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The resignation of Savid Javid yesterday as Chancellor without even presenting a budget mirrors the resignation of Lord Randolph Churchill, Winston’s father – and in so doing says something extraordinary about lack of social progress in the UK in the intervening 130 years.

Chancellor Randolph Churchill disagreed with then Prime Minister Lord Salisbury over his first budget, and resigned. The whole spat was carried out in a splenetic and emotional fashion which was almost certainly influenced by Churchill’s mental deterioration from syphilis – which the Eton and Oxford educated Randolph had caught as a result of a Bullingdon Club jaunt.

(There is no evidence a pig was involved. There is also no evidence Winston had congenital syphilis, or that Jennie Churchill caught it from Randolph, the latter being slightly surprising).

It is to me quite incredible that the UK is still at the mercy of the whims and foibles of degenerates from not only the same class, but from within the same tiny social institutions which still confer a hereditary ability to govern a state of 60 million people now, in 2020. It makes a mockery of the UK’s claim to be a functional social polity and it makes a mockery of the very notion that “democracy” has any real existence in British society.

Johnson’s drive to centralise power is not especially different to that of Thatcher or Blair; there is a slight qualitative difference in the degree of Cummings’ policy influence, but to date I regard the claims that there is a real discontinuity in the form of UK government as overblown. Westminster has always been the seat of a massive, centralised abuse of power; perhaps it is a little bit more visible at the moment. What has enabled the continuation of oligarchic hegemony in the UK has been the destruction of the power to resist of organised labour. Thatcher quite deliberately undertook that as a massive project of social engineering, involving the deliberate destruction of all the UK’s major productive industries and replacement by a service based economy.

Blair continued the Thatcher revolution, in particular in removing government services to private providers where organised labour was weak or non-existent. The massive concentration of wealth into the hands of the rich and removal of wealth from ordinary people that ensued from the Thatcher/New Labour right wing revolution led to the reaction of Corbynism, but the roots of organised labour having been ruthlessly cut away, Corbyn found there was no longer a sufficient well of social solidarity which could support a counter narrative to the massively concentrated media propaganda.

Wealth inequality is fast heading back to levels Randolph Churchill would have recognised as he and his Bullingdon boys went whoring working class girls in Oxford. The gap between the top 1% and the 99% is shifting apart radically and is the key measure- not the gap between the 10% and 90% which the government points to disingenuously as not changing much.

Notions of social solidarity which made so much progress from 1800-1980 have gone backwards and their survival in isolated areas as a majority view is primarily as expression of national or cultural identity, notably of course in Scotland but also among immigrant groups and in cities with a strong sense of identity and civic pride. Outwith that, the UK has been engineered by unscrupulous politicians to revert to a society which delights in licking the shoes of the man from the Bullingdon Club.

Remind me, which century is this?


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381 thoughts on “Time Warp UK

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  • FranzB

    CM – “It is to me quite incredible that the UK is still at the mercy of the whims and foibles of degenerates from not only the same class, but from within the same tiny social institutions which still confer a hereditary ability to govern a state of 60 million people”

    On that general point, it;s probably worth pointing out that the most radical UK govt. of the 20th century was led by the public school and Oxford university educated Clement Attlee.

    Wilson, Heath, Thatcher, and May were educated at grammar schools, as were Callaghan and Major, who didn’t go to university. The Labour prime minister Blair was educated at a public school in Edinburgh and then at Oxford. He was a disaster, but he was aided and abetted by ministers like Straw, Milburn, Reid, Brown, Blunkett, and the majority of Labour MPs.

    Wasn’t Cameron the first Eton educated prime minister since 1964?

    • Shatnersrug

      And franz that is why Britain is in such a bad shape. Because everyone from Attlee to Wilson to Blair were cuckoos in the nest, giving the labour unions just enough but never anymore. After WW2 just enough was quite a lot – it had to be they’d just trained every young man in Britain to be a cold killer, the last thing they wanted was to sow the seeds of revolution by returning to prewar conditions, but by the Blair years no such buttering you was required.

      Wilson and Attlee were no friend of the worker or the soldier, they carried the loyalties of empire with them just as much as any Tory. Had labour been truly revolutionary then those leaders would have been assassinated by the state. Post WW2 it’s their characters that are assassinated.

      The education of Eton, oxford and the low rent grammar school version are the enemy of education not the bastion of it. They flatter the pupil as they close his/her mind.

    • N_

      Wasn’t Cameron the first Eton educated prime minister since 1964?

      Yes, but taken out of context that statement could be very misleading. The first cabinet for at least 150 years that DIDN’T contain at least one Old Etonian was under Gordon Brown. All the way through the Twiggy, Beatles, and Thatcherite “mass unemployment Loadsamoney” epochs no cabinet meeting was ever OE-free.

      Generally speaking the culture in Britain is that those who went to down-the-road schools and those who went to top private boarding schools act as if they’re in different species. And f*** off – it’s just the same in Scotland where even solicitors think they’re effing gentry.

      • N_

        Other points include the importance of Eton College itself. A few things of which some readers may be unaware:

        * Many of the men around the monarch (last time I looked it was a big majority of the top dozen) went to Eton and send their sons there.
        * It has its own nuclear shelter.
        * I vaguely recall reading that prime minister Anthony Eden (OE) was called back there (it’s in Windsor, on the outskirts of London) where he had to explain to a group of men who didn’t all have smiles on their faces what the hell he thought he was doing in Suez. Their basic attitude would have been “Are you bloody sure you’re up to handling this mess in our collective interest?”

    • Adam Ash

      While the whims and foibles of English degenerates may be further proof of the inadequacies of the English System (as if mor proof is required!), but readers should beware that this is just another distraction from the cause of independence for the Scott.

      When will you Scotts stop acting like wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beasties w panic in thy breasties, grow a pair, and just make the declaration of your separation from those south of the border, in terms of established international law? It could all be over by Thursday!

      Or w ye let it linger like a suppurating sore for another generation or two – will you wait until they have burned your roof beams again, and driven you down from the hills into the cesspits of cities there to moulder among the virus and pox and glower helpless and broken into your weak beer, again? To arms Scotland! Now!

      Or crawl back into your burrows and be still!

      • Cubby

        Adam Ash

        Your comments would have more credibility if you could spell Scot correctly.

        Scottish is correct.

        Scot or Scots (plural) is correct.

        Scotch is the drink.

        Jock is derogatory.

        Scott may well be someone’s name.

        Woad face painted savages is racist.

        Scot free – borderline racist.

        Tight fisted mean bastard is definitely racist.

        Hope this helps people who strive to be accurate and non racist???????

          • Cubby


            Yes I was aware of that but many people use it as a derogatory term as they relate it to Scots. Hence my comment borderline racist. Perhaps I should have just said derogatory term. Hey ho. It is of course a simple matter to just say free without the use of Scot.

          • Cubby

            Mrs Pau!

            Sorry you are out of date/inaccurate with what constitutes racism. Check out the definition.

            Not aware that Scots want to be a race. Where do you get that idea from?

          • Mrs Pau!

            Only definitions I can find say that racism is “detrimental” remarks made about a person’s race. Care to point me to the updated definition you refer to.? I assume many Scots think of themselves as belonging to a Scottish race, certainly on here, because they regularly complain about negative remarks about Scotland or the Scots, as being racist.

          • Cubby

            Mrs Pau!

            You have conflated comments about racism with ASSUMING Scots think they are a race or want to be a race. You assume wrongly based on next to no evidence for your assumption.

        • Adam Ash

          Cubby! To get over my antipodean spelling, please just read my comment aloud, and listen to what I say. That will avoid any petty angst over my typo, and hopefully help you buy into my argument!

  • Brianfujisan

    Cummings is ALL… Prime Minister…Chancellor.. Foreign Secretary

    But most importantly, A Very Greedy, Bad Man ( Bad Man is the Non Cursing Description of the Bastard ) Picks The new chancellor, who’s name I already Forget.

    But I think the New attorney general, is an even more worrying / Sinister appointment..

    Suella Braverman has been appointed the government’s chief legal adviser just days after unleashing a broadside against “unelected, unaccountable” judges who she accused of encroaching on the powers of politicians and threatening the supremacy of parliament.

    It can Only go Down hill from here. Re Human rights / Respect for International Law.. Despicable Lot that they are ..Tories, Blairites.

    • Dungroanin

      He is what a young Dr Strangelove would have been! Cumberbach should have been savvier about his potrayal. But he is no Peter Sellers. Just another poshboy who got his fame because of who he knows.

    • Dungroanin


      ‘Nandy won a major boost when members of the Labour affiliate Jewish Labour Movement gave her their backing after a hustings, saying she understood the need to change the party’s culture.’

      Just how many members doesthe JLM have?
      How many are actual members of which denomination?

      Anyone know?

      • Republic of Wales

        Jewish Labour Movement is not necessarily Jewish or Labour. It was revived to smear Corbyn and has been one of the driving forces behind the anti-semitism witchhunt. Job done, they can go back under their stones now where they belong.

        Jewish Voice for Labour is the genuine article.

        Jonathan Cook notes that ALL the current Labour leadership candidates have kowtowed to the Board Of Deputies’ latest list of demands, so that’s the end of Labour as a campaigning vehicle for justice for Palestinians. And the end of Labour for me for what it’s worth.

        • Giyane

          Movement referring to the bowels and Voice to the brain. Nandy must have forgotten her Sikh history. The British used them against the Muslims until they no longer needed them.
          Then they stole their kingdom and power, bringing their leader to live on a country estate in Suffolk?..

          Craig could extend the stasis in Britush politics to 2 or 3 hundred years., maybe more.

      • Mrs Pau!

        Isn’t Lisa Nandy one of the woke sector who insist that one’s sex is a matter of choice not biology, and also a signator of Labour’s transgender pledge which requires supporters to accept there is no conflict between trans rights and women’s rights”?

        I am what is now regarded as an old fashioned feminist, as I support Women’s Place which campaigns for women only safe spaces. And while I have no problem with whatever sexuality you chose to adopt in public, to me short of transgender surgery you remain the sex you were born

        it seems pretty clear that the Great British Public does not share Nandy’s views on self determined sexuality. She may hope to pull in the British Jewish Labour vote (is thus a larger or a smaller group that Labour transgender vote?) But it seems to me her transgender views are not shared by the majority of Labour voters who, polls show believe men and women are bioliogically different . This group almost certainly outnumbers Labour Jewish and transgender voters combined) .

        • michael norton

          You are correct Mrs.Paul, the Labour party, like the LibDem party are run by lunatics who think up the most bizarre ideas as to what ordinary working people are interested in.
          The answer was given in December.
          Most ordinary working people want a working economy in which they can participate, they do not want thought police, they do not want what Labour or LibDems were offering.
          They seemed to have learned very little.

          • Shatnersrug

            But michael labour weren’t particularly offering those things, all the ‘woke’ things that scare you so, have been implemented under the Tory governments of the last ten years, everything from banning councils from rejecting goods made in Israel to prosecutions of Facebook users for insults online has happened under the Tory rule.

            As and for the economy line, how do you expect anyone with any intelligence to believe that the conservatives, who have made a long and protracted mess out of brexit, could possibly be good for the economy, they have completely destroyed demand in this country.

            If British people spoke at the last election then the thing they said, “hurt me more Mr Johnson, I want more pain and suffering”

            We truly do get the government we deserve.

          • Cubby


            In Scotland the version is:

            “Hurt me more UK, I want more pain and suffering” say the Britnats who vote for Labour Lib Dems and the Tories.

