Pollokshields Shows How To Achieve Independence 307

Kenmure Street stood outside UK law yesterday, as Westminster legislation on immigration, opposed by the people of Scotland, could not physically be enforced by agents of the state. What the people did was gloriously, joyfully illegal. Its illegality must be embraced, not skated over by politicians worried at the precedent of people power.

Scottish cities have a history of social solidarity, and in my lifetime I remember similar scenes over warrant sales and poll tax, and of course roots of popular resistance in Glasgow can be traced back through Tommy Sheridan, Jimmy Reid and John MacLean. But there is, undeniably, an added element of nationalism here. The handmade banners decrying “Team UK” in Kenmure St and the active presence of the SNP’s Roza Salih in a community leadership role, will both be seen as significant in an event which future historians will rightly view as a socially important step on the road to Independence.

There is a strong understanding that this is English oriented immigration law and English racist attitudes towards immigrants, being imposed on a Scotland which feels very differently. Indeed, the contrast between Kenmure Street, and the Labour electoral collapse in Northern England as their voters turn to more open panderers of anti-immigrant snake oil, could not be stronger. It is a part of why Labour in Scotland is doomed until it embraces Independence.

But Kenmure Street is an example in a much wider way. I have repeatedly explained, in detail, that Scotland has the right to self-determination in international law. which specifically states that right cannot be constrained by the domestic legislation of the state from which you are seceding. Otherwise Latvia would still be Soviet and Slovenia would still be Yugoslav. Westminster legislation and its Supreme Court cannot override Scotland’s right to self-determination. It is an inalienable right.

The UK state will never accept the great loss to its resources that would result from Scottish Independence. Scottish territory, seas, military bases, renewable energy, water, minerals, food products, financial institutions, education, and above all “human capital” to exploit, are all viewed as essential to London.

Keeping Scotland is the most vital of all UK national interests. As I have explained till I am blue in the face, David Cameron only agreed the last referendum because at the time Independence stood around 28% in the polls and the UK state apparatus believed the referendum would destroy and humiliate the very idea of Independence. Instead of which, the astonishing Alex Salmond brought it to the brink of achievement.

Where it has hovered ever since.

That is why there will never be another referendum agreed by Whitehall. Even if Johnson wanted to agree (which he doesn’t), the security services, military and other power structures of the UK Establishment would prevent him.

Nor can Scotland, “legally” in terms of UK law, hold a referendum without agreement. The UK Supreme Court has already explicitly held that Westminster is sovereign, in its ruling that the Sewell Convention has no force in law. If, as she suggests, Nicola Sturgeon leaves it to the courts to decide if a referendum without a S30 is legal, I have no doubt whatsoever – not even 0.000001% uncertainty – that one of two things will happen.

(1) Either the Supreme Court will rule that, under the current Scotland Act, an advisory referendum on a reserved matter is illegal without Westminster agreement;
[I think that would very probably be the ruling; ultra vires expenditure]

(2) Or the Tories will simply amend the Scotland Act to specifically outlaw the referendum, which the UK Supreme Court will certainly uphold because of their established doctrine that sovereignty resides in Westminster.

Either way, one thing is absolutely clear. There will never be a “legal” referendum as legality is defined by London. It is just not going to happen. Independence is going to have to be achieved illegally in terms of UK law, but legally in terms of international law.

How do you do that? I am constantly told this is impossible, that the UK state will act to prevent it happening. Well, we saw the answer in Pollokshields yesterday, and very plainly. The British government cannot enforce its law on the streets of Scotland if the people of Scotland reject that UK law and its enforcers. Yesterday there were riot shields, helmets, long batons, horses, and all the panoply of repression on display, and all of that could not take two men out of the community, against the will of the people.

Pollokshields showed how the people of Scotland will eventually take their own Independence. The “illegal” way in British law. The Gandhi way. The Mandela way. The people’s way. You cannot impose UK law on the people of Scotland.

I can’t tell you exactly how it will happen. Kenmure St crowds may be protecting polling stations, may be protecting the parliament. But happen it will. The people of Scotland will take Independence sooner than people realise. We will not just wait on Boris Johnson or the UK Supreme Court for permission. Come it will for a’that.


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307 thoughts on “Pollokshields Shows How To Achieve Independence

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  • Del G

    I’m not sure I’d mention Tommy Sheridan, Jimmy Reid and John MacLean in the same breath.

  • 6033624

    When you put it like that it seems almost pointless to try. I disagree though. When support is embarrassingly high they will no longer be able to prevent it. And what do I mean by that – I mean over 70% support consistently. This is a big ask BUT we increased support by almost 30% from before the campaign (2014) I believe that the longer this is held back against the will of the people the higher the support for it. Of course I do worry about further operations to discredit Indy by discrediting people in the parties supporting it – as they did with Salmond ( a real win/win for unionists, they can still use this against Sturgeon and as she is FM it would damage the entire movement)

    • John

      The problem with Nicola is she really could be taken out and jailed for nicking the indy money, something they could do quite appropriately.

      One utterly scandalous thing we don’t play on enough is the fact the population of Scotland (and Wales and NI) has failed to increase in 70 years. It has increased by around 400000 since the opening up of the EU to Eastern European countries in tandem with SNP policy to encourage young people to move here, set up businesses and start families. Surprise surprise the boors down south have shut off that avenue of development with Brexit. This is a good graph that demonstrates the economic and generational workings of a parasite state, clearly showing English expansion as the rest of us flatline, truely parasitic. Everyone in Scotland should be shown this graph:

      UK comparative populations graph – Data from Office for National Statistics – Last updated: Apr 19, 2021

      • HorizonT

        Re: “The problem with Nicola is she really could be taken out and jailed for nicking the indy money, something they could do quite appropriately.”

        I think the truth is likely to be more mundane than that. Sure, the money has gone, but likely not to Nicola’s purse or Peter’s pocket. It seems more likely that the party had to pay back a loan for an election and raised an Indy fund, which they then used to pay back the loan. So the fraud was to raise money for Indy, but use it to pay back a loan. So it is the SNP which needs to pony up that money, but to raise it, they have backed themselves into the corner of having to have a ‘pay back the £600,000 we raised for Indy, but spent on something else’ fund. It’s understandable that the ordinary punters would sooner give to Craig than get the SNP out of the unfortunate hole it has got itself into, so the SNP remains with the £600,000 woven into the accounts and no means of unweaving it.

        Just my take on it, I could be quite wrong and we will never know until Murrell delivers the books to audit.

        • craig Post author

          HorizonT that’s basically right. though misses out massively inlated salaries, which are a “legal” way of putting the money in your pocket.

