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I have always been very fond of this photo, for reasons which are perhaps obvious. We are left to right Celia, Stuart, Neil, Craig and throughout our childhood we really were that close and that happy. The reason that I post this now is that my mother always told me she was amazed how good we looked in the photo, because it was taken when we were all off school sick with Hong Kong flu.

The Hong Kong flu pandemic of 1968/9 was the last really serious flu pandemic to sweep the UK. They do seem extraordinarily regular – 1919, 1969 and 2020. Flu epidemics have much better punctuality than the trains (though I cheated a bit there and left out the 1958 “Asian flu”). Nowadays “Hong Kong flu” is known as H3N2. Estimates for deaths it caused worldwide vary from 1 to 4 million. In the UK it killed an estimated 80,000 people.

If the current coronavirus had appeared in 1968, it would simply have been called “flu”, probably “Wuhan flu”. COVID-19 may not be nowadays classified as such, but in my youth flu is definitely what we would have called it. The Hong Kong flu was very similar to the current outbreak in being extremely contagious but with a fairly low mortality rate. 30% of the UK population is estimated to have been infected in the Hong Kong flu pandemic. The death rate was about 0.5%, mostly elderly or with underlying health conditions.

But there was no massive panic, no second by second media hysteria, over Hong Kong flu. Let me start being unpopular. “Man in his 80’s already not very well from previous conditions, dies of flu” is not and should not be a news headline. The coverage is prurient, intrusive, unbalanced and designed to cause hysteria.

Consider this: 100% of those who contract coronavirus are going to die. 100% of those who do not contract coronavirus are also going to die. The difference in average life expectancy between the two groups will prove to be only very marginal. That is because the large majority of those who die of COVID-19 will already be nearing the end of life or have other health problems.

Let me make this important statement. I write as somebody whose heart and lungs are damaged and in poor condition, following the multiple bilateral pulmonary emboli which nearly killed me in 2004, which mysteriously appeared at precisely the time the UK and US governments were desperately trying to get rid of me as Ambassador, just a couple of weeks after I had been finally cleared of all the false charges with which the British government had attempted to fit me up. I was in a coma for days and subsequently given a maximum of three years to live (read Murder in Samarkand for the full story). If I get COVID-19 I expect I shall be fairly quickly gone off on my next adventure.

But I am OK with that. I have lived an incredibly full and satisfying life. I have no desire whatsoever to die – I have a wife and children I love deeply and I have important political battles I wish to fight. But human beings are not supposed to live forever and one day my time will come.

What worries me about the current reaction to coronavirus, is that it seems to reflect a belief that death is an aberration, rather than a part of the natural order of things. As the human species continues to expand massively in numbers, and as it continues casually to make other species extinct, it is inevitable that the excessive and crowded human population will become susceptible to disease.

As we see the catastrophic effects of human beings on the environment, including on other species and the climate, I am genuinely perplexed as to what are the underlying assumptions and goals of humankind. Do we really believe that medical science could and should eliminate all disease? There are numerous, well-funded medical scientists working very hard on research into the idea that ageing itself is a process that can be prevented. Because that is a notion very attractive to wealthy westerners, more money is being spent on preventing ageing than on fighting malaria and other tropical diseases. Where does this end? Do we really want a world – or at least a wealthy word – where everybody gets to be a centenarian? What are the effects of that on overall population, on demographics, economics and the allocation of finite resources including food and housing?

The mass hysteria around the current coronavirus is being driven by a societal rejection of the notion that the human species is part of the wider ecology, and that death and disease are unavoidable facts, with which it ought to be part of the human condition to come to terms. Let me offer a comforting thought to those of you who have bought into the hysteria. I have no doubt whatsoever that mortality rates from the coronavirus are being exaggerated. They are all based on extrapolation from those who have been tested, but there exists a very large population of people, worldwide, who have or have had the coronavirus, whose symptoms have been those of a cold or non-existent, who have not put themselves forward for testing. The Hong Kong flu had a mortality rate of 0.5% and I believe that ultimately COVID-19 will prove to be very similar. Just like flu once you get it, the only difference being it is more contagious so more people will get it.

