The Arrest of Manny Singh 158

On Saturday, I was an eye-witness to Manny Singh, organiser of the huge pro-Independence demonstration through Glasgow, co-operating efficiently and respectfully with the police in keeping order and protecting public safety, and in making sure the event was a joyous family occasion, successful and enjoyed by everyone. That included Manny liaising regularly with the most senior police officers in charge of the march. Before I made my speech, I asked him how it was all going and Manny volunteered unasked that the Police had been brilliant. From what I witnessed, the respect was mutual.

It is then extremely perturbing that, two days after the march, Police Scotland arrested Manny for organising an illegal procession, a charge that carries a maximum three months imprisonment. Plainly the orders for this radical change of attitude have come from very high. The defence of this draconian measure by SNP Glasgow councillor and ex-BBC intern Rhiannon Spear gives a clue as to where this is coming from.

Still more of a clue is the astonishing four page attack on Yes supporters that took up the the front and four pages of the Herald the day after the demonstration, in which the SNP’s NATO and monarchy enthusiast Angus Robertson and extreme Cold War Russophobe Stewart McDonald vented their spleen at Independence supporters who dare to take a more radical line. It was very thinly disguised as an attack on online abuse – of which in four full pages not one single example was given by them, let alone any qualitative or quantitative analysis.

McDonald in a lengthy rant in the article makes plain that what he really cannot stand is rather people do not accept his Establishment view, who criticise the BBC, and embrace “conspiracy theories.”

This is the essential background to the arrest of Manny. Now the SNP has a highly ambivalent attitude to Manny’s organisation, AUOB. AUOB is the main vehicle for public pressure for early Independence, while Nicola Sturgeon has embraced a strategy of kicking a new Independence referendum ever further into the long grass, while a national consultation is held, or Brexit plays out, or a citizens’ assembly discusses federal solutions, or whatever else excuse comes to hand.

In terms of electoral success for the SNP, Sturgeon’s strategy is undoubtedly brilliant. The SNP stands unchallenged in the polls at 46%, with the Tories in second place trailing woefully behind on 22%. The SNP is an incredibly successful political machine, and one which can keep the highheidyins in a very comfortable living indeed for life. To say that the SNP hierarchy are very comfortable on the UK gravy train would be a massive understatement. They are in no hurry at all to make a bid for Independence that may put their careers and livelihoods at risk.

The only problem is the wider Yes campaign and the wider SNP membership, who had been under the impression that they were putting their hands in their pockets and donating, and were out there in the cold delivering leaflets, because the SNP was the vehicle for Independence, not just to support Scotland’s very own highly paid ruling political class. These people continually applied inconvenient pressure, both online where their criticisms of the BBC and other establishment pillars were an embarrassment to the comfortably ensconced, and by continual street activity as through AUOB.

Nicola has had to make repeated SNP conference speeches and every time been forced to pretend she is interested in pursuing Independence at a future date. Surely, SNP HQ thinking runs, it would be better to take some of the pressure off her by hobbling support for the pesky online Independence supporters and those noisy marchers?

AUOB had applied to Glasgow City Council in September for permission to hold the recent march. As it was a repeat of the entirely peaceful and successful one last year, there was no reason to suppose any problem might arise. Then just ten days before the march, Glasgow City Council called the organisers to a meeting and demanded the start time be moved forward from 1.30pm to 11am because of “potential disruption” and “public order concerns”.

The proposed change was quite openly an attempt to reduce the numbers on the march for “ahem” reasons of public order. The organisers made plain that it was not possible at that late stage to make the change. The march had been widely advertised, coaches had been booked, and people were quite literally traveling from all over Scotland – which of course is what Glasgow City Council were precisely trying to prevent.

A committee of two SNP and one Green councillor, completely ignoring the entirely trouble free experience of the previous year, ruled that the march must kick off at 11am. Manny simply responded that in the interests of free speech, he would ignore the council’s ruling, and he did so, with great success.

