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“see how much of her territory she gained when in the USSR, and she kept the land when got out of USSR.”

Well that’s a fair point. I was only joking really about you standing for election 🙂

I saw some terrible pictures from the Donbass bombings. A young woman whose legs were blown off and who was still alive. She died in the street while being filmed, poor woman.

The east of Ukraine (Donbass) is mostly Russian isn’t it?

I can understand why there would be many people in the Donbass who would want to become a part of Russia again, but I cannot see it happening. The Crimea was relatively easy for Russia to reclaim, but still the NATO countries dislike it intensely.

Much of the suspicions of Russia go back to the Communist days. I saw John Pilger interview John Bolton in “The Coming War on China” and as the interview ended Bolton turned to Pilger and said something like “Are you a Communist?” Such is America’s paranoia still about Communism.

I think that the Nazi occupation must have stirred up a lot of trouble and that is why there are Nazi sympathisers there today. Why do people in Galicia seem to hate Russia so much?