Yes wash your hands, bin your tissues, keep things clean. Don’t hang around someone who has the flu. Take advantage of everything modern medicine can do to help you. But don’t be too shocked at the idea that some sick people die, especially if they are old. We are not Gods, we are mortal. We need to reconnect to that idea.

All human deaths are individual tragedies. I wish all solace and comfort to the grieving, and in no way wish to minimise the pain of individual loss of anybody of any age (I lost my own mother not long ago), or that even a small number of child deaths in particular will be dreadfully painful. My deepest and heartfelt condolences go to all the bereaved, and my warm regards go to all the sick and the worried. But the perspective of the wider place of human life in the cosmos is a help in grieving. The purpose of this blog remains not to shirk from saying what might be unpopular. I do hope people will start to consider COVID-19 in a more measured way.


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648 thoughts on “Momento Mori – Unpopular Thoughts on Corona Virus

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  • michael norton

    Italy confirmed cases of Covid-19 = 17660
    number of deaths in Italy = 1266

    this really is a pandemic
    now centered on The Alps

          • Jack


            You still mad because I dont agree with your views when we argued this months ago?
            Are you embarrassed that you are pro open borders during the pandemic times?

          • SA

            Since you do not recognise your straw man argument I shall try to explain this to you in simple terms.
            Neil Clark has written about the foolish policies of Macron and Merkle in not closing borders because of the corona virus epidemic. He said he is critical despite the fact that he is not opposed to immigration but that this was a different situation that requires closing the borders. In all of this Neil’s stance is actually very close to mine.But I disagree with Neil in that the corona virus has really little to do with immigration but something more to do with Schengen which is more relevant. However you Jack would like to draw up the bridge and live in little Britain whatever the excuse. Your Straw Man argument is simply this: I no where said that I do not support closure of the borders should be carried out because of the corona epidemic, in fact I think it is a sensible thing to do now, nothing whatever to do with immigration. But of course your answer was so typically straw man argument that it must be a classic case on this website. Have a lovely day.

          • Jack


            Migration is not only about arabs, africans which you seems to believe but people between any country.
            Thanks for your answer, you finally agree with me that open borders is not a trivial issue.

          • SA

            No I never thought it was a trivial issue. Trivialisation occurs when you think it is a bad idea across the board because “our borders are swamped and our jobs are taken from us and our girls marry foreigners”.
            Actually immigration has never been uncontrolled but the government does not tell you. In the last few years there has not been any sizeable reduction in immigration from non-EU countries which we were not ‘obliged’ to take in through being members of the EU. Regulations also do exist as to what benefits any non-resident could have whether from the EU or not. The freedom of movement was simply that people could move as long as they self support. Instruments are available to not support those who do not contribute to the economy whether they are from the EU or not unless they are asylum seekers. It was incompetence from successive government that has lead in some cases to rises of immigration. The Brexit debate about immigration is a spurious one and done only to whip up chauvinistic, not to say, racist sentiments.
            Now back to current straw man. Did you think that you have been successful in diverting the original discussion to another topic?

          • Jack


            Being proective of the border is the most important thing a nation is set to establish.
            Being pro open border is to depart from that very important goal and as we now see, that departure play a huge part in the spreading of this virus. Why else do you think nations all over the europe close flights and borders?

          • SA

            Now Mr Jack another diversion, closing borders is really about stopping foreigners from infecting us. Oh do move on.

          • Jack


            Apparently you have missed that the border closures is not about race but where the biggest virus outbreak is at the moment.

          • Jack


            Believing that the reason nations block their borders now is because they are racist is a delusional worldview.
            Use your common sense like everyone else do judging what is happening.