The proof of the pudding is of course in the eating. The Council was simply wrong – there were in fact zero public order or safety problems involved in the march, and their pretended concern stands revealed for what it was, a pathetic attempt to hamper free speech and hobble the demonstration of massive public support for Independence. Even the SNP Deputy Leader Keith Brown turned up, though he said pretty well nothing about Independence while introducing the SNP candidates for the Euro elections.

In view that their pretended concerns proved – as everybody always knew – completely unfounded, the councillors involved stand exposed as despicable abusers of the power they were granted by the very people who were marching.

It appears from Ms Spear’s tweet that it is SNP run Glasgow Council – and I would bet after consultation with SNP HQ – who have now doubled down on their stupidity and arbitrary repression by ordering police to effect Manny’s arrest. Well, there are 100,000 of us at least who would happily stand beside him in the dock.

The man who has organised the most successful pro-Indy campaigning since 2014 has been arrested, just for doing precisely that. Yet so far there has been not a single gesture of support for Manny, public or private, from any of the SNP hierarchy. Why do you think that is?

The attempt to hobble and limit the AUOB march, and the extraordinary four page entirely unprovoked attack the next day on “cybernats”, form part of a coordinated effort by the SNP leadership to control the wider Yes movement and subdue the demand for early Independence. They failed with AUOB due to Manny’s courage and integrity – hence the vindictive order for his arrest.


I wrote this before seeing this excellent article from Paul Kavanagh, which makes precisely the same arguments. Paul commands much broader respect than I do across the Independence movement, peculiarly enough because it took him two years longer to spot, or at least speak out about, the problem with Sturgeon and Murrell than it took me. But if you read the comments on his article, you will see that there is massive agreement on this from numerous long term SNP members.


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158 thoughts on “The Arrest of Manny Singh

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  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Gives you a good idea of what the independence people can expect if they ever win a vote on it.

    • Shatnersrug

      Oh I’m sure the establishment will make short work of tiny Scotland and take great pleasure in not paying benefits or NHS funding whilst extracting huge amounts in fees.

      But that never going to happen with the Blairite sturgeon anyway. The fact that the SNP are so high in the polls is a reflection of the divisive nature of Nationalism. With the Scots growling at Westminster and the English looking at the Scots thinking stop complaining it all suits the Tories down to the ground.

      No matter how “progressive” nationalism seems to be I can only ever collapse into division and hate.

      Scotland will never be free – just as every client state – will never be free unless the Establishment is overturned and the only way to do that is with solidarity.

      • Flying Gabriel

        It’s from the halls of centralised power that the worst bullies emerge. That’s the only flaw I can see.

    • Crabbit Geezer

      When Scotland gets Independence, as surely as day follows night, then the SNP will be one political party among many others all looking for votes in an Independent Scottish Government and I for one will be choosing very carefully and I am confident in my belief that it won’t be given to the SNP. They are a means to an end for me at this time and I am not alone. This reason by itself is probably behind a lot of the stonewalling and obfuscation that seems to be going on within the SNP at this juncture. However, as time rolls on I am sure that the independence movement will grow and prosper towards our shared goal, whilst the SNP probably will not.

  • Caratacus

    I’m one of those horrible people who thinks that the nations of the UK do better together than separately, and that if Scotland does throw off the “shackles” of UK membership it will find that the EU will be a thousand times worse. If you’re going to be independent, for God’s sake do that – be truly ndependent.

    That having been said, what has happened to Mr Singh is unconscionable and if I can be of any help whatsoever then please count me in. I detest bullies – particularly official ones.

    • Hector McGooglihan

      Independence does not mean Isolationism. I presume you do not think France or Germany are independent countries?

      The union in which Scotland is a part has proven time and time again to work against the interests of the Scottish people. This is just a statistical fact. It seems quite naive to me that you should put the word “shackles” in quotes like that, as if Scotland being a part of the UK is somehow just a daft conspiracy theory believed by some kind of weird minority. Wake up.

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      • Caratacus

        @Hector McGooglihan
        Wide awake here, my dear old thing. I love the Scots (lived and worked in the Western Isles as a young man in the ’70s and learnt to respect the people and revere my Scottish ancestry while there). Ultimately the Scottish people will decide and whatever they choose will have my full support – but I am allowed, even in these days of proscribed thought and opinion – to venture the possibility that we may do better together than apart.