      • Colin Smith

        Why would we want the population to increase?

        We are told we are destroying the planet and our environment. A stable population would seem closer to the ideal.

        • John

          Fair comment, but what we are seeing is an ageing population with our vibrant young forced to leave because the economy is skewed to the SE of England. That is by design. Our entire existence is being manipulated to service England, it is colonialism writ large.

          • Arabel

            What are you suggesting, John? That we open the floodgates to a (young) immigrant population (with their elderly relatives in tow) who will in turn get old? You are also appear to be assuming that those who flood in will be productive citizens and not benefits recipients.

          • Ian

            They will, as numerous studies demonstrate, because they are young, healthy and skilled – exactly the sort of people we need. Immigration is a benefit for us all. They are a net gain, economically, culturally and socially.

          • Jim

            Ian, as I have said before, I believe that whether (uncontrolled) immigration benefits you or not comes down to your own personal situation. I truly believe (uncontrolled) immigration does benefit large swathes of the population in more ways than one. For those not fortunate enough to be in this category I am not so sure. For many I can see a neutral, neither advantageous or disadvantage effect at best, and (uncontrolled) immigration being to their severe detriment at worst. As I said, it all just depends on your own personal situation.

          • Bayard

            “You are also appear to be assuming that those who flood in will be productive citizens and not benefits recipients.”

            That is a reasonable assumption, given the statistics, which show that, even allowing for the ir minority in the population, immigrants are much less likely to be benefits recipients than the native British. You don’t want to believe everything you read in the Sun.

            “(with their elderly relatives in tow)”

            That is not a reasonable assumption.

          • Ian

            It’s got absolutely nothing to do with my ‘personal situation ‘, or anybody else’s.

          • Ann Rayner

            As well as a population skewed by age as a result of the young leaving which results in the average age increasing, we also have a skew by ethnicity as the immigration from other parts of the UK continues largely unnoticed.
            As well as recruitment for many well paid jobs going to Anglophone speakers, as detailed by Alf Baird in Doun-Hauden, we have retired people coming to live in Scotland because of the advantages of cheaper housing, a better Health Service and free care for the elderly among other advantages. The question of ethnicity is a difficult one to resolve and recalls the idea of ‘blood and spoin’ nationalism, but it cannot be denied that such immigrants do not regard themselves as Scottish and so will mostly vote against Independence. This is yet another symptom of colonialisation and could in time result in Scots being a minority in our own country.

          • Alf Baird

            As Anne Rayner implies, uncontrolled immigration can lead to a loss of national sovereignty, for instance where significant numbers of people of different national identities/culture and national allegiances become more dominant (also within key institutions) than the indigenous people. Settler occupation is a well established feature of colonialism globally. This explains why countries control their borders and do so to protect their sovereignty and people.

            Scotland, within the UK alliance, has no control over its borders and therefore has no control over what happens to its people or its national sovereignty. The purpose of national independence is fundamentally about the protection of national sovereignty, and hence control of borders, and the effective management of a nation’s population to ensure the survival and development of ‘a people’ and protection of their national culture and identity.

            The census tells us that Scotland’s population has altered markedly since the UK union, with even more rapid change occurring since devolution. These ongoing population changes, added to the imposition of Anglophone imperialistic cultural and linguistic policies have served to seriously diminish Scottish identity/culture and Scottish sovereignty.

            Uncontrolled immigration also helps explain why so many residents in Scotland today oppose Scottish independence and hence block the right of Scots to hold their own Scottish nationality/citizenship; many No voting residents reject the notion of ‘belonging’ to Scotland, the latter a function of their national identity, which is not Scottish. As national identity is dependent on culture and language, which gives us our national consciousness, this means that Scottish culture and (Scots) language are fundamental determinants of Scottish national independence.

        • FlakBlag

          This, 100% this.

          Bringing more people into a country that cannot feed itself is madness, particularly when global food shortages are being widely predicted in the next decade or so. Globalist arguments that it is a boon for the economy do not take into account that in order to tackle carbon pollution and other forms of environmental destruction we should be pursuing an economic and demographic policy of compassionate de-growth.

          I’ve had some involvement in the area of food security in Scotland. We’ve all become aware of the fragility of the food supply chain in recent years due to covid related panic buying, and also during extreme weather events. A famine hasn’t happened in this part of the world for many generations, a fact that makes it hard for many to understand that it _can_ happen and is becoming increasingly likely.

          Encouraging immigration may help assuage (the somewhat justified) racial guilt for colonialism, and of course it drives down labor costs for capitalists, but it’s working against the best interests of our children.

  • Buffalo_Ken

    Seems like direct action is alive and well in Scotland. I applaud it from across the ocean. I like seeing collective action.
    God bless Scotland.
    I sent in my 2nd contribution and I’ll contribute again financially. Probably best going forward if I keep my comments to a minimum, and I can do that. Still, I know what is going on and so many of us do and we support you Mr. Craig Murray. You have our support. You have mine.
    I think for medical reasons it would be inhumane to put the dignified Mr. Murray in prison as if he was holed up in the Tower of London. Seems sort of as if he could be in a twisted kind of macabre way that only seems to come out of the UK. Maybe Scotland ought separate. Ireland ought out as well. Seems obvious. Anyhow, it is weird for those of us not born there. It is for me, but my ancestors are from there, so maybe somehow there is a connection in sentiment.

  • McCourt

    Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun; Mao Zedong.

    Here is the paradox though.
    The Scottish political elite/establishment are almost to a person middle class, university educated and would run a veritable mile if faced with visceral violence and the states ability to incarcerate them for decades.

    You require extreme motivation stretching over many decades from an organised, secretive, resourceful and externally supported population demographic who are psychologically prepared to push the situation to its logical conclusion; independence by force of arms without fear of death, injury or longterm imprisonment.

    Scotland can offer none of these requirements and its people are certainly not of the calibre of the Irish, Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, Houthis et al. when it comes to real fighting for what is yours.

    As recently as last week Sturgeon again declared that the GBP would be the currency of an independent Scotland.
    Emmm……without your own national fiscal policy you are most definitely not independent.
    Sturgeon and Co are part of the big grift.

    The Irish in the 1920’s refused to send money and physical goods to London in the end…..figure out how to strip London of its “send me 10 and I will grant you 8 back” mentality would be the way.

    London wants Scotland for its cash flow and human capital…….get smarter people than me to figure the methodology of keeping the money and goods for the complete benefit of Scotland.

