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Perhaps the only fact on James Le Mesurier about which I would agree with the MSM war cheerleaders is that he was a very busy man. It is remarkable therefore that he found the time and inclination to follow “Philip Cross” on twitter. Given that “Philip Cross” has virtually never posted an original tweet, and his timeline consists almost entirely of retweets of Nick Cohen, David Aaronovitch and openly pro-Israel propaganda accounts, why would Le Mesurier bother to follow him?

“Philip Cross” has never posted any news other than to retweet columnists. He has never given an insight into a story. In addition to James Le Mesurier, why then were all these MSM journailsts following “Philip Cross” from before “he” gained notoriety for his Wikipedia exploits?

Oliver Kamm, Leader Writer The Times
Nick Cohen, Columnist The Guardian/Observer
Joan Smith, Columnist The Independent
Leslie Felperin, Film Columnist The Guardian
Kate Connolly, Foreign Correspondent The Guardian/Observer
Lisa O’Carroll, Brexit Correspondent The Guardian
James Bloodworth, Columnist The Independent
Cristina Criddle, BBC Radio 4 Today Programme
Sarah Baxter, Deputy Editor, The Sunday Times
Iain Watson, Political Correspondent, The BBC
Caroline Wheeler, Deputy Political Editor, the Sunday Times
Jennifer Chevalier, CBC ex-BBC
Dani Garavelli, Scotland on Sunday

Prominent Freelancers

Bonnie Greer (frequently in The Guardian)
Mason Boycott-Owen (The Guardian, New Statesman)
Marko Attilla Hoare (The Guardian)
Kirsty Hughes
Guy Walters (BBC)
Paul Canning

What attracted all of these senior MSM figures to follow an obscure account with almost no original content? No reasonable explanation of this phenomenon has ever been offered by any of the above. What a considerable number of them have done is to use the megaphone their plutocrat or state overlords have given them, to label those asking this perfectly reasonable question as crazed conspiracy theorists.

This week, on the day of Le Mesurier’s death, “Philip Cross” made 48 edits to Le Mesurier’s Wikipedia page, each one designed to expunge any criticism of the role of the White Helmets in Syria or reference to their close relationship with the jihadists.

“Philip Cross” has been an operation on a massive scale to alter the balance of Wikipedia by hundreds of thousands of edits to the entries, primarily of politically engaged figures, always to the detriment of anti-war figures and to the credit of neo-con figures. An otherwise entirely obscure but real individual named Philip Cross has been identified who fronts the operation, and reputedly suffers from Aspergers. I however do not believe that any individual can truly have edited Wikpedia articles from a right wing perspective, full time every single day for five years without one day off, not even a Christmas, for 2,987 consecutive days.

I should declare here the personal interest that “Philip Cross” has made over 120 edits to my own Wikipedia entry, including among other things calling my wife a stripper, and deleting the facts that I turned down three honours from the Crown and was eventually cleared on all disciplinary charges by the FCO.

I hazard the guess that at least several of the above journalists follow “Philip Cross” on twitter because they are a part of the massive Wikipedia skewing operation operating behind the name of “Philip Cross”. If anybody has any better explanation of why they all follow “Philip Cross” on twitter I am more than willing to hear it.

The “White Helmets” operation managed for MI6 by Le Mesurier was both a channel for logistic support to Western backed jihadists and a propaganda operation to shill for war in Syria, as in Iraq or Libya. Wars which were of course very profitable for arms manufacturers, energy interests and the security establishment. It should surprise nobody that Le Mesurier intersects with the Philip Cross propaganda operation which, with the active support of arch Blairite Jimmy Wales, has for years been slanting Wikipedia in support of the same pro-war goals as pushed by the “White Helmets”.


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177 thoughts on “Le Mesurier Gets Cross

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  • mrjohn

    I think the likely explanation is Le Mesurier realised he had been played for a sap from all sides and had a crisis of conscience.

  • bj

    I think I’ve said this in the past.

    a) I did a quick ‘n dirty inventory last year. I think PC only edits WP entries that deal with UK politics.
    b) There are some exceptions

    It’s interesting to test a., and it would be interesting to spot a pattern in b.

    Why could PC not exactly be identical with…. his Followers?

    • lysias

      There is no Wikipedia page for Eric Ciaramella, the CIA analyst who has been identified as the Whistleblower. Is it possible to determine whether somebody had deleted it?

      • bj

        Interesting question.