          • SA

            Intelligent blocking or regulating of borders is of course the right approach worldwide and has been implemented. Using a faulty argument to blame immigrants for all our ills and to vote to shoot yourself in the foot whilst not addressing the problem, because it was not a problem created by the EU, is just folly. No go along and do something else. I think we have both exhausted this subject.

          • Jack

            Again, migrants is not just africans, arabs as you seems to believe.
            Its not racist to block chinese as the russians did nor is it racism that US block european nations, nor will it be racism if europe block flights from the middle east carrying refugees.
            Not everything in this world is related somehow to racism. It really cloud the perspective people need to take these days. Racism is not even on the agenda because its totally irrelevant subject to bring up.

  • michael norton

    The Donald has very recently said his ban on Europeans flying to America, may have to soon also apply to British people, as Covid-19 seems to be running amok in the U.K., as well as in mainland Europe.

  • michael norton

    Europe is now the eye of the storm, according to the Who.
    Italy = 17,660, Spain = 5232, Germany = 3675, France = 3661, United Kingdom = 798

    These figures for the U.K. are very underplayed,
    as the U.K. government have said, only very ill people taken into the health care system, with respiratory problems will be tested
    for Covid-19.
    The Who want as many people as possible to be Covid-19 tested, they say, only by doing this, will the spread of the disease be able to be mapped and understood.

    • SA

      “These figures for the U.K. are very underplayed,”
      Really? This is the sort of things only Countries like Iran do, not a democracy like ours. Also in any case what you do not know, does not hurt you surely. If we do not test we can keep the figures of those infected down as ostriches very well know, and it keeps them safe from danger.
      See also my other comments

    • Jack

      “These figures for the U.K. are very underplayed,
      as the U.K. government have said, only very ill people taken into the health care system, with respiratory problems will be tested”

      Indeed that is why i.e. grandchildren are most likely the transmitter to the old people.
      Since kids, youngsters are not tested they risk being The transmitter of the virus to the unbeknownst eldery crowd.

      • Kempe

        Problem with being tested is it only proves your not infected up util that point. The next person you meet after being tested could be the one that infects you.

          • Kempe

            ” you’re not infected ”

            Some NHS hospitals have set up drive through testing.

        • SA

          That is true. But it also true for being diagnosed with a myocardial infarction, syphilis or a stroke. So should we stop testing for those?

          • Kempe

            No of course not. Testing saves lives. I was just drawing attention to the shortcomings of testing in these circumstances.

  • michael norton
    A schoolgirl who fell ill during a school trip to New York died of sepsis, American authorities have said.

    Anastasia Uglow, 17, from Bristol, was found unconscious at the Holiday Inn Express hotel on 19 December.

    The Bristol Grammar School sixth form student was pronounced dead at Mount Sinai hospital.

    An investigation in New York found Miss Uglow died of “bronchopneumonia and sepsis complicating [an] influenza upper respiratory infection”.

    The students had been on a trip to New York and Washington DC.

    The people who will be taken in to hospital, in the U.K. will only be those suffering from sepsis or urgent breathing difficulties.
    Once you are in intensive care your demise if it happens, will most likely be sepsis.

    I’ve had sepsis, you almost never make a full recovery.
    Most old people die of pneumonia or sepsis, whatever they put on the death certificate. If you get sepsis, at the most you have a few days to live, unless you are on intravenous treatments.
    So, if you are doing as the U.K. government request, self isolating, don’t over look sepsis.

    • SA

      Yes, that is one of the problems of self isolation. It may be a short while from developing mild symptoms to becoming very ill and it may be twenty four hours before your next visit is due from the district nurse or remote delivery who may knock at door and get no answer and move on.

  • michael norton

    Spain is now on maximum alert.
    Coronavirus cases in Spain have risen by 1,500 to more than 5,700, public health officials say.

    Airlines are no longer flying to Spain – too risky.

