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As I see, US diplomats’ work is sometimes far from diplomatic duties 🙂 That is what I read in russian news on the protests in Moscow this August:

… US mission in Russia published a detailed map showing the time, route and the places of meeting of the ‘protest march’

… The senator (Andrey Klimov) noted that unauthorized actions in Moscow “wonderfully” fit into the plans of a private intelligence company that works in the interests of the US government.

… Deutsche Welle directly called for participation in unauthorized actions… State Duma … Roskomnadzor … Prosecutor General … Foreign Ministry consider the issue of depriving Deutsche Welle of accreditation in Russia.

Maria Zakharova (spokeperson for russian Foreign Office) :
… Moscow and Beijing did a great job of analyzing relevant information materials … we see the hand of “one master” both in Russia and in China in the context of interference in internal affairs … our Western colleagues, especially the USA, and also the countries that we conventionally call ‘the collective West’, are behind this.

ah, and I can’t go without an old joke on the top of it 🙂
– Why is it impossible for a color revolution to happen in the USA?
– Because there is no US embassy in the USA.