    50 years after North Sea Oil and still there is no motorway to Aberdeen (as an example)
    You have been getting played by your own people ever since the union Scotland.

    I have voted but once in my entire life time, for independence, believing it would make a difference.

    WTF was I thinking…LMAO

    • Soothmoother

      “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun; Mao Zedong.”

      The US has armed citizens who unlike “Irish, Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, Houthis” are not sponsored / funded by outside entities.

      IMHO that is where the battle must be won. It’s starting form the ground up in Maricopa County, Arizona and other states. People are taking back control through the law and using their constitution. I would like our country to be a Republic with a similar constitution.

      “The Irish in the 1920’s refused to send money and physical goods to London in the end…..figure out how to strip London of its “send me 10 and I will grant you 8 back” mentality would be the way.”

      Now they are beholden to the EU! Sending 10 and getting 8 back!

      • ET

        “Now they are beholden to the EU! Sending 10 and getting 8 back!”

        I think you’ll find broad support for the EU in Ireland. Not 100% but by far the majority. Ireland has done rather well from it’s EU membership even considering the 2008 crash. When I finished school in the mid eighties there was a 20% unemployment rate and whole towns had no working age population due to emigration. Aside from the dumb politics of the time which was slowly throwing off the yoke of the 1920-1940s period (civil war politics and loyalties) the EU allowed Ireland to broaden its market and no longer solely rely on the UK for its market.
        I don’t know if any of you have seen the documentary on Jackie Charlton’s life but it gives a good illustration of the transformation in Ireland at that time. It’s worth a watch and not just solely from that point of view. The insight into dementia is also worth watching.

    • Aden

      You’ve got a 30% deficit in Scotland.

      What ever makes you think the money flows south?

      That’s why I think a trial divorce is needed.

      • Kitbee

        Scotland does not borrow money or have a deficit. The books are balanced year by year. We should not be having to pay for the London Olympics or HS2 as we do not benefit.

    • John

      Aberdeen doesn’t need a motorway link. I drove that road for 30 years and it has always been hardly used so what use the damage to Nature of two more carriageways and two hard shoulders for a city that is a one horse town involved in the production of hydrocarbon fuels that the globalist muppets in the SNP want to close down?

  • Phil Espin

    I am all for community action like this when public morals are offended sufficiently that expulsion from the community is prevented. As long as folk understand that public offence can work in the other direction too, to force the expulsion of undesirable elements notwithstanding not all commentators will agree on what constitutes an undesirable element. I guess it could range from paedophiles to high court judges. Where does the community draw the line when the law is no longer respected?

  • DunGroanin

    I understand why our host has no time to fully address issues which he certainly otherwise would.

    But the ME does seem to be about to witness the considered response to General Qasem Soleimani’s cowardly assassination – which really could not have happened without Israeli coordination. As such things biblically recorded amongst the Semitic peoples of the area including modern day Arab tribes usually end up in an eye for an eye. It does seem the response to the assassinations is aimed at the perpetrator not the big boy they hide behind – who will get the most severe bloody nose if he tries to hold up his position.

    These undeclared nuclear weapons mean nothing now. Which sane nation would even dream of such a use to be a winning scenario?

    The ancient peoples of the ME and The Levant are only that ancient because they have seen off empires – why would they not carry on doing so?

    With missile reportedly being launched from Lebanon and Syria as well as Gaza and with suicide drones attacking military targets -it seems that there is only going to be matter of days that Iran will also be directly on involved especially if the potus doesn’t fully row back on the previous Administrations actions and sanctions. It seems they won’t.

    Centcom must be pissing it’s pants.- missiles from every direction! If only one in ten succeeds with thousands more to launch

    The Zionist project may be approaching a premature end, because of General Qasem Soleimani reaching from the beyond.

    • ET

      “These undeclared nuclear weapons mean nothing now. Which sane nation would even dream of such a use to be a winning scenario? “

      The USA. Even though Japan had surrendered unconditionally. To test the bomb’s effectiveness and for show.

      • Tom Welsh

        In 1945 the USA had the only (very few) nuclear bombs in the world. To their knowledge, no one else even had a development program. So there was no risk of retribution – even if the Japanese had had any surviving friends.

        Moreover, the bombs of 1945 were relatively puny. Modern thermonuclear weapons can each effectibley destroy a large city; and a single missile can carry a dozen warheads. A dozen missiles could render the UK, for example, uninhabitable from end to end.

        The Israelis in 2021 are in a very different position from the USA in 1945. They are surrounded by enemies or potential enemies – mostly well earned by over 70 years of arrogant, inhuman murder.

        Moreover, the Israelis are effectively the last European/American colony in Asia. (If you don’t count the “Green Zone” in Baghdad). If they start causing serious trouble, all the major powers of Asia will unite to put them back in their box. If they make enough trouble, a coffin can be arranged.

    • laguerre

      Israel would certainly use their nuclear weapons (and yes, they are not ‘sane’). Obviously not in their own neighbourhood. We were told about 20 years ago, by an Israeli specialist commentator that they’re aimed at Europe, in case of any European (including UK) backsliding in support in extreme circumstances.

      • DunGroanin

        But where would the Israelis go then? Who would take them in?
        It’s just as easy to get an eye for an eye in Florida/ Newyork or any island or even space!

        Only the secure will of the old ayatollah and the Resistance matters – and as Russia and China support that Axis – then the C21st ‘Allies’ are well and truly the bad guys and will go down to ignominious defeat.
        I expect the EU and definitely Germany to keep out of it and aim to be the peacemakers.
        The US forces and boots on the ground can finally get back to their happy hunting grounds and guntotting make believe freedoms of being land stealers , genocide Rd of indigenous peoples and despoilers of their environments … they will have to grow up if they want to make their 300 birthday intact.

        Nuclear weapons and wars are not winnable. It is as simple as that – hell even the Yankee supremacists knew that back in the 50’s besides from fuckwits who seem to believe a strike against a nonnuclear Peoples to be a winning move – no one believes that now.

        Do you?

        • Squeeth

          “But where would the Israelis go then?”

          There’s plenty of room in the old Cathar villages in Languedoc, now that the Algerian Pieds Noir are extinct. Failing that they can go back to the US and mutually-masturbate with Cuban nazis as they reminisce about the old days.

      • portside

        God Bless the EU and its progressive European Values …

        Ursula von der Leyen
        Very concerned by the situation in Israel and Gaza.
        I condemn indiscriminate attacks by Hamas on Israel.
        Civilians on all sides must be protected.
        Violence must end now.
        3:45 pm · 14 May 2021

        Michel Barnier says France should suspend immigration from outside the EU for FIVE YEARS and warns of migration’s link to ‘terrorist networks’.