        When I google ‘Eric Ciaramella’ (w/o the quotes), I get no results on WP (YMMV, I’m sad to have to add these days).

        But when I go to the wayback machine and type in:
        https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Ciaramella , which would be that entry, I see one entry scraped by the wayback Machine, , on November 11th.
        When I click on that entry, I am directed to:
        https://web.archive.org/web/20191111002425/http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Ciaramella, which looks to be a true WP-page for a missing entry that existed on November 11th.

        It may be that this empty page was created when an attempt was made to create a WP-entry for mr. Ciaramella. It could also be that this is supposed to be a landing page for anyone attempting that. Should google list this landing page among the results as described above? I am not sure at this time.

        • lysias

          I followed your Wayback Machine link, and one of the things that the page that came up told me is that Eric Ciaramella is proted from the creation of a page on him, so that only administrators can create it.

          • bj

            Yes. Though it seems that the contents of that landing-page is boilerplate.
            For instance, in your browser’s URL-field, type in (or paste):
            You get the same boilerplate page, the same contents (apart from the name).

            But the interesting thing is, when I type in that latter URL into the Wayback Machine it simple reports :
            Wayback Machine doesn’t have that page archived.

            That differs from what we got with the name ‘Eric Ciamarella’.
            So something really happened on November 11th. As far as I know it’s not possible to get more info than that.
            Someone may have created a true WP entry on Eric Ciaramella that was up for a short while, but that then needs explaining why the Wayback Machine doesn’t give its contents. Or it may have been a pre-emptive strike by WP.

          • bj

            I retract my last remark because the boilerplate page does indeed differ!
            I don’t know why I missed that, I could have sworn…
            So my guess now is that WP on Nov. 11th as a pre-emptive strike created the landing page for Eric Ciaramella.

          • lysias

            And the mainstream media at least here in the U.S. are following a policy of not naming Ciaramella, even though his name is all over the alternative media and was well known in the political class in D.C. shortly after the Whistleblower story first emerged.

  • Dom Currie

    I agree the story about Aspergers doesn’t quite add up.
    Without naming names, I’m good friends with a Journalist who had the Phillip Cross treatment on a very small scale. He was added to a list of Trotskyite Journalists by Cross. For the record, he is leftwing but denies being a Trotskyite.
    What’s interesting about this is my friend is as unsociable in real life as he is on social media…. which begs the question, where did Cross get his information?
    The only answer that makes sense is that the info came from the Newspaper my friend works for.
    And which paper is that….?

    Surprise, surprise… It’s The Guardian.

  • John Hawk

    James Le M was offed by his own because he failed. What was his failure? The White Helmets were exposed as al-Qaida operatives by intrepid, honest and deadly serious investigators. In the world of slulduggery that James Le M played in, this was not suposed to happen.

    …correct me if I am wrong.

    • Tom Welsh

      “James Le M was offed by his own because he failed. What was his failure?”

      I dunno, someone mentioned “conscience”.

      That’ll do it.


    I’d guess that Phillip Cross is a Wiki in-house editorial function that responds to suggestions made by the PC followers. PC himself, being a nutter, wouldn’t have a clue what editing he was allegedly responsible for….that would be why he was selected.

  • remember kronstadt


    I can now only visualise Jimmy Fishnot as a lavatory attendant in a capacious 1950’s public lavatory. Jimmy knows what’s written and drawn in the privacy of each respective stall and, if so inclined, can put faces to the authors. Of course he can’t guarantee the veracity of the names or claims written up on the doors and walls. What frustrates dirty Jimmy is that the clients switch stalls to see new postings, possibly checking to see if they(or their pseudonym) have had a mention or a reply – which keeps him very busy. Was this a precursor…

  • bj

    I should have been clearer in my remark above.

    I think ‘Philip Cross’ on WP is exactly the group of Followers or Following that he has on Twitter.

    In the UK, there has been a coup in the delivery of News by the Intel Community. That coup has been total, across the board, print media, television, Wikipedia. You all know (and suffer) that more than I do.
    A coup in the sense of inverted totalitarianism in Sheldon Wolin’s sense: all the institutions are still in place, but they are all taken over by certain non-democratic or anti-democratic interests, and nobody hardly notices a thing.

    How in the name of Pete can that ever be enforced?

    By having a super (or supra if you wish) editorial board, encompassing all these different media, that regulates, controls and patrols the exact narratives on major issues of politics.
    This board is run by the intel community (IC).

    How do you hide the existence of such a board?
    By bringing it out in the open.