        One further thought – Germany is most definitely independent, France is not. France is rather like the amorous ant crawling up the back leg of a Teutonic elephant, all the time promising it will be gentle.

        • A C Bruce

          We don’t do “better together” which was the unionists’ mantra in the 2014 referendum, subsequently shown to be an empty promise due to Westminster’s bad faith. Bad faith which the EU have been on the receiving end of (in spades) since the Brexit debacle started almost 3 long, miserable, years ago. As for loving the Scots, we got a lot of that in 2014 followed by swift kicks in the teeth by the Westminster establishment.

          Scotland will be better as the independent nation it always was. It has a Treaty with England which a “parcel of rogues” organised for themselves to get themselves out of personal financial difficulties. There was about 50 of them. 50 rich, but wanted to be richer, individuals sold out a whole country. A shameful episode in Scotland’s history.

          Scotland can be in the EU if Scotland chooses to be once a normal country again. That will be decided by Scotland’s people, not by Westminster, as is our right.

          • Caratacus

            Well said AC Bruce. Westminster’s bad faith ain’t restricted to Scotland – they crap on all of us equally. What I mean is true Scots, Welsh, English, N. Irish all working together – despite the politicians – in a world which is becoming less fair and more hazardous by the day. The politicos and mandarins in Westminster need replacing, that’s for sure. Even this doddery old fool is ready to man the barricades with a walking stick in one hand and a bottle of Metaxa in the other.

    • nevermind

      These shackles existed when the Uk joined in 1976, not one political party dared to talk of reforming/filing down these shackles, not one of them wanted PR at EU elections.
      They all took the wages, some employed their relations, but nobody gave a damn about the draconian rules emitted from an appointed Commission.
      To now whine about the rule of Brussels, break long term commitments, fail to negotiate in earnest, and then blame the EU for not getting one’s act together, is laughable and odorous.

      The UKs representatives took the money, largely sat on the fence and ran with whatever the EU wanted, bar those who swung a handbag and prepared the EU for what was to commence now.

      I hope Manny will be bailed within 24 hrs., unless the Sn’ Pee Glasgow council also tells the judiciary what to do and they imprison him for organising a successful march amongst SNP voters et al.

      Im sure that whatever prison they choose to keep him, will have a long line his visitors to cope with, who knows what could happen when you open a can of worms.

      • Caratacus

        I never whine – too long in the tooth for that, so tend to leave it to others who don’t get what they want when they want it.

        As for the rest of your comment; I have the choice of carefully addressing each point .. or making serious friends with a bottle of the Macallan which has been calling to me this evening. No contest, I’m afraid!

      • A C Bruce

        I think he has been reported to the Police but the Procurator Fiscal will decide whether he’s to be arrested and charged.

        • Ian

          No Procurator Fiscal with an ounce of common sense (I know, I know) would press ahead with this. Any fool could see they are just asking for more trouble, making him a popular hero, and making themselves look like utter idiots, cowards and like some kind of politburo. Hard to believe than any of these public servants could even think this was justified, or in the public interest. Their personal bile and fear of popular sentiment has turned them into the worst kind of petty bureaucrats with a small-minded agenda. They have absolutely nothing to gain by this, and a lot of credibility to lose. Surely common sense will prevail and the police or the PF will tell them to take a hike. The police are not the personal security apparatus of these tiny minded officials.

    • Flying Gabriel

      It’s from the halls of centralised power that the worst bullies emerge. That’s the only flaw I can see.

    • Carnyx

      Caratacus said

      “Westminster’s bad faith ain’t restricted to Scotland – they crap on all of us equally.”

      Do you not think that Scottish Indy therefore provides a chance for England to improve, that the problem is the institutional culture of the British state and it’s imperial heritage, which drives it to seek international prestige often at the expense of it’s citizens? Hence we spend on nukes and get involved with every US regime change while prioritising the well being of the financial services sector (in the south east, as industry in the north rots), because it’s the last area were Britain can be a global power? Those economic choices benefiting some regions over others are a direct result of the nature of the British state.

