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Yesterday the House of Commons was debating “safety of journalists”. After reams of MP waffle about evil foreigners, the Alba Party was allocated 60 seconds and tried to use it to raise my case.

That is a completely unedited extract from Hansard. So much for the “mother of democracies”.


There is of course a major difference in the finances of bloggers and mainstream media and it is an unfortunate truth that an appeal to the Supreme Court will cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. Details of how to contribute to Craig Murray’s Defence Fund are here:

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122 thoughts on “State Suppression

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  • Skye Mull

    My unbiased reading of Hansard is that MPs were given a max of 3 mins each, and just by chance Hanvey got to speak with just one minute left before the 4.50pm cut off that the Speaker was obliged to impose. Alba was not allocated one minute, nor did the Speaker cut anyone short because of what they were saying.

    • Giyane

      Skye Mull

      Thanks for clarifying that. So whoever wrote the order paper for the debate on journalism in the Hoc was able to calculate exactly what was going to be discussed or not discussed and they made space for Craig Murray’s case.

      To me that means there is residual support for Craig in the Tory Party in spite of the performing fleas in cabinet . I hope Lady Dorrian has made a serious miscalculation by pandering to Sturgeon and forgetting that Craig has faithfully served aTory government and knows a great deal more than her about British politics.

      Nobody should ever forget that Assange and Craig’s main gripe was what happened under Blair.
      Yes , it was totally unforgivable of Cameron to over-rule the cross-Party consensus in Parliament not to repeat Blair’s mistakes in Iraq, and to attack Libya. But if we are going to be green , what are we going to do with Libyan oil? Why stir up the hornets nest? Cameron is political toxic waste on many fronts.

      I think Craig has a very good chance in the Supreme Court. I also think prison might not be as terrible as he thinks.

  • Ken Garoo

    UK has the second best democracy that money can buy.
    You have a free vote over a list of pre-selected candidates made in the same factory, but presented in different packaging. The ideal thing for a consumer society.

    • Bayard

      I think the term for it is Indian Bicycle Marketing: selling the same thing in different packaging, but insisting it is totally different to the article in the other packaging and with a different paint job etc. The Blue and Red Tories have been at it for decades.

      • M.J.

        We might as well call it mobile phone marketing, since many types have different “varieties” where the difference in colour is about the only difference – in fact this is often done quite openly and the buyer can select the colour they want. The bikes at least have different physical designs for different types of people.

  • Alastair Stuart

    Is this the same Nigel Evans whose name was turned into a verb?

    In parliamentary terms, “to get Nigelled” meant being the subject of an alleged male rapist as reported by the BBC…

    There is something sickeningly ironic that a disgraced deputy speaker of the House of Commons can be so disreputable as to become a verb. Then be rehabilitated to the point where he, Nigel Evans, can terminate legitimate questions from a properly elected MP about a man being subject to what can best be described as “rough justice” and the dubious use of a friendly acquaintance at the Nobile Officium.

    We appear to have become a nation where it may soon be mandatory to submit yourself to more than just 1984 Orwellian trans acceptance. It already feels like we may be required to submit to P.I.E. rules and become the “submissive” for those who believe it is their legal right to “Nigel” anyone of their choosing.

    Not just physically, but I can think of one piece of justice where someone has recently been “Nigelled”.

    Whereas, Kirsty Wark and Daniela Gravilli have gotten away from Nigel and the Establishment Nigellors.

    Today an elderly monk from St Augustus Abbey was jailed for sexual abuse of a young boy in his care.

    My point? EVENTUALLY the sins of those in power may well come round to face justice themselves.

    The higher up, the further the fall. From grace your grace,

    For the sake of Craig Murray I shall Bi Glic Bi Glic with my comments. Other than to personally observe there are some very intelligent people in the Faculty of Advocates who are seriously disturbed by the verdict handed down by a judge who has a case to answer for recusing herself from this trial due to previous criticism and partiality as alleged by her peers…

    • Skye Mull

      You have linked to an old BBC report about unproved allegations made during the trial, but Evans was acquitted of all charges on 10 April 2014. Try comparing your post with those about the acquitted Salmond.

      • Lapsed Agnostic

        You might be forgiven for thinking that, after being found not guilty of nine sexual offences against seven men a few years ago, Deputy Speaker Evans could have been a mite more indulgent of an MP who raised the matter of the plight of someone who diligently reported the case for the defence in a recent trial that had many similarities.

      • Al-Stuart

        Skye Mull,

        You don’t do irony do you?

        I know exactly what I posted.