            “We truly do get the government England deserves”

          • Cubby

            Michael Norton

            I totally agree with that post, as far as it goes. I would add that the Tory party are most definitely run by lunatics as well.

        • Magic Robot

          Mrs Pau!
          February 15, 2020 at 17:23

          No amount of high-class butchery and mutilation to one’s private parts will change a person from the sex they were born.

          Every cell in the human body determines sex by the X and Y chromosomes, and cannot be altered. A biology professor saying that at any teaching establishment, would, however, be quickly shown the door.

          • Francis Down

            i suggest you study the subject because it is not that simple the following exist X single XXY XYY XXXY.
            In addition to that XX can sometimes develop a penis and XY a vagina.

        • michael norton

          Timewarp for the Labour hopefulls

          Labour’s civil war over transgender rights descended into even deeper bitterness last night after one of Jeremy Corbyn’s senior aides called leadership hopeful Rebecca Long Bailey a “virtue-signalling coward”
          for threatening to expel feminists from the party

        • Kim Sanders-Fisher

          It may surprise you all to learn that from a surgical perspective gender is not always so clear cut at birth. There are babies born with what is referred to as “ambiguous genitalia” and there are also the rare cases of “accidents” made during circumcision. In both cases it is deemed necessary to chose how the baby will best be able to function during childhood development. We treated a significant number of these cases at Johns Hopkins where a specialist team dealt with the often severe additional complications suffered by babies born with ambiguous genitalia as part of a spectrum of birth defects.

          This type of tough decision making stretches back decades and it is obviously a very difficult choice for parents, but it should make us think carefully about the absoluteness of gender. This surgically assigned group are less known about than the small number of babies born with additional chromosomes. Surprisingly, among the cohort of ambiguous genitalia babies at Johns Hopkins, I was told that statistically it was determined that babies assigned to be raised in the opposite gender to their chromosomes were no more likely to want to switch gender at puberty than anyone else.

          Laws have been revised in other countries to make the process of transition easier by placing the decision making firmly in the hands of the individuals impacted by this important life changing decision. There has been a lot of misinformation over these fair and logical changes that give the impression of a deliberate attempt to create a storm in a teacup to cast derision on candidates. This is part of the ongoing propaganda process of demonizing the Labour Party for political ends, to detract from the extremely serious decisions being made by this rabid Tory Government as we make a rapid deterioration towards dictatorship.

          In reality this is yet another “dead cat” without the feline demise. We would do well to recognize this devious tactic for what it is and ditch the soporific complacency over the dire situation that threatens our democracy by joining the fight for justice by exposing the truth. For all those who are so easily sucked in to the Tory fake news time warp this statement is widely accepted:
          “If British people spoke at the last election then the thing they said, “hurt me more Mr Johnson, I want more pain and suffering” We truly do get the government we deserve.”

          Do not believe this BS! The far more logical conclusion was that the truly incomprehensible result was achieved by vote rigging on an industrial scale. Read more about this on the Discussion Forum: Elections Aftermath: Was our 2019 Vote & the EU Referendum Rigged? Please read, sign, share and Link to the Petition: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION. https://tinyurl.com/w4u9dwm

          • michael norton

            A row over a pledge card drawn up by the Labour Campaign for Trans Rights group broke out last week after Rebecca Long-Bailey, Emily Thornberry and Lisa Nandy, as well as deputy leadership candidates Angela Rayner and Dawn Butler, all expressed support for the charter. It calls on Labour to expel “transphobic” members, and describes campaigns including Woman’s Place UK as “trans-exclusionist hate groups”.

            I do hope the Labour party sort themselves out and stop fretting about transphobic women members.
            Almost nobody in the real world cares about this stuff.

          • Adam Ash

            True, K S-F, but of course you refer to the gender (however mixed) of the bodies we occupy. The discerning intellectual entity will appreciate that we (these beings who are – pro tem – communicating without apparent ‘gender’ via this blog) reside roughly, temporarily, somewhere behind the forehead of these human being animals. We intellectual entities have no discernible gender at all – we just ‘are’.

            The confusion arises when people try to discern some connect between the way they think and the gender of the body they occupy. They imagine that because they occupy an animal with a particular ‘gender’ (wherever on the rainbow that may be), then somehow their thinking should align with that gender.

            So laws attempt to resolve this intellectual disturbance by either forcing or enabling society to support the confusion, by creating more laws specific to the gender of the animals we occupy and hence create more confusion and stress.

            It is enough that all beings are equal in the eyes of the law, and we can each deal with any differences between ‘us’ and our ‘bodies’ as we find them.

            It is piteous that politicians seek to gain advantage from increasing the confusion – allowing people to wrongly imagine that the gender of one’s body assigns greater force to what is in fact a purely gender-less intellectual position. It does not.

          • Mrs Pau!

            There willl always be a very small number of people born with sexual organs which are in some way incomplete. They will clearly need a good deal of help and support, both emotional and physical, to establish how they face the world. What I object to is the idea, prevelant at present, that their rights should be allowed to trump those of everyone else. And in particular that they should have unrestricted access to safe areas set aside for work who have been traumatised by their contact with men.I believe this to be a far larger group than men who self identify as women.

            ( I also object to biological men competing in women only sporting events. But that’s another argument for another day).

        • Mr V

          Please enlighten us what exactly the conflict is between trans rights and women’s rights? Only use facts, not far right scaremongering. Any danger that does not arise from normal women-women interactions? Oh, what’s that, silence?

          It’s rich for someone who campaigns for safe spaces to be against similar treatment for a minority that if anything is even more vulnerable and has much less rights than you do, on top of being the most often one targeted by directed violence. Your stance smacks of either complete lack of imagination and empathy or worse, far right “I’ve got mine, fuck everyone else, I am the only one deserving anything”. Which is it?

          I also like your mention of Great British Public. It sounds exactly like excuses of proponents of Great German Public, about 80 years ago. They also ranted about certain vulnerable minority deserving no rights. Maybe you’ve heard of that?

          • Mrs Pau!

            There are many women whom have been traumatised by experiences with men and as a result who only feel safe in a non male environment. There are safe spaces specially for them.

            There are competitions for women which were specifically established because physically women cannot complete on equal terms with men, not least due to the impact of testosterone during puberty. At prsent Dr Rachel MacKinnon, a biological male who has not had a sex change, is currently a female cycling champion.

            A British prisoner recently self identified as female and insisted on being transferred to an all female prison, where they promptly assaulted a female prisoner.

            I agree with you on one level, if we disregarded our sexuality it would not matter much what sex we were. But men continue to use their strength to hurt women, because they can and even more surprising to me, many trans gender women seem to want to present as stereotypical women.

          • Kim Sanders-Fisher

            Mrs Pau – It is far from easy to keep up such a demanding pretence as acting out in the opposite gender for any length of time. You make it sound like any malicious and violent male or incarcerated prisoner who can manage a decent female impression, like Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie, will be welcomed into a safe space or transferred to a female jail. This is a ludicrous assumption as women’s shelters are extremely cautious about their intake and prisons control almost every aspect of the incarcerated person’s life. Sighting the very rare occurrence where a mistake was made does not warrant penalizing all Trans women as an overblown precaution.

            The transition process is lengthy and often follows several decades of more subtly indications of femininity that finally coalesce into feeling so distinctly uncomfortable about the male gender that a life changing decision is made to seek treatment. Those early and sustained feminine behavioral characteristics will generally endear such individuals to most women long before they embark on transition. The natural demeanor and conduct of Trans women will tend to put other women at ease. A dangerous predator is highly unlikely to be able to hide his true intentions and the affects of estrogen therapy present a major deterrent.

            There is currently precious little support for those entering transition: services are so stretched that many wait years to access an initial appointment to deal with their gender dysphoria and start into hormone treatment. During the torturous wait to move on with their lives they often endure severe mental health consequences, they are easily victimized, persecuted and frequently feel very much isolated. We cannot simply ignore the needs of this group of women because, according to your estimation, their smaller numbers make them less worthy of protection than women in general.

    • Cubby


      Scary stuff. Particularly if you are Scottish. A Prime Minister who published an article saying Scots are vermin and should be exterminated. What does that say about people who claim to be Scottish but voted for him. Did some Jews vote for Hitler – I wonder. What does that say about the caring family of nations fantasy of the UK Union that people voted for him in large numbers in England – or maybe they didn’t – it was all a pockle – say some – people voted for Corbyn.

      Either way – all scary stuff.

      • Giyane

        ‘ scarey stuff.”

        I am 65. Mrs Thatcher deleted traditional English values in the ’80s with a sexual revolution . Then the new Tories, red and blue , relaxed their bottoms into the usurped seats of power where they have now spread wide.

        Nothing could be more delicious than to see the usurpers, Caneron, May, I D-S, and the followers of Broon and Blah, shafted by their own side.
        There must be a Greek word for it bit karma will do.

        This is the Trump phenomenon, when the totally indiscreet take over from the rule-breakers.
        Johnson belongs to a generation of daisy-chaining sex and hard drugs. They have kicked out a generation of swinging speed merchants. Hurrah!

        Because Thatcher’s generation of retrograde recidivist reactionaries threw out traditional English hypocrisy, I’m delighted they have been hoist on their own petard.

        Johnson and his feral assistant DC NEVER do anything by the law , never ever speak the truth , and therefore never allow any confusion about believing them or not.

        They rigged the election. They’re selling the NHS. They back the Israelis . They are bare- faced, bare-bum cheeked, Skripal,bollocks, racist, apartheid, slavery -supporting liars.

        They did not win a democratic election and they have no mandate. I am not scared of blatant liars.

      • N_

        The obnoxious racist typically pseudo-ironic poem to which you refer is here, if anyone wants to form a view of it for themselves, rather than going by a couple of brief quotes from a journalist who probably didn’t even bother reading it themselves.

        A lot could be said about the role of the Spectator magazine in Britain.

        Meanwhile, as I have said before, the Right-Left Ratio in Scotland is 4:1 whereas in England and in Wales it’s about 1.5:1. The RLR is equal to the number of votes cast for the right, far right (including greens) and nationalists in the most recent countrywide election (whether devolved or all-Britain), divided by the number of votes cast for the left, ignoring the “centrist” LibDems.

        The SNP is what is known to people who think about politics as a national front.

        I’m no Liberal Democrat, but Jo Swinson was absolutely right when she spoke with abhorrence of the “rising wave of nationalism” north and south of the border.

        • N_

          If news spreads that Boris Johnson was baptised Roman Catholic, perhaps the SNP will start picking up more Wee Free and Wee Wee Free votes 🙂

          • N_

            It’s on the public record that Boris Johnson was baptised Roman Catholic and then converted to Anglicanism. As for the extreme elements of Scottish Presbyterianism, I can’t “prove” that someone having been baptised Catholic is important to them, but it is. Personally I don’t think that way at all. Only bigots do. But the Spectator is an important institution in Britain which has long provided a window on top-level Roman Catholic politicising in this country. Whether Andrew Sabisky swings with Opus Dei or the Jesuits I don’t know, but if I had to guess it would be the latter. Robert Plomin talks of how he came up against the Index. Who knows what to make of that?

            That poem is obscenely racist against Scottish people. I noticed that you rightly chose not to call it British nationalist.

          • Cubby


            Some information re religion provided in that post but sorry it doesn’t necessarily provide any evidence that Wee frees will vote SNP if they realise Johnson was baptised a Catholic. It may stop them voting Tory but I say may only.

