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Sorry for repetitions and parts of the quotes that are not quotes but my opinion. I am not sure what happened.

[ Mod: You deserve an award for the most error-riddled contribution to the forum yet. There were ‘blockquote’ tags dispersed liberally throughout both the quotes and your own writing, with no regard to closing them off; the end-of-line formatting in the quotes had to be redone completely; one paragraph of your own was repeated as an embedded quote; a long section of text was repeated amongst another paragraph; the final URL pointed to the wrong page; you didn’t give a link for the agreement itself; some words were missing from the last item; not to mention the typos (e.g. “ahreement”). The blockquotes were too dominant, so they were reformatted as indented paragraphs instead.

I did my best to make sense of it, but it was a complex task. Next time, just repost a corrected version and ask the mods to delete the first attempt. Thanks. ]