        As you are subtle-challenged, here is the dumbed down version…

        All that the Crown Prosecution office and Police Scotland could solicit, with millions of pounds worth of taxpayer money was a drunken kiss from the former first minister and then both parties fell asleep.

        I can pretty much guarantee you Alex Salmond will NEVER be given any forgiveness nor the second chance as has been afforded to Nigel Evans.

        My point?

        Evans was so imfamous in the House of Commons that he became an undisputed verb.

        For many years within the Palace estate and London City, the phrase: “Be careful or be nigelled” was used. As a former law officer I have studied enough evidence to believe further inquiry into the alleged infractions of Nigel Evans is competent. Yet he gets a free pass. Worse, he is now in the Speaker’s Chair and get’s to be a tool of what Ambassador Murray rightfully terms: “State Suppression”.

        Skye Mull, your point is valid. But do you not get the dissonance of what we now see with an “innocent” alleged male rapist, and an “innocent” former first minister?

        • John Cleary

          Ah yes, Al-Stuart. But which of the two has “The right sense of duty.”?

        • Skye Mull

          Acquitted but some think they know the real truth. Same logic, Salmond or Evans. Irony indeed.
          There’s a bit of mischief in Craig’s original blog interpreting Hansard as saying that Alba was ‘allocated’ only one minute and Speaker Evans cut things off. (See my earlier post). So much so that perhaps Craig has inadvertently provided proof that he really does meet the standards of a MSM journalist. Irony upon irony.

    • Ingwe

      Baron – it has sunk so low but, to be fair, it started from a pretty low point!

  • Jon

    While I sympathise with the frustration of this important story being cut off, I am not certain the Speaker was “instructed” to cut it short. Sometimes proceedings do indeed have to be chivvied along. Indeed, even if Hanvey was able to take his time, I should think the telling of a complex story of this kind has little effect in the Commons, even if the MPs present are actually awake and alert.

    Hopefully Hanvey will find a chance to have another go.

    • Bayard

      “even if the MPs present are actually awake and alert.”

      or, indeed, actually present other than in tiny numbers.

  • Tom74

    Debating the ‘safety of journalists’ – ie how to keep the lies safe and smear any members of the public who try to hold the liars to account.

  • Vivian O'Blivion

    Latest update from the cult of St Nicola.
    24 MPs signed a letter requesting Joe Biden breaks off persecution of Julian Assange. The letter is signed by the ALBA two, Neale Hanvey and Kenny MacAskill. What of the SNP? Only Joanna Cherry and Tommy Sheppard willing to break ranks from the steadfast Atlanticist front.

  • Crispa

    The cutting off might well have been a procedural issue but there is certainly evidence of “suppression” in the hypocritical wind-up speeches in which there was no mention of the injustices happening on our doorsteps but Labour Sobell could select this for comment.

    “The hon. Member for Ochil and South Perthshire (John Nicolson) was totally correct to highlight the horrendous kidnapping of the journalist Roman Protasevich, whose only crime was telling the truth about the brutal regime of his country, Belarus”.

    Government minister Whittingdale then rabbited on about the tightening of the defamation laws to make it more difficult for the likes of Russian oligarchs to bring cases against journalists who had written books about them! No mention of Russian oligarchs lining the pockets of the Tory Part of course.

  • ronan1882

    An issue (like so many others) that reveals there are virtually no honest actors in British public life.

  • mark golding

    “Order. Sorry, we have to go to the wind-ups.”

    So let’s tie-up some loose ends of history left dangling by false prophets:

    A Ruthless Government describes the vicious persecution of the government’s critics and their removal from office. Among Blair’s victims were the weapons scientist Dr David Kelly, who killed himself? after questioning by the Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee and MOD and an intense attempt by Blair and his cabinet to discredit him; the Director General of the BBC, Greg Dyke, Gavin Davies, the Beeb’s chairman, and the reporter, Andrew Gilligan. Others target for attack and vilification included Katherine Gun, a translator at GCHQ, the head of the nuclear, chemical and biological branch of the Defence Intelligence Staff, Dr Brian Jones, Elizabeth Wilmshurst, a Deputy Legal Advisor to Foreign Office, George Galloway, Paul Bigley, the brother of the kidnap victim Ken Bigley, and Clare Short. Bigley’s apartment in Belgium was ransacked by MI6 and the RFBI and his computer removed because he blamed Blair for his brother’s kidnap and beheading by an Iraqi military faction. In the case of Craig Murray, Murray is the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, who got the boot because he told the government that the president was an evil dictator, who had boiled someone alive. This was most definitely not something Blair wanted to hear.