        British liberals helped undermine the best chance of a transformational UK government in my lifetime for…this.

        • DunGroanin

          Don’t worry about Barnier – he is just stealing the French centrists and right whingers cloaks – he has to – to stop the Banker Macron being re-elected and getting into the EU driving seat post Merkel and doing to the organisation what the bankers have tried to do with BrexShit.

          He will by his posturing and his obvious defence of the EU against the perfidious City win votes from the spectrum of French voters.

          This is the strategy that Starmer opened the sea cock on in 2018 – losing a couple of million of 2017 Labour voters.

          Barnier can and will do the best for the EU. Macron would kill it.

          • Giyane

            M. Dungroanin

            French nationalism is apalling, as of course is German nationalism , US , Turkish, Hindu or British nationalismes,

            Now that we have seen a sample on a spatula of Scottish Nationalism, hate crime, false witness , embezzlement, incarcerating journalists, and support for unnatural sexual predilections on the scale of ancient Rome, I ask myself sometimes , what is so wonderful about Scottish Nationalism ?

            And would M. Barnier feel logically compelled to invite an Independent Scotland into the bosom of the EU, based on the administration so far of Mme Sturgeon?

        • laguerre

          Yeah, citing the Daily Mail on what Barnier said is a really reliable source, I don’t think. Marks you as a full Brexiter.

        • ET

          It’s a bit more complicated than that. She makes the usual argument that waiving the patents will stifle innovation etc etc. Remember BioNtech is a German company. This I disagree with. However, she has made the salient point that it isn’t just about the finished vaccine products. Much of the delay is dependent on the precursors to vaccines, the ingredients as it were. The USA in particular is blocking exports of such precursors. I think she’s making the point that waiving patents won’t do much in itself unless there is an ability to import the precursors. I don’t really know enough about the industry and its supply chain to fully understand what’s going on.

          • portside

            Yeah, if anything she probably did it because she thought it would help the people being ravaged by Covid in the developing world. Those who know Mutti best know she has always put human life above corporate profit and shareholder dividends.


            “Ireland was hit with unnecessarily harsh austerity measures a decade ago at Berlin’s behest, a former German finance ministry official has conceded.”

          • ET

            Nonetheless, Ireland has survived that awful phase. It wasn’t all Mutti’s fault. Our own politicians had their heads in the sand regarding the scale of the problem and guaranteed to cover the losses (of private bank investments and investors). When the scale of that debt ballooned from 12 billion to 120 billion plus euro the whole thing came crashing down. The Fianna Fail party of the time had a humiliating electoral defeat afterwards and Bertie lost all standing.

            I am not defendng Merkel but if you want to bake a cake you first need to procure your ingredients. If you can’t get hold of the ingredients then no cake for you.

      • Squeeth

        France and Britain can fight back. If the zionist antisemites really do point nuclears at Europe, it will be an indirect threat from Washington, not sui generis zionist antisemite blackmail.

  • Bob (original)

    Since Brexit was formalised,
    it’s been obvious to a blind man and his dug,
    that Independence for Scotland is never going to come from the ballot box. 🙁

  • Giyane

    Pollockshields shows how not to win Independence.
    It shows how to be treated by the EU the way the Catalans were treated, how to not be invited by the EU to participate in trade deals, how to invite ” troubles ” from the same people who shoved Trans rights in your faces, and who conspired to lock up Alex Salmond, Craig Murray and Julian Assange.

    It has also shown something that is very carefully concealed in England,, the anti – English ” solidarity ” of the South Asian population which in England expresses itself differently as a firm intention to displace the English people in their own country.
    An intention I have heard declared from the pulpits of the mosques for over 20 years.

    It is useful for the English to know in advance , from Pollockshields , that if ever they dared to revolt against their Tory and Red Tory corrupt executive, they would win with that same solidarity of pent up rage against 300 years of the British Raj, behind them .

    I have no doubt that day will come before long. 20 years of gentrification in the Muslim and Sikh communities is not going to compensate for 300 years of divide and rule trickery and ruthless oppression. However the English will never revolt against their foaming Tory executive so they run the risk of never benefiting from that solidarity , in which case they will feel that rage on their own collars.

  • Carl

    Scotland would have been long gone if it was just up to Glasgow. Unfortunately far too many Scots still get angry and upset at any suggestion of leaving English Tory rule. There’s your problem.

  • Jim

    It appears that a new legal precedent has been set – English law (foreign law from a foreign country) does not apply in Scotland. I wonder how this will stack up when any of us next fall foul of, say, the Road Traffic Act. And this inconsistency in the application of the law really is setting us on a slippery slope. The message being sent and received loud and clear is: expect others to follow the law when it suits you and ignore the law when it suits you.

  • Anon

    [ MOD: The name ‘anon’ is reserved. Kindly use a different username in future]

    Prior to his conviction I did not want to add to CM’s woes by adding my two cents. But now I feel free to do so. He has entirely brought this upon himself and his family and continues to do so, acting provocatively concurrently with claiming the existence of a bias against supporters of AS. That isn’t very bright coming from someone whose civil servant sarcastic responses to many posters implies a belief of superior intelligence. Others have succeeded in twisting the tail of the tiger and remaining just onside, the Rev notably. Plainly (a word CM frequently employs) he is not as skilled a polemicist as he believes. That itself is forgivable, many of us are not great persuaders. However, CM has been repeatedly advised that he would benefit from the services of an editor to shape his subject matter and to my knowledge no individual has been judged equal to the task . (He would also benefit from the services of a sub-editor because sadly neither is he a great or funny or interesting writer in my opinion.) His gauche, first draft Yes Minister piece with its clumsy reference led me almost directly to one of the complainers. I would have more respect for him if he had the courage to acknowledge that his writing has caught him out and got on with doing his sixteen weeks with remission in Noranside.

    Whilst no doubt sympathising with his medical position the court will have noted that these ailments do not appear to have prevented him engaging in a range of demanding activities, and indeed travels. These include offering himself for the post of president of a political party and proposing to stand for election as an MSP. Mr Murray appears to have been sufficiently confident about his immediate prospects to father a child whilst in his sixty third year. He discloses that he has recently been sledging with another child and professes a recurring fondness for malt whisky, neither of which is traditionally prescribed for ailing sexagenarians. The court is entitled to expresses some incredulity that he is claiming he would not survive a likely sixteen weeks of relatively comfortable incarceration at an open institution where he could expect to receive the standard of medical attention available to every other inmate of the prison estate. Mr Murray is a former senior diplomat and university rector with presumably the intellectual capacity to foresee the consequences of his actions. Surely the time for him to consider the risks to his health and family is before engaging in the range of activities which brought him before the court.

