The Most Crucial Constituencies and How You Should Vote in Them to Block the Tories 329

Below is a list only of constituencies where I think the result will be close, and the Tories will be one of the parties in contention to win it. I recommend how you should vote to keep the Tory out.

It is my judgement that Brexit will guarantee against a Tory/Lib Dem coalition. Johnson’s Tory Party is not Cameron’s Tory Party. Besides, the Lib Dems lost 90% of their MPs from their last coalition with the Tories, and are unlikely to be keen to repeat the experiment. Your vote is yours and you must vote with your conscience. But to block a far right government with media control and serious anti-democratic tendencies, this is my recommendation of which are the really key constituencies where your vote might change the future. I do implore you to consider abandoning your first choice and following my recommendation in these seats.

I expect this election to be very close. A few thousand tactical votes in key seats can really make a serious difference.

This is a much larger list than would normally be sensible. Generally not that many seats are in doubt in our grossly inadequate electoral system. But the Tory campaign to go after broadly northern working class Brexit votes at the expense of broadly southern liberal voters, has put many more seats in doubt. This is my personal selection of where you might make a real difference – it is my list and I have compiled it with great care and without consulting any other such advice out there. My list is informed not just by polls (and my own interpretation of those polls), but on data from the ground and so includes more Tory seats than other lists, as I believe the Tories will lose quite a few. Tomorrow night will be very exciting because so many individual results are uncertain.