          • N_

            Fair enough,@Cubby, it’s only speculation as to what might happen, but remember that Tony Blair was supposed only to have converted the day before he left office and Iain Duncan-Smith never became prime minister at all, so from some of these lunatics’ point of view it’s a case of “Rome has taken over Number 10” – so they think something big and new has happened which may cause them to revise their attitude towards the union. For obvious reasons they won’t like the SNP’s policy that an independent Scotland should join the EU which they view as a creation of “Rome”, but that won’t keep all of them away from backing independence. I should probably have said that some of them will switch to backing independence rather than that they will switch to backing the SNP, a party that some of them believe is led by “Brigadier Sturgeon”. (For those who may be from other parts of the world who are reading this, those are words that were shouted when nutters invaded the Scottish parliament chamber recently, in reference to the IRA, an organisation that disarmed 15 years ago but is still demonised to an extreme by some Protestant sectarians. Nicola Sturgeon never had anything to do with the IRA, but we are dealing with some seriously “irrational” stuff here.) Deep down inside, these bigots actually want “Rome” to besiege them.

          • Cubby


            Re your latest post at 15.59pm 16/Feb

            I do not disagree with any of this post. Bigots and nutters are amongst us. I would just add that the true union dividend Scotland has got is the blight of sectarianism not the nonsense spouted by Britnat politicians of £2k per head of man woman and child in Scotland.

          • Mrs Pau!

            As I understand it. In British law at least, an offensive remark can only be defined as racist when it directed against someone by a member of a different race eg by a white person to a black person. A white English person cannot make a racist remark against a white Scottish person. Or give versa. An unpleasant remark can be hateful, insulting, offensive but it cannot be racist if both parties are white, regardless of their different nationalities.

        • Vivian O'Blivion

          Oh dear. Take a chill pill and tone down the hysteria. According to your bizarre definition of the Right, the Communist Party of Britain, the Scottish Socialist Party and the SWP are all Rightist as they support the self determination of nations.

        • Cubby


          The people of East Dunbartonshire did not agree with Jo Swinson and her silly schoolyard political comments.

          The National front in the UK is the Better Together Front put up by the British Nationalist parties – Labour Lib Dem and Tories.

          • N_

            She wasn’t being schoolyardy or silly. She was speaking with genuine emotion, when people can be very lucid and that’s what made it interesting.

          • Cubby


            Scotland is full of failed Britnat politicians like Swinson – well maybe not Swinson as she lives in Bath – who regularly blame the people of Scotland for voting them out of office. Well actually, a lot of them are not in Scotland but currently troughing away in the House of Lords in London near to their colonial masters.

        • Cubby


          Thank you very much. Very kind of you to try and assist but I have read it in full on more than one occasion. Thanks again you are a star for trying to be helpful. The point remains that only an anti Scottish racist would even consider publishing such nonsense. The same type of racist nonsense that some others publish on this site btL.

        • Jeff

          Yet more ‘utter bollocks’ from N_.

          Labour voted through austerity with the tories, voted to renew Trident etc. etc. Both the Greens and SNP are far to the left of these wankers.

    • Mighty Drunken

      I agree Brianfujisan . All the legal types (lawyers, barristers etc.) I saw on Twitter were flabbergasted by Suella Braverman’s appointment. She wasn’t chosen for her legal expertise. Boris is choosing those who will not disagree with him and Cummings.
      It is quite amazing how the narrative about the judiciary vs the executive has been twisted into the unelected judges vs the parliament. Their ruling about proroguing was really about protecting the sovereignty of parliament over the executive.

      • Cubby

        Mighty Drunken

        Somehow the description “authoritarian government” seems to becoming insufficient to describe Johnson’s government.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Churchill was doing what Dicey totally opposed, behaving like a Liberal Home Ruler by paving the way for Parnell’s Irish Party instead of using The Budget to stop it

    • N_

      @Johny – Details please.

      And since when did the interests that own a politician or a minister have to “like” him? Generally most people think traitors are creeps, even if that’s not what intelligence officers tell the targets they are trying to recruit.

      • Republic of Wales

        May be of some interest but this web site is one of the few worthwhile topical discussion sources not blocked in China. VPN went down again yesterday afternoon (it’s 18.54 now) so almost all my usual sources of news, discussion and entertainment are off limits. I’ve been practically banged up for two weeks going stir crazy with our office closed pending an inspection which never comes. Most shops, parks etc closed. Forehead temperature checks every few minutes out there. Eight lane highways with almost no traffic and few people about. The economic damage must be enormous with hardly anybody earning or paying rent. Part of the problem is lack of supplies of masks, disinfectant etc.
        Anyway on flight back to Heathrow tomorrow. Sorry for the ramble but this site is my only connection to sanity.

        • giyane


          ” CM blog not blocked in China ”

          Wow! That is a complement. Unless it’s bait.

          Safe journey.

  • michael norton

    How amazing
    general election victory has prompted a rebound in confidence in the British economy and there could be a silver lining to Brexit,
    Mark Carney has said.

    The governor of the Bank of England is due to step down from the role next month after a nearly seven-year term.

    In recent years he has been one of the leading critics of the U.K.’s departure from the European Union with Brexiteers frequently accusing him of making “Project Fear” predictions.

    Mr. Carney has now appeared to soften his warnings relating to Britain’s split from Brussels.

    It is stunning how all those who made the most dire predictions of the collapse of the economy of the U.K. is Brexit were to happen
    are now turning themselves inside out.

    • Republic of Wales

      And “all those”?
      you have mentioned just one without any quotation.
      All the others are whom?

      • ZiggyM

        What they’re actually saying is.
        “We are in deep shit, though at times the depth may vary”

    • sky

      There could be a silver lining to Brexit….but doesn’t even hint at what imaginary benefit it could be…lol

    • Mighty Drunken

      The primary rule of an economist is not to talk down their position/country/company. Now that Brexit is happening, Carney has to say there is a silver lining.
      Wait until next year when we are out of the single market before crowing.

      • Blissex

        «The primary rule of an economist is not to talk down their position/country/company.»

        That’s the primary rule a “sell-side” Economist like Carney (or most others).
        Others political economists may use diplomatic language but are less biased.

    • Dave Lawton

      michael norton
      February 15, 2020 at 10:06

      “How amazing
      general election victory has prompted a rebound in confidence in the British economy and there could be a silver lining to Brexit,
      Mark Carney has said. ”

      “In recent years he has been one of the leading critics of the U.K.’s departure from the European Union with Brexiteers frequently accusing him of making “Project Fear” predictions.”

      To be expected his is of course a EU Bilderberger.When they are initiated into the cult they given
      brain implants to secure their total loyalty to the EU.Maybe the implant was faulty.

  • Andrew (Andy) Crow

    I don’t suppose I would have expressed it so eloquently, but it’s pretty close to my own assessment of what is going on.

    At least Randolf had a medical ‘excuse’ for his insanity. Thatcher and Blair left office barking mad for more complex reasons.

  • Republic of Wales

    There is a Russian site equivalent to Youtube
    Not blocked in China
    Who knew?
    Listening to ELO
    Goodnight all.

  • J

    This very interesting Twitter thread seems relevant:


    “Let’s talk about what REALLY happened in yesterdays Cabinet reshuffle. While you were all being played, Matthew Elliott, the Far Right head of the IEA, TPA, boss of Cummings, Westley, Grimes, husband of Sarah- American head of Republicans Overseas is NOW writing the UK budget.

    This means that the goal of the TPA/IEA and ultimately the WTA which NONE of you are even aware of, to control public spending and drastically reduce public services, reduce the size of the Nation State and give tax breaks to the very rich,will have been achieved. While ALL of you were duped into focusing on Cummings (who Elliott and his wife CHOSE to be their fall guy back in 2012 ..see pic from Sarahs own tweets during the 1st screening of the Brexit Cumberbatch movie) he has hidden in the background and now controls the Government.”

  • Theophilus

    “It is to me quite incredible that the UK is still at the mercy of the whims and foibles of degenerates from not only the same class, but from within the same tiny social institutions…”
    Craig I like your books and some of your stuff in this blog is exceptionally good and to the point but the above strikes me as a more than a bit over the top and worse unhistorical. Boris Johnson is not from the same class as Randolph Churchill by any stretch of the imagination and if he attended the same ‘tiny social institutions’ it is by merit not inherited wealth or social status. His family name should be Kemal had it not been for the need to change it during the first world war. He could as well be described as our first Turkish Prime Minister. He attended the same primary school as Ed Milliband. He won a King’s Scholarship to Eton, which is quite hard. He won a scholarship to Oxford which is also quite hard. In both institutions he distinguished himself. It is important to note that his father was an international civil servant and it is reasonable to assume that much of fees were paid by his employer. Without that I do not think he would have got to Eton. As to whether he is yet another degenerate seems to me a little subjective. As another distinguished OE commented on this subject, let he who is without sin caste the first stone. There seem to be a lot of comments on this article by people who have led incredibly virtuous lives.

    • Giyane


      Of course Johnson is not comparable to Churchill.
      Mrs Thatcher buried the old Tories who had somehow survived WwI and Ii.

      The new Tories, Cameron Tories want status they haven’t got and they’ll never give up till victorianity rules. CM detests public schoolboys, as I did when I was at one. To succeed at a public school you have to be rich, important, arrogant and stupid.
      Johnson ticks all the boxes. He fills the totality of the role to the fuĺl. By stupidity I mean devoid of the intelligence of the heart which is fed by attention to Divine Laws, unlike Public Schholl intelligence which inevitably worships the acquisition of money and power institutionally. Even if not individually by the teaching staff.

      I absolutely agree with you that Johnson exudes the wrong sort of intelligence valued by Public Schools. The ability to circumvent rules. The scorn for other views. The disrespect for subordinates. The failure to be affected by other human beings. The droit de Seigneure. The respect for other countries and the disrespect for the component parts of his own country.

      In fact he is so disgusting that he definitely needs people like you.

      • Yr Hen Gof

        Using Dr Robert Hare’s test for sociopaths, Johnson ticks virtually all the boxes, certainly more than enough to identify him as such. Westminster has no shortage of similar candidates, perhaps it’s not so much that power corrupts but rather those with an extreme personality disorder are attracted to power?

      • Theophilus

        Giyane – ” To succeed at a public school you have to be rich, important, arrogant and stupid.”
        The point of my comment was the fact that BJ was not from a’ rich important arrogant and stupid’ background and yet he suceeded at school and university. That’s all.

        • Giyane


          Public schools work on strings.. certainly in my case. Just because you are unaware of the particular strings that were pulled in Johnson’s case , does not mean they didn’t exist.i worked as a chauffeur and an American lady once apologised to me that she only had dollars ,as a reason for not giving a tip.

          We don’t take dollars, do we?

    • Blissex

      «It is important to note that his father was an international civil servant and it is reasonable to assume that much of fees were paid by his employer. Without that I do not think he would have got to Eton.»

      It is also important to note that somebody paid his Bullingdon Club fees, which are very high (IIRC over £10,000 per year), and by that measure it is a very exclusive club. I have wondered about that, because ostensibly Johnson’s father is merely upper-middle class, rather than upper-class.

      • Shatnersrug

        Can I just say, having met Johnson’s father a couple of times, he is indeed both arrogant and rude.

