Geoffrey Cox’s New “Legal Advice” on Brexit Incentivises Unionist Violence 1545

Brexit has revealed further the rottenness of the British political Establishment, but I am still truly shocked now to see the Government of the United Kingdom negotiating a major international treaty on the acknowledged, discussed and now published basis that it has every intention of breaking that treaty once it is in force. Officially published by the Attorney General, no less.

The Westminster Government’s contempt for international law was fully demonstrated just two weeks ago when it repudiated the International Court of Justice – an act which is the ultimate disavowal of the rule of international law – over the decolonisation of the Chagos Islands. So in one sense it is no shock that they are prepared to sign a treaty with no intention of honoring it.

But what is quite astonishing is that the discussions with the DUP and ERG on how to sign up to the backstop and then dishonour it, have been carried out fully in public, and with the potential other party to the treaty looking on.

I simply do not see how the EU can now sign the Withdrawal Agreement which was negotiated with May, when they have been given firm evidence that the UK intends to cheat on that Agreement.

I especially cannot understand the pusillanimous attitude of the government of Ireland to this development. The UK has published in advance that it is taking Ireland and the Irish people for fools and has no intention of keeping to the Irish backstop. The reaction of the Government of Ireland is to pretend not to notice. That is an astonishing dereliction of its duty to the people of Ireland, North and South.

The more so as Geoffrey Cox’s “advice” is an unsubtle hint to the DUP, should the backstop become effective, to restart the Loyalist violence with which they were for decades so closely associated, in order to provide the pretext for cancelling the backstop. In reading this, it is essential to remember that this legal advice was written, as a matter of definite fact, directly for the DUP audience to try and influence the DUP in the next “meaningful” vote. To signal to an organisation as steeped in blood as the DUP that the way out of the “Backstop” arrangement which they so hate, would be to demonstrate it is having a “socially destabilising effect in Northern Ireland”, clearly gives a very direct incentive to Loyalists to restart violence.

Anybody who knows anything about the history and politics of Northern Ireland must be aware that what I have just written is true. At the very best reading, Cox’s “advice” is grossly irresponsible and reckless.

It is also very poor legal advice. Unlike Geoffrey Cox, I have actually negotiated a number of international treaties, including most of the UK’s continental shelf boundary agreements, the Protocol on Deep Seabed Mining to UNCLOS and the Sierra Leone Peace Agreement. Cox’s interpretation of Article 62 of the Vienna Convention on Treaties is complete nonsense. To start with, Article 62 is designed not to facilitate but to prevent treaties being dishonoured under the excuse of “unforseen circumstances”. It reads:

Article 62
Fundamental change of circumstances
1. A fundamental change of circumstances which has occurred with regard to those existing at the
time of the conclusion of a treaty, and which was not foreseen by the parties, may not be invoked as a
ground for terminating or withdrawing from the treaty unless:
(a) the existence of those circumstances constituted an essential basis of the consent of the parties to
be bound by the treaty; and
(b) the effect of the change is radically to transform the extent of obligations still to be performed
under the treaty.
2. A fundamental change of circumstances may not be invoked as a ground for terminating or
withdrawing from a treaty:
(a) if the treaty establishes a boundary; or
(b) if the fundamental change is the result of a breach by the party invoking it either of an obligation
under the treaty or of any other international obligation owed to any other party to the treaty.
3. If, under the foregoing paragraphs, a party may invoke a fundamental change of circumstances
as a ground for terminating or withdrawing from a treaty it may also invoke the change as a ground for
suspending the operation of the treaty.

Very plainly indeed, neither 1 a) nor 1 b) apply to the situation Cox outlines. Just not working out the way you intended is not grounds to dishonor a treaty. Social discontent in Northern Ireland would not radically transform the obligations under the treaty nor is social content the essential basis of consent to the treaty.

The second, and frankly hilarious, point is that Cox’s advice is demonstrably nonsense. To permit the dishonoring of the treaty, a change in circumstance must not only be “fundamental” it must also be “unforeseen”. Yet in his legal advice Cox foresees and specifies the “unforeseen” event that might lead to cancellation!

I rest my case.

It is worth reminding you – as the MSM refuse to do – that the Tory Brexiteers oppose the Good Friday Agreement, and destroying it is to them a potential gain from Brexit rather than a disaster to be averted. Remember this by Michael Gove, asserting that the British military option would be better than the Good Friday Agreement?

Ulster’s future lies, ultimately, either as a Province of the United
Kingdom or a united Ireland. Attempts to fudge or finesse that
truth only create an ambiguity which those who profit by violence
will seek to exploit. Therefore, the best guarantee for stability is the
assertion by the Westminster Government that it will defend, with
all vigour, the right of the democratic majority in Northern Ireland
to remain in the United Kingdom. Ulster could then be governed
with an Assembly elected on the same basis as Wales, and an
administration constituted in the same way. Minority rights should
be protected by the same legal apparatus which exists across the
UK. The legislative framework which has guaranteed the rights and
freedoms of Roman Catholics and ethnic minorities in Liverpool
and London should apply equally in Belfast and Belleek…

In such circumstances, resolute security action, the use of
existing antiterrorist legislation and the careful application of
intelligence could reduce the IRA to operating as it did in the fifties
and sixties. Combining such security measures with a political
determination not to allow Ulster’s constitutional status to be altered
by force of arms would rob the republicans of hope.
It can be done. But does any Government have the will?

Interestingly enough, after I published an article on Gove’s 58 page pamphlet attacking the Good Friday Agreement, the Tory think tank which published it, the Centre for Policy Studies, immediately took it down from the web. I have, however, copied it to my own website.

By chance, my next couple of speaking engagements are in Northern Ireland. This is not the subject I was intending to discuss, but I never know what I am going to say when I stand up anyway. Happy to answer questions on anything.


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1,545 thoughts on “Geoffrey Cox’s New “Legal Advice” on Brexit Incentivises Unionist Violence

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  • Sharp Ears

    Third in the BBC News headlines is a report that Pompeo, who is visiting Israel, is saying it’s possible Trump was sent by God to save Israel from Iran.

    He was speaking to the Christian Broadcasting Network saying his faith makes him believe that. He is another of those Christian Zionists like Pence presumably getting ready for the rapture.

