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99 thoughts on “Farewell to John Pilger

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  • Murdo Ritchie

    I can think of so many words of praise to say about John Pilger. These few will have to do.

    Someone who can be fired by Robert Maxwell despite his outstanding journalism must deserve respect. Great journalist; great filmmaker; great campaigner; great man; great loss; A man whose legacy will remain for a long, long time.

    The world will miss you.

  • Les McDonald

    He always spoke the truth to authority despite being labelled as a commie or worse by many of his fellow Aussies and the rest of the western world, He was a man of conscience who spoke up for many of us lesser beings who felt the same but could nor express it as eloquently as he could. I only wish he could have seen a better world before he departed.

  • DunGroanin

    Journalism Real , Amateur, Fake . I’ll post this here for now.

    Another independent journo killed by the fascist Collective Waste.
    Gonzalo Lira. In Ukraine. I didn’t follow him on social media and only know of his opinions via the Duran Boys. He was in Kharkov because of family. A US citizen to boot.
    I don’t know much else about him or his life and career.

    Meanwhile that vile, cruella critter, Sarah ‘CIA Mike’ Cirrillo was strutting freely around with the Azov Natzos there. Threatening Gonzalo.
    She/It is now suddenly Stateside ,without wig, make up or false breasts! Never had balls so no need to restore them.

    This happening while our selected unelected PM strutted like a cocky British Imperial hegemon, handing out Billions of £’s in Kiev DECLARING war against Russia!!
    Seriously ??? Medvedev is already chiding us for that and saying that war means war !

    We didn’t elect him nor the previous bint and the blonde slut Bozo was foisted on us by a dodgy December election and postal votes!
    The Aristos are totally insane as they realise their generational plans have come to nought again and they have actually left it worse than they were born into it.
    Yup no billionaire lifestyles any more – pointless public school hooray Henry’s. The only thing left is to take it out on our own Peoples. Make us pariahs in the eyes of the world’s majority. Keep us enslaved in our past glories.

    Any chance of a revolution ?

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