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Hello Tony. For the record, your deleted comments are reproduced below:

The World’s Most Important Political Prisoner
September 15, at 6:20 pm
In reply to Clark.

What do you think about Extinction Rebellion’s attack on the Bolivian government, Clark?

[ Mod: You can ask this question in the discussion forums. ]

The leading article concerned the authoritarian treatment of Julian Assange (as addressed by Clark’s foregoing comment), and your comment would have been an obvious digression. Commenters are politely requested to stay on topic.

The Unprincipled – and Potentially Racist – Lib Dems
September 14, at 9:11 pm

“It always seems to me that the people in England hate anyone who isn’t English”
Mods, why has this blatantly racist comment been allowed to stand? As a white English guy in a mixed- race marriage, I find it deeply offensive. What is this site coming to?

Comments addressed to the moderators are routinely unpublished once they have been read by moderators; the logic behind this should be obvious enough. In this case your concern was duly noted; however, the original comment was judged to comply with the guidelines for commenters so it was not deleted.

There is another recently deleted comment under your name:

Mugabe and the Continuing White Supremacist Narrative
September 9, 2019 at 9:59 pm

(offtopic) Oh dear, Clark, Extinction Rebellion doing the bidding of it’s neoliberal sponsors against Bolivia. Quelle surprise. Just wait until cute little Greta starts talking about overpopulation and the need for population control. Wayhay!!! Eugenics, here we come!

This was clearly off-topic (by admission) and was deleted for that reason. It was also polemical and potentially disruptive.

If you don’t want to risk your comments disappearing, please self-moderate more effectively before posting.

Thank you.