  • Loony

    I have come around to the view that it may well be the case that the government is seeking to incentivize all manner of violence and that any incentivized Unionist violence is only one small part of the composite whole.

    In Birmingham the government has created a stand off between religious fundamentalists (mostly Muslim) and the LGBTQ people active in the education system. The Home office has written to an Iranian Christian convert asylum seeker refusing him asylum and pointing out that Christianity is based on the Bible and that the Bible is a violent tome.

    The government continues to persecute Tommy Robinson a man who has managed to establish himself as something of a working class here. There is no persecution of Douglas Murray, a man who says broadly the same as Robinson, but who uses more complex grammar and phraseology. The government is about to prosecute a former paratrooper for his role in the Bloody Sunday killings. They are not about to prosecute any of the people that authorized the deployment of the Parachute Regiment or any of the Commanding Officers. They are also not intending to prosecute any of the people responsible for the Birmingham pub bombings.

    The police are content to ignore all manner of violent crime, but are policing “hate speech” with ruthless efficiency. Astoundingly there is evidence emerging that some messages containing death threats, rape threats, or other vile sexual remarks are in fact being sent by the police themselves.

    Overarching all of this is the desire to alienate as many people as possible with regard to the UK’s ongoing (or not) membership of the EU., It seems entirely credible that the elites have decided that civil war is the way forward.

  • Tarla

    Brexit doesn’t really mean Brexit. Derailed by the very’ border’ gerrymandered 100 years ago. The irony is so so sweet. But this day was coming the moment the Tories didn’t get the victory promised by the media, political hacks and Corbyn haters. Who convinced May that she’d wipe the floor with the Labour party and have a landslide. May’s Brexit means Brexit on the 29th March 2019 was always wishful thinking.
    The only way the whole of the UK i.e with Northern Ireland and take back control is to have a border with the EU. The UK has to put a border on the island of Ireland and it’s doublespeak for the UK to say ‘we wont put a border’. It’s the line the DUP take in full knowledge that there will have to be border checks on goods and people.
    All the inter Irish agencies would be null and void – something the DUP crave, for but is against and undermine the Good Friday Agreement – again something not only the DUP want to happen but Gove and Rees Mogg.
    The UK government have claimed they wouldn’t put a border on the island of Ireland but want to ‘control EU immigration’. Any EU citizen can enter the south of the island of Ireland and in so doing can travel freely to Northern Ireland i.e they enter the UK. So the UK government can’t ‘control EU immigration’ without having a border that would check the movement of people. But the Good Friday Agreement stipulates that any person can reside wherever they want on the island of Ireland, that would be unhindered by border checks. Furthermore, anyone with an Irish passport born in the north is classed as an EU citizen with all the rights of an EU citizen. For example if the EU passed a law and it’s ratified in the Dail then those Irish/EU citizens in the north will be under that law. And if there is a dispute, that would go to the European Court of Justice to be resolved, as does any legislation passed by Stormont that is against EU law.
    The only way to get around the border taking back control issue was for the UK to impose a border but couldn’t unless there were other ‘circumstances’ i.e ‘border security’. Under the ‘border security’ ruse they have said there would be checks on vehicles and people in the ‘border vicinity’ and at Newry station. A new Counter Terrorism bill – normal practices for most new governments – was always on the cards but due to Brexit they added ‘Border Security’ which would impose border controls even though it was against the GFA. They were covering all bases and to hell with Ireland and the Irish people north and south. But they needed an ‘incident’ to ‘justify’ ‘national security’ concerns. The Skrupals ‘incident’ was a godsend of convenience.
    An added thing about ‘national security’ is it allows a country to put tariffs and border checks on goods for some countries but not all. As that would be against GATT and WTO rules. In other words, checks on the island of Ireland for goods crossing the border but not at Dover. Likewise, if the UK government didn’t have border checks on the island of Ireland they couldn’t check goods coming into the UK as to do so would be against WTO rules.
    The UK was getting bogged down with Brexit negotiations so needed an international ‘incident’ which was so so important to cover the Tories backs for Brexit. It duly arrived in early March 2018.

    • Blunderbuss

      I don’t see why we can’t have a fudge. Put a notional border on the island of Ireland but don’t do much to police it. Just put up some CCTV cameras.

      • giyane


        The NI inland border is not just for goods. People who want to cross it without the correct paperwork are unlikely to submit themselves for processing by amy manner or means.
        It was only Boris Liar Johnson who , finger in lying mouth, suggested it was just a matter of trade.
        The EU has already F U D G E D by turning a blind eye to the implications of a backdoor to immigration through a border that for historical reasons cannot be policed.

        Tusk was right. There is a special place in hell for those who put forward a plan for leaving the EU without having the foggiest what might be involved. Mr incompetence Johnson resigned rather than face inquisition over his lies. Mrs May is still hiding behind an EU document which nobody else will sign. When that document fails for the third time to get approval by UK MPs, she will also have to resign.

        • Charles Bostock

          Funnily enough, Guano old bean, you do not have to be in the European Union in order to be part of the Schengen area. Ask Switzerland and Iceland for starters. Did you know that?

          • Paul Barbara

            @ Charles Bostock March 22, 2019 at 19:53
            True, but still pretty good for Guiado! Surprising no one used it yet.

          • Paul Barbara

            @ Blunderbuss March 22, 2019 at 22:18
            True, but still pretty good for Guiado! Surprising no one used it yet.
            (I accidentally posted this to CB and it got held in moderation).

  • Republicofscotland

    Good to see that the UN isn’t always kowtowing to the Great Satan. Which is attempting to install, a puppet interim president in Venezuela.

    “Venezuela Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza announced, on Twitter, a democratic victory for the Bolivarian Republic after a United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) approved a Movement of Non-Aligned Countries (Mnoal) resolution.”

    “Thursday the UNHRC votes included 27 for, five abstentions and 15 against to favor of the resolution, which was presented by the South American country to expose the negative effects of unilateral coercive measures against nations.”

  • Sharp Ears

    Interesting that Haass formerly of the US State Department and now with the right wing CFR is not going along with Trump’s nonsense on the Golan Heights.