    • Rod

      You almost had me persuaded the prime minister was the recipient of a meritocracy in action in that he attended the same primary school as Ed Miliband and securing a scholarship to Eton then winning a further scholarship to Oxford. What shattered the illusion was the mention that his father was an international civil servant and that most of his fees for his education were provided by the state through the taxes of people who, in reality, had absolutely no chance of achieving something similar. It grieves me further to think the cost of his Bullingdon Club suit was also ultimately derived from tax-payer funds. As an international civil servant Stanley Johnson is almost certainly to have been extremely well-placed to further his son’s education in the nation’s top institutions. I think you’re correct in your assertion that neither he nor his family are from the same class as the Churchills but that doesn’t prevent him and people like him deluding themselves, and more especially, the electorate who are persuaded to lend him their votes at election times. Where the prime minister and Winston Churchill do coalesce is that they appear to share the same racist traits. It’s a given that the prime minister’s track record is littered with errors from inappropriate racist utterances at precisely the wrong time, poor preparation and attention to detail and a capacity to tell outright lies that he knows will either go unchallenged or he will tell yet more lies to extricate himself from a current predicament. I believe there is something not quite right about our prime minister almost to the point of clinical deviancy where he finds a kindred spirit in the likes of President Trump and that he has actively sought out the assistance of his ‘odd-ball’ chief of staff, Dominic Cummings. All these things are a learned dexterity taught to him by institutions like Eton and the debating societies of Oxbridge which Stanley Johnson will have known full well.

  • Gavin C Barrie

    B of E governor Mark Carney’s newfound optimism for post-Brexit UK prospects wouldn’t have anything to do with say, a possible departing bonus clause in his contract, and the management style of D Cummings? Just asking, just musing since I cannot identify any benefit from Brexit. Stuck indoors due to the gloomy weather, drumming my fingers gloomily contemplating the outcome of Brexit.

    • michael norton

      Good point Gavin,
      most likely as you suggest his pay-off depends on him now declaring Brexit in Positive Sunny Upland terms.
      The pound has been creeping up against the Euro for the last 43 months.
      However things are not good in Euroland,
      Germany, Italy and France are rudderless and in the Doldrums.
      Germany is particularly susceptible to a down-drop in World trade as it has a very high export rate, compared to the U.S.A. or other European countries.
      So the more positive aspect of Pound to Euro, probably reflects the seriousness of the Eurozone Crisis.

      • Gavin C Barrie

        Germany particularly vulnerable to a drop in world trade due to a high export rate – depends what you export. Germany is strong in the export of manufactured goods. England with it’s car assembly plants.

        Scotland exports food, beverages, and dear old whisky. And so not so vulnerable to a world trade downturn. We also export oil and gas, and generated power, however we aren’t currently receiving payment for such. Oil and gas are defined as ex-regio by the Westminster mafia. And Scotland’s surplus of generated power is fed into the UK national grid, so no payment to Scotland. Indeed, Scotland’s power generators as “they are so far away from the centres of demand” charged a levy for suppling power to the grid, whereas in England power generating companies ” close to demand” are paid incentive bonuses.

        Now, a wee bit of techy: generated electrical power is wee electrons racing down a cable, their racing activity generates some heat and so some power loss.Just how this justifies a levy on our surplus power is best explained by – because the Westminster mafia are simply able to do so.

        And another simple explanation of why Scotland must leave this union with England.

        • Kempe

          ” Scotland exports food, beverages, and dear old whisky. And so not so vulnerable to a world trade downturn. ”

          Really? How do you work that out?

        • N_

          First time I’ve heard the word “mafia” used to denote a central government that keeps a stranglehold on local elites based in regions where valuable resources are. That’s not how the mafia works.

        • Kempe

          ” Scotland’s surplus of generated power is fed into the UK national grid, so no payment to Scotland. ”

          You really don’t understand how the privatised electricity market works do you?

          • Gavin C Barrie

            Kempe: So please explain how the privatised electricity markets works. I expressed my understanding of how the generated supply side operates to the grid, do you disagree? And the supply side to consumers is operated by private companies that purchase the generated power from the grid?

            And Kempe, in an economic downturn demand for luxury and manufactured goods may well reduce. Demand for essentials such as food, and water will not.

          • Kempe

            I don’t see why you expect me to educate you on matters you should already know or could easily find out yourselves but here goes:-

            Power stations are now privately owned and sell their electricity to the National Grid which is another private comapny. Any power station in Scotland or indeed any Scottish owned power station anywhere else in the UK will be paid for the electricity it provides. Longannet, the last coal fired power plant in Scotland, closed early because it failed to win a contract from NG. The contract went to a Scottish (SSE) owned gas plant in Peterhead instead.


            No need to shed too many tears for Scottish Power, they’re Spanish.

            When things get tight people will switch to lower quality food options which often means cheap imports.

          • Jeff.

            Bollocks. Scotland pays dear to export energy. The further from London you are the more it costs to power the grid.

          • Kempe

            The access charges don’t just affect Scottish generators, they didn’t prevent SSE from putting in a successful bid and their gas station in Peterhead is even more remote than Longannet.

        • Deb O'Nair

          “Now, a wee bit of techy: generated electrical power is wee electrons racing down a cable, their racing activity generates some heat and so some power loss.”

          Electrons actually travel backwards up the cable, in the opposite direction of the ‘flow of current’. The rest is also wrong but I can be bothered to explain basic physics when there are so many resources on the web.

        • IMcK

          At Gavin C Barrie February 15, 2020 at 19:52

          ‘Indeed, Scotland’s power generators as “they are so far away from the centres of demand” charged a levy for suppling power to the grid, whereas in England power generating companies ” close to demand” are paid incentive bonuses.’

          I am not aware of any such levy or incentives – can you provide a reference or details please.

          I suspect your reference to ‘Scotland’s surplus of generated power’ refers to electrical generation from wind. The income from this of course goes to its private owners (not to the state) and is in any event effectively subsidised rather than subsidising. Subsidised since the compensatory costs associated with matching the intermittent supply with (the also intermittent) demand are spread across the network and thereby met by all consumers.

      • sky

        How exactly does the economies of France and Germany affect ours….you’re deflecting. There’s no upside for GB in leaving the EU

          • Cubby

            Michael Norton

            According to the Britnat propaganda figures England subsidises Scotland to the tune of £10 to £15 billion per annum depending on how much they pockle the figures each year. Why does England want to hold on to Scotland then if these figures are true. English MPs could at any time vote in the H of Commons to end the Union and save this £10 – £15billion pa.

            So in England wonderland proper independence could save up to £30billion pa.

            Funny how in 1920 when they didn’t see the need for any propaganda figures only 26% of Scotlands revenue was spent in Scotland.

          • michael norton

            Boris Johnson is going to build you a nice bridge to Ulster, £20,000,000,000

            I expect the money will come from the money tree they have found, now we have left Europe and longer have to follow their rules.

          • sky

            That’s still nothing really to do with France and Germany…our contributions were our contributions

          • michael norton

            In 2020 the Eurozone risks an out-of-control crisis after growth plummeted to a seven-year low, and key players like Italy, France and Germany dragged down the entire European market.

          • Cubby

            Michael Norton

            “Boris Johnston is going to build you a nice bridge to Ulster”

            It would be nicer if he actually asked Scotland and N. Ireland if they wanted it. I would prefer we spent our own money rather than some blonde haired pathological liar wasted it.

            I would prefer a three lane motorway between the two major cities in Scotland – for those not sure that is Glasgow and Edinburgh. Sections of the road have only recently been upgraded to a two lane motorway from an A road. Some bloody union dividend this. The UK says Scotland has to contribute to paying for UK infrastructure e.g. roads /rails in England thus neatly creating a fictitious deficit. In fact any spend the UK can deem as a UK spend – funnily enough most are in Southern Englands eg Crossrail. The Queensferry bridge over the Firth of Forth – naw that comes out of the Scottish governments budget.

            Not a union dividend a Union con.

  • nevermind

    Any idea why there are hardly any posts/information on the effects, prospects or a possible future pandemic on social media and or facebook. Even twitter has gone silent. Scientists who are involved in research are finding hardly any peer information. Even twitter seems to be.controlling information on the subject. As yet they know little as to the various path this virus takes, but it is airborne, so we should judge our Government by its silence.

    • Kempe

      It might possibly be that nobody really knows besides which social media isn’t the depository of knowledge many users think.

    • N_

      Excellent question, @nevermind.

      I like that way of thinking: why is something NOT happening, something that we would expect to happen based on our understanding and experience?

      Another thing that’s not happening is that Extinction Rebellion, the Steinerite kook front, are saying practically nothing about the coronavirus epidemic, when it would appear to be right up their street – the “punishment” of mankind for our wickedness, as the epoch comes to an end and the new “root race” emerges in the “transition”.

      I heard the Snotters’ sole MP, Caroline Lucas, on the radio, speaking about Brighton and the appearance of the coronavirus in that area, and “doctors and nurses” and stuff. She sounded like “Just Another F***ing MP”, someone who is thinks she is so used to living the “sophisticated” life in London and who condescends to do her bit for the “local” people who live in her constituency, discharging her wonderfully socially-useful function as their “local MP”. She can’t say she’s the MP. She can only say she’s the “local MP”. She probably doesn’t have to read David Goodhart on “somewhere people” and “anywhere people”, because that’s how she thinks already. But she didn’t even once try to make politics out of it. Bloody funny for a politician, expecially a warny-pants “green” one. You would have thought this was the Greens’ big moment.

      • nevermind

        Your reply is sad N_, you are profferig the idea that Caroline Lucas, who speaks more sense than anybody in Government, has some sort of controlling role that goes beyond her duties as a local MP.
        That she is not as bigheaded as you by using the term local must be down to the fact that she is not concerned with petty postering.

        • N_

          Caroline Lucas is the leader of the parliamentary group of a party or group of parties that won the fifth most votes in the 2019 election (2.8%) and the fourth most in Britain’s 2019 EU election (12.7%), she has walked through the door of 10 Downing Street in that role, and biology is one of the main interests of her obnoxious outfit.

          She obviously sees her constituents as a bunch of peasants. Some may enjoy being treated that way.

          It’s not down to her wonderul unassuming personality that the greens aren’t talking about the epidemic other than to pat nurses and medics on the back in their only MP’s constituency and to tell the proletariat to use handkerchiefs and wash their hands more.

          • Magic Robot

            February 16, 2020 at 11:57
            “the greens aren’t talking about the epidemic”
            And they never will.
            The whole ‘coronavirus’ story is fake as hell, and they know full well that is the case, so – (crickets…).

            My comment refers to Wuhan province. Pictures of the city were shown on BBC and ITV. The air was quite obviously thick with smog, and yet none of the reporters bothered to mention this. Even small amounts of SO2 in the air will cause illness. The people there have been protesting about this, for a while now, and little is done to improve things. The ‘coronavirus’ is a hoax to cover for the government’s lack of environmental action that has resulted in a serious health issue for their people.

            The real problem is the old problem: poor air quality from the smogs enveloping the city etc. Recall the infamous London ‘Pea-Soupers’ that were a direct result of the SO2 pollution from Battersea power station. People were being found dead in shop doorways from the sulphuric acid, produced from the SO2 they had breathed in, that had destroyed their lungs from the insides. Their symptoms could be easily interpreted as ‘flu: coughing, hard to breathe, chest pains. From wikipedia (not trusted on contentious issues, of course): “The worst recorded instance was the Great Smog of 1952, when 4,000 deaths were reported in the city over a couple of days, and a subsequent 8,000 related deaths, leading to the passage of the Clean Air Act 1956, which banned the use of coal for domestic fires in some urban areas.”

            The situation is as bad today in China, with refuse being burned in incinerators and no attempt to clean the effluent emanating from them is made. The same for coal burning power stations, right there. On top of this the Wuhan province is a major industrial zone, making many billions in money every year for their economy. It is not something the government want closed down. The problem is environmental, but their government has turned it into a medical issue for political reasons.

            MSM report here:
            No need to read the guff they wrote; just look at the videos.