Aberconwy – Vote Labour
Aberdeen South – Vote SNP
Ashfield – Vote Labour
Aylesbury – Vote Labour
Ayr Carrick and Cumnock – Vote SNP
Banff and Buchan – Vote SNP
Basingstoke – Vote Labour
Bassetlaw – Vote Labour
Beaconsfield – Vote Independent
Bedford – Vote Labour
Bishop Auckland – Vote Labour
Blackpool South – Vote Labour
Bolsover – Vote Labour
Bradford South – Vote Labour
Brecon and Radnorshire – Vote Lib Dem
Bridgend – Vote Labour
Broxtowe – Vote Labour
Buckingham – Vote Lib Dem
Bury North – Vote Labour
Bury South – Vote Labour
Camarthen East – Vote Plaid Cymru
Camarthen West – Vote Labour
Canterbury – Vote Labour
Carshalton and Wallington – Vote Lib Dem
Central Ayrshire – Vote SNP
Ceredigion – Vote Plaid Cymru
Cheadle – Vote Lib Dem
Chelsea and Fulham – Vote Lib Dem
Cheltenham – Vote Lib Dem
Chesham and Amersham – Vote Lib Dem
Chingford and Woodford – Vote Labour
Chipping Barnet – Vote Labour
Cities of London and Westminster – Vote Labour
Clwyd South – Vote Labour
Clwyd West – Vote Labour
Colne Valley – Vote Labour
Corby – Vote Labour
Coventry North West – Vote Labour
Crewe and Nantwich – Vote Labour
Croydon South – Vote Labour
Dagenham and Rainham – Vote Labour
Delyn – Vote Labour
Dewsbury – Vote Labour
Don Valley – Vote Labour
Dudley North – Vote Labour
Dumfries and Galloway – Vote SNP
East Renfrewshire – Vote SNP
Eastbourne – Vote Lib Dem
East Devon – Vote Independent
Eastleigh – Vote Lib Dem
Esher and Walton – Vote Lib Dem
Filton and Bradley Stoke – Vote Labour
Finchley and Golders Green – Vote Labour
Gedling – Vote Labour
Gloucester – Vote Labour
Gordon – Vote SNP
Great Grimsby – Vote Labour
Guildford – Vote Lib Dem
Hastings and Rye – Vote Labour
Harrow East – Vote Labour
Hazel Grove – Vote Lib Dem
Hendon – Vote Labour
Hitchin and Harpenden – Vote Lib Dem
Hyndburn – Vote Labour
Ipswich – Vote Labour
Keighley – Vote Labour
Kensington – Vote Labour
Lanark and Hamilton East – Vote SNP
Leigh – Vote Labour
Lewes – Vote Lib Dem
Lincoln – Vote Labour
Loughborough – Vote Labour
Maidenhead – Vote Lib Dem
Mid Dorset and North Poole – Vote Lib Dem
Milton Keynes North – Vote Labour
Milton Keynes South – Vote Labour
Monmouth – Vote Labour
Moray – Vote SNP
Morecambe and Lunesdale – Vote Labour
Newbury – Vote Lib Dem
Northampton North – Vote Labour
North Norfolk – Vote Lib Dem
North West Durham – Vote Labour
Norwich North – Vote Labour
Ochil and South Perthshire – Vote SNP
Oxford West and Abingdon- Vote Lib Dem
Penistone and Stockbridge – Vote Labour
Peterborough – Vote Labour
Perth and North Perthshire – Vote SNP
Preseli Pembrokeshire – Vote Labour
Pudsey – Vote Labour
Putney – Vote Labour
Reading West – Vote Labour
Redcar – Vote Labour
Richmond Park – Vote Lib Dem
Romsey and Southampton – Vote Lib Dem
Rother Valley – Vote Labour
Runnymede and Weybridge – Vote Labour
Scunthorpe – Vote Labour
Sedgefield – Vote Labour
Shipley – Vote Labour
Southampton Itchen – Vote Labour
South Cambridgeshire – Vote Lib Dem
South East Cambridgeshire – Vote Lib Dem
South Swindon – Vote Labour
South West Hertfordshire – Vote Independent
South West Surrey – Vote Lib Dem
St Albans – Vote Lib Dem
St Ives – Vote Lib Dem
Stevenage – Vote Labour
Stirling – Vote SNP
Stockton South – Vote Labour
Stoke on Trent North – Vote Labour
Stroud – Vote Labour
Surrey Heath – Vote Lib Dem
Sutton and Cheam – Vote Lib Dem
Taunton Deane – Vote Lib Dem
Thornbury and Yate – Vote Lib Dem
Truro and Falmouth – Vote Labour
Uxbridge and South Ruislip – Vote Labour
Vale of Clwyd – Vote Labour
Vale of Glamorgan – Vote Labour
Warrington South – Vote Labour
Watford – Vote Labour
Wells – Vote Lib Dem
West Aberdeenshire – Vote SNP
West Bromwich East – Vote Labour
West Bromwich West – Vote Labour
Westmorland and Lonsdale – Vote Lib Dem
Wimbledon – Vote Lib Dem
Winchester – Vote Lib Dem
Witney – Vote Lib Dem
Wokingham – Vote Lib Dem
Wolverhampton North East – Vote Labour
Wolverhampton South West – Vote Labour
Worcester – Vote Labour
Workington – Vote Labour
Worsley and Eccles South – Vote Labour
Wrexham – Vote Labour
Wycombe – Vote Labour
Ynys Mon – Vote Plaid Cymru


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329 thoughts on “The Most Crucial Constituencies and How You Should Vote in Them to Block the Tories

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  • Los

    Also noted that the BBC are prominently pushing a ‘London Bridge Hero’ story on their front news web page.

  • Tony Welbrock

    Feeling a bit left out here in North Down. My reading is that there’s only the Alliance that is worth voting for and hoping that the Unionist vote is split so the DUP don’t get in with potential sorry for the Tories.

  • Soothmoother

    Has something changed?

    “Personally I shall welcome Boris Johnson’s elevation to be Prime Minister, which will not last long. It will be a catalyst for Scottish Independence. The political disintegration of the UK will hopefully jolt England out of the cul-de-sac of right wing politics in which it has been stranded for years. Johnson is an awful person. But his brand of uncaring and elitist conservatism is an infinitely greater problem than his domestic arrangements, and where the genuine public concern should lie.”

  • Los

    Widespread problems with Postal Votes according to The Guardian’s main ‘Politics Live’ web page.