      Of the 10 poorest regions in North West Europe the UK has 9 of them, 7 of these are in England, and yet England also holds the wealthiest region in all Europe, London. No other European state has such wide economic disparity between it’s regions.

      Lots of English people, particularly in the south east, go along with this, because they consider themselves the dominant majority and therefore identify with the British state as a representative, but at the same time the culture of that state informs their worldview in which they presume their own global significance, leading them to sympathise with things like Thatcher’s rhetoric, a moral crusade to make Britain “Great again”, or in other terms to “take back control”, while failing to see that the British people never had control over the British establishment in the first place.

      Subsequently Scottish independence can act like the Suez Crisis and pull the rug out from under the imperial nostalgic’s feet, therefore Bringing England (and Wales) a major chance for much needed constitutional reform which will give it’s citizens better representation, finally making the English people sovereign over their own land instead of “Crown in Parliament”.

      Brexit is a misguided attempt to do this, to shake things up, but it’s nostalgic because it presumes the UK was better before joining the EU, and that the establishment will as a result somehow start caring about regional England, it thus misidentifies the problem. I’m not saying this because I think the EU is great, but because the UK wasn’t suffering the worst of EU rule and it’s German enforced austerity as it wasn’t in the Euro.

      • Phil Espin

        Carnyx, that is a very good point for all of us outside the London bubble to think on.

        If any English political party could properly articulate your point and present it to the electorate persuasively in terms of their own pockets, it ought to be onto a winner.

      • Caratacus

        Thank you, Carnyx. Much in your post to think on as I drive about today. You have achieved in a few short paragraphs what years of shouting have not – you have given me pause to think that I may have been wrong. V. grateful.

  • David Graham

    What is the alternative Craig? People who vote for the SNP do not have any other choices available. What would they be? The identity-politics-ridden Green party? No thanks.

    There does not appear to be any way in which such people can express their anger to the SNP at the ballot box, and the SNP will no doubt be aware of this position they have found themselves in.

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    • craig Post author


      Well for some time I have been saying that we need to stick with the SNP but change the leadership. There are good people actually interested in Independence. Joanna Cherry would be excellent. This has not been a popular line to take, but definitely more and more people within the SNP are starting to see what I see.

      • Tim Rideout

        I gather from well placed sources that when we all talk about ‘the leadership’ that is actually narrowed down to two. I don’t think that is very healthy. While the FM is undoubtedly a very good public speaker then you can’t run a modern state on your own. You have to have good advisers and you have to rely on ministers, etc to get on with things. As the author of Amendment D I can certainly say that ‘the leadership’ are not listening on the subject of currency and Economics. That is not for want of me trying (and for the past two years before we got to the Spring Conference).

        • Douglas

          How on earth did you manage to get Amendment D debated?
          I spotted a problem (different area, see my post later -thanks for your reply) ) and tried to raise it before it caused harm but got nowhere. Our branch first attempt at an amendment was not acceptable as it was too critical, second attempt drafted with the help of someone very well placed was much more ‘cheerleader …but’ and still no luck.
          Tried informal alerts … still very limited response.

      • bigmac

        All the talent seems to be at westminster eg s you say , joanna cherry , and also o’hara etc.
        At least alec salmond had a cabinet of excellent people in holyrood . Maybe there are a few stars in holyrood but our FM, and her tight cabal are making sure no “big beast” emerges to challenge or exert pressure.. all the focus has to be solely on her .All far too comfortable!
        Time now to see some emergenging young guns , and also for Robertson and Russell – now these are statesmen streets ahead of the FM !

  • Donald McGregor

    I wish I knew the answers to your questions – as I have the same ones myself. At the same time I wonder if a growing dissatisfaction with SNP action/ inaction is itself a success for those that wish to thwart us.

  • Douglas

    I am confused by what has happened Craig.

    Has the SNP leadership really lost it’s way?

    What practical steps can we take to get things back on track?