    ‘Richard Haass, a former senior US state department official who is now president of the Council on Foreign Relations think-tank, said he “strongly disagreed” with Mr Trump and that the decision would violate a UN Security Council resolution “which rules out acquiring territory by war”.’

    BBC News – Golan Heights: Syria condemns Donald Trump’s remarks

    • Jack

      Perhaps what he has in mind is Crimea, he dont want to come out as a hypocrite – on this subject that is…

      • giyane


        It is not hypocritical for any US statesman to have double standards as between Israel and any other nation. That’s the starting point of USUKIS policy. Exceptionalism, which sometimes means except Israel.

    • michael norton

      The Golan belongs to Syria, that is recognised by almost all countries.
      It has been incorporated into Israeli held land for fifty years, because they stole it.
      It is time to bring the Syrian “Civil” War to a close and allow the people of Syria to have some peace and stability but that also means bring all the land of Syria into the control of the Syrian Government.
      Not the control of France or America or Iran or Russia or Turkey or Israel.

    • Herbie

      “Interesting that Haass formerly of the US State Department and now with the right wing CFR is not going along with Trump’s nonsense on the Golan Heights.”

      The CFR is a Globalist outfit. Globalists believe in doing to Israel what they’ve been doing to other countries under their control. Multi culting them, for example.

      This is the main reason why Netanyahu and the Right in Israel have fallen out with the Globalists, and are pursuing their own independent policy.

  • Republicofscotland

    A visit by the number one sponger in Britain saw fee paying students locked out.

    King’s College London (KCL) singled out pro-Palestinian student activists and blocked their access cards ahead of the Queen’s visit to the campus as a “security measure”.

    The students pay £9000 pounds a year, but are treated as second class citizens, the bias of the Met is clear to see here, you fit the profile even though you are born in England, straight up prejudice.

    • giyane

      If you are one of her spongees, why not get a better accountant?
      £9000 doesn’t buy front seats to view her majesty and if they really wanted to see her majesty i’d have questioned their motives too. A few days ago a poster (Trula?) mentioned that her Maj is in fact a human not a robot who owes allegiance to God, which i suppose a robot could not actually do. There is a body of Law which refers to the monarch’s allegiance to God. I suppose the sponging serves the purpose that she can dedicate her entire concentration on her ritual role.

      She does seem to have overlooked the fact that for 35 years she has overlooked the illegality of her successive governments in terms of International law, Geneva Convention, etc and bypassed the constitution by using proxy armies instead of standing armies in those internationally agreed illegal wars against other sovereign nations. I suppose it was the dangers of previous majesties hiring Irish and other mercenaries and them standing them down unpaid which led to it being illegal to keep a standing army which might threaten the nation.

      Britain seems to think that the presence of large numbers of mercenaries within a few hours flying time of the UK keeps the peeps on a tight bit and considerable pain. Al Qaida looks to me like a standing army, otherwise known as Al Queenida and she seems to have succeeded in turning a very blind eye to that one.
      surely not bribery AND corruption. Not sure what the penalty is for her not to serve God , but Mammon.
      Probably the Tower or even execution. Tried that . Got the Tee shirt , which funnily enough has neither head, legs nor arms.

  • Republicofscotland

    More on the nefarious activities of the self proclaime World Police the US.

    The US Treasury has sanctioned Venezuelan Economic and Social Development Bank and four other institutions affiliated with it calling for the release of Roberto Morrero in its statement.

    The Great Satan’s latest illegal action comes on the back of the Venezuelan Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN) discovering a terrorist cell that planned to target the democratically elected Venezuelan officials a weapons cache was also discovered during the raid on Marrero’s house.

    Marrero is the chief of staff of the US puppet usurper Guaido.

    Great Satan has an iron in every fire.

    A bombshell report alleges that a group of American mercenaries illegally travelled to Haiti to help the Caribbean country’s president consolidate power and move 80 million dollars.

    The men were caught and released back into American hands and headed back to the USA without charge.

      • Blunderbuss

        I’ve encountered two similar incidents on buses.

        1) A blind man got on. Most of the buses on the route have audible announcements giving the name of each stop but this one didn’t. The blind man accused the bus driver of switching off the audible announcements and hurled abuse at him.

        2) A man in a wheelchair got on with a dog. He examined his ticket and found that he had been charged for the dog. He then hurled abuse at the bus driver, claiming that it was an assistance dog so he should not have been charged for it. The man wasn’t blind so how was the driver to know that it was an assistance dog?

        Is anybody on here a bus driver? If so, you can probably tell us many similar stories.

        • glenn_nl

          BB: The trouble with your anecdotes is that they have to be seen as coming from a poster that is dishonest.

          Because of your sheer upfront dishonesty here, not to mention theatrical hysterics whenever your snowflake tendencies appear to be threatened, it is not possible to take anything you say on trust. So lacking references, your word is worthless.

          Sorry old boy, try being a bit more truthful next time you invent a personality.

  • Republicofscotland

    Jeez this man is one of the terrible triumivate, along with Barmy Bolton, Awful Abrams.

    “US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said it is “possible” that President Donald Trump was sent by God to save Israel from Iran.”

    Pompeo then goes on to compare Trump with Queen Esther, to think of the power and influence these fruitcakes weild is frightening.

    Pompeo added that he was confident that the Lord is at work here.

    Why would the Lord want to defend a oppressive apartheid state, whose 2018 nation state law explicity says that Palestinisn Arabs (1.7 million people) are not covered by that law.

    • Blunderbuss

      So it was God, not Russia, who interfered in the US Presidential election. Or was Russia working on behalf of God? God moves in a mysterious way, his wonders to perform.

        • Herbie

          Important to remember that their constituency believes this stuff. Doesn’t matter that you think it strange.

          They believe it, and are acting upon that belief.

          What you view as a voodoo book, they view as the history and struggle of their peoples over time.

          That may explain why, if you are familiar with scripture, you see it enacted upon the world.

        • Michael McNulty

          At least we know Trump really existed. Can’t say the same about Moses, Joshua, David, Solomon, even Jesus. The Bible was written by men and no more proves the existence of God than the book Peter Pan proves the existence of fairies.

