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Paul, I expect you know hardly any toxicology. Neither do I, but at least I’m aware of my ignorance.

A quick search shows that aluminium is the third most common element in Earth’s crust. We all ingest aluminium every day, even babies. It’s in food, and it is used in the water purification process. It’s in toothpastes, and cooking utensils are made from it.

But what difference does it make? You’re only using mercury and aluminium as a stick to beat vaccines with. Even if some vaccines were proven perfectly safe, you’d still spread as much FUD about them as you could dredge up. I’ve told you and shown you where to find more information, but you apparently came to your conclusions years ago and it’s pointless to ask you to reconsider. It’s simply believe Paul, and anyone who disagrees must be either stupid or evil. Well bully for you; you’re really clever and righteous.