    • Carl

      He should be the kind of person Anon does respect and just shut his mouth about injustice and the truth.

    • nevermind

      Noranside was closed in Oct.2011 and this poster hiding behind the Anon moniker is merely trying to add more pain to Craig by twisting the knife. It seems to rankle somewhat that Craig is able to play with his and other children, indeed to sire one in his sixties is offending Anon in a perceived religious affliction preferred by some who hide their proclivities like Opus Dei, a hypocrite par excellence.

      I hope now that this holier than thou person has dared to spit out his innermost feelings here, that s/he can get back into the cupboard s/he came from and dream of the times whens/ he was touching himself for the first time.
      This Anon personifies the attitudes sponsoring a far too close a relationship between Government and judiciary, the pettiness, not very ladylike comments of Lady Dorians ‘Craig relishing’ his writings, non of which named names, and his/her acceptance of the blinkered medieval inequality expressed in not comparing Crags actions with that of the MSM gate keepers who did name complainants, a fact of history, all this does not faze this unfortunate person, hence his brain farts here.

      The reality of this blog allows this Atlanticist’s comments to exist, outing him/herself as someone who serves the established order that refuses to reform itself and or accept that judges can be wrong.
      Must not be late for the 12 noon Nakba demonstration, free speech and free Palestine from Zionism that has made its people insecure and unsustainable.

    • Jm

      So Anon why no prosecutions for Garavelli,Wark and the BBC (amongst others) who clearly revealed far more of the jigsaw than Craig or do you agree with this obviously highly selective action against Craig?

      • Twirlip

        As well as that, I would like Anon to state [I wish I could add: “on oath”] whether [s]he was able to identify any complainants from anyone else’s writings, or if it was only this one complainant, and only from something that Craig wrote.

    • Ian

      For someone who condescendingly disdains everything Craig writes and stands for, you surely have trawled his output with unusual dedication. A pretty poor effort at comprehension, with a sneery superior tone of curdled resentment. Shame you, to coin a phrase, play the man and not the ball, in a haphazard litany of grumpy one-eyed selective framing to suit your polemic. Thankyou, Lord Dorrian.

    • mark golding

      Anon – In a somewhat poignant metaphor your virtual bulldozer psyche paints a picture in my mind of Judge Oded Gershon, presiding at the Haifa District Court who ruled that the state of Israel was not at fault for the death of activist Rachel Corrie, who was killed in the Gaza Strip by an Israeli army bulldozer in 2003.

    • DunGroanin


      A non Lady Dorrian I presume?

      I think we have heard enough of your judgement already, let’s leave it for your superiors at the SC and if they are your mates the whole lot can go stand in front of the ECHR and plead like the Nurembergers that you were doing what you BELIEVED to be best, thus ignoring FACTS.

      Hang alone or hang together – this piracy and lesse Majeste is going to take a mighty blow.
      Dacre is gone and the dirty Digger had entered his dementia years.
      The torture of Craig Murray will not pass unpunished.

    • Jimmy Riddle

      Anon – has it ever occurred to you that Craig Murray may well have known *exactly* what he was doing and *exactly* what the response would be – and he did this on a `let all the poisons that lurk under the mud’ basis so that the sheer ghastliness and corruption of the Scottish Judicial system would be publicly exposed in a way that would not have been possible had he taken a different course of action.

    • Tez

      when reading
      Could you please be more specific and quote the clumsy reference that led you almost directly to one of the complainers and will you categorically state that you had no prior knowledge as to the identity of any of the complainers when you read Craig’s gauche, first draft Yes Minister piece.

  • Doug

    People putting politicians to shame. Much needed. Kudos to them all. Politicians… just do something for Scotland. Anything positive will do.

  • Doug

    In Scotland the gutless SNP leadership needs a good kicking to jolt it out of its safety first, SNP first, complacency. The people will deliver independence to Scotland again, not politicians. Although Alba ones might yet do.

  • Vivian O'Blivion

    Well, we’d better get our skates on. The DUP have elected Free Presbyterian nutter, Edwin Poots as their leader. The DUP are as much in denial of changing demographics in NI as Poots is in denial of dinosaurs (6,000 year old earth my erse). Unionism in NI is making a last vainglorious stand against history that’s only going to hasten a united Ireland.
    Ayrshire, Glasgow and Lanarkshire flooded with knuckle dragging refugees from Loyalist Ulster won’t assist the arithmetic of Indy Ref II.

  • John Cleary


    Now this thread is slowing down can I ask about the previous, now removed thread?

    You used the delightfully ambiguous formulation “it was causing some distress.”

    Might I ask, distress to whom? Our side or their side?

    I can quite believe it was causing a great deal of distress to the other side. But it also had a great deal of value to offer. Do you not believe that Prince William should have a foretaste of what his future holds when he becomes king and his wife becomes queen? I believe it would do wonders for his moral education to have this case examined by the General Assembly which begins next Saturday with William’s attendance as Lord High Commissioner. In fact it would be quite correct for the Kirk to take a very close look at what the legal Establishment has wrought in this (Salmond/Murray) case.

    If you cannot comment please say so.

    • John Cleary

      Seems Craig has moved on so I’ll explain why I asked.

      Sturgeon and Dorrian have a joint endeavour. They want to remove the jury from cases relating to rape and sexual assault. I think we all know that without the (predominantly female) jury Alex Salmond would be in the same situation as Craig. He would have been found guilty by Dorrian (The Hanging Judge) and would be awaiting a life sentence. Job done. Both modern day Thomas Beckets silenced for good.

      Sturgeon is Privy Council. She promises to obey Queen Elizabeth.
      Dorrian is a judge. The oath she swore was:

      “I, _________ , do swear by Almighty God that I will well and truly serve our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth the Second in the office of ________ , and I will do right to all manner of people after the laws and usages of this realm, without fear or favour, affection or ill will.”

      It is not inconceivable, therefore, that Queen Elizabeth lies behind this agenda, and it is not difficult to see why that is so. With such a change no man is safe from fraudulent claims made under the cloak of anonymity. No man could stand against her and her insane schemes.

      And remember. In her sentencing of Craig Murray Dorrian spoke as though the events described by the perjurers actually took place. She spoke as though they are victims, and not vile haridans. She told two provable lies at least (that Craig relished seeing the “complainers” unmasked, and that she had fully taken into account his health when passing sentence). Good luck getting any justice out of “Lady” Dorrian

  • N_

    Independence supporters have failed to get a majority at the ballot box FIVE times now SINCE the 2014 referendum, so yeah, block the streets.