    Thus the aforementioned group Follwers (or Following) is openly and overtly befriending one Philip Cross.
    Is Philip Cross to be identified as “the Intel Community”?
    Yes and No.

    If my theory is correct, then yes, clearly the Intel Community is running the show.
    But Philip Cross is also all those major names in his Follwers, all really existing people. They all are members of that supra-editorial board. They all do WP editing in addition to their newspaper stuff. They are ‘Philip Cross’.

    The side benefit from having this arrangement, in the open for instance as a group of mutually befriending ‘journalists’ on Twitter, is that it enforces a sense of gravitas, importance and most of all …truthfulness.
    We all know how that works, we all have our own peers, favorites and ‘authoritative’ fall-backs (note that WP is so important in this, and how its co-optation by The Guardian –or these two both by the IC– was so crucial in narrative control).

    As such, it is very hard to ban user ‘Philip Cross’ on WP (because in reality it is an umbrella account), and that explains Jimmy Wales’ personal zest and involvement in defending ‘him’ on occasion.

    • bj

      An analogy to some extent pushes itself upon me, to how the FED in the US is constituted, traditionally operates, and has become a total sham lately.
      That analogy only goes so far, but the stealthy-ness of the activities of that institution in recent times is as remarkable and as sinister.

      • George

        The Fed is a private bank established by Congress in December 2013.


        USA never lost its financial control from uk. JP Morgan were the lead bank at the fed and was controlled by rothchilds out of London.

        Kennedy in 1963 wanted to issue his own dollars and get rid of the fed.

        One reason he may have been murdered in Dallas. But there are other reasons.

        The objective of the fed is to keep the us in debt.

    • JW

      Agreed. More or less what I’ve been thinking for a while now.
      The Pentagon has a massive unaccounted for hole in it’s accounts, $25 billion or trillion, can’t remember right now, but that money has been spent on something and what better to spend it on than narrative control.
      Who do TPTB believe is the real enemy? Not AlQaeda or IS or Russia but their own populations, and what is their best weapon? Narrative control. Print news media, TV, Hollywood, Social media all infiltrated and bought. Operation Mocking Bird never ended, it just got smarter and all encompassing.

      ” Wikipedia is part of the control matrix. It is not an independent source. Wikipedia’s main function is to slander truth-tellers.”

      • J

        $21 to $25 trillion are often mentioned figures. It’d also buy a lot of coups, wars, blackmail, false flags, you name it.

  • M.J.

    I suspect many people who followed “Philip Cross” weren’t aware of his censoring activities and just saw him as a fellow conservative, or supporter of their cause. – possibly Mesurier followed him because he said something in favour of the white helmets.

    I suspect that “Philip Cross” might get a bit less popular now (and even pack it in, if the sponsors decide that their money is better spent)

    • bj

      I suspect many people who followed “Philip Cross” weren’t aware of his censoring activities
      Do you have eyes? Can you read? Why do you attribute astronomically large amounts of naiveté to whole groups of people?

      • M.J.

        “Why do you attribute astronomically large amounts of naiveté to whole groups of people?”
        They voted for Brexit, didn’t they? I rest my case.

    • Republicofscotland

      “I suspect many people who followed “Philip Cross” weren’t aware of his censoring activities and just saw him as a fellow conservative, or supporter of their cause. – possibly Mesurier followed him because he said something in favour of the white helmets.”

      One of the most naive comments I’ve had the misfortune to read in here.

      Craig’s probably spot on that Phil Cross is a
      undoubtedly a front for a group of folk pushing an agenda for Western/Israeli/Saudi interests.

      • M.J.

        His blog may well have looked like a typical neocon to people who have only small amounts of time for following blogs, and I don’t blame them for not detecting a front at work till someone blew a whistle.

  • Pyewacket

    One thing that points PC to being a joint operation with multiple players, rather than a Box Room Bobby with very square eyes, is the consistency of his or their output, all on message, promoting the same narrative. Real people aren’t that consistent, they blow hot, warm or cold across a range of topics, and hold a wide variety of angles and views.


    “Kirsty Hughes” Dr Kirsty Hughes is Director of the Scottish Centre on European Relation – this lady ?.

  • michael norton

    It could be a clearing of the decks.
    Last week the Leader of Islamic State is no more, holed up in Syria, next to the border with Turkey.
    Then this week the purpetrator of The Syrian White Helmets meets with an unfortunate accident in Turkey.

    Turkey and the U.S.A. and Syria are interlinked in these deaths.

