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Paul Barbara

@ Clark October 6, 2019 at 18:33
Hope you don’t get yourself arrested.
Re Blee, I checked the info you gave me: ‘ Statement on the Delay in Releasing “Who is Rich Blee?”:

It also refers to Sibyl Edmonds.
For my part, as you probably know, I don’t believe there were any ‘hijackers’, and that the whole thing was an elaborate albeit bumbling attempt to set up a false narrative.

Though I’m sure you’re preparing for your Demos in London tonight (are you camping there?), now that you seem to be to accept Barrie Trower as genuine, check this out: (let me know if you can open it OK):’

As you can see, he gives all the references, and is himself an expert, having been trained in the British Army in the latest microwave warfare techniques.

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