          • nevermind

            The difference between our views N_ is, i have met Caroline many times, on actions in Faslane, when we both got arrested, but she puts her money where her mouth is, not denigrating left and right as you do.
            I have also worked for her.as she became an MEP first time round, and what you say about her looking down on constituents is a.bare faced lie.
            I suggest your labelling of one of the most sensible and effective green politicians is slanderous. You should apologise.

        • N_

          I’ve covered this before. I need to rush now, but in answer to your question…

          * people, planet, profit = anthroposophical notion of “social threeholding”

          * “extinction” – see anthroposophical theory of “epochs” and how each ends in catastrophe and gives rise to the following one; industrial pollution (or is it the dispossessed exhaling too much CO2?) has absolutely NOTHING in common with the meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago…but that isn’t how the Steinerite nuts see it; they see it in terms of “epochs” and a “sixth extinction” that is supposedly imminent; some of the cult’s fronts are called “transitional”, meaning to the next “epoch”

          * Roger Hallam – Compassionate Revolution – see links to the Exchange in Stroud (see below); Gail Bradbrook – Marjatta van Boeschoten

          * see Stroud connection – start with the website “Stop Steiner in Stroud” – you will need to refer to archived pages or to references on other sites because its founder Helen Saunders got mysteriously killed by a train and the website was taken down; Steiner nuts have a huge footprint in that area of Gloucestershire, at least as strong as the Scientologists in East Grinstead – we are talking scores of front organisations; see for an entry point the centre known as “The Exchange”

          * presence in various national and international organisations in areas of human medicine, veterinary medicine, agriculture (and then some), and “education”

          * red uniforms? each “root race” that emerges at the end of an epoch has an assigned colour – idea goes back before anthroposophy to theosophy

          * Triodos Bank is a Steiner kook bank through and through – widely documented

          * compare the same symbol used by Triodos Bank and the Exchange in Stroud – it’s called a triquetra

          * to go further, suggested points of interest include Enrico Berlusconi, Jens Stoltenberg (NATO), Norwegian royal family, Prince Charles, the foundation of the German green party, Heinrich Himmler, experiments by Steinerite company Weleda at Dachau concentration camp (where the gas chamber was invented before it was used at Auschwitz), the origins of “organic” agriculture (the word “organic” in this usage comes directly from Steiner kookery), critical work by Peter Staudenmaier, “biodynamics”, “eurythmy”, the incarnation of different types of “body” at each seven-year stage, etc. (e.g. etheric body at age seven) – then factor in that these kooks run schools (in preparation for the arrival of “great souls” – reincarnation is absolutely key to how these nutters think) including some that receive state money and that they are outside of the inspection systems that monitor other schools both in the state and private sectors – why’s that?

          * how’s the aftermath of the Extinction Rebellion front “Heathrow Pause’s” use of drones against Heathrow airport going? If you or I did that, they’d lock us up in prison for years. Similarly, imagine if the coal miners who the ER scum hate so much had tried to block London bridges! The cops would have stopped them getting inside the M25.

          There will probably be responses to this post by those with closed and scared minds who fight on each of the above points not realising what their minds are doing. I won’t be trolled.

          Others may refer back to it in the future when some of this becomes even more out in the open than it is already. Doomsday cults don’t disappear quietly. People indoctrinated to believe in reincarnation rarely stop believing in it just like that. That idiotic and crazy belief colours the whole way they see history, society, education. They think those of us who are sane on the issue – in other words who totally reject the idea of reincarnation because it’s crap – are peasant-brained idiots. All cults see much of humanity in that way. Scientologists call much of humanity “clams”, for example. MI5 should keep a bloody close watch on Extinction Rebellion and on all other Steiner or Steiner-influenced nutters. It could be AT ANY MOMENT that some of them decide to help “extinction” on its way, by doing an “Aum Shinrikyo”.

        • pete

          Now you’ve set N_ off again, these are all the plot threads that were left out of the Da Vinci Code because they were too improbable, even to Dan Brown.

    • Dungroanin

      The inflexion point of new infections has passed as predicted in January.

      Mortality is settled at around 3% or less.

      The ship of lab rats is a perfect lab.

      Chinese leadership have taken of events to finesse policy on several fronts – the economi war with US by curbing 150 million Chinese tourists to western capitals and more local vicinitieslije Thailand bringing relative hardships to their local tourist industries; just in time manufacturing supply chains to western industries are choked affecting their gdp; oil and commodities are reduced in price making chinese imports of these cheaper (thus boosting their GDP); politically the sustems for future emergencies are improved and made robust; corrupt local setups are easily removed; All strengthening the Chinese governance of 1.4 billion people as they take on world leadership role with SCO & BRI for the rest of the century.
      And the move away from the dollar world and bankers control.

      As for us the old Anglo Imperialists- we are further fucked as the half millienium of pillage and war mongering for money and so power ofthe very very few bastard barons meets their nemesis.

      Don’t worry about this outbreak or the future ones the Chinese will invent the meds faster abd we’ll be able to get the from AliBaBa. Com before Pfizer, Johnson& Johnson and co are out of bed. Also Bozo will be able to get 40 new hoapitals and all the staff within weeks fron the same website.

      I’d recommend watching the minute by minute denouement in Syria as the left behind Jihadists get fed into the mincers and USand allied forces get on their choppers out of Iraq as the Resistance effects the full revenge for Soleimanis dumb assassination. Sone excellent on the ground twitter feeds.

      I need more popcorn as the Empire dies, long live the new Empire!

      & i’ll prob move more out of developed stocks to cash and buy back into emerging markets as the QE asset bubble dostorts and pops.

      Social Media is not news.

  • Roderick Russell

    Re Craig’s Comment – “it makes a mockery of the very notion that “democracy” has any real existence in British society”.

    I would agree with this comment of Craig’s about the UK’s system of government. But it is much the same in Canada which would suggest to me that the problem lies with, what both countries have in common, the Westminster system of government itself, and will not be remedied until there is constitutional change.

    Consider the situation in Canada today. Canada with its huge resource base and highly educated and peaceable workforce should be doing extraordinarily well. But it isn’t. Canada’s establishment is as out of control as Craig indicates the UK one is. Canada’s (Westminster) system of government malfunctions whenever there is a problem issue – and it doesn’t matter which party is in power.
    At this point as a result of pipeline related issues, Canada’s railway network has been practically shut down from coast to coast – not just Oil, but Crain from the prairies, Chemicals, Lumber, Minerals, Passengers and almost everything else that goes by rail. The country is facing an economic meltdown (and a collapse of the CDN $) should this continue.

    The (Westminster) system of government cannot handle such issues. For example, there is a complete absence of the rule of law. It is long overdue for Canada and the UK to reassess their constitutional framework, and replace the failed Westminster System. Here is an article from Canada’s National Post that describes just what a bloody mess Canada’s politicians (of all parties) have allowed to develop.


  • N_

    And if you thought it couldn’t get worse…

    …step forward, the new “contractor” in Number 10: Andrew Sabisky.

    Sabisky is billed as a “superforecaster”. I happen to have read the book on superforecasting, written by Philip Tetlock. Rather than a person with highly unusual genes, what the term actually means is somebody who has mastered the application of such forecasting tools as the “outside view” and, especially, Bayes’s theorem. Superforecasters get low Brier scores. A Brier score is the mean squared error of your forecasts, where you give each forecast as a probability and the outcome is 1 if the event happens and 0 if it doesn’t. One can appreciate how this ties in with Bayesian adjustment.

    “Superforecaster” doesn’t mean “one of a cadre of people whose ability to predict the outcome of political events puts them close to omniscience”, as an article in Schoolsweek says with specific reference to Sabisky.

    Guess what. Sabisky is a eugenics nutter. He’s on record as saying f*ckwitted things like this: “If I were having IVF I might have nine embryos available. If I could choose to be impregnated with the smartest embryo, would I?” You will notice there’s a big assumption in there. And it happens to be wrong. This is the kind of crap that passes for “supercleverness” nowadays. And now this man is in Number 10. I’m not among those who call Dominic Cummings an idiot – on the contrary, I think he’s highly intelligent – but Sabisky sounds like a right pillock.

    “How many people who voted for Leave this time were Remain voters in 1975? A lot, I would imagine. A huge amount,” says Sabisky. Well the youngest of them in 2016 would have been 59. He should make sure he knows what denominator he should be using.

    Here’s how he answered the question, “If you could put a slogan on a bus that would drive around the country for two weeks, what would it say?”

    “Stop being idiots and go to Mass.”

    Oh dear.

    Is there something relevant about the Spectator magazine, where Boris Johnson was the editor and Dominic Cummings’s wife is a commissioning editor?

    • Ken Kenn

      How would he know which one was the “Smartest ” Embryo?

      I suppose if he waited for a few years then he might find out after many cell divisions.

      Say ten years worth.

      This is Cummings and his mates predictable world.

      What they don’t see is that genes do not live in a world of their own.

      They are influenced and adapt to their environment.

      Now I like a bet and know a reasonable bit about probability.

      The Brains of Harvard and Yale over the years have had a good crack at landing a little ball into a set of slots at the Casino( Double Zero).

      Despite that and some of the boasts the betting technique is not stable.

      If the wheel is changed /renewed/re-balanced /resat the old wheel’s rigid rules no longer apply and the old theory fails.

      I kind of prefer the Doris Day Theory of Whatever will be – will be.

      Only after what was can you know – what was.

      Jordan Peterson and his followers fall for the similar rules.

      The problem for Jordan and his followers is two fold:

      1). Human beings lie ( it’s in our social DNA so as that we don’t always tell the truth and get killed due to the honesty and helps us form alliances )

      2). Human beings do not always exist in the same state – they get into a better state or worse or stay the same.

      It has a name for Dom to understand.

      It’s called Dialetics.

      The individual’s ( effect) interaction with the world and the world’s interaction ( effect) with the individual.

      • N_

        Andrew Sabisky is a “Catholic Anglican”, or Anglo-Catholic, or Tractarian as they are also called. What would happen to the other eight embryos?

        Someone is playing games here.

        Meanwhile…chez Macron… France doesn’t do “Chappaquiddicks”, so it’s not exactly “hanging over” him, but it’s nonetheless remarkable that Macron’s wife didn’t get the sack from her teaching job when she was known to be sh*gging him when he was 16 and she was about 40. Why on earth didn’t she? This wasn’t in the presidential palace or at a top grande école. He was still at a lycée.

        Guess what kind of lycée.

        Who is it that specialises in mastering the arguments of their opponents?

        Then there is the Spectator magazine. We are now way beyond party politics. As Dominic Cummings himself has pointed out, there won’t be a general election for years. If one wanted to be provocative, one could probably call this a “Spectator government” with more critical usefulness than one would call it a “Tory government”.

        • Laguerre

          Typical British obsession with sex in politics. The French don’t think the same way. According to the story, Macron and his missus didn’t get together until he left school, and I don’t think there’s any real evidence for your version. But I don’t think anyone really cares; they’ve stayed together, made a life together. It wasn’t just a couple of nights shagging. But the British prudes are obsessed, and have to bring the question up at every opportunity (also an issue of traditional British Francophobia on display here).

          • N_

            That’s not true – they are widely reported to have got together when he was still at school. I am not “obsessed” and I am neither “Francophobic” nor “prudish”. Are you suggesting it is normal for 40-year-old schoolteachers in France to have sex with their 16-year-old pupils? It is not. The Jesuit order doesn’t operate with a horizon that’s only a year or so in the future. Macron had such an easy run to the presidency it was almost unreal. Then he formed a new party with the same initials as his own that won a majority of seats in the National Assembly. Stuff like that doesn’t simply “happen”.