    • nevermind

      Let me translate ‘ problems, lin many cases this means cheating. Once you put your council in charge and have used a biro to vote and sign you postal vote, your vote can still be falsified by issuing a copy of your signature on to another new voting slip and mark it according to whatever party they fancy.

      They know that nobody takes note of their voting number, nor do they ask as to how many postal votes were received overall.
      Glad to have escaped the ladt week of a campaign that can potentially change the future of myself and my family, without me having a say in this ancient unteformed ritual.

    • Alyson

      My sister and her husband were sent postal votes but no envelopes to return them. They will be taking them, without envelopes, into the polling station today

      • N_

        @Alyson – That sounds like election fraud. I’m guessing the council sent envelopes to some electors and not to others. Some people who don’t receive envelopes probably won’t be as well informed as your sister and her husband and won’t vote even though they intended to. Or they simply won’t be able to get to the polling station to hand in their “postal” ballot. Which party runs the council? Is it a battleground seat?

  • DiggerUK

    Canvassing for labour revealed that there are a good number of undecideds who don’t want to vote Tory, but unsure of how to vote..

    What we also found was that some Tory voters were unsure as to whether they even would vote. In this solid tory constituency it will be of little difference I imagine…….but in Tory marginals?

    I am convinced Labour will do better than last time, and that the tories will underperform. But to what extent? ask me tomorrow.

    Don’t forget, every vote for Labour gets Julian Assange closer to freedom…_

    Edit, as an aside the Brexit Party PPC was stood down, there was a lot of anger towards the tories from their activists. What those voters who would have voted for the Brexit party will do is an unknown…_

  • remember kronstadt

    ‘How You Should Vote’ well that’s instructive?

    my labour london polling station showing a good turnout regardless of the wet

  • johnf

    I’d like to give some background/backup to Craig’s theory about the deserting Tories from my own village. (Tory/Lib Dem marginal).

    For defecting Tories I don’t think its mainly a Remain thing. I know archetypal right wing, middle class, racist Brexiteers who are spitting fury at Johnson.


    Because they are solid middle-of-the-toad Tories who believe deeply in traditional Tory values. Family and flag and hard work (and even C ofE). In a family you can get up to whatever you like in private but in public your family is solid and united. Marriage is good, fidelity is good.

    And what has happened with the ascension of Boris? Firstly he is so London. (Even more so than Blair). He lets his promiscuity and uncounted children and sex life hang out. Probably for The Lads vote. (Traditional working class voters are even more conservative about that than the middle classes). As soon as he’s in Downing Street he allows his latest floozy (only weeks after his wife chucking him out) to be photographed left right and centre in the building traditionally associated with prime ministerial dignity.

    And amazingly The Telegraph – the traditional home of traditional Tory shire values – has itself become so London that every front page for weeks after was adorned by her draping herself over the furniture and railings.

    I think my Tory neighbours are spitting over this. And especially the women.

    The most vitriolic attacks on Johnson on social media tend to come from vox pops of middle and late middleaged women filmed on the streets in passing. “Don’t you mention his name to me! That filthy toerag!” There are a lot of older women, abandoned by their husbands for younger wives, who are voting in this election.

    • Ben01

      Excellent analysis and good points. Why hasn’t this angle been mentioned on the media? Because it needs to look like Johnson has got it in the bag for all sorts of reasons.

    • Rhys Jaggar

      John, this is a valuable insight and one I can see merit in.

      One such middle aged woman in Boris’ constituency called him ‘a buffoon’ when asked her opinion by BBC London news. She looked and sounded very traditional lower middle class Tory.

      I think the whole political bubble in London is now irredeemably dissociated from the rest of the country in general and towns/rural areas in particular. They genuinely think that a never-ending rumour mill and ‘how quickly can we get someone sacked?’ actually adds value, when in my value system it is a cancerous tumour setting about killing the patient. Their aim is creating the conditions for perpetual war obeying their puppetmasters overseas. None of them can conceive of a life outside the most corrupt city in Anglozionism.