          But Christian fundamentalist Zionists are dangerous extremists because rational arguments can be dismissed as blasphemy. They’re the ones who set the world on fire. Bush said God told him to do it! A freak like that got the Presidency because even his own father used him; because what the Zionists wanted was pretty much what the gangster capitalists wanted. Same with The Crusades–an economic war for control of the Silk Road explained to the world as some noble religious undertaking.

    • Republicofscotland

      On the above Wonder Women just went up in my books, I’m sure some Arabs may now get round to watching her films.

      “Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot has become embroiled in a row with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the status of the country’s Arab minority.”

      “Love your neighbour as yourself,” the Israeli actress said, amid wrangling over the role of Israeli Arab parties in upcoming polls.”

      “Mr Netanyahu caused a stir when he said Israel “was not a state of all its citizens”, referring to Arabs who make up 20% of its population.”

      • Blunderbuss

        Though the mills of God grind slowly; Yet they grind exceeding small;
        Though with patience He stands waiting, With exactness grinds He all.

    • Anon1

      The BBC are in a terrible pickle over the gay propaganda lessons. Do they support the LGBT lobby, or do they support the Muslim comooniteee? Decisions, decisions (but multi-culti always comes first).

      • giyane

        Anon 1
        The scholars of Islam unsurprisingly are themselves very confused about the reasons for people being gay. they seem to think that it comes from porn, propaganda and TV. Whereas i personally think it comes from being forcibly exposed to female adultery which is increasingly common in our society. a boy exposed to female treachery logically concludes he might be better off with another boy or man.

        You can’t expect the least knowledgeable people to be the most expert on the subject of a discussion IMHO.

        • Anon1

          Nothing wrong with being gay. Big problem with lefty teachers proselytizing every deviance imaginable to schoolchildren. I’m with the comooniteee on this.

          • giyane

            ” lefty teachers proselytizing every deviance ”

            Just who are you to proseletyse for the ‘right’?
            Just who are Muslim parents to proseletyse for abolishing English culture?

            We don’t like parking fines, speed cameras or phone tapping but i’d like to know somewhere else in the world these things don’t happen.

            I’ve just been watching a gay character in a popular Kurdish comedy show.
            They seem to be able to take it in their stride without demanding change.
            I’d have thought lefty tripe would be the perfect opportunity to start a conversation about the Islamic viewpoint between parent and child. Where do they find all this rage against a country they choose to settle in? Weird.

          • Herbie

            “I’ve just been watching a gay character in a popular Kurdish comedy show.”

            From which Kurdish region did that show emanate?

          • Blunderbuss

            The Kurds seem to be remarkably liberal. I’ve seen a video of female Kurdish soldiers training. They were a delightful bunch – just like a girls’ hockey team. The ISIL thugs are terrified of them because, if they get killed by a woman, they don’t go to heaven.

          • Herbie

            “The Kurds seem to be remarkably liberal. I’ve seen a video of female Kurdish soldiers training. They were a delightful bunch – just like a girls’ hockey team.”

            Again. Which Kurdish region is this?

            Are all Kurds liberals.

            If not, can you specify which subset of Kurds is remarkably liberal, and how they came to be so.

            I mean, try to bring some historicity and context to your abstractions.

            Keep it real, eh.

  • Anon1

    Jacinda Ardern is absolutely right on, isnt she? Just seen her in a black hijab, delivering a prayer in Arabic while the call to prayer rings out.

        • giyane

          Ha Ha. A troll with a sense of humour. How do you manage to share your bridge with that rank old Carlotta Snobstick always banging on about israel?
          What about the whole Hogmany?

          • Blunderbuss

            Who is Carlotta Snobstick? I looked her up and the first link I was offered was Google Translate.

          • Blunderbuss

            It’s the way you tell them, giyane.

            I tried looking up Carlotta Habbabkuk Stikibum and the first link was “Carlotta’s search for God”.

            Then I looked up Stikibum and got what I think was a Pakistani porn film.

            Did you mean Sticky Bum?

    • Herbie

      She probably feels it’s important to show solidarity with the Muslim community.

      I mean, she doesn’t want a race war on her hands.

      Disgruntled persons can be quite easy to organise.

    • N_

      I remember an episode of a comedy TV programme, perhaps Not the Nine O’Clock News, in which Mel Smith plays a politician who is invited to visit various different workplaces. He dresses up in a white uniform to tour a food processing plant, he puts on a hard hat and high-visibility jacket when visiting a building site, and then before he gets shown round a youth club catering mainly for black youths he puts on a Rastafarian wig.

  • Anon1

    United Airlines proudly tweets: “Fly how you identify. Our new non-binary gender options are now available.”

    Where’s that asteroid?

    • Blunderbuss

      “United Airlines proudly tweets: “Fly how you identify. Our new non-binary gender options are now available.”

      Do airlines check your gender before you fly?

      • N_

        @Blunderbuss – “Checking” – what’s that? That would be oppressive and transphobic. According to Anon1, United Airlines say they go by how a person identifies. I assume they ask how passengers identify at the time of booking. So if a woman “identifies” as a man there’s no need for her to put a sausage down her trousers, lower her voice, or wear a false beard. She can just tell them she’s a man and then they will call her “Mr” and “he”, and if she uses an airline-specific lounge she can pee up a urinal in between two genuine men.

        • Blunderbuss

          “if she uses an airline-specific lounge she can pee up a urinal in between two genuine men.”

          It is a little-known fact that women can pee in urinals without any accessories. It’s just a matter of knowing the right technique.

  • Anon1

    Meanwhile, a comrade at the National Education Union has made its argument against knife arches:

    “It is better to have one child stabbed at school than to have an environment where no one is stabbed at school and everyone carries knives outside of school.”

    • giyane

      Sorry Anon1, was that a comment from the Trump ‘right’ or the lefty side? not being up to speed in either lefty language or righty, do only lefties use the word comrade, or can it be used for example for the treasonous alt right ERG? Is there a bond of brotherly love between the fellow professional gamblers who have inside information on the future of the UK?