    Regarding the SNP in government, I have personal experience of trying to highlight a mistake being made in an area that I know really well. This mistake is unfolding and will impact on many people. It wasn’t malice but the Scottish Government seemed to have been blindsided by advisors and management consultants who know little. I went through the proper channels (party and Constituency) but found that I could make no real progress in alerting them. It seemed that they didn’t want to hear awkward news. This was very disheartening. It didn’t feel like the sort of government I thought I had voted for, I think I should change my name to Cassandra ?

    Regarding AUOB, they have done a great job of organising these events safely. I was a bit concerned about some of the chanting that one of the leaders tried to start at the march I attended (calling Tories scum and requesting a bonfire). It didn’t seem to matter because the marchers were not interested and his was a lone voice in this respect, overall great stuff.

    I am worried that we might be snatching defeat from the jaws of victory with this division (colonialism 101?).

    Alex Salmond has a gamblers instinct for these situations and I do miss his ability to spot opportunity, even if it involves taking a risk. Perhaps that is why it was so important for him to be ‘offed’.

    Any suggestions on how this can be sorted?

    My SNP membership is hanging by a thread but at the moment they still seem to be the best vehicle (just). Maybe I’m just not suited to the discipline of party membership. I suspect that as soon as Independence is achieved , I will switch party… but just saying that possibly makes the problem worse as I think they know that there will be a big drop in support (not a big motivator for them getting on with the job).

    What do you think we should do?

    Sorry to be asking you to be an ‘Agony Uncle’ ;o)

    P.S. Can directly send you details of the car crash I’ve been trying to stop if you are interested, but prefer not to spread ammunition in public forum -the Unionists are already using it as a political football).

    • Tim Rideout

      I would hang in there. I joined in 1988 and you have to take the setbacks along with the progress. And there has been a lot of progress from the days when we were lucky not to lose our deposit at an election.

      • Douglas

        Thanks Tim,

        I can take the setbacks but it’s the own goals that I find very disheartening:

        -My partner left over ‘puppy dog tails’ (docking). A policy that only appeals to those who will never vote for us and is not supported by Vet evidence (if a dog is doing something so dangerous for it’s tail, maybe they shouldn’t be doing it).

        -I tried, without success, to alert the leadership to an unnecessary car crash in a policy area that I have specialist knowledge…and now I have to watch it unfolding.

        I found it easier promoting independence in 2014 when I was able to discuss without having to specifically defend the SNP.

        Will probably give it a bit longer but will be hard to get ‘leave’ from the domestic manager to campaign.

    • Sharp Ears

      What is the present situation on Alex Salmond’s case? It has been hanging over him for several months now.

      Orwell lives.

      • Charles Bostock

        I was wondering the same thing.

        And while we’re at it and equally on-topic, I’m also wondering what’s happening with Neil Clark’s case against Oliver Kamm and whether Mr George Galloway has started his promised action against Philip Cross and the “Mr Big” allegedly behind Philip and, finally, whether Craig has started proceedings against the bloke he claims slandered him in Twitter.

  • BrianFujisan

    Totally unacceptable. Thanks for highlighting this Injustice Craig..I was reading Manny’s statement at AUOB last night. The SNP are Looking very bad on this.

    Taking the Grass roots for granted is a Bad Idea.. Actively going against Us is Despicable

    GCC’s time change at such late notice would have caused chaos..They should be the ones being charged. Assholes.

  • Republicofscotland

    I think Alan Smyth, was also caught up in the Herald article along with McDonald and Robertson. Why they felt the need to say anything to a unionist rag, is beyond me.

    All, three are savvy operators and should know better. It’s even unclear if the supposed cybernats were even independence supporters they could easliy have been plants.

    I find it ironic that a few unsavoury words online by so called cybernats a derogatory term used by unionists against independence supporters, can be as anywhere near as disturbing as unionists running around George Sq on the night of the 2014 independence result slashing and beating up people holding their national flag.

    Or the kindly old lady in George Sq on Saturday who shouted kindly words to independence marchers (Fenian b*stards, traitors, braindead b*stards) as they danced past her and her thirty so very angry looking comrades carrying Union Jack flags.