      • Squeeth

        What do Scotland county Council election results look like if they are put through a democratic election formula (noting that had the elections been democratic people might have changed they ways they voted).

    • Jeff

      Yeah, hamstrung by lies from your beloved Unionist media and Red Tory politicians. Jog on.

    • Alf Baird


      Scots have voted for six successive pro-independence parliamentary majorities since 2011, three at Holyrood elections and three at Westminster elections. The present SNP/Green national pro-independence majority of MSPs plus Scotland’s nationalist majority at Westminster could begin negotiating independence tomorrow and many Scots remain curious as to why they do not do so.

    • Lochinvar

      The SNP, Greens and Alba vote won 51.3% of the overall regional list vote compared with 48.7% for the three main Unionist parties and associated lunatic fringe groups.
      The regional list is the most accurate indicator of public opinion because the Greens only contested 12/73 constituencies and Alba none at all.

  • Ian

    Excellent piece by Kevin McKenna:

    “We call them our own not because we have rated them by income, skill or length of residency, but on the basis of our shared humanity. While they’re here, they’re ours and, as such, will be entitled to our full protection and support. In this, we’ll do all we can to make their stay permanent because without these people from a different continent and a different culture and a different colour Glasgow is nothing. Without their forbears’ skill, industry and creativity over many generations this city would be a much lesser place. They and their kin make this city worth living in.

    In those men whom the UK Government attempted to eject from a community celebrating a sacred day we see ourselves. Once, not so long ago, my own people were starved and oppressed by the forces of the British Crown and fled here seeking refuge. That we’re still here and thriving owes much to the sort of kindness and compassion that we witnessed on Kenmure Street on Thursday. We belong to Glasgow now and so do all the cultures and nationalities that this soft city holds in its rough paws.”

  • Squeeth

    Apropos, British state racism has nothing to do with English people, whose working class are among the least racist people on earth, certainly far less than English petit bourgeoisie scum.

      • John Cleary

        No, Doug, that’s not why they vote Tory.

        The reason they vote Tory is because of the disgusting antics of the Blair gang in setting up their daughters to be raped and abused by the types of immigrant that know no better.

        It went on for SIXTEEN years, from 1997 to 2013.

        When people begged the Party to stop it they were branded as “That bigoted woman”.

        By another Scot, no less! (just like Blair.)

        They are cleaning house at this very moment:


        That’s from 2003 to 2010, so I presume that Broon has served his purpose.

        So long as the Scots assume they are superior people they are likely to suffer the same fate as the English.

        • Colin Smith

          There was a Scottish asylum seeker rape gang that was hushed up by police, government and media with around 50 victims. Very few if any were successfully prosecuted. God knows how many more.

        • Aden

          The bigger reason John is the 14 trillion pounds of socialist pension ponzi debt.

          Where’s the wealth? All spent

          Austerity? 220 bn goes on the debts each year

          Wealth inequality? People have paid in just under 20% of their income for their old age. Where’s the wealth?

          Take home pay. Low income is post tax. 30% of tax goes on the debts.

          Lack of investment? It was spent, not invested.

          That’s the shit show. That’s the issue. Now look at Switzerland. The lowest 10% earners make the top 3 earners in the EU. And they have wealth. They have to save.

          Socialism is a disaster and they complain about the consequences of their policies.

        • Jeff

          Labour also sacked one of their own MPs for having the temerity to mention this scandal. People, the voters haven’t forgotten. Labour are being punished for this – and deservedly so. They were bad, bad bast**** for allowing this abuse of white girls on an industrial scale to happen.

      • Stevie Boy

        In God’s country south of Hadrian’s wall the electorate do not have the luxury of PR to allow them to make their votes count. FPTP and the, uncontested, associated redrawing of constituency boundaries and control of the media by the government ensures only Tories will win elections. That’s also why turnout is relatively low.
        I can assure our haggis munching, plaid skirt wearing, Mel Gibson wannabe colleagues north of the border that many people in England detest the Tories as well as detesting the divisive, rancid, racism promoted by the Tories.

      • Reza

        You’ve stirred up a fine selection of English Anti racists with that one. 🤣

      • Squeeth

        2019 General Election, turnout 67.3 per cent = 32.7 per cent abstention. Tory vote = 43.6 per cent of 67.3 per cent of the registered electorate = 29.3 per cent of the vote. Is this a Tory majority? We abstainers got more votes than the Tories. Elections in Britain a sham.

    • portside

      “English people, whose working class are among the least racist people on earth”

      It’s why the best selling British newspaper for decades was the most racist one in Europe, probably the world.

      • Johny Conspiranoid

        “It’s why the best selling British newspaper for decades was the most racist one in Europe, probably the world.”

        We only have their word for the sales figures.

      • Squeeth

        The Times? Which British corp-0-rat papers and state broadcasters aren’t racist?

  • Philip Patrick

    A disgusting post, bordering on anti-English racism. No scratch the bordering, that is what it is. The police were doing their job, enforcing the immigration policy of the UK government. Scotland is a part of the UK. Allowing illegal immigrants to reside in the UK benefits people smugglers, criminal gangs who employ/exploit the illegals, and disadvantages legitimate claimants. If you want a differently orientated immigration system argue for it, campaign for it, and if you can find a party who supports it, vote for it. That party would not be the SNP though, whose own independence immigration policy is remarkably similar to the current UK one. Encouraging lawlessness and supporting the release of two illegal immigrants, about whom we know absolutely nothing, to reenter society, is irresponsible and dangerous. And to claim it as some great triumph for Scottish people power against the evil racist English, quite nauseating and shameful. I fully support Craig Murray’s brave defence of Alex Salmond and hope he manages to overturn the disgraceful verdict against him. But what a silly narrow-minded little man he is.

    • DunGroanin

      Panicking a bit Pip?

      I love the smell of scorched gammon on a Saturday afternoon as your beloved ‘U.K. government’ goes about its dastardly English Aristo business as usual.

      The police fortunately are not all ‘good paramilitary following orders’ and they are being forced to decide whether they serve the Community that employs them or some Deep State goons of Whitehall and Westminster.


    • Jeff

      To those who apparently support mob rule I ask, what if during this stand-off word had got around that these men were in fact part of a gang who had raped their daughters, suppose the sentiment of the crowd changed and they wanted to string these men up, cut off their goolies as would happen in India, a country where mob rule rules, and where I assume given their surnames these men come from, would you still support mob rule? Mob rule cuts both ways. It is a very dangerous game.