    • Jack

      No wonder Donald Trump stopped European country flights, this is the new centre of the virus.

      Russia only have 45 cases, I suspect the real number is unknown and far greater. At the same time they did ban Chinese tourists, workers quite early on.

    • Marmite

      Trump has an election coming up and needs to be in control of the American penguindom.

      Even if Johnson was facing an election, he probably wouldn’t have to care less, because the Brexit-capped British are so far down the line with their DailyMail-inspired xenophobia that they would of course instantly forgive him for having the blood of tens of thousands on his hands.

      Backed by pseudo-scientists, which he must have paid handsomely to speak the bullshit that they do, and performing his little Dr Cagliari experiment on the herd that the British have allowed themselves to become, Boris has become even more invincible, unaccountable and untouchable.

      • michael norton

        Ten more people in the U.K. have died in the last 24 hours after testing positive for coronavirus, bringing the total number of deaths to 21.

        The U.K. government’s chief medical adviser said the patients were all in “at-risk” groups from across England.

        The total number of confirmed cases in the U.K. has reached 1,140 while 37,746 people have been tested.
        This is out of control.
        Shut the stable doors – now.

        • Steve

          Wow, soon it will be like the Black Death, millions dying on the streets. And then there’s “Climate Change”. And what about Yk2? Yk3! Now I’m off to change my undies.

          • Jack


            I bet that those chinese and italians that had the same attitude you have now, will without a doubt have changed their attitude by now. Dont you think?

      • Marmite

        Looks like The Guardian has got a new chief apologist for Tory cruelty.

        ‘Slagging off Boris Johnson seems another form of denial. Would Jeremy Corbyn be doing any better? If scoring party-political points at a time like this is your priority, you have the incurable virus of self-righteousness. Sorry. People will die in huge numbers, and it is true, of course, that inequality and austerity kills. This is not new information, but this virus is new and how we behave cannot be based on how we behaved three months or even three days ago. We don’t have enough ventilators, hospital beds or the testing that seems more important than ever in how we move forward; arguing and point-scoring won’t help with those essential, urgent practicalities.’

        Just reading this one paragraph is enough to make one vomit.

        Moron alert: nobody said it was about point-scoring, but just about spelling out the truth that bad government kills. She doesn’t seem to understand (or want to understand) the basics, and shouldn’t be in journalism with idiotic views like this.

  • Jack

    Italy’s health system is overwhelmed:

    – “We’re close to the point of no return for intensive care beds in Lombardy. We have 15 to 20 intensive care beds left. With 85 new people entering ICU every day and 2 or 3 leaving, we’re close to the point of no return. “There are no more ambulances” – Lombardy Welfare Councilor Gallera added – “and therefore someone will have to wait late in the evening.” [source] 732 patients are currently treated in intensive care in Lombardy, and 76 new deaths were reported in the region today [source]
    Thats a good site by the way^ on current events in different nations.

  • michael norton

    Spain is imposing a nationwide lockdown in a bid to tackle the coronavirus, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has confirmed. It prevents citizens from leaving their homes except to buy food and medicine and for work or emergencies.
    The government announced the new measures at a news conference on Saturday and they are set to come into effect on Monday morning.

    The measures, which Sanchez called “extraordinary” and “drastic”

  • Tony M

    Oh dear me, why did I read the comments. It’s the usual full-time doomsday cultists jerking off, glen and Clarj the most notable, I suppose it’s all going to be used to justify a new rash of nuclear reactors, so safe we can put them in nursery-schools. It’s not the climate, it’s the weather, it changes. But it is the radiation, nuclear and electromagnetic now reaching disrupting the brain, the nervous systems. It’s the pollution of soil, air and water. The MS of AM radio dj’s, ww2 radar station operatives, it’s the BBC. It’s the zombies walking into traffic glued to their phones, or careering round bends their dashboards replaced by sat-nav screens they need to find their way back to their cells, eyes on the tiny fonts on their Fisher-Price Activity-Centres. It’s glyphosate to poison the soil and the food. It’s aspartame/sucralose once only licensed to make rat-poison palatable to rats, now it’s in everything. It’s martial-law and suspension of the always illusory ‘democracy’. It’s a cull folks, of us folks, of old-folks, of wisdom, of memories, an elimination of superfluous worn-out worked to near-death proles. I knew if they didn’t cut the old-age pension to the bone, and steal the public-sector superannuated pensions too, they’d have to do something more drastic. They came for the younger sick already, called it ESA. It was never a question of whether they were mad enough and evil enough to it, that’s a given thing. In conclusion, nothing.