  • Loony

    Not at all surprising to note that Scotland continues its long march to turn itself into some form of Cold Cuba. You are only at the beginning – there is still a long way to go.

    If recent precedent is anything to go by then Mr. Singh has little hope of emerging unscathed from his encounter with Scottish “justice” Here are a few disparate examples of the kind of justice Scotland routinely dishes out

  • Michael

    What you’re saying about ‘a coordinated effort by the SNP leadership to control the wider Yes movement and subdue the demand for early Independence’ may well be, and probably is correct but you’ve got a very hard sell to convince the SNP membership of that because the very minute that you do, you’ll be suject to extreme and relentless abuse from the rabid cybernats which are spoken about earlier.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it. The SNP is no longer the party of independence and indeed, no longer a political party. It’s a CULT whose leader, Nicola Sturgeon makes occasional though meaningless noises about independence simply to keep the cult members onside and to keep the money coming in. This is text book cult behaviour which has been demonstrated time again across the globe.

    Meanwhile, the brainwashed (because that’s what it is) cult members will tolerate no questioning or criticism of the cult leader from anyone, even though they’re all on the same side.

    As long as the SNP are seen to be the independence party, then Scotland has no chance of independence. The major problem that Scotland faces is that there is no credible alternative option to the SNP in Scotland, and don’t they just know it.

    Instead of marches, if AUOB formed a serious political movement and pursued independence as a priority, then Scotland would have a major shot at independence. It wouldn’t even be a case of challenging the SNP for the champions of independence mantle, they would just fade away>

    If not the AUOB, then SOMEBODY has to form an alternative to the cult of the SNP. That much should be obvious by now.

    • Loony

      In other words Scottish politics shares many traits and characteristics with North Korea. Now who would have thought…

    • BYORevolution

      If you called a new party the Scottish Independence Party, the difference would be clear on the ballot papers. Always best to start small, so how long till the local council elections in Scotland?

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    • A. Bruce

      Someone, I think it was “Breeks” made the very same suggestion on WoS-What if the YES campaign became political? The idea certainly has it’s merits. I have never in my 68 years been a member of a political party until I joined the SNP last year and now with the renewal coming up shortly I doubt very much if I will be renewing, the last straw coming at the weekend. That doesn’t mean I won’t vote for them having no other alternative at the moment. But there are dangers involved if YES became political; I have seen the Green movement in Germany blighted by the same problem, a really strong outer parliament opposition movement split into 2 factions, the winning faction going into parliament, becoming power hungry and betraying it’s supporters. Power corrupts.

  • Grouse Beater

    And you thought only Spain arrests organisers of independence marches…..

    “There was a day England’s power over Scotland would have rounded up the leaders of the insurgency, held show trials …..”

    From ‘The Long Walk’ published by Grouse Beater, Sunday 05 May, 2019

  • Keith McClary

    I didn’t see that in the news. I guess that’s because it didn’t occur in Russia, China or Venezuela.

    • Demmy

      The Guardian, the Voice of Tony Blair and the Labour For the Few faction certainly put it high on their “politics” page.

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  • Tom Pain

    Funny how once some people occupy a seat of power, they suddenly aren’t so enthusiastic about change.

    They could just change the name of the party to the SCP … Scottish Colonial Party.

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  • Vivian O'Blivion

    Mr Murray’s thoughts are very much echoed by the dug.

    The dug also points presciently to Pete Wishart’s bizarre run for Speaker of the HoC.
    Will the Sturgeon household pay heed to Indy luminaries such as Craig and Paul? I widnae haud yer breath.

  • Chris Downie

    A Unionist acquaintance of mine referred to the FM as Krankie MacMerkel a while back and over time, I have come to see that he has a point. When she’s not writing juvenile essays eulogising the odious war criminal Hillary Clinton, or posing for selfies with war criminal Alistair Campbell, she’s vociferously fighting to overturn a (no matter how ill-conceived it may be deemed by some) democratic vote in England and Wales. Even when she does half-heartedly mention independence, it is intertwined with EU membership, when even pro-EU Nationalists concede they are two separate issues.