      I learned in the decade 2000-2010 that honesty and fair value were the very opposite of how to build a career. Parasites wanted me to create value internally then beat me up, steal my value and pass it off as their own. Once is happenstance, five times it is an indelible national culture. It was done by Scots, women, SNP supporters, fascists, security service drones, medical consultants, university Professors and more besides.

      What was so hateful was that they did not have the humanity to say ‘he gave us what we wanted, now we let him go with good grace’. No, they wanted to crush me and enslave me.

      If that is modern political values, Tory or Labour, Libdem or SNP, then politics means nothing to me.

    • N_

      Johnson isn’t smart in the appearance sense, nor is he even superficially respectable. His persona is similar to that of an extrovert salesman type who can’t be in a group of males without bullsh*tting, conspiring, or laughing about who they’ve just robbed, and who can’t be left alone with younger women. Plays well with golf club Tories I am quite sure, but not so much with C of E older women in the party and its base.

  • Tom74

    Note the sneaky disinformation via Keunssberg re: postal votes. The BBC really is in the gutter now.

    • nevermind

      Well said Mike, watch ballot boxes like hawks and watch the rooms they arebeing kept in, who goes in and out apart from council staff.
      The media can ask for permission to take pictures and, hence, take pictures of persons unknown.
      I have no vote but have somebody who uses their vote for my choice, as they dont believe in the FPTP system, but it is not the teal mc coy.

  • Mighty Drunken

    I was musing yesterday that there could be a slight upset and the Conservatives do less well than the opinion polls suggest. Thanks to the informative posts on this site about the methodology of the opinion polls it showed how they weight people’s likelihood to vote by age, the older the more likely they are to vote.
    The 2017 GE was notable for the Youth-quake, more young people voted which helped Labour stop a Tory majority government, However the British Election Study suggested that didn’t really happen. It was voters switching to Labour at the last minute. Seeing how Labour has been targeting their efforts and getting a lot more young people involved in politics & canvassing it seems that even though the Youth-quake may not have happened people think it happened. Now young people are more likely to think their vote can make a difference.

    After seeing long queues at many polling stations, with a surprisingly young demographic, I feel the Youth-quake may be happening right now. The power of self fulfilling prophecy. We shall soon see.

  • Republicofscotland

    In Glasgow’s sunny Govan for a bit, saw Labour canvassers carrying Labour literature emerge from a street. They piled into a transit van mostly English accents from what I could tell, as they headed off.

    Surely that contradicts regulations?

    • DiggerUK

      @ROS, “Labour canvassers carrying Labour literature”……must be fake news.
      “mostly English accents”……same as Craig’s accent?

      Definitely contradicts. But good work Sherlock…_

      • Republicofscotland

        Oh believe me you couldn’t put anything past the Labour party in Scotland, its well known that they’re sleekit and deceitful, and many English canvassers were bussed up to Scotland in 2014 and the last GE, they’ll tank at the polls in Scotland.

        Corbyn was in Scotland very recently on a whistlestop tour, it’s not unknown for a party to bring an entourage with them that canvass. It’s also common knowledge that Scottish Labour are short of staffers in that capacity.

        • DiggerUK

          @ROS, the Labour Party nationally has been organising resources to campaign in winnable seats. I’ve even run people over to Northfields in Birmingham today and helped out. Are you jealous because the Labour Party has such support?

          Labour List, like this blog, Wings over Scotland and Bella Caledonia, are in the top ten UK political blogs. Labour List has made appeals for support all over the UK didn’t realise we needed approval beforehand if we campaigned in Scotland.
          Please allow me to apologise for my comrades outrageous electioneering invasion of your country. To the victor the spoils… _

          Your gripe about suspected smuggling of election campaigners into Scotland, sounds like you don’t want any interference from John and Jane Foreigner

          • Republicofscotland

            “Labour List has made appeals for support all over the UK didn’t realise we needed approval beforehand if we campaigned in Scotland.”

            There is no such party (Scottish Labour) registered with the Electoral Commission, its a compliant branch arm of London Labour, and ergo a foreign entity posing as a Scottish political party, the same applies to the Scottish Tories and LibDems.