        • Terence callachan

          Exactly, if you introduce these so called “knife arches “ to the school entrance will those who have a knife just throw the knife away ? Of course not, they will use it elsewhere.The man that said better to have one child stabbed than to have knife arches I’m pretty sure didn’t mean it in the context of that stabbed child dying from the stab but of course the comment has upset all those who’s child did die from a stabbing.It was a stupid insensitive comment ,he could have got the message over in a more sensible way.The absence of any discussion on poverty lack of hope and career prospects is worrying because these are the things in life that reduce people to stealing and bullying gang life which ultimately is where you find high incidence of knife carrying.

      • N_

        How does letting pupils carry concealed knives in schools stop them using them outside of school?

        Schools are in any case total crap. They’re crap enough for what happens inside their grounds. It’s a complete fantasy to think they will have any effect on improving anything in the outside world. It never fails to amaze me how in Britain when e.g. a 14-year-old girl runs off to Turkey to get married, the headmaster gabs off to the press. What business is it of his? The dirty sod! Her parents have hired the guy to help them fulfil their duty to ensure she gets educated. They could sack him at a moment’s notice. Is there any other country in the world where school administrators dare to “fine” parents when they decide their children have something better to do one day than go to school?

      • Clark

        No school is going to have a policy of permitting knives (I feel like appending “you idiots” at this point). Children who sneak a knife into school are very unlikely to use it in such a regulated, witnessed environment, but they are almost certain to brag or show someone, and so word will get around about who might carry a knife, among the kids and thus among the teachers, who can then speak to the parents or notify the police. Knowledge is power.

        Any child who actually does use or make threats with a knife is far more likely to be caught if they do so in school, and the victim is almost certain to get prompt first aid and medical assistance. That is bad, but out of school it is likely to be far worse.

        You could be right Anon1 but I suspect you’re wrong. What is needed are careful studies of knife crime, in and out of school, to assess the overall effect of knife detectors. It is tempting to think that technology is the answer to everything, but it isn’t and can easily prove counter-productive.

  • Anon1

    And today Thames Valley Police are conducting “Reassurance patrols” around mosques. Apparently there are no resources for tackling knife crime due to evil Tory cuts.

    • giyane


      ” no resources for tackling knife crime due to evil Tory cuts”.

      No need to spell it out quite so graphically

    • Jay

      Indeed. It’s reported today that half of London’s youth clubs have also been shut down since the 2011 London riots. Well done Tories!

      • Anon1

        I’m old enough to remember when getting bored as a teenager didn’t result in a stabbing spree.

        • Blunderbuss

          I’m old enough to remember that boy scouts used to have knives but I don’t remember many boy scouts being convicted of knife crime. I wonder why?

          • pretzelattack

            they should have stabbed a few of those scoutmasters who were molesting them, but that doesn’t seem to happen in the real world; i don’t remember any victims of catholic priests who attacked their molestors, either.

        • Jay

          Maybe this is another issue where the Tories themselves think glib remarks from racist old pensioners are the solution.

          • Mary Pau!

            I fear resources for youth “education” are being diverted into
            the growth area of speciall educational needs. But is there a proven link between a fall in youth clubs in London and a rise in knife crime which, as far as one can tell, is committed by disaffected youths in feral gangs?. Would these gang members really hang out in youth clubs and join in organised activities?

            Many moons ago I was at university in a tough northern port city. My tutor was concerned about youth crime locally in particular about the disaffected young men hanging around the docks. She paid out of her own pocket to fit up a youth club near the docks as a meeting place for them The council funded a couple of part time youth workers. It did not last long. After two break-ins it was finally wrecked in a gang fight and she had to admit defeat. As she had run out of money to fix it. .

            More recently, the lady who ran the reprographics unit where I worked in East London, sent her son away to live with her sister out of London because the local gang would not leave him alone and kept coming round to recruit him, demanding his allegiance , and it was not safe for him to stay with her.

            I am an atheist but I have to admit I can see the value of religion in keeping communities integrated and law abiding and young people out of trouble ( excluding radical islam of course….)

          • N_

            (I)s there a proven link between a fall in youth clubs in London and a rise in knife crime“.
            I strongly doubt it.

            Would these gang members really hang out in youth clubs and join in organised activities?
            They might. Well not “hang out” in the sense of wasting time, but they might attend. Gang leaders might be top dogs in some kinds of sporting activities (would you fancy beating Nicholas van Hoogstraten at tennis?), the point being that the social hierarchy of a gang will not be allowed to be challenged by an alternative one functioning in the youth club, and there are also business-related opportunities, and not just in drugs but in “legitimate” business.

            More recently, the lady who ran the reprographics unit where I worked in East London, sent her son away to live with her sister out of London because the local gang would not leave him alone and kept coming round to recruit him, demanding his allegiance , and it was not safe for him to stay with her.
            You’ve hit the nail on the head. They “own” both areas and people, and in that kind of situation you’ve just got to move out.

          • Jay

            Would you say it’s a good idea to be closing youth centres in areas where youths are most at risk of being led into gangs?

            I’m going to go right out on a limb and suggest it’s not. Or to be shutting down youth centres anywhere for that matter.

          • Clark

            I had a friend in Haworth near Bradford, and he told me this story. There had been a crime wave of disaffected lads stealing cars and joy-riding – TDA – Taking and Driving Away. So he started a scheme with council money. He set up a garage, and TDA offenders were sent on the scheme. They bought old bangers and he taught the lads how to fix them up. They raced them in stock-car races. Reoffending rates plummeted.

            The local paper found out and made a big fuss about lads being “rewarded” for TDA. Readers complained to the council, so funding was withdrawn and the scheme shut down.

    • Andyoldlabour


      Yet there are plenty of police resources to waste on arresting people for telling the truth on social media?

  • Anon1

    Sky: German prosecutors say 10 people have been arrested on suspicion of planning an Islamist terror attack using cars and guns with the aim to kill as many people as possible.

    If the Germans hadn’t invaded Iraq this wouldn’t be happening.

    • Clark

      Germany? Syria-related blowback I suspect, and Libya for France.

      Such attacks seem considerably more frequent in recent years; do you suppose a change in Islam is responsible, Anon1? But there are also more massacres by right-wing nutters. I reckon what the EU did to cheese naming conventions is the problem.