    • N_

      For some perspective on “superforecasting”: someone did a survey of a large sample of MPs and found that most of them didn’t even know the probability of a fair coin that’s tossed twice landing on heads both times. (This is not a joke!)

      • N_

        Most MPs are totally out of their depth and their opinion of somebody like Dominic Cummings whether positive or negative or somewhere in between is totally worthless.

  • Cubby

    Rebecca Long -Bailey – she may be a Britnat but at least she is a democratic Britnat. Credit where credit is due she says the Scottish parliament should decide if there is to be Indyref2. Well done Rebecca. Pity the Labour diddies will probably not elect her as leader.

    Lisa Nandy – the classic hardline Britnat Labour stance that has taken them to one MP and 8% of the vote in the Euro election in Scotland. Scotland will do what we say. Britnat Labour knows what’s best (joke) for Scotland. Nandy just another undemocratic Britnat.

    Sir Keir Starmer – pathetic fudge – ” whether The Scottish Parliament should have the power for an independence referendum is an interesting question” he says then proceeds to ignore the question and drags out the federalism fairy as a discussion point. Chocolate fudge and plain fudge. Labour with a knight of the British Empire as its leader – truly a socialist party????? Starmer just another undemocratic Britnat.

    British Labour Party members you are currently an irrelevance in Scotland if you want to avoid being extinct in Scotland vote for Long- Bailey the only democrat on your platform.

    • sky

      With Labour in no position to do anything for a minimum of 5 years and this government not willing to give Scotland another referendum they will have to just declare independence themselves

  • Dungroanin

    It seems that history is about to repeat. The highwater mark in SEAsia was the helicopters evacuating the last invaders from Saigon. The highwater mark in the ME is going to be similar scenes in Iraq.

    A final warning has been issued to US troops there – 40 days after Soleimanis assassination – the Resistance is ready to move, an irresistible force about to meet a not so immovable object.

    Along with Idlib and Allepo its been amazing start to 2020. And its not even spring!

  • Alyson

    I don’t agree with any of you today. Is it just me? Or is it that being ill informed is like wearing an ill fitting suit? Saiid Javid had some dubious banking credentials whereas his successor was at least a highly regarded Head Boy or prefect long ago. The Jewish Chronicle provided the previous leading journalists at the BBC, and efforts to subvert any notions of moral peace, by the Zionist lobby, are reaching frenetic heights in their efforts to define the Labour leadership election parameters. Everything is uncertain because Brexit. Random possibilities may reach a stable consensus in due course. Just don’t take your eye off the ball. Spiked and Cambridge Analytica are templates for a new paradigm. The world has changed, and Britain is changing too. It might improve systems if there is sufficient transparency.

    • Giyane


      There is a quid pro quo between the unmetered colonial oil stolen from Middle Eastern countries like Iraq and the unmetered benefits allowed to British Muslims.
      But if we’re talking about unmetered bonuses being given to special cases , or blind eyes to reality, what about the complete laissez- faire given to Companies on allowable expenses?

      Mr Nasty, ian Duncan-Smyth is not happy sharing his scrutiny of the fiscal affairs of the people with Huawei,, because Huawei might share Mr Nasty’s fiscal secrets with me and you.
      Shedding light on upper crust scams . That would never do.

      • Giyane

        If I.D-S determines that a self-employed person must generate minimum wage x 30 hours per week , every week , to qualify for Universal Credit, why can’t the government decide that the extra million per week Mr I.D-S earns every week is surplus to his needs, and tax it at 500 % ? Matthew Elliot appears to be a second generation Thatcherite ultra capitalist. Those who wish to limit other people’s incomes to their most basic needs should expect the same for their own incomes. Anything surplus to their survival requirements will be recycled into the black hole of debt created by failed thatcherite dogma.. init?

    • N_

      Rishi Sunak’s pater-in-law is a billionaire. He will probably stick around in high office longer than Sajid Javid. He was Head “Commoner” (non-scholar; lived in a “house” dating back no further than the mid-19th century) at Winchester, so he is below Seumas Milne (scholar, lived in the 14th century “College” at the same school) in the social pecking order, lol!

      • Theophilus

        Comical indeed. It is significant, bearing in mind the present situation, that his pater-in-law is Indian and said to be the father of the Indian IT industry.

  • michael norton

    Davison won the seat of Bishop Auckland in December, which had been held by Labour since the constituency’s creation in 1835.
    She is from a working class family, her father was a stone mason but was killed in a pub fight when she was 13.
    She is one of the youngest M.P.s.

    Labour are getting their politically correct knickers in a twist.

  • Giyane

    The Cameron Tories will only be satisfied when they are billionaires and they rebuild the workhouses. In Birmingham’s still derelict centre, food banks and services for the homeless are desperately trying to counter the desperation of Tory and Labour homelessness. Muslims are leading this charitable work of helping the desperately poor.

    I know sajid Javid is to now a Tory, but that might change.
    It’s one thing to believe in free enterprise, quite another to be ideologically driven to castigated the weak and poor.
    No. 10 has just knighted ian Duncan Smith who has reduced the Just Managing to utter penury with his Universal Credit.
    The casual way in which Javid was sacked has opened a rift in British politics between pit bull savages of the working poor on the Right and supporters of family, decency andfree enterprise which is the new Left.

    Johnson’s stupid plan to rig the election has allowed him to open this crack between the Nasty Party who won a fake victory, and everybody else. That crack will open into a chasm very quickly. The Nasty Blairites like my MP Liam Byrne who have always opposed Corbyn will rapidly have to decide whether to jump across to the persecutors of the poor or stay marginalised as imposters in the New Left.

    Those who like Sajid Javid who are very deeply rooted in the Muslim or Christian traditions will find they are humiliated by the hedge-fund pit bull Tories who want Victorian poverty to return to glamourise their revolting and obscene wealth.
    Considering that the pit bulls lost the election, which was rigged by algorithms in the privatised voting system, that means that the electoral majority, the numbers in the house of Commons voting on Bills of the pit bulls, will not follow the expected pattern. Blairites like Byrne will vote with the pit bulls and Ashamed to be pit bull Tories will vote against the government

    And the poor little BBC which waged the election fraud so enthusiastically, will have to carry on wagging the liars until nobody pays their licence fee.

    • joel

      Sajid Javid is the apotheosis of the pitiless hedge-fund Tory; somebody who who courted his wife by reading her passages from Ayn Rand novels. Last month he abandoned his pre-election pledge that “no department will be cut next year” and ordered all ministers to identify savage cuts to departmental budgets.

      It never ceases to amaze who centrists can convince themselves are lost princes across the water.

      • michael norton

        I am a little confused.
        I thought
        “The Age of Austerity” was over?

        I thought that at least in part, Boris getting rid of Sajid was about hosing money all over the place.
        Money on aircraft carriers and a fleet of F-35B
        Hinkley Point C,
        Crossrail, HS2, Northern Power House, Graphene,
        Free Ports
        renewing all the water pipes, renewing all the gas pipes, fleets of electric buses, 6,000 more plods on the beat, 35 new hospitals
        and so on.

        • Giyane

          Michael norton

          To err is human. To forgive a politician for telling you lies, you have to forgive yourself first.

      • Giyane


        Oh so you think Javid was autonomous?
        The way that he was treated tells us was sacked for arguing against cuts which Johnson wants to implement while his lips are still wet from his pre-election lies.
        Older fogeys of the Tory party who have achieved something might put up with being publicly hung drawn and quartered to give way to Alt Right US students of Nazism like Matt Elliot, but Javid was clearly as shocked by Johnson’s capacity for lying as Johnson’s Tory colleagues always have been.

        The unions love a good tart and have selected Lisa. Nandy. White van man will always vote for a tart if given a choice, even a Male tart if he’s got blonde hair from the Tory party. So there is no such thing as a Labour Party unless pissed off with Johnson’s lying tories join the fold. Johnson is unfit for anything., least of all the job he is in.

        People don’t like being lied to by those they trust.
        The Labour party is up for grabs now, whether Javid is the apotheosis of a Tory or not . He will not appreciate his talents being crushed under the hack boot of a liar and a Zionist Nazi.

  • Dungroanin

    ‘Starmer’s enthusiasm while DPP for using mundane news events to feed the press with rightwing talking points is a possible concern for Labour members’

    In an article in todays obsessive by ‘David Renton is a political activist and barrister.’

    Not a single mention of Assange and ”Din’t you dare’ memo to the Swedes.

    Also given another media personality death – mothing about the failure to prosecute any Newspaper.
    Or criticism of the Police failures in phone hacking.
    Also with relation to Police deaths – not a single prosecution during his time.
    Or his failure to speak out against the illegal Blairites decisions to go to War; Illegal renditions; failure to acknowledge International Courts…

    If Sir Keir Starmer is the the future hero of British Social Democracy given his failure to stand up to the JLM and his failure to acknowledge his failures as DPP, then we are indeed deluded.

    The only success he has had was in the ‘Humble Addresses’ (wouldn’t have happened with Bercow) and in getting a ‘no hard brexit’ legislation ( wouldn’t have happened without a handful of Tory rebels).

    I suppose he has nice hair, square jaw, and a peculiar delivery and courtroom humour that may play well with Worcester woman (or whatever creature that has evolved into).

    But could you trust him?

    • Giyane


      I trusted a nurse to assist me having a wee while I was on the operating table. So if I have to .. and it keeps out Nandy.. yes.

        • Giyane

          Starmer, I’ll tell you if I ever get caught out with a no 2 on the operating table .
          Javid. No problem. Pakistanis are quite domesticated in a kind of macho outside.

        • joel

          He embodies the policy that ensured Labours defeat, yet in the parallel universe of political journalists and Labour members he is the most electable candidate.

          • sky

            You are aware that policies were very low down on voters decision to switch from Labour to Tory? Personal opinion of Corbyn and an unclear Brexit stance were the significant factors. Backed up by voter surveys before and after the election

          • joel

            Labour had a very clear Brexit policy … they said tto people who had voted to leave three years earlier they would now have to vote again.

            That’s despite 2/3rds of Labour’s existing seats having voted to leave in 2016 and 89% of the seats they needed to win to form a majority having voted leave.

            Virtually all the seats they lost in December had voted leave in 2016, most having been labour seats forever.

            The author of the self-destructive 2nd referendum policy that cost Labour so badly was one Kier Starmer.

            You can believe he is somebody who is highly respected in those working class leave seats and is just the man to win them back. That is your prerogative.

  • OnlyHalfALooney

    Johnson is looking and acting more and more like South Africa’s Jacob Zuma.

    Zuma is also a prolific womaniser with, like Johnson, an unknown number of children.

    Zuma also made promises that could never realistically be fulfilled. (Zuma promised to “create 6 million jobs” of which he created none at all. Johnson promises tens of hospitals which even if they were built would not have enough doctors and staff.

    Zuma also knew how to speak to his ANC ground-level base (singing and dancing Zulu songs about “bring me my machine gun”). Of course, Johnson sings a different tune but plays up his very British slightly eccentric image, all very appealing to older Tory voters.

    And Zuma twice fired his Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan, because he was getting in the way of Zuma and his cronies’ (e.g. the Gupta brothers) blatant corruption, overspending and plundering of the treasury. (The first time, there was such an outcry that Zuma was forced to reinstate Gordhan.)

    Zuma also, like Johnson, thought accepting presents from ultra-rich pals was perfectly acceptable, just like Johnson sees no problem in accepting the “gift” of a luxurious Caribbean holiday for himself and his girlfriend.

    And like Johnson, Zuma never seems to have had any firm ideological beliefs. It’s all about power, ego and sustaining their lifestyle. Both think the rules apply to others but not to themselves.

