craig’s point about USUKIS torture-rendition-brainwashing activity on Diego Garcia and Alan Duncan’s claim that it was keeping people safe. This is smoke and mirrors talk in the House of Commons which translated means threatening war and destruction against the Far East.

    Operations of the brain-washed Al Qaida have been suspended temporarily because of Russian and no doubt Chinese resistance to the Great Satan in Syria. The agents of Daesh/Al Qaida have been instructed to lie low, shave their beards and wait for further instructions while they invest their ill-gotten gains in real estate.

    It has been an enourmous shock to British Imperial arrogance to have been defeated in Syria, but for British malfeasannce the ICJ is an easy dupe. These arrogant evil scum Tories and Red Tories have been waging continuous war in spite of international law for the whole of my adult life. They are still confident of future imperial success by a combination of lies, bullying and bribery. They actually think they can bluff their way through this uncomfortable period of defeat with their pathetic lies in parliament

  • freddy

    Have to say I liked this bit: “After Robin Cook was…” [pause] “…sacked.”

    I noticed that you removed a post and response to Jack on “Mueller Time”. This I expected – at the time I thought it was OT myself. But I found myself thinking that the video really does imply that the US is culpable to a significant extent. We often see the UK as a “poodle” to the US.

    The role the UK establishment had in the collusion hoax (follow George Papadopoulos on twitter for starters) was not the role of a poodle.

    Well examined here are events surrounding the Skripals; Sergei could possibly have been one of Steele’s “sources” for the collusion dossier? He and PM were his handlers. Where are the Skripals now? Some say Yulia is the US, and Sergei is back in Russia.

    And then we have the rather marvelous Mr Assange, as Wikileaks is a big part of this, what’s happening now? This, again, is relevant to the US/UK situation.

    Finally, it’s not all about black sites and geopolitical bases: https://www.fundedjustice.com/f1IJp5?ref=ab_4apRPYJd4DL4apRPYJd4DL

    Strangely enough. there’s also a lot of money involved.

    • N_

      Robin Cook was demoted first, and then he resigned later from his new office. I’m not sure what the reference was to in the video. (I prefer reading text to watching moving pictures – it’s more active and faster.)

      • N_

        In Robin Cook’s resignation speech in the Commons he fingered the non-enforcement of United Nations Security Council Resolution 242. Credit to him for opposing the attack on Iraq. His farewell words are to be contrasted with those of Jeremy “Paddy” Ashdown, who sang a paean to the weapons sector.

        • Sharp Ears

          I am sorry to see he supported Blair to continue as PM but also pleased that he spoke up against the war and also against Israeli Occupation of Palestine.

          18 March 2003
          Cook’s resignation speech
          Here is the full text of Robin Cook’s resignation speech in the House of Commons, which won applause from some backbenchers in unprecedented Commons scenes.
          There is a link to a video but it is dead. Jeremy Corbyn is shown sitting behind Robin Cook in the thumbnail.

  • John Goss

    I’m still watching this but I was disturbed and ashamed to learn that in foreign office documents the islanders were referred to as “Man Fridays”. How disgusting is that?

        • pete

          Courtenay, thank you for sharing the link to your site and the essay, I am of that generation that appears to have, what I can only describe as casual racism and it has taken me a long time to understand the complex history that led to such a state of affairs. It is almost indescribably sad that humans continue to discriminate against one another based on marginal differences that lead them to believe in some mythical and meaningless superiority.

        • John Goss

          Thanks for sharing some of your life experiences. I like to think, and hope, you must have met a good few decent white people who included you in their company without prejudice Courtney. I remember in Leicester after finishing my apprenticeship I went to a church service with a man I worked with called Ezekiah Adams. I was the only white person in the congregation and I think it gave me a feeling for being the odd man out, though I was made welcome of course.