      • Loony

        Yeah that must be the answer.

        Consider that on January 1st 2019 49 people were killed in Burkina Faso. Jihadists attacked and killed 6 unarmed people and the local population fought back and killed 43 Jihadists. On January 10th Islamic militants killed a further 12 civilians by way of either shooting them or burning them alive.

        Do you consider this attack to be a consequence of the foreign policy of Burkina Faso, and do you consider the counter attack of January 1st to constitute a massacre by right wing nutters.

        Or maybe you are more interested in the globalist and expansionist policies of Mozambique – watch out for a Mozambique military base near you. In Mozambique Islamic terrorists decapitated a man on January 6th 2019 and on January 10th killed a further 3 people in a machete attack.

        There is a pattern that can be detected – focusing on Western foreign policy is one sure way of failing to detect the pattern.

      • Anon1

        If an alien life form was beamed down to earth and killed by a jihadist, it would somehow be deemed to have been the alien’s own fault and you would concoct some grievance narrative to fit your prejudice.

        • Herbie

          I say you’re both wrong, Clark and Anon1

          It ain’t blowback, and it ain’t something intrinsic to muslims.

          It’s what elite servants told us it was, a “clash of civilisations”.

          What they didn’t tell us was that they’d written and acted out the script, adapting same from the more famous original.

          • Herbie

            The original scripts are to be found in the “end of days” writings of the major religions.

            So, you can think of these as prophecies, or you can think they’re acting out these ancient scripts.

            Something for everyone, religious and secular alike.

          • Herbie

            It’s not unreasonable to ask why they’d be acting out ancient scripts.

            The answer is that so many peeps across the planet are indoctrinated in them.

            Very easy to find players for your drama.

            The West is indoctrinated in a much more modern script, but they’re played the same way.

  • Anon1

    Brace for impact – Mueller has submitted his report. Here are the key findings:

    *Trump once met a Russian in the course of his business dealings.
    *Trump was once seen eating a Russian salad.
    *Kremlin spent $74 on social media campaign against Hillary.

    It’s over.

    • Goose

      If it completely exonerates him expect it to published, in full, very quickly.

      No idea if it will , but if it does, claims this whole thing was a fishing expedition by sore losers, will no doubt be made. And possibly with some validity, even tho I’m no fan of trump.

        • freddy

          Reddit too:

          We’ve lost Mueller. I let out a scream of rage at the top of my lungs, literally panicking and hyperventilating. My wife’s son LaDonte handed me a paper bag to breath into, but it said made in USA so I threw it in the trash and told him to f*ck off. I almost passed out from yelling so loud. I literally don’t know what to do right now, my panic levels are reaching critical limits, and my mom threw away my prescription liquid hormones because she says they were driving me crazy. She voted for Drumpf. Why in the f*cking f*ck did this happen? I was told Drumpt would be impeached, but then Drumpf stole this right from our helpless little hands. This world is so f*cking corrupt and rigged. I can’t deal with this outcome. I will be protesting on the streets and burning my own house down since its alarm system didn’t work when it let these Nazis in my home. This is so f*cked.

          Have to say I don’t think it’s over – I think it’s just getting started.

  • mog

    On the end of the Mueller investigation,
    I wonder if some people, somewhere, could see just how much milage there is in conspiracy theories in today’s era of political dementia, and so cynically decided to create one of their own, for some reasons, or some such.
    I realise that this is a conspiracy theory about a conspiracy theory.
    Which is probably ‘not good’ in some way or other.
    But then again, so many of the people who cheered the loudest for Russiagate, were the very same supercillious liberals who shout down inquiry into other conspiracy theories which really do have some evidential basis to them.
    Funny how that happens.

    • Clark

      Could conspiracy theory be characterised as assumption / speculation about hidden motive? If so, it’s quite simple; conspiracy theory is a reaction to misrepresentation and secrecy. But engaging in it creates a further hidden motive of attempting to expose those initially assumed to be hiding their motive, so it’s a vicious circle.

      This seems to fit. The corporate media institutionally projects a pro-western message, omitting or glossing over western crimes. People reacted, and some exaggerated or invented a counter-narrative. The pro-western establishment assumed this was being motivated secretly by Russia, which to be fair, happens a bit but not nearly as much as outfits like the Atlantic Council make out. Ordinary people were labelled “Russian trolls”, and understandably assumed some agenda more sinister than hysteria, and round and round it goes.

      To break the circle, concentrate on facts, and when we’re wrong just admit it rather than bolstering or embellishing the initial error.

  • Stonky

    I see the Labour Party has now formally adopted the official definition of Islamophobia:

    “Islamophobia is rooted in racism and is a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness.”

    Does anybody have any idea what this actually means?

    • Jay

      A type of racism that targets people who practice a particular religion. How’s that?

      • Stonky

        Maybe I can be more specific. Supposing I’m browsing through my copy of the Quran and I’m barely into Chapter 5 when I come across this:

        Surely! Those who disbelieved in Our Aydt (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.), We shall bum them in Fire. As often as their skins are roasted through, We shall change them for other skins that they may taste the punishment. Truly, Allah is Ever Most Powerful, All-Wise…

        And supposing this is just one of hundreds of gloating sadistic references to the appalling torture that Allah is going to inflict on the “unbelievers”.
        And supposing I form the view that there is no possible reason why it’s a good idea to start teaching children from the age of 4 or 5 that this is the literal truth, and that no possible good could come of it, and that it’s a disgusting thing to do.
        And supposing I express these views in public.
        Does that constitute “A type of racism”? (It very obviously “targets expressions of Muslimness” since it specifically concerns their holy book)

        • giyane


          Have you ever talked with a child about who made the world? Far from being a difficult concept beyond the understanmding of young minds, children can instantly engage with the concept of a loving creator because this is in built into the human heart.

          Only by a continuous process of re-education and denial do children emerge unconfident in their natural understanding of God and because the subject is now charge with conflict they then reject the topic in all its forms.

          The Qur’an explains to the Muslims that if they come to a place where Islam is not known about, especially if it is a Christian or Jewish country where the concept of God is familiar, they must present themselves as a good example of the mercy, intelligence and honesty of Islam.