  • michael norton

    France to close restaurants and cafes and nightclubs.

    France will shut shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities from Sunday with its 67 million people told to stay home to help fight the rapid acceleration of the coronavirus in a country where the number of cases has doubled in 72 hours.
    91 dead in France which is a 2% mortality

    • michael norton

      United Kingdom
      has 21 dead, while only 18 are recovered, giving the U.K. a mortality rate of 1.84%

      doesn’t look promising.
      National Health Service of U.K.
      is to be put on a wartime footing.

      • SA

        The mortality rate is meaningless because we don’t know how many are infected.
        What we have is called the case mortality rate.

        • michael norton

          Well, there are possibly thousands more cases in the United Kingdom, than our government are letting on.
          However having 18 recovered and 21 dead is startlingly bad odds.

          • SA

            No because it is still early on in the infections. If you look at the Chinese figure you will see more people recovered because China started off early. At this stage these figures don’t mean much and with such relatively small numbers in terms of statistical error.

    • Steve

      You need to take a deep breath and stop panicking, dude. It’s a bad does of flu which affects the same groups as normal flu: the elderly and infirm. Your breathless regurgitating of MSM bullshit doesn’t help anything except the spread of hysteria. As the author of this wonderful article said, we need a bit of humility and common sense. Now go take a Mogodon.

      • Jack

        No it is not the flu at all, try to say that to the italians, chinese or why not the austrians, spaniards or soon a relative of yours?
        People all of all ages is affected and most elderly have diseases so do many young people, have they not the right to live in protection from this virus?

  • michael norton

    An unmentionable outcome of Brexit and Coronavirus contagion
    is likely to be the utter collapse of the Eurozone.
    The E.U. is like a startled rabbit bemused by the double juggernaut hurtling towards Europe.
    They are unable to act as a group, it is now every nation for themselves.
    After the contagion has run its course, it will be glaringly obvious that the Euro is a busted flush.

    • Jack

      Exactly. I am very critical of the EU but I believed that in a crisis EU would would act together. No.
      Some nations do not even carry out tests, some nations close down schools, some close down borders. That is , one nation do exacte opposite what the other nation is doing.

  • michael norton

    Spain is particularly dangerous.
    6391 victims
    5678 recovered
    196 dead

    The are rampaging.
    No people allowed in or out, people to stay indoors until further decree.
    Looks like U.K. is moving towards Marshall Law.

    • Jack

      Almost 370 new deaths in Italy past 24 hours.
      Far too many still believe that this is just a flu. No a regular flu do not kill this fast, do not seed this fast and this is only in the start of this mess.

  • michael norton

    Number of cases outside China has now exceeded 80,000, surpassing China’s total
    Many of these nestle the Alps

  • Cubby

    It is very unfortunate for the people of the UK and the USA to have two incompetent lying morons in charge when a pandemic hits. Idiots voted for idiots to be in charge. Sigh.

    No matter someone’s age or their current health all people should be valued. It is not acceptable to dismiss people because they are old or sick.

    • Mrs Pau!