    • Antonym

      Careful there, Zuma being black makes him above criticism for some here, so you can be simply dismissed as a racist / colonizer without arguments. Some people cannot get it into their heads that power, ego and money are independent of skin color / religion / gender/ . A white “privilege”?

  • N_

    There have been 55 prime ministers of Britain, starting the counting with Robert Walpole (PM, 1721-42). Of those, 20 went to Eton. A majority, 28, went to Oxford.

    Similar stats could be adduced for France.

    Hold the front page: elites tend to pass influence to their offspring. Who’d have known? The more that elite members declare their commitment to ensuring “equality of opportunity”, the more they hide out on their estates looking forward to the day when the council-estate tower blocks get blown up, never again to sully their beloved horizons. The dreamy thought probably whispers itself into the heads of the especially “thoughtful and capable” ones, “Don’t you think you’re getting too in-bred, down the generations? Your grandfather always thought you were a moron, but look at your eldest – he really is one!” But, at the end of the day, so what?

    Another ffigure that illustrates current craziness comes not from the Tories but from the Labour party: the manifesto promise to create a million “climate change jobs”. One million! That’s seven times as many jobs as there are in the armed forces, and three times as many as in the civil service. It’s around two-thirds the number of people who work in the NHS, and it would amount to about 3% of the workforce. I don’t know how the climate change army was going to be spread out, but if you work in a workplace of say 100 people it would be equivalent to three of them working full-time on trying to stop the tide from coming in climate from changing. Think of a hospital in an area. Well about two-thirds of the number of people who work in that hospital would work in the same area trying to make trees blossom in April again rather than in February, and trying to make average summer temperatures go back down a degree or two. It’s absolutely and completely insane, rather in the way that an emperor might prance buck-arsed to his coronation without anybody being allowed to admit they have noticed. It’s reminiscent of the story of the nonfictional Emperor Bokassa in the Central African Republic who decided that all school pupils in the country had to wear an extremely expensive school uniform, which many people families obviously couldn’t afford to buy. When they protested, he massacred them.

    Why is it that the middle classes don’t say “Hey emperor, you’re naked!” Could it be that they too, rather like their “betters”, wouldn’t terribly mind if the breathing-out rate declined a smidgeon among the “unwashed”? No? So what’s the reason then? Because a million climate change jobs is right up there with Bokassa.

    • Republicofscotland

      “Why is it that the middle classes don’t say “Hey emperor, you’re naked!”

      I’d have thought that, that would be pretty obvious, they’ve got mortgages to pay, school fees to pay, and a whole host of other bills to pay on a monthly basis, they certainly don’t want to rock the boat so to speak.

      The only time they’ll step up, is when their comfy middle class lives are in danger of dropping standards, other than that they aspire to be among the bourgeoisie society.

      Of course the bourgeoisie class believe in liberté far more than they do than egalité centuries of British liberalism believed, and probably still do, is that poverty is the divinely ordained consquences of a misspent life.

  • N_

    Well…Andrew “Stop being idiots and go to mass” Sabisky, eh? He seems to be becoming the focal point of a big fight that’s going on. He has called for the forcible sterilisation of some women – and he doesn’t mean posh girls in the royal box at Ascot. Word is that while transport secretary Grant Shapps won’t condemn the stupid kid Sabisky’s vile views, other spads and ministers are saying they won’t work with Sabisky at all, won’t attend meetings he’s at, won’t respond to his emails.

    Yes, folks, as Britain goes down the tubes the politics of a divided Christianity looms large once again. That’s what happens with things that dont get resolved…

    The roster of government ministers and spads is unlikely to look the same in a week’s time as it does now. And this is all about Eugenics Boy Cummings.

    I wrote before that the fact that Sabisky is a “Catholic Anglican” (he is actively involved in church matters in an organisation called “the Young Tractarians” – I am not simply commenting on what church he goes to) at the very same time as he imagines that if he were receiving IVF he would choose to be impregnated with the “smartest” of nine embryos, shows that some big and dirty games are being played here.

    I asked what would happen to the other 8 embryos. It’s obvious they would be thrown in the bin – they wouldn’t be used to make babies for women in the lower orders who unlike darling Andrew would love their child equally dearly however well or badly he or she might perform on IQ tests.

    So Sabisky wants to chuck human embryos in the bin. He also wants many women to be forcibly sterilised. That’s a damned strange set of views for a “Catholic”, whether “Anglican” or otherwise.

    C’mon Jacob Rees-Mogg, let’s hear what you think. He wished Ruth Davidson well when she and her lesbian lover were allowed to adopt a baby. I somewhat doubt he will bend as far as to say it’s fine for a man to swan around Number 10 who believe women should be forcibly sterilised and that human embryos should be thrown in the bin if they’re considered to be other than the “smartest”.

    I was surprised Jacob stayed put last week. Maybe this week he won’t. Will he go up or out?

    • Magic Robot

      An interesting acronym the ministers have chosen for their ‘special adviser.’

      The same is used by engineers on the railways – it stands for a ‘signal passed at danger’ by a train driver. The consequences of this mistake can be catastrophic and even deadly, of course.

      Coincidence? I don’t believe in them. Why not use the obvious abbreviation of SA, like PA for personal adviser or CEO for chief exec., etc?

    • Jeff

      “C’mon Jacob Rees-Mogg, let’s hear what you think. He wished Ruth Davidson well when she and her lesbian lover were allowed to adopt a baby.”

      Erm….can’t you get anything right? They never adopted anything. Davidson gave birth to her own baby. You are wrong, yet again, maybe you read it tin the Guardian? Idiot.

      • Deb O'Nair

        There is a world of difference between honestly correcting someone else’s mistake/misunderstanding/ignorance and using someone else’s mistake/misunderstanding/ignorance as an excuse to launch an ad hominem attack.

  • Ilya G Poimandres

    Why does Boris running a nation with electoral representative democracy sound strange to you though? Aristotle said that choosing leaders through elections leads to oligarchy over 2000 years ago!

    We have evolutionary autocracy, where failed leaders are not toppled directly democratically, but resign, have a holiday, then fill another post. And on the next election day, they lie through the circus, and come back.

    If you vote for people to then make laws for you, you allow for a practice, within law, equivalent to the Communists’ central planning for their economy.

    Without semi-direct democracy, there is no check or balance on government, as a whole, by the electorate. All you have is a dictatorship in the letter of the law (since there is no direct path to change laws for citizens), and some wishy washy teary eyed ‘democracy’ in the spirit of the law.

    I have never voted for people who then set laws. If the electorate had direct access to reverse the decisions of representatives (and make positive constitutional ammendments), or had the right to keep an eye on the representatives through being free to call any election any time through referendum, then sure, but just giving some power hungry human the keys to my house? No thanks!

    • Republicofscotland

      “Aristotle said that choosing leaders through elections leads to oligarchy over 2000 years ago!”

      In modern day politics, I can think of no other way in which officials should be elected, giving everyone a democratic vote is in my opinion fair.

      You see its not the process that’s flawed, its people that are flawed. We’ve become accustom to politicians lying, cheating and making wild promises, without holding them to account, the question should be when did these things become acceptable to the voter.

      Add to this that throughout history intellectuals have served power. Instead of questioning it from time to time. Elected politicians now seem to reflect business interests, more than they do the interests of the public.

      We’ve allowed this to happen, its our fault.

      • SA

        “You see its not the process that’s flawed, its people that are flawed. “
        It is impossible to say that the process is not flawed as it is the natural progression of the system to lead to the autocracy, and in any case how can a process designed by flawed people not be flawed?
        The basic tenets of capitalism is that money is the most important determinant of a person’s or even a nation’s worth. The acceptance of capitalism by all, including I guess even supposed progressive as the de facto method of running the world is the basic problem here. The most laughable aspect of this charade is shown by the US system of elections where it seems that Bloomberg, the six richest man in the world, might end up representing the Democratic Party and not because of any ideology or desire to improve the lot of the rich, but because he is so rich that he can throw more money at being elected than the other vile billionaire who is the incumbent POTUS.
        Here back home this trend for us to be ruled by a ruling class that only qualify to do so by serving the rich and not threatening the extreme wealth discrepancy is a milder version of the US system and only survives because we do not have to go to the charade of electing a president as our head of state, the rich and powerful monarch, doesn’t even need to compete to preserve her, and her dynasty’s power. And we still live in a democracy?

        • Republicofscotland

          “It is impossible to say that the process is not flawed as it is the natural progression of the system to lead to the autocracy, and in any case how can a process designed by flawed people not be flawed?”

          I believe the one person one vote system is the way to go. Its people who corrupt this system. We elect officials on their promises to do our bidding, that in itself is I think fair.

          We the public however never hold them to account when they fail to deliver, and there’s very little means in any other way to do so, and its become acceptable that they can promise whatever during the run up to election, then once elected renege on it.

          All I can suggest, is that some form of accountability must be put in place to force politicians to carry out their campaign promises.

          • SA

            Your whole post confirms that the system is flawed.
            1. Who can stand and can win? Must belong to a political organisation that is approved by the system. At one stage neo Labour was indistinguishable from the Tories. When labour wished to be the party of the people, it was totally destroyed. Now the Labour Party is once again worthless.
            2. You hit the nail in the head the system is flawed because apart from elections where false promises and propaganda is disseminated, we have no way to hold politicians into account, none whatsoever. It has even been resisted that a local party can deselect their own MP, they are imposed by central parties.
            3. Without proportional representation the views of the majority will often be ignored as you only need about 35% of the population sometimes to win. A great number of votes do not count.
            4. With half of parliament not elected, but appointed for life, which part of representative democracy do you call this? With a monarch with divine rights to rule, a mockery of equality let alone democracy.
            5. Of course democracy is theoretically a very good idea, one man one vote. But the vote is given through being informed and through believing the promises made. The most important part in ensuring this is an unbiased or at least balanced press, where all views are fairly and honestly represented. With media ownership concentrated around billionaires, this is impossible. With the public broadcaster being beholden to the state there is no public interest broadcaster, just a state broadcaster and propagandist.
            I however think I understand what you are trying to say: the idea is of course the best there is, but the difficulty in applying it has been the obstacle to its success. Much as old socialists and communists also argue that these are the best systems but they haven’t been successfully carried out yet.

          • Giyane


            The timing of the announcement of the Chinese offer to build HS2 is scandalous
            Are we really expected by the tsspots in power to believe that this offer was only made recently.

            AFTER the existing budget for us building it has been approved. Where will all the surplus billions go? The corporations that do large infrastructure projects make sure that the Chinese have to pay twice as much as British contractors doing thr work.
            In the end the potential savings go to either politicians or politicians with shares in construction.

            This is a major scandal opening up in the first month of Boris’ bridge to bankruptcy.
            He has no shame.

          • Republicofscotland


            I’m not advocating FPTP, I’m advocating one vote for one person, that in itself isn’t flawed.

        • Laguerre

          It is the natural tendency of the elite to close down democracy, if it can. The case of 5th century BC Athens is not a bad early example. Principle of democracy established, under elite control (Pericles), then come the demagogues, and defeat. Then after the Peloponnesian War (lost), the re-established state in the 4th century is run by the elite, all histories of democracy forgotten.

          • Republicofscotland

            “It is the natural tendency of the elite to close down democracy, if it can.”

            Indeed it is, but its up to us to hold them to account, a democracy is only a democracy, if you can hold onto it.

            In 1787 Be jamin Franklin was asked.

            “A lady asked Dr. Franklin Well Doctor what have we got a republic or a monarchy. A republic replied the Doctor if you can keep it.”