    I predicted in 2016 that she and Murrell will not deliver independence. I stand more firmly than ever behind that, albeit with great sadness, for I don’t think we’ll ever get a better opportunity, or ever again simultaneously face a more inept UK government AND opposition.

  • Steve ashton

    Rhian on Spear should be reminded that GCC had a duty under S63 of the act to inform marchers. And that they were in breach of that duty. And stand to be charged being Manny. See my posts on auob page.

  • Willie John

    Time the SNP got on with the ‘Day Job’. And that’s Independence – nothing less!

  • Chris Downie

    Without wishing to descend into the realms of conspiracy theory, am I alone in suspecting it may have been one of the Sturgeon/Murrell camp who leaked the Salmond story to the Daily Rag? It’s no secret they resent not only his RT show, but also his continuing prominence in the movement AND support for an imminent independence push. They had/have everything to gain by him being sidelined and the lack of action against the odious Civil Servant speaks volumes…

    • craig Post author

      Chris Downie

      Not a conspiracy theory at all. It was Nicola’s Special adviser Liz Lloyd who briefed David Clegg of the Record on the allegations against Alex, and has had a great deal to do with the rustling up of fake allegations, both before that Herald story and subsequently.

  • BrianFujisan

    I hope Muscleguy – Who sometimes Comments here – Doesn’t mind me re-posting from over at Wings.. As He reminds us of Craig writing about U.K Spooks involvement in the 2014 indy Ref

    Muscleguy says:

    Well said. Not to mention Craig Murray during the last IndyRef stated he saw a man who he knows to be an MI5 agent going into an anonymous building in Glasgow. Prima facie evidence that the security services were active.

    It’s fun to look around the group at strategy meetings and wonder who might be reporting to MI5 or Special Branch. But not often, paranoia is not helpful and if you are engaged in lawful politics what do we have to fear?

    Just beware anyone who might be acting as an agent provocateur.

  • Del G

    Something similar happened before the last outing in Edinburgh. Late changes to route and timings, and no permission to put up stages in the park. All done too late for AUOB to reorganise properly. So Manny went ahead anyway. I think his card was marked at that point and GCC’s late planning meeting was almost inevitable. It didn’t help that Manny started with low numbers before announcing 100,000. Good ‘reason’ for a meeting.
    There’s no reason for committees to meet that close to the event, but I can see it happening again for future marches (which Manny himself probably won’t be organising)

  • Republicofscotland

    Another thing apart from Manny’s arrest that I’m disappointed in by the SNP is why did Robertson, McDonald and Smyth give ammo to Mackay at the time of the march in Glasgow coincidence? Mackay purportedly pro-indy? Carried a negative story at the exact same time last year as another indy march took place.

    Sturgeon found time to head to London to speak at a Brexit demo, yet she hasn’t attended a pro-indy march or rally since 2013 in Edinburgh. As the Ginger Dug put it why is Pete Wishart attempting to stand for the speakers job, what can he possibly achieve? Doesn’t he know about EVEL, he hasn’t a hope in hell of reforming the HoC, why is he cosying in with the system. We sent him their to extract Scotland not to get in deeper.

  • Chemical Britain

    As I commented yesterday, I have long come to the conclusion that the current SNP leadership is deliberately hell bent on preventing another independence referendum for not one generation but many more.

    I was immediately attacked by the cult followers of the SNP leadership.

    It seems obvious that Craig and many others have come to the same conclusion as me.

    Get it into your heads, dumb supporters of Sturgeon – she will never bring independence to Scotland.

    She has neutered Alex Salmond and her lackeys are busy putting the knife into Stuart Campbell following his defeat by Kezia Dugdale in court.

    • Republicofscotland

      “Stuart Campbell following his defeat by Kezia Dugdale in court.”

      Actually Campbell didn’t lose the sheriff found that he wasn’t homophobic, but he also said that Dugdale’s (slander in my view) remarks were classed as fair comment.

      Of course Alistair Carmichael was also found to be a liar but he to was allowed to squirm out of it on technicalities.

  • Chemical Britain

    Sorry Republicofscotland, like Stuart Campbell himself, you are in denial.