    • Squeeth

      In a society of equals and a democratic state you might have a point but in Britain your claims are spurious.

  • Aden

    The illegality is interesting. However, it’s not going to work. They will be deported.

    What is needed is for people like yourself, to sponsor migrants. You put your money on the line and you have to fund the illegals.

    Turns out you won’t do that.

    What you demand is that other people are impoverished so you “feel better”.

    On the referendum. Boris won’t authorise it, which makes it illegal. That means a “Gina McMiller” just goes to court, gets the ref declared illegal, and Boris isn’t responsible. It’s the courts not me says BJ

    So Ultra Vires, and SNP politicians are personally liable. Bankrupted is more accurate. I expect that will be enforced by BJ and Labour.

    There will be a referendum, again. But it won’t be for a generation. Thats’ what the SNP said, and now we know they are liars.

    For that referendum, so people know what they are voting for, the deal has to be negotiated first. Lets see how that will pan out.

    SNP. we will use the pound. UK Government, No you won’t, and we will cut you off from the clearing system.

    SNP. We demand HMRC records. No, you will be a third country. We will not transfer you any records. Under GDPR people can request the right to be forgotten.

    SNP. We will take back our banks. You will, we won’t guarantee them. They are bust. End result, they will immediately re-incorporate in London.

    SNP. We won’t put up a hard border. UK. You won’t have the right to work in the UK and we don’t trust you to allow in lots of illegals then they move south. Hard border it is. You will need a visa to come south.

    ie. No reason for the UK to be nice about anything. That then gets published and sent to all Scots, so they are clear what they are voting for.

    • Ian

      Oh dear, what a fantastic list of hysterical nonsense. That chip on your shoulder is obviously a heavy burden.

    • Johny Conspiranoid

      “SNP. we will use the pound. UK Government, No you won’t, and we will cut you off from the clearing system. “

      The Americans run the clearing system. Russia and China are setting up a rival system Scotland could join but America wouldn’t like that. If you want ‘independence’ you will need permision from America.

      • Squeeth

        No not US permission, just the backbone to tell the Seppoes where to get off.

    • Out+of+Affric

      …except for Trident, A hard border will make it difficult for big boys to play with their toys. So probably more pertinent if we get the USA onside.

      Joe says ‘I’m Irish’ – that’s a good start.

  • Soothmoother

    Right now in London the people are peacefully protesting the lockdown. There are British flags, Scottish flags, Welsh flags and people of all ethnicities walkng shoulder to shoulder. Some are outside the bbc shouting shame on you. The political classes are in trouble if the people stand together.

  • Franc

    London march to the Israeli Embassy, today, to protest about treatment of Palestinians, is huge. Under the tag, ” Popular on Twitter “, one person has said, ” There are so many people here, that many are still waiting to begin marching. ”
    It’ll be interesting to see how the Israeli friendly BBC report this tonight!

    • Wikikettle

      The rulers and potentiates of the Arab countries will be sleepless. Doesn’t matter Sunni or Shia, their populations blood must be boiling at the sight of the Gaza onslaught and settler squatters taking over Palestinian houses. Where are the EU sanctions and condemnations now? The US is fumbling on all fronts. A fumbling President, a self destructive domestic and foreign policy with defence budget of 700 billion dollars unable to stop poor countries using cheap drones and missiles. European and American Zionists in Palestine and their supporters are the biggest enemies of Israel pre 1967 and their actions will bring down their kings and Generals. The Arab in the street will say why are the Persians and Ottomans speaking out and not our own Arab rulers? Over to you CIA, MI6 and the ghosts of Lawrence and Co who betrayed the Arabs after WW1.

      • Soothmoother

        BBC covers the protest in London and the conflict in Israel.

        However, the much bigger protest in London is ignored.

        Large anti-lockdown protests also in Manchester and Birmingham I believe.

        • Kempe

          ” Some are outside the bbc shouting shame on you. “

          Wow! That should make the NWO sit up and take notice…

          No way was the display of synchronised tinfoil millinery bigger than the Israel/Gaza protest. They all went home when it started to rain anyway.

          • Soothmoother

            Have you seen any footage of the lockdown protests?
            The Gaza protests are activist led most likely funded by outside sources. The BBC coverage looked to be reasonably balanced and not pushing any particular narrative. They don’t need to as it designed to be divisive.
            The yellow vests have been marching every Saturday for more than a year without almost zero coverage. Lockdown protests are similarly being ignored and any media of the events is taken down by big tech.
            Ordinary people rising up is what they fear the most. The public has awakened to the BBC and MSMs constant propaganda. Surely that is a good thing.

          • Kempe

            I watched some of the live steam on Youtube.

            Best reaction to idiocy is to ignore it.

          • Soothmoother

            “Best reaction to idiocy is to ignore it.”

            Just like the BBC / MSM.

    • DunGroanin

      Elijah Magnier explains the whole history of the neighbourhood of the couple dozen families in Jerusalem and the duplicitous Israeli justice system (just like the Scottish one on display in CM/AS/JA and others charged and punished it seems) that has acted over the decades to dispossess them; that has just unified the Palestinians and their regional supporters, since the intafada.


      It seems to me the 1700 rocket attacks and suicide drones against military targets and how they have been laid through the length of Israel is as clear a shot above the heads final fair warning as any ever.

      Nutty must go.

      A genuine peace conference IN Jerusalem running nonstop until they achieve agreement is the only way forward. UN forces to work with both sides.

      I’d expect Apartheid laws rescinded. Political prisoners released. Equal rights. Property and land restitution. Truth and reconciliation.

      A much diminished Israeli right wing nationalist ambition, that Nutty is the über Churchillian figurehead of.

      Then maybe a non imperialist Israel can learn to exist with its Semitic cousins.

      • Squeeth

        That’s kind of you; I offer an alternative. Palestinians get their country back and decide who can stay, like the Algerians in 1962.

  • Republicofscotland

    Well it turns out the two Asian men which the Home office tried to deport AREN’T illegal immigrants, and legal action is now being considered on the Home office by a Scots charity.


    • HennyPenny

      Will Craig be able to publish more blog posts here whilst he’s in prison?

      • Republicofscotland

        I hope it doesn’t come to that, it shouldn’t, if it does Scotland will be in a group of countries that locks up its journalist to hide its governments failings.

        As for your point, I know someone in Saughton prison (Edinburgh) who has a mobile phone and he texts his family daily, and uses the phone to place bets etc.

