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I owe an apology to all those who are kind enough to subscribe to my blog. I was determined that I would not let my impending trial affect my output, but have been unable to see that through. It is partly because preparation does take up much more time than I had imagined. But it is mostly because I find it hard to put my mind to anything else and really concentrate.

I do not want to give you the impression that I am very worried, or depressed. I am rather angry; a deep, seething anger that keeps breaking into my thoughts. I am rather worried about this. I can with fairness claim to have devoted much of my life to fighting against injustice. I was prepared to sacrifice an extremely prestigious and lucrative career to take a stand against UK complicity in torture, driven largely by empathy for the victims. I have assisted with numerous individual human rights cases and particularly asylum claims, including representing people, without fee, before immigration courts. But I am nonetheless alarmed by how much more viscerally angry I am when the injustice is against myself than when it is against another. I am aware that is very unattractive. This fury at being personally mistreated is disproportionate and quite wrong, and ought not to stop me working. I feel guilty about it.

Among the results is a very annoying writers’ block. I have been intending this last five days to write an article on Barack Obama’s failure while President to tackle institutional racism and societal inequalities in the USA, and relate that to the remarkable fact he paid much less attention to aid to Africa than George W Bush. I enjoy writing most when I am running counter to the prevailing narrative and pointing to inconvenient fact. But the lines of logic refuse to flow, the fascinating asides do not pop up, and then I remember something else I must tell my lawyers.

Please do not worry. I am not sad, and my anger does not manifest itself by being horrible to others; on the contrary, for once I seem to be particularly considerate to my family and appreciative of how fortunate I am. The purpose of this post is to apologise to you, and thank you for your patience. It is not a signal of giving up – I do not intend to wait until after the trial before getting back to normal. Please bear with me.

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  • reg fairbairn

    no apologies needed or asked for, now is the time to fight for yourself and your family, you will always have my support, though i may disagree with you on some details, the fight for independence will continue and I look forward to the future when these unjust and politically motivated charges are thrown out and you can devote your efforts to the cause of both justice and indy, good luck

  • Roger Ewen

    I’m reading all the comments made by various people, very seldom can a “state enemy” be shown that much support, encouragement, care and affinity with the position you find yourself. But an honest mans lot, if one lives by any moral code of honour, one must be expected to be tried at times for ones convictions. The brotherly love shown in the comments proves your worth.

  • Min Clifford

    Dear Craig You have nothing to apologize for . In fact I should be apologizing to you. I follow your articles as I believe you are an honest and just man. A truth seeker who does not give up. We should have been writing to you, to support you in time of need.
    What exactly have you been accused of and how bad is it for you? So much injustice in the World and the UK goes from bad to worse.
    My thoughts are with you. X

  • humph28

    Very aware at this worrying time you would rightly focusing on the upcoming court case.

    No apology needed.

  • Philip Maughan

    Something to look forward to Craig which may stimulate your journalistic juices. BBC have produced a three part drama of the Salisbury novichok poisonings, showing on June 14th. – 16th.

    • Lynne Dempsey

      We probably won’t get the Novichok programme in NZ – look forward to you dissecting it for us. Best wishes

      • John Dickson Brown

        Craig, you are going are going through an all consuming process which is rightly taking prominence in your life. Concentrate on mustering every detail to counter this injustice. Apology unnecessary. Respect, solidarity and best wishes to you and your family.

  • Stevie Boy

    Cannot imagine how stressful this is for you and yours, no apology necessary.
    Our thoughts and best wishes are with you – don’t let the bastards get you down !

  • Ingwe

    I suspect that the replies to this post, affirming that no apology is warranted and offering support, may soon approach the number of signatories to the open letter. At least in readers’ sentiments!

  • Robert+Dyson

    No apology needed. We have a more direct experience of our own pain than the pain of others. You need down time to prepare your case against a totally unjust accusation. Best wishes in every way.

  • U Watt

    It makes me sad the weasels have burdened you like this. You should be in your element exposing the holy cow Barack, a comedy fraud almost tailor-made for a CM roasting. Now though is a time to focus on the first estate. Hopefully all wll be blue skies soon and you can catch up with the fakirs and charlatans down the road.

  • Ian Robert Stevenson

    I hope you can take some comfort from the support of so many decent people. No need to apologise.

  • Vivian Smith

    Absolutely no apology needed – you’ve had to put up with far more than most of us. I can only say for my part I would rather you concentrated on fighting this disgusting attack on you than anything else. I hope you manage to fend the bastards off.

  • Steve Mound

    No need to apologise! Best wishes to you and your family! We are with you all the way!