          • Cubby

            Sorry but British Labour in Scotland can’t have it both ways. They are always banging on about how they are a Scottish party who are autonomous ( what a joke ) from London but they rely on money from London and bus supporters up to Scotland because they
            have hardly anyone left daft enough to support them in Scotland.

            Corbyn came up to Glasgow yesterday and tells us that Glasgow has the poorest in the U.K. And the lowest life expectancy in the U.K. and thinks this is a good reason/ advert for staying in the UK. The UK has had 312 years to create a decent union and 312 years to create an environment where people do not die young in Glasgow after a miserable life. People just do not believe the promises that come from the London controlled parties.

            Time to end the UK. Is 312 years not long enough to create a decent society.

          • Hatuey

            There’s something desperate and sinister about paid English hands being spirited into Scotland in order to manipulate an election on behalf of unionism and the British state.

      • Boss Tweed

        Are there regulations against Labour handing out literature?
        Or is it having canvassers travel in a van that is against regulations?
        Or has the “go back where you came from ” movement gained such strength that it is against regulations to ever leave the constituency where you were born?
        Or is it a local regulation that says on a rare sunny day it is against regulations to do anything but to enjoy the sight of the sun?
        Just curious.

        • Republicofscotland

          Well no its not illegal to canvass on polling day, and neither are these things.

          However I like many in Scotland just don’t trust Labour they’ve history, in 1979, the Vow, voting with the Tories to suppress Scottish independence etc.

          You know what to expect from the nasty Tories in Scotland and the UK for that matter, but the deceitful duplicitous Labour party in Scotland hide what they really are (Red Tories) behind a false facade of socialism and fairness for all.

    • nevermind

      No it does not, RoS, Norwich north saw 300 people being bussed in to get Chloe Smith elected. She will now have more time to look after her little one.

    • N_

      Carrying literature isn’t against regulations. Piling into a Transit van isn’t either. So it must be the English accents! If that’s not against regulations now, just vote SNP and it soon will be!
      (That’s a joke, by the way!)

  • Adrian Evitts

    Thank you Craig for going to so much trouble over this. I really hope that the Tories are stopped in their tracks today, because you have previously, correctly observed that they are an ultra-right wing government in waiting.

  • remember kronstadt

    Yes, thank you for the score-card as well as Murder in Samarkand, which I’ve just finished, both meaty and saucy!

  • Naimm

    Spreadex are trading their party seat spreads until 4am and have said Tory seats have fallen back and Labour have moved up, hopefully this plays out in the real results.

  • J Galt

    I believe a small majority Johnson government would be best for Scottish Independence – the end justifies the means.

    However it would also condemn Assange to death.


    • Boss Tweed

      Curious as to the reasoning behind this?

      A BoJoke Tory government seems highly unlikely to want to grant another referendum try. Corbyn has said he’d allow one, but not until 2021. So, is your reasoning then that the best path toward Independence and Liberty lies with a Scottish revolt against a Tory government that refuses to allow a vote? That would appear, at least on the surface, to be the only path towards Independence through the roadblock of a Tory government.

      Can you explain more about your belief?

      • J Galt

        I couldn’t put it better than you put it yourself in the last two sentences of your second paragraph.

      • Contrary

        Huh, that’ll be die-in-a-ditch Johnson, who insists here will be no referendum? And you believe him?


  • Boss Tweed

    Sounds to me, from the early news today, that Dom Cummings is mounting a dirty tricks campaign to attempt to steal the election. Yeah, big shock, I know. Reports I’ve seen so far.
    — Long lines in Remain tending locations.
    —– this can be from high turnout, but in America it is traditional for the party in power to make it hard for opponents to vote by making sure the polls in those areas lack staff, lack ballot papers, have malfunctioning American voting machines, etc. See reports of long lines in Cleveland Oh, during the stolen election of 2004 for an example.
    — It appears that the same dirty tricks used in the recent EU elections have been redeployed to keep legit UK voters who reside in the EU from casting votes. Reports of requested Postal ballots not arriving, and of harrassed officials saying they are tired of getting complaints, so its not just one or two that are missing.
    — Same within the UK on postal ballots. Lots of pointing of fingers towards other parties, just like the Tories always do when they’ve been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. The old ‘lost in the post’ excuse. I’m still waiting for the ‘I’m sorry ma’am, it appears the dog ate your ballot” excuse which is as yet unseen, or at least unreported.
    — Not only was the election day picked to make it more difficult for students to vote, but in Cardiff a large number of students have been told they were not properly registered after they used a university facility to register. Also, the long lines appear to be in student areas from reports, so who knows what games are being played their hoping they’ll just give up and go home before voting.