      • Giyane


        Both Blair and Cameron are war criminals on multiple suspended charges , Somalia to Syria, Yugoslavia to Yemen. They know far too much to be given freedom inside or outside a prison and are far too well known to be put in solitary confinement. They can’t be allowed to write their own memoirs, and there’s no point in redacting a live walking time bomb.

        The result is a suspended sentence. They are both pickled like School Biology Frogs, pickled in money, pickled in mind , and both of them far too expensive to be damaged by an actual scalpel incision.

        Craig on the other hand has refused to oblige his handlers in the Criminal British State by stopping speak the truth about anything.
        He is being transferred to temporary physical asylum, much as a person who has a mental breakdown for chatting with their fridge, or in Craig’s case being mad enough not to see that the sun does not shine from Nicola Sturgeon’s fundamentum.

        The war criminals already sold their souls as children to State Criminality. Nothing on earth would persuade either Craig or Julian Assange to stop believing in truth and justice.
        Humza Yousaf, Wolffe, Murrells are the frogs suspended in alcohol in this situation. Their crimes have been recorded and they are renditoned to the same mental prison as Blair and Cameron for renditioning Craig to prison.

  • Giyane

    I am totally appalled at Scotland’s celebration of Nicola Sturgeon’s success in this election. This is tribalism at the expense of logic or humanity on an exact par with the xenophobic tribalism of East Kent where Craig moved from.

    When I visited a Patan region of Pakistan in 2000 we met a brother who said that his family was still treated as outsiders after fleeing India in 1948, 50 years before.
    The fact that the Scottish mob are celebrating the tribal success of a woman who has betrayed her mentor , falsely accused him of sexual oppression and pursued Craig Murray through her bent Justice system and driven Craig to the mercy and/ or rationality of an English court at vast expense, is indescribably disgusting.

    He would have been more valued by the racist mob in Kent . Our tribalism , apne tribalism , Arab tribal Jihad,, Israeli tribal bombing of Palestinians, Turkish racism against Kurds and Kurdish and Arab racism against the Yazidis living in their own country.
    What a pile of stinking shit humanity is.

    If you or any other nation have something of value to contribute to the world , then give it, speak it. Tell the world what blessings of understandings you have.
    But don’t ever look the other way at somebody who is a relative newcomer to your community and celebrate his persecutors for the sake of Bummie Scotland .

    Disgusted from East Kent where I lived in Canterbury for a time, cycling 12 miles to work in Sandwich.
    I never saw this disgusting triumphalism of tribal ignorance in East Kent, as I see now in Scotland.
    The Murrells are poison incarnate, politically speaking.
    Obviously coming from.a family that emigrated from France, when you see your new hosts don’t give a monkey’s about you because you are outside their village tribe, you think fuck this for a game of conkers, I’d have been better off staying where I came from.

  • Ciaris

    Surely if someone is there illegally, they can be sent home? I make no comment on the specifics of this case, but the protestors don’t represent the majority in any way. Each case is different of course, but does the left want just anyone to come to Scotland? Why?

    • iain

      Scotland desperately needs immigrants but just cannot attract them. Surely the police and their mistress have better things to be doing than deporting immigrants and persecuting human rights dissidents?

  • N_

    The warrant sales resisted by local communities in Glasgow and elsewhere in Scotland during the poll tax were efforts by local authorities and by sheriff officers who acted on contracts after the local authorities went to court. Many of those local authorities are now run by the nationalist party and in any similar future struggle they would be on the same side they were on before. The SNP did not meaningfully resist the poll tax, even though it was imposed in Scotland first (because the Tories’ research told them it would be really popular here!) and therefore you would have thought they might have found a way to “help” the resistance – but no. Those considering the hypothesis that the SNP has for a long time been in British government hands might usefully take a very close look at that period.

    As for immigration, it’s very touchy issue for the SNP. There may be limitations to how far the “We’re not biased against foreigners – we love all sorts of foreigners so long as they aren’t English b*stards” will take them, but in any case the nationalist party will never get out of that box.

    • Juno

      The ‘poll tax’ or ‘community charge’ as Mrs T called it was merely a trojan horse to usher in the iniquitous council tax. I can still recall those pre-election posters (one beside the Waverley bridge on my way to work) with a grinning – what else – Alex Salmond: “We promise to abolish the council tax 😀 ) What came of that ‘promise’? – nothing. Totally forgotten about as soon as the election results were announced. You could also have asked Alex – but I wouldn’t bank on a satisfactory answer – that if he had fulfilled his pledge what the council tax would be replaced with – if anything at all. I am not sure if NS carried through with her completely un-trumpeted intention to abolish the single persons discount on the council tax. The rates system (with a rates rebate) was the fairest system and, incidentally, still in place in Northern Ireland to this day. There was simply and plainly no need for any poll tax or council tax.

  • Tom74

    We don’t actually know why David Cameron called the 2016 EU referendum or even whether he wanted Remain to win, do we? That’s of course what he has always said but no one should trust a Tory. The idea that the “UK state apparatus” supported Remain is a right-wing meme regurgitated by right-wing newspapers that shouldn’t be taken as fact. As the history of the last few decades shows, the UK state apparatus is guided by the US state apparatus, which in the case of Brexit wants the UK in its sphere and the EU split. If the UK state apparatus wanted Remain to win then how did things end up so badly for them with the leader of the Leave campaign running the UK and the hardest Brexit imaginable?

    • Stevie Boy

      Of course we know !!!
      Cameron called the referendum to save his and the Tories skin, purely a political ploy.
      He mistakenly thought, in his Westminster bubble, that the country thought the same way as him and his rich, corrupt mates.
      That’s why we are in the state we are, f**d, Tory games.

      • nevermind

        when the then Harwich MP cartliss switched from Tories to the kippers, Cameron and the 1922 committee got cold feet and promised what the City of London stooge/plant Fartage demanded, a referendum on either leaving or staying in the EU.
        The ‘where is the wind coming from today’ coalition partner of the Tories abstained from the vote in the HoC, rather than threatening to resign their ‘we are breakfast to the Tories’ speed dated partners.
        The City of London loves Fartage, he stopped them from having to comply with the 2014 transparency in financial trade act the Government signed up to, they hated to be forced to reveal who offshored how much money and in what country under the Crown’s protection. Just saying.

  • N_

    If previous good character is to form part of the defence grounds for an appeal against sentence, the Crown may decide to cite sentences 2-3 of this blog post. Or to use them outside of the courtroom. Or both.

    This should be run past the defence legal team.

  • mike

    I feel it must be time for a spot of islamic terrorism to refocus our attention, don’t you?

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