  • Eric Branse-Instone

    Completely understandable, and something you should not worry about further. Take good care of yourself and family.

  • Howard Elgie

    Hi Craig
    I don’t normally comment. Can I recommend trying ‘mindfullness’ to you.
    Kind Regards

  • Vivian O'Blivion

    Absolutely no apology required. It always hurts the greater when it hits near home. I can be intellectually upset by injustice in foreign fields but the knowledge that a dedicated Polis squad roams the land targeting critics Bute House sends me into a pure radge.

  • Malcolm Parker

    Craig, no apology necessary, though it is testament to your deep humanity and consideration for others that you feel it to be so. Your anger is entirely justified. Anger is greatly misunderstood in our toxic culture. You express it well and generously. Shared anger against injustice binds us and gives us strength. Respect and solidarity. And gratitude for your unstinting efforts.

  • David Llewellyn Smith

    Craig, I totally agree with all those who have said there is no need to apologize. You will be in the thoughts (and prayers) of many on the 10th, including myself. Whatever the outcome there will be a huge number of people supporting you! Stay strong and best wishes and good luck to you and your family in these parlous times.

  • djm

    I rarely agree with any of your takes on the blog but am concerned for you. Perhaps having penned this post you’ll find some cathartic release, I do hope so.

  • nevermind

    you are not writing for money, real life is not about churning out ‘ dogwarts’ make believe and live of the proceeds.
    we are contributing because we value and support the clear factual jounalism, the need to ensure free speech and a fairer society, but most important, the warm humanity that underlies everything you do.
    We are all with you and your issues and family comes first now. Take care from all of us here in Norfolk.

  • Sam Spruce

    Possibly one of the most important blog posts I have ever read.
    When you are abused it has a negative effect. If it had no negative effect it would not be called abuse. When they come for you, it is not because you are invulnerable.
    Julian Assange once said:
    “Generous capable men do not create victims they stop others creating victims.”
    You are a generous and capable man Craig. Of course you will be harmed and disabled by their assault. Keep doing whatever you have to do. Trust yourself – I do.

  • Chrestomathy

    My best wishes, Craig. Getting through this unjust ordeal comes first.

  • Shatnersrug

    Oh Craig, stop being so English, what do you expect, these people want to destroy your life because they couldn’t destroy Mr Salmond’s; anger is a perfectly reasonable response. Also anger is a covering emotion for fear and depression. I’m afraid once the the anger wears out you will be left with both, even if you beat the case.

    You are not a superman, you are a gentlemen with underlying health condition that believes in true, justice and freedom.

    Please do not worry about us, I speak for many here when I say, we readers, subscribers and members of this blog community have a deep respect and love for you, we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t, would we?!

    Now time to put the Englishman to bed and bring out the Brave Scot.

  • Derek Aitken

    I concur with all the sentiments in these posts.
    Stay safe and stay strong for yourself and your family.

  • Clint

    We can only imagine what you are going through and I’m sure I speak for all when I offer our sincerest thoughts, Love and strength to you and those close to you at this crazy time. With all that’s going on in the world (That I know about) it appears we are just about living in some of the craziest times known to humans! Although that could be said about any point in history I guess, I personally feel that the current situation leaves no doubt as to why mental health is diminishing amongst us. I used to consider myself a strong-minded person yet here I am struggling to understand why certain issues continue to happen and much much more which affects my mental health a bit as well.

    You get your mind as right as you can, we shall all be waiting patiently for your next piece.

    Nice to get your thoughts out there via your blog, could be quite therapeutic in ‘normal’ circumstances I bet, hard to see it that way at the moment whilst worrying about everything else too though, I presume. I hope not but understand if so.

    Anyway enough of my babbling, I look forward to reading your next masterpiece!

    Peace, Love & Unity (Would be nice hey?!)


  • Carlton King

    Craig to help your Obama flow when you get round to it you must attempt to put yourself in the clothes of a black man and an American blackman at that.

    As a black man, particularly as the only one in post, there is inordinate pressure to not be seen to be in anyway biased towards black people. Hence, Obama’s measured Africa and even African American ‘policies’. You should note that these policies become more ambitious the closer he got to the end of his term in power. Albeit that, unfortunately, it’s precisely this time when a president’s writ runs at its least. A double whammy for his Africa/African American projects.

    I could provide evidence for this tendency and indeed other reasons for Obama’s limited Africa/African American strategy, including the 2008/9 global economic crisis to name but one of many.

    However, the tangible aspect of the Obama presidency that non-black people overlook and could never fully understand; is the pride and now unlimited scope for success that President Obama represents to black people globally!


    Carlton King

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