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it is said in the russian news, that Poland does not publish the list of invited countries.
I wonder, did they invite Israel as well?

I think Mr. Netanijahu would greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet Ukrainian and Lithuanian presidents and to discuss their country’s participation in Holocaust. He must know about Łódź and Treblinka, maybe he would be excited to meet the current Head of the German State to discuss something with him, as the whole “festival” is devoted to the beginning of WW II.

Mr. Netanijahu may be excited to know that Ukraine have an avenue in Kiev named after Stephan Bandera. Or, to know they celebrate SS brigade anniversary, demonstrating banners saying “Ukraine will not forget the arrow with the Golden Lion on the sleeve”
Estonis, with their love to SS veterans? 18 citizens of Belgium and З4 British citizen who voluntarily served the Wehrmacht and the SS, who are still Bundesversorgungsgesetz???
or the photo of ukrainian parliamentary Marushinets, making ‘zig-heil’???