    In general, lots of reports that are of course familiar to an old voter who’s lived a lifetime in a rigged and corrupt voting system such as America’s.

  • kiltie

    What effect would an SNP propped up Labour Government have on independence prospects for Scotland?

    The more the SNP are pulled into Westminster engagements, the more comfortable they seem to get.

    • Boss Tweed

      From a distance, it sounds like the effect would be that Scots need to start doing the groundwork for a referendum. Even if the vote is not till 2021, and it might be negotiated sooner, it is still never to early to begin organizing for such an important vote. And even a 2021 vote would arrive sooner than one thinks, and one always find Election Day arrives with too much work still to be done.

      • Cubby

        Yes you are obviously from a distance or you would know that the Scottish Parliament is well on the way to finalising its bill on carrying out referendums in Scotland. Scotland does not need Westminster approval to have a referendum. It is Westminster’s agreement ( for what that is worth ) to respect the result.

        If Scotland is in a bipartite union in which one partner in the union does not respect its basic right to terminate the union if it wants to then it is not a Union but a prison/colony.

        Sadly too many people in England still have a colonial mindset.

    • Susan Smith

      It wouldn’t happen unless the Labour leader granted a section 30 order allowing an independence referendum to take place. And it’s a good thing the party at WM has been so involved in “Westminiser engagements” as otherwise there’d be no effective opposition, the Labour party having voted with the Tories or abstained so many times. In addition it demonstrates that it’s done its utmost to stand up for Scotland’s interests ( eg to remain aligned to the EU after Brexit as Scotland voted to remain ), but that in spite of that has been ignored all the time. It only strengthens the case for independence, and makes Brexit itself irrelevent.

  • Cubby

    East Renfrewshire – Vote SNP – mission accomplished this morning.

    Scotland needs to bring the Treaty of Union 1707 to an end and end the UK. More now than ever. In 312 years Westminster has looted Scotlands resources and told Scots to shut up and get back in their shortbread tin. The exception being when Westminster wanted Scots to stand on the front line in their never ending wars.

    England is going mad with racism and not just lurching to to the extreme far right but accelerating at great speed to an authoritarian dictatorship with complete control of the media. The current PM Johnson publishes an article saying Scots are vermin and we should be put in ghettos then camps for eventual extermination and the English take selfies with this vile creature.

    There is no British Empire and it is pathetic that the only honours system in the UK is one that glorifies a past Empire that rampaged around the world murdering millions.

    End the UK it stinks.

  • Jack

    I see how it will turn out. Tories will win but next up after that is the so called Russian-interference report to be released, purportedly showing russian interference in Brexit vote = Remainers, MSM, Labour will urge a second vote.

    • Matthew

      If the Tories win the Russia report will never see the light of day.
      Yet another reason to get them out.

      • Jack


        Equally, if Labour would have won, they would set off hysteria about Russia as in the US with Trump/Russia?

  • Jack_

    I see how it will turn out.
    Tories will win but next up after that is the so called Russian-interference report to be released, purportedly showing russian interference in Brexit vote = Remainers, MSM, Labour will urge a second vote.

  • N_

    Many Tory internet pronunciators are on today’s second pair of trousers already, with a third kept ready. They don’t like the look of the youth turnout one bit, or the turnout generally.

    • Marmite

      I read that young people in the queues are being told they cannot vote, that Tories are manning polling stations, that many students are complaining of registration problems, etc. What a farce! The same kinds of monitors that ruled there were problems with the Bolivian elections could point to all kinds of failings of democracy here, if only they could be bothered to look. Wouldn’t hold my breath though.