          • lysias

            4th century Athens was highly democratic. It is well described in Mogens Hansen’s “The Athenian Democracy in the Age of Demosthenes”.

      • sky

        Fptp is hugely flawed and a weak democracy leading to anomalies like the Republicans dominating government in USA despite getting less votes than the Democrats and of course our government with the Tories holding a huge majority despite getting less than half the votes

  • mark golding

    “Deliberate destruction” is the ‘milk snatcher’ Thatcher legacy. According to a Naval friend with access to the ships log on HMS Conquerer, the officers and crew were completely surprised at the order to attack the Belgrano which had been tracked for some time using data from US surveillance satellite information and was heading home in international waters and posed no threat whatsoever to RN or British merchant ships.

    I apologise to the Argentinian families who lost their young sons, either frozen to death in the icy chill and 75 mph winds or burnt to death in the heat of the explosion fires. May they rest in peace.

    • Deb O'Nair

      Once the task force was at sea there was no way that there was not going to be a war. The sinking of the Belgrano was a strategic act to prevent the Argentine’s from attempting last minute feints at a diplomatic solution and frustrating the hugely expensive operation, as there was no scope in the planning for the Task Force to idle in the South Atlantic whilst talks may have been occurring at the UN.

      • Brianfujisan


        ” The sinking of the Belgrano was a strategic act ”

        And a War Crime..Under International Law…

        • Republicofscotland

          Yes I recall reading this on it.

          “The sinking of the Belgrano is one of the greatest controversies in modern British military history. The cruiser was outside a 200-mile exclusion zone and sailing away from the British fleet when it was torpedoed, with the loss of 323 lives, by the submarine HMS Conqueror on 2 May, 1982.”

    • Laguerre

      Unfortunate then that the Argentinians started the war. That crime seems to be completely excused these days.

      As it seems that Britain didn’t really have proper rights to the Falklands, had the Argentinians acted a bit more subtly, and not invaded, they might well have ended up with the islands anyway in some fashion, through the UN.

    • Spencer Eagle

      ‘According to a Naval friend’……yeah, right. Even the Belgrano’s captain, Hector Bonzo, admitted that the ship wasn’t heading home, it was instead loitering and had orders to sink “any British ship he could find”. He also accepted that the crew of the Conqueror had carried out its duties according to the accepted rules of war.

      • Edward

        Not just the Belgrano’s captain.

        Even the head of the Argentine navy descibed it as a lawful combat action.

        Even the official report by the Argentine Defence Ministry concluded it was a “legal act of war”.

        I think Mark and others on the left should draw a line under the matter and finally give up their support for the far-right Argentine junta. Hatred of one’s own country can cloud one’s judgment as much as it can to be blindly patriotic. All agression was caused by Argentina’s invasion of sovereign British territory, where all people wanted to remain British subjects. No Argentine lived there, no indigenous people had been displaced. The Falklands had been British long before Argentina was even invented.

        • Giyane


          It’s ok , we have a far right wing junta in power in Westminster so we can all be best friends.
          The Left will never shut up about the illegal use of British military weaponry to enforce its control over countries it took by force of arms before.

          The bonkers Empire2 Tories have no understanding of the UN’ s current position on colonial possessions. The UN is demanding that all former colonies are de-colonised.

        • Tom Welsh

          “The Falklands had been British long before Argentina was even invented”.

          London was Roman long before England was ever invented. Do you even have a point? Looks as though you don’t.

          • Mary

            Edward sounds just like Habbabkuk of Craig Murray’s blog. He used to go on about ‘hating one’s country’ if anyone dared to make a critical comment about an action of the UK.

          • Deb O'Nair

            The Falklands were in French hands until the British took them over. The Spanish name Islas Malvinas is a translation of the French name of Îles Malouines, which was the name given by French fishermen operating out of St. Malo.

        • Republicofscotland

          Well it should come as no surprise that England invaded Buenos Aires in 1806 and 1807.

          Major General William Beresford prompted by Admiral Sir Home Riggs Popham, decided that even though there were no official orders from the British government to do so, that they’d do it anyway.

          A one Santiago de Liniers, fought back and Beresford surrendered in August 1806, it was all very embarrassing for the empire, the occupation of Buenos Aires lasted just 46 days, less than the Argentinian occupation of the Falkland islands.

          1807 saw the empire defeated again in Buenos Aires, so much so that, scapegoat Lieutenant-General John Whitelock, was court martialed on his return to Britain, and dismissed from the service.

          Some crumb of comfort for the Rule Britannia boys in here, is that years later, the empire occupied the Argentinian island of Martín García for a time.

        • Laguerre

          “The Falklands had been British long before Argentina was even invented.”

          That’s wrong. The Argies did have a justified claim. I’m not going to go into the detail, as I’m supposed to be working, and I’d have to spend time on it.

          • Giyane

            The British claim to the Falklands is like a hospital claiming ownership of a patient’s internal organs. Just because the mainland was unable to defend its offshore islands does not mean that Britain can steal them

            Mrs Thatcher was incapable of understanding that war would effectively prevent any future cooperation between ourselves and the rightful owners.
            She regarded war as an initiation into masculinity just as she regarded her close friendship with Jimmy Savile.

            I can’t believe the way these Empire2 Tories seem to regard the despicable acts of their predecessors as justification for repeating their crimes , in Afganistan , Iraq, libya, Syria and the Arab Spring coups.

            However it’s plain obvious that Mrs Thatcher’s outrageous belligerence over the Falklands created a precedence for all the following British war crimes. Unilateral and unwarranted violence which should have been severely punished instead revitalised the taste for blood amongst defeated British imperialists. A list for power which Jeremy Corbun sought unsuccessfully to end.

    • Kempe

      Problem there is that the log went missing shortly afterwards. If your “Naval friend” has it or knows where it is he or she could either be in line for a handsome payout from the tabloids or a court martial. Probably both.

      In 1994 the Argentine Navy admitted that the Belgrano was leading the southern arm of a pincer movement against the British task force and was in the act of moving away for the night. It would’ve reversed course to bring its Exocet armed destroyer escort within range before dawn.

      • Giyane


        Watch Corbyn’s lips. Britain has fought no just war since
        1948. Only crazy people who live in a 130 year time warp think that sending a fleet of battleships to defend land they stole was either legal or humane..

        Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not kill.
        Thatcher wanted to teach the world a lesson.
        She is now in the furnace of hell.
        The only message needed from a British PM in the century after WW2 was that Britain had changed and would now negotiate and compromise.

        Who is this holy cow you all worship?
        A woman wholly uneducated in morality or compassion.
        A feminist who emulated the behaviour of males.
        A politician whose ideas are now proven to be bankrupt and dangerous. She will go down in the history books as worse than Hitler and his Nazi party because she was the one who reintroduced permanent war after the lessons of two world wars.
        I curse her and all her admirers for the cruel charlatans they all are.

  • Giyane

    Look how quickly right wing commenters descend like vampires on anyone challenges their ancientImperial assumptions.

    Look at the Boris Johnson style. Left wing people should just accept our illegally rigging of the election.
    Left wing people should accept our illegal occupation of the Chsgos Islands.
    Left wing people are Anti-Semitic if the do not accept Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine.

    I will inform Edward that just rigging the election, and just building on stolen land and just ignoring UN decisions will not solve anything. Britain is a small insignificant country without an Empire. Previous politicians decided to de- industrialised the country because industrialisation gave too much power to working people. So we are more or less left with nothing except banking interest, to live on

    This British banana Republic solved the problem of its financial bankruptcy in 2007 by borrowing and passing the cost on to the public and future generations. They refused to change the failed dogma of failed Thatcherism

    This British banana Repiblic was faced with a massive rebellion from ordinary voters about Tory austerity caused by Tory ignorance. So it rigged the election to stay in power so that it could carry on selling assets of this country made by previous left wing ideologies.

    This British banana republic has spent all my adult life serving the interests of Israrl in destroying the viability of oil,wealthy states in the Middle East and beyond. It uses its historical voice in global institutions to falsely accuse its opponents of war crimes producing fake accounts about planes that have been taken hostage in Diego Garcia or blown to smithereens over war zones.

    This banana republic of Britain should be removed both from the United Nations which it ignores and from the European institutions that it refuses to be informed by.

    Bring on the GM crops and chlorinated chickens, private health insurance and low tax and zero benefits systems.
    And when you’ve finished you can sell the UK to Donald Trimp as a shack to keep his chickens.

    • Brianfujisan

      Very well said Giyane

      Britain might be Britain.. And Scotland is Scotland…The Frigging states of things, it’s no wonder we want OUT.

      Of course most of the things you mention – And I should add indy ref 2014 result – would not be possible without MSM lies and Propaganda Crimes.

    • Cubby

      And people are expected to believe that this Westminster Establishment subsidises Scotland to the tune of £10billion to £15 billion per annum depending on how they have managed to pockle the figures in any one year because they are such jolly good fellas who have a history of doing good deeds around the world.

      Or are they ripping Scotland off since the first day of the 1707 Treaty of Union.

      313 years of this is long enough.

      • Brianfujisan

        Indeed Cubby

        Have you seen the Wee Dug is Back from Honeymoon –

        In the UK there’s only accountability if you’re poor, if you’re black, or if you’re a supporter of Scottish independence.

        “We got to this sorry place because the British media not only tolerates double standards, it actively pursues and encourages them. It suits the likes of Boris Johnson to hold these views, because it reinforces the belief that the rich deserve their wealth and the poor deserve their poverty, and helps to ensure that within the UK, no one will ever be in any position to do anything about it. We live in a state which has the greatest gap between rich and poor in Europe. With Boris Johnson in charge it’s only going to get worse.

    • Giyane


      If Extinction Rebellion are on the Far Right, How much further Right do Sinn Fein have to go to in order to be on the Left?

    • nevermind

      More derogatory remarks aimed at non violent direct activists who are telling the Government to act up to the ravages of climate change.
      You are really not worth debating with N_ and you are a disgrace to Marxists who know where the rightwing fascist sup and sit.
      I suggest you call youself foghorn. They will soon have a million supporters and you can spit feathers in your valley as much as you like.
      I wonder what they say about you walking around in your soviet starred shaggy cap going shopping at Lidls.

  • N_

    Watch as the stick shifts in Britain with regard to eugenics and “race”, two ideas always lurking behind the Social Darwinist idea called “IQ”. Today has been a big day. A public official has said black people are born inferior, and he hasn’t apologised, repudiated, or even commented. The prime minister, whose small office this man works in or with – a PM who is known for calling black people “piccaninnies” in a nudge-and-wink throwback to Saint Enoch Powell of Brexit’s famous “blood” speech – responds how? Basically with a “No comment”, meaning “So what?” and “Ha ha, see what’s coming, suckers”. What should happen now is a political general strike joined by large numbers of public servants, to force Johnson and co out of office. It won’t, though.

    In Brazil, see Jair “Eugenics” Bolsonaro…

    • nevermind

      Time for your comments to be censored here. To call XR fascists is not only wrong but it needs explaining. N_ is seemingly a Cummings fan who gets away with it.

  • Carl

    It is indeed difficult to know what century we are living in when you see the licking of the shoes of an old school racist Bullingdon man.

    A lot of that confusion is sown by ultra Woke Aunty. Today the Beeb summarily dismissed a football pundit for saying some young black players at Derby “need taking down a peg”. Yet refuse even to report that the British prime minister is being asked to apologise for saying black people have inferior IQs.

    That’s ultra Woke Aunty for ya.

    • Mrs Pau!

      Personally I don’t see that adopting woke policies and actively pursuing the trans vote is going to turn around the Labour in its old socialisr strongholds in the next election.

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