          If not, they will receive a double punishment 1/ for not practicing the loveliness of Islam and ” / for not giving a beautiful example to those who don’t know what Islam is. We all know that for centuries the British state has given a false picture of Islam and more recently the Zionist influence has done everything in its power to blacken Islam’s good name.

          The closer Islam comes to our country , the more intense the proopaganda. To the extent that USUKIS have resorted to torture-brainwash-mind changing drugs to eradicate the education of the Muslims and re-educate them in violence and anger.

          The British state has been at the very forefront of this process. Obviously God knows everything so He can see that in Britain nobody has received a fair representation of Islam.
          I would imagine His wrath is fairly directed to those in the British state who deliberately distort the mentality of the Muslims, misrepresent their beliefs in order to sever the connection between the inner conscience of every human being and the visible manifestations of Islam.

          Gotta go. things to do, places to go.

          • Paul Barbara

            @ giyane March 23, 2019 at 07:51
            That hardly answered Stonky’s points. The fact is, the Koran and Talmud (and even Torah) are chock-a-block with things which are grotesque, fiendish and illogical from a ‘Loving’ point of view.
            Enough for anyone reading them to consider what kind of entity/entities put them together.
            I call myself a Christian, but I’m big time wary of the Old Testament. There is a fundamental difference in Christ’s way of teaching, and that of the Old Testament. The God Jesus called his father is not the same entity that would call for the genocide of peoples who have upset him, in my book.

          • Stonky

            Have you ever talked with a child about who made the world? Far from being a difficult concept beyond the understanding of young minds, children can instantly engage with the concept of a loving creator because this is in built into the human heart…

            As it happens I have giyane, although not exactly in those terms.

            And astonishing as it might seem to the average Muslim, I didn’t start by saying:

            Ok kids, let’s begin with the basics. God hates Muslims. In fact he hates them so much he’s going to burn their skins off. And then he’s going to keep giving them new skins, so he can burn them off too. He’s most powerful, and all-wise. And that, kids, is the literal truth…

        • freddy

          These days, expressing ideas like that in public may well get you a knock on the door from the plod.

        • Jay

          What point are you trying to make now? That the Koran should be banned .. or it should not be illegal to hate Muslims because of something written in it? Can you not just state plainly what your point is?

          • Stonky

            What point are you trying to make now? That the Koran should be banned .. or it should not be illegal to hate Muslims because of something written in it?

            Why are you throwing this silly straw man at me? The “official definition of Islamophobia” isn’t that it should be illegal to hate Muslims because of something written in the Koran. It’s that Islamophobia is… a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness.

            Anyway what’s your point? That there are reasons why it’s good idea to tell a 4 or 5 year-old kid that it is literally true that God hates othered people so much that he’s going to burn their skins off, and then keep giving them new skins so he can burn them off too? That there is some good that can come of it?

            If so, feel free to make a list.

          • Jay

            Mate, you must think I was born yesterday. The fact you feel it important to highlight this stuff just a few days after what happened in NZ ….. that speaks eloquently about your bonafides as somebody who abhors violence. You’re just trying to generate hate against one of the country’s most put upon communities.

          • Stonky

            The fact you feel it important to highlight this stuff just a few days after what happened in NZ ….. that speaks eloquently about your bonafides as somebody who abhors violence. You’re just trying to generate hate against one of the country’s most put upon communities…

            1. I was highlighting “this stuff” in response to the Labour Party announcement that it was adopting the “official” definition of Islamophobia, which took place on 20th March. Discussion on wider Muslim issues was already taking place on this thread.

            2. A more intelligent analysis might suggest that now is exactly the time when this debate needs to take place. Good attempt to shut the debate down though, in the time-honoured tradition of “the progressive who’s losing an argument”.

            3. Teaching kids to glory in sadistic torture = good thing = celebrate the diversity. Pointing out that people are teaching kids to glory in sadistic torture = bad thing = generating hate.

      • Stonky

        What is an expression of perceived Muslimness?

        Well that’s kind of the thing Mary. The “official definition of Islamophobia” isn’t intended to protect innocent Muslims from racist abuse or acts of racism. It’s designed to be a specious, unintelligible catch-all that enables screeching accusations of “racism” against anybody who stands up in public and calls out Islam for its many obvious faults. And in today’s febrile environment, once you can do that you can do what you like with the criminals. You don’t ever have to engage with any of their arguments.

        They have no arguments. They’re racists. They’re criminals. See?

        • George

          “today’s febrile environment” is what it is all about. Everyone is being encouraged to stand up in public and shout at Islam. Let’s stir the buggers up. Let’s have more attacks on mosques. Let’s scream “anti-Semitism” too. It doesn’t have to make sense. Distract and divide.

          • Stonky

            Everyone is being encouraged to stand up in public and shout at Islam…

            On planet Real World, where I live, exactly the opposite is the case. Nobody is being encouraged to stand up in public and shout at Islam. And anybody who does is likely to have their collar felt. Like these two people, who have been arrested and charged for doing exactly that:

            But hey. Why let facts get in the way of the narrative?

    • N_

      And the inhabitants of Jericho deserved to be slaughtered by the attackers for what reason exactly?

      • Stonky

        N_, instead of engaging in facile 3500-year old whataboutery, why don’t you engage with the present day?

        All you have to do is give me one reason why it’s a good idea to teach 4 and 5-year old children that it is literally true that God hates some people so much that he’s going to burn their skins off, and then he’s going to keep giving them new skins so he can burn them off too.

        Or tell me some good that might come of it.

        Shouldn’t be too difficult.

    • Blunderbuss

      @Stonky, March 23, 2019 at 02:42

      What puzzles me is the word racism. Islam is a religion, not a race. Muslims, like Christians, come from many different races

      • Stonky

        What puzzles me is the word racism. Islam is a religion, not a race. Muslims, like Christians, come from many different races…

        Oh come on Blunderbuss. You’re not so much flogging a dead horse here. It’s more like pointlessly beating the bare ground whence long since has blown away the dust of the desiccated skeleton of what was once the rotting carcass of a four-legged creature.