    Then the use of hoods, cable ties, torture, mercenaries, cluster bombs, depleted uranium, aggressive patrols and dogs, is examined. Questions are raised over the religious nature of the war, the seizure of the oil fields, Britain’s continuous use of the RAF to bomb Iraq in 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1990s archaeologists acting as spies, the destruction of Fallujah, the burning and looting of libraries, museums and historic monuments; and the contempt shown towards Iraqis living, dead and injured.

    So I suggest to BoJo that his “build back better” in ‘a more gender-neutral and perhaps more feminine way’ should include learning lessons from the wretched past, apologising and not repeating the mistakes that damaged the womb of civilisation.

  • Ron Arnott

    Yet again I must deploy my defence against handcuffs at dawn; “but Officer, I merely quote our National Bard.”

    “Some o’ you nicely ken the laws,
    To round the period an’ pause,
    An’ with rhetoric clause on clause
          To mak harangues:
    Then echo thro’ Saint Stephen’s wa’s
          Auld Scotland’s wrangs.”

    Hopefully Neale’s rhetoric will only have been paused… and that both he and Mr (ken the laws) MacAskill will successfully fight on your behalf.

  • fwl

    In respect of Supreme Court costs have regard to Costs – Practice Direction 13 – at supreme and refer to this when discussing costs with your solicitor. NB for eg QC settling application for permission to appeal £1,750, conference with QC £500, QC advice £2K, brief for QC £15K etc.

  • Rhys Jaggar

    Seems like a classic case of organised filibustering.

    Parliament Clearly does NOT represent the people, since if it did, it would have debated rigorously whether or not your case raised worrying aspects of legal due process or not.

    • DunGroanin

      There is nothing stopping any and every MP standing up next from continuing with such a statement on behalf of Alba and more importantly CM and this absurd pantomime of U.K. judicial Exceptionalism. Is there?

      What is Lindsay going to do to stop that getting on the record? Bar them from the house ?

      The occupants are a lot more corrupt and conspiring then ever. The system flaws are writ large. We need a Revolution and a new system. We don’t need to chop the heads of royals this time.

      • Stevie Boy

        If you’ve ever written to your MP you will know that none of them exhibit independent thought and they all blindly follow the party line – regardless of how incoherent and corrupt that may be. Might as well replace the lot of them with different coloured turds, because that is what they are.

        • lysias

          A bunch of MPs have just signed a letter to Biden asking him to drop the case against Assange.

  • amanfromMars

    Remember Andrew Neil’s GB News launches tonight, 2000hrs Here’s wishing the station every success. It is not as if there is any great competition out there, sharing the truth and getting right down to the nitty gritty, that’s for sure ? 🙂

  • josh R

    Steven Donziger
    Jimmy Dore Show

    Was watching this pretty good interview segment & increasingly seeing similarities between Steven & Craig’s predicaments.

    At the 15:57 mark, I was profoundly put in mind of Craig’s situation (not sure if it’s CM’s cup of tea, but he may well be interested in the interview).
    It also made me acutely aware that throughout all of Craig’s posting & keeping up to date with his trials & tribulations, I’ve not actually seen the man speak for yonks – perhaps if he got into a chat with a kindred spirit across the pond, he’d be more free to converse – would make for good viewing & perhaps a wider recognition of his situation.

    I couldn’t help but also wonder if there oughtn’t be a ‘wiki’ of 21st Century injustice, to tally up the accumulated evils being perpetrated across jurisdictions, & ignored in MS coverage. After all, it sometimes begins to seem almost mundane (forgive me!) hearing the minutiae of individual cases like CM & JA when not considered in light of the thinly veiled fascist lawfare being conducted across jurisdictions.
    The ‘problem’ is not bound by tribal nationalism so neither should the analysis or ‘solution’ be.

    Alex Saab

    Daniel Hale:

    Richard Barnard (wins ‘Most Ludicrous’ persecution award):

    Alex Morse (frightening Alex Salmond similarities):

    (whole series of Intercept exposes on Morse case)

    Danish whistleblowers & NSA spying (Assange link):

    A ‘jigsaw’ if there ever was one!!

    Honoray mentions: Dilma & Lula (big thank you to GG et al for exposing those lies), Morales, Assange & Craig, hijacked Iranian oil tankers, the blockade of Venezuela, the endless Cuban siege & medical syringes, ongoing US siege & looting/occupation of Syria, too many US whistleblowers to mention, etc. etc. et-bloody-cetera.

    All of whom are on the receiving end of weaponised lawfare to strangle economies, foment suffering & instability, topple governments & crush any dissent, challenge or functioning alternative to the imperialist tradition of dominance & exploitation which that tiny minority, comprised of sociopathic tribal supremacists, think is a jolly good way to go.

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