      If going to ground for several months will save me from succumbing to the coronavirus and relieve pressure on the NHS, I am ready to do so. A bigger problem is Mr Pau! Who has yet to reach the big 70 and is determined to carry on playing bridge meanwhile..
      He is not alone in this. Many of his bridge addict cronies are intent on doing the same. All that shuffling and passing cards across a small table and changing seats, I cannot imagine anything more likely to transfer germs. But an addict is an addict even at the card table.
      i was intending to go and stay with my sister but one of her husband’s work colleagues has just been diagnosed with COVID-19, so that no longer seems such a good idea. I suppose I shall just have to rely on my immune system to see me through.

      • Cubby

        Mrs Pau!

        I have a 91 year old relative who is insisting on continuing to go to play bridge twice a week with his old chums. Not very wise.

        Quite frankly anyone calling events an overreaction/panic/hysteria are just wrong. The reaction has been to slow and insufficient.

          • Cubby


            How do you know that is the case. Do you moonlight as the grim reaper or something.

            He is in perfect health and plays golf twice a week. He could live for another 10 years.

    • SA

      These two countries led by two of the biggest pompous liers seem to think they are immune from the virus because of some kind of arrogant exceptionalism. At least Trump has now woken up after being completely disgraced over this but our government seem to be hiding behind faulty science as if it is the holy grail, notwithstanding that scientisits often disagree, especially when something is new and there are many unknowns

      • Cubby


        I agree.

        Trump has gone from it’s a hoax, to its only a mild flu just continue to go to work, to a national emergency in about two weeks.

        Johnson was too busy thinking about Brexit and his bung a bob to make Big Ben bong to see what was happening in China.

        Both are guilty of criminal incompetence. Idiots voting for idiots with funny hair styles who I wouldn’t trust to successfully order a Chinese takeaway never mind learn lessons from China’s experience.

  • michael norton

    As of yesterday 41,123 persons had been diagnosed in countries which share the Alps.
    Today France shuts down Alps ski slopes.
    This number is substantial.
    More than half as many who were diagnosed in all of China, just in a hot spot surrounding
    the Alps.
    Crude Oil now dropped to 30$/barrel.
    World trade hitting the buffers, train companies asking for hand-outs as travellers don’t want people coughing over them.

  • michael norton

    Coronavirus infections outside China pass 87,000; case numbers in China stand at 80,860
    Germany closes the border it shares with five other countries.

    Only today has France shut their ski-slopes.
    Yet weeks ago it was plain that ski centres were the epicentre of virus spreading in Europe.
    Until recently almost 100% of people who were diagnosed positive in England had caught it skiing in the Alps.
    Just between Austria and Switzerland, they have almost four thousand victims, and these countries are tiny.

  • Davey Heller

    Craig Murray is romanticising a time when a “flu” swept through the UK every few years and wiped out tens of thousands of working class people. I don’t think this is a politically healthy viewpoint in any sense of the word.

    We have the technology and collective power to minimise human suffering from all sorts of diseases now, including the Corona virus. The only reason this virus is so deadly in some places is due to a lack of medical facilities to treat people. This is the responsibility of the governments and the capitalist class who have starved public hospitals of funds. This is why the disease will be such a disaster in poorer countries who lack virtually any quality health care.

    If governments didn’t waste trillions on weapons how much more public hospitals would there be? If resources were shared equally around the world, the developing world would not be at such risk? If essential services, transport, power, housing etc were controlled for and by the people then the disruption caused by dealing with a virus could be accommodated. Instead we see trillions wasted trying to prop up Wall St and ordinary people losing their jobs and homes due to the economic crisis. This is a crisis created by capitalism, not panic.

    Of course capitalist governments will use this as an opportunity to build up police and military measures, that’s what they do. However Leftits don’t need to go to the other extreme and say the whole thing is an overreaction and lets just “let nature do its work” through the virus by letting older humans die en masse! This is the eugenic philosophy of Boris Johnson who thinks its “desirable” to just let the virus spread through the population and see who survives.

    Nor do I support the callous isolation of older people without massive social support being given to them. Again this is the Tory not the socialist response to such a crisis. If people need to be isolated from others for a period of time, they must be supported.