        There are now two groups in our society who can benefit from the double privilege of being ‘religions’ and ‘races’. If you criticise them they can choose either to bleat and whine that you’re disrespecting their sincerely-held religious beliefs, or howl and caterwaul that you’re a racist.

  • Sharp Ears

    Spotted Craig on the Alex Salmond Show.

    ‘In this week’s edition of the Alex Salmond Show, we examine the implications of the International Court of Justice ruling on the Chagos Islands. We interview Chagossian community representatives and a former UK ambassador, Craig Murray, about the damage caused to Britain’s international standing by attempting to brush aside the ICJ verdict and the rights of the islanders.’

  • Sharp Ears

    Murdoch’s outfit, Sky News, keeps repeating triumphantly how ISIS has been defeated by Syrian Democratic Forces in its last stronghold of Baghouz. They failed to mention that the ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ are in fact construct backed by the US and the West.

    Islamic State totally eliminated in Syria, say Syrian Democratic Forces
    The SDF made the announcement as it declared the battle against the insurgents in the final IS stronghold of Baghouz was over.,_France_and_other_Western_nations

  • N_

    From the Guardian: a group is seeking to build a “black Canary Wharf” and a “business, sport and educational complex” run by “the black community.” Apparently they want to create “Europe’s biggest black supermarket”.

    What’s the next step? Laying on special “black buses” to take people there? Segregating existing shopping centres into “black” and “white” sections? Is anybody on the left making this obvious point, or are “we all Jim Crow supporters now”?

    • Andyoldlabour


      I believe that people from different cultures/races should try to integrate more, but this sounds like segregation/apartheid.

      • N_

        @AndyOldLabour – I agree. I’m sure there are many black people who abhor this kind of thing, as well as many non-racist white people who abhor it too. But for many property developments nowadays it’s obligatory for the public relations to focus on a “community” theme, meaning an ethnic one (or some kind of Coca-Cola style “multi” one), or as “eco”. When people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds really start relating to each other, one of the first things that comes out is how much crap they have taken from pushy scumbags and exploiters who SHARE their background, whether it’s honky or Sikh or J__ish or Protestant or Catholic or Pakistani or Chinese or whatever. That kind of mixing is the opposite of what any hierarchical authority wants…as conditions slide towards segregation and gang and race war. Horrendous.

  • michael norton

    From today, seven thousands of troops will be patrolling the streets of France, to support the police in their efforts to suppress the Yellow Jacket protesters.

    Barely a mention in the British press of this slippery slope happening to our near neighbour in the European Union?

    • Andyoldlabour

      michael norton

      It simply does not fit the agenda of our MSM to report these things Michael, they will not show anything which paints France, Germany or the EU in a bad light.

      • michael norton

        Yes Andy, I had noticed that, why do you think they hate to show any E.U. member state in a bad light.
        Could it be they wish us to Remain in the E.U. contrary to our U.K. Democratic will?

        • Clark

          It’s not about the image of the EU. They just don’t want the public getting ideas and rising up against neoliberalism like Les Gilets Jaunes are doing. They also tried smear after smear – anti-environmental, provoked by Russia, violent, racist; haven’t they even tried anti-Semitic?

        • Andyoldlabour

          michael norton

          Our MSM plus the MSM of France, Germany and others, constantly refer to any dissenting voice against the EU as an entity as – “far right”, “extremist”, “populist” etc. It has got to the point where Brussels tars countries which oppose EU mandates as “far right” – Hungary, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic.
          It is the EU forcing governments to impose austerity measures on their own people, measures which will impact most on the poorest members of society.
          Hollande was supposed to be a Socialist leader, but made Macron (the ex investment banker who has never been elected in a regional seat) his employment minister, to implement austerity measures and business friendly policies.
          How has Luxembourg, that tiny country, managed to give us three leaders of the EU, more than any other country?
          Donald Tusk, the ex Polish leader is very quick with the sarky remarks about the UK, let’s see the remarks he makes when we are out and Poland has to take their begging cap somewhere else, because it is our money which is rebuilding Poland, they don’t contribute anything to the EU – except cheap labour.

  • Republicofscotland

    Spoon bender Uri Geller has written a letter to Theresa May asking her to stop Brexit. Mr Geller added in his missive, that if she (May) didn’t stop Brexit he would telepathically enter her mind and force her to stop Brexit.

    I suppose Geller has to conjure up some publicity somehow, now his career has taken a nosedive. Maybe he could bend her dessert spoon at Chequers.

    • N_

      Interesting. Colin Drury mentions that Uri Geller lived in Sonning, but that village in Berkshire is not just in Theresa May’s constituency – it’s where she actually lives. (So does Boris Johnson.) Geller and May were neighbours.

      • Republicofscotland

        It that right maybe Geller an ex-Israeli paratrooper, meant he’d jump into her back garden and force her to change Brexit. You know how those celebs minds work, the telepathy thing and all, that just for show. ?

  • Republicofscotland

    Andrew (Brillo) Neil, has been fiercely criticised by a historian who appeared on his new show This Week. The historian Rutger Bregman called the show “Incredibly Stupid”.

    Bregman was asked to appear on the show to discuss his book, Utopia for Realists. However neither Neil or anyone else had read the book, nor did they possess a copy for the show, Mr Breman claims they weren’t interested in his book at all.

    Instead of attempting to discuss Mr Bergman’s book, he (Bergman) found himself caught up in a right wing discussion with Andrew Neil, Michael Portillo and Alan Johnson. Bergman stated to make matters worse, Neil, Portillo and Johnson, made up facts on poverty claiming it hadn’t risen, and that the economy was bokming when it clearly isn’t.

    Mr Bregman said, this is the worst experince I’ve had with the UK media.

    Brillo hasn’t changed one bit, not even after getting booted off the Politics show.

  • Republicofscotland

    I’m sure the young folk of the world will be disappointed to learn that the EU27 leaders pushed back a decision on the bloc’s longterm efforts to fight climate change. With some countries opposing a pledge to reduce greenhouse gases by 2050.

    However they’ve agreed to discuss it further at the UN summit in the Autumn. Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic were among the nations reluctant to cut back emissions by 2050.

    I feel sorry for the youngsters of today, they’ll be the ones that will be left to clean up our mess, if that’s even possible.

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