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Kempe, I’m a modern russian citizen and I don’t think that Poland deserved it, because now we know what happened after and what was the outcome. Unlike the people of that history period.
But I can see why Stalin would think so at that time and I can see that Poland behaved no better than the other countries.
You write “one small concentration camp” as if it is something that doesn’t count! With their average 30 millions population it may have been enough.
Just 2 decades before the event Poland defeated Russia and took western territories of Ukraine and Belorussia. Poland and USSR were enemies. Poland sent communists, jews, ukrainians and belorussians – those members of national freedom movements – to the concentration camp since 1934. When Hitler invaded, Polish government fled to Romania and USSR found it good moment to also invade and take back Ukrainian and Belorussian lands.
These lands belong to Ukraine and Belorussia up to today, and I don’t understand why you accuse modern Russia of the acts? USSR consisted of many republics, which used the joint state power to achieve their goals, as you see it is not modern Russia who has ‘profit’ of invading Poland.
I’m at the seaside now, I’ll bring the links you ask for, later.