    We need to fight for a world where whether you are a child from Gaza, an old person in Manchester, an African exposed to Malaria, a working in a mine or an uber drive, your life is valued. and you have access to what a human needs to thrive. It is a pity that Craig Murray cant join the dots and see the same system that kills people without a second though in war and persecutes Assange for revealing these crimes, is the same system that doesn’t fight tooth and nail to save the lives of ordinary people, whatever their age, in a global pandemic.

    • Ken Kenn


      Agree wholeheartedly.

      Venezuela has just been denied a $5bn loan from the IMF.

      Perhaps they are scared of the government spending it on the people?

      Or more to the point scared of their US masters.

      Johnson’s antics are reflective of this – protecting the riches of the people he works for.

      He is not willing ( not yet anyway ) ready to help the non rich people.

      Perhaps his close ‘ Super – Forecasters can tell him when the looting and rioting will start in London?

      It is inevitable if you refuse to pay the poorer people an income.

      this government should have stayed in the 3 foot end of the Swimming Baths – they are way out of their depth here.

  • michael norton

    Italy almost 28000, Spain almost 10000, Germany 7000+
    France 6500+ Switzerland 2000+
    United Kingdom 1500+

    Old people to be put on Lock-Down in U.K. – soon

    France to become a police state as from lunch time Tuesday.

  • Jack

    Former Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Akhtar has lashed out at who he regards as responsible for the coronavirus and blamed China solely for the outbreak.
    “I don’t understand why you have to eat things like bats, drink their blood and urine and spread some virus across the globe … I’m talking about the Chinese people. They have put the world at stake. I really don’t understand how you can eat bats, dogs, and cats. I’m really angry,” Akhtar said in a video posted on his Youtube channel.

    After this outbreak is cleared (if it ever will..) there must be some change of attitude in China and a more defensive attitude against the eating culture in China in the rest of the world to contain this threat.
    This must never happen again.

  • Ewan

    Any odds on who will be the first national leader to trumpet how they’ve exceeded their carbon reduction emission targets for 2020?

  • michael norton

    Brent Crude at four year low

    Price dollars per barrel($/barrel)

    Mostly done to coronavirus.
    This could be as big a crash as the 1929 Wall Street Crash, which followed on from the Spanish Flu Pandemic.

  • michael norton

    All non-urgent operations in England will be postponed from 15 April 2020 to free up 30,000 beds to help tackle coronavirus,
    NHS England has said.
    The emergency policy will be in place for at least three months.

    Germany has ballooned to 8064 victims
    United Kingdom, a shade under two thousand.

  • sam

    Agree with Mr Murray
    This is just a virus like all other viruses, some worse than others.
    Has anyone done an analysis of the cost of millions of people losing their jobs as a result of this shut down? We are not talking about the black death here!
    The media are complicit in destroying our jobs and economy and should be held to account.
    The question is why are governments going along with this like headless chickens? Where is the debate? Where is rational thought?
    The lastest report from the WHO estimates a 0.7% death rate but an overestimate as mild cases are not reported.

    If the govt were really interested in helping people and knew anything about health at all they would recommend or provide vit D3 and vit C for all. Levels of vit D are low in the witner due to lack of sun which is why we get flu in the winter not the summer. This will combat the virus successfully in the majority of people.
    There is a lot more to this than meets the eye.
    Suggestions of a cash less society being imposed since the central banks have destroyed the bond economy with near zero interest rates and the chickens are coming home to roost.
    Without cash you can’t withdraw money from your bank when they impose negative interest rates on your account.
    There are other scenarios and of coure duing an ’emergency’ the govt can do what it likes, a very dangerous situation for the people to be in

  • Dave Lawton

    When I worked in gravity wave astronomy. I remember being aware there was a correlation of plagues and Solar Cycles. Newton knew about this and that is why he went to stay the country.

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