    Stuart Campbell lost the case, and thousands of pounds, and Dugdale got away with defamation.

    Now Sturgeon’s lackeys are putting the knife into him with their attack on cybernats.

    Alex Salmond has already been neutered.

    Mrs and Mr Sturgeon will never bring independence to Scotland.

    When will their dumb supporters get that into their heads?

    Answer: Never.

    • Republicofscotland

      “Sorry Republicofscotland, like Stuart Campbell himself, you are in denial.”

      Dugdale accused Campbell, of being homophobic, the sheriff’s verdict didnt back that up. The sheriff infact found he wasn’t a homophobic or a homophobe.

      In strict legal sense Dugdale was lucky to escape defamation, but that’s hardly a victory now is it?

      However the unionist media spun it as one. And Dugdale has no fled politics (credibility shot) for a cushy ex-Labour infested post at UoG.

  • Mist001

    So, does anyone have any decent ideas or suggestions concerning the current affairs of Scotland, or do we just keep waiting for the next perceived slight and head online to moan about it until the next one?

    Something has to change politically in Scotland, it can’t go on like this to the extent that the leading political party is turning its own supporters over to the police.

    Can the 100,000 marchers get together themselves and march upon Bute House or Holyrood or something in protest at the treatment of Manny Singh and the ineptitude of Nivcola Sturgeon??

  • Glasshopper

    If Britain can’t leave the EU after 40 years it is absurd to believe Scotland could leave the UK in any meaningful way. The main reason that Britain can – in theory at least – leave the EU, is the due to the water that surrounds this island. Unlike Ireland, Scotland doesn’t have that fortunate stretch of salt water and will always be part of the UK. That’s not to say that Scotland can’t become more independent within these shores. Ditto wales and other regions who wish it.
    When Ireland loses it’s tax haven status in the EU Club, they may well wish to join us.

    When all the silly flag waving nationalism eventually dies down, these islands will come together, and be much better off for it.

  • Peter

    I think Craig should run as SNP candidate, that would really put the wind up them 🙂
    I and hundreds of thousands would vote for you.

    • BrianFujisan

      Peter Yes.. With Craig’s Insider Knowledge.. Diplomatic Experience..Wisdom. But I don’t think Craig would there.

    • Liz

      ‘I think Craig should run as SNP candidate, that would really put the wind up them ?
      I and hundreds of thousands would vote for you.’
      Unfortunately he would never get through the selection process, regardless of how many of us might vote for him. It isn’t an open process.

  • Brian Watson

    What are those Glasgow SNP councillors playing at ? They’re in severe danger of being defenestrated at the next council elections . Many , if not most, of the marchers are SNP supporters .

  • William Habib Steele

    It looks as if action for independence has to be taken out of the hands of the SNP. Can the Scottish Independence Convention take over, and the whole YES movement set things in motion?

  • Mist001

    I’ll never vote SNP in its current state ever again but what might be a good idea is not to vote for them at all in the European elections on May 23rd. They’re already cosy in Westminster, why make them cosy in Europe? Show your displeasure by not giving them any votes this time.

  • Tom Platt

    “…Yet so far there has been not a single gesture of support for Manny, public or private, from any of the SNP hierarchy…”is very misleading. It is known to be obviously false by anyone who stayed for the Rally on the Glasgow Green and paid attention.
    Keith Brown, Depute leader of SNP spoke, and spoke well, from the platform. He was well received by those at the rally.

    Why say these divisive things Craig?

    • BrianFujisan

      Keith Brown Spoke at the Rally on Saturday

      Manny was charged on Sunday.. Can you get that bit right

      “…Yet so far there has been not a single gesture of support for Manny, public or private, from any of the SNP hierarchy…”

    • craig Post author

      Very evidently I mean since the arrest. And if you bothered to read the article, Keith Brown’s turn on Saturday is mentioned.

  • Gordie

    This is exactly what our opponents want us to do Craig. Turn a great event into a negative for the Independence cause. The press and our opponents are playing us.
    Let me ask you this question. Who made the complaint to the police?

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