          I am convinced that many people by their words and deeds can be hurtful often through ignorance. But there are always good enlightened people too. The eighteenth century is my area of study and here in Birmingham centred the famous Lunar Society with Matthew Boulton. Erasmus Darwin, James Watt, William Small, Richard Edgeworth and Thomas Day (to mention a few). Day co-wrote a best-selling poem called “The Dying Negro” (Bicknell was the co-author) and there was much effort to raise awareness of the horrors and mistreatment of slaves. On the periphery was Robert Bage, a very good novelist, who raised the issue with “Fidel’s Tale” in his novel “Man as he is” (1792). It is these enlightened, and yes privileged, people and others fighting for abolition who make it all the worse that some privileged person, or persons, in the Foreign Office could be so mindless.

          • Courtenay Barnett

            ” But there are always good enlightened people too

            I am with you on that one John.

            Truth be told I met in Britain many good people of all colours. Just a few ‘nasties’ from time to time.

  • nevermind

    Thanks for this excellent interview Craig. I am somewhat taken back by the lack of public interest and or the media in upholding international laws and human rights, whether its this long running ignorance of the rights of Chagossians, our neglect and connivance at keeping this issue from the public, our outright refusal to change policies making any attempts to safeguard these islands from pollution and or long term damage possible. We have created this marine sanctuary to keep the rightful inhabitants out and the worst polluters and warmongers well established, an outrage.

    The second case in hand is the unilateral acknowledgement by the US president that Israel’s annexation, over and above internationally agreed borders, makes them the rightful owners of this Syrian territory. This issue will make for profound changes and actions in the whole of the ME as it now seems normal that stealing land and exploiting its resources, against the wishes of the rightful owners is what you do in that region.

    Who is next on the list to gain the lands between the Tigris and the Euphrates?
    As yet we have not had much of a reaction to Trumps latest n brain fart from this Government. Germany, France, Russia, China and the people who live on the Golan are vehemently opposed to such ignorance of international sovereign borders.


    • Courtenay Barnett

      You said:-
      “I am somewhat taken back by the lack of public interest and or the media in upholding international laws and human rights…”
      Maybe Chomsky has insight through his “Manufacturing consent” book; or, in this instance, it is manufactured disinterest, in that the mass media has not educated the population adequately to promote interest – if not outrage as the decent response should be.
      With regard to the Golan Heights – here are my thoughts shared with you below:-


      • nevermind

        Thanks for your Link and explanatory blog, Courtney, much appreciated. It looks like there are at least two sets of international law, one that applies to us all, and one that does not apply to the bullies who just ignore it, get away with ignoring it and have nobody to fear but themselves.
        A Blitz, or a bolt from the blue can do more damage than the worldwide impotence being confronted with such law breaking. And whats behind it? the greed for fossil fuels, as usual.

        • Courtenay Barnett

          ” It looks like there are at least two sets of international law, one that applies to us all, and one that does not apply to the bullies who just ignore it, get away with ignoring it and have nobody to fear but themselves.”

          You got that right – nevermind.

          Sad – but true.

  • frankywiggles

    So Britain goes rogue even while pompously styling itself a pillar of “the rules based international order”. A bold bid to seize back its historic role as hypocrite par excellence.from the USA.

  • Sharp Ears

    The UK’s state broadcaster is putting out anti-Assad propaganda in the form of Book of the Week, in five episodes this week on Radio 4.

    Episode 1
    Book of the Week
    The Pianist of Yarmouk
    Ammar Haj Ahmad reads Aeham Ahmad’s dramatic account of how he risked his life under siege in Damascus by defying the Syrian regime with his music.

  • glenn_nl

    Interesting deposition here, following the suing of far right-wing lunatic and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, by the bereaved at Sandy Hook. Sane readers will recall that AJ set out on a mission to discredit the families of children and teachers who died, after a mentally ill gun-nut perpetrated a massacre at their primary school.

    Note how the “evidence” for the conspiracy theorists came from one moronic and obsessed individual, and anonymous sources from the ‘Net.


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