    Why would the decks need to be cleared?

    Something is coming just around the corner and nobody involved at a high level needs to be left to blab,
    who paid for them, who facilitated their movements in and out of Syria from Turkey, and who fed them their briefs.
    Dead men tell no lies.

    • George

      The uk goon squad from mi6 cleaning up their liabilities. Lm was no longer needed. It’s surprising his wife has kept her mouth shut. It’s a bit like Dr Kelly’s family keeping quite after his murder in the Oxfordshire countryside in July 2004.
      Same as skipals in Salisbury last year.

    • S

      According to Wikipedia itself, Wales has earlier described himself as centre right and a follower of Rand’s objectivism. So why is he signing a letter saying that he is not voting for Corbyn? how is that a surprise?

      • Mighty Drunken

        Mr Wales is a follower of Rand’s objectivism? I didn’t realise he was such an imbecilic dickhead.

  • al bolger

    Mr George Galloway is `phillip cross`s’ favorite target,or was ,I wonder if Mr Mark Regev could throw some light on our conundrum?

    • Wikikettle

      al bolger. Is that the same Mark Regev who was the PR man for Israel when it was bombing Gaza with phosphorus in Palestine….I recall
      Israelis on a mountain top viewing the horrific bombardment and an incongruous sofa and people in it watching not TV….

      • al bolger

        yes i believe so,and he did that good of a job as defender of the indefensible now he occupies the post of Israeli ambassador to the UK.
        Al Jazeera Alan Duncan episode,recent bbc labour anti semetic fiasco etc….. ad nauseum,Israeli fingerprints all over.
        Galloway has always been a vociferous critic of the behaviour of the Israeli govt .
        So may we wish him good luck standing as an independent in Tom Watsons seat of.West Bromwich East..A fact overlooked by MSM in Mr Watsons recent withdrawal from public office..
        George versus the US senate on Utube is a classic of classics,and to see him speak in Parliament again would be a great day..,
        Although admittedly Mr Regev will be very pissed off.

  • Leftworks

    You may be interested to know that journalist Neil Clark, whose patience with Philip Cross was recently exhausted due to Cross’s editing of a Wikipedia article in a way that Clark perceived as inimical to his wife’s business interests (I looked into the matter and I agree with him), has stated his intention of ensuring that Cross is subjected to cross-examination under oath (no pun intended).

    Whether this will form part of Clark’s current High Court case, or a separate action, I am not quite clear on at the moment. However, the prospect of Philip Cross answering questions from a barrister about his activities, under penalty of perjury if he does not tell the truth, is not an unpleasing one. Watch this space – let’s see what this brings out.

  • blueflag


    According to a Neil Clark, an independent journalist who has also been targeted by Philip Cross, Philip is indeed an Asperger sufferer. He has a severe form of it. Extremely knowledgeable man but very naive, who can be prone to manipulation very easily due to child like aspects of his condition. A major part of Asperger’s is an uncontrollable fixation on particular things. The majority of the thousands upon thousands of edits are minor spelling edits. This is not to take away from the more serious obsessive actions he has engaged in over the years.

    Neil doorstepped a man who turned out to be Philip Crosses very elderly father who was extremely concerned about Philips 24/7/365 isolation and particularly his online activities. Philip is also in very bad health apparently because of this. He seems to have been led down a very dark path for the past decade or so by some people he is in contact with and who make use of his online activities on wikipedia, twitter, blogs and so on.

    Are journalists in the UK regulated by any body like the NUJ or such? Do you think it ethical behavior for a professional mainstream journalist writing for the likes of the Guardian or Times to be interacting with (manipulating?) and ”utilizing” the services (free of charge most likely) of someone with such a vulnerable and severe mental health condition? Should they be investigated professionally? Should they be investigated criminally?

    At the very least these journalists that follow and interact with Philip online should be made explain their long term relationships with such a vulnerable person who never seems to switch off online, no? Whose family are deeply concerned about his physical and mental health. I doubt he is the only Asperger’s sufferer being used and abused in such a fashion online and on wikipedia. I wonder are publications (the Guardian, Times etc) happy with their employees engaging with people in such a manner?

    What say you as a journalist?



    • Rhys Jaggar

      I guarantee you that this practice is widespread. It is endemic in sports blogging and amongst the jolly attending gravy trainers of the MSM. Professor Susan Greenfield should certainly be investigated and almost certainly defrocked for her unethical behaviour.