      • Dungroanin

        They can not be stopped from entering a polling station and presenting themselves to vote – only can’t vote if their name not on list.

      • Chris

        Marmite, I agree think Tories are capable of that kind of dishonesty – but they don’t have any activists to send to polling stations.
        I haven’t seen one single Tory canvasser on the streets in my (Labour marginal) constituency. Their entire campaign has been delivered by paid-for mailshots and paid-for social media propoganda (and of course, the bought and paid-for BBC) – while Labour has had (literally) hundreds of activist out on the streets here, every day.

  • Dungroanin

    Rain is clearing from west – will be dry for most to get there by 10. Just went and did mine while pouring- it was ‘brisk’, staff told me they were busy. Looks like mixed workers on way home, couples with babies in car, old folk, parent with helpful youth…

    Democracy in action!

    Regardless of result and awful time of year it is brilliant we can do this in safety and without mobs at polling stations.

    Well done the UK – i’d love to see a 72-3% turnout but may be restricted by conditions.

  • George McI

    First item on the BBC 6 O’clock news on election day… the London bridge attack from almost 2 weeks ago?:

    “A reformed ex-prisoner who fought the London Bridge knife attacker with a fire extinguisher has said he was prepared to die to protect others.”

    Gosh – I wonder why that came up at this particular time on this particular day?

  • glenn_pt

    Good luck, Britain. We shall be watching the results with bated breath.

    As a point of interest, high tech expat contractors overwhelmingly support Labour.

  • Glasshopper

    Since it is a forgone conclusion that Labour’s manifesto would damage the economy via capital flight, downturn in inward investment, run on the pound, declining tax receipts etc. How can anyone seriously believe that Labour would be good for either the poorest or the NHS?

    I tend to agree with Jeremy, my old MP and all round likeable chap, on foreign affairs. But his economic policies would be devastating for the country and hit the poor the hardest.

    I’m guessing his cheerleaders here can take the hit. Alas, many don’t have that luxury.

      • Glasshopper

        Well here’s one off the top of my head. A rise in corporation tax would not affect those nasty corporations, but be passed on to consumers of everyday products that the poor rely on, taking money out of their pockets. But that is just the beginning of why the poor and the NHS would be worse off.
        This is the problem that the left have always faced, and i don’t see any sign of McDonnell recognising the elephants in the room of his hair-brained manifesto pledges.

        • glenn_pt

          You know little about economics, if you think costs of production or tax are key to sale price.

          That should be so obvious, and if that’s the best you have, we can consider the rest of your argument equally worthless with all due respect.

          • Bayard

            Sadly, most of the population seems to think that all commerce is conducted on a cost-plus basis.

        • Steph

          Personally I find the problem that the left have always faced is the ‘don’t try and get any more because you will be even worse off’ argument’ espoused by Tories. BTW, I think there are several important pieces of information missing from your economic analysis, but I can’t be bothered explaining.

          • Ken Kenn

            I certainy don’t hear the Tories saying that costs in the NHS will get cheaper post a Trade deal with the US.

            The truth is is that in general things don’t get cheaper.

            The question is for the worker -what do you get and what does it buy?

            Remember the ‘ Wage – Price spiral in the 70’s?

            It was presented that way round for a reason.

            It was the opposite in reality.

            Prices went up first and wage demands followed the price rises.

            The media then said the opposite.

            Greedy workers.

        • fedup

          I am sick of ill-informed, half arsed memes being passed on as wisdom!

          Corporations ought to pay the highest levels of tax that any government could impose on them, and if they don’t like it they can stuff it and move on! So far as passing it onto their customers baloney goes; so let them, customer have a choice, and they can look for alternatives.

          You have not a clue about the macro economics as your “left” tripe, is telling. Economically illiterate and full of piss and vinegar pontificating absolute twaddle and bunkum.

    • Brianfujisan


      The poor have Been getting Crushed, Abused and Murdered by the Tories for ten years.

      And it aint Corbyn who wants to sell off the NHS to Trumps Vultures, and if that happens ??

        • glenn_pt

          Heard this tedious crap from someone calling himself Anon1 in the past. Is this the same person by any chance?

    • George McI

      “How can anyone seriously believe that Labour would be good for either the poorest or the NHS?”

      Well the Tories have been shafting the poorest and the NHS for decades. Your argument seems to go:

      If you grovel before capital (as you have been doing) you will get sodomized.
      If you protest against capital you will get sodomized.

      Well if you ain’t got nothin’ you got nothin’ to lose, as Bobby D once sang.

  • Wikikettle

    A few minutes before the polls close, my thoughts are with the peoples of Libya, Syria, Yemen and Palestine. Their terrible lives might be have perhaps a slight relief on the outcome of our election. On that basis alone I hope Jeremy wins. Our own economic problems, Brxit and the like are piffle compared to the misery, death and destruction we have contributed towards and are culpable for. Amen.

  • Hatuey

    Shocking exit poll. If that turns out to be accurate, Scottish independence can’t be stopped. It’s possibly the best outcome for us; an obnoxious and strong Tory government with almost the whole of Scotland voting for independence…


    • Vivian O'Blivion

      BBC exit poll is pish. If you planted a questioner outside the polling station in the leafy, English, middle class colonised, suburbs in the West of my constituency, the Tories would take Stirling and that ain’t happening.

      • Loony

        The Exit poll does not suggest that the Tories will take Stirling.

        So according to you the exit poll is pish because it agrees with you. Is there any possibility that most people can see through the rage fuelled illogicality of those infused with ideology?

      • AKAaka

        yes, but if they think they can get away with an exit poll like this, they’ve chosen revolt over a Corbyn government. Don’t know if it will be in 10 years, 20, 50!? It’s fucking terrifying, and what happens between now and then will be devastating. We won’t win the revolt either, even with our forces on side, which they won’t be yet. Other powers will step in. US, Russia, an EU fucking army. We will have front row graves to the kick off of the final war. My fucking kids! I’m not having this.

        I’d like to say all hope is not lost, they may be putting this out to see how it floats with the public. See if they are getting away with it. And so expect plenty of messages saying things like, “yeah well it was going this way”, or “slightly better than expected, blah blah blah”. Don’t take it, don’t accept it, this is fucking ludicrous. It is clear to see support for Tories is, well fuck me where is it?? Bots? Old school people who still think the BBC is the pinnacle of unbiased reporting (me 10 years ago!!). They’re getting fewer every year as they die or they start seeing how their kids and grandkids are struggling or they get their eyes opened on twitter et al. We’re being played. Don’t be played. If it’s war they want, we’ll give them fucking hell.

      • Hatuey

        To be honest, SA, I’ve never believed independence would be possible through the rigged voting system. It’ll probably come down to people on the streets, mass protest, and civil disobedience.

        We either live in a democracy or we don’t.

        I’m prepared to go to prison, if it comes to it. I would guess a lot are. It’s for the kids, not me. My life’s basically over.

    • N_

      We can’t deduce a level of support for independence from today’s vote because there was some tactical voting for the SNP by anti-Tory unionists – as advocated by this blog. If the exit poll is accurate then the result will be bad for people in all parts of (what is now) Britain because it (probably) means Brexit will happen in the near future. Brexit would be a disaster for most people both north and south of the border whether Scotland remains in the union or leaves.

      There is a case for forcing another EU referendum by mass civil disobedience. We should remember polls are showing majority for Remain in Britain as a whole.

      If the exit poll is accurate there will be an interesting parallel between

      a) a Tory party that won less than 50% of the vote claiming there is support for Brexit whereas in fact a majority in Britain are anti-Brexit, and

      b) an SNP that won less than 50% of the vote claiming there is support for independence whereas in fact a majority in Scotland are anti-independence.

      • N_

        Perhaps we need two more referendums so that people can tell two damned governments where to get off!

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