      Journos are mostly a highly aggressive, intellectually shoddy bunch of parasitic chancers who need to feed on originality to cover for their total lack of it. Many have had extremely unhealthy associations with one or more of tobacco, alcohol and cocaine.

      Almost none would obtain a license requiring honesty, appropriate citation of filched material and not telling unmitigated lies.

      The fact they do not require such a license tells you that journalism is not a profession, it is a mafia.

  • Reliably

    Someone referred to that BBC Trending piece on Cross earlier – when I heard this when it came out, I was wondering if they were going to simply go ask a few of their own journalists what prompted them to follow PC on Twitter. That didn’t happen.

    Coming from an industry where PR is king, I took the PC moniker and Twitter list to be something that all of the clients of a particular agency or management company are hooked into. Like when an actor or sports person or celebrity signs with Agency X or Management Company Y, the new client also gets put on whatever social media roles and platforms supported by the management entity. That would make sense to me because this is how it works. Then the management company then does much of the social media work for the clients.

    However, I don’t know that there’s any common agency linking the PC contingent other than their neocon opinions. Or perhaps like others have mentioned, the Integrity Initiative.

    The Philip Cross is also a thing, related to St. Philip of loaves and fishes fame. Maybe the name is a metaphor?

    • lysias

      Is the fact that his initials are PC significant? Does “PC” (for politically correct) have the same significance in the UK that it has in the U.S.?

  • Jack

    There might be more than 1 person behind that user/nick. What he/basically do is carryng out a desinformation campaign against especially lefists, anti-war, anti-establishment people. Comparable, a user defaming rightwing politicians like this would not ever occur, that guy would get no support and would be blocked on Twitter, Wikileaks instantly.
    While getting free pass in the MSM and by politicians, Its interesting too that the founder of Wikileaks, basically defended this infamous “user” awhile back too.

    As Craig put it then:
    “What is particularly interesting is that “Philip Cross”‘s views happen to be precisely the same political views as those of Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. Jimmy Wales has been on twitter the last three days being actively rude and unpleasant to anybody questioning the activities of Philip Cross. His commitment to Cross’s freedom to operate on Wikipedia would be rather more impressive if the Cross operation were not promoting Wales’ own opinions. Jimmy Wales has actively spoken against Jeremy Corbyn, supports the bombing of Syria, supports Israel, is so much of a Blairite he married Blair’s secretary, and sits on the board of Guardian Media Group Ltd alongside Katherine Viner.”

  • Brianfujisan

    Leftworks and Blueflag

    Good info there..At almost the same time, Re Neil Clark.. And P.C

  • Jack

    How about starting a crowd-funding website?
    Alot of money could be collected that way and the money will be given to this or that person that tell you the name behind “Philip Cross”?

    Its easy to setup and I think Craig would be the best person to do this.

      • Jack


        No Galloway doesnt know, it was a false hit (otherwhise the name would be out all over and obviously Philip Cross would stop his activities).

        • Leftworks

          No: Neil Clark and George Galloway agree on Philip Cross’s identity and have correctly identified him.

          Cross is currently under certain restrictions on WIkipedia, but otherwise continues his activities.

          • Jack

            Some plotholes in Neil’s story at Sputnik imho
            (cannot find a person by an IP adress,
            why did Neil go to the family home when the alleged culprit lives elsewhere, ringing the doorbell/waiting outside for the people living there to come out?
            father’s name is P*illip (according to Neil) how do Neil judge this isnt the guy they are looking for?

          • Hatuey

            Jack, he explains how he did that and he didn’t rely on IP addresses alone.

            I think this is interesting;

            “While Cross could physically be doing all the edits, a detailed stylometric analysis which I have in my possession and which would be produced in any future court action suggests that he is not the sole user of the account.“

            By definition it’s now a conspiracy.

    • Leftworks

      The person under whose name the Wikipedia edits are made and under whose name the Twitter account @philipcross1963 is maintained has been firmly identified by Neil Clark and George Galloway.

      Neil Clark has met his father. See here.


      There are distinguishing features of the Philip Cross Twitter account that have not yet been made fully public, as Neil Clark notes that Cross may well be required to answer questions about them in court. I am aware of the nature of that evidence and I look forward with pleasure to it becoming public knowledge, because it’s breathtaking.

      So there is a real Philip Cross. Whether or not he is responsible for all the work carried out under his name is another matter.

  • Dave Lawton

    My late anarchist friend poet and playwright Heathcote Williams had an attack of the Philip Cross`s he was distorting the the truth on Heathcotes Wikipedia page.I spent time correcting it.Then after awhile more mistruth`s would appear.Eventually it stopped.Just seemed a silly game he was playing.

      • bj

        As you’ll note: ‘Philip Cross’ made a few minor edits to that page within half an hour of your post here.

        Wikipedia is a troll farm, and that’s your proof, right there.

        • Stonky

          As you’ll note: ‘Philip Cross’ made a few minor edits to that page within half an hour of your post here…

          That’s a very good point bj.

          While you could just about make a case for Philip Cross being personally responsible for every single edit he’s ever made, even though it would involve him living on Wikipedia, his ubiquitous knowlede of what’s been said in a single comment at the bottom of page 2 on a (speaking objectively) relatively obscure blog, and his ability to react to it in that kind of timeframe, is a bit harder to explain…

          • bj

            You aren’t thinking Stonky.

            a. The title of this episode of the blog clearly is an indication ‘he’ would get
            b. If not, ‘he’ has a folowing that would certainly have alerted ‘him’ to this episode when it started on November 14th
            c. I’ve just made the case a while above that PC is an umbrella name
            d. “relatively obscure blog”is a mischaracterization of this blog; it is for instance repeated often on Consortium News, and quoted elsewhere.
            e. Furthermore, I believe –though am not sure– Craig has had personal run-ins on twitter with the ‘person’ we are supposed to accept is PC

    • Hatuey

      I great admired him when I saw and heard him which wasn’t often enough. He struck me a brave man.

      We need more brave men.

  • JB

    British intelligence being staffed by overweight, retarded shut-ins sounds about right, I’d say.

    • michael norton

      Yes Guy, as you say the plot thickens.
      Yesterday Erdogan was in
      The White House
      chatting with
      The Donald.
      An Islamic State person was attempted to be removed from Turkey into Greece but Greece did not want him, so now this person is to be removed to the U.S.A.
      Turkey has replaced the U.S.A. in the North of Syria, now thousands of Islamic State personnel are in the hands of Turkey, these are thought to be “bargaining chips”
      for Turkey to assert leverage over the U.S.A./Saudi Arabia/Jordan/Israel/Syria/Greece/U.K./France and so on.

    • John A

      And yet the body has been released and repatriated to England. Autopsy cannot have taken much time.

  • Jack

    Craig said that “Philip Cross” had edited Wikipedia “for 2,987 consecutive days.”

    2987 days..
    Maybe far fetched but if you go back in time, “Philip Cross” started this back in late 2010, which was close to the month (september) when his mother allegedly died (according to the article by Neil/Sputnik).
    Did the death/trauma cause this online behavior, if this is the man we are looking for that is?

      • Jack

        Perhaps it tells us that there is no one besides him doing those edits? That he is not doing it a psyop. campaign? Not for money? But because of trauma/=mental illness.
        The fact that he keeps on editing Wikipedia even after Neil and Galloway allegedly found him I believe give some credit to the mental-illness factor here.

  • Dungroanin

    The Chulov emerged to ‘write’ the Groans obit – not any report from the front though (lol).

    The hagiographic bs includes odd facts and inventions at the same time including the now IoS/ii classic – it is all Russia’s fault (for stopping our party!)

    Some snippets:

    ‘This led to the White Helmets, a first-responder group that trains local volunteers…’
    ‘…It currently has more than 3,000 volunteers,’ ‘Funded by donations from western governments, it provides body armour and medicines, as well as cameras with which regular atrocities are chronicled.’
    ‘It operates only in areas of Syria that are in the hands of the anti-government opposition,’
    ‘…the humanising footage that the groups members readily produced.’

    Lol – ‘readily produced’! ‘Volunteers’ ‘funded’.
    The chronology misses out the bit where JLeM and HdeB-G went into set up chemical false flags – BEFORE the Syrian regime change kicked off.

    Besides from not mentioning that JLeM was in a fortress accessible by finger print and dozens of ‘guards’ Chulov does indeed seem to be a sad dog who will miss his masters voice – Woof!

    Now, what has Cadwalldr to say about all this…? Err nada.
    She is busy riding shotgun for Hillary and FB ‘it’s dem putking russkies’! ‘Don’t mention Syria! Or Libya! ‘Impeach’!

    Meanwhile.., end of week 2 of the campaign approaches – if the Tory/Brexit show hasn’t already got to a soggy paper bag start, BoBo’s got a bus! to watch the wheels come off and a few friendly ‘listeners’